Moon/Chiron Aspects


moon-chiron-aspectsEmotionally wounded. Profound sensitivity. Wounded women. A wounded mother. Needing or giving emotional healing. Damaged sense of mothering. Damaged relationship to self-care. Holistic approach to emotional healing. Painful emotions. Painful female relationships. Emotionally vulnerable. Painfully sensitive to other people’s feelings. Painfully sensitive to your mother’s feelings. Emotionally traumatized. Emotional integration. Holistic care. Holistic food choices. Bearing emotional pain. A distorted relationship with your inner feeling life. Emotionally unorthodox. Unorthodox attachments. Emotionally rebellious. Your feeling nature is outside the norm. The way you feel about things isn’t typical.

Coming up with your own rules for how you want to be nurtured. Forging a new path in caring relationships. Finding new, untried emotional healing methods. Feeling abnormal. Feeling that other people cannot relate to your emotional pain. Deep hurts. Emotional injuries. Painful issues surrounding mothers, mothering, nurturing, nourishment and relationships with women. Working through painful emotions opens new doors. Resistance to letting yourself be understood emotionally. Resistance to sharing feelings. Empathy for other people, but little for yourself. Giving yourself the short end of the stick when it comes to feeling good. Solving other people’s emotional issues but not your own. Letting yourself be guided by your feelings. Letting instinct guide you. Learning to trust your hunches. Learning to trust your intuition. Going with your gut. Working through painful sensitivity. Feeling like a misfit. Feeling abandoned. Fears of abandonment. Feeling like an outsider. The black sheep. The family outcast. The loner.

Feeling like you don’t fit in. Feeling like you don’t belong. Intuitive gifts. The natural healer. The natural astrologer. Unconventional nurturing instincts. Radical emotional insights. Painful sensitivity to family history. Excruciatingly sensitive. Wanting to isolate to keep from feeling. Attempting to ignore your emotional life to avoid pain emotions. Painful feelings stay fresh even as time goes on. Your capacity to tune in to other people’s feelings. The ability to sense what other people are feeling. Feeling other people’s problems. Sensitivity to pain. Inability to find help for your emotional problems and issues. Turn inward during periods of emotional crisis.

The capacity to help people work through their emotional issues. Wearing your heart on your sleeve. Getting hurt by the ones you love- especially family members. Reluctance to admit that you have feelings. Pretending to be stone cold while leaving a trail of blood behind you. Emotional reflexes. Individualistic behavior patterns. Deviating from family behavior patterns. Deviating from accepted emotional responses. Deviating from normal emotional expression and expectations. Nonconformist behavior. Empathy for the wounded and for people on the fringes of society. Freaky behavior. Oddball reactions. A natural radical. Emotional intelligence.

original chiron glyph

Original Chiron glyph. Click to read more.

Chiron is both a minor planet and a comet. It is located between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron takes about 50 years to make one complete cycle through all the signs of the zodiac. Chiron is in Libra for the shortest amount of time – 1.5 years; and in Aries the longest – about 8 years. Chiron’s symbol resembles a key.

Chiron and the Healing Journey

Chiron and the Healing Journey

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melanie-reinhartMelanie Reinhart was born in Zimbabwe, whose night skies inspired her vocation of astrology at an early age, in 1959. She holds a B.A. Degree in English, Music and Drama, (University of Cape Town, South Africa), and has been a professional astrologer since 1975. She is a prize-winning diploma-holder of the Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS), of whom she is also a patron; in 2004, she was awarded the prestigious ‘Charles Harvey Award’, given by the Astrological Association of Great Britain in recognition of ‘exceptional service to astrology;’.

Melanie has wide experience of many spiritual teachings and therapeutic methods both physical and psychological, and she has a special interest in meditative and contemplative approaches to learning and practising astrology. Her favourite pastimes are music, gardening and cooking.

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  • Michelle

    I definitely agree with Carl Jung 😀

    Do you do dream work?

