How to Find Your Astrological Role Models


rainbow of shoesYou have people in your life who act as role models for you. They know how to do the things that you want to do and by watching them and learning from them you see “how it’s done.” In astrology it’s also helpful to have role models. Your astrological role models are the people who share the signs, positions and aspects that you have and who act as positive or negative role models for you to see how your positions can be lived out.

You can probably name ten people off the top of your head who share your Sun sign, but how many people can you name who have the Sun in the same sign and house as you do? With the same rising sign? And the same Moon sign?

Astrological role models show you ways that other people have chosen to live out your positions. Studying these people will give you clues as to what kind of personality traits your astrological signs, placements and configurations confer. You will see the masterful application of your natal placements and the pitiful application of your natal placements.

Basic search

If you go to and scroll all the way down to the very bottom of the page, you will see “Astrology and Statistics.” You can also find “Astrology and Statistics” under Free Astrology Database on the left side bar. Clicking on that link brings you to this page:

astrotheme basic search

Astrotheme basic search options (click to follow link)

You can easily begin searching for basic positions by sign and house.

Advanced search

You can take it a step further by using Astrotheme’s multicriteria advanced search. Multicriteria allows you to find more specific information. Below you can see my search for the Sun in Aries in the 8th house:

astrotheme multicriteria screenshot

Searching for an Aries Sun in house 8 (click to enlarge)

Aspect search

To find an aspect, go to multicriteria again. Check off “advanced.” Enter the degree of the planet under “position.” Enter the orb you want to use under “precision.” Keep “adding criterion” until you have all the planets and their degrees entered for the aspect you want to look up. Below is my search for Venus at 00 Aries trine Moon at 2 Leo using an orb of 1 degree.

Searching for the Moon at 2 Leo trine Venus at 00 Aries with an orb of 1 degree (click to enlarge)

Below are the results for that search. You can see there were three names. I can now click on each name to read the biographies and learn more about the people who share my trine.

search results

Search results for Venus at 00 Aries trine Moon at 2 Leo with a 1 degree orb

Some of my role models (for better or worse!)

With an Aries Sun and Leo Moon I share characteristics with people as diverse as Gloria Steinem, Joseph Campbell, Vivienne Westwood, John Wayne Bobbitt and Kevin Federline. With Virgo rising and an Aries Sun in the 8th house I can look to Hugh Hefner or Emma Watson to see ways of living that position. Audrey Hepburn shared my Venus and Mars placement. Oscar Wilde and Winston Churchill had the same rising and Moon sign.

Who are some of your astrological role models?

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  • Thomas Baker63

    Tiffany Thorton of So Random would be like my soulmate! Too bad she’s married:(

    • I had to google her. I didn’t know who she was. That’s pretty cool that you have similarities to Matt Groening 🙂

      • Thomas Baker63

        O sorry i posted the same thing 3 times, computer was slow! yea I thought so too, and John Travolta is pretty funny!

  • Thomas Baker63

    Sun in Aquarius, AS in Cancer: John Travolta, Farrah Fawcett, Sharon Tate, Lord Byron, Babe Ruth, Ronald Regan 

    Sun in AQ, Moon in Taurus: Natasha St. Pier, Taylor Lautner, Matt Dillon, Ronald Regan, Allison Dubois(they based the show “Medium” on her life), Sheryl Crow, Prince Michael Jackson Jr, Kelly Rowland, Bill Maher, Jimmy Hoffa, Sean Kingston, Michelle McCool

    Venus in Pisces, Mars in Sag: John Travolta, Johann Sebastian Bach, Geena Davis, Bill Maher, Francis Bacon, Matt Groening, Discovery of Uranus,

    Mercury in Pisces, Saturn in Sag: Lady Gaga, Sharon Stone, Osama Bin Laden, Pope Benidict XVI, Abraham Lincoln, Bow Wow, Jessie McCartney, Charles Darwin, Amanda Bynes,Kesha, Sidney Poiter, Spike Lee, Napoleon II,

    Moon Taurus, AS Cancer: Cameron Diaz, Iggy Pop, Jerry Lewis, Ronald Regean, San Antonio

