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Venus energy is loving, artistic, gentle, inspired, creative, beautiful, attractive, flirtatious, jealous, manipulative, charming and refined.

The 12th house is about secrets, fears, the subconscious, criminal activity, spirituality, ghosts, dreams, meditation, retreat, solitude, imprisonment, museums, hospitals, institutions, merging, imagination, the intangible, secrets, and the ways that you sabotage yourself.

Someone’s Venus falls in your 12th house

Swinging into fog


When someone’s Venus falls in your 12th house they arouse your imagination and fascination. They inspire romantic feelings and subconscious longings. They soothe your fears. They charm you. You feel attractive around them. Their presence encourages you to be cooperative and pleasant. They rouse the desire to be beautiful from the inside out. They inspire appreciation of the arts. They have a subtle harmonious effect on you.

This may be a secret relationship. You may be oblivious to the Venus person’s romantic feelings for you and discount their attractive qualities. They may have a secret crush on you. You could find it hard to express the connection in words. You ignore the person’s shortcomings. You don’t see them clearly. You let your guard down and get taken advantage of. You are so consumed with how seductive, attractive, alluring or charming they are that you don’t realize you are being manipulated. You suspect they are trying to buy you.

Venus people who have your best interests at heart will assuage the feelings of sadness, loneliness and fear within you. Venus people who do not have your best interests at heart can use their knowledge of your shortcomings to manipulate you.

Your Venus falls in someone’s 12th house

girl swinging in a striped shirt


Love feels mystical in the 12th house person’s presence. You become selfless. You lose concern with your own personal happiness. The relationship is private and occurs away from prying eyes. You might feel that the 12th house person doesn’t want to be seen with you in public. Perhaps the 12th house person doesn’t want to acknowledge the relationship. This could be an unrequited love: you love the 12th house person, but they don’t return your affection. This could be a lonely love because you feel alone in the relationship. There may be a spiritual connection that other people don’t understand. It’s possible that you are an enabler. You unwittingly encourage the 12th house person’s bad habits. You are too accepting of the 12th house person’s self-sabotaging behavior. Because the 12th house person feels at ease around you, it is easy for you to take advantage of them. You use your knowledge of their fears and weaknesses for your own benefit.

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  • Thefire_

    I’m scared of meeting a venus in scorpio. Or anyone who has Scorpio placements. It’s like they have a key to my spiritual inner world. They see what I see and feel what I feel. Though I’m Aries dominant (Sun, Merc, Mars, saturn) I feel like Scorpio is the embodiment of my 12th.

    • Thefire_,

      If you meet a Scorpio dominant person, be sure you don’t give your own personal power over to them. You already have the key to your inner spiritual world, it’s in you, not in someone else.

  • Isabela Severo

    (sorry for my english) i am totally and completly in love for this guy…since the first time we met each other. my last relationship was really bad so i didnt really like to feel something so illogical about someone. so i did hide what i was feeling, but it was just growing. since the day we’ve met we are always seen each other in the streets and the most different, its normal to found him in suchdifferent places in the city 3,4 times a week. and we laugh…”hi, again” i alway say…and i love it, i like surprises, i like have sex in public places too…..(too much information?) my sun, moon and venus are in his 12th house and all in gemini in our natal charts. last nite i said that i like him, put something scares me. and i dont know if he belived in me! he said he feels exacly like that… but again, i dont know if he belived in me, because he says that i am “unpredictable” but im not, i just didnt want to get hurt again.. (we both have stellium in gemini in our charts…(his in the12th house and mine in the 4th) i really like to send u our synastry……i just don´t really understand what i have with this guy, i just know that i love him.

  • Aprie

    I had a bf, my venus is on his 12th house. He didn’t acknowledge me, it’s like he didnt even like when I used his pic as my DP. I was very lonely. He finally ended it. but If its how he feel about me, no wonder he can’t let me go. Maybe not yet. I hope soon, I’m waitting for him to set me free.

    • It’s up to you to set yourself free. If your Venus is in his 12th house, he can barely see you. He’s never going to turn around and realize where your heart is. Stop wasting time.

  • Tony1

    I have fallen for a girl HARD, and her Venus in in my 12th house. We have an exact (0 degrees) Venus conjunct Jupiter between us in synastry. Her natal Venus is in Virgo, and my natal Virgo is in my 12th house (my natal Jupiter is also in Virgo). To top it all off, she has a Venus trine Jupiter in her natal chart.

    Is there any way, she may feel something for me on her end????

    • Of course, but what she feels is hard to say without looking at both charts.

  • jaegers

    I’ve found two people whose Venus falls in my 12th house. One is a teacher who I love unconditionally, the other is probably my best friend in the entire world. If they’re the right people they won’t manipulate you to their advantage I can tell you that. It’s an otherworldy experience, almost like anything you thought was love before is nothing but ruins now compared to this beautiful ethereal castle that stands and floats on its own, powered by your spiritual union. It’s a truly great feeling, and I’d say that if you have some issues with Pisces/neptunian energy or you’re 12th house-heavy like I do/am, finding one of these people can make you feel like your life just became complete. When I’m around them I feel like I matter, like I’m not just another piece in the game. They give me a sense of meaning that trascends my own existence while executing the most mundane of tasks. That’s something I’m most grateful for.

