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Creating a fantasy around the one you love. Love fantasies. Delusional romance. Delusional attractions. Merging with music. Chaotic love. Chaotic art. Attracting chaos. Attracting visionaries. Visionary art. Visionary music. Celestial music. Celestial love. Delusional creativity. Spiritual love. Spiritual music. Spiritual art. Fairytale romance. Romantic fantasy. Romantic movies. Confused rhythm. Confusing social interactions. A fool for love. Foolish in love. Unrealistic expectations in relationships. Idealistic notions about love and relationships. Idealized art. Idealizing the object of affection. Idealizing attractions. Bride of spirit. Refined love nature. Delicate romantic sensitivity. Artists, musicians, poets, romanticists and dreamers. Bohemians and hippies. Jazz musicians. Disintegrated art forms. Free form music and poetry. Longing for Utopia. A martyr in relationships. A martyr for art. Art and fantasy merging. Fantasy art.

Blurring gender lines. Blurring artistic genres. Inability to love just one individual. Passive receptivity. Passive attraction. Passive spirituality. Attracted to spiritual experiences. Attracted to transcendental experiences. Attracted to escapist experiences. Valuing selflessness. Valuing visionary ideals. Fusion music. People who transcend artistic boundaries. People who are visionaries. In love with a ghost. Attracted to psychic people and experiences. Attracted to people who are unreliable, elusive escapists. Attracted to people, situations and experiences that aren’t real. Desiring mystical union. Desiring unrealistic love. Envisioning an unreal reality. Refined taste. Delicate artistic sensibilities. Vague ideas about love. Vague ideas about what you really want. Floating from thing to thing. Wanting to be psychic. Wanting to be a medium. Being attracted to dream-like experiences.

Art inspired by dreams. Creativity inspired from a higher realm. Attracted to clairvoyance and paranormal experiences. Elusive love. Elusive attractions. Disintegration of personal affection. No boundaries in love. No boundaries in affection. No boundaries in art. No boundaries to sensual experience. The sensual world and spiritual world merging. Attracted to musicians, artists and poets. Attracted to the underdog. Difficulty discerning where one person ends and the other begins in a relationship. Soul love. Love that transcends reality and time. Impractical attractions, romances and relationships. Universal love. Universal compassion. Compassionate love. Compassionate values. Spiritual values. Money slips through your fingers. Gentle love. Love is sacrifice. Dissolution of personal desire. Inability to see the object of affection clearly. Love of the abstract. Love that knows no limits. The things that you want elude you. You can never quite grasp what you desire. Compassion and pity mixed with love. Feeling sorry for the one you love. Imperfect love. Loving those with impairments or disabilities.

Loving altered states. Attracted to drug culture. Attracted to experiences that offer escape. Escaping through music. Escaping through drugs and alcohol. Escaping through affairs and relationships. Loving vague, intangible experiences. Too sensitive for everyday life. Permeable love nature. A diffuse love nature. Personal love eludes you. A higher love. Personal love and transcendent love combined. Love on a higher plane. Sloppy love affairs. Romantic beauty. Poetic beauty. Fascination.

Celebrities with Venus/Neptune aspects:

  • Franz Kafka: Venus semisextile Neptune
  • Edgar Degas: Venus inconjunct Neptune
  • Edgar Allan Poe: Venus square Neptune
  • Marilyn Monroe: Venus trine Neptune
  • Sun Ra: Venus semisextile Neptune
  • Prince: Venus opposite Neptune

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  • Karen Harris

    I have the contraparallel and this is so much me….Venus is the ruler of my chart, she’s in the 9th in Cancer (my only planet in water). I’m glad I looked at my delineations.

  • lucy snow

    I have venus biquintile neptune. 😀

    • What has your experience been?

  • Lilian

    Sometimes I drink a bottle of wine while listening to Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde or reading Rumi’s poetry, and I often cry a lot doing this, it is really pathetic. But I think the ultimate escape from reality is death, it is suicide. I am not sure if it comes from this aspect or mars conjunct Pluto, or Pluto square moon or Jupiter square Pluto. Astrology is so complicated and interesting.

  • wesley

    How a Venus quincunx Neptune in the 10 th house in Gemini functions? I have read that the quincunx is a bad aspect or a neutral aspect. How does it affect my life?

    • Hi Wesley,

      With the quincunx there is always an adjustment. It’s difficult to experience both ends of the aspect at the same time. There’s an unease with the aspect because the planets are never in complete harmony, yet there’s also growth and understanding because the planets continuously work to understand where the other is coming from.

      • wesley


        Yes, I have read about it when I searched about the quincux, but the great portion of the astrologers do not consider the quincunx a legal aspect. They say that only the conjunction, trine, square, opposition and sextile have validity within the birth chart. I believe they say that because the quincunx is not so apparent as the other aspects. A pity, because the quincunx is alive in all persons and when they are in progression and in transit they are more alive than we want to think.

  • Jamie

    Venus, Neptune, Moon all conjunct in the sign Scorpio ( 1st H ) Trine Jupiter/Chiron in Pisces( 5th H ). Saturn squares the Neptune/Venus conjunction.

    • How do you experience these aspects, Jamie?

  • Venusian Neptunian

    I have this aspect. Conjunct at 0.54°.

    I must say I do love this aspect, makes me more compassionate and nice. I think I do have a weird love life and an imaginary guy. Lol. But I do love arts and music. I relate well to songs and I can also heal others’ broken ego. I can spot any love blooming in movies and real life and I’m very intuitive. I love and hate this aspect hehe.

  • grace

    Hi michelle,i have some questions to ask you.
    I have Neptune conjunct Venus,both in 12th house. Neptune is 28”29 in Capricorn and Venus is 3”9 Aquarius R. What you say in the article does not really suit me. I am not emotional,i can be compassionate to the under dog but i think it’s because i have jupiter in 1st house. I am a realist too,i am curious about astrology but i hate escapism or drug stuff. Is this because my sun is Capricorn??( I have only MC and Chiron in Scorpio). I hate poetry too,it really bores me to death. I also read somewhere in the internet that Neptune conjunct venus and 12th house planets make us emotional or become a matyr but this doesn’t sound like me at all(I have 9 planets including AC in Aquarius and Sun in 12th house). Can you give me some explaination? Thanks (the hour of birth is correct).

