Interception, Landlocked Countries, and Björk


Intercepted signs are like landlocked countries

A landlocked country is a country entirely enclosed by land, or whose only coastlines lie on closed seas.

Historically, being landlocked was regarded as a disadvantageous position. It cuts the country off from sea resources such as fishing, but more importantly cuts off access to seaborne trade which, even today, makes up a large percentage of international trade. Coastal regions tended to be wealthier and more heavily populated than inland ones.

~ Wikipedia

Intercepted planets are your personal resources

Intercepted planets are your personal diamond mines, rainforests and ore deposits that need to be discovered, and then integrated with, the rest of your chart.

These “countries” and resources can remain inaccessible for years. Intercepted signs and planets are isolated from the rest of the chart. They have fewer opportunities to branch out and thrive than planets and signs that are not intercepted. Intercepted signs and planets rely on the planet that rules the sign on the cusp of the house they are intercepted in to gain access to the rest of the chart. Because intercepted planets and signs are somewhat dependent on the sign and planet that rule the cusp, they may be underdeveloped or weak. It often takes a major transit from an outer planet (or Saturn) to access the energy of the intercepted sign and planet. Once they are accessed, they become wellsprings of power and energy- like having relied on foreign oil for 20 years only to discover you had an oil well in your own back yard all along.

Björk’s natal chart

bjorks natal chart with interception

Björk’s natal chart with interception


In Björk’s case, because Capricorn is “landlocked,” her Capricorn planets answer to Jupiter- the ruler of her Sagittarius 2nd house cusp. Sagittarius on the 2nd house cusp acts like a port of access for her Capricorn planets to interact with the rest of her chart. If you think about what it would be like to always have to go through an intermediary, ask for permission, or be stuck in one place, then you can begin to see how intercepted planets and signs behave. Intercepted planets and signs have a feeling of being held back and not getting full expression- like landlocked countries they are in a “disadvantageous position.” They have their own resources but have no way to ship those resources to the rest of the birth chart.

Björk’s intercepted Venus

It’s unlikely that anyone would say Björk is inhibited in her artistic expression, yet Venus is intercepted in her 2nd house. Artistic expression is something that Björk values and something that gives her self-worth. It may be that, up until her 2nd house Venus was transited by Uranus and Neptune in the early ’90s, the artistic process was a deeply personal and insular experience for Björk. Although she released her first album in 1977 at age twelve, and she was a member of the band the Sugarcubes from 1986-1992, it wasn’t until the release of her solo album Debut, in July 1993, that she came into her own as an individual artist and tapped into her personal artistic resources.

Watching Björk’s early Sugarcubes performance followed by her Human Behavior video you can clearly see Björk’s breakthrough in artistic self-expression (unfortunately both videos that were in this post were removed by the users on Youtube so you’ll have to search if you want to see them for yourself).

Duplicate signs

bjork astrology

Björk’s transits July 1993

Having intercepted signs means that you also have duplicate cusps. In Björk’s chart you can see that her 12th house and 1st house are both in Scorpio: her 12th house and 1st house cusps are both covered by the sign Scorpio. On the opposite side of her chart you can see that her 6th and 7th house cusps are both covered by Taurus: her 6th and 7th house are both in Taurus. Houses covered by the same sign have similar interests and work together for mutual benefit.

Putting it together

bjork swan dressIf you have two houses that are ruled by the same sign then you express yourself in a similar way in both of those areas of life. Björk’s approach to the mysterious and the spiritual is similar to her approach to her immediate environment and the way she presents herself. Occasionally, her need to explore the unknown mingles with the image she presents and causes her self-undoing- as in the infamous swan outfit (which I like :)).

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  • Anni SurfingSound

    hi ! i like very much your study about the transits…. seems like you spent much time on that,,,, but i have some different opinion about the reason why she succed despite de fact that the second house has those in capricorn intercepted,…and the ruler of second house also intercepted that u didnt mentioned….. i see from what i ve been studying ( 20 years now of astrology) that even more important than transits,,,, are the sun will, the fact that she moved a lot … Leo in 9 , so, the fact of moving seems to reorder the cusps…and that is what really reactivates de venus, more so If we think in UK as a Capricorn country….. really intersenting your post…. you have much to give , but this is what i learned…. i hope you take this as a shareing of info cuz is all i want, im not trying to be offensive in anyway… warm hugh from southamerica

    • Hi Anni Surfing Sound,

      No offense taken. Since I wrote this post (over 6 years ago) I’ve moved more and more towards the whole sign house system so I don’t deal with interception much at all anymore. There are a few posts of mine, including this one, on AstroFix that I don’t agree with anymore. It would be interesting to write a follow-up interpretation using whole signs to determine the different perspective but I don’t think I’ll get to it any time soon.

