Moon/Chiron Aspects


moon-chiron-aspectsEmotionally wounded. Profound sensitivity. Wounded women. A wounded mother. Needing or giving emotional healing. Damaged sense of mothering. Damaged relationship to self-care. Holistic approach to emotional healing. Painful emotions. Painful female relationships. Emotionally vulnerable. Painfully sensitive to other people’s feelings. Painfully sensitive to your mother’s feelings. Emotionally traumatized. Emotional integration. Holistic care. Holistic food choices. Bearing emotional pain. A distorted relationship with your inner feeling life. Emotionally unorthodox. Unorthodox attachments. Emotionally rebellious. Your feeling nature is outside the norm. The way you feel about things isn’t typical.

Coming up with your own rules for how you want to be nurtured. Forging a new path in caring relationships. Finding new, untried emotional healing methods. Feeling abnormal. Feeling that other people cannot relate to your emotional pain. Deep hurts. Emotional injuries. Painful issues surrounding mothers, mothering, nurturing, nourishment and relationships with women. Working through painful emotions opens new doors. Resistance to letting yourself be understood emotionally. Resistance to sharing feelings. Empathy for other people, but little for yourself. Giving yourself the short end of the stick when it comes to feeling good. Solving other people’s emotional issues but not your own. Letting yourself be guided by your feelings. Letting instinct guide you. Learning to trust your hunches. Learning to trust your intuition. Going with your gut. Working through painful sensitivity. Feeling like a misfit. Feeling abandoned. Fears of abandonment. Feeling like an outsider. The black sheep. The family outcast. The loner.

Feeling like you don’t fit in. Feeling like you don’t belong. Intuitive gifts. The natural healer. The natural astrologer. Unconventional nurturing instincts. Radical emotional insights. Painful sensitivity to family history. Excruciatingly sensitive. Wanting to isolate to keep from feeling. Attempting to ignore your emotional life to avoid pain emotions. Painful feelings stay fresh even as time goes on. Your capacity to tune in to other people’s feelings. The ability to sense what other people are feeling. Feeling other people’s problems. Sensitivity to pain. Inability to find help for your emotional problems and issues. Turn inward during periods of emotional crisis.

The capacity to help people work through their emotional issues. Wearing your heart on your sleeve. Getting hurt by the ones you love- especially family members. Reluctance to admit that you have feelings. Pretending to be stone cold while leaving a trail of blood behind you. Emotional reflexes. Individualistic behavior patterns. Deviating from family behavior patterns. Deviating from accepted emotional responses. Deviating from normal emotional expression and expectations. Nonconformist behavior. Empathy for the wounded and for people on the fringes of society. Freaky behavior. Oddball reactions. A natural radical. Emotional intelligence.

original chiron glyph

Original Chiron glyph. Click to read more.

Chiron is both a minor planet and a comet. It is located between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron takes about 50 years to make one complete cycle through all the signs of the zodiac. Chiron is in Libra for the shortest amount of time – 1.5 years; and in Aries the longest – about 8 years. Chiron’s symbol resembles a key.

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  • Káča

    I’ve chiron in Gemini (the end of 8th house) conjunct my moon in gemini (9th Placidus/ 8th house equal) 2 degrees apart. I’ve problem with self esteem,sadness. My partner’s chiron is exactly conjunct my moon. His moon is 11 degrees from mine in gemini.I read that it can be a difficult aspect in synastry. I would like to know if it makes a difference that I have a conjunction natally (chiron as a generational aspect)? I suppose that I am more used to it? What are your experiences?His moon is 11 degrees from mine. My moon is heavily afflicted. We are together for many years, but I am still trying to solve my past family issues in our relationship. Not sure if it would work differently with somebody else, I suppose that not.I would love to have a family, I am sad that we don’t have children. Is there anybody who has successfully overcome similar moon Chiron positions natal/synastry?I know these are just separate aspects,but still would love to know.Thanks

    Best K.

    • Hi Kaca,

      Even though your Chiron position is generational by sign, the house placement and its conjunction to Moon is not generational.

      My experience is that if you’ve been trying to work through certain problems with a person for a long time and there are no major breakthroughs then those problems might be an embedded part of the nature of the relationship and they probably won’t change. There are things we can change and things we can’t change. If you’re getting older and having children is something that will make you feel fulfilled then you might want to consider ending your current relationship so you have time to heal, find a new partner, and get pregnant before it’s too late.

  • Josh Raisner

    I have chiron in virgo in 5th house square pluto, opposite mars, mercury and Saturn, quincunx moon, venus and midheaven, sextile juno and trine ceres

    • What do you think that shows?

  • Vivian

    I have Chiron in Cancer. in my twelfth house. I really am not sure what I am supposed to do to heal the wound. I do have a rough time with my mother. I feel she secretly hates me (well she said it) and I have been physically and mentally abused by her over the years. It hurts when she admire other women or successful people other than me. She says she is happy but I know she isnt proud of me. Ive tried to be affectionate and dutiful as a daughter but she always puts me down. She never hugs, commends, appreciates or even try to hang out with me.

    • Vivian

      My chiron is in Jupiter so hopefully I have luck on myside.? I dont believe in such, I know hard work and persistance is what rules the day Capricorn sun

      • My view is that Jupiter would probably make the wound even bigger, but also give you enough distance and perspective to see the issue and try to do something about it.

        • Vivian

          k thanks

    • You can work on it by being a better mother to yourself.

    • Lili

      My mother is a narcissist as well, and the last thing I want is to make her proud, I avoid her as much as I can. This woman on youtube has helped me a lot: Lisa A. Romano Breakthrough Life Coach.

  • Jheneliz

    Chiron conjunct moon is very painful. I have it in Scorpio, and for a couple of years, I’ve let a close friend walk all over me. I’ve always felt like she was manipulative and was using our relationship. I’ve been passive aggressive lately because I found out that she was indeed using me but didn’t want to outright say it because I was too scared, plus I valued our relationship. I finally say something and stand my ground and she took it the wrong way. I still wanted to be friends but didn’t clarify after she ended our convo. Days later she messages me and I wait until Monday to talk to her (we both wanted to use the same lawyer and we going to find one together). I ask if she had a lawyer and she said yea, so that meant she moved on and found a lawyer without me. Our friendship and promise meant nothing. It made me feel betrayed. I felt bad because I should’ve clarified when I had the chance earlier. I should’ve said something earlier instead of being passive aggressive and letting her walk all over me. I felt betrayed, but my feelings are exactly the reason why she doesn’t want me anymore. It wasn’t until a close friend said she would’ve felt betrayed too that I felt like my feelings were valid.

    Other times this happened was when I quit my first job. I worked in fast food and was a crippling, shy perfectionist in a kitchen full of brash, confident kids. I hated the job the 3rd day I worked there but stayed because I needed the money (2nd house chiron). I felt overlooked, umderapreciated, under paid (people who started working the same time as me, if not less were already making $8/hr when I was only making $7.35 and got a raise once). I always did what I had to do, I never came in late or called in, I always made sure the food I made was perfect, I never argued with my supervisor yet these people who took the easy route were making more than me because they had the confidence. And I was overlooked. Well, I stayed because I needed money, and it wasn’t until I almost had a breakdown (things going on in personal life+no job satisfaction) and quit after 1.5 years. My mother worked at the same place I did, went through years of racist and belittling coworkers and tiny raises and has worked there for now 9 years. I grab a lot of the values I have from my mother and feel like she won’t accept a breakdown as an answer to why I can’t stay at a job when she can. It made me feel like a failure.