    • grace

      My mars,uranus,jupiter,moon in 1st house,venus,uranus in 12th house,all aquarius,that’s 6 planets. Sorry,i mistyped it!

      • Hi Grace,

        Your questions are more suited to a reading. I’d need to see your whole chart.

  • Wesley

    I have my Venus in inconjunction with Neptune, in Gemini and in the tenth house. I believe this is the most importanct aspect of my map concerning to beauty, art and love life.

  • alicia

    Venus trine neptune, everything written above describes me perfectly.
    In my life, I’ve been attract to impossible man, I mean, artist, men that live on the other side of the world, speak other language, have thousands of fans and well just there’s no way I ever know them in real life.
    Also love for music, dance, spirituality, and dream…

  • pinstru

    Checked out this aspect since I’m having problems with it at the moment…venus opposing Neptune (v in cancer; n in Capricorn) with a Pisces moon…can definitely relate to this post, and it hurts me to realize that I haven’t the slightest clue concerning my standards and whether or not settle…despite all of this I’m fickle as well!!! It makes no sense, and somebody I’m lightweight involved with at the moment (born the same day…all the same aspects) has me questioning whether or not he feels it too…idk who’s getting fooled, and even if nobody is then why do I feel so foolish? Ugh…rant over…sorry Michelle, but I thought I could offer a little bit of my own experience if its not too late…

  • nick

    For my venus persona chart I have venus quincunx neptune.

    Growing up my mom said dont have such high expectations on people or relationships you will only set your self for disappointment. A painful lesson I learned too well.

    • That’s sad, Nick. Does your mom have a Venus/Neptune aspect as well?

      • nick

        no But my mom does have a 12th house venus.
        and a venus semisquare neptune

  • anonymous

    what if you have venus sesquiquadrate in your chart like me? in fact i have lots of venus aspects…

    • Not sure what you mean … some of these Venus/Neptune possibilities will manifest.

  • Nyle

    Does all of this apply to Venus inconjunct/quincunx Neptune?

    • Yes, but mostly concerning adjusting your expectations but the themes that these two planets represent.

      • nyle

        hmm, i’m not really sure i understand. can you please explain it a bit more?

        if i was an artist and i had venus quincunx neptune, would that mean my expectations of my art would be really high?

        • Yes, it could mean that. You’d be highly aesthetically sensitive. If Venus were in Virgo that could translate to someone who always pointed out the flaws in a piece of art, music, etc… especially in comparison to some other piece of art or music that was flawless in their mind.

  • Double Happiness

    Hi Michelle
    I have just discovered your blog while trying to find out more about my Venus ( in Leo 12 th house!) square Neptune (3 rd house Scorpio) I really tick a lot of boxes with your fab descriptions above! I am very inspired by art, music and dance and am a heart felt romantic. My sun is in Virgo and I have had a string of relationships that have been less than supportive to my latest which did turn abusive and I left immediately…. With head held high but a heavy heart. A year later and I am learning and growing so much through the clues I find in astro. A big thank you for pointing out the great side of my aspect and am now forewarned in my own attractions to men who would be shall we say less than kind. I will always be a lover of my bohemian side and just make sure I see through the fronts others put up

    • It’s hard to find love when you’re an idealist 🙂

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  • Dream

    Nice post Michelle!

    I have Venus on MC in aquarius sextile Neptune on dsc sagittarius and I can tell you I am almost evrything what you desccribe above.
    Very, very romatic and amazing idealistic nature I see only the good in people.
    This energy gives me the wings sometimes and I feel as I can flight and talk to angels -;)
     It is a feeling of connectedness of all.. i like people, animals and everything around me i can hear the music evrywhere around me and i am almost always inspired by life itself and like to share this with evryone. It is aa kind of happiness that is hard to describe  because you have to feel it.

    The hard part of it is ofcource  high expectations and feeling very hurt when things seems to be not that perfect as they seem but the weird thing  is that I still belive in good and i belive that people can change and are lovable only if they can find the inspiration and be suported and loved.
    Is that not the typical Neptune-Venus -;) we never give up the strong believe in love!

    I have also Venus trine pluto so this makes thing only stronger.

     this song describes this feelings from  Schiller who has this spiritual aspect 2!


is it love, is it love, 
is it love what we are living for 

is it love, is it love 
yes its love what we are living for

    <3 <3 <3

    • Thank you for stopping by, Dream.

      • Nathan

        @Thomas Baker63
        I am venus/ Neptune and have always been into music that is very free/dreamy/disintegrated… I am a jazz musician but play everything… really.. But for “free form” music. I would Check out Sun Ra, who is listed as having Venus/Neptune aspects up above.. Some John Coltrane is great (a love supreme), and his nephew Flying Lotus (more electronic based) …. Not sure why I have always loved free form…?? Would love to hear ur thoughts, too.

  • Makeitadoublescorpio

    venus conjunct neptune + venus square saturn here. I attract very strong willed, strong minded, physically strong, stubborn, workaholic, emotionally unavailable, detached, introverted, moody, antisocial, passive aggressive or aggressive and angry men who suck the fun out of a room in 20 seconds and yet I see them as amazing, funny, cute, loving, protective, REAL…i make millions of excuses for them, I sacrifice everything I love and enjoy to be next to them. I sacrifice my own needs so that their needs can be realized. The relationship becomes its own entity that I struggle to maintain. I love them to the bitter end and then some, I never want to hurt them, I protect and manage their emotions, I clean up after them, I do everything and anything I can for them, I follow their lead, I trust that they will lead me. But in the end, I always think they will cheat on me. I always think they will hurt me emotionally, I think they only have their own interest in mind. And then I leave them, standing there baffled, confused and hurt. I don’t know how to get out of this vortex of illusion. It is very draining.

