Venus/Jupiter Aspects


colorful animal bagsBig love. Good fortune. Material opulence. Material excess. Sensual indulgence. Sensual excess. Grand romantic gestures. A philosophy of love. Excessive need for comfort. Fecundity. Believing in love. Believing in social life. Ethical relationships. Love of justice. Love of truth. Having a moral code in love. Good humored. Feeling expansive through art. Expanding through social interactions. Great beauty. Love of the good life. Enjoying the things that money can buy. Spendthrift. Shopaholic. Philanthropists. Altruism. Art and culture. Art and leisure. Narcissism. Big need for socializing. Popularity. Material wealth. Lucky in love. Lucky with money. Gamblers. Big spenders. Financial backers. Financial protection. Oodles of charm. A taste for the finer things. The good life. Having faith in beauty and fashion. Conceit about your looks. Faith in art. Faith in money. Faith in marriage. Wedding ministers. Believing in romance. Wanting a big wedding. Broadening horizons through art. Many marriages. Many relationships. No amount of pleasure is too much. Love of excess. Generosity. Positive social experiences.

Attracted to foreign cultures. Attracted to foreign people. Love of travel and adventure. Love of philosophy and theory. Love of religion. Religious devotion. Foreign art. Enormous appreciation of aesthetics. Fashion philosophy. Big fashion. Too much makeup. Too much jewelry. Too much partying. Big-hearted. A lot of love. Blowing relationships out of proportion. Blowing money issues out of proportion. Pompous. Vain. Pompous about art and aesthetics. Truth in art. Truth in beauty. Finding meaning through creativity. Finding meanings through relationships. Finding meaning through marriage. Marriage beliefs. Beliefs about relationships. Clown music. Clown art. Clowns. Good sense of humor. Appreciation of comedy. Comedians. Generosity and kindness. Beauty to spare. Infectious enthusiasm.

Attracted to people who have something “big” going on. Attracted to billionaires. More is better. Too much is not enough. Over the top fashion sense. Exaggerated appearance. Exaggerated personal style. Exaggerated displays of money and wealth. Very elegant and refined. Well-liked. Well-traveled. Enthusiastic creativity. Enthusiastic social relationships. Cheerleader. Most Popular. Homecoming king. Homecoming queen. Most Beautiful. Too much emphasis on looks. Beauty contestants. Very feminine. Frou frou. Rococo. Pastry chefs. Grand display. Divas. Exaggerated sense of one’s personal value and worth. Opinions about femininity. Opinionated about art and culture. Opinionated about marriage and relationships. Opinionated about aesthetics. Opinionated about fashion and beauty. Fashion publishing. Cultural attachés. Diplomats. Ambassadors. Marrying well. Physical joy. Enjoying the physical world to the point of excess. Bacchanal. Dionysus. Carefree love. Abandoning yourself to pleasure. Lazy when it comes to anything other than self-indulgence and having a good time. Cutesy. Fertile. Appetite for love. An exaggerated need for affection. Lusty appetites. Excessive socializing. Socialites.

Lead singer Lady Miss Kier of DeeeLite has Venus at 19 Aries 25′ trine Jupiter at 18 Leo 12′. This aspect gives her an abundance of warmth, confidence and vitality.

People with Venus/Jupiter aspects:

  • Julian Assange: Venus quincunx Jupiter
  • Beyonce Knowles: Venus conjunct Jupiter
  • Bernie Madoff: Venus square Jupiter
  • Kim Kardashian: Venus conjunct Jupiter
  • Khloe Kardashian: Venus opposite Jupiter
  • Yoko Ono: Venus conjunct Jupiter


Astrology: A Cosmic Science by Isabel Hickey

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  • Hi T,

    Yes, I think you could use this analogy for the planets and signs across the board.

    Thank you for reading.

    • confusionconfusion

      Thank you 🙂 .. . that helps.

      I have Venus, Mercury and Pluto in Scorpio (10th House) trine Jupiter in Pisces (2nd house) . .but also have Jupiter squaring my Saturn and Uranus (11th house) .. . AND Jupiter is inconjunct my Sun in Libra (9th house). .. .

      Most of the post applies to me. . . I certainly like everything to be GRAND! 🙂 . . but for the ‘most’ time make sure I am aware of my boundaries (Saturn?)

  • Sourav sharma

    I have jupiter venus ketu conjunction in my horoscope in cancer sign in 8th house Is this conjunction are bad or good

    • Hi Sourav Sharma,

      Good and bad are relative. The south node shows patterns you’ve outgrown, but it also shows talents and skills from the past. With that configuration you might develop emotional attachments, especially in love, that are too co-dependent. With rahu in Capricorn you are being challenged to develop more self-reliance.

  • notafudgepacker

    jupiter in the 5th trine Taurus Venus in 9th closely conjunct MC. 5th house is ruled by Sag but jupiter is in Cap. Jupiter also quintiles (<1.4 degree)Mercury(1), Mars(1) and Saturn in pisces. How does my debilitated Jupiter express himself? My moon is in Taurus 9th house and tredecile jupiter. jupiter seems to connect everything in my chart. any thoughts?