    • Lovely description, jaegers. My love’s Venus in Leo falls in my 12th house. It’s a beautiful experience. Unconditional love.

    • Fivezenses

      This is how I exactly feel around someone who has their Venus fall in my 12th house. It’s like an inner peace, but will butterflies at the same time. It makes me feel like my head is screwed on right for the first time in a long time when they are around me physically. It’s connective and beyond words at times. I can “feel” what he feels and sense what is really going on. I have no clue where my Venus in Pisces falls on his chart (no birth time from him), but it’s probably something significant. Oh and his Venus in Aquarius in my Aquarius 12th house lol forgot to add that near the beginning!

  • alex

    hi michelle,i have a question to ask u about my chart and the 12th house.should i post it here?or when can i contact u?thx

  • jackson

    I been dating a man for the past 6 months, his mars and venus are in leo my 12 house. I follow my astrology reading to finally meet him. Well, He treats be like a queen. He gives me in our relationship every thing that was missing in my others. My background is meta physics and my father’s spiritual- adviser told me I would meet him 18 years ago (keeping it short).
    Well, we meet, I always knew him, I knew his kids who were being care for my a friend of mine. I even knew his ex-wife who in the divine order of things revealed things to me about what she was doing (not too nice things). I don’t have his exact time of birth but I putting my venus and mars in cancer in his 12th house. We are in our 50s and at a point nothing is hidden like suggested with 12 house placements. The lost we wont have any children together, but we have a total of 7 children between us.
    I waited along time for him, so when he needs his space I give it too him, I need my space too
    So far, So good.

  • Anna

    I have the person I love the most in my entire life his venus hits my 12th house. It s just so weird…I m starting to give up for good but the whole year has been so strange because of this conection with this person, this is not from this world I m telling you. Look at my story…

    I also have my natal pluto in my 12th house

    I will give MY opinion about it , it s a very personal one , but I hope it helps!

    I was married for 7 years , when I turned 32 years old in 2011 I left my husband because I found out he developed an addiction into ” Thai escorts” … Long story but now very relevant.

    I suffered a lot and I thought I was gonna die , that happened in April , in December … The 31st of December … After months on my own I met this young man , six years younger than me . Staring at me at a NYe party … We came back to my house and : FIREWORKS.

    We became inseparable , I took him very close to my heart. He healed me immediately . It was like he had access to each one of my Open and raw wounds . I can’t even explain . Everything between me and him it s about healing and calming .

    After 4 months of happiness he broke the news … I m not ready to commit with you . And obviously he stopped sleeping with me ( sorry if I m being too graphic here)

    But , he doesn’t leave the scene nor do I . We traveled together after that , he makes sure he visits me once a week , we keep in touch by phone text on a daily basis . There is this need of keeping in touch .

    It s a sad keeping in touch tho … Because I m obsessive , I really want him to be mine . I try my everything , he s very attached to me … EMOTIONALLY . But not physically . He just doesn’t want me anymore . And he certainly dates other people .

    We don’t let go of each other . If I don’t answer his calls he calls me as much as 16 times and text hundreds of times till I answer.

    What is this ???

    This is my Pluto conjunct his Venus tight orb.

    His pluto Trines my Venus too!

    This is the pluto dynamics . I am suffering being the Plutonian one ? I am . But it s stronger than me . It really is and I pray and meditate every day that I will be able to one day just stop having this need of talking and seeing him.

    Himself in the other hand … He told a common friend that he feels guilty by dating another person and is very very discreet with his affairs to avoid hurting me .

    Pay attention to this : we are not together but he after months still very conscious of going out of other people openly scared of hurting me …

    Pluto touches someone venus it all gets weird… It s very karmic . And obviously … I m very lost.

  • Anonymous

    Sigh. This describes the relationship I just ended. His Venus is in my 12th house. An illicit affair. I gave him my utmost saintly self, I aimed to reach his heart of hearts, out of pure compassion and recognition. I don’t know if I truly reached him, he eluded me, and I respected those boundaries. It felt like coming across the absolute Ideal Other, and being lucky to have the experience, a miracle. But agony and ecstasy. Agony that what we had was a bubble, a fantasy we agreed to enter but also knew we had to eventually leave.

  • Jhg

     I just want to ask you about the 12th house ,
     I like a guy so much but i don’t know if he feels the same about me 

    his sun , venus , mars in my 12th house in sag
    & my sun in the 12th house too

    do you think  having too many plants in th 12th house make a good relationship ?? 

    • Michelle

       Having many planet in the 12th house doesn’t mean that the relationship won’t work. A possibility though is that the relationship never really takes off because it stays rather quiet and behind the scenes. Planets in the 12th house also tend to like to be alone or like to have periods of rest when they can be alone, and that can be difficult when it comes to bonding and creating a warm personal relationship with someone.

