Venus/Mars Aspects


venus-mars-aspectsThe planet of love meets the planet of desire. Harmony or conflict between inner masculine and feminine forces. Inability to reconcile masculine and feminine forces within. Action and attraction clash or blending. Angry with women. Overly compromising with men. Angry at having to be in a relationship. Conflicts between needing social interaction and the desire to do what you want when you want. Attracting what you want. Sexual frustration. Frustration or ease in relationships (depending on the aspect). Aggressive flirts. Conflicts Actively flirtatious. Conflicts about whether to be the aggressor or the pursued. Aggressive attractiveness. Angry love. Passive aggressive. Acting for peace. Harmonizing actions. Harmonizing forces. Aggressive relationships. Assertive in relationships. Selfish in relationships. Inability to have a harmonious relationship. Using manipulation to get what you want. Acting on desire. Using charm to get what you want. Sexually self-assertive. The drive to get what you want. Gender issues.

Hot. Ardent. The courage to love. The courage to persevere in relationships. The courage to go after what you want. Sexual magnetism. Sexually attractive. Attractive force. Animal sensuality. The desires of the base instincts. Conflicts between wanting a relationship and wanting sex. Conflicts between wanting a relationship and desiring the thrill of the chase. Conflict or harmony between the coarse aspects of the personality and the refined aspects of the personality. Sexual refinement. Valuing physical force. Feeling attracted to physically forceful people. Feeling attracted to aggressive people. Forcing your aesthetic. Forcing your personal taste. Conflict or harmony between social urges and selfish drives. Competitive in love. Competitive in social situations. Competitive in relationships. Beauty competitions.

Knowing what you want and taking the initiative to get it. Taking the initiative in relationships. Taking the initiative in social situations. Leading the relationship. Taking the lead in negotiations. The first to try to a new style. Being at the leading edge of style. Showing the way in art, fashion, beauty or style. A creative leader. A social pioneer. An artistic pioneer. A pioneer in money and finance. The drive for wealth. The drive for comfort. The drive for sensual pleasure. Irritable in relationships. Irritable with social demands. Physical grace. Graceful movement. A perfect blend of masculine and feminine. Forceful yet tactful. Assertive yet cooperative. Driven yet peaceful. Conflicts between getting along and getting what you want. Problems compromising. Stimulating relationships. Physically symmetrical. Sexual charm. Sexual balance. Cohesive energy. Putting energy into relationships. Putting energy into creativity. Putting energy into the way you look. Putting effort into your appearance. Putting energy into being attractive. Angry about beauty. Competing in artistic competitions. Viewing love as a competition. Looking for the next conquest. Impatient in social situations. Impatient in relationships. Self-assertive in relationships. Self-assertive in creative pursuits. Self-assertive in social situations. Self-assertive in securing funds.

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  • Vivian

    Venue trine Mars . mars in Aries moon. I relate with most of what’s been said. Especially , the parts about being aggressive in love, going after what and who I want and not being afraid to try new things. Pioneer. I have a strong curvy athletic physique!

  • minnime

    I have venus conjuction mars in gemini.Mars is in the tenth house while venus is in the nineth.They also both form a conjuction with my MC which is in gemini.Is it ok if I ask an opinion on this?

    • May I see your chart?

      • minnime

        Can I send it to an email adress or something? 🙂

        • What is interesting about your Venus/Mars conjunction is that they make only that conjunction to one another and no major aspects to any other planets in your chart. It’s like an isolated conjunction. To me it would seem that you might be in your own world when it comes to love. You could see yourself as an elite literary star or an unobtainable object of desire. Perhaps other people see you this way too. It might be hard for people to actually break through to make a more personal love connection with you. What do you think?

          • minnime

            I have always wondered not just about this aspect but also about horoscope in general:can negative influences of aspects be fixed or I’m condemned to whatever that aspect gives?What I’m trying to say is:I can still be happy and have a good life even if my horoscope is bad since I have a lot of bad aspects and not a lot of good ones.As for the conjuction,I guess it’s true,I just want to ask about that semi square between mercury and venus.

            • I have a lot of “bad” aspects too. My perspective now that I’m older is that we are who we are and that we have to work with our ourselves and accept ourselves. Every negative personality trait carries with it a powerful positive flip-side that shows through with greater mastery.