    • That’s very complex, but at least you seem to have some insight into your own relationship patterns. I have no idea what to tell you on how to deal with it. Sometimes when we’re attracted to a particular type of person it’s because they embody something that we want for ourselves. Maybe you want to be the amazing, strong-willed person who has the power to suck the fun out of room.

      • Makeitadoublescorpio

        No, as far as sucking the fun out of a room. Lol but maybe on everything else you said. I don’t know. I own my own house I own my own car, I work full time I love my children and would carry the world for them. I have worked hard all my life and now I want someone to enjoy it with. Hmmm

        • Makeitadoublescorpio

          Oh and Uranus is transiting my 7th house until October. 😉

          • Does that mark the end of the seven year Uranus transit for you?

  • Darksideofthemoon1216

    I have Venus trine Neptune

    • What has your experience been, Darksideofthemoon1216?

  • Crpticview11

    Wow. i find all of the above descriptions to be RIGHT ON. i’ve got 5 Venus conjunct 6 Neptune in Cap in the the 5th house… This aspect seems to rule my very BEING. i think i identify most with this aspect than any other in my chart. i idealize almost everything, although i try to keep keep my feet on the ground… i feel that this placement along with it’s aspects gives me a tremendous capacity to feel the depths of emotions, both mine and other’s… i am attracted to people and things that are deep, complicated, spiritual. Superficial, mundane, routine situations repulse me at times, although i also have this ability to sense they have their own purpose. i am influenced strongly by the energies of people. In love relationships, i am completely disillusioned, as i FALL in love with love…. i fall for the artistic, deep, otherworldly types. And i tend to be drawn to those who need help emotionally, i feel like i’ve got this calling to be some kind of a “soul saver”, to help others find their inner strength in a world gone mad. I appreciate and acknowlegde all things beautiful, while also experiencing this sort of “divine sorrow”…. i long for that Universal Love, which seems to come and go here….

    • This must have been intensified for you in the past few years with Pluto in Capricorn transiting your Venus/Neptune conjunction. 

      • Crypticview11

        yes Yes YES!!!!!!!! …. thank you for responding to my messages, i love this site, i can’t get enough of it!

        • Yay 🙂

          • Thomas Baker63

            What are some good free form music

          • Thomas Baker63

            What are some good free form music

  • As an octave of venus, neptune creates deeper understanding of love and art.

    I always thinking Venus is in a form of art..,on the surface, very concrete, has medium.
    Neptune is the feeling, the value in how we incorporate art inside our psychology.

    I have art history class this quarter and suddenly remember Venus and Neptune aspect ^^

    Unfortunately, my Venus character is very saturnine: isn’t function? What’s the value? Can it be decorative? (And I have innate meticulous view over space and composition >_<)

    Yeah, because I have Venus conj transit Saturn nowadays, and Saturn in 7th.

    Sometimes I can translate venus energy as art, flirtation (cold-shoulder flirtation) and of course, sex. But I forgot that Venus is also a Goddess of love and relationship, an area that I feel less interested/ drawn to it.

    Neptune takes on my Venus? He is in Capricorn 🙁

    He doesn't has too much imagination over there ^^

  • amy

    Ahhhh.. Venus and Neptune, my old friends. 
    More like, my imaginary friends I’ve had since childhood.
    Venus in Aquarius in my 7th square Neptune in Scorpio in my 4th.  While both Neptune and Venus make happier aspects elsewhere in my chart (Venus trines Jupiter in Gemini in my 11th, and Neptune trines my Mercury in Pisces in my  8th)  to say I’ve had a stable romantic life would be a humorous fib.
    I’ve been married twice in my life, and over the past 13 years I’ve gone through Neptune transiting my 7th, I’ve moved 6 times, had far too many fleeting meaningless romantic encounters, have had several “open” relationships (Venus in Aquarius will do that to ya),  and have had at least 2 relationships with alcoholics or recovering addicts.    Still living with an ex of mine who is mentally ill, unemployed, and has alcohol dependency issues.   I think that this is all really some sort of karmic joke brought about by the old man planets (Saturn, Neptune, Pluto) sauntering vaguely through the “affairs of the heart” houses and planets in my natal chart.
    Really now.. I am SO done with Neptune transiting my 7th. 
    I am ready for my transformation now.  (Pluto is moving into position to square my natal sun and mars, and oppose natal moon in Cancer).
    I think that what I will do with these gifts from the heavens, is write a humorous book about my bizarre romantic misadventures over the past 13 years.
    I’ll also go back to tacking posters up on my bedroom wall of all the famous and not-so-famous rock stars and other pop culture icons I enjoy daydreaming about.  Another gift of Venus and Neptune is that you’re not so good with reality (and natal Mercury in Pisces adds flavor) – but Fantasyland can be a really nice place to visit.

    • “I think that this is all really some sort of karmic joke brought about by the old man planets (Saturn, Neptune, Pluto) sauntering vaguely through the “affairs of the heart” houses ”

      “I think that what I will do with these gifts from the heavens, is write a humorous book about my bizarre romantic misadventures over the past 13 years.”That’s an awesome idea.

      I sympathize and I tremble in fear: my natal 7th house is in Pisces, so I’ve had some of those same experiences – and, Neptune is getting closer and closer to starting its transit through my 7th house. 

  • Gerillima

    Hi, My capricon venus in 12 house conjuncts with my Jupiter and Neptune. Does this make things a bit too heavy??


    • Michelle

      Jupiter and Neptune don’t really make things heavy, though Capricorn is very serious and dutiful which could feel like a weight.

  • Scythe404

    Incredible image selection for the post as always, Michelle! My Neptune-ruled Venus digs it! 🙂

    • Michelle

      Thank you, Scythe 🙂

  • Patricia

    Hi Michelle,
    finally I hear something good about Venus square Neptune. I have an Aries Venus in the 7th house (retrograde) square (7′) Neptune in Capricorn in the 4th house (near the IC). Desillusion and fantasy worlds are definetely there, as well as sacrificing oneself for love/lovers. It is sometimes very heartbreaking to see your fantasy world fading away when reality kicks in 🙂 I love arts and the creative process (from fictional writing to playing musical instruments), but I haven’t pursuited anything of the above as a profession. Maybe I should have (NN Taurus in the 9th house)? 🙂
    Can you tell me more about my square? My Mercury also forms this aspect, as it is conjunct my Venus (also retrograde). No aspects to Saturn, though…

    • Michelle

      There might be issues with how your partners feel about your family and vice versa.

