Nodal Synastry and the Magic Bullet

There is no magic bullet. There is no one connection that can say, “Yes! We are destined for each other: YOU ARE THE ONE.”

super woman mug with painted nailsAspects between charts, and in composite, tell what type of energy is present in the relationship- but not whether that energy is right for you. Rather than searching for “good” connections, look for the connections that give you what you want.

What you want in a relationship, what will make you happy, isn’t necessarily “Their node on my Venus.” Relationships don’t need to be full of karmic ties and baggage to be right for you. Starting fresh- with someone you’ve never met before, someone with few, if any, nodal connections- might be just the thing.

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I’m Michelle and I have an Aries Sun, Leo Moon & Virgo rising.

  • i dont understand how you put two people charts together to come up with that couples aspects in synastry

    • Michelle

      Go to, then click on page 4 and select extended chart selection. 
      Enter the birth data for both people. 
      From the drop down box Please select the type of chart you want select Synastry (2). Then “click here to see the chart.” 
      You’ll see the combined chart. 
      If you click on the link View the additional tables (PDF) you’ll see the full table of aspects.

  • Anonymous

    you know michelle, i am curious about this synastry thing right now as i am feeling attraction towards this guy. the problem is there’s no way i would know his time of birth because he doesn’t know it as well. i ownder how synastry works. when i look at my chart and his chart: there are few points that somehow i feel important. my juno and neptune is tightly conjunct with his mars and neptune in sagitarrius. my pars forntunae is in between his north node and saturn in virgo. my ceres in scorpio is in between his venus and uranus. and his juno in acquarius is also near my moon.

    i wonder if this is how synastry works? coz i am having this feeling towards this man that i’ve never felt before. its really weird. really really weird. please help- thanks

    • I think it’s best to look at the basics in synastry when the relationship is just starting, so looking at aspects between the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn are good places to start. You should be able to tell quite a bit from that, even without his birth time. The only planet that could be off a lot is the Moon; however, you can see where the Moon was at the beginning and end of the day he was born to determine the degree range it might be in.

      • Anonymous

        ok, ill check it out. question: his moon is in aries, since aries is my first house, hows that suppose to be? his sun mercury, neptune and mars are all in sag. my sun is in cancer. im considering his moon aspect to jupiter because my ruler is moon and his is jupiter. we both have trine. am i on the right track? btw, his chiron and my chiron are both in taurus. thank you

  • Anonymous

    What if you have His South Node trine your North Node? and Vice Versa?

    Also, thank you for this post.
    I think that there can be other factors too. 🙂
    but I had to ask about this one…..this stuck out.

    • There are definitely other factors. I think the basic planets need to be looked at before you can even look at the nodes.

      I don’t know if that would be a significant connection- are the North Nodes in aspect? Sextile maybe?

      • Anonymous

        Thank you 🙂

        I thought that it was kind of different, nobody ever mentions
        in synastry about the SN and NN being in aspect to one another, not
        that I’ve read anyway.

        Anyway, No, the North Nodes, oddly enough, aren’t aspecting eachother.
        You’d think they would with the SN trine NN aspect.

        I just want to show you how many aspects to the NN/SN there are,
        it seems amazing to me,but not something I’m going to run away
        with. 🙂
        There’s alot of other things to look at between the two charts. 🙂