              • minnime

                Thank you for this reply.And thank you for the analysis. 🙂

  • BruceL33ROY

    Venus Conjunct Mars in Capricorn in 3rd. Whew it definitely makes me have very high standards, noticing every little flaw. My Venus conjuncts neptune as well so very idealistic and picky aboutt the women I bring in my life, most just friends which they cant stand. The only girl I every loved and really want to be with my Venus conjuncts her Neptune as well as her Uranus. Also my Mars conjuncts her Neptune and her Uranus as well. Think she is my Twin Flame. Please Help!!!

  • peter

    Excuse, wat would you say about about the inconjunction between Capricorn Venus and Leo mars,

    • The boss … with irreconcilable differences between the need to be flashy and get attention, and the need to go by the book and be respected.

  • joe

    I have my Venus mars midpoint conjunct my sun 0.30 degreess, and I resonate with everything here, it almost described my total love life haha

  • Kym

    How would I go about getting the best out of this aspect if I have them conjunct in capricorn? I’m never sure of how to interpret the conjunct aspect. On one hand, I read that it is neutral, other times I read that it is harmonic and then I also read that it is like the two energies are fighting for dominance. I’m not quite sure how to read it in my own chart. It’s the only major aspect my mars makes besides a semi-sextile to pluto but my venus is also square my moon.

    • I tend to read conjunctions as two energies being fused together. The tighter the conjunction, the more fused the energies. When you have a tight conjunction it can be difficult to discern that there is any difference between the energies at all.

      You might try seeing if you know anyone with the opposition. They should be able to give you perspective since they have the ability to view either energy from afar (unless they decide to side with one half of the opposition over the other – then they’d need more self-integration and could probably learn a thing or two from you!)

  • Mazzai

    I have Venus semi square Mars and I was wondering how does this aspect work?

    • Good question, Mazzai. Sorry it took so long to respond.
      From “Aspects in Astrology” by Sue Tompkins:
      … semi-squares and sesquiquadrates ‘can be remarkably productive of solid concrete results’. … They manifest and become actualised in a very obvious exterior way in the world. … semi-squares tend to force some kind of release.

      Regarding Venus/Mars, I’d expect you to absolutely have passionate, ardent love relationships in real life, not just fantasies or longings that are never fulfilled – unless Neptune strongly figures into the Venus/Mars relationship.

  • Ajay

    I have both mars and venus in 4th house and no.12 written in that house can you elaborate furthe plz ??

    • Hi Ajay, I don’t understand your question.

    • cm

      i hv the same conuction but 11 in it?? plz contact me to discuss. at

  • Saive

    I have Venus in Leo square Mars in Scorpio (conjunct Uranus), very very stressful for me, as Venus is on my Ascendant. I feel like a rebellious swarthy broody creature on the inside, with a loudmouth show off embarrassing me, it’s painful! Leo and Scorpio are both fixed, they both like loyalty… other than that, any ideas on how I can integrate them?

    • Concentrate on the best of both worlds … Leo’s warmth, dignity, integrity, creativity, and playfulness, combined with Scorpio’s depth, passion, emotion, and intensity.

  • Chicago Made Punk

    I have venus trine mars exact. I have been looking for interpretations or opinions about this aspect all over the internet, and sadly just did find a few. There is more interpretations about the square and the conjunction. I just want to know, how with this aspect, people see me…do I have some kind of charm? what kind of vibes people get from me? I cannot seem to attract anyone, let alone people that I really like 🙁 . I have the Venus in cancer, and the Mars in scorpio… exact Trine. Sorry for my english, hope someone can tell me something about my aspect. Thanks in advance 😀

    • Hi CMP,

      Yes, the trine usually does give charm and ease in sexual relationships. How old are you?

  • Chicago Made Punk

    I have venus trine mars exact. I have been looking for interpretations or opinions about this aspect all over the internet, and sadly just did find a few. There is more interpretations about the square and the conjunction. I just want to know, how with this aspect, people see me…do I have some kind of charm? what kind of vibes people get from me? I cannot seem to attract anyone, let alone people that I really like 🙁 . I have the Venus in cancer, and the Mars in scorpio… exact Trine. Sorry for my english, hope someone can tell me something about my aspect. Thanks in advance 😀

  • vishal

    very nice describe..