      • Anni SurfingSound

        Yes i understand, after some time we tend to consider the whole picture as much experiences we have been studying. Its a weird issue still 4 me, i have not really figured out this yet… What should we think about Finnish ppl? So many in Northlands with interceptions… Are they having an inner life stronger than ppl in Ecuador? Maybe its true…. But still Hard to describe such a personality…. Im from Uruguay and i have interceptions but not 6 signs like the viking fellows…. THANKS again for Being so kind. WISH u good time! 💝

  • Taulant Osmani

    1 house and 2nd house cusp libra(in second house is jupiter in scorpio,pluto conjunct nn in scorpio) and 7th and 8th house cusps aries both(mars in taurus 8th house conjunct Sn and POF….and many more ) so also mars pluto aspect 2nd and 8th.

  • R

    What happens when you have the duplicated signs’ rulers in intercepted houses?

    • Interesting question, R. I’d really have to see the chart to give a good response.

      • R
        • Hi R.,

          So you have the Moon intercepted in Libra in the 5th house as the ruler of the 2nd and 3rd house in Cancer.

          Using whole signs you would still have the Moon in Libra in the 5th house as the ruler of the 2nd house in Cancer.

          Ruler of the 2nd house in the 5th house shows that personal self-esteem could come through having children, letting your creative instincts flow towards personally gratifying projects, or through graceful instinctual sports activities.

          With the Moon intercepted in Libra, you might not be aware of how much an equal partnership could enhance your creative self-esteem. It might take you a while to realize how having someone to share joyful experiences with is a key component to feeling a gut level comfort with whatever level of wealth you achieve.

  • Amonymous

    Wow! I loved this post. I too have intercepted Capricorn-Cancer in 2nd/8th houses respectively. You did mention the affects of duplicated Scorpio in 1st and 12th houses, could you also share your thoughts on the Taurus duplicity? I also happen to have my NN in the 12th house, so I guess activating this axis is ultra important for me?

    • Hi Amonymous,

      With the 6th and 7th houses joined by Taurus, I imagine you’d gain stability by finding a partner with whom you can share your daily activities, even someone who might work for you or with you on collaborative projects, not unlike Bjork did with her longtime boyfriend Matthew Barney.

  • Silvia

    Great article and I love Bjork. Honestly though I really think more study and research needs to be done on intercepted houses and duplicated houses. They say that the further you get from the equator the more spaced they become. I was born in the Dominican Republic, so was most of my family. My mother has intercepted houses. I think most people born in the carribean do. When my mother went to an astrologer, it wasn’t much of a big deal because most of the chart readings she did had intercepted houses. I do too but not the same as my mother’s interception. So it’s kind of odd for me to think that most people are going to have trouble unleashing their potential because of it. This may be just something geological. I live in New York now so most of the reading I’ve done on this is through American and English astrologers who are probably basing their discoveries as people born above the equator. At the same time my younger brother was born in Brooklyn NY and he also has intercepted houses but again not the same as my mother and me. So I also think about genetics that “environment vs destiny” aspect. It’s something to think about you know : )

    Then again It’s also surprisingly accurate about the two houses taking on the work. I have double Gemini in the 2nd and 3rd and Sagittarius in the 8th and 9th I’m a freelance writer and I make good money off of it. I feel like I have an affinity towards writing and communication. Words are important to me. I also got accepted to law school recently, not that that has much relation to Sagittarius but Sagittarius is expansive higher education the traveler. I’ve always felt like higher education has been something fortuitous and that universities have always been lucky institutions for me. Going to college has really transformed and expanded me even when I’m just simply meeting new people everyday I attend class I love it! I love all my professors too. Regardless if I think learning and life learning is more important than studying and just going to school; going to school and pursuing higher education has personally broadened my mind and experience of love on this planet. I also got accepted into a law school far from my home so I have to travel and move somewhere far. I get to go to a very different place which is something exciting for me. I never use to go anywhere before. So education and travel as of lately, has influenced me strongly. I read somewhere that people don’t become their souls until the age of 22 and they don’t feel like their sun signs until then. That it’s as if your whole life has been a dream state and something about the age of 22 wakes you up. I’m 22 and i feel that way. I’m a sun Libra moon Capricorn. I always felt like I acted like a Capricorn more when I was younger and now balance is incredibly important. I’m getting into a legal profession which is archetypally governed by Libra. I also think about the intercepted house dynamo in comparison to the planet system. I have a good amount of libra energy. sun mercury and mars all in libra. My intercepted houses are Aries and libra. I never had much problems integrating libra energy to life (maybe it’s a lack of libra energy environmentally impacted into an individual they’re describing but I always felt like I had the energy in me,) I always naturally connected myself with people even if Im obviously more aware now of how connected I am to others. It’s almost kind of taking hold of my life energy as I get older. I also never had much dilemma taking action for that matter (since Aries is intercepted too.) I guess I’m just always looking to give back. Maybe it is an environmental influence, I grew up with out any money very emotional childhood observing my mothers marriages as well. They were always rocky. So I get the second house of values and money becominb duplicated into the next but I never felt very hindered by a lack of Libra and Aries on the cusps. Im very ambitious, maybe because I wanted to get out of past circumstances.