  • Amnesiantoinette

    I love the octopus analogy. Carl Jung surmised that the animal we identify with, are the characteristics of that animal we see in ourselves. I have always admired the squid/octopus!…for other, and some of the same, reasons you have just beautifully illustrated.

  • Michelle

    The more charts I see, the more I am convinced that 6th house placements really do lend themselves to an interest in mind-body integration and healing. There often seems to be a need understand the reasons behind disease.

    I don't remember if I said anything about that when I looked at your chart, I don't think I did. If Chiron is painful sensitivity, Chiron in the 6th would be extreme sensitivity to issues of disease and wellness (as well as work and the need to be of service).

    • dollsizedpistol

      My mom has 3 planets in the sixth – Sun conj. Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Leo, and she is very into alternative health. She has a huge collection of health food books and is always finding out about the new thing that is bad for you. I contrast this with my own interests in alternative health, which are much more energetically/emotionally centered (chiron opp moon)… I don’t care about disease and bodily healing stuff very much.

      • Michelle

        Which house is your Chiron in?

    • Ash

      I have Moon Sextile Chiron (Moon in Cancer 4th house) and a Mars in Virgo (6th house) … I have since a young age had an intense interest in studying Medicine and becoming a doctor (with the pure intention of helping people who are suffering in extreme ways) … I come from a family of Doctors. However, it turns out I may end up studying Traditional Chinese Medicine instead. 

      • Michelle

        Very cool, Ash. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • JChristine

    Hm, I can totally relate to this brainstorm. However I'm finding that as I get older some of the negative aspects lessen, and the positive flourish. I used to cry at the drop of a hat growing up. Everything moved me to tears… my mother hated it so I began to hide my feeling as best I could by isolating myself in my room and in my fantasies. I am in the healing profession (acupuncture-alternative medicine) & I'm into the occult ( astrology, numerology, tarot) My natal Chiron (Gemini 6th House) is very heavily aspected opposing most of Sag planets. The orb between my moon (Pisces 3rd House) & chiron is kinda large (9) but its still very much felt

    ** PS so true about Sagittarius carrying a lot of wounds that they don't speak about. Its almost as if there is no one out there who could possibly handle the weight of the load, or wise enough to give sound advice.

    • Sabrina

      I have a ton of Chiron aspects including a tight chiron ascendant aspect. I am like your twin. Every thing you said I have experienced.

  • Michelle

    Lol…they're cute 😀

  • Michelle

    The planet/sign sequence doesn't bother me as much as trying to fit asteroids into signs when they don't completely fit.

    Virgo works with Chiron because of the interest in health, disease and mind-body awareness, but, Virgo has a tendency to compartmentalize experience which seems the opposite of Chiron. Sagittarius fits because it is a centaur, it's philosophical and it's mentor sign, but Sag is not much interested in health and disease. In my own experience Virgo seems more interested in alternative therapy and healing than Sagittarius. However, Sagittarius often carry around big wounds that they rarely talk about.

    I don't know if Chiron needs to rule a sign. When I look at Chiron in a chart the idea of it being in dignity or detriment doesn't seem to matter much. Even at his best Chiron still had a wound he couldn't heal.

    • billow

      “I don’t know if Chiron needs to rule a sign” . . . Kinduv my feeling (oops did I say feeling), I mean understanding about chiron. The wound is there. I call it The Thing. Now some spend a lifetime fighting The Thing. I got confused about that. Cuz the message shouting out from everywhere seemed to be like compete it and beat it. And there is that fear confusion. Like if I feel uncomfortable while being coerced, it is fear. “Come with me. You are just afraid.” Took a long time to acknowlege that everything in my gut and experience was shouting out “This is wrong for me.” Call me weak and afraid if they want, but I just ain’t buying what is being sold. Why would I want to spend my lifetime fighting to become something I’m not instead of being what I am?

      • Michelle

        Why would I want to spend my lifetime fighting to become something I’m not instead of being what I am?

        Part of my personal Chiron journey has been exactly this:
        Took a long time to acknowledge that everything in my gut and experience was shouting out “This is wrong for me.”