    Sun in AQ, Venus in Pisces: John Travolta, Thomas Edison, Vanessa Hessler, Allison Dubois, Geena Davis, Charles Dickens, Alice Cooper, Christian Dior, Bill Maher, Francis Bacon, wayne Gretzey, Babe Ruth, Matt Groening, Laura Croft,

    Sun in AQ Mercury in Pisces: Justin Timberlake, John travolta, Natasha St. Pier, Robbie Williams, Yoko Ono, Kelly Rowland, Alice Cooper, Seth Green, and Superman (character)

    8th House in AQ: Angelina jolie, Bill Gates, Picasso, Jack Nicholson, Mel Gibson, Celine Dion, Tyra Banks, Kristen Stewart

  • Thomas Baker63

    Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Taurus: Natasha St. Pier, Taylor Lautner, Matt Dillon, Sheryl Crow, Kelly Rowland, Jimmy Hoffa, Marty Janetty and Michelle McCool

    Sun in Aquarius,Mercury in Pisces: Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake, Natasha St. Pier, John Travolta, Abraham Lincoln, Kelly Rowland, Lisa Marie Presley, Seth Green, Superman (character) Charles Darwin

    Sun in AQ, Venus in Pisces, John Travolta, Alice Cooper, Christian Dior, Wayne Gretzy, Matt Groening, Michelle McCool, Pope Benidict XIII, Thomas Edison.

    ” ” “, MC in Aries: John Travolta, Lisa Marie Presley, Sharon Tate, Hailey’s Comet

  • Thomas Baker63

    My Sun in 8th house was ok: Robbie Williams, Matt Damon, Prince (the guy that turned into a symbol) and Hugh Hefner. But the thing that scared me was I shared the same house as the beginning of slavery in North America. As an African American wtf?

  • Thomas Baker63

    THe Undertaker is my astrological role model!!!!

  • Anonymous

    oh. my. god. best post ever.

    louis xiv and the town of salem, ma!

    • Michelle

      Lol…awesome 😉

  • Aqua

    Barack Obama and I share ascendant-sun and mercury sign uranus pluto venus actually pretty much everything but the moon-lol -born three days later and same ascendant-frankly wouldnt wish to be in his place for nix-which has been very helpful in putting my desire for world domination in perspective!

    • Michelle

      which has been very helpful in putting my desire for world domination in perspective!
      Lol 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Another post I missed but sounded like fun!

    My matches:

    Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aquarius, Ascendant in Leo= Marilyn MONROE and 9 more people I’m not familiar with.

    Venus in Cancer, Mars in Gemini = Arnold SCHWARZENEGGER, Natalie PORTMAN, Meryl STREEP, Adriana LIMA, Anna KOURNIKOVA, Brandon FLOWERS, O.J. SIMPSON, Joseph FIENNES, Tom BRADY, Yul BRYNNER, Carlos SANTANA, Josephine BAKER, Steve MARTIN, Peter O’TOOLE, Donald RUMSFELD, The Hiroshima Bomb, Lionel RICHIE, Loni ANDERSON, Lena HORNE, Steve FORBES

    Sun in 11th house, Moon in 7th = Michael JORDAN, CHER, Jane FONDA, Goldie HAWN, Oliver STONE, AMMACHI

    • This is a diverse group. It’s difficult for me to draw connections between them.

      • Anonymous

        Haha. I was trying to do the same thing. Maybe it’ll hit me later today. Sorry for the all caps! I got lazy and did some copy/paste!

  • I used to draw sketches of wedding gowns and sneakers when I was younger and I used to be obsessed with wedding magazines when I was 8 or 9 (I even used to get them as gifts) and then I got into reading Vogue and Elle at age 13. I am not into that anymore but interestingly I have Libra on the 9th house cusp, the description in your series fits perfectly!

  • Nice lineup- a formidable group!

  • Grace

    What a fun exercise! Bear in mind Astrotheme's celebrity data is not always correct so it's good to corroborate those birthcharts elsewhere. Having said that, according to astrotheme:

    My Sun & Ascendant (Taurus/Scorpio) match:
    Bertrand Russell, Toni Tennille, Katherine Hepburn, Sigmund Freud, Bono, Sid Vicious,
    and Mark David Chapman

    My Aquarius Moon / Scorpio Ascendant match:
    Cary Grant, Diane Keaton, Robert pelletier, Gary Gilmore, and David Berkowitz (aka Son of Sam) .