    • Jheneliz, it’s not just that you feel betrayed, you were betrayed.

      Have you tried flower essences? Larch would be a good essence to try from the Bach Flower Essence line, which is sold at most Whole Foods or health stores. Larch helps with confidence. I can also create an essence blend for you. Check out my flower essences here and let me know if you have any questions:

  • Alexandra Joseph

    Yessss ! for this article, i was wondering my status as the black sheep of both my adoptive and birth family and my terrible relationship with both my mothers and my ridicules emotional being and im a loner and im just weird lol plus i already do all natural hygiene products and i been thinking about going vegan for a while now. I was wondering why my chart wasn’t showing at least some of the heaviest parts of my life(while at 23). And lord thank you for being the astrologer who offers solutions to this aspects because i tired of the ones who just harp on the negative…

    • Thank you for reading, Alexandra.

  • Therese Walton

    I really enjoyed this. I have Moon sesquiquadrate Chiron.

    • Thank you for reading, Therese 🙂

  • Ben Kossenberg

    I love all these Chiron aspects! I use them a lot when reading other people as Chiron is important to me having it conjunct my Moon and ASC. Is there a Chiron with the angles coming out ever?

    • Good question, Ben. Yes, I should do Chiron with the angles.

    • Vivian

      @BenKossenberg how does one know if Chiron is conjunct the ascendant? thanks

  • Michael

    That’s a fantastic set of keywords, Michelle, thanks, the whole thing really resonates with me (2nd hs Chiron square 10th hs Ceres and inconjunct 7th hs Moon)

    • Thank you for reading, Michael.

  • Thank you for the feedback, ChyrenSelin. I’m glad you found the article helpful in your journey 🙂

  • Eva

    Moon/Chiron in Leo opposite Aqua Saturn and trine Sag Mercury. This is so spot on. Excruciating sensitivity is an understatement. Ironically the only thing that saves me, is existential depression, which is not as depressing as it sounds. Humorous, in an absurdist way…

    • Hey, we’re all strangers in a strange land.

  • lucy snow

    chiron in scorpio 1st house opposite moon in taurus 7th house

    • Hi Lucy, what has your experience been with this aspect?

  • Patryk Dawid Chlastawa

    Yes, yes, yes… I have Moon trine Chiron and on the top of that Saturn opposition Moon AND Saturn trine Chiron. What a dance! Most of the words above apply to my life. Although thank god there are times that are less heavy and in which I can take it with a grain of salt and a laugh.

    • That’s fantastic … plus, Saturn does get easier as you get older because Saturn likes maturity.

  • Alexandra Lydia

    Moon in 12th house quincux chiron in 6th house virgo. I can relate very much

  • Carmen Danci

    What would you all say if your child was born with moon conjunct chrion pisces 4th? Would you feel a huge sense of guilt and anxiety? My child has this aspect and I am beyond worried.

  • babyblue

    My 9th house moon in Gemini is conjunct Chiron and opposite Uranus in Sagittarius — all within ~4 degree orbs! And Jupiter in Pisces throwing wide squares lends some added emotional sensitivity, drama, and also luck, I hope. The two grand trines (Air and Water) in my chart provide some ego support though 🙂

    I can’t even begin to explain how deeply, and literally this has coloured my life. So I’ll just give you some highlights:

    – Crazy mama drama aka mother as “emotional terrorist” –> Moon/Chiron/Uranus
    – Foreign parents –> 9th house Moon
    – Frequent travelling/moving between countries frequenyly and unexpectedly–> 3rd house Uranus
    – Sudden tragic accident involving sibling and alcohol –> 3rd house Uranus/3rd house ruler (Jupiter) in Pisces square all that mess
    Mother made above one million times worse leading me to disown her –> all of it
    – Light at the end of the tunnel –> Jupiter in Pisces

    Obviously there is much more to this story, but after spending my mid-20’s really getting my sh** together through therapy, going back to college and landing a full scholarship (!), working out my issues with women/trusting women, building an amazing friend group of both men and women, figuring out how to not be the selfish one in a romantic relationship etc etc I am nearing 30 as a confident, self-loving woman. I am so thankful for finding astrology at 17 to help me on my journey towards getting on with it!

    One piece of advice I would offer to others with this aspect: get a wonderful, warm-hearted woman as your therapist! Learn to trust her, learn to trust yourself <3

    • Thanks for sharing your story, babyblue.

    • Carmela

      Wow thank you for sharing!! You have same aspects as my Husband with Moon in Gemini conjunct Chiron opposite Uranus in sagittarius. But his is in 8th house and he has Scorpio rising.. any idea how this would influence him??

  • Kym

    I have chiron in libra opposite my 12th house aries moon by less than a degree. I relate to this sooo much! I never understood why I felt so watery with such a fire dominant chart, I always just thought it was the 12th house moon and 8th house planets but I guess chiron had something to do with it too. I was actually reading this while on the phone with my mom talking about her troubles and stuff lol. I do find myself giving emotional advice a lot to friends but my own emotions are completely lost to me. It’s so crazy that the words they used in this article like “black sheep” and “misfit” are the exact words I used to describe myself on a blog I made in high school! I never understood why I felt like such an outsider. Maybe I should have sought friendship with guys instead of girls.

    • The planets in water houses do help with the watery-ness. I don’t know how guy friends would help more than girl friends … maybe you just need to pick a different kind of girl friend?

      • Kym

        oh oops I didn’t clarify. I was just assuming that I might have possible had a better time relating to guys than to girls maybe since its the female planets in my chart that have tense aspects to each other. I keep seeing a general trend in the interpretations that there is a lot of trouble in relating to my mom or to females in general which has been true for the most part. So I was just making a guess that there would be less tension in relationship with guys but that might not be the case since chiron in libra in the 7th house would be about relationships in generally.

  • youmewe

    This is the first time I have ever commented on any post because I Never reach out for help, but I need it for sure. I have chiron in pisces in the 12th house, and currently chiron is transiting 2degrees away from my pisces ascendant. It is over whelming me and I am frozen with an inability to move forward. My whole life has been dedicated to being there for others and now I feel very stepped on by people and dont trust anybody. It is almost like I can pick up on others hidden agenda before they do! Everyone has so many problems and I cant take that anymore.
    I am trying to be more self assertive and have taken up saying no but that is alienating people who I am close to.
    Any suggestions? My 2 closest intimates are both Capricorns and with the retrograde approaching I can see the backlash now because I have done so much running away that I am afraid they will abondon me! Please help

  • P

    leo moon 1degree from the 9th trine chiron aries in the fourth.

    I grew up in an unconventional off the grid, hippy style environment which made me feel outcast from my middle class/ redneck/ white trash classmates. By the time i was in college, life point reaching my moon, i was proud of that difference! It still hurts that i had to leave the part of myself that was truly happy, safe, nurtured behind in order to ‘fit in’ at school (sun plus 3 in 11th; libra, scorpio and sag stelliums all insisted) but I am proud of that wound!!? Strange, i know, but i feel like i was the lucky one, just lost in a sea of wounded children with no connection to nature, spirituality, nurturing loving family life and homegrown food. These things are now the foundation of my healing modalities! I still don’t get some of the pop culture references to 80’s tv shows and am called a snob because of it but i’m really okay with that.

    • Leo Moon a snob … no way! 😉 It’s cool that you’ve come to grips with your Chiron in the 4th.

  • Matthew

    Although this suits me perfectly, i feel there is much more to it. I have Moon conjunct Chiron in Leo in 1st house. Any comment about it? I would be thankful.