      • Patricia

        Could it be that the family is reluctant to partners in general? Or that I choose partners that do not “fit” into my family?
        Thank you, Michelle. I am a big fan of your blog, although I don’t comment very often 🙂 I think your blog contains the most clear descriptions – ever!

        • Michelle

          Those are both possibilities. It’s also possible that you replace your family with your partner, or when you have a partner you drop your partner.

          Thank you for the compliment.

  • Sagittarian Mind

    I have this conjunction in the 12th (along w/mercury). It’s one of my favorite parts of my chart. Nice Post!

    • Michelle

      @Sagittarianmind Dreamy 🙂

  • Johnrossasaro

    I have venus 29 deg square neptune my mars is also 29deg pisces whats your imput on this? 8) thnx

    • Michelle

      Check out the Mars/Neptune post:

      Thank you for reading Johnrossasaro 🙂

  • Johnrossasaro

    Like Poem

  • Johnrossasaro

    Venus at 29 degrees Pisces Square Neptune 2 degrees Capricorn. My Mars is also at 29 degrees Pisces. Does this mean anything else? I wanna be a rapper funny I just seen Poe has same aspect here’s a line i cmae up with…Her body rhyme like Poe, Mmmmmmmm…….N im like the reincarnation of Poe so she let me go innnn.. 8)

    • Michelle

      Check out the Venus/Mars post for more information about that combination:

    • Michelle

      Check out the Venus/Mars post for more information about that combination:

  • Zoa

    Since I am currently studying this aspect I wanted to share my experience with it (Basically it really really sucks)
    Venus 11 Aries square Neptune 9 Capricorn. I have to constantly make “reality checks” to fight the unrealistic expectations in romance and over-idealizing of people I fall in love with.

    Since my Venus is square Neptune but also tightly quincunx Pluto and quintile Chiron, I have this problem that I am always obsessively trying to solve other’s problems, taking on their responsibilities, and basically being too giving too quickly so that I sacrifice everything for my “undying love”. Of course that always ruins everything.

    Thankfully, with the combination of 10th house Venus and Capricorn descendant, Saturn has always been there to save me from some very messy romantic entanglements. I’ve never been in a relationship and that used to make me miserable, but now I have learned (the hard way of course) that I was just not ready to handle a real relationship. I was too naive and too blind and a bit of a doormat.
    As harsh as it sounds, I’ve had to learn to be a little more selfish (because it turns out you CAN be too giving and too nice), to  take things slow to really get to know the other person and try to see that I can make someone like me for who I am and not for what I do for them. I don’t have to buy anyone’s love by “saving” them.

    • Michelle

      it turns out you CAN be too giving and too nice…see that I can make someone like me for who I am and not for what I do for them
      That is true. Do you have anything in Virgo or Pisces, or even the 6th and 12th houses?

      • Zoa

        I have moon and North Node in Pisces, Chiron in the 12th, and Mars, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune all in the 6th.

        • Michelle

          That seems to be the dynamic that creates over-giving; it emphasizes compassion and over-serving beyond Venus/Neptune.

          • Zoa

            I agree and now that I am aware of it I try not to be so giving that I let others take advantage of me. Gotta keep clear boundaries!

            • queenflluff

              I have this problem too. Too nice and people take advantage of it. I am finally (in my old-er age) learning how to say No – but I always still feel pushy and mean when I do specially if I want to try to put myself first, I feel guilty about it.  That is Virgo. I have Virgo Sun in the 10th and the North Node in Pisces as well.  I am not sure if this is a Venus/Neptune thing (I have it squared – neptune in the 1st and Venus in the 9th) – but I guess they can be related because of the fog Neptune creates in relationships. But yes, having the Virgo makes it worse. My Scorpio Rising helps me be a little more of a hard ass at times so I think it takes the edge off. My dad said I am a “takee” – people take from me and I never get anything back. I have ended up losing friends that were users before – you know the kind that you are always there to help but when YOU need help – oh, they are never around.  It is difficult to know who is worthy of what you give and who won’t screw you over on it. My Scorpio Rising makes it easy through people BS – but yeah, I still give to much (until there is nothing left for me) to even the people I think I can trust. I have to be more selfish I guess – but I hate the idea of that. Oh, Neptune how you torture me! 🙂

              • Michelle

                I empathize queenfluff!

              • Zoa

                I totally get you. Virgo is always helpful and responsible, Pisces is always compassionate. And the Neptune fog, which wants everything to be one and the same, doesn’t let you see where being helpful begins and where being so generous that you let others walk over you begins. But that is the beauty of astrology, it helps you understand how you are inside so you can change how it is outside.

                • Jessica Elva

                  I’ve got Venus in Pisces, in my 12th, square Neptune in Sag… And over idealising the *potential* in relationships is my downfall. That’s also where the martyr thing comes in. I’ve a range of intelligent, talented *messed up* men that I’ve fallen head over heels for, falling, every time, not for who there are or where they are right now – but for who i can see them becoming, with just a little love n compassion. Except it never works out that way – messed up men remain messed up, and generally treat their partners badly…. and then my Mars sq Pluto survival instinct kicks in and I walk away… until the next one. Its a hard cycle to break – the very type of man who attracts you – even when you know that its doing you no good.

                  • I empathize, Jessica. My own descendant is in Pisces. I’ve been learning more thoroughly lately that people are exactly what they are. You have to accept them exactly as they are right now, as if they were never going to change.

