Mars Synastry: 1st House Overlay


Mars brings an assertive, aggressive, active, challenging and energizing influence to your 1st house. The 1st house is about appearance, behavior, attitude, mannerisms, approach, outlook, exterior, image, persona and personality.

Someone’s Mars falls in your 1st house

running in a dress in front of a truckAround the Mars person you’re more likely to act on your 1st house sign’s positive and negative potentials in a forceful and direct way. This is not a passive influence like the 1st house Venus overlay can be. Someone with Mars in Cancer falling in your Cancer 1st house, for example, might cause you to act defensively, be smothering and behave in an overly emotional way. With the overlay in Cancer, you might even find yourself crying more around the Mars person. The Mars person activates your 1st house and the first house has to do with your behavior and your point of view. Around the Mars person you might suddenly make it your business to let everyone know what your pet peeves are, what you find annoying, and what types of behavior bother you. You might find yourself using more Mars words like “irritated, annoyed, agitated, pissed, angry, etc…” However this person might also spur you to action and compel you to take more direct action in your approach to the world.

You could find yourself getting irritated by the Mars person’s actions. Whether or not they are trying to provoke you, you could feel that the Mars person is “in your face.” Or, it could be that, because their actions are right up front, from your point of view, you feel that it’s necessary to comment on everything they do and the way they do it.ย  It’s as if they are waving their hand in front of your face forcing you to watch what they are doing- but, they are not actually doing that, that’s just the way it seems. This person’s actions have a direct affect on your outlook; they impact your immediate environment. Their behavior is glaringly obvious to you. Because you can focus on nothing else, this person’s presence can aggravate you so much that you want to shout, “Stop doing that!”

The Mars person might just be annoying. You might get frustrated with this person more often than with other people. Positively, you’ll notice that you assert yourself more when the Mars person is around. Perhaps they inspire you to make your point of view known. They might support your approach. They can help get you motivated to act. Hopefully, your new self-assertive expression isn’t entirely directed toward getting the Mars person to behave however it is that you think they should be behaving.

In a sexual relationship, this overlay might inspire you to be the aggressor. This is the type of overlay that can bring a love of “the chase.” The same energy that can make you focus on how irritating this person is can also make you focus on how sexy this person is. Mars is the planet that rules conscious sexual desire. The Mars person triggers something in you that makes you want to pursue and win them. The Mars person brings out the aggressive side in you. You feel more confident than usual with the Mars person. They have qualities that you identify with, but with Mars, in a sexual way. Once you get the Mars person you still have to find a way to sustain the initial excitement.

Your Mars falls in someone’s 1st house

If you wanted to, you could easily irritate the 1st house person. You bring out the 1st house person’s aggressive side. The 1st house person might choose to battle you using those aggressive impulses, or they might feel aroused by you. The 1st house person could also feel compelled to address the way that you act. They might continually tell you to sit up straight and put your shoulders back, and no matter how well intended, it bothers you. You might feel that your every action is under scrutiny by the 1st house person and that nothing you will get past their observation. Your Mars is at the very forefront of their outlook- it’s right in front of their eyes.

Running along the beachBecause you cause the 1st house person be more assertive, you can help them accomplish more in their life. You can encourage them take a direct approach in getting what they want. By triggering their aggressive side you can also call them out on their less flattering behavior. Be careful that you’re not just being antagonistic.

Sexually, you might feel excited to have someone’s attention so singularly focused on you. You might feel that your sexuality is being “recognized” for the first time. The 1st house person might see you as “sex on a stick.” The 1st house person’s attention might help you become more aware of your own sexual potential and your own attractiveness. You might enjoy being around the 1st house person because in their presence you feel more vital and sexually desirable than you normally would. However, you might also feel that the 1st house person focuses on your more masculine characteristics, or overemphasizes your macho qualities, perhaps missing some of your softer personal traits. This person might push you into an overly masculine role and yet still try to “out-man” you, regardless of your sex.

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  • VIcky

    YES! to the sex-in-a-stick. WHAT is astrology?! Than nothing but the TRUTH. It is incredible how on point this article is. I currently have a grand trine between my AS and someone’s Mars, and while we also have a Venus-Pluto sextile, I can feel the aggression and assertiveness of Mars, to the point where I want to shout STOP! But at the same time I find them irresistibly magnetic and sexy.

  • Crayon

    What if my mars tight conjunct ketu (around23 degrees) and saturn (6 degrees) are in pisces in his ascendant ? We have other good aspects like venus ketu taurus and others but I’m curious as how my planets in his ascendant affect his life. He does find me too talkative sometimes but he never told me that i’m annoying or anything . He is sort of shy and I’d wanna know if I irritate him or sth. cuz he would never tell me directly.

