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A 12th house Mars in synastry does not mean your relationship is doomed. When someone brings their Mars energy to your 12th house they activate your 12th house personality components. Mars brings an assertive, aggressive, active, challenging and energizing influence to your 12th house. The 12th house is about secrets, fears, the subconscious, criminal activity, spirituality, ghosts, dreams, meditation, retreat, solitude, imprisonment, museums, hospitals, institutions, merging, imagination, the intangible, and that part of you that you can’t see well, and can be the self-undoing.

Someone’s Mars falls in your 12th house

mars swirling fire in the darkWhen someone’s Mars falls in your 12th house you may feel that you have nowhere to hide. These people actively engage the parts of you that you’d rather ignore or that you didn’t realize existed. How well you respond to someone whose Mars falls in your 12th house depends on how open you are to facing your fears and clearing out your psychic junk. Maybe you don’t want your 12th house activated. Maybe you don’t want to remember your dreams. Maybe you don’t want someone pointing out your bad habits.

The positive is that, if the Mars person has your best interests at heart, he or she can help you acknowledge and overcome the habit patterns that hold you back. This person can become a great ally in your spiritual growth. This person already knows how to actively use the energy that you are barely able to recognize in yourself.

The negative is that, if the Mars person is selfish and self-serving, he or she may use their knowledge of your bad habits, blind spots and personality weaknesses to manipulate or hurt you. You may have trouble seeing this person’s actions for what they are. At the extreme this person might actually encourage you to become your own worst enemy.

Your Mars falls in someone’s 12th house

lighting up the darknessThe positive is that you can help the 12th house person get to know himself better. You can encourage the 12th house person to open up about secrets, share sorrows, and help this person release internal grief and trauma. You may find a shared interest in spiritual activities. The 12th house person can help you learn to relax and let go of the need to be doing things. You may find your actions becoming increasingly spiritually-oriented and you may find yourself acting more strongly from a place of inner knowing.

The negative is that you may feel the 12th house person doesn’t appreciate all that you do for him. You may feel that your efforts get taken for granted. You may feel that the 12th house person doesn’t acknowledge your sexual needs. You might feel that the 12th house person doesn’t find you sexually attractive. It may seem that no matter what you do, the 12th house person doesn’t notice your advances. You may begin to think that your actions are futile.

If you are the 12th house person you will have to actively notice and acknowledge the Mars person’s efforts. Make a point of telling this person that you find him attractive (if it is a sexual relationship). You will have to be willing to confront your bad habits and deal with them.

If you are the Mars person you will have to learn when to back off and allow the 12th house person privacy and solitude. Not all secrets need to be shared. Learn to relax a little. Be wary of the selfish motivations behind your actions and the impact they may have on the 12th house person.

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  • Diana Vallejos

    sums it up pretty well! these profound and transforming energies can only be used constructively if both parties are somewhat evolved, integral and open, the intention behind the mars and house person as it will make all the difference. So deeply powerful and rare when someone triggers your unconscious and when they are open and integral enough to recognize it and help you unveil all that is hidden giving not only meaning to it but also liberation and visa versa.

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  • K.

    Oh gosh… a friend and I both have Mars in another’s 12 house? How does that work? Is it good for a friendly relationship?

    • K.

      I should probably add that my Mars is on 27+ degrees Cancer in his 12th, and his Mars on 29+degrees Capricorn in my 12th. Scary or great?

    • Michelle

      It’s good for a more spiritually-oriented relationship. It could also point to people who like to drop out of the mainstream together – perhaps through a means such as drug use.

      • K


  • EG

    My Aries Mars in his 12th. 
    Heartbroken. Very evasive aspect for the person with Mars too. Please be kinder to the people whose Mars falls into your 12th. Please. Because… maybe because of the nature of the aspect, it somehow seems like I can’t show the impact.. you can’t see how person bleeds inside, but silence and absence of acknowledgment doesn’t mean you’re not punching right spot or touching at all, or that he or she can hold what you throw at them… You’re not connecting with ghost of your subconscious, despite what your instincts are telling you.. and you’re not in relationship with yourself, where you can do anything you want.. There’s a real human being there, who deserves to be treated humanly. And I just want to encourage, if this person is close to you, to tell them you don’t know how to act around them, or ask what they want for you to do, just please try to build the bridge if it matters to you. Make the invisible visible. 

    • Michelle

      So true, EG. I had this overlay with someone and his Mars fell in my 12th. It took me a long time to realize how I was taking everything he did for me for granted. 

  • amoureuse

    i wonder what if his sun falls on my 12th house? is this doomed as well? or spells fulfillment?

    • Michelle

      It depends. It could be trouble because you might not be seeing him clearly and you might not recognize who he really is. On the other hand it can give a spiritual,otherworldly connection.

      • amoureuse

        this is what is happening with us right now. there’s this feeling of oneness and completeness and spirituality and fulfillment and yet i cant seem to understand him. although he has other aspects with his char too that makes him mysterious, for one he is a pisces, second his neptune squares his sun. whenever we are together or talking, i use my intuition and nothing else.. its very liberating and healing to begin iwth.. but it scares the hell out of me because its too much of a good thing..

