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Everybody dreams, but not everyone is naturally a strong dreamer. Some people are more likely to remember their dreams and to take an active role in dream recall and exploration. Those people not only remember their dreams in minute detail, but also have the ability to achieve lucidity and control the direction of their dreams. Anyone can develop dreaming ability, but like most other talents and abilities, some people have it naturally, and other people develop it through sheer effort and concentration. Sometimes it takes a trigger- like a transit or progression- to open you up to your latent dreaming power.

Letting Go into the Flow

Strong dreamers have a certain comfort level with ambiguity and they accept that the borders of conscious awareness can blur. Because they open themselves up to experiences beyond strict “reality”, they can experience levels of awareness that go beyond everyday waking life.

Astrological Indicators of Strong Dreamers

Neptune Contacts

  • Contacts between Neptune and the Sun or Moon
  • Neptune in the 4th, 8th or 12th house,
  • Neptune in aspect to the ruler of the 12th house
  • Neptune on an angle or in aspect to one of the angles (ascendant, IC, MC or descendant)
  • Neptune as the ruler of the 12th house

These all seem to be indicators of strong dreamers.

Neptune, like Uranus and Pluto, indicates experiences that are beyond rational, personal control. Neptune in your chart shows how your personal boundaries blur to merge with something greater.


With Neptune in aspect to the Sun, the drive to individuate and become a separate person becomes diffused. Although the ego is still present (and there can be spiritual egotism- check out Funkastrology’s series on natal Sun Neptune aspects) the boundaries of the self are permeable. “You” are diffused, and because you are diffused, you are open (and susceptible) to whatever is in the atmosphere. Picking up on so many subtle influences during the day makes it necessary to have a psychic detox every night- through your dreams.


hazy woodsWith the Moon in aspect to Neptune there is something to be said about being comfortable in the realm of intangible experience. Moon/Neptune people are most sensitive to emotional states, with their own emotional comfort zone having indistinct boundaries. They are most likely to pick up on moods and emotions above all else. Collecting this emotional debris indiscriminately causes them, like the Sun/Neptune person, to need some type of outlet to make sense of the material, or assimilate it.

Unfortunately, with the Sun and Moon in aspect to Neptune, if the person gets overwhelmed by everything they absorb, they may resort to numbing or dulling their sensitivity by whatever means they have available to them.

The Water Houses

The 12th house seems to have the most obvious association with dreams. The 12th house contains all the stuff that you are not aware of- your self-sabotaging habits, your fantasies- and your mystical experiences. The 12th house is also about retreat, respite, and the things you do alone. Dreaming is an activity that you must do by yourself. Although you can form a dream group, or try to meet up with people in the dream world, you alone have full access to your own dreaming life.

The 8th house is a repository for emotional repression, and the suppression of personality forces that other people might consider taboo. In some ways the 8th house is like an emotional garbage dump. Being associated with Scorpio and Pluto, the 8th house isn’t particularly mystical like Neptune or the 12th house. It has a lot to do with detective work and snooping that leads to understanding. The 8th house’s need to crack every mystery gives planets within it a natural fascination with the hidden realm of dreams. An emphasis on the 8th house through having personal planets or Neptune there, or by having the ruler of the 12th house in the 8th house, most likely means that you use dreams to gain a deeper understanding of your own underlying motivations, unconscious complexes and issues, or that you work with other people’s “dream stuff.”

The 4th house is your base of operation- the basement of your personality. If you have Neptune in your basement, then your personality rests on a hazy foundation. A fundamental structural component of your personality is that your personality has no distinct structural components to rest on at all. This lack of a distinct structure leaves you open to, positively and negatively, transcendent, vague, dream-like experiences. Maybe, for you, life really is a dream

9th House

The 9th house seems a less likely placement to indicate a strong dreamer if only because the 9th house is concerned with Truth, with a capital T. However, people with 9th house placements seem to have an innate understanding of archetypes. They have the ability to see people as living archetypal embodiments. Ninth house people tend to see people as Mother, Father, Crone, Wise Woman or Wise Man and easily identify people as such. In this respect, a person who is an active dreamer and who has strong 9th house placements may have an advantage in understanding and recognizing archetypes in action in the dream world, and therefore could have a better understanding of the fundamental meaning of their dreams.


The astrological signs show how you express a planetary energy. Pisces planets have a natural affinity to the dream world, being ruled by Neptune. Pisces planets can express themselves in a spaced out, dreamy, artistic and sensitive way, but they don’t necessarily remember or work with their dreams. Pisces planets still seem to need an outer kick from Neptune, or be placed in a water house to actually make use of this natural affinity to the dream world. What do you think?

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Recommended Dream Journal Program

Alchera– Comes with a built-in dream dictionary which you can edit to add your own definitions and your own words. Rather than sifting through notebooks of handwritten dreams, you can easily find any occurrence of any symbol by year, or through all of your dreams combined. You will discover patterns that you hadn’t been aware of, symbols that you might not have paid attention to, and so much more. I highly recommend this- and I don’t get a commission for doing it. I just think it’s a must if you want to start taking your dreams seriously. It’s so much easier to get a grasp on your dreams if they are organized and easy to access.

