True Blood: The Astrology of Pam & Eric


eric and pam true bloodVirgo Alexander Skarsgard plays vampire Eric Northman on the HBO series True Blood. In the show Eric has one true friend, his progeny (the human he turned into a vampire), ass kicking, smart-mouthed, fashion savvy Sagittarius, Pam.

Pam is independent, strong-minded and tough. Pam lets her emotional guard down very rarely- once when she learned how Eric’s family was slaughtered while he was human, and once when Eric nearly died trying to kill the vampire who did it.

Kristin Bauer/ Pam natal chart

Kristin/ Pam

Pam’s Moon can be in Capricorn or Sagittarius. If in Capricorn, her Moon is in mutual reception with Saturn in Cancer. Although both planets are in detriment, they support each other by being in the other’s sign.

The mutual reception of Saturn in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn would make Pam incredibly committed to anyone she considers family. She has emotional toughness and does not display vulnerability or softness easily. Despite having an exact opposition between Mars in Aries and Uranus in Libra, Pam is not likely to rebel against someone whom she respects as an authority. Forming a bond of kinship with Eric has allowed her to feel for someone, yet retain her edge. Eric seems to feel entirely at ease with Pam’s emotional expression and never presses her for more.

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) states that Kristin Bauer grew up “riding horses and shooting guns” which is what you would expect from someone who has a Sagittarian Sun, and Mars, Uranus and Venus in a T-square. In real life I imagine that Kristin routinely gets her thrills from dangerous activities, not unlike her True Blood counterpart.

Alexander/ Eric natal chart

Alexander/ Eric

You can feel that there is a lot of love between Eric and Pam, and that they are individually sexually explosive people, however, the chemistry between them does not suggest they are attracted to each other. Eric and Pam’s relationship speaks of fondness, shared goals and mutual respect- but not sex.

Alexander’s Moon is in either Virgo or Leo which means that he and Kristin have trine Moons (in Leo and Sagittarius, Virgo and Capricorn- or out of sign). They also have trine Venuses. Alexander’s Venus in Virgo trines Kristin’s Venus in Capricorn. Having the Moon and Venus trine allows Alexander and Kristin to get mutual satisfaction and enjoyment from working together- as actors and when running the bar Fangtasia together in the series.

Despite having Moon trine Moon and Venus trine Venus Eric and Pam are not in love and probably never will be. Kristin’s Venus/Mars/Uranus T-square needs space, freedom and unconventional avenues in which to express itself, while Alexander’s Venus/Pluto midpoint (see below) needs almost suffocating intensity and depth. Two sexually potent people with two different manners of expression. Although Pam is portrayed as a lesbian in the series, I don’t think that’s the determining factor in Eric and Pam not having a sexual relationship- anything can happen in True Blood.

Eric Northman’s Hot Midpoint

Alexander Skarsgard mipoint snapshot


Alexander Skarsgard has a potent configuration involving Venus, Mars and Pluto: Mars conjuncts the midpoint between Pluto and Venus.

Alexander is an excellent example of why pegging someone with the Sun, Mercury, Venus (and possibly the Moon) in Virgo as “prude” is overly simplistic. You have to take the entire chart into consideration and not the just the signs of the planets.

Of Venus/Pluto midpoints Reinhold Ebertin writes,

A strong feeling of love, an extraordinary power of attraction, an intensified sex expression, an unusual measure of procreative power, a special artistic giftedness.

Eric True Blood sexy lookWith his Venus/Pluto midpoint equaling Mars, Alexander probably gets turned on by the blood and violence of the True Blood Series. It’s a good outlet for his sexual inclinations. The wide conjunction between Mars and Pluto suggests that he does have to satisfy his blood lust. Alexander has a tremendous amount of sexual self-confidence which allows him to sink his teeth into the role πŸ˜‰ and not have to try too hard to be sexy.

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  • One thing I forgot to mention is that Alexander’s midpoint was being activated by the cardinal cross all summer, and again by the Full Moon yesterday.

  • Michelle:

    Having read the whole 10 books series, I get a sense that for Pam, Eric also represents a father figure whom she can trust and respect. If I remember correctly in the series she was turned at a time when woman had no rights and where under the authority of a father until they got married. Eric gives Pam an opportunity to become an equal which might be the foundation for loyalty and feelings for Eric. all this being consistent with the Saturn in Cancer/Moon in Capricorn aspect.
    As for Eric Mars conjunct midpoint Venus/Pluto, this aspect is made very clear in the interview given to Rolling Stone Magazine (issue 1112- September 2) where the actor talks about how comfortable he is with nude scenes. So much so that he dispenses with the sock normally used to cover the private parts of actors when doing this type of scene.

    • I was going to say something about the paternal influence of Eric over Pam because that certainly comes through. In Kristin Bauer’s own life it was her father who was the gun collector, and she probably learned how to shoot guns from him.