  • David5379

    this song makes me think of how venus neptune is

    • Michelle

      *clap* *clap* I like Of Monteal 😀

      • David5379

        me too, i like everyone though, and pick bits and peices from most bands, but considering i do that i like a lot of there songs, i really like of montreal , and when i heard this song it reminded me of my venus square neptune, so now i refer to that square as my coquete coquete, it really fits, even the hardship and frustration of it, and at the ending it is not the entity that is beutiful, but the love he is capable of, wich he discovers through the heartbreak of such a aspect, so i really like that song

        • Michelle

          Even though I like Of Montreal I hadn’t heard this song before. I’ll probably have to listen to it a few more times to make the connection to Venus/Neptune.

          • David5379

            its a newer one, it helps not to watch the video(to me it doesnt fit the song) and just listen, but i might just be reading into it, it felt like he was singing to an entity

            • David5379

              or maybe i just started projecting as soon as i hear the word “mythical”, it would be quite fitting if i was making it out to be something it isnt, i think that would just make it a better representor of my venus-neptune, oh well

              • Michelle

                Lol…that’s perfect.

        • Michelle

          Even though I like Of Montreal I hadn’t heard this song before. I’ll probably have to listen to it a few more times to make the connection to Venus/Neptune.

    • Uh…no D:

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  • Deker

    I have venus in scorpio (1st house) sextile neptune in sagittarius (3rd house). I’m an artist and I literally find my inspiration in my dreams. Some people call me insane, as they don’t understand my “morbid creations” or even me, which really frustrates me. I love/hate this aspect.

  • I have Venus in Scorpio in the 10th House quintile Neptune in Capricorn in the 1st House (-1° 38′). Venus in Scorpio creates someone who’s alluring, mysterious, charismatic, magnetic, extremely persistent and emotive and, being in that Venus is in the 10th House, this especially translates in the arts or anything Venusian like fashion, modeling, photography and the like. Although uncomfortable in Capricorn, Neptune in Capricorn brings out the saying, “you can make your dreams come true through hard work and faith”. In a sense, Capricorn gives more faith to Neptune and more persistence about accomplish a dream. It also brings out the other saying, “anything is possible if you put your mind to it”. Though Capricorn is probably THE most pragmatic and practical sign, in Neptune, Capricorn becomes a dreamer but a dreamer that wants to make its dreams a reality. This especially true if it’s in the 1st House like mine.

    Although, when something doesn’t go according to plan, both Scorpio and Capricorn have a tough time accepting it and letting it go (more so on Scorpio).

    I would say that I’m a naturally compassionate and giving person. When I’m in love, I’m extremely self-sacrificing and more giving of myself and I let my whole being get immersed with the one. I truly through out the embodiment of love. With my ex, I felt a unity with him, emotionally, physically, spiritually, psychologically and mentally. However, when I started realizing what he was doing behind my back and starting learning who he truly was, I was heart-broken and miserable. I guess how I survived such abuse was that Neptune in Capricorn (along with Saturn in Aquarius) made me realize that, yes the romance is over, the fog had cleared and the truth is out but at least you now know and now you have an option to either escape it or continue to drown myself in the fantasy that he was the one when clearly he wasn’t. It wasn’t a win – win situation with me but I had to save myself emotionally and psychologically.

    I find myself very in-tuned with the arts, especially with music. Right now, I’m listening to “Sing, Sing, Sing (With A Swing)” and I feel like swing-dancing. I love to immerse myself in really good music and really let my body go with it. I find that I’m an “old soul in a young body” with music – I listen to a lot of instrumental jazz and singers from the 40’s and 50’s. Whenever I listen to any type of music, I get an image in my head and see a piece of choreography that would be appropriate for the piece. Same is true when I’m reading a book or a script for a play – I can imagine what the character looks like and what the scenery looks like and in what lighting and angle and even to how they sound and talk like.

    • you can make your dreams come true through hard work and faith

      I find that I’m an “old soul in a young body” with music
      I like both of these statements for Neptune in Capricorn. This age group seems like they’re past the exploration stage of spirituality and as if they are ready to do something real with it. They do seem to understand that hard work leads to achieving the ideal. They also seem like old people, not necessarily with music, but in some area of life.

      Thank you for sharing Levi.

      • You’re welcome, Michelle 🙂

        Well, I find myself to be an old soul in a young body all around. A aura reader told me that that when she saw me, she saw someone really old and wise. She told me temperamentally that I’m “beyond my years”, that I’m very mature for my age (I’m only 19). I figure that with my generation, with Uranus, Neptune and North Node all in Capricorn, there is a sense of “wisdom” and practicality.

        • Did she tell you what colors are in you aura?

          I’ve had my aura read twice. It was mostly orange, red and yellow with a few white, blue, purple and green spots.

          • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

             The aura reader told me white.

  • I’m sorry to hear that queenfluff. Disappointment seems a strong component of Neptune aspects when reality doesn’t live up the fantasy or ideal. Do you have Saturn in aspect to either Neptune or Venus?

    • queenfluff

      No, I don’t have any Venus or Neptune aspects to my Saturn. My Saturn is in my 6th in Taurus and I have what is called a “bucket” chart (haven’t got around to learning about this yet) and my Saturn is at the “handle” of it (kind of alone on that side of my chart) with most of my planets being in houses 11th and 10th than in 1st house. My “lone” Saturn causes me other problems. 🙂

      I do have Venus square ascendant, Venus trine Mars. And for Neptune the other important ascpect I have are conjunction to Moon and to Sun. I know there can be positive to the harder apsects – what would give someone more problems I wonder: a Square or an opposition? I know that a square is a “frictiion” between two planets and an opposition is a “tension”. I read that the opposition is more harmonious than the square.

      I guess since I am aware of my Venus Square Neptune I can kind of get a handle on it and to be aware when I am living its qualities and try to get some perpectives on that – but it is hard to make others not be disillusiioned by me with that Neptune in the 1st and “hard to get to know” Scorpio Asc since not sure there is much I can do about how others wrongly see me. Tend up attracting the wrong kinds of people sometimes. 🙂

      • Squares tend to be internal tension while oppositions often seem to provoke confrontation and conflict from outside.

