The Ascendant Ruler, or Chart Ruler


The Sun, Ascendant, and Ascendant ruler

The Sun is the heart of the chart. The Sun, by sign, house and aspect, shows who you are at the very center of your being. No matter how diluted Sun sign astrology gets, the Sun is still your core.

The ascendant is the outer persona, mask, framework, behavior, mannerisms, appearance, or vehicle that enables the Sun to navigate through life.
t-shirt with map Have you ever felt that you can’t just “be yourself?” That’s because you usually can’t. Being able to express your Sun in a pure, concentrated, form is not only nearly impossible, it’s not even a good idea. If you expressed the raw edge of your Sun all the time it would be like walking around every day completely naked and in your bare feet. At first it would be liberating. You would feel free and alive, exalting in the sunshine. Later, after the cat calls, harassment, blisters, sunburn and embarrassment (or worse) you’d be begging to put your clothes back on. You really don’t want that much continuous exposure.

The ascendant ruler, or chart ruler, sets a course for the birth chart. You have a driver (the Sun), you have a vehicle (the ascendant)… now where are you going? The ascendant ruler shows you where you’re going through its house placement.

The ascendant and its ruler are preoccupied with where you’re going and how you are going to get there- right now, in this lifetime.
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The ascendant and ascendant ruler are interested in the particulars of this one lifetime. Having been cast for a particular hour of birth, the ascendant and its ruler are fleeting and earth bound. They have immediacy and they have a destination in the present. This is different from the North Node which gives you a destination that extends out into the far, unforeseeable, future. The ascendant and ascendant ruler turn their attention to immediate circumstances.

If your chart ruler is in the same house as your Sun, then your direction in life is a better match to your central self.

  • The ascendant sign shows the way that you navigate through life.
  • The ascendant ruler shows where your attention is directed.
  • The Sun shows who you really are inside.

Risings Signs and Chart Rulers

  • If your rising sign is Aries then your chart ruler is Mars
  • If your rising sign is Taurus or Libra then your chart ruler is Venus
  • If your rising sign is Cancer then your chart ruler is the Moon
  • If your rising sign is Leo then your chart ruler is the Sun
  • If your rising sign is Gemini or Virgo then your chart ruler is Mercury
  • If your rising sign is Sagittarius then your chart ruler is Jupiter
  • If your rising sign is Capricorn then your chart ruler is Saturn

The signs Scorpio, Aquarius and Pisces have two rulers: the modern ruler of the sign and the traditional ruler of the sign.
Some astrologers only look at the traditional ruler, some only look at the modern ruler, and some look at both. You will have to use your own judgment to determine which method works best for you.

  • If your rising sign is Scorpio then your chart rulers are Mars and Pluto
  • If your rising sign is Aquarius then your chart rulers are Saturn and Uranus
  • If your rising sign is Pisces then your chart rulers are Jupiter and Neptune

Rulers of Houses in Houses
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Rulers of Houses in Houses, by AstroFix


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Product Description

  • Ruler of the 1st House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 2nd House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 3rd House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 4th House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 5th House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 6th House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 7th House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 8th House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 9th House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 10th House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 11th House in Houses
  • Ruler of the 12th House in Houses

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  • Michelle

    Just realized I never answered your Lord of the Geniture question. Skyscript has the best online description that I know of:

  • Michelle

    That certainly sets you in the direction of relationships. Where is your Venus (ruler of the 7th house)?

  • Michelle

    That certainly sets you in the direction of relationships. Where is your Venus (ruler of the 7th house)?

  • amoureuse

    Oops, I made a mistake. What i mean is I am a cancer, my asc sign is aries then my mars is in libra. the house is 7th.

  • Michelle

    It's hard to say from those placements. Where is the ruler of your 7th house placed?

  • amoureuse

    this is interesting. i am cancer. my asc is aries. then my aries in is libra. not sure about its house. but i have this inner desire to get married, travel the world with my partner. not sure if it has something to do with it.

  • Michelle

    The 11th house is also a long range house. Planets in the 11th seem to encourage dreaming about the future and finding ways to fulfill your wishes and long term plans.

  • Michelle

    With the Sun and Ascendant (and therefore the chart ruler) all in the same sign, I'd think you would really have trouble separating these parts of yourself- the core self, the vehicle and your direction. In some ways this is great because who you are, where you're going and how you get there are all in sync. Problems might occur because you have little room to back up and gain perspective over your situation. Outer planet aspects to your Sun and ascendant will help you widen your viewpoint.

  • Michelle

    I really do think the Sun is the core. I do not feel it is my mission to merge with people in a way that I totally lose my independent sense of self. You might feel that you are supposed to lose your ego and merge because your Sun is in the 12th house. I don't mind shedding the worn out aspects of myself, or the parts that keep me from having deeper relationships with people, but I don't think it would be healthy for me to allow myself to completely lose my ego identity. Sometimes I already have problems with ego-loss and blurring my boundaries too much- my Sun trines Neptune.