        I think we have to honor our personal journey and not try to make it fit in with everyone else’s journey. Sometimes the biggest wounds come from doing those things that are completely wrong for our path.

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        ” Why would I want to spend my lifetime fighting to become something I’m not instead of being what I am? ”
        To me this is about ACCEPTANCE and both Virgo and Pisces are great about that BUT Virgo has conditions whereas Pisces does not.

        • Michelle

          I think that’s true. I have Virgo rising. I accept myself yet I still expect that I’m going to work toward “improvement” – whatever that happens to mean at the moment. Still, I feel like I’m getting more comfortable with simply accepting everything and everyone exactly as they are, right now – including me 😀

          • Abella Jucy Arthur

            woohoo!! I have Pisces NN so I hear you….

            I’m a big advocate of “polarity healing”… <— just made that up… haha… Basically integrating the opposite of EVERY sign placement one has. So if one has an Aries Sun, integrating the qualities of a Libra Sun into one's personality without ridding oneself of Aries qualities nor diluting the polarity into nothingness either…

    • Abella Jucy Arthur

      Oh hah, I posted my comment before reading this.. we are on page!

      Not sure why astrologers are trying to have the Asteroids ruling signs. How about we have signs being “patrons” of the asteroids instead? :)

      “Virgo works with Chiron because of the interest in health, disease and mind-body awareness,”
      Yes; however, Pisces does this too but has a different approach. :)

      “but, Virgo has a tendency to compartmentalize experience which seems the opposite of Chiron.”
      That’s why we thought Chiron may be related to Pisces since Pisces does not like to compartmentalize…

      But as stated, Chiron is a centaur…

      I’m wondering why Pisces is being left out though as Pisces is the sign of healing and alternative approaches as well… Interesting…. Also interesting is that Pisces, Virgo, and Sag are all mutable signs!! :)

      “I don’t know if Chiron needs to rule a sign. ”
      Totally agreed!!

      • Michelle

        I haven’t noticed much body interest in Pisces individuals. Pisces has healing capacity, but it seems to be intangible healing capacity – emotional/psychic stuff rather than hands-on body work. What do you think?

        • Abella Jucy Arthur

          I agree… True enough that Chiron was wounded in the thigh and I visualize Chiron and Centaurs are very much physical (of the earth) beings; however, does that mean Chiron is focused on healing the body only, not the spirit or emotions?

          A lot of us, in astrology, talk in terms of psychology and personality. So while I visualize Chiron as a solid (not Neptunian at all) I see the physical wound as a metaphor more than anything else.

          When I think about the Virgo-Pisces polarity we get the body-spirit see-saw connection. To many, physical dis-ease happens due to mental-emotional dis-ease. Pisces can heal the aura – emotions, what is not seen by the naked eye , and therefore assist in healing the body. Many say Jesus was Pisces and Jesus performed physical miracles. As well Chiron sacrificed (as did Jesus) his life. Virgo is far too practical for that sort of sacrifice. *chuckle*

          I could be talking out of my rear here because I haven’t done a ton of research (thank goodness or I might not be as open about the topic!! lol) so do take what I say with a grain of salt… Oh, the analogies… :)

          • Michelle

            I see the physical wound as a metaphor more than anything else.
            I wonder if the reason younger people don’t seem to “get” Chiron is because they are healthy and relatively carefree. Chiron wasn’t born injured, he became injured later in life. Chiron was focused on healing his physical body. He endured real, physical pain- not an abstract idea of pain. With the Chiron myth there seems to be a trend toward wanting to skip the reality of physical pain and head straight into the metaphors. The metaphors have their place, but I wonder if most people do not experience Chiron energy until much later in life when they really become ill. There are probably some people for whom the Chiron myth doesn’t have resonance. Maybe those people are more intrigued by Ceres or Vesta, and find those asteroids more influential in their lives.

            People probably respond to the healing modality most in line with their own makeup. Perhaps you respond to a more Neptunian/Piscean healing modality because it is your missing polarity point.