        • queenfluff

          Thanks Michelle, I never read it described that way. I have very few oppositions in my chart. In fact the ones i have are just between my north node or chiron and other planets. None of the 10 planets/asc have oppositions between them. I have a lot of Mars Squares. One good thing about the squares being internal is that at least you have all the control to work on them yourself.

          • at least you have all the control to work on them yourself.
            I think you do. With so many Mars squares you might have to be careful about lashing out at people when you’re angry. Do you have Libra in your chart?

            • queenfluff

              Omg, yes, I do that – I have a quick temper sometimes! I try hard to stop it – helps that I am aware of those squares so I know why I do this. I have Mars squares to my Sun, Uranus, Pluto and Chiron. (Sun, Uranus, Pluto are in my 10th and Mars in my 2nd) Yes, I have Libra in my chart. Actually a Stellium in my 11th and 10th houses. Libra in Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus. They have conjunctions between them. 🙂

              • That’s great about the Libra. It helps gives you an awareness of “the other” which might be lacking without oppositions. The Libra placements help balance those missing oppositions (but don’t completely make up for them).

    • queenfluff

      No, I don’t have any Venus or Neptune aspects to my Saturn. My Saturn is in my 6th in Taurus and I have what is called a “bucket” chart (haven’t got around to learning about this yet) and my Saturn is at the “handle” of it (kind of alone on that side of my chart) with most of my planets being in houses 11th and 10th than in 1st house. My “lone” Saturn causes me other problems. 🙂

      I do have Venus square ascendant, Venus trine Mars. And for Neptune the other important ascpect I have are conjunction to Moon and to Sun. I know there can be positive to the harder apsects – what would give someone more problems I wonder: a Square or an opposition? I know that a square is a “frictiion” between two planets and an opposition is a “tension”. I read that the opposition is more harmonious than the square.

      I guess since I am aware of my Venus Square Neptune I can kind of get a handle on it and to be aware when I am living its qualities and try to get some perpectives on that – but it is hard to make others not be disillusiioned by me with that Neptune in the 1st and “hard to get to know” Scorpio Asc since not sure there is much I can do about how others wrongly see me. Tend up attracting the wrong kinds of people sometimes. 🙂

  • queenfluff

    I have Venus Square Neptune. My Neptune is in Scorpio in my 1st house (and conjunct my asc) and my Venus is in Leo (9th house). This causes problems for me because of 1) Venus in Leo has high expectations and often ends up disappointed. 2) Neptune is hopelessly disillusioned esp. when it comes to romance so it is also disappointed in reality. 3) Neptune in the 1st causes other to not see me as I really am but how they want me to be – whatever fanatasy they see in me (talking opposite sex here). So not only am I disillusioned and disappointed in others but they might end up being so in me too. Even though Venus is Leo can attrract some “big” characters who are like themselves but they can also attract some not so “lesser” characters that want to see how far they can bend Venus in Leo before they break. Almost like a test. I tend to get too many of these lesser characters who are probably disillusioned by my Neptune. And having a Scorpio Rising does not help either! People are intimated by both that and sometimes my Venus in Leo. Although I love the description of the Venus/Neptune (all glamour and romance), it does cause problems and it is difficult to have relationships that are true with it. It is fairy tale, movie “love” disillusionment in real life. For all the fantasy written above, it is wonderful. Too bad others don’t live in that world. The only thing that grounds me a bit more is my Sun in Virgo.

  • tk

    Ah now we’re talkin. I’m a Venus Virgo, and so many of the descriptions I read are… well, maybe some of them are somewhat close, like the shyness; ever since i was a youngster there was at least one girl I’d have the hugest crush on but had no idea what to do or how to do it, high level sadness and frustration… but the portrait of a super persnickity person – especially when they say, “you are this and that” to which I can only shake my head, wishing I could say to their face, ‘no I’m not, you don’t f—ng know me…’ (god I can’t stand that descriptive style) but you see that virgo venus semisquares neptune, as well as moon, mars, mercury which are all in scorpio… so i’ve been checking out your other venus/planets, and this one really hits home. Really appreciate the way you lay it out. My head nods affirmatively more than it shakes angrily while my lips utter profanities. Thanks.

    • Even Venus in Virgo softens under Neptune’s influence. Thank you for reading tk 🙂

      • tk

        Well from what I’ve read, you can have this or that planet in this or that sign, and the ‘meaning’ may be such & such, but Neptune contacts fog or cloud or liquify so that all foresaid meanings are negotiably open to interpretations vastly imprecise. Maybe if Neptune touches a lot of planets and points in the birth chart, all those lines and pies slices should be drawn with more waves and warped, crooked squiggles, so anything can mean whatever seems best on any given day.

        • Neptune contacts fog or cloud or liquify so that all foresaid meanings are negotiably open to interpretations vastly imprecise….so anything can mean whatever seems best on any given day
          Unfortunately, I can’t say I agree with that. Being someone with Sun trine Neptune, and Neptune in aspect to all of my angles, I don’t think the interpretations can stray too far off course before turning plain wrong.

  • Adan6

    I have Neptune in Saggitarius (25º) in my 1st house and my Venus in opposition inCancer (3º) in the 7th/8th house.
    Being confused and too much idealistic it’s the story of my life. Lol

    • I’ll bet 🙂 Neptune in Sagittarius is very much an idealist!

  • i have venus trine neptune and this is something that i take for granted. it’s like so natural to me that i don’t see anything different or distinctive about it.

    I usually attract people with venus square neptune in their charts and i find people with venus/neptune aspects attractive in a respectable manner, which is what I am really after rather than the venus/mars or venus/uranus people. They don’t attract me much.

    I am into the arts and can be romantic but I just don’t make the effort. (Trine makes you lazy). Maybe it’s the venus trine neptune that I make guys giggle because they think I am being romantic when I am just being NORMAL!

    • Trines can make you a bit lazy to do the work needed to make something of the energy.