  • niecy

    I love this! Me totally. I have a venus-mars conjunction on the leo/vrigo cusp. However it squares my eros in Scorpio. I am a very passionate person in sexual relationships but too much intrigued by sex to get overtly involved emotionally; I have also been told that I ooze sexuality, which is problematic. Well let’s just say I am a very sexual person, and it’s detrimental to a emotional connection. Both men and women are attracted to me, but mostly only sexually. I always want more but the urge to have sex first gets in the way of me developing a mental connection with either.

  • Catharine

    Thank you for this post [and all the replies]. I am still learning a lot about all of this, and how it effects me. I am gathering that I do NOT have a very good aspect for ever having a successful relationship but hoping I am wrong. I have Mars and Venus at Cancer 17’46” and 17’47” respectively in my 7th house. And Orcus [prison] nearby at roughly Cancer 14’02” also in my 7th house.

  • Venus square Mars = spinster

  • lizard

    can you tell me a little something?

    • lizard

      Yeah in cancer Neptune decan 5th house cusp Gemini

  • lizard

    In 5th house, in a neptune decan.

    • What sign? Is this a conjunction?

      • Lizard

        Yeah in cancer Neptune decan 5th house cusp Gemini

  • Leah

    Venus/Mars conjunct in Pisces. I don’t know what the hell I want or how to get it. LOL Hopeless romantic goes nowhere..

    • Hi Leah,

      What house are they in?

      • I have the sextile,which seems rather dull compared to the conjunction. It seems like such a wonderful aspect to have. ‘The planet of love meets the planet of desire’. How bad could that be? Pure sex appeal—with Debbie Harry and Keanu Reeves! Yes this is the aspect to have for sure—

      • Leah

        2nd house, only other aspect is sextile to Chiron in the 4th.

  • Lana

    My Venus in aquarius square Mars Taurus nataly. Recently i met the guy (i feel desperately attracted to) who has the same aspect only with Venus in Leo square Mars in scorpio. So, we found other irresistible. Aspects are almost exact between square’s so also the opposition between Venus\Venus and Mars \Mars. S. O. S
    He is in relationship so i try not te see him very often at work (colleague) but when we see each other I’m shaking.. I dont know what to do wih this..
    Could it be that we met each other to work out this energy and finaly feel understand of our inner Mars Venus conflicts. As we know we attract people who mirror our natal needs?

    • Sometimes it’s just physical attraction and physical attraction can dissipate. If he actually breaks up with his girlfriend/wife and asks you on a proper date then you know he’s really into you – otherwise, honestly I do think that if a guy doesn’t ask you on a date he’s just not that into you. He might be interested in getting some on the side, but that’s about it.

      We don’t always attract people who mirror our natal needs. Sometimes we attract people who are nearly incompatible and present a challenge.

      Not too long ago I met a guy who’s Mars and Venus in Aries made a conjunction with my Venus in Aries and they made a square to my natal Mars: strong physical attraction but I didn’t actually *like* him very much. I got over it 🙂

  • Sagittarius(

    Hello, Michelle.
    Does it still count if my venus is libra orb 2 and mars gemini orb 25? In some interpretations it shows the square aspect, in some not at all.
    What do you think?
    By the way, love your site!

    • I would consider it, but I would’t overemphasize it unless it was part of a configuration like a t-square, or you were a Libra with Aries rising (or something like that).

  • Hi Dummurani,

    Thank you for reading but I’m not giving astrology readings right now. This seems like an incredibly unhappy situation. Perhaps you should get a divorce for the sake of your own happiness.

  • Guyslash

    Venus 2nd H virgo semisquare mars 4th h LIBRA AND mars trine lilith gemini 11th ho what does it mean 

  • ^^ But the Universe isn’t entirely bad/evil to me lol
    In this difficult time, I have Natal Sun conj natal Mercury conj transit Mars (5th)~ trine~ natal Neptune, transit Pluto, transit VENUS (9th)^^

    I feel like in the spot-light recently, a darling in small community, friends and family. It seemed they symphatize with my poor condition lol ^^ and also…with transit Mars trine Venus conjuncting personal planets, it makes me personally attractive to some guys, psst psst 😉

    O yeah, and Jupiter placement in Taurus also trining them in varrying degree- A grand trine for me yay! 😀