      • amoureuse

        is having his sun on my 12th house means our relationship wont take off as well? he said i am perfect for him. he is a pisces, im a crab. i keep avoiding him, because i feel vulnerable and scared. and its painful. i dont know why but he just cant seem to stop sending me messages. and everytime he does, i feel my anger is gone and i would talk to him again. his venus is in my 11th house, aquarius. and my venus is in gemini. his moon is in my 9th house sag. my moon is near his venus in aquarius. thank god, only his sun falls on my 12th house.
        ive been doing my research about this lately.. as it made me curious. ive read from somewhere that having your partners sunon you 12th house is a karmic thing… it has something to do with past life etc etc.. says that in this lifetime, our relationship needs a continuation. so there is a sense of urgency to be together and to do our own thing during this lifetime.. what do you think about this, michelle? 
        i am also doing a lot of meditation lately… since we both been talking… i suddenly feel like retreatign and meditating… its healing though… i feel like i am getting better each time…
        i woonder how this relaitonshop would end up…

        • Do you think that a relationship that you keep avoiding because you feel vulnerable and scared is a good relationship? Is that what you want to feel when you’re “in love”?

          Any decision you make about who you are going to be in a relationship with is your decision. If you think you’ve lived many lifetimes, then you have many, many karmic relationships to work out with many different people, not just one person. That’s what I think right now 🙂

          • Also, having just ended an 11 year relationship of my own, I am beginning to think that a relationship has the same problems at the end as it did in the beginning. You’ve known this guy for years, yet the problems persist. How many more years will you give this relationship before you make a decision that it will or will not work? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years? In the meantime, you’re missing out on potential relationships that might actually be fun and fulfilling.

            • amoureuse

              mich this guy i have “known” him for years only because he is my HS classmate. i havent heard from him till recently. i dont have any memories of him. we have diff set of friends. but ill think about what you said that relationships has the same problems as it was in the beginning.

              • Mmkay. I’m going to stay out of your business now. This is why I stick to interpreting astrological symbolism only.

          • amoureuse

            thanks for saying this mich, ill remember this. try to remember this. about the karma thing, i dont know if i live many times. i cant even define mysef right now. its something i should reflect upon.

  • Kelly

    oh, i have two friends with their venus (AND mars) in my 12h house, it’s really interesting how we go well, and i always feel that something spiritual is happening, but the relationship is sometimes complicated, like a push and pull thing. maybe they feel like i don’t retribute the affection?

    • It’s possible that they feel you don’t really acknowledge their contribution to the relationship. Maybe they feel taken for granted.

  • Amnesiantoinette

    What is the nature of your interaction? How do you think this has played out in your relationship?

  • That must have been difficult but at least you were about to see the relationship for what it was. You would have caused yourself a lot more pain by pining for something that was never going to happen.

    Thank you for reading Sparkles 😀

  • That must have been difficult but at least you were about to see the relationship for what it was. You would have caused yourself a lot more pain by pining for something that was never going to happen.

    Thank you for reading Sparkles 😀

  • Sparkles

    Very nice piece. I actually had this happen with someone to whom I was attracted – and I also ended up giving him an astrology session (I'm an astrologer). We were a little undecided about his ascendant, due to a half hour window given by his mother – in the end, I went with a particular time because it put my Venus in his 12th house (as much as I wanted it in his 1st!!!) – and I told him I did that because he didn't see me as a love interest. Which he didn't. I still don't know where I got the courage to say it, but I'm so glad I did – it would have totally been the case of unrequited love on my part. We're now good friends, with no feelings other than friendship on my behalf, and I've been able to get on with life in different directions. Phew!

  • Saturn and Uranus are in Sagittarius. Neptune-Asc. conjunction is in Capricorn.

  • Are the planets in the 12th all in the same sign? What is the composite Ascendant? Capricorn?

  • Synastry: In addition to my Venus & Mars in Pisces in his 12th house, his Saturn-Sun conjunction is in my 12th.

    Composite: We've got Saturn, Uranus & Neptune in the 12th, with Neptune conjunct the composite Asc.

  • What else do you have going on in the 12th?

  • Thank you 😀

  • Lols

  • Grace

    Well when you are just a fan you mostly can.
    (Though I admit I shed some tears that last secret night when John threw a bunch of bills at me on the bed and snarled “now go, and don't Follow Me anymore!!”).

  • You are good at writing about the aspects me and my bf have! 😛

    Great job! Venus in Pisces in my bf's 12th house sounds really lovely. 🙂 (But then again, I would say that wouldn't I! :P) We do have a lot of 12th house stuff goin' on, though.

  • Lovely. Thank you for this.

  • gracehoper

    If only you just got to pick the good parts of the 12th house and not get the bad parts too. hehe

  • 😀

  • Grace

    John Denver 4 me, while growing up – the good parts! Yes I think about synastry w. artists. 🙂