Do You Believe in Astrology?


To many, astrology is anything but a language. This misunderstanding has turned astrology into a kind of symbolic scapegoat, confusing it with new age, mumbo jumbo, psychobabble, evil occultism. …most astrological authors don’t Talk Normal or Write Well, thereby unleashing far too many garrulous tomes called Most Astrology Books. It’s no wonder why so many people avoid astrology and why it’s been such an easy target for critics of astrology. … In my opinion, astrology is not a belief system, or a religion nor an occult science or fast food; it is a language. My view is that astrology is closer to being an art, than a science. … Astrology is a human language for articulating our psyche’s interactions with living forces of nature. ~ Antero Alli, Astrologik

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  • Leah-nine

    “Astrology is a human language for articulating our psyche’s interactions with living forces of nature.” Well said!

    …Wish I could put “Fluent in Astrology” on my resume though 😛

    • Michelle

      Well, you could, but it might not help you in your job search :p

  • Shadow

    I see Astrology as my religion.

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  • Anonymous

    ur right, michelle. they do not realized how much insights and wisdom u can get from astrology. fundamentalist christians even called astrology as abomination without realizing that the 3 wise men followed “the star of bethlehem” in order to locate their jesus. this is one of the reason why i question their belief. and i renounce it.

  • It’s unfortunate that so many people don’t take astrology seriously- it’s their loss.

  • Anonymous

    there is still this scared factor of telling everyone that i believe in astrology because there is a fear of not being taken seriously. i believe in what u say that astorlogy is an art. i am an artist myself and i understand what you mean.

  • Steph

    You're welcome! Not long at all actually. I just started this summer with a book “Understanding the Birth Chart”, and there's still so much I need/want to learn about it. In life, there are too many coincidences and connections to astrology that can't be denied. 🙂

  • 😀

  • Thank you for your feedback Steph. How long have you been studying astrology?

  • Steph

    I don't think there's anything wrong with saying you “believe” in astrology because to me, one is putting faith and belief in the energies that the universe provides for us.
    Something I learned while studying astrology: Motivation becomes Assumption, which becomes Belief, which becomes Attitude, which becomes Behavior (which is hardened belief).
    And to me, this defines how & why astrology works:
    As above, so below.
    As within, so without.
    As the universe, so the soul.

  • Thanks firetiger 😀

  • firetiger

    astrology is more than a 'language'.. though i'll definitely admit that astrology provides the vocabulary for feelings or energies that are hard to express~ but simply calling astrology a 'language' seems to slightly degrade its impact

    the way i see astrology is the world working with itself ~ space, the sky, the stars' effect on our experiences ~ the way i see astrology is a different way to become intimate with the human experience

    astrology is not really a belief system to me~ any belief system u are banking off of some chance… astrology, to me, is about KNOWING and FEELING.. if u start 'believing' u start doubting.. then whats the point?

    if folks r talking about astrology in a group setting i notice a lot of people feel too inhibited to come right out and 'own up' to putting stock into astrology~ it's really not worth my time to feel any kind of way when or if someone asks me about it… if im on the spot tho i have, and will, say i do.. say i study it.. and say that theres way more than they know from the newspaper about it… theres a whole world


  • I know someone else who loves that Robin Wood deck. Even though she has a variety of decks she almost always uses that one. 🙂

  • I used the Robin Wood deck for almost 8 years exclusively! I started of with the Rider Waite like most everyone! I've been using the Gilded deck for the last 3 years and I recently started using the Sweet Twilight tarot. I have a few “oracle” cards and other decks too that I kinda go back and forth on; Druidcraft, Fey, Crowley-Thoth, Sacred Circle.. I'm sure there's a couple other in my Tarot box I'm forgetting. LOL!

  • Thank you for the recommendation. I really want to read more authors who are off the beaten track.

  • gracehoper

    If you like Alli's books I recommend trying out Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger, amongst others… but that one first.

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    You're welcome. I speak with sincerity

  • I see your “I'm online” tweets every day. It's fantastic that you use all of your abilities in an active way. It's also great that you put free will into the mix 😀

    Which tarot deck(s) do you like to use?

  • I thoroughly study astrology because I use it as a tool to try and figure out who I'm interacting with and what their personality “might be like”. You can say I use it as my way of discerning people.

    Yes, I use it the same way. I also use it to thoroughly understand myself.

    There are questions that astrology just can't answer.

    Thank you for your very thoughtful answer Zodiacal_macaw1210.

  • It's just always been there!! I've had pre-cog dreams and have seen spirits since I was about 4! I started reading Tarot at 14 for friends and when I was 18, I read at coffee shops and whatnot… it's just evolved over time and been my main job now for the last 10 years. 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing your take Crazy_nat 😀

  • Great answer. I agree- life is a mix of free will and fate.

    I stumbled upon Antero's book yesterday. I like his sense of humor.

  • How did you get into being a psychic medium? (if you don't mind my asking!)

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    I find a very intriguing, intricate and complex topic. For me, it's like a branch of psychology. I've seen astrology labeled as “astro-psychology”. I don't see astrology as any sort of belief system; I've heard the analogy that astrology is a “map”. I don't see as an inclusion to an religion. I've had people ask me, “do you believe in astrology” or “do you beleive in it religiously”.

    I thoroughly study astrology because I use it as a tool to try and figure out who I'm interacting with and what their personality “might be like”. You can say I use it as my way of discerning people.

    I don't find as a New Age topic; this is an ancient “art” that's managed to survive through the ages. I think the reason why it's “New Age” is because more and more people are taking an interest in this topic. People say that this topic is linked to the occult because Wiccans study this topic.

    I find that the Christian community is very on edge about this topic. My aunt told me this topic I need to be extremely careful with. In the past, Popes and cardinals studied this topic and it was allowable while in other ages, it was considered heresy to study the topic. For the Christians really hate the topic, they call it a “link to Satan”. My mother (a conservative Christian woman) says, “it's enough to tickle your ear and get you into it”.

    However, there's a “disclaimer” when it comes to astrology: be careful with it because if you dive too deep into it, then it (astrology) can rule your life.

    I completely understand that astrology won't answer all of my questions like “what morals did this person raise off of” or “what do they look like”, “what ethnicity are they” and the like; it won't give me specifics but it does offer an insight of what might that person be like.

  • Crazy_nat

    Well, when people ask me if I believe in astrology I answer to them that I don't believe in astrology. I believe in God.
    Astrology is just math for me. Numbers and equations in my head. Sometimes colors and shapes too. But math first of all.
    You don't “believe” in math. You believe in something that you can't see.

  • gracehoper

    I adore Antero Alli.

    I no more “believe” in astrology than I “believe” in the Denny's menu. Do I eat the menu at Denny's? No. But it's still a useful way to figure out what I might eat there. Similarly, astrology is a useful model, or map, or menu, for what we call reality, or consciousness.

    Edit: As an aside to the above comment, in my opinion, there is both free will and predestination, and astrology and other divinatory paths provide us the power to choose whether we will simply follow our predestined path or make the much harder choice to exercise free will. The stars show us what will happen if we follow the “default” path, but there is always the choice there of Willing to Change our Paths. It's just very difficult, since most humans are sleeping robots. But with divination and other techniques, one can wake up for a few moments or even longer and make a choice to not follow the predestined path.

  • I really follow the line of “The stars impel, but do not compel.” So they're kinda they're like a road map.. but we all know we can take another road if we want a more scenic route or we can go with the quickest or maybe we'll just drive in the general direction and get there sooner or later! LOL! It's the same with the work I do as an intuitive, psychic medium.. Life is always changing and free will will ALWAYS be there! 🙂