      I heard something about Alexander’s comfort level with nude scenes, but I wasn’t exactly sure where it came from or if it was true. With an aspect configuration like he has, I’m not surprised that he doesn’t need the sock!

      I haven’t read the series of books- how do you think the television adaptation compares?

      • The series take some liberties with the story line of the books, but they are quite minimal.
        The biggest difference overall between the books and the series is the tone of them. The books are still basically romance novels (which I love) with fantastic elements in them. They follow the traditional romance novel rules (love is all important, sex is implicit in its description, nothing too excessive).
        The series have upped the tone, the gore and definitely the sex. Also the series pick up on controversial subjects like gay rights, voodoo, drugs.
        Any more True Blood posts? Maybe the archetype for shape shifters? Teen-age vampires like Jessica?

        • Thank you for the fill in πŸ˜€

          I’m kind of interested in looking at Jessica’s relationship with Bill and Hoyt, and then also my favorite- Lafayette, and Jesus. I’m also curious to see if Rutina (who plays Tara) has heavy Neptune influence…but, these posts are not getting much feedback and I lost 15 subscribers yesterday after holding steady at 163 for 7 straight days. I’m torn. I don’t see a problem with some vampire and supernatural natal readings with Mars and Venus in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn right now.

          • Anonymous

            Eh, you win some, you lose some! I think your blog is fantastic and lovely, it’s a good thing to break away and do something different once in a while and its good practice! You lost 15 only to gain 150 later, especially if you’re staying true to yourself! I Love Tara/Lafayette and adore Lafayette/Jesus but I haven’t found a birthdate for Rutina or Ellis!

            • I don’t know if you write or not, but one of the things you’re supposed to do is visualize your audience so you know exactly who you’re writing for. I think it’s one of the things I’m working on. Personally, I think my audience likes True Blood, and even if they haven’t seen it, they’re not going to abandon the blog after a few posts about it.

              • Anonymous

                I like to write fiction, but I rarely finish a multi chaptered fic. In any event, you’re right, you’re not going to lose people for writing about something like True Blood, especially since its still astrology driven. I’d be curious to see how some of your audience’s natal charts match up with your own chart, I know we have a few contacts, but I can’t find your chart at the moment. We all meet for a reason, even if its electronic πŸ˜€

                • I took my chart down because I was getting paranoid, but I think I’ll put it back up on the About page today. I always think it’s a bummer when astrologers don’t have their charts posted. It helps to know who you’re talking to.

                  We probably have a lot of trines with all of your planets in Sag and all of mine in Aries (Sun 19 Aries, Merc 26 Aries, Venus 00 Aries, Chiron 27 Aries, Pallas 29 Aries, BML 17 Aries) and a few sextiles with your Jupiter in Aquarius.

                  • Dove

                    Please don’t take this the wrong way, I know my Scorpion thing (and/or other bluntness-causing aspects) can make me kinda matter-of-fact at times πŸ˜‰ but this is how I’m feeling in this moment.

                    So, are you saying this is how you size people up (per their chart)? And if so, I can understand why you’d be “paranoid” about having others judge you in the same way. In a way, it’s almost like stereotyping. Not a good thing, as your subconscious may be telling you with the paranoid thing?

                    I’ve been looking at my chart and various interpretations online, and I can definitely understand where you’re coming from, with the fear of being judged. But I can tell you with total surety, a LOT of those things simply don’t apply to me (both some of the “good” and some of the “bad”).

                    So seriously, how can you truly “know who you’re talking to” per a person’s chart? I can understand that you can GENERALLY entertain the POSSIBILITY, even likelihood, that a person is a certain way, but you simply can’t “know,” unless it’s a psychic thing, which I would more readily accept πŸ˜‰ And if you do “know,” via the chart, then I personally feel discomfort in that you may have already judged me erroneously through my having shared some of my chart with you.

                    This reminds me of having my chart read years ago, when the astrologer said that I tended to be a “doormat,” something apparently typical of Libra. I just almost laughed in his face–soooo not descriptive of me. Now, keep in mind, he had full view of my chart, which means if I hadn’t been there to correct him, he would go merrily along believing this about me. I’m way too fiery and proud to be walked on by anyone (have always been potently rebellious), and perhaps he picked that up when he immediately recanted while looking at my chart, with “ah, it must be this Leo influence.” It wasn’t that I didn’t want to accept this label or characteristic, it just blatantly wasn’t/isn’t the truth.

                    Also, some of the characteristics I’ve simply outgrown, and have even grown into many of the nicer characteristics he spoke of–traits that I couldn’t relate to then. See what I mean?

                    Anyway, again, I don’t mean to offend, just felt strongly compelled to share this with you.