    • Those are some nice transits to offset the more difficult Mars/Saturn transits you’ve been experiencing 🙂

      • Dummurani

        Hello, i am Sunitha my DOB is 01/11/1987 time 8:00am, place hosdurga, karnataka, and i am married to Girish his DOB 12/11/1983 time 11:55pm, hosdurga, karnataka. my husband was in love with some girl with physical relationship but not done sex. they both treated themselves as husband and wife. their both family didn’t agree, so they didn’t get married. after that he married to me. now me and he not adjusting with each other. ego and attitude problem. not also good sexual life. recently i came to know by some astrologer that my husband’s first marriage may break up. is this indicates break up of his first affair or breakup of our marriage? As they both treated themselves as married couples and broke up with each other. So its that relationship break up is indicating in his chart or our marriage will break up? and he also a lust i think, i have doubt that he may also have sexual affair with other women. if our marriage breaks means i am ready to divorce as I don’t want to be with a lust. or if we still have bonding means i’ll repair it up. Please check our charts and please suggest me correctly. i am so tired of my life. 

  • Anany83

    good post
    I have venus conjunct mars in 7th (leo)

    I can relate to many descriptions mentioned.
    I am a the point of aggressiveness…I am not  a beauty but I get fare share of “Looks”….some times I can be real show-off,and dramatic!!lol!


    • Geez, I’ll bet! That’s a very flirtatious combination 🙂

  • Jose Wales

    Yep, I really like westerns.

    • I used to watch westerns with my mom. I’ve seen tons of them, though it’s been a while. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly is one of my favorite movies. As far as westerns go, I also really like Once Upon a Time in the West, with Charles Bronson.

  • Jose Wales

    I have Venus in Aries trine Mars in Leo. Jupiter in Aries is conjunct Venus. I suppose I am attracted to tall dramatic Nordic/Teutonic women in high heels, who are very buxom. Yes, I like powerful women, but I suppose I overlook their inner qualities because I enjoy a lot of physicality in the relationship. I am not good with sentimental types, though I see the need to develop a feeling nature. God! Love as a stage play or an Olympic contest. I tend to like risky investments as well. I am not happy unless I can make at least 100% on something in a year. I love to cook, but I tend to gain weight. I thought trines were supposed to be good

    • Pjgecmendes

      me too,but venus mars sun are in capricorn,so a strong none structure also attract me as well as athletic brunettes.Normally German women are top of my list,although you see all types there: short,tall,strong,weak. Most interesting thread.

      • Pjgecmendes

        i meant “bone structure” Sorry for the typo

        • Jose Wales

          I suppose cardinal types like strong features in people. I know appearances are superficial, but I acknowledge that Aries and Leo are very masculine and visual signs. Look at Vincent Van Gogh- very visual. My mother, a Leo, is an artist, and the scariest thing to her is blindness.

      • Jose Wales

        Well it helps to see the person than get stuck on the form. I can find myself on the chase so much that I don’t settle down long enough to know someone more deeply. Yes German women are very enchanting as well as the curvy Czech-German gal. Bavarian women tend to raven haired and busty. I guess it’s the little boy in me(Venus in Aries) that gets excited by that.

        • Is your online name after Clint Eastwood’s character in The Outlaw Josey Wales</I.?

    • Do you have anything in water?

      I like your descriptions.

      Trines are not always good. Sometimes they seem like talents that are taken for granted, spoil through non-use or get used so much because the energy is easy to access. 

      • Jose Wales

        One planet in water, Neptune. Which is interesting, because the only way I seem to get a sense of emotional release for my sadness and grief is through music and meditation or around peaceful animals like horses, cows, dogs, and cats. I must admit fire types are not used to being loved for just being. They have to do something like leap a building a single bound. I suppose the Neptune in Scorpio helps to shepherd the Venus in Aries. I like to remember this Buddhist instruction- keep soft eyes. As to trines, I have known some people to become bullies or BS artists with such aspects, though that is not always the case. I remember a Taoist, who wrote in his book that sometimes people in one life will build up virtue and spiritual energy through living hard lives with courage and compassion, only to born in the next life with much luxury. They forget the hard work from before and then begin to spend down their virtue in abusiveness of some sort. I suppose trines could like having the key to daddy’s liquor cabin- very addictive. But not in all cases. You have to know the person intuitively, because the chart is prone to misinterpretation if you are to doctrinaire.