            • Abella Jucy Arthur

              The writing has a slightly different tone here… interesting… :)

              I’m certainly not young though I may appear to be so but I’m also not past my Chiron Return either (51 ish)…
              Perhaps if Chiron were read from a medical stand-point, I could definitely see a focus on the physical and it to be very accurate. I’m going to look at it like that too now. However, when we read from the personality / psyche standpoint I have found it’s often myth and metaphor that is used.

              Certainly, I’m not discounting the physical aspects of Chiron. I just don’t think we can say that Virgo is connected with him on that basis alone. Chiron was also into Neptunian pursuits ( From the Wiki article, I would think being an oracle and learning rites and initiations to be more “Piscean”. Both Pisces and Virgo can be considered healers, teachers, astrologers, and oracles but with a different approach.

              In regards to the healing modality due to a missing polarity point, that’s certainly a possibility. :)
              As mentioned I don’t know enough about Chiron to generate a flawless argument (oh, so Virgo! haha); however, instinctively I’m not getting an airtight Chiron-Virgo connection either. Also, we can we forget about Sag the Centaur and its potential connection to Chiron? :)

        • Abella Jucy Arthur

          Also, I see Pisces as more of a Patron of Chiron. A best buddy, friend, guide, mentor…. NOT Chiron ruling Pisces… In fact, as you said, I don’t think Chiron *rules* any sign. Oh, how radical!! lol :)

          Pisces already has a planet — Neptune, ruling. And Pisces also stays under the roof of Jupiter from time-to-time. No, Pisces doesn’t need another “body” ruling over. BUT Virgo does need a place to truly call home. This is how I ran into the idea that people think Chiron rules Virgo.

          What… the service sign only gets an asteroid?! How fitting… lol… come on now, we can do better… 😛

          • Michelle

            To me, Virgo is the craftsman of the zodiac. He sifts through life choosing those experiences that best suit him and discarding those that don’t; in this way he carefully crafts his life. When a Virgo heads too far into Pisces territory he loses his ability to discern which experiences will benefit him and which are a waste of time. He becomes clouded and confused.

  • Grace

    BTW Octupi scare the H out of me TY!

  • Grace

    Not sure what to think. Going by my own chart, Virgo-rules-Chiron makes sense. I am more bothered by things like the planet-sign sequence being off (Jupiter/Sagittarius,Saturn/Capricorn, Chiron/…Virgo?).

  • Ebonystarr55

    Thank you! :-)

  • Michelle

    Yes, that's definitely something I want to write about. I have a few other ideas I want to work through first though 😀

  • Ebonystarr55

    Would you consider doing a post on quintiles and biquintiles one day? I would love to learn more.

  • Michelle

    I'm fascinated by biquintiles and quintiles. They show the style of art, fashion and music you might like as well as any non-inherited talents that you may have. With Moon-Chiron in Scorpio/Aries in 4/9 I'd think you would have artistic tastes having to do with powerful, emotionally painful subjects dealing with your own personal cultural inheritance (4th house) and how that relates to culture at large (9th house).

    • ana

      I have that aspect and that is so no truth

  • Ebonystarr55

    Loving this series.

    I have my Moon in Scorpio in the 4th biquintile Chiron in Aries in the 9th. I know that emotional healing is involved with this aspect, but I haven't been able to make sense of how it expresses itself in my life – although I do realize that this is a minor aspect.

  • Michelle

    As I understand it, rulership is not about sign/planetary affinity. However, I think that Chiron has a relationship to both Sag and Virgo. I also happen to think that Virgos are much more radical than they get credit for. If you continuously scrutinize the details you begin to notice loopholes that other people miss- those loopholes are clear passages to new areas of understanding.

    • Abella Jucy Arthur

      Hi Michelle,

      I have been torn about which sign Chiron rules for some time now. Interestingly, I didn’t pay attention to Chiron entering Pisces on April 20, 2010 until a few days ago. Maybe intuitively I have picked up on the energy of Chiron Pisces.

      Many people say that Chiron rules Virgo.
      Hubby and I disagree. Hubby is Pisces and I have a Virgo stellium. We have complementary desires to heal but our approaches are different. We think Pisces or Sagittarius is a better patron of Chiron. Yup, I did say patron rather than Chiron ruling any sign. Chiron seems not to be about power or ownership, leaving a legacy, etc.

