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The Juror

balancing on chairsYesterday I spent ten hours at jury selection. My solar return ascendant for 2010-2011 is Libra and solar return Venus is in dignity in Taurus in the 7th house.

I can’t say too much about the cases because they are official now that the jury is selected. Briefly: they are both domestic battery cases. One involves a male defendant and the other involves a female defendant. I’m amazed at this opportunity to observe both sides of the domestic violence issue. This is turning into a very Libran year for me. Saturn, Venus and Mars will all be in Libra during the trials.

Impartial and Unbiased

I felt like I truly understood the meaning of the word “impartial” for the first time yesterday. Because of that new insight, I feel like I understand Libra like I never have before. The idea that you must set aside all of your biases, prejudices and petty likes and dislikes to render a judgment on another person, basing that judgment solely on the facts presented at the moment, is thoroughly intriguing. Even the concept of being “presumed innocent” is intriguing. No matter what you might have done in the past, those actions have no bearing on your present situation. Each and every time you are tried, you are presumed innocent until you are proven guilty. Every time you walk into a courtroom, you walk in with a clean slate. Unfortunately, this is also why people can have multiple DUIs and still be driving.

I feel lucky that my jury selection occurred in the same year that I have a Libra solar return ascendant (my progressed ascendant is also in Libra with progressed Venus also in Taurus, but in the 8th house). I’m excited to learn more about law procedures and to be an active participant in the process.

Law & Order

I learned more about jury selection yesterday than I have from any movie, television or news program. As I watched the attorneys in their conservative suits, I began to see clearly how Libra and Capricorn planets could go hand in hand and work beautifully together: upholding the law, having a fair and impartial viewpoint, maintaining order and harmony, abiding by the rules, respecting authority, finding beauty in regulation- and looking good in conservative clothing.


Going through the jury selection process also made it clear to me how the signs Libra and Scorpio differ: impartial judgment and passionate feelings don’t mix. Having intense feelings about something automatically makes you biased. I imagine that Scorpio might have the hardest time quelling inner beliefs to render a fair verdict- though Sagittarius might have trouble with that too.

Scorpio influences would probably make for a better attorney than Libra influences would. If someone with Scorpio planets felt passionately about your innocence or guilt, they’d do everything in their power to ensure your freedom, or your conviction.

Libra planets are not as concerned with motivation as Scorpio planets- it doesn’t matter to them why you did, or did not, do something. An interest in motivation and underlying causes works great for ferreting out secrets and discovering who committed a crime. Scorpio is equipped to handle the questioning, investigation and crime scene elements that occur before the actual trial. But, Libra has the ability to view that information later from an unemotional and disengaged standpoint. Libra’s gift is that it is not emotionally involved in its decisions; this is what allows Libra to be fair.

More Libra influence

Last night I had a dream that I was trying to balance on one leg. A man walked over to me. He seemed like a physical trainer. He pointed out how wobbly I was and told me that I need to practice more balance exercises.

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  • Good luck with your tarot work 😀

    I'm also into the tarot. I took a class about Crowley's Thoth deck for several month in fall 2009. I was attending bimonthly tarot meetings for about 6 months too. I still give myself readings several times a week (last week I gave myself a reading every day).

    Getting to know your chart a little better can help you understand why you are drawn to some of those experiences. If Scorpio has strong resonance for you, it might be enlightening for you to find out more about Scorpio in your chart.

  • Dove

    lol, no I was born waaay before 1983 — but most ppl think I'm at least 15 yrs younger than my chronological age. I just found in my email a thingee I did on a while ago. It shows that I have Neptune and Jupiter in Scorpio. I googled, and in reading a few interpretations, it's very on point — “psychics” and “sensitives.” That would be me 🙂 Gonna have to google, and read some more. Interesting stuff.

    My passion is the Tarot (and metaphysics in general), discovered it after first discovering “psychic” ability, which I know is a natural ability we all have to some degree, no different than writing or painting, which I also do 🙂 I offer psychic Tarot readings (done via email) at my website and incorporate the totems into them as well. The first thing I ever endeavored to write on the Tarot was published in the “Sedona Journal,” so I guess they could feel my fire on the topic.

    So those two planets in Scorpio, explains the scorpions love for me, yes? lol 😉 Oh, and it shows Pluto is in Virgo — haven't googled that one yet.


  • The solar return freezes the transits that are passing by at the time when your Sun reaches the exact degree it minute it was at the time of your birth. Freezing those transits and comparing them to your natal chart gives you clues about how the year is going to affect you personally. Regular transits affect everyone (to some degree), but the solar return chart focuses on you.