    Scorpio Asc., Scorpio South Node: Camille Claudel

    “Urbane (Whacks head) – Just stick to being philosophical, witty and urbane.”

  • 😀

    Someone has to put in a good word for those baddies.

  • Carl Jung- awesome.

    So many fashion people too- are you into fashion?

  • Ebonystarr55

    Yes, there was a news anchor they had in the database with the same Sun, Moon and Rising…and she committed suicide. I felt bad seeing that.

  • firetiger

    astrotheme keeps telling me about natalee holloway (the girl that disappeared in aruba)… thats really awkward haha.. .. no but i know what you mean about finding people with similar placements as u~ actually i enjoy discussing mars square pluto and moon contacts w/ saturn with YOU! thank goodness theres someone who understands

  • This is another interesting one Michelle…

    Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra people: Edward Norton, Tori Amos, Julia Child, Iman, Christian Slater, Fidel Castro, Amy Adams, Amy Fisher (!), Richard Linklater, John Derek, Esther Williams, Sam Mendes, Louis Vuitton…

    Sun in Leo, Moon in Leo, Aquarius Rising Person: Belinda Carlisle

    Sun in Leo, Aquarius Rising People: Barack Obama, Carl Jung, Martin Sheen, Yves Saint Laurent

    Sun in Leo, Aquarius Rising, Sun in 7th: Belinda Carlisle, Francis Scott Key, Jacqueline Susann, Carl Jung

    Venus in Leo, Mars in Gemini: Coco Chanel (Leo), Marion Cotillard, Asia Argento, Evangeline Lilly (Leo), David Duchovny (Leo), Leelee Sobieski, Van Morrison, Wolfgang Puck

    Moon in Libra, Ascendant in Aquarius: Kim Novak, Sylvia Plath, Peggy Lipton, Calamity Jane, Ivan the Terrible

    Sun in Leo, Venus in Leo: Madonna, Coco Chanel, Andy Warhol, Tori Amos, Whitney Houston, Alfred Hitchcock, Daniel Radcliffe, Yves Saint Laurent, Monica Lewinsky, Stanley Kubrick, Slash, Billy Bob Thronton, Danielle Steele, Gus Van Sant…

    Hmm, obviously I should read Belinda Carlisle’s autobiography…

  • Ebonystarr55

    About Beyonce- I saw a profile done of her on that guessed that her Ascendant might be Leo.

    I was psyched about the astrologers too. A wonderful online buddy who's an astrologer was psyched to find that she shares an birthday with Donna Cunningham. Pretty cool.

    Off to look up more placements. This is addictive! lol

  • I love the mystery theme with Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock and then Ingrid Bergman who was in a few of Hitchcock's films as sharing some of your placements.

    I read somewhere that Beyonce has a Leo Ascendant too. Maybe it's not confirmed.

    You have two great astrologers as matches too- that's cool 😀

  • Ebonystarr55


    My matches:

    Sun in Virgo, Ascendant in Leo = Freddie Mercury, Ingrid Bergman

    Sun in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio = Beyonce, Raquel Welch, Barry Gibb, Michael Keaton, Michael Buble

    Sun in Virgo, Sun in 2nd House = Agatha Christie, Ingrid Bergman

    Sun in Virgo, Venus in Libra = Beyonce, Freddie Mercury, Sean Connery, Astrologer Liz Greene, River Phoenix

    Moon in Scorpio, Ascendant in Leo = Robbie Williams, Alfred Hitchcock, Eddie Murphy, Anna Nicole Smith, Steve Martin, astrologer Linda Goodman

    Venus in Libra, Mars in Taurus = Michel Focault, Chuck Berry, Rose McGowan (also a Virgo), Shannon Elizabeth (also a Virgo), Dave Chappelle (also a Virgo), Lisa Ling (also a Virgo)


    Sun in Virgo, Moon in Scorpio, Ascendant in Leo: Educator Maria Montessori and German philosopher Friedrich Hegel.

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