        • I like that description very much.

      • Jose Wales

        Thank you. You seem very learned in this.

  • Bob

    wanted to see your associations, as i see jodie foster has an almost exact square (leo mars, scorpio venus). hillary clinton, too (with mars conjunct pluto).   

    • Michelle

      They both blur gender lines, being rather aggressive, uncompromising women.

  • Leah-nine

    Unfortunately, this just adds to the long list of personal attributes that basically say, “Don’t ever have a relationship, ever!” Hrmph.

    • Michelle

      Which aspect do you have?

      • Tamrabell

        What if the Venus/Mars (natally) is unaspected? Does this point to someone who has trouble with close relationships in general? 

        • Michelle

          Do you mean that Venus and Mars do not make an aspect to each other in your natal chart? I don’t think that alone shows relationship problems, though there could be a disconnect between what you say you want and how you act.

  • the picture is awesome! It looks like someone who is being erotic and sweet at the same time. Does the aspect have something about it?

    • Michelle

      Yes I think Venus/Mars has the potential to be erotic and sweet. Glad you like the pic 😀 I love it.

  • mirrorghost

    ain’t this the truth! (mars in aries square venus in cancer here!)

    • mirrorghost

      i mean venus in aries square mars in cancer, ha.

      • It’s complicated!

        • mirrorghost

          yeah really. i can outspoken, impulsive and aggressive but also a sobbing sentimentalist who is WAY too overly sensitive. the venus trines saturn too though, i wonder if that helps me any 😉

          • Michelle

            It makes you aware of social rules (whether or not you follow them is something else). It also gives you the ability to accept that relationships require work.

            • mirrorghost

              yes, those are indeed very true! maybe too much sometimes, causing frustration.

  • Iago

    I read somewhere that a stressful aspect between these two causes sexuality issues, especially the square. It is said to create some degree of homosexualism as the male energy is “fighting” with the female one. It could also cause some kind of ultra-masculinity (machismo), I guess. Although I am pretty sure there aren’t any obvious indications of sexual orientation in a person’s chart, it’s an interesting idea.

    At any rate, I’m gay and I have the semi-square lol. I think my homosexuality is mostly due to my Venus-Dark Moon Lilith conjunction, as this supposedly creates a “denial” of anything feminine. Weirdly enough, I am in love with women, I completely admire everything they represent, their nature, archetypes, everything.

    • I’m always reluctant to attribute any particular aspect to a person’s sexual orientation. Hard Venus/Mars aspects could show homosexuality, but I think they can show other things as well.

      Venus-Dark Moon Lilith conjunction, as this supposedly creates a “denial” of anything feminine
      Interesting. The Dark Moon is supposed to show denial. Which house is this conjunction in?

      • Iago

        In the 11th. Dark Moon at the last degree of Aries and Venus at the beginning of Taurus.

        • Thanks for sharing Iago 🙂 I’m gathering experiences for my Lilith posts.

          • Saive

            Lilith posts? Yes please! I can’t find much good or clear information online. Love your site by the way, the descriptions are really helpful.

  • Mert

    i have opposition (venus 9th sagitt and mars RX in 3th gemini)
    is it good or bad?

    • How do you like learning and education?

      • Mert

        i was asking for interpretation of what kind of spirit or habit it will give with the signs i mentioned.
        sorry for expressing myself not clearly..

        despite of me being really smart because of mercury in sag and mars rx in gemini and 3th house i am hyperactive in both psyhical and mental so i have concentration problem :((

        • i am hyperactive in both psyhical and mental so i have concentration problem :((
          I think that is your answer 🙂

          • Mert

            =)) so shortly what do you think of my aspect in the matter of sexual tension? what do i like most?

            “Conflicts between wanting a relationship and wanting sex” and “Viewing love as a competition” they are just god damn true=)) In addition in my book there is a really very thin line between love and hate…i can both love and hate at the same time =))

  • Anonymous

    I have OOB’s Venus Capricorn 7th Decile Mars Scorpio 5th

    I’m not sure how this would manifest.

    Much of the description sounds eerily familiar though, lol!
    Though it could come from elsewhere.

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer for you at this point.