    I really liked this article but I think there needs to be more info on intercepted and duplicated houses especially pertaining to geology.

    Oh and by the way I LOVE your blog! Muah

  • Jason

    Hi Astrofix. Wondering if you can give me some advice on the interceptions in my chart. I was told to look at the intercepted signs ruler, which in my case I don’t know how it would help.

    OK, so first and seventh intercepted. Uranus, Mars, Moon, and Neptune in Sag, Sag is intercepted, and Jupiter is in the twelfth house, in Scorpio. Gemini ruler Mercury is retrograde, and conjunct Saturn.

    So how would I “unlock” these energies? I do feel those planets in the first house very strongly, and realize I give off very unconscious vibes. I tend to come off too shy, a better word would be inhibited self-expression. As in, I come off super scorpio rising, and inside I want to be unself-conscious and spontaneous. Do you understand what I mean? Or am I being too confusing?

    Thanks in advance for any replies 🙂

  • whynot

    I have a Pisces (1st house) and Virgo (7th house) landlocks. My Sun is Virgo too. How can my Sun respond to the ruler of the cusp (Leo) if the ruler is the Sun? This gives me headaches to understand. Could you give me a short explanation to this?
    Thank you! 🙂

    • It’s very difficult to give an explanation without seeing your chart. Is Mercury also intercepted? Mercury is an outlet for your Sun in Virgo (since Virgo is ruled by Mercury).

  • Wikyhawk

    my date of birth is 23 December 1985 . how to calculate my landlock? can anybody make this for me please 🙂  

    • Hi Wikyhawk,

      Soon I’ll be making a video on how to read your houses, including interceptions.

  • So, Pluto in Scorpio did have a big effect on you. I thought it might have, but then I wondered if you were too young to notice it.

  • Anonymous

    I had some pretty radical Scorpionic realizations when Pluto was transiting Scorpio through 1995. There were definitely issues of security I had to deal with, my father almost died during that time, and I even almost died as well. I may not have understood what was going on at that time, I was definitely aware and extremely sensitive to it.

  • You haven’t had any major transits to your intercepted houses yet. When Uranus enters Taurus, in what, about 8 years, you may have some sudden insights into your Taurean side.

  • Anonymous

    Oh! I think I might want to hone my psychic skills as well. Fascinating.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Michelle,

    Bjork is such an interesting person! I like the analogy of landlocked countries. I have Scorpio/Taurus intercepted in 4th/10th. I have unaspected Mercury intercepted in 10th. Like gracehoper, I’ve never really been able to determine how “intercepted” it is. I do feel like it’s kind of done it’s own thing. Communicating and intelligence are definitely strong points in my psyche. So I think transits, it’s location in my chart, and it’s disposition of my Sun, Mars, and NN play a big part in it’s effectiveness. However, the parts of the articles referring simply to the signs being intercepted seem to be more pertinent. I noticed I commented on that Holistic Astrologer article when it first came out so I’ll just paste what I typed there:

    “My intercepted signs are Scorpio in the 4th house and Taurus in the 10th house. So my 10th house gatekeeper is Aries and 4th house gatekeeper is Libra. I’m not really sure how to interpret. I would say that I identified with those cardinal signs very early on in those houses (maybe because my MC/IC axis is heavily aspected). I was (and can still be) extremely impulsive and impatient when it came to getting what I wanted in life or reaching goals (Aries MC). I had no staying power (Taurus intercepted) if I was not absolutely passionate about it. And Libra on the IC led me to be so diplomatic and equivocal growing up, it was very hard for me to settle to even choose my goals. It was also difficult develop much depth with my family (Scorpio intercepted). I always felt disconnected in a way…at least until I got toward my teenage years. I’ve definitely balanced those out and accessed my intercepted signs.”