  • Bob

    my mars is in ex’s 12th, scorpio. yes, taken for granted in ways. (i now and then throw notes at a poem i have in mind, a rhetorical wondering aloud about how it is that one’s catshit scoops itself from the litterbox, and one’s dogshit scoops itself off the yard, and one’s empty wine bottles and so and on and so forth, etc., how for years they somehow found their way down the driveway to the trashbin. assumed to be magic or just never blanking noticed, or noticed and never remarked upon. you get the idea.)
    and it’s certainly true that she felt cornered at times, having no place to really hide, though she’d try, then get a little – or a lot – aggravated that i could see the hiding.
    i suspect she got to know herself better but that most of that facet will be latent, sinking in slowly after the fact. and  while i was aware of her “bad habits,” i didn’t put them in her face. i mean, how many times, for example, must one suggest that perhaps a little lighter on the cigarettes might be conducive to better health?
    once, then you’ve said it. it’s on the record. no need to repeat. and i find that sometimes saying something is best said but once, the ensuing not-saying allowing what was said to sort of…echo, reverberate.
    regardless, i did my share of taking for granted, too.
    thanks michelle, awfully timely, and very poignant personally. i’m going to look more at this and other things from the rearview mirror point of view of “after the gold rush.”
    sore spots but they scab over.

    • Michelle

      That’s exactly how I’ve experienced this overlay, 

      • Bob

        Thanks, Michelle; I felt as though my post stank of sour grapes, and there’s some of that, but not all. It hits me in moments then dissipates. And as I said, I clearly see my role in the disintegration.
        Meh. Life and Love. Aaargh. Sigh. Breeeeeaaaathe.  

  • Michelle

    When a person's Mars falls in one of your houses that person activates that area of your chart. The 12th house contains parts of you that you usually aren't aware of. Someone whose Mars falls in your 12th house really can get you in touch with unconscious aspects of your personality.

    Thank you for reading Barbara :)

    • Diana Vallejos

      This is true, so far I have experienced this with only one person in my life, this person not only has his Mars in my twelve house but also mercury and pluto! I feel this can only be channeled positevely if the planet person is evolved or at least has good intentions and if the house person is open enough to surrender. It is almost inevitable for the house person not to want to open up though. I believe when someone has several planets in my twelve house it is a KARMIC relation. They are here for the lessons that we need to experience in order to achieve that karmic balance and ultimately evolve. These people trigger those hidden and unknown aspects of ourselves. So far I have found that the most painful experiences only accelerate our growth especially when pluto is in the twelve, of course the experience to help you evolve through the planet person is there but it is up to you to chose how you respond to it. to resist it or learn the lesson and liberate yourself. To truly learn the lesson though is the challenge as one must turn inward, face those hidden aspect and integrate them only thn can you liberate yourself and achieve that karmic balance. The power of free will -To resist it or to face it.

  • barbara

    I know someone whose Mars falls in my 12th house, and I talk to him very easily and spontaneously about very private thoughts and memories. Its a bit scary sometimes because it is like my unconscious were opening.

  • Michelle

    Yes…totally agree. It's not the creative imagination that the 5th house brings. Twelfth house imagination is vast and permeable so it opens you up to experiences that are…indescribable- dreams, nightmares, hallucincations- that kind of thing.

  • gracehoper

    When you say that the 12th house is about the imagination, it' a very particular sort of imagination, not imagination in general, which falls in the 5th house of creativity–imagination being part of the creative process. It's the scary kind of imagination you have at night when you're walking home and you think someone's following you, but you're not sure, so your pulse begins to race and you start to sweat and you walk faster and then you make weird choices like making lefts where you would normally make rights and so on, in order to avoid this person you think might be following you but you're not sure… and then you turn around a corner and bump into your aunt! And she's been chasing you all over.

  • Michelle

    That sounds very Mars in the 12th. I imagine with Scorpio planets falling in your 12th that probing quality would start to feel invasive.

  • Jara

    LOVE IT. Thanks for sharing what happens from all angles. I'm trying to think back to if my Mars has been in the 12th house of someone who is/was close to me. My Sun has. Perhaps it's a similar energy.

    Someone whose Mars fell in my 12th house liked me but I never believed him because he was so brutally honest with me. Also, his wanting to constantly analyze my private thoughts became intrusive. I couldn't hide from him the way I was used to hiding from others. Even when I'd be thinking something, he would text me responding to my thoughts. :-/

    I'd evade answering his questions about his sexual attractiveness. The less I would tell him that I found him attractive, the more he would tell me of his sexual exploits and the less I'd find him attractive – until we just came to an impasse.

    Do I even need to mention that this involves the sign Scorpio?

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  • Michelle

    Thanks 😀

  • Christine Truong

    Great, great, GREAT article. All I had to say. :) <3

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