  • Cancer would have issues with separating personal feelings from a situation. Leo would probably have issues with wanting you to be on their side and they'd resent any cold logic.
    Even Aquarian planets could have issues with fairness because they often staunchly support the anti-establishment viewpoint regardless if that view is correct at that time.

    Sometimes people want you to take their side and they don't appreciate it if you bring opposing facts to their attention.

  • amoureuse

    how important it is to know the planetary alignments in a solar return chart? should we use this for reference?

  • firetiger

    libra sun/gemini moon/scorpio rising~ it's soo easy for me to see both sides of the story… even if the situation is involving someone i really care about and (for example) they are telling me about something 'done onto them' it is so easy for me to look at the whole picture and see the other person's perspective.. why did he/she do this? i think thats where the perception of events, search for motivation, unbiased analysis comes in… thats actually very natural for me… and as i meet more and more people i can say that being able to do that is very *Un*natural for a lot of others~ a lot of cancer energy that i know actually

  • Do you work in any particular tradition?

    If you were born after mid 1983 then you have Pluto in Scorpio- which is strong Scorpio placement. With Taurus rising Pluto in Scorpio could be in your 7th or 8th house: basically houses that deal with “others.” That could be why you attract Scorpions. Even if your Pluto is in Libra, it could be conjunct the descendant from the 6th house. 😀

  • Dove

    I have my chart somewhere, but its been lotsa yrs since it was done, and I haven't a clue what “aspect to Pluto” means 🙂 I keep meaning to read up on astrology — all that “house” stuff fascinates me, and it's intriguing how it invariably aligns with my intuitive stuff. What I do know is that my Sun is Libra, Moon is Gemini and I have a Taurus rising.

    I know my Scorpion energy through intuitive experiences. Very into Native American spirituality and totems. We all have at least 9 of them, they are part of our energy. I have a lot more than 9. If you endeavor to discover your own, you should see yourself in the animal, it characteristics/habits and such. Consequently they will gravitate to you, either in the physical or otherwise (or often both). They will see you as “family.” Since you are like them, you can learn so much from them — even how to heal health and other life issues. Anyway, I could talk about 'em for days, one of my passions 🙂

    I don't know how Scorpio falls in my astrological chart, I just know the Scorpion has “dropped into” my life an usual number of times — and it is that “unusual” aspect that is telling when speaking of how the Universe speaks to us. Live scorpions (not in a dream) have shown up in my life right before significant changes were about to happen in my life. The very first one (before I knew of totems) was, oddly enough, in an office environment. I was stung on my “baby” finger by a “baby” scorpion (after reaching into a box of paper). A painful “initiation,” but grateful it wasn't a full-grown one. In looking back, the “baby” thing was part of the message. I was truly about to be “reborn” into a very new life.

    I grew and changed much in the next 3 yrs, and then had yet another for-real scorpion encounter. The size of the scorpion had also grown 🙂 and the transformation (death/rebirth) it pointed to (happened within a week after encounter) was the most significant of my life, the beginning of what has been a very long journey. Note, I was only stung that first time.

    So yeah, me and the Scorpion go way back, ha… that energy is without question a part of me. But I'm not sure how it shows up in my astro chart. It is pretty cool though how all these different metaphysical areas tend to overlap and confirm each other.


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  • Is your Sun or Moon in aspect to Pluto? Do you have a strong Pluto?

  • Dove

    I'm a Libra, albeit, not your average one, lol 😉 I care about motivation — very much. In my mind, and speaking mucho passionately (with strong interest in the law), intention and motivation is everything when seeking justice. If someone ends the life of another out of greed, I say fry him. But if a woman kills a man who viciously molested her child, I say justice has been done — and to put her behind bars is beyond injustice, and borders insanity. In my view, that's about controlling the people, not protecting them, nor upholding justice.

    So I guess I'm a tad different that many Libra peeps–I do have a strong Leo influence and I know there's some Scorpio in there (chart) as well. Speaking in the realm of Native American spirituality, the Scorpion does see me as kin (per my experiences), so maybe that's why I feel that supposed misguided passion in that which I speak on law and justice. I very much resonate with Scorpion/Scorpio energy — and justice/truth married to freedom.


  • Something I didn't notice the first time I looked at my 2010 Solar Return is that the Cancer Midheaven is exactly conjunct my natal Saturn at 26 Cancer 10' (and also square natal Mercury at 26 Aries 48').