  • Paris


    As usual, this post is spot-on. I can find love in anything and everything, which, to those sans Venus-Neptune in aspect, is difficult to comprehend. In a way, though, it’s what gets me over most hurdles in relationships and/or life. Afterward I will usually transcend that energy into music; I can sing for hours on end. According to my parents, I sang before I actually spoke.

    Care to shed more light on blurring gender lines? Does that mean gender lines within oneself or Venus-Neptune’s view of others?

    Another bone of contention: how versed are you in Midpoints? My Mars is at the midpoint of my Venus-Neptune sextile. How do you think this plays out? Do the energies work together?

    • Care to shed more light on blurring gender lines?
      I once knew a guy who said, “If I were more secure in my masculinity, I’d dress like Prince- poet blouses, velvet jackets, ruffles, long curly hair…” The Venus/Neptune person transcends masculine/feminine stereotypes, but not necessarily in an overtly sexual way. Neptune, being the higher octave of Venus, can give Venus/Neptune types a more spiritual rather than sexual love expression.I don’t want to get into midpoints on this post- it’s a separate topic.

  • janet tam

    i have venus retrograde conjunct neptune at 7 degree orb. does that mean this aspect is weak in my chart

    • The tighter the orb, the stronger the aspect, but you still have a conjunction. Retrograde Venus isn’t necessarily weak, it just might be more inwardly directed. The strength of this aspect also depends on which signs and houses the planets are placed in.

      Thank you for reading janet 🙂

      • janet tam

        ahhh. i have a heavy fourth house. quite boring ahah. i only go on tumblr really just to check out your most recent posts. i do love your site. 🙂

        • Thanks 😀 Is your blog whambamtam? I was just listening to the playlist over- I absolutely love it. I’m kind of annoyed that streampad doesn’t have an option to print it out. The 4th house isn’t boring, it’s just self-contained and private.

          • janet

            ahh yes thats my site. im really glad you like the music. im not sure if you got my message but i can def write you up a list if you like. just give me a few favorite leads and ill do the rest. it can be considered as a thanks for offering this info for free. lols

            • I would love this list of songs. I liked the blonderedhead song and brandon flowers songs. I have that Guerilaz album and the Once soundtrack. already.

              Whenever you have time- no rush- Thank you! 😀

  • Idan

    Wow Michelle, it was very accurate!
    I love arts, espically acting and singing(although less confident in singing),
    and I really like help and heal people, actually I’m pretty psychic(although I’m just almost 16).
    I also have jupiter and pluto in the sixth house, so I really want to help people 😀

    Really really nice blog 🙂

    • Thank you Idan, I’m so glad you are enjoying it 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i have a trine venus-neptune 🙂 love this aspect!

    • Which characteristics of Venus/Neptuen do you relate to the most?

      • Anonymous

        All of these: “Merging with music. Chaotic love. Chaotic art. Artists, musicians, poets, romanticists and dreamers. Bohemians and hippies. Jazz musicians. Disintegrated art forms. Free form music and poetry. Longing for Utopia. A martyr in relationships. A martyr for art. Art and fantasy merging. Blurring gender lines. Blurring artistic genres. People who transcend artistic boundaries. People who are visionaries. In love with a ghost. Attracted to psychic people and experiences.”

        And also dreams, visions and some escapist characteristics too! But the expression through an intense art experience is probably the most noticeable characteristic of my trine, for sure. I have some drawings I made and I don’t quite remember doing them. Even the concious approach to art is very dense and profound.

  • Idan

    So true 😀
    Love the venus and neptune relationship!
    I have venus conjucnt neptune in capricorn 🙂

    • That sounds lovely :DI’ve noticed that some people from the Neptune in Capricorn generation, who have other planets in Capricorn, have ambitions in alternative health, spiritual healing (like setting up businesses in those areas)- do you?

      Also wondering…are you a musician? I imagine Neptune/Venus in Capricorn would give discipline in creative arts.

      • Ile

        I have Neptune at Capricorn 0.10, Jupiter at Capricorn 0.50 and Venus in Sag 27 all in 6th house.
        Yes, I’m into all spiritual and neo-gnostic practices of healing (physical and emotional).
        I learn Eft, BSFF, Peat, WHEE and many shamanic practices. 
        I’m also very spiritually oriented, but in the same time practical (with Mercury in Capricorn also).
        I make a living through music. I have my own studio and produce and compose songs. 
        Venus in Sag gives me very romantic feelings and when I find a special girl I’m into heaven and I write the most romantic pop ballads 😛 🙂 
        Actually at this moment I’m out of inspiration so I must watch romantic movies (such as Serendipity, Sweet November and etc.) just to evoke the romantic feelings inside me in order to make my music.
        Oh that Venus-Neptune 🙁
        I always long for the perfect girl to come.  For now she is only in my music and poetry. But I still long for, wait for and hope for. I want one day to write and sing all my songs only for and to Her.Dose this sounds as Venus-Neptune? 
        🙂 🙂

        • Yes, this sounds Venus-Neptune, especially because you find inspiration for you music through romance and love.

  • Anonymous

    Great post!

    I have Venus in Libra in the 3rd semi-square Neptune in Sagittarius in the 4th. I definitely think that I tend to idealize people to an extent. This tendency makes me fearful of romantic relationships. I tend to think I’m only likely to be disappointed again, so there’s no need to even bother.

    • Disappointment in love seems to be one of the big issues for hard Venus/Neptune aspects. It must be hard to have such wonderful fantasies about love, but to be faced with the disillusionment of reality.

  • Kelley

    This is spot on. I have the square, it’s one of the tightest aspects in my chart. While I appreciate the artistic sensitivity it gives me, I worry that it means I’ll always be disappointed in love…

    • If you don’t mind me asking, have you had many relationships? Does your Saturn aspect your Moon or Venus?

      • Kelley

        I don’t mind. 🙂 No, I’ve only had one relationship that was pretty brief. It’s rare for me to meet people I’m interested in. Maybe I’m just scared of putting myself out there. I’m a double virgo so I’m pretty insecure, haha. Saturn squares my moon but makes no aspect to venus.