    • There’s always more to it. What’s your mother like? (No, I’m not trying to be Freudian)

  • pinstru

    Hmmm I have this contact…a biquintile to be specific. Chiron in Libra (14.4) and Moon in Pisces (19.26). That’s an orb of around…0.38 if I’m correct, so this should apply, but I just don’t feel it. Ik that it’s a minor aspect, but I was still thinking that these traits would hold true for me…you did say that quintiles and biquintiles are more suited towards art and expression, and I do prefer work where you see people who are visibly pained, distressed etc. I like colors or styles that insinuate disturbing feelings too…in fact most of my daydreams involve situations putting people in stressful, mentally disturbing situations, but I do always have an emphasis on healing and redemption as well. But I’ve always attributed that to mercury/pluto.

    Well…looking back at this there are things that apply. ” Needing or giving emotional healing. Holistic approach to emotional healing. Painful emotions. Emotionally vulnerable. Emotionally traumatized. Unorthodox attachments. The loner. Working through painful sensitivity. Feeling abnormal. Turn inward during periods of emotional crisis. The capacity to help people work through their emotional issues.” I guess I was so stuck on the negative aspects that this post kind of threw me off, especially since I’ve learned how to manage my sensitivity to a considerable extent…once I learn something new that can be applied to my psyche I fully integrate it and it’s hard for me to look back because I tend to shut out those emotions/memories/experiences. It’s kind of odd, but I really do have a hard time looking back at myself before I’ve learned lessons because it never looks like me…if that makes sense. I always put that on Pluto though, but I have no Pluto/Moon contacts. Maybe this is it then.

    Oh and in terms of mother issues…I have none, at least not in my mind. I absolutely adore my mom (Pisces mom sextile Neptune), but I do remember specific instances where she (in a really really loose sense) caused me pain. I’ve always been paranoid, and when I was younger…like 7 or 8, maybe 6…I specifically remember thinking/imagining somebody would sneak into the bathroom while she was taking a shower and kill her. Like they wanted her specifically, nobody else. Idk how or why but I was convinced that it was going to happen and I was in the bed sobbing for a good 20 minutes until she got out the shower and told me I was being irrational. Then ever since then I have a habit of imagining how it would be at her funeral…I’ve read that this was attributed to another aspect though. Hmmm….sorry for my irrelevancy, just wanted to post.

    • pinstru

      haha Pisces moon…although my mom does have a Pisces sun

  • Garnett Green

    Searching for reasons for son’s constant and profound emotionalism, I searched his chart and saw that his moon is conjunct Chiron in Virgo which are both conjunct his ascendant. Reading this synopsis is like reading a description of him. Plus, he is a Sagittarius so much of the commentary on the hidden wounds that they seem to carry compounds his misery. He just seems to have a very hard place in the world, but I feel that this is leading to his life’s work which will be informed by his seemingly constant suffering. I do feel that he revels in the pain at times and uses it for attention,. Still, he is a very evolved soul…just very misguided.

  • Dear Michelle,

    I have the following Sidereal position (I am a Vedic Astrologer integrating Western Astrology):

    Moon(24degrees) conjunct Mars (25) conjunct Chiron(26) in 6th house in Pisces. Uranus opposite in Virgo 25 degrees and 10th House aspect from Saturn in Gemini but degrees are far off (5 degrees Gem). Any light you can shed on these placements?

    I’m new to progressions etc. I recently learnt that my progressed moon will be opposing Chiron and that this means emotional wounding? This transit will be for 6 weeks. If so, can one know which area / person, the wounding can come from?

    I am a Psychotherapist plus Astrologer plus Holistic healer plus Hypnotherapist plus Past Life Regressionist plus Reconnective healer and still on with my integration work. I’m new to Chiron and am fascinated that it fits with what Ive been doing. Any insights you could share would be very helpful.


  • astronut

    I find myself a lot in this post. I keep studying my birth chart and see something new every time that I want to understand better. I’m curious of your interpretation of a handful of aspects, post related.

    I have moon 5can15 h.10(gemini ruled) conjunct Chiron 2can27, so I figure anything that happens to my moon is also happening to Chiron. Which is as follows:
    Opposite Uranus 4cap11 h4, opposite Saturn 10cap36 h4, opposite Neptune 11cap31 h4; which are all conjunct each other.
    Two positive aspects are Sun(27aqua21,h6) trine moon, and moon quintile AS(17virgo47).

    I know part of this is just the generation with the multiple conjunction in Capricorn, which are all feeling Pluto’s transit right now, but I’m getting really frustrated. Thanks for any insight!

    • right now transiting Pluto is conjunct your Saturn and Neptune while transiting Uranus is squaring them both. The Moon and Chiron are out of orb for these transits but they are likely what you are experiencing most intensely lately.

  • MP

    My daughter has Aquarius moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron (2nd house) 🙁
    Hopefully, I won’t traumatize her emotionally? Does it always mean mother issues??

    • It could mean that she is extremely sensitive to everything you do – which could lead to an exceptionally close relationship. It could also point to her experiencing you as an above average sensitive person. It doesn’t necessarily mean trauma, but her level of sensitivity to you could be painful to her at times.

      • MP

        Thank you for your reply Michelle! She has Moon conjunct Neptune (7 degrees), and Neptune conjunct Chiron (1 degree).

        It’s all in the second house like this

        Neptune is in between Moon and Chiron. Moon is also conjunct Chiron by 8.degrees.

        Moon trines Venus and Mars and sextiles her Ascendant .
        Venus conjuncts MC, sextiles ascendant, and conjuncts Mars.

        The only visible/scary affliction is with Chiron. Hopefully this doesn’t mean she will end up disliking me 🙁

        Thank you again

  • gbdreamz

    My moon opposes Chiron. I almost cried reading this. I hate the fact that I am sensitive and strive to keep a wall up. I have something of a love hate relationship with my mother (Chiron is in my 4th House) and in my fear to not repeat some of the mistakes that she made I have made some difficult choices with my own children. I often feel like an outsider in my family and am only called when I can be of use (especially the women in my family). SIGH

    • I’m sorry, gbdreamz. Understanding the “need to be needed” may be one of your puzzles to solve in life.

  • Katey

    moon / chiron = codependent … sigh

  • mirrorghost

    amazing! me and my significant other both have this, but me the trine and him the square. i can see a lot of these things in both of us. your insights are amazing.

    • Anything in particular, mirrorghost?

      • mirrorghost

        well one thing is, we are both highly sensitive people. he is a pisces w/ cancer moon, (me=aries sun/cap moon), so him even moreso. he is the type that can soak up other’s moods. i tend to soak up other moods sometimes, but not as often, and they don’t resonate with me as long as they do with him. i am better at letting it go. (my moon in cap (12th) trine chiron in taurus (3rd), his moon in cancer (5th) square chiron in aries (1st).) he can be kind of eccentric. we are both shy/reserved and both prone to moodiness.

        i also think we both tend to be led by our feelings and intuition. maybe more than the average person, but i can’t really judge that.we’re both the black sheep/family outcast. i wear my heart on my sleeve more. we are both artists and both like to write. his artwork is very moody, beautiful and dark. music can move me very strongly and when i’ve done art/writing in the past it is very personal and subjective and not social/political or anything like that.

        i have always felt that he has a healing effect on me at times, especially through sexuality (not sure if that sounds weird, but his mars in sag does trine his chiron, so maybe that explains it?) however, because we are both sensitive, we sometimes hurt each other easily and/or overreact to each other at times, but when we finally come to an understanding, it feels like a very healing process.

        whew, sorry that was long, hope it makes sense 🙂

        • “Prone to moodiness.” Boy, join the club!  