  • TUU

    I don’t have any internal conflicts, I know I want everything ;D

    • Lol 🙂

      Which aspect do you have?

      • TUU

        Pretty close (less than 2 degrees) conjunction in Leo 😉

        Btw, I looove the colors in the photo you posted.

        • You know what you want and you know how to get it 😉

          Yeah, that’s why I picked it. I love the way the dark colors make the bright colors look neon.

      • jee

        i have gemini venus trine aquarius mars! xD

  • Idan

    I have venus Quincunx mars, wonder what that says…
    I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

    • Basically what you want and how you go about getting it need some work. For example, if you have Mars in Aquarius and Venus in Cancer, then you might act aloof, but you really crave close intimacy.

      • Pjgecmendes

        ive alwaus like athletic women and prefer the passive role but dont know exactly how to approach such women.Acting MALE seems a bit odd in this case (mars-venus cappy)

        • Is your Mars in aspect to Neptune?

          • Pjgecmendes

            Yes sextile to Neptune in scorpio in h6 .mars is in Cappy in h8

            • Have you read the Mars/Neptune Aspects post? That might clear up why there is a lack of assertive male energy.

  • Hi Anany,

    For some reason your comment only just came through. What are you confused about?
    Your Venus and Mars nature are fused together, with a Leo-like expression. Maybe you are very demonstrative in relationships, or you need a constant flow of appreciation and attention from your partner.
    What are your ideas about that placement?

    • Ananya Chatterjee

      thankyou..I hate me for such late response.
      I really want to have a love marriage..i have recently discovers that I love dancing and all other artistic expressions.i can be a good host who wants to see ,that her guests are having fun and are well fed. my boy frnd says i am dominating,i hate to be in  a relationship which has become a DUTY or stale.i am very affectionate and loving…yes i would really love the CONSTANT appreciation..


      • Do you have Venus in aspect to Saturn? Do you have Leo placements?

  • Anonymous

    This one has really made me re-evaluate what I want out of a relationship. I’m starting to realize more and more that I want Venus in Cancer things. These are the things that I want to allow to flow in my relationships. My Mars in Gemini is exactly conjunct Sun, with exact semisq. to Venus. I feel like this is where a “blind spot” can come in with the that tight Mars conjunction. I’ve always allowed Mars to do the acting (which it’s supposed to do), but that tends to be at odds with whoever is attracted to my Venus in Cancer. Now I look back and notice that the people I get along with more on an intimate level have Cancer or Water Mars and Gemini or Airy Venus. This, of course, makes sense astrologically, but it’s just crazy to think back on it. I was just thinking about this when I read Christine’s post.

    • I think that Venus and Mars show the difference between the way you act and what you want. If there’s conflict between what you want and the way you act about what you want, then you send out mixed signals and you get mixed results.

      I really like the idea of the semisquare (or even the sesquiquadrate) as possibly showing blind spots.

  • Alohaastro

    I like this. Isn’t it great how multi-faceted the planetary energy can be? And it can be one thing in one moment or situation and another the next, especially if you factor in synastry between two people.

    • I agree. Plus, you have to factor in the signs of Venus and Mars, and which other planets are forming aspects to those two. Somehow I just prefer to put it all together rather than breaking it down by aspect- though, I might do that eventually.

      Thank you for commenting Alohaastro 😀

  • O yeah..Venus+Mars= HOT PINK! 🙂

    • Really? Why do you say that?

      • I said Hot pink because red is the color of mars..sea-foam is the color of Aphrodite 😉
        If you mix both, the sea-foam will neutralize/ soften the red intensity. Pink symbolize the color of romance; soft but passionate. The softer the shade of pink, the more venus influence taking over. The more opaque, for example ‘Hot pink’, the stronger mars influence. Hot pink character is passive/receptive but it has fierce obsession, pretty much the equal balance of Mars and Venus. Only drag queen and Super Cheerleader can manifest hot pink 😉

        • I’m going to be a brat here…if you really mixed seafoam and red, you’d get a pale muddy gray (using paint at least). I do like the idea of hot pink being a mix of Venus and Mars though. I think of Venus as pink and Mars as red- so that works. Um, I don’t think only cheerleaders and drag queens get to have hot pink! No fair! 😀

          Do you ever watch RuPaul’s Drag Race, or the new one, what is it? Draguversity? They are guilty pleasures of mine.