        This is just from Me to Him …

        Mer (Sco 05°25’) – NNd (Leo 03°51’): square (90°00’) orb: 1°34’
        Mer (Sco 05°25’) – SNd (Aqu 03°51’): square (90°00’) orb: 1°34’
        Sun (Sco 00°21’) – NNd (Leo 03°51’): square (90°00’) orb: 3°30’
        Sun (Sco 00°21’) – SNd (Aqu 03°51’): square (90°00’) orb: 3°30’
        Ven (Sag 08°29’) – NNd (Leo 03°51’): trine (120°00’) orb: 4°38’
        Ven (Sag 08°29’) – SNd (Aqu 03°51’): sextile (60°00’) orb: 4°38’
        Mar (Sco 03°00’) – NNd (Leo 03°51’): square (90°00’) orb: 0°52’
        Mar (Sco 03°00’) – SNd (Aqu 03°51’): square (90°00’) orb: 0°52’
        Jup (Tau 02°53’) – NNd (Leo 03°51’): square (90°00’) orb: 0°58’
        Jup (Tau 02°53’) – SNd (Aqu 03°51’): square (90°00’) orb: 0°58’
        NNd (Lib 09°51’) – Moo (Can 15°26’): square (90°00’) orb: 5°35’
        NNd (Lib 09°51’) – Ven (Gem 14°37’): trine (120°00’) orb: 4°46’
        NNd (Lib 09°51’) – Jup (Cap 06°53’): square (90°00’) orb: 2°58’
        NNd (Lib 09°51’) – Nep (Lib 15°20’): conjunction (0°00’) orb: 5°29’
        NNd (Lib 09°51’) – Plu (Leo 13°50’): sextile (60°00’) orb: 3°59’
        NNd (Lib 09°51’) – SNd (Aqu 03°51’): trine (120°00’) orb: 6°00’
        NNd (Lib 09°51’) – Chi (Aqu 11°45’): trine (120°00’) orb: 1°54’
        SNd (Ari 09°51’) – Moo (Can 15°26’): square (90°00’) orb: 5°35’
        SNd (Ari 09°51’) – Ven (Gem 14°37’): sextile (60°00’) orb: 4°46’
        SNd (Ari 09°51’) – Jup (Cap 06°53’): square (90°00’) orb: 2°58’
        SNd (Ari 09°51’) – Ura (Leo 02°17’): trine (120°00’) orb: 7°34’
        SNd (Ari 09°51’) – Nep (Lib 15°20’): opposition (180°00’) orb: 5°29’
        SNd (Ari 09°51’) – Plu (Leo 13°50’): trine (120°00’) orb: 3°59’
        SNd (Ari 09°51’) – NNd (Leo 03°51’): trine (120°00’) orb: 6°00’
        SNd (Ari 09°51’) – Chi (Aqu 11°45’): sextile (60°00’) orb: 1°54’
        Chi (Ari 04°57’) – NNd (Leo 03°51’): trine (120°00’) orb: 1°06’
        Chi (Ari 04°57’) – SNd (Aqu 03°51’): sextile (60°00’) orb: 1°06’
        Jun (Lib 09°27’) – NNd (Leo 03°51’): sextile (60°00’) orb: 5°36’
        Jun (Lib 09°27’) – SNd (Aqu 03°51’): trine (120°00’) orb: 5°36’

        Thank you again….Have a good evening/day !^_^

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  • Crazy_nat

    Thank you for reminding that to us! 🙂

    • You’re welcome 😀 When you look at your synastry charts do you find yourself searching out the “love connections”?

      • Crazy_nat

        Oh of course I do! Specially if I like the guy.
        A guy I really liked has his Moon and North Node in Libra and the relationships that he is having most of them are with Libras.
        We never had a relationship, but it seems to me that a Libra is for him an easy solution. His current girlfriend is a Libra. His N.Node is in conj with her Sun (7 degrees) and in oppos to her moon (3 degrees).
        We also had good aspects between his North node and my Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Vertex.
        Your post reminded me that it is so easy to get into that trap. The “He is the one” trap. I thought he was. He might be. WHO KNOWS? Not the Nodes certainly…

        • I think the nodes can show strong connections, but I think too many people try to look at it from the point of view of “this aspect means this kind of relationship.” Even if you have a lot of strong connections, and feel strongly about someone, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work out- not to be a downer!

          • Crazy_nat

            Oh you ‘re SO right!!! 🙂

            • Too bad, huh? 😉

              • Crazy_nat