          That all sounds rather lovely 🙂

  • Sabrina

    Chiron conjunct ascendant, trine Moon, trine Mercury conjunct Saturn. I am sick with a bone marrow disease and am currently using holistic food choices to cure myself. I have also felt like a radical and outcast my whole life. I have also been extremely empathic to the point of sensing when people are thinking negative thoughts of me and not being able to function afterwards till i am separated form the person. Picking up vibes just from walking into rooms ect. Spot on with all my chiron placements and the articles about them. Although I was not close to my mother at all and can give a damn what she thinks about me.

    • It’s quite interesting for me to read your placements because I have the same planets in aspects, but square rather than a grand trine: Moon conjunct Saturn both square Mercury conjunct Chiron. My brother is the one who is sick. Have had very complicated relationships with my other siblings.

  • Dimple

    I am a Vedic Astrologer. Ive recently become interested in Western Astrology and learnt about Chiron too. Its signifcant in my chart and I want to understand what to make of this placement. I have Moon-Mars-Chiron conjunct in the 6th house. All one degree after another. Per Western calculations, Moon is at 18 degrees Aries, Mars 19 degrees Aries and Chiron 20 degrees Aries. In Vedic system, all three are in Pisces (as the Sidereal zodiac is 23 degrees behind). In both systems, all three in the 6th house. I’ve been told the reason for my incarnation is to be a healer. Is this placement indicative of it? Thank you all.

    • People with 6th house placements often seem drawn to healing professions – usually those that involve the body. For example, 6th house people seem more drawn to  acupuncture than psychology.

      • Dimple

        Thanks Michelle. I have been attracted to the healing professions for a while now. Slowly it is increasing. I’m a Psychotherapist, Vedic Astrologer, Reconnective Healer and I have studied some holistic healing. So far this much, but I’ve been given messages from gifted Clairaudient people that I’m meant to do much healing. And this Chiron closely conjunct the Moon-Mars got me guessing if its playing a role.

        • Very interesting, Dimple. Do you have any 8th house placements?

          • Dimple

            Nope. Empty 8th house. I  know 8th house rules Psychology and Astrology, and while I am practicing both, the message has been that my real path will be to heal energy itself (rather than transform it – an 8th house thing). That, I think is a 6th house thing. Dunno. I’m still lost and searching. 

  • Blake

    Hey I’ve gotta say I love your site, love your style, and love what you come up with. Definitely helping me wrap my head around stuff.

    I’d be careful with linking Moon-Chiron contacts to Uranian themes like:

    Emotionally unorthodox. Unorthodox attachments. Emotionally rebellious.Your
    feeling nature is outside the norm. The way you feel about things isn’t
    typical. Coming up with your own rules for how you want to be nurtured.
    Forging a new path in caring relationships. Finding new, untried
    emotional healing methods. Feeling abnormal. Feeling that other people
    cannot relate to your emotional pain.Feeling like an outsider. The black sheep. The family outcast. The lonerThe natural astrologerFreaky behavior. Oddball reactions. A natural radical.

    Chiron and Uranus are in opposition in the charts of the majority of people living on the Earth today if I’m not mistaken, but at least a great many, so it can be tempting to erroneously link to Chiron the energies represented by the Uranus-Moon interaction that would come inevitably with most Chiron-Moon aspects.

    • Michelle

      Any of the combinations that I write about need to have confirmation by other factors. Most people do have a Chiron/Uranus opposition, so it manfiests as a generational influence. Many people with Moon/Chiron aspects will have a Moon/Uranus connection as well. Even still, Chiron is the link between Saturn and Uranus. He’s not an outright rebel, or contrary as a Uranian type might be, but he does have his own way of doing things which can be perceived as being unorthodox. 

      Thank you for reading, Blake.

  • Atlast

    I’m a bit scared, since my progressed moon is starting to conjunct chiron. I’ve already started to feel the efects, like “Emotionally wounded”,”Painful emotions. Painful female relationships. Emotionally vulnerable.
    Painfully sensitive to other people’s feelings”  and specially “Painfully sensitive to
    your mother’s feelings”, maybe because progressed moon and chiron are in cancer, idk (I’ve been really homely in the last months, prefering to be at home watching a movie with family than go out drinking)

    I’ve already passed through a square in the progression, and even though I have moon square chiron on my natal chart, this was possibly the hardest period of my life… I know that a conjunction is a conjunction, but can it be easier to deal than a square?

    • Michelle

      Usually, a conjunction is so much a part of your personality that you barely notice it as being separate. It seems to be that the square has more awareness of the problem, which is what makes it a “problem.” With a conjunction you may not even be aware that there is an issue. 

      Fortunately, the progressed Moon doesn’t stay in one place for too long so its effects should move on fairly soon. The good part of the Moon is that it brings your real feelings into focus, which can be harder if you’ve been denying them.   

      • Atlast

        umm, maybe the fact that I have chiron square moon in my natal makes it harder to deal when my progressed moon makes a conjunction…
        But idk, i read that capricorn was going to have some struggles on the psyche by the meadle of the year, and since all I was feeling that I related to chiron is not so strong now, It’s about my sun sign, and not moon!

        And yeah, it’s so true that it’ve been hard to deny my feelings, one thing that I was trying to do uncounsiously since last year. Deal with obligations is harder, since my feelings are appearing more!

        • Michelle

          The struggles you’re referring to may be because of Pluto in Capricorn squaring Uranus during the middle of this year.

  • AriesGirl

    “Chiron-Moon is painfully sensitive.” I can confirm that this is very true. I have the chiron-moon square plus my Moon is one of the most aspected planet in my chart, yet it’s only recently that I’ve admitted to myself how extremely sensitive I am… and i do carry deep wounds about everything related to the Moon…I think it’s a very diffioult aspect to have and it requires a LOTS of conscious work and healing on yourself to be able to cope with the difficoulties of relationships and everyday life.

    • Michelle

      Simply coping with everyday life can be really hard.

  • Fen

    It makes sense to me. My moon is in sixth house in Cancer and in sextile with Chiron. I am a trainee consellor and flower essence therapist. Your descrption just fits in with my life!….also Chiron is in my 4th in Taurus which is the raising sun of my mum….a lot of coincidence here and I think a lot of past life residue. 
    Your blog is lovely BTW x

    • Michelle

      I love flower essences. I’ve using them for years. Thank you for reading, Fen.

      • Wizron

        Interesting discussion. Here is another way to look at Chiron. Chiron represents our inner soul, and also the bridge that extends to our ‘outer self’ (conditioned self). Chiron sensitivity is soul sensitivity. The more we honour our soul in the way we live and in the things we do, the less Chiron troubles us, because we become ‘whole’, and live in alignment with our True Selves. But of course, we must all first make that sensitive journey back from our conditioned self to our True Self (soul self). Two more keywords that I feel fit Chiron: Self-esteem, and charisma. Also, I believe Chiron co-rules Virgo along with Mercury. 

        There are two types of Virgo. One is timid, and somewhat introverted, and the other is charismatic and outgoing – a Chiron Virgo. (There are many examples of them out there (Charlie Sheen being one of the charismatic, extroverted ones). (And there is also a third type, which is a mixture of the two).

        • Michelle

          I like the idea of Chiron being soul sensitivity. I’m not sure whether I agrele that Chiron is the “true” self but I do think think that Chiron shows where we are fallibly and completely human. Where Chiron is artifice there is no artifice.