        • Pjgecmendes

          I got Venus-mars conj in Capricorn and like to wear blue with some red

  • this for synastry only? Because I just had my Venus&Mars together transiting 4th house at my solar return.
    And of course few of your keywords are apply to me ‘plus’with that difficult cancerian attitude.

    • Actually I had intended this post for natal aspects. Maybe I should add the word “natal” to the title. What did you experience with that transit?

      Happy Birthday 😉

      • Hey thanks. Yeah I just feel the mars and venus conj transit in 4th house makes me fiercely “domesticaded.”A guy must overlook me first before I overlook them. 😉
        Hey, I just checked from my astronomy simulation software which of course can be applied to astrology. Just wanna tell you that recent Jupiter-Uranus conj in Aries is not only an ordinary conj, but because it’s DIRECTLY AT SPRING EQUINOX!! The cross section of equator and ecliptic (zodiac band) And 10 days later around Sept 20, the sun will officially pass Fall equinox, making it a PERFECT opposition. As you know, there are few planets lies on Virgo-Libra region like Saturn, Mars, Venus..they will be indirectly oppose the lonely Jupiter and Uranus on Aries. *.* Woaa…I wonder might gonna happen? It’s unusual I think..sorry off topic :3 hehe

        • Woaa…I wonder might gonna happen?
          I hope nothing happens- business as usual! Maybe we will all be ready to drop our old ways of relating to other people and start fresh.

  • I’ve recently noticed that I really like people with Venus-Mars squares — especially if they’re in fixed signs. I can imagine relationships being difficult for those people. If Venus represents WHAT you want and Mar represents HOW you get what you want, it can get a little tricky for who they’re pursuing. For example, a person with a Venus in Scorpio – Mars in Leo square, might use Leo to pursue. He might be gregarious, charming, and generous. Whoever he’s pursuing might like his Leo, but feel confused when his Venus in Scorpio is private and resents Leo traits. It must be like this for Venus-Mars squares: Who you attract is not necessary good at satisfying your Venus.

    • firetiger

      haha yeah it’s a conflict def… venus scorpio mars aquarius…. the need for intimacy vs the need for space…….. “leave me alone but always be here”~~ it can def be difficult.. I found that I get one or the other (satisfaction- mars or venus is satisfied)

      • I have Venus in Aries in wide square to Mars in Cancer. There’s conflict between the need for a caring partner but feel smothered and stifled by too much closeness- but I also like that closeness.

    • Yes, totally. Elsa Elsa had a blog a little while ago in which she suggested that hard aspects between Venus and Mars can show someone who has difficulty being happy in a relationship.

    • Yeah, figure it out Venus-Mars folks! 😛 Just kidding 😀

    • Ananya

      i got venus-conj-mars in leo(7th house). what do u think?

      this article has confused me.

    • Anonymous

      i’m currently seeing a man with mars in leo, venus in scorpio. thankfully my scorpio rising can understand his intensity and need for privacy and intimacy. but with my own mars/venus/moon all in leo, i need a lot more attention than he can give (he also has aquarius moon).

      we have a lot of fixed signs between us and i don’t think we can compromise. there’s a lot of passion though.

      • Michelle

        we have a lot of fixed signs between us and i don’t think we can compromise.
        Compromise and stubbornness are big issues for Leo and Scorpio – neither one will back down from their position.

  • Paloma B

    so many conflicting descriptions??? is this for hard aspects? conjunct, square & opp all mixed together or ???

    • It’s all mixed together- just many different ways that Venus and Mars can interact. Even with positive aspects there can be negative results, and with negative aspects there can be challenges that fuel creativity and growth.

      Thank you for reading Paloma 😀

      • junemoonchild

        Michelle…I absolutely love how you put words together like this (coming from my Mercury in Gemini which is obsessed with language, etc!)…I was wondering though if you would consider seperating these descriptive combinations of possibilities by each major aspect (conjunction/sextile/trine/square/opposition)? I would enjoy reading that just as well too :)…or I just had the thought how fun it would be for me to try and do this myself! Words, words, words…love it!! Thank you….junemoonchild

        • I’ve thought about separating them out, but I don’t know if I’m going to do it. Maybe eventually 😉

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