      To get a better idea on which sign is connected most to Chiron, this question may help: How does Chiron heal?
      The approach, to me, is crucial in determining the appropriate connection.

      Also, because Chiron is a centaur, to me, there’s a natural connection to Sagittarius. As well, Sag’s are philosophers, teachers, and of the higher mind. And while centaur’s are considered a bit wild with drink and partying, Chiron is clean from that. So we could say Chiron represents the possible higher and purer self of Sag. Certainly Virgo would like that. 😉

      Just some thoughts…


      • Michelle

        My personal feeling, at this moment, is that you can only use Chiron to heal others as well as you understand your own wound. If you really don’t understand your Chironian wounding, you can’t do much to help other people heal from it. Also, this goes back to what I said on Facebook about the 8th house – if you decide to enter a healing profession, it’s actually up to the other person how much they want to be healed. I tend to think that healers are in fact more like facilitators to another person’s healing process – you know, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” Anyway, I’m not an expert on all that, that’s just my opinion. And, again, I really don’t see what difference it makes as to which sign rules Chiron. Each person will express their healing potential through Chron’s sign and house placement, as well as its aspects, regardless of whether Chiron is in dignity, detriment, exaltation or fall. Do people with Chiron in Virgo or Sagittarius make better healers? Is the person with Chiron in Gemini or Pisces less likely to do so? I don’t know. Did everyone else get the short end of the stick? Gandhi had Chiron in Aries and Mother Theresa had Chiron in Aquarius – they helped and healed many people without having Chiron in a glamorous position.

        Btw, my boyfriend has a Virgo stellium opposing Chiron in Pisces.

        • Abella Jucy Arthur

          haha… Just saw this post…. we are “in tune”…

          — “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” Anyway, I’m not an expert on all that, that’s just my opinion. — Oh Analogies, how I love thee!! :) Yup, I got a bunch of opinions too… Makes the world (er, my mind) go around!! :) But yes, I do agree…

          Great questions!!! :)
          Both hubby and myself have Chiron in Aries (different houses)… Mine is in the 3rd but in some housing systems, the 2nd.

          hey! so you know a lot about us Virgo stelliums then…. hehe… I LOVE Virgo rising people… really stellar, first class people…

  • Grace

    I'm surprised at the “unorthodox” parts. I'm gueessing you don't feel Chiron rules Virgo?

  • Michelle

    I was just thinking that Moon-Chiron would be most likely to try to heal emotional trauma with alternative therapy whereas a Mars-Chiron might look to heal physical problems with alternative therapy. Most people probably have more than one Chiron contact, so they would be interested in a different therapies for different issues.

    • visions

      i have moon-chiron in taurus in the 8th house and i am like you firetiger

  • jjasonham

    I completely agree with firetiger. This is a pretty sensitive placement, but I feel an air moon helps keep it in perspective. I do everything I can to use holistic and natural methods, including everything you listed.

    Moon in 7th Aquarius square Chiron 10th Taurus.

  • Michelle

    That makes so much sense with your Moon-Chiron in the 8th. I think that prominent Chiron placements and aspects do encourage experimentation with, and interest in, alternative healing techniques.

  • firetiger

    an infinite YES to basically everything in your brainstorm :(
    but it's not always a sad face imo… i try to manifest it as best as i can and turn it into a healing quality rather than stewing about w/ my own wounds or my mother's wounds…

    my philosophy which speaks quite true w/ my chiron is that i use a lot of holistic and natural methods to heal myself (well i like to read uplifiting and inspiring things, i meditate, i listen to soothing music, yoga, having internal dialouges w/ myself).. but i use these methods as a means to heal myself which i feel helps make the world a better place.. if not in an energetic sense, but also as a source for inspiration for others .. i am constantly going through deep emotional changes.. not in that i am moody but that i have shifting entire paradigms of feeling

    moon conj chiron gemini 8th house

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