          Are you saying that Charlie Sheen is a Chiron Virgo because his Sun is opposite Chiron?

          • Wizron

            Thanks for your open and experimental attitude Michelle (must be your Uranus in Scorpio :-).  I didn’t realize Charlie Sheen had Sun opposite Chiron, and I didn’t pick him because of that. Here are some more “type two CHIRON Virgo’s”: Beyonce Knowles, Sophia Loren, Sean Connery, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, and Shelley Long (Diane from the television series “Cheers”). All different from the astrology textbook description of a Virgo, and all charismatic.

            Also, Chiron is about healing just as Virgo is, but Chiron is about alternative healing and addresses the spiritual side of healing. Combine this with Virgo’s more physical and logical and conventional approach to healing, and the new addition of Chiron makes healing more whole and complete.

            • Michelle

              Chiron is about alternative healing and addresses the spiritual side of healing.
              Completely agree with this. Unfortunately, I don’t agree about Chiron Virgos, or even that those examples vary from textbook Virgos. 

              Just as an example, Charlie Sheen has Gemini rising with Mercury in Leo – on the outside he is somewhat outgoing. If you’ve watched Two and Half Men you may seen episodes where we learn that Charlie is a bit of a hypochondriac (very Virgo). Also, he’s not typical because not only is his Sun opposite Chiron (and Saturn), but it’s also conjunct both Uranus and Pluto. He’s complex. I’d give his oodles of charm to a very lovely Venus in Libra in the 5th house.

              Thank you for reading Wizron.

  • Britt_Tremblett

    aw shit i have chiron in cancer 

    • Michelle

       Can you relate to the descriptions?

      Thank you for reading 🙂

      • M

         hmm what might you say of a taurus moon conjunct chiron in 2nd house..
        with only minor aspects to planets ie: biquintile jupiter libra 7th.. inconjunct saturn libra 7th.. sesquiquadrate neptune/mc..

        i guess you can considered it an unaspected moon that’s conjunct chiron..
        i am not sure what to make of it, but it’s certainly at home in it’s own atmosphere i’m guessing?

        i really emotionally related to Victor Frankenstein’s creature in the Mary Shelley book..

        “being an outsider” and longing to make contact, with good intentions and such..

        need for nurture? oh my south node is aqua 11th house.. north node leo 5th

        so my moon conj/chiron squares both my nodes! (by degree, the moon and nodes are 8 degrees..)

        • Michelle

          I forget what the strict definition of an unaspected planet is. From what I remember minor aspects don’t count. So, if you don’t have a trine, sextile, square, conjunction or opposition from one of the 10 major planets, then it’s unaspected. I don’t remember if the quincunx counts or not. 

          An unaspected Taurus Moon in the 2nd house speaks to having serious safety needs and issues surrounding self-esteem…but whether that’s good or bad it’s hard to say. 

          • M

            Yeah, I’m pretty sure the moon/chiron is unaspected and I just realized it is opposite lilith scorpio in the 8th house. So the moon and lilith square the nodes.. The moon sextiles my Ceres cancer in 5th. Those are all the moon’s aspects aside from those other minor aspects with Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn.

            As far as safety needs and self esteem, I suppose so..

            I have a sun venus mars Aries conjunction in the first house. There may be a lot of confidence there but sometimes required some work on occasion, maybe. I am a Pisces rising! Neptune is the most aspected planet, exactly conjunct the MC.

            Mercury Pisces 1st house conjunct the AC

            thnx.. cool blog btw 🙂

            • Michelle

              Thank you for reading M 😀

              It could be interesting for you to check out more of the 3rd house descriptions for the Moon to see how they fit.

      • M

         hmm what might you say of a taurus moon conjunct chiron in 2nd house..
        with only minor aspects to planets ie: biquintile jupiter libra 7th.. inconjunct saturn libra 7th.. sesquiquadrate neptune/mc..

        i guess you can considered it an unaspected moon that’s conjunct chiron..
        i am not sure what to make of it, but it’s certainly at home in it’s own atmosphere i’m guessing?

        i really emotionally related to Victor Frankenstein’s creature in the Mary Shelley book..

        “being an outsider” and longing to make contact, with good intentions and such..

        need for nurture? oh my south node is aqua 11th house.. north node leo 5th

        so my moon conj/chiron squares both my nodes! (by degree, the moon and nodes are 8 degrees..)

    • Michelle

       Can you relate to the descriptions?

      Thank you for reading 🙂

  • Sean Lutwyche

    I have a 12th house Moon-Chiron conjunction in Gemini; in opposition to a 6th house Uranus in Sagittarius. I also have a biquintile aspect between Chiron and the Sun. My Sun is in Scorpio, in the 5th house. (The Sun is also conjunct Pluto and my South Node. All in 5th house Scorpio. LOL!) Oh, also Cancer rising. Haha!

    Saying I walk around with a dark cloud over my head is an understatement. Hehe.

    Any ideas??

    Very interesting brainstorm BTW. I can relate to most of the keywords. And nice metaphor on the ostrich 🙂

    • Sean Lutwyche

      Ostrich??? Lol.


      Octopus, obviously. =P

      • Michelle

        Any ideas??
        Why not elaborate on what you mean by “I walk around with a dark cloud over my head is an understatement”. A fifth house Sun isn’t particularly dark – you’d likely be a lighter shade of Scorpio.

  • Bobijs0

    Water signs makes all more sensitive. How about Moon in Scorpio trine Chiron in Cancer (<121°)? The ability to sense what other people are feeling – that's are so true.
    Thank You for this article. Fascinating.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for reading Bobijs0.

  • Atlast

    I feel that libra moon with this aspect (that’s my case) can become quite mean. Libra’s needs of people makes it impossible to hide for that long, and since we need others people approval we try to not behave in a wierd way, so we boost our defenses, since letting other mess up with us is terribly painful.

    • Michelle

      Hm…interesting Atlast. I haven’t noticed that, but I’ll keep it mind.

  • temp

    how do you deal with this painful sensitivity? Please advise.

    • temp

      especially when you have Moon in Cancer sextile Chiron in Taurus? 😐

      • Michelle

        Based on those placements, if I were you, I’d get in touch with nature, find ways to reach a place of deep calm, work on any disordered eating habits (eating for comfort, for example) and start making my home a cozy nest where I feel safe, comfortable and am surrounded by things that make me feel secure and happy.

        • fruition

          I definitely agree with this one, Michelle. As a Moon in Cancer (4th House!) trine 12th house Chiron in Pisces(0 degree) I’ve had to deal with emotional sensitivity all my life. My home is my refuge and Nature rejuvenates to such a degree that just being around plants and trees feels like home. In fact I live surrounded by trees within a large metropolis and I work from home! I pick up on the emotional environment to an extreme degree. When I was younger I imagined I had a bubble around me that shielded me. Now I’ve found that Yoga (an active meditation), artistic outlets (I love watercolor-fits the profile doesn’t it? ), long walks among trees and music especially all help to ground and rejuvenate.

          • Michelle

            When I was younger I imagined I had a bubble around me that shielded me.
            That is amazing! I did the same thing.

  • Leah-nine

    A painfully true read. I imagine that aspects to chiron influence how one deals with strong emotions when they can’t hide them. I have pluto and mars sextile chiron/moon conjunction and have been known and even arrested for spontaneous outbursts of rage. This post really helps me understand why I feel the way I do all the time. I’ve always felt like something was “wrong” with me- as I understand it more, I see that it has the potential for just as much healing as it does suffering. Thank you.