                    • I can definitely understand where you’re coming fromActually, I think you misinterpreted my meaning. I was paranoid because a person can tell exactly when you were born by looking at your chart- the month, day, year and time, and some astrologers can make educated guesses about where I was born based on the things I write- that’s what I’m paranoid about. I’m well aware of my own personal unconscious motivation- I think about it constantly, I’ve kept a dream journal for over 10 years, I’ve done therapy…. I have an abundance of planets and asteroids in the 8th house, and the 8th house is the house of personal unconscious motivation. I’m not overly concerned about anyone judging my chart- all that it proves is that that person is a judgmental person, not that there is anything wrong with me. It would be easy for someone to be judgy about my chart, I have a lot of squares, a lot of difficult aspects and a lot of hard placements- which make me tough enough to withstand judgment.I don’t “size people up.” I don’t look at a person’s chart and search for the flaws. What I meant is that I know whether I’m interacting with someone who is more emotional, or intellectual, someone who might be dealing with self-doubt, someone who is extremely creative, someone who is on a spiritual path, etc…That’s the kind of stuff I look for.

                    • Dove

                      Nah, I’m not big on wasting my money on beginners, he was very much a professional, was well-known in the area, had been doing it for years. Some even considered him psychic per his level of accuracy. I spent over 3 hours with him, I loved it, he was very good. That one thing was all I can remember him being potently inaccurate on. Another thing I couldn’t relate to was his asking me about some major spiritual event. He said if it hasn’t happened, then it will. It did, three years later.

                      I can’t really distinguish between his seeing me, per my chart, as “tending to be a doormat” and your evaluating someone as having “self-doubt.” But I like that you said, “might be dealing with.” It was the “knowing” that someone is one way or another by looking at their chart that I had issue with. Aren’t their different “schools” of astrology; different ways of interpreting? I mean, I’ve already seen that even this very fine astrologer wasn’t always right. And I’ve also seen that there are varying interpretations, and just because my chart says I have this planet in that sign doesn’t mean that everything under those interpretations is going to apply to me. In fact, I’ve seen many characteristics under them that don’t apply to me at all. Even under my basic sun sign.

                      Anyway, “might be dealing with” is much better πŸ™‚


          • Meena

            Please do Lafayette and Jesus soon… I love these too as much as I love Pam and Eric. Deep meaningful friendships & relationship ties that are hard to explain, especially with people who seem like total opposites, really excite me.

            …..Meena, ex-Sasstrology memberlol.
            I’d like to thank your leo moon for creating this new haven=)

            • When I saw your name I knew it had to be you! Have you been hanging out on any other astro sites? Christine, Natasha, firetiger and joswan comment over here sometimes- which is awesome πŸ˜€

              Maybe I’ll just have to continue the True Blood series- it seems like everyone is interested after all.

              • Definitely keep with the TB charts!! A good one would be Eric and Queen Sophie-Anne, especially since there was a real life hookup too! πŸ˜‰

                • I just peeked at Evan Rachel Wood’s chart, she has a pile of planets in Virgo just like Alexander Skarsgard.

  • I just double checked, and unless she was born very late in the day, Kristin’s Moon is in Sagittarius.

  • Anonymous

    Ay, I wonder what it is with the Virgos and me lately! They virtually square my entire chart depending on the degree! I suppose I like the strife. I’m sure Alexander lights up my 8th house too…he shares a birthday with the current Virgo who keeps calling me up. I’m intensely Sagittarius I don’t know what to do with some of the Virgoan attention to details and nit pickiness. I can only guess it’s because the majority of my chart has progressed into Capricorn and they pick up on that.

    I kinda relate to Pam a fair bit…I may seem a little aloof with a sharp sense of humor, but there’s a lot of love and loyalty underneath the surface.

    • You have Jupiter in Aquarius, right? That gives you a good deal of that aloofness too. Kristin also has Jupiter in Aquarius as the dispositor of her Sag Sun. She does have a sharp sense of humor- I’d say that’s probably her Mercury in Scorpio.

      I hope the chart link works now. For some reason WordPress isn’t saving the links to thumbnail photos.

      Pam and Eric have that Sag/Virgo square between their Suns too. I notice it tends to show up as neat vs. sloppy- not that Sagittarius is very sloppy, they’re just more sloppy than Virgo.

      • Anonymous

        I suppose I am an honorary Aquarius πŸ™‚ I agree with Eros in Scorpio. There is a particular man I do find appealing…kind of a mash up between Joseph Gordon Levitt, Leo Di Caprio & Joe Manganiello (Alcide) I love “squinty” or shaded eyes, a good sense of humor, some mystery, raw yet reigned in sex appeal…totally Scorpio traits, lol.

        • Good choices πŸ˜€ Except, for Leo, I’m not into Leo- you can have him :)After I saw 500 days of summer I got a huge crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt. Alcide is gorgeous, there’s just no getting around it!

  • Ho hum…

    I’m going to gloat a little because Alexander Skargard’s Venus/Pluto midpoint at 00 LIbra 35′ is exactly opposite my Venus at 00 Aries 35′. Woot woot! It’s nice to fantasize πŸ˜‰

  • For some reason WordPress isn’t saving the images. I hope to have them fixed in a few minutes.