    • Hi Crayon,

      I can’t answer your questions with the information you’ve given … it’s not enough.

      • Crayon

        My chart : leo as, sun in 9th house with mercury, venus taurus,pluto in scorpio , rahu in virgo ,aquarius moon, jupiter in sagg, sat mars ketu in pisces, the last two tightly conjunct
        His: pisces as(he is not sure of his birthtime), moon mercury capricorn, sun venus (combust) mars in sagg , jupiter in libra, ketu in taurus 5 degrees apart from my venus, rahu in scorpio,sat in aquarius 1 degree apart from my moon

        Now I think it’s too much info but ๐Ÿ™‚ He is kinda shy only towards me but when he’s angry I’m not spared . however his anger lasts for like 5 min and he’s cute when he gets mad,it’s not like he’s agressive he just yells a bit. we dont know each other so intimately because we are work we dont have that much time to chat but when we do spend some time together,it’s awesome.

  • yu4

    What if the Mars & 1st house are on Pisces? What would it do to the “directness”?

    • Good question … you’re more likely to assert yourself on behalf of someone else, especially someone (or some cause) you perceive as being disadvantaged or an underdog.

  • Tallulah

    …I should be clear that he’s resisting because of his Pisces Venus squared by Saturn & also probably the Venus square Saturn in our synastry, he’s cautious & doesn’t trust me I think, but I’m Saturnine too (we’re both Capricorn Moons), as well as being Marsy & Taurusy, so I’ll stick it out with him until he believes my affection is genuine. I feel I have been challenged to by his Mars in my 1st.

  • Tallulah

    Oh my this guy I like’s Mars is in my 1st house, amusing because he really does irritate me one moment then inspire me to great lust alternately. Especially amusing because my own Mars is in my 1st house too & in Taurus & I keep wanting to touch him aaaaalll the time, I feel like I have to place my hands on him. I also am pursuing him in a shockingly direct way for me, but he resists so I’m being all Taurean & stubborn about it too…

  • Azulparasiso

    Omg! My mars hits this guy who I’m obsessed with first house and he told me I’m annoying. At first I didn’t believe him, but now I see it clearly why he hates me so much!

  • desiring shadows

    i’m straight but I found myself really attractive to this girl recently… I looked up her natal chart and her mars is in GEMINI. It falls in my 1st house. The timing isn’t correct, but this has to be the reason. She just brought feelings that were sexual for no reason— and if you think about it, shes not even that hot. its just the way she presents herself, the way she does things.

    • What signs are your Venus and Mars in?

  • This Mars overlay reminded me of Senior Benedict and Lady Beatrice of “Much Ado About Nothing”. They hated each other like fire and ice, but in the end only to realize that they are in love with each other. Very nice. Mars people can be quite annoying and irritating, but can be as friendly and approachable at the same time. Weird.

  • Jara

    Very interesting! I recently went on a trip with someone who has Sun+Mercury+Mars+Neptune in Sagittarius in my 1st house and conjunct my Neptune. I’m used to the Neptune in my 1st house as most of my peers have this placement, but the other planets were whoa! We were both depending on the other one to lead the way, daydreaming while following the other one until we realized that neither one of us were paying attention.

    Funny story: As we were going into a building, she asked me whether I was allergic to touching door handles because she noticed that she always opens doors for me. I told her that I wasn’t opening doors because she always reached them before me and opened them for me, just like a gentlemanly boyfriend. In order for me to open the door first, I would have to race with her (we did end up racing up stairs, down stairs and through meals). She wasn’t even aware of doing that. So the next few times, she waited to see what I would do and I only realized that I could open the door because she wasn’t opening it for me. I was very conscious of her actions, but not so conscious of my own.

    Her Sun is opposite my Mars and Descendant in Gemini, and her Sag Mars is opposite my Gemini Venus. I was definitely casting her into the “boyfriend” role. She also loves to encourage me to socialize/flirt more and be more of an exhibitionist when I’d rather be silent and observant. When I’m around her, it feels like a light is shining on me. I finally had to tell her that I’d rather be the voyeur, not the exhibitionist. Since I knew she wanted the attention we were getting, I would maneuver her into the spotlight role, which she ate up. Win/win.

    • Jara

      Also, you are so right about being irritated by the Mars person. In general, I do not like to have a Siamese twin for too long, but this was even more true with her. Her constant “party over here!” attitude was annoying me (attracting too much attention/people). I definitely became more argumentative with her a few times because I needed my space. Luckily, she was able to go her own separate way to give me some time to myself without me saying so (I didn’t know that was my problem until she left). We also have Venus-Venus out-of-sign conjunction and Sun-Venus conjunction (in water signs), so it was relatively easy for her to intuit what I needed her to do even when I didn’t know.