    • Michelle

      I see that it has the potential for just as much healing as it does suffering.
      Definitely. Good luck on your journey.

  • Anonymous

    i have square moon in acquarius and chiron in taurus 1st house. i went into an art therapy for more than a year now. it was intense because it became part of my daily routine. when i checked my progressed chart, i no longer have any squares in my moon and sun. does therapy helps with this kind of aspect?

    • Michelle

      Therapy can probably help with any difficult aspect.

  • anon

    would this aspect be like having chrion in cancer?

    • I think that there are probably similarities.

  • tk

    Hey I enjoy your articles. Moon/Neptune Conjunction in Scorpio trine Chiron in Pisces. On the sensitive side. So I’ve been told.

    • Thank you tk. That is a sensitive mix of influences.

    • Atlast

      I have thoose aspects too, but chiron square moon square neptune. Somethinh I feel is that I’m EXTREMILY sensitive to music, I mean, music can change my mood in seconds, specially when it reminds me painfull situations, It’s hard to deal when I’m on a party and that music that reminds me a terrible situation plays. Every one else is having fun but I’m not, and showing it scares me even more.

      • Atlast

        “when I’m on a party” That sounded silly, but it’s not, a party is such a wild place, everybody is drunk, and I feel so without protection. And look, I’m quite a party animal.

        • Michelle

          That may be your Venus/Saturn in the 5th!

          • Atlast

            Oh, maybe! Saturn makes you pass through hard situations, but someday you learn to deal with them, right? All that I said happend so much when I was 16 years old, but now (I’m 20) not so much, I learned to deal with that.

            • Michelle

              It could be. This might be an aspect that comes into focus later on too, as you get older. It could be that you had to (or will have to) have a reality check when it comes to your partying ways. Or, you may take on responsibilities involving children – a positive outcome is that you teach children, or that you teach other people how to express their creative potential, or, that you become very disciplined in your artistry.

              • Atlast

                “or, that you become very disciplined in your artistry.”
                I hope so, how about getting one fashion career? It’s have a lot to do with venus, and also with the 5th house (if you think on the artistic side of fashion). Another point, is that I have north node on the 5th too, also conjuncting thoose two planets.

                • Michelle

                  Those seem like good placements for a career in fashion.

  • My 3rd House Virgo Chiron and 9th House Aquarius Moon opposition give me a hard time. I really feel like I should be the eternal loner, the outcast.

    More than that, I have the weird belief that I should go through hell to deserve and achieve anything. “If you don’t study until you faint, you won’t get an A in that test. Not even a C.”. Happily, I’m rational enough not to actually do that kind of thing, but I feel bad anyways. I have a hard time understanding the concept of effort, because for me there’s always got to have pain involved to reach a goal. And I know that’s nonsense. I give the credit to both the opposition to Chiron and the conjunction to Saturn for that.

    • Does Chiron have any positive aspects as outlets?

      • I think so: Chiron trine Venus and Vesta, Chiron quintile Jupiter and Ascendant, Chiron biquintile Uranus and Pallas. I have a pentagon of quintiles in my chart and Chiron is one of the vertices.

        • Do you do any kind of artwork?

          • I try to. Well, I have periods of artistic expression, and in each one of them I try to express through a different thing. I love photography, drawing, painting, writing and music but never stick to only one (Mercury?). I was a violinist for many years and used to compose little pieces too. I actually wanted to be a maestro, but dropped that out for various reasons two years ago. Right now I’m doing nothing. I have yet to find my ideal outlet, something I’m really good into, and stick with it.

            • With Venus trine Chiron, finding an artistic outlet could be a source of healing for you. If I were you I’d try to work creativity into my life without the pressure of excellence. It’s interesting to me that the lack of a creative outlet is corresponding to this period of feeling a little lonely and depressed.

  • Oh my God… help me… I have moon in cancer in the first house… and I have moon trine chiron… Chiron is Pisces in 10 th house… Definetly true… I have opposition chiron mars uranus pluto… such hard puzzle to solve…

    • Those are very public placements for such a personal aspect.

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    Moon in 3° Aquarius (2nd House) opposite Chiron in 9° Leo (8th House). What does it mean,

    I totally relate being the outsider, the loner. There are so many instances when I wanted to detach myself from feeling. People say that I’m a natural psychologist, counselor, advisor and “healer” in some way, mostly through inspiring people to make positive changes in their lives. They all say that I have this warm, comforting, nuturing vibe (for those that really get to know me). When I relive memories (most of which are painful and humiliating), I cringe or freeze myself. When someone has either manipulated me, shattered my heart, disrespected me or just “rubbed me the wrong way”, I don’t forget it. I follow that “I’ll forgive but I’ll never forget” policy.

    I can totally see myself as an octopus when those things are triggered. I just want to eject ink at whatever is bothering me, swim away and find some crevice to hide myself in so that the problem doesn’t find me or terrorize me again. When I love someone or when someone does piss me off, I can see myself as an octopus either caressing that person or suffocating that person, ready to inject a venomous bite to warn them not to mess with me.

    • It’s difficult to be both vulnerable and self-protective at the same time. Too much of one or too little of the other can lead to heartache.

      • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

        That’s exactly how I see it. If I let myself be too open and vulnerable, I fall prey to being manipulated, used, taken advantage of and having my generosity, my hospitality and my loyalty misused. But if I decide to withdraw, harden up and put up a front, that will only keep people away from me and, in some instances, have them scared of me because I’m cold, judgemental, bitter and hostile.

        • Yup.

          • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

            Moderation is the key :/
            Having an opposition can be so difficult >_<

  • Anonymous

    Very Much So, to all the notes above. I have 10 aspects to my natal Chiron! and only 2 of those are considered easy (a trine to my venus and conjunct Midheaven (is that an easy aspect?)) My Chiron (Gemini 10th) is square my Moon (Pisces 7th). Excruciating is the word, and I’ve been faced with the necessity to learn ways to maintain a positive outlook and healthy lifestyle, mostly in the form of daily wellbeing practices, which are still very hard for me to keep up with. I had a good laugh when i got to this line, ” Pretending to be stone cold while leaving a trail of blood behind you. “

    • Whether a conjunction is easy depends on which planets are involved. I wouldn’t consider an MC/Chiron conjunction to be easy. Keeping up with everything to stay “well” can be daunting.

      Thank you so much for reading smedmark 🙂

  • Hi ee,

    Moon Chiron is a very sensitive placement. Having the IC in Cancer and Moon in aspect to Neptune certainly cliches it.

    Thank you for reading 😀

  • ee

    I always wondered why I am so sensitive. Considering I’m a virgo with libra moon/merc/venus. It’s my moon square chiron, IC in cancer, venus square chiron and moon square neptune I guess. =/

  • I definitely agree with Carl Jung 😀

    Do you do dream work?

  • Amnesiantoinette

    I love the octopus analogy. Carl Jung surmised that the animal we identify with, are the characteristics of that animal we see in ourselves. I have always admired the squid/octopus!…for other, and some of the same, reasons you have just beautifully illustrated.

  • The more charts I see, the more I am convinced that 6th house placements really do lend themselves to an interest in mind-body integration and healing. There often seems to be a need understand the reasons behind disease.

    I don't remember if I said anything about that when I looked at your chart, I don't think I did. If Chiron is painful sensitivity, Chiron in the 6th would be extreme sensitivity to issues of disease and wellness (as well as work and the need to be of service).