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  • Michelle

    Thank you Chris 😀

    That stinks!

  • MyAstroChris

    I mean more in the way of life dreams & goals and not sleeping dreams…i.e. like someone will be passionate about starting a business idea and then somehow get me to do all the work for them :|….they can smell my Virgo Moon conjunct Virgo AC from a mile away I guess.

    I enjoy your posts and read them often…good stuff!

  • Michelle

    Excellent dream tips 😉

  • Christine Truong

    I wonder if I feel detached from my dreams because Virgo rules my 12th house.

    Some helpful tips when it comes to remembering dreams. I think you have to make conscious, delibrate decisions that your dreams are important and that you’re going to remember them. Saying to yourself mentally (or even outloud) during the day and before you go to bed that you will remember your dreams. Like, willfull dreaming. 😛

    Also, upon waking up, I find that it’s helpful to lie in bed for a couple of minutes to kind of recollect the pieces of my dreams until they feel somewhat coherent to me.

    For lucid dreaming: during the day, look at your hands and ask yourself if you are dreaming. Try to do things you wouldn’t be able to do in the real world. Once you realize that you’re unable to do them, tell yourself that you’re awake. I know it sounds silly, but the first day I did this very small ritual, I was lucid in my dreams.

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm, I like that theory. When I tend to feel overwhelmed and I do escape, I do tend to do so pretty completely. So, I can see that.

    And thank you for that link!

  • Michelle

    I also have a tendency to take on other people’s dreams
    What do you mean by that?

    Thanks for stopping by Chris, I haven’t heard from you in a while :)

  • Michelle

    as a kid i had horrible nightmares and very strong imagination and was deathly afraid of the dark
    Me too :)

    It doesn’t sound trippy- I really think it’s a natural evolution toward trusting your inner wisdom. I think that having a strong dream life and a normal waking life are completely compatible, and that it is actually healthy.

  • Michelle

    There’s a lot of mixed information about which house rules dreams, but my feelings is that the 12th,8th,9th,4th rule different aspects of the dreaming process. I don’t think the dream world is any less “real” than the real world either.

    Thank you for stopping by 😀

  • Michelle

    That’s such a good question. My boyfriend has many of these aspects too, but he rarely remembers his dreams (Water grand trine: saturn/chiron-moon/neptune-jupiter, and jupiter is the ruler of the 12th house).

    I almost wonder if having too many of these aspects results in a kind of complete letting go during sleep, almost like disappearing. Maybe there is so much atmospheric/psychic intake during the day that you dissolve during sleep- what do you think?

    My favorite source for aspect interpretations is a site that I’m not even sure what it’s name is- I call it Magyan. The address is
    It has interpretations for the Asc. and MC, and the major asteroids, including the minor aspects like the quintile/biquintile.

  • MyAstroChris

    Neptune is on my IC and is squaring both my Sun & Moon. Incidentally, my Sun is in Pisces and is the ruler of my 12th house…I also have Mars in Pisces. Yes, I am a vivid dreamer and have a difficult time distinguishing daydreams from reality sometimes. I also have a tendency to take on other people’s dreams and forget mine…until I wake up!

  • Michelle

    I think having any planets in the water houses or having watery signs (especially Moon or Neptune) on the cusps of the water houses or water houses connected via rulers will increase the “strength” of a dreamer. Scorpio allows for more control/repression of subconscious material. Pisces has less control, makes for more of a passive observer, having difficulty distinguishing between dream state and non-dream state (e.g. “waking” in the dream, still believing one is in a dream when awake). Cancer is a lot more prophetic than many give it credit for…
    That makes sense. I wonder how much of it has to do with the desire to control dreams- you have the desire and you make a conscious intention before falling asleep so you get answers (I do the same thing ;D) Where do you think the ability to tell yourself what to do comes from?

    • Jara

      I don’t know.

      • Michelle

        Me neither, but I think it indicates strong self-will.

  • Lua Astrology

    I have kept a dream diary for 26 years and have always dreamed vividly and had very good recall. To me as a child whilst I was aware the dreams were a different reality I still saw them as a reality of their own and no less ‘real’ despite what everyone else told me!
    I have a stellium of planets in the 9th house, Neptune in the 4th. Neptune is part of a yod which points to Mercury in the 9th. I have always had a ‘gift’ for understanding the language of dreams. (The other player in the yod is Uranus). Like you say in your post – the 9th does rule symbolic language (as opposed to the 3rd ruling written and spoken language). A long time ago I heard the 9th house was once called The House of Dreams.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting post!

    I have often wondered why I am not a strong dreamer. I almost never recall my dreams. What I sometimes wake up with are emotions from the dream I can’t recall, but I very rarely recall any details. But the emotions do linger. I notice the same phenomenon with experiences that upset me in waking life. As times goes on, I usually don’t recall the details of how people hurt or upset me, but that feelings will linger for years.