      • Michelle

        It’s strange when friendships turn into “relationships” through synastry. All the unconscious actions and reactions are perplexing.

        Thank you for sharing your experiences Jara ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Michelle

      We were both depending on the other one to lead the way, daydreaming while following the other one until we realized that neither one of us were paying attention.
      Lol! Been there! (Natal Neptune in Sag conjunct IC and square ascendant).

      just like a gentlemanly boyfriend
      So interesting. I find myself in that position a lot with my girlfriends.

  • Just realized, the only thing he does organize is his collection of games and movies. He bought a special shelving system with glass doors for all of them.

  • I thought about that, but I don't think so.

    Using my brother again, he's not very Virgo-like. His 5th house Mars in Virgo mostly shows up as an amazing ability to kick ass at video games. He's able to figure out “the system” of any game and beat it. He's almost unbeatable- and he's very aggressive at game playing (no surprise that he also plays poker and wins). He is so not a neat freak though and he's not especially organized either (he has 4 planets in Sagittarius). But, he is very particular about the way he wants everything to be. I seem to take up the slack on whatever parts of his Mars he isn't using effectively.

    • Jara

      I know quite a few Virgo Mars people who are sloppy. They can be the best at being disorganized (e.g. finding stuff in the chaotic mess, claiming “there’s a method to my madness”). Perhaps you two are showing different sides of the Virgo energy; you don’t like his lifestyle method so you critique him and he rebels (Mars) by doing it anyway (“I know what’s best!” – Virgo).

      • Michelle

        I know a lot of Virgo people (especially the men) who are sloppy. I totally agree with the “there’s a method to my madness” idea. My boyfriend has four planets in Virgo and he is a notorious “piler.” Every time I clear a surface he piles random things on it again.

        My brother isn’t rebellious in any overt sense but he definitely asserts his will if you try to make him do anything he doesn’t want to do.

  • I wonder if we feel this way because the Mars person is better at “being” our Ascendant sign than we are.

    • Jara

      I think there is something to this! I was irritated with my friend for her ease with gambling while I felt very protective of my money (my progressed Asc and Moon in Capricorn is conjunct her natal Moon in Capricorn in my 2nd house). I also noticed that I was more tired than her, so I was jealous of her not being sore and lethargic like me the morning after. Despite her being larger than me, she works out regularly while I no longer do, and our different levels of fitness was showing up after long nights of partying. I used to be the one who could go all night without missing a beat the next morning. My sober self could not even bounce back as fast as her drunk self. Very irritating to see that I am no longer as resilient as I used to be! Love, Sagittarius stuff

      • Michelle

        Something to think about…

  • The interactions between your planets and their Mars does seem there would be strong feelings about this overlay for you no matter what.

  • firetiger

    i think because i have venus and mercury in scorpio, whenever i meet a scorpio mars i can be deathly attracted to them gl;akdhg;w…….. but also come to think of it~ some of my most explosive fights have been w/ them also (i think that's a little bit of my aqua mars square their mars) but yea.. an ex had this placement, the guy i'm currently talking to also has a scorpio mars

  • Neat! That's exactly what I think it would be like- at the irritating level.

    I have this overlay with my brother. His Mars in Virgo falls in my first house. I absolutely love my brother but he brings out my picky, critical side. When I'm around him I pick on all the little things that he doesn't do “right” from my point of view. When I realized I was doing this, I was really unhappy with myself. Now I bite my tongue. Fortunately my brother just ignores me when I get like that.

    • Everything is so spot on! His 8th house Mars in my 1st house in Aquarius. He has made me cry out of anger & no one has done that before as much as he has & so easily, but I get over it really quickly – & I don’t let him know that I cried at all. It’s usually when he doesn’t keep his word .. he’ll say he will do something and ends up changing his mind in the end. I feel that he does it on purpose to get me upset intentionally.

  • Ha! A guy I had a brief fling with my first year of college was a Scorp/Virgo Rising/ with Moon-Mars Libra conjunction in my 1st house. He also had Venus in Sag.

    You know, I'm usually pretty pleasant and nice, and it's hard for me to NOT like people– you know, pretty Libra Rising. But this guy… at one point, it felt like his being alive irritated me. Everything from his laugh to the way he walked was irritating to me. It was weird — he just got on my nerves. It annoyed me that he tried to be so “Libran” and likable, chattin' it up with everyone (although it was probably my Leo Moon that was more peeved) and he never wanted to pay for anything. Anyway, everything about him irritated me and I wasn't shy about letting him know it either! ๐Ÿ˜€