    I don't know enough about eastern astrology to give an opinion about why the Sun is not the most important.

    • Pjgecmendes

      well the sun is what makes you proud.If its in house 9 you pride yourself on your travels,studies etc

      • Michelle

        Sun in the 9th also finds its identity through its ideals.

        Thank you for reading, Pjgecmendes.

  • Michelle

    Neptune on an angle really can make you feel lost. With Neptune on the ascendant you probably really can't see yourself clearly. With so much Sag/Pisces/Jupter/Neptune emphasis, it may not actually be important for you to come to have distinct definition of who you are. However, with Saturn at the DC in Virgo you might attract a people who make you feel like you should, or you may even be envious of people who have a clear sense of themselves.

  • Michelle

    That's funny. People think Scorpios are always quiet, but that's not always true.

  • jjasonham

    Hi Michelle! I've been out of commission for a while. I'm trying to catch up on my Google Reader articles so I'll start with the most recent for now (it can be overwhelming sometimes, and I try to resist just deleting them!).

    Leo Asc. sextile Sun (which also rules 2nd and is exactly conjunct MC ruler Mars) in 11th Gemini with N. Node.

    I think this interaction causes a harmonious flow into the 11th house. To quickly summarize:
    I think a lot about true, genuine self expression in my career (Mars), and how I'm constantly positioning myself for beyond (NN).

  • EdTwist

    Hmm that certainly makes sense. Although how would you view someone with both Sun and Ascendant in the same sign? (Leo, Asc and Leo Sun here)

  • Nnair1021

    i think this is a little bit true
    depends on a couple factors tho……
    in my case: my sun is not heavily aspected.. i think it is the least aspected body in my chart actually along w/ neptune
    i also feel like the sun is more of a representation of the ego, not really someone's 'core'
    with that said i feel it is our mission as humans to shed the ego and merge w/ each other

    here's a quick question for u: why do u think in eastern astrology the sun is *not* considered the most important body?

    i agree w/ u on ur descriptions of the ascendant… it is a point in the chart… it is ur 'point of view' if u will and it's important to see where that chart ruler is

    hm i have a hard time w/ the sun tho :-S libra sun in the 12th house.. ya i would haha

    • Corina

       Very interesting! You are clearly referring to a desire to “ascend,” “attain nirvana,” “Unity consciousness,” etc. (all various names for the same concept, IMHO). I too, have recently started upon a path to higher consciousness and shedding my ego-mind, and I have the same: Sun Libra in 12th House placement you mentioned. Also Scorpio rising, with Pluto in 11th, Mars in 8th. It makes sense to me that the Libra ideals of balance & harmony, ruled by the planet of love & compassion, when placed in the 12th house of transformation and the ending of cycles, would view Unity/Love as their core. So, perhaps this Sun/House placement is exactly what makes us see that our true core is not ego-based? I believe that Scorpio rising has a lot to do with it, too.

  • HeathenMom

    Sun Scorpio, Moon Gemini, Asc Gemini. i'm the talkiest introvert on earth. and i accidentaly talk about things that tend to unnerve folks.

  • bigOsilver

    I've been puzzling over my chart for months – Pisces ASC/Moon/S. Node, Sag sun conjunct Neptune at the MC, Jupiter the ruler of both in Leo in the 6th (possibly the 5th) in mutual reception to the Sun in Sag in the 9th. I have Saturn conjunct the DC square my sun too. I continue to meditate on just who the hell I am. I am one lost puppy. Too much Neptune? Too much dependence on the chances of good fortune and not enough action? I'm also trying to learn about the “Lord of the Geniture.” Any suggestions for helpful sources?

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  • Michelle

    I use ascendant ruler and chart ruler interchangeably. If I were talking about the Lord of the Geniture, I would only use that term, I wouldn't call it the chart ruler. I think most people, when they are thinking about the “chart ruler,” they are thinking about the planet that rules the ascendant.

  • Michelle

    I use ascendant ruler and chart ruler interchangeably. If I were talking about the Lord of the Geniture, I would only use that term, I wouldn't call it the chart ruler. I think most people, when they are thinking about the “chart ruler,” they are thinking about the planet that rules the ascendant.

  • gracehoper

    I think it's important to make a distinction between the Ascendant Ruler and the Chart Ruler. The Lord of my Cancer Ascendant is the Moon in Virgo in the 3rd House. The Lord of my Geniture (or Chart Ruler) is Jupiter in Aquarius in the 8th House, however, because it is the planet which has the most dignity by terms, bounds, triplicity, exaltation, and/or domicile in the degree of the five hylegiacal places (Sun, Moon, Asc, Syzygy, Fortuna).

    The ancients would use house rulers and house almutens interchangeably, as if they were of equal importance. I'm conjecturing that one's Ascendant Ruler is more of a practical, easy to fall into thing (predestination) while the Chart Ruler/Almuten Figuris or House Almutens are more aspirational, hard work, no guarantee thing (free will). But this is just something I've been thinking about.