    Venus and Pluto are very important planets in my chart and exactly square, which is probably why the interceptions were very present in my life.

  • I think you’ll experience the difference between intercepted Uranus and activated Uranus when you have your Uranus opposition. You might feel like you are suddenly wide awake.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never had a very good handle on my intercepted planets, which I suppose is one of the definitions of having intercepted planets. Pluto and Uranus in Libra in the 4th. But Pluto is at 1Libra conjunct the IC at 26ish Virgo. So I’ve often felt that in a way it’s not as intercepted as it looks, having that conjunction to one of the major angles. And Uranus, being so tightly connected to other planets in my chart (exact aspects to Saturn and Sun and for people unlike me who use it, Chiron) – I think I’ve “felt” Uranian all my life; I’m certainly not your regular possessive, earthbound Taurus. But Uranus is quincunx my Sun, so the issues I’ve felt in my life of always being “the loner” or the “weirdo” are hardly distinguishable from what I might experience with interception, I think. I dunno.

    Luckily, I’ll have the excellent chance to watch what happens when Saturn finally gets the heck off of my intercepted Pluto, where it’s been going back and forth for over a year, and finally moves on to conjunct my Uranus and trine natal Saturn in a couple of years– perfect chance to see how that intercepted Uranus responds!

  • Anonymous

    so its neutral… anyway, yep! my 7th house cusp is pretty intense. h aha not sure what tha tmeans but what i noticed is that i have this inner longing and desire to be in a partnership or marriage.

  • It’s not good or bad to have interception, or not.

    You have a very intense 7th house cusp.

  • Anonymous

    lol! cool! is that true?! ha ha maybe thats why i am so unplugged! ha ha judging from ur description, then it is a good thing i dont have interception, right?or its a bad thing because i dont have undiscovered resources? which is which? so it also means i dont have duplicated signs. i thought that i might have this intercepted thing somewhere in my lovelife because i am having a hard time partnering.

  • The reason you are having trouble finding your interception is that you don’t have any interception 😉

  • Anonymous
  • If you add a link to your chart I can take a look.

  • Anonymous

    haist! i am still having a hard time determining which is intercepted and duplicated in my chart. =( it is terribly confusing.

  • I was feeling in a Bjork kinda mood today too 😀 She’s great.

    Thank you for the video 🙂

  • Wow! I love that you awakened to your own spiritual authority with Pluto’s transit, and that you drew strength from accepting your psychic abilities. What a great unfolding of so much potential.

    instead of being clear with my boundaries and expectations.
    I think that’s a really good way to look at it. Capricorn anything shouldn’t be settling. The Kevin Burk link at the bottom mentions the boundary issue in relation to interception.

    They do answer to 2 authorities. The ruler of the intercepted sign is the co-ruler of the house. They both rule the house but the co-ruler has less authority.

  • firetiger

    i dont have any intercepted houses and i use whole signs anyway buuuuttttt~ i’ve been on a huge bjork kick lately…. kinda funny to see this on ur blog 😀 have fun today!

  • Anonymous

    I love Bjork, now you’ve inspired me to play some of her tracks…especially “All Is Full Of Love”

    I have Capricorn-Cancer landlocked in the 1st and 7th houses with Neptune in the 1st in Capricorn. I believe what you say about how a major transit wakes up the energy there. Pluto is currently rolling back and forth over my Neptune after decimating my Sun & Asc about 3 years ago. In any event I think I’ve always tried to hide my psychic abilities, but when Pluto arrived I actually took up psychic intuitive meditation classes and honed my skills! Lol, leave it to Capricorn to do things in a practical step by step way! Now I feel like I’m less afraid of my own authority, and my ability to set up goals and actually get things done, follow through on things and be dedicated to seeing something finished to its completion. (Trust this is no easy feat for a super Sag with a Pisces moon!)

    My Cancer 7th house I’m a little less in touch with. I think Pluto is pushing me to upfront with my desires surrounding relationships, I like to nurture as well as be nurtured, but I think I easily settle for whatever comes my way, instead of being clear with my boundaries and expectations. I don’t know if that makes sense…any thoughts?

    By the way, do these houses answer to 2 authorities. (Ie: My 1st house Jupiter & Saturn and the 7th to Mercury & Moon)

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