    Judging by my chart, one would think I would be a very vivid dreamer:

    Neptune is in aspect to every planet in my chart.
    My Virgo Sun squares my Sagittarius Neptune.
    My Scorpio Moon is conjunct my Sagittarius Neptune.
    My Neptune is in the 4th house.
    The ruler of my 12th house is the Moon, which is conjunct Neptune.
    Neptune is quincunx my MC. ( I have often wondered if there is a website that also shows aspects to the IC & DC. Would you know?)

    Can you think of any astrological factors that might oppose the natural ability to be a strong dreamer? As you have said, perhaps it is merely a function of not having taken the time and effort to develop the ability that lies within.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for this amazing post about neptune! i have a strong neptune signature. it’s on 1st/2nd house cusp, trines MC, sesquiquadrates moon, and square mercury. pisces is intercepted in my 4th and i’ve saturn-pluto at the top of my scorpio 12th house.

    also my progressed neptune is conjunct my ascendant.

    anyway i’ve grown to trust my dreams. as a kid i had horrible nightmares and very strong imagination and was deathly afraid of the dark. but as i became more aware of my psychic energy (and its magnetism), and as i’ve centered myself spiritually, my dreams have become a safe haven. i’ve learned to use my imagination to focus on what i truly want, and no longer feel victimized by outside forces.

    i know this sounds trippy but it’s very true for me! and i’m just a normal person with a regular job, healthy lifestyle, etc (typical virgo).

  • Jara

    Hmm… I don’t have ANY of the placements/aspects you mentioned yet I’m a very strong dreamer. I can tell myself before sleeping that I want to have a solution to problem XYZ and I will have one in the morning. I remember my “conscious” dreams in detail and they’re often prophetic. Saturn in 9th (truth-seeker, reality-seeker) takes much of the symbolism out of the dreams. The “lessons” or “meanings” don’t take too much analysis to understand them.

    I think having any planets in the water houses or having watery signs (especially Moon or Neptune) on the cusps of the water houses or water houses connected via rulers will increase the “strength” of a dreamer. Scorpio allows for more control/repression of subconscious material. Pisces has less control, makes for more of a passive observer, having difficulty distinguishing between dream state and non-dream state (e.g. “waking” in the dream, still believing one is in a dream when awake). Cancer is a lot more prophetic than many give it credit for…

    My mom is a strong dreamer. She can control her dreams and daydreams. Go “out of body” at will. She has grand trine in water planets involving Moon-Venus-Mars-Neptune. I think she has Neptune on an angle (7th).

  • Michelle

    I wondered what you might have to say about this post.

    does that even make sense??
    Sure, that makes sense. I think that being a passive observer is about still not making fully conscious, purposeful decisions. Even though you are doing things, you’re still not making clear, aware decisions to do them, with intent.

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  • Christine Truong

    Cool blog!

    The closest trine to my Sun is a Uranus trine, followed by a Neptune trine with Neptune conjunct my IC. I have a Jupiter-Chiron conjunction in the 9th house and a very tight Neptune-Mercury trine. Mars in Pisces in the 5th, and Venus in Pisces in the 6th.

    I really don’t have any problem recalling dreams once I make an effort. I read somewhere once that in order to start remembering your dreams, or getting to lucid dreaming, your dreams really have to start being important to you. I’ve found that when writing about my dreams, I can be extremely detailed, remembering exactly what I see and how I feel.

    Although I’ve only achieved lucidity a few times, I feel extremely “conscious” in my dreams. While I may be DOING things, I always feel as if I am a passive observer in events, even if I am participating in things. So, I don’t know if this makes sense, but I always feel like my physical self in dreams and my physical self is often detached from the dream world. Haha, does that even make sense??

    I don’t think I was always this way, but in the last couple of years… it’s almost as if I’ve been extremely sober in my dreams. Like, bad things will happen and I know that I feel hurt or sad, or whatever, but I’m detached them. I think it’s because somewhere, in the deep cradle of my mind, I know that I’m dreaming.

  • Michelle

    I like waking up with a dream just fading slightly, and then sometimes an event will re trigger the memory
    I like that when that happens too.

    It is difficult to know what to do when you have a dream like that, especially because you don’t always know what it’s about until after the fact.

  • Anonymous

    Neptune in the 1st conjunct the Sun & Asc, Moon in Pisces in the 3rd. I do have pretty vivid dreams, but it comes in cycles. There will be a period of heavy dreaming followed by a period of “dreamless” sleep. I kinda like waking up with a dream just fading slightly, and then sometimes an event will re trigger the memory. I have had some prophetic dreams too. I foresaw my Father’s stroke (though I didn’t understand the dream then), and when he had it I woke up with stabbing-blinding pain. He’s fine now, but it does scare me to dream things like that not knowing what I can do about it.