        • Well, with Moon square Saturn you would have some fears about letting yourself be emotionally vulnerable, and Venus square Neptune might make you feel very disillusioned when things didn’t work out. However, Moon/Saturn aspects have the potential to allow you cultivate realistic emotional expectations so there will less of a let down- which isn’t the same as setting low expectations.

          • Kelley

            That’s very true. I’m an artist and I tend to see the “beauty” in everything at the expense of blinding myself to faults. But it’s good to know that my moon square saturn can benefit me there. I just stumbled onto your blog by the way and I love it! You have a very unique take on things.

            • Thanks Kelley 🙂
              There are benefits to any aspect.

          • Michelle, I find that charts that have hard Venus-Neptune / Venus-Uranus aspects ALSO have Moon Square Saturn or something similar. I think it’s a protective measure until the native gets a better handle on their love life.

  • Anonymous

    venus in leo on the MC neptune in sag on 1st/2nd house cusp

    the description is very true for me. all of it! the bad and the good 🙂 also both planets are retrograde and are on the late degrees. neptune is conjunct my south node. while it’s easy for me to be creative/imaginative/spiritual, i have a hard time fulfilling these needs in the hard knocks of life.

    also my mercury is retrograde and tightly square neptune, and me bring a virgo, i think that shows up in more obstacles in my life and psyche. with my 10th house sun – and saturn-pluto sextile venus – i think the solution is to keep working hard, love the work itself, and use my visions as inspiration for work, not as an end in itself.

    • i think the solution is to keep working hard, love the work itself, and use my visions as inspiration for work, not as an end in itself.
      That sounds like a perfect approach.

  • Eliza

    I have Venus in the 12th house and it definitely feels like a Venus/Neptune aspect!

    • What sign is your Venus in?

      Thank you for reading Eliza 😀

      • Eliza

        Leo 🙂

  • Do you think a trine is very heavy too, Michelle? I’ve got Venus in the 10th degree of Gemini and Neptune in the 12th of Libra. Venus in the 10th House and Neptune Gauquelin 2nd-3rd House – I feel it is more a 3rd House Neptune since I am a writer and also write poems, I was born after the death of an elder sister who passed away one week after being born, and also have a brother who I now know is schizophrenic. Thank you for listening. 🙂

    • I don’t think that Venus/Neptune would be “heavy.” I do think that the “fascination” tendencies could be overwhelming, clouding, or obfuscating, which could make life extremely confusing, disillusioning and complicated.

      I don’t think you’d need to have Neptune in the 3rd to support your love of writing poetry. Venus in Gemini in the 10th house is a great placement for a writer. Having Venus so closely trine Neptune, both being in Air signs, is also supportive of writing. Neptune in the 2nd would give spiritual values, a lack of self-esteem, and confusion about what it is that you truly have to offer, and confusion about your own personal survival. Neptune in the 3rd would be likely to have made you daydream through most of your early schooling, confusing relationships with siblings. Neptune in the 3rd could indicate a sibling with diffuse boundaries (mental or otherwise), but Mercury has a lot to say about sibling relationships too.

      Thank you for commenting Mia 😀

      • Reading your answer now, I am here giving it a lot of thought and considering that, yes, my Mercury is in the 17th degree of Gemini and also trine Neptune… and what you said about Neptune in the second makes sense as well as what I hear you say about Neptune in the third. Anyway, Venus-Neptune and Mercury-Neptune can already say so much of the stuff about natural 2nd and 3rd houses… I think my Neptune placement just emphasizes both Venus-Neptune and Mercury-Neptune aspects… aren’t they variations of the same theme? 🙂

        • They’re kind of variations on the same theme. Planetary aspects always seem more profound (to me at least) than planets in houses. Though, Mercury and the 3rd house are more similar to each other than some of the other planet/house combinations.

  • Anonymous

    I must admit, this is one of my favorite aspects! I don’t know why. I have Venus at the point of a yod of Moon and Neptune.

    • I think it’s a beautiful aspect. I wish I had it 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I was reading something interesting about Neptune and glamour and how it rules our ideas of beauty. It went on to talk about Neptune’s transits through signs and how our society’s ideals of beauty changed with them. Like how Raquel Welch was an it-girl during Neptune in Scorpio and Paris Hilton and Kate Moss(and other waifs) during Neptune in Aquarius. I think we may already be seeing a trend for Neptune in Pisces with people like Christina Hendricks!

        • Yes! Glamour and fascination…very Neptune/Venus. I like that- that ideals of beauty change with Neptune’s transits through the signs. I imagine ethereal beauties will be the rage. There will be something incredibly fascinating and mesmerizing about them, but we won’t be able to put our finger on what it is exactly. I wonder if we are going to enter a golden age of music.

          Wow…Neptune in Pisces, I can’t believe it’s almost here. I’m a little scared of this transit. Neptune, at full power, is going to oppose my ascendant and transit my 7th house.

          • Anonymous

            It’ll be great! When Neptune was transiting my Aquarius 7th house and Moon I moved to Hollywood and literally every close friend I made was a Sun sign Pisces. I remember there being about 8 birthdays I had to remember, all back to back. My relocated chart put my Sag Neptune right on my Desc. as well. It was an amazing time for me, and I studied acting and dance, religions and everything like that. It was great, but I was able to sense when I felt like I was in a twilight zone and had to pull out! As long as you can sense your boundaries as you wing it, it’ll be lovely! If you’re still doing the blog, I can’t wait to see what’ll come of it!

      • Venus Sextile Neptune here..
        I’m not “wanting” to be psychic though. 😉
        I hear it’s very tough having Venus Square Neptune.
        As usual, your brainstrom is TOP-NOTCH… 🙂

        • I think the wanting part depends on the rest of the chart. Some people may actually manifest that ability while others probably won’t-though they may want to.

      • Sundaland_

        Hi, I have Venus in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Saggitarius 9’52 degree orb. How can you elaborate this? What would you make out of this, in what focus? I do feel related to the aspects you described.

        • Hi Sundaland_,

          I don’t give individual interpretations on the blog. Thank you for reading.

    • That…is heavenly ^^