    • dollsizedpistol

      My mom has 3 planets in the sixth – Sun conj. Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Leo, and she is very into alternative health. She has a huge collection of health food books and is always finding out about the new thing that is bad for you. I contrast this with my own interests in alternative health, which are much more energetically/emotionally centered (chiron opp moon)… I don’t care about disease and bodily healing stuff very much.

      • Which house is your Chiron in?

    • Ash

      I have Moon Sextile Chiron (Moon in Cancer 4th house) and a Mars in Virgo (6th house) … I have since a young age had an intense interest in studying Medicine and becoming a doctor (with the pure intention of helping people who are suffering in extreme ways) … I come from a family of Doctors. However, it turns out I may end up studying Traditional Chinese Medicine instead. 

      • Very cool, Ash. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • JChristine

    Hm, I can totally relate to this brainstorm. However I'm finding that as I get older some of the negative aspects lessen, and the positive flourish. I used to cry at the drop of a hat growing up. Everything moved me to tears… my mother hated it so I began to hide my feeling as best I could by isolating myself in my room and in my fantasies. I am in the healing profession (acupuncture-alternative medicine) & I'm into the occult ( astrology, numerology, tarot) My natal Chiron (Gemini 6th House) is very heavily aspected opposing most of Sag planets. The orb between my moon (Pisces 3rd House) & chiron is kinda large (9) but its still very much felt

    ** PS so true about Sagittarius carrying a lot of wounds that they don't speak about. Its almost as if there is no one out there who could possibly handle the weight of the load, or wise enough to give sound advice.

    • Sabrina

      I have a ton of Chiron aspects including a tight chiron ascendant aspect. I am like your twin. Every thing you said I have experienced.

  • Lol…they're cute 😀

  • The planet/sign sequence doesn't bother me as much as trying to fit asteroids into signs when they don't completely fit.

    Virgo works with Chiron because of the interest in health, disease and mind-body awareness, but, Virgo has a tendency to compartmentalize experience which seems the opposite of Chiron. Sagittarius fits because it is a centaur, it's philosophical and it's mentor sign, but Sag is not much interested in health and disease. In my own experience Virgo seems more interested in alternative therapy and healing than Sagittarius. However, Sagittarius often carry around big wounds that they rarely talk about.

    I don't know if Chiron needs to rule a sign. When I look at Chiron in a chart the idea of it being in dignity or detriment doesn't seem to matter much. Even at his best Chiron still had a wound he couldn't heal.

    • billow

      “I don’t know if Chiron needs to rule a sign” . . . Kinduv my feeling (oops did I say feeling), I mean understanding about chiron. The wound is there. I call it The Thing. Now some spend a lifetime fighting The Thing. I got confused about that. Cuz the message shouting out from everywhere seemed to be like compete it and beat it. And there is that fear confusion. Like if I feel uncomfortable while being coerced, it is fear. “Come with me. You are just afraid.” Took a long time to acknowlege that everything in my gut and experience was shouting out “This is wrong for me.” Call me weak and afraid if they want, but I just ain’t buying what is being sold. Why would I want to spend my lifetime fighting to become something I’m not instead of being what I am?

      • Why would I want to spend my lifetime fighting to become something I’m not instead of being what I am?

        Part of my personal Chiron journey has been exactly this:
        Took a long time to acknowledge that everything in my gut and experience was shouting out “This is wrong for me.”

        I think we have to honor our personal journey and not try to make it fit in with everyone else’s journey. Sometimes the biggest wounds come from doing those things that are completely wrong for our path.

      • ” Why would I want to spend my lifetime fighting to become something I’m not instead of being what I am? ”
        To me this is about ACCEPTANCE and both Virgo and Pisces are great about that BUT Virgo has conditions whereas Pisces does not.

        • I think that’s true. I have Virgo rising. I accept myself yet I still expect that I’m going to work toward “improvement” – whatever that happens to mean at the moment. Still, I feel like I’m getting more comfortable with simply accepting everything and everyone exactly as they are, right now – including me 😀

          • woohoo!! I have Pisces NN so I hear you….

            I’m a big advocate of “polarity healing”… <— just made that up… haha… Basically integrating the opposite of EVERY sign placement one has. So if one has an Aries Sun, integrating the qualities of a Libra Sun into one's personality without ridding oneself of Aries qualities nor diluting the polarity into nothingness either…

    • Oh hah, I posted my comment before reading this.. we are on page!

      Not sure why astrologers are trying to have the Asteroids ruling signs. How about we have signs being “patrons” of the asteroids instead? 🙂

      “Virgo works with Chiron because of the interest in health, disease and mind-body awareness,”
      Yes; however, Pisces does this too but has a different approach. 🙂

      “but, Virgo has a tendency to compartmentalize experience which seems the opposite of Chiron.”
      That’s why we thought Chiron may be related to Pisces since Pisces does not like to compartmentalize…

      But as stated, Chiron is a centaur…

      I’m wondering why Pisces is being left out though as Pisces is the sign of healing and alternative approaches as well… Interesting…. Also interesting is that Pisces, Virgo, and Sag are all mutable signs!! 🙂

      “I don’t know if Chiron needs to rule a sign. ”
      Totally agreed!!

      • I haven’t noticed much body interest in Pisces individuals. Pisces has healing capacity, but it seems to be intangible healing capacity – emotional/psychic stuff rather than hands-on body work. What do you think?

        • I agree… True enough that Chiron was wounded in the thigh and I visualize Chiron and Centaurs are very much physical (of the earth) beings; however, does that mean Chiron is focused on healing the body only, not the spirit or emotions?

          A lot of us, in astrology, talk in terms of psychology and personality. So while I visualize Chiron as a solid (not Neptunian at all) I see the physical wound as a metaphor more than anything else.

          When I think about the Virgo-Pisces polarity we get the body-spirit see-saw connection. To many, physical dis-ease happens due to mental-emotional dis-ease. Pisces can heal the aura – emotions, what is not seen by the naked eye , and therefore assist in healing the body. Many say Jesus was Pisces and Jesus performed physical miracles. As well Chiron sacrificed (as did Jesus) his life. Virgo is far too practical for that sort of sacrifice. *chuckle*

          I could be talking out of my rear here because I haven’t done a ton of research (thank goodness or I might not be as open about the topic!! lol) so do take what I say with a grain of salt… Oh, the analogies… 🙂

          • I see the physical wound as a metaphor more than anything else.
            I wonder if the reason younger people don’t seem to “get” Chiron is because they are healthy and relatively carefree. Chiron wasn’t born injured, he became injured later in life. Chiron was focused on healing his physical body. He endured real, physical pain- not an abstract idea of pain. With the Chiron myth there seems to be a trend toward wanting to skip the reality of physical pain and head straight into the metaphors. The metaphors have their place, but I wonder if most people do not experience Chiron energy until much later in life when they really become ill. There are probably some people for whom the Chiron myth doesn’t have resonance. Maybe those people are more intrigued by Ceres or Vesta, and find those asteroids more influential in their lives.

            People probably respond to the healing modality most in line with their own makeup. Perhaps you respond to a more Neptunian/Piscean healing modality because it is your missing polarity point.

            • The writing has a slightly different tone here… interesting… 🙂

              I’m certainly not young though I may appear to be so but I’m also not past my Chiron Return either (51 ish)…
              Perhaps if Chiron were read from a medical stand-point, I could definitely see a focus on the physical and it to be very accurate. I’m going to look at it like that too now. However, when we read from the personality / psyche standpoint I have found it’s often myth and metaphor that is used.

              Certainly, I’m not discounting the physical aspects of Chiron. I just don’t think we can say that Virgo is connected with him on that basis alone. Chiron was also into Neptunian pursuits ( From the Wiki article, I would think being an oracle and learning rites and initiations to be more “Piscean”. Both Pisces and Virgo can be considered healers, teachers, astrologers, and oracles but with a different approach.

              In regards to the healing modality due to a missing polarity point, that’s certainly a possibility. 🙂
              As mentioned I don’t know enough about Chiron to generate a flawless argument (oh, so Virgo! haha); however, instinctively I’m not getting an airtight Chiron-Virgo connection either. Also, we can we forget about Sag the Centaur and its potential connection to Chiron? 🙂

        • Also, I see Pisces as more of a Patron of Chiron. A best buddy, friend, guide, mentor…. NOT Chiron ruling Pisces… In fact, as you said, I don’t think Chiron *rules* any sign. Oh, how radical!! lol 🙂

          Pisces already has a planet — Neptune, ruling. And Pisces also stays under the roof of Jupiter from time-to-time. No, Pisces doesn’t need another “body” ruling over. BUT Virgo does need a place to truly call home. This is how I ran into the idea that people think Chiron rules Virgo.

          What… the service sign only gets an asteroid?! How fitting… lol… come on now, we can do better… 😛

          • To me, Virgo is the craftsman of the zodiac. He sifts through life choosing those experiences that best suit him and discarding those that don’t; in this way he carefully crafts his life. When a Virgo heads too far into Pisces territory he loses his ability to discern which experiences will benefit him and which are a waste of time. He becomes clouded and confused.

  • Grace

    BTW Octupi scare the H out of me TY!

  • Grace

    Not sure what to think. Going by my own chart, Virgo-rules-Chiron makes sense. I am more bothered by things like the planet-sign sequence being off (Jupiter/Sagittarius,Saturn/Capricorn, Chiron/…Virgo?).

  • Ebonystarr55

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Yes, that's definitely something I want to write about. I have a few other ideas I want to work through first though 😀

  • Ebonystarr55

    Would you consider doing a post on quintiles and biquintiles one day? I would love to learn more.

  • I'm fascinated by biquintiles and quintiles. They show the style of art, fashion and music you might like as well as any non-inherited talents that you may have. With Moon-Chiron in Scorpio/Aries in 4/9 I'd think you would have artistic tastes having to do with powerful, emotionally painful subjects dealing with your own personal cultural inheritance (4th house) and how that relates to culture at large (9th house).

    • ana

      I have that aspect and that is so no truth

  • Ebonystarr55

    Loving this series.

    I have my Moon in Scorpio in the 4th biquintile Chiron in Aries in the 9th. I know that emotional healing is involved with this aspect, but I haven't been able to make sense of how it expresses itself in my life – although I do realize that this is a minor aspect.

  • As I understand it, rulership is not about sign/planetary affinity. However, I think that Chiron has a relationship to both Sag and Virgo. I also happen to think that Virgos are much more radical than they get credit for. If you continuously scrutinize the details you begin to notice loopholes that other people miss- those loopholes are clear passages to new areas of understanding.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I have been torn about which sign Chiron rules for some time now. Interestingly, I didn’t pay attention to Chiron entering Pisces on April 20, 2010 until a few days ago. Maybe intuitively I have picked up on the energy of Chiron Pisces.

      Many people say that Chiron rules Virgo.
      Hubby and I disagree. Hubby is Pisces and I have a Virgo stellium. We have complementary desires to heal but our approaches are different. We think Pisces or Sagittarius is a better patron of Chiron. Yup, I did say patron rather than Chiron ruling any sign. Chiron seems not to be about power or ownership, leaving a legacy, etc.

      To get a better idea on which sign is connected most to Chiron, this question may help: How does Chiron heal?
      The approach, to me, is crucial in determining the appropriate connection.

      Also, because Chiron is a centaur, to me, there’s a natural connection to Sagittarius. As well, Sag’s are philosophers, teachers, and of the higher mind. And while centaur’s are considered a bit wild with drink and partying, Chiron is clean from that. So we could say Chiron represents the possible higher and purer self of Sag. Certainly Virgo would like that. 😉

      Just some thoughts…


      • My personal feeling, at this moment, is that you can only use Chiron to heal others as well as you understand your own wound. If you really don’t understand your Chironian wounding, you can’t do much to help other people heal from it. Also, this goes back to what I said on Facebook about the 8th house – if you decide to enter a healing profession, it’s actually up to the other person how much they want to be healed. I tend to think that healers are in fact more like facilitators to another person’s healing process – you know, “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” Anyway, I’m not an expert on all that, that’s just my opinion. And, again, I really don’t see what difference it makes as to which sign rules Chiron. Each person will express their healing potential through Chron’s sign and house placement, as well as its aspects, regardless of whether Chiron is in dignity, detriment, exaltation or fall. Do people with Chiron in Virgo or Sagittarius make better healers? Is the person with Chiron in Gemini or Pisces less likely to do so? I don’t know. Did everyone else get the short end of the stick? Gandhi had Chiron in Aries and Mother Theresa had Chiron in Aquarius – they helped and healed many people without having Chiron in a glamorous position.

        Btw, my boyfriend has a Virgo stellium opposing Chiron in Pisces.

        • haha… Just saw this post…. we are “in tune”…

          — “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.” Anyway, I’m not an expert on all that, that’s just my opinion. — Oh Analogies, how I love thee!! 🙂 Yup, I got a bunch of opinions too… Makes the world (er, my mind) go around!! 🙂 But yes, I do agree…

          Great questions!!! 🙂
          Both hubby and myself have Chiron in Aries (different houses)… Mine is in the 3rd but in some housing systems, the 2nd.

          hey! so you know a lot about us Virgo stelliums then…. hehe… I LOVE Virgo rising people… really stellar, first class people…

  • Grace

    I'm surprised at the “unorthodox” parts. I'm gueessing you don't feel Chiron rules Virgo?

  • I was just thinking that Moon-Chiron would be most likely to try to heal emotional trauma with alternative therapy whereas a Mars-Chiron might look to heal physical problems with alternative therapy. Most people probably have more than one Chiron contact, so they would be interested in a different therapies for different issues.

    • visions

      i have moon-chiron in taurus in the 8th house and i am like you firetiger

  • jjasonham

    I completely agree with firetiger. This is a pretty sensitive placement, but I feel an air moon helps keep it in perspective. I do everything I can to use holistic and natural methods, including everything you listed.

    Moon in 7th Aquarius square Chiron 10th Taurus.

  • That makes so much sense with your Moon-Chiron in the 8th. I think that prominent Chiron placements and aspects do encourage experimentation with, and interest in, alternative healing techniques.

  • firetiger

    an infinite YES to basically everything in your brainstorm 🙁
    but it's not always a sad face imo… i try to manifest it as best as i can and turn it into a healing quality rather than stewing about w/ my own wounds or my mother's wounds…

    my philosophy which speaks quite true w/ my chiron is that i use a lot of holistic and natural methods to heal myself (well i like to read uplifiting and inspiring things, i meditate, i listen to soothing music, yoga, having internal dialouges w/ myself).. but i use these methods as a means to heal myself which i feel helps make the world a better place.. if not in an energetic sense, but also as a source for inspiration for others .. i am constantly going through deep emotional changes.. not in that i am moody but that i have shifting entire paradigms of feeling

    moon conj chiron gemini 8th house

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