    • Hi notafudgepacker,

      It’s hard to say without seeing your chart. Lately for planets in debility I’ve been thinking of them as “not the stereotype.” It keeps it simple for me. Although, I haven’t given enough thought to what the exaltation would be … maybe the stereotype’s best friend? In Jupiter’s case, that’s a little weird because it would mean that Jupiter in Sag and Jupiter Cancer would hang out together.

      So, if Jupiter in Sagittarius is the stereotype, Jupiter in Cancer is the sidekick, Jupiter in Gemini rebels against the stereotype and Jupiter in Capricorn is the rebel’s sidekick or henchman … just playing here, it is Jupiter after all. So Jupiter in Capricorn is the conservative who you wouldn’t expect to have expansive insights … how does he get to those insights … he builds his adventures one on top of the other in a planned, systematic fashion. He doesn’t run around sowing his wild oats, he has vision, but he attends to that vision in a methodical way. He’s not un-philosophic, he just likes his philosophies to be useful and practica.

      • fudgepackerindenial

        That’s understandable. I’ll be happy to show you my chart if you want to take a look. I appreciate you explaining how you see it 🙂 that helps. My philosophy is always about what can I do to improve me now. What can I do to be better. I like to figure out what makes me happy and build a philosophy around it… Well, expand my philosophy. Shift my philosophy for whatever practical endeavor.

        My 8th house (pisces)ruler is Jupiter in the 5th so… No, I’m not running around sowing my oats as a top priority.

  • Atul

    I have these three venus, jupiter, moon in 4th house in libra.I have cancer ascendant.Can you predict something?

    • No, I won’t predict something … but, depending on the degree of your Libra planets and the degrees of the Ascendant/Descendant axis, your life has been or is going to be quite intense for a few years with Uranus in Aries near your Midheaven and with Pluto in your 7th house.

  • KO

    I don’t have a venus/jupiter aspect,but my venus is in sagittarius is it the same thing?

    • KO

      and my moon is in libra is it like moon/venus aspect?

      • Again, similarities, but not the same.

    • No, it’s not the same thing. Venus in Sagittarius is like a character (Venus) wearing a particular style of clothing (Sag). The Venus square Jupiter is two characters having a struggle. That being said, there are similarities.

      • disqus_eyfpT9uFSq

        no clue why the username ‘T’ is no coming up . .

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    I wonder mythologically if we can understand the relationship between Venus and Jupiter, or Aphrodite and Zeus… In greek mythology, Aphrodite is one of the oldest goddesses, as Eros is the most ancient of all greek gods, Zeus is one of the sons of Cronus and represents all the olimpians and the victory of the olimpians against the titans. I believe that there is a huge distance and even relationship between the goddess of love and the god of the thunders and justice. There´s a myth that Zeus tried once to make Aphrodite love him and he was rejected, maybe because Zeus represents a father, even in greek mythology, and Aphrodite is too much free and too much without boundaries to fall in love for Zeus.

    By the way, I have a semisextile Venus in Gemini in the 10 th house…

    • Have you read Robert Graves?

      • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

        No, but I think that I have read recently a book where he is cited. I have some e-books of Jung on my computer but I still did not read, I started once reading his fisrt work published, but I did not finish it.

  • jt

    I have venus conjunct jupiter in leo in tenth and also conjunct midheaven , everything here described my personality perfectly. I am very popular, ive always carried a charisma that follows me everywhere, i have ALOT of international friends in fact I’m on the verge of beginning a international business between here and brazil with some friends i made from the f e

  • Venusian Neptunian

    Jupiter and Venus is very tight in trine (my chart). 0.01°.

    I’m a good girl. Narcistic? Sometimes. But Venus trine Saturn and Saturn trine AS forbids me from acting so. I’m very wise about love and social life. Philosophical too. Everyone approach me for advice because I usually gave good ones. I think Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune plays part here.

  • Z.

    Hello there.
    I’ve got a square, 3rd house Jupiter in Capricorn vs Libra Venus in 12th house.

    “A taste for the finer things. ” – especially this one, though I am far from being a shopaholic, only purchase something of quality every so often. Other than that, need to keep a sizable amount of savings. I wish I could understand this all better, I do not really feel many of the sentences relate to me at all. The orb is quite small, about 3 degrees.

  • Alex from Chile

    Hi, nice blog!

    I’ve got a question, can you help me please?
    I have Jupiter opposite Venus, but the description doesn’t seems to fit me. In fact, there’s no description of it that seems to fix with me.

    I’m Saggitarius, Sun and Venus in 8th. Pluto in 7th. Jupiter in 2nd.

    Could it be Pluto who’s making me feel like this belongs to other?

    • Hi Alex,

      I’d need to see everything in your chart. What sign is Jupiter in?

  • Ivs

    I have this conjunction in late Leo, conjunct mercury and early Virgo sun. Yikes, right! 😀

    The Virgo sun and the 11th house placement is what keeps this influence in check; I am very good at enjoying myself and being lazy – go hard or go home, right? – but being a Virgo I have a need to be of use, and in the 11th house it puts the emphasis on indulging others as well. I love to pamper people in general; to go that extra mile to make you feel special.

    But still, it’s in Leo so it still has a lot to do with the ego. I love genuine compliments and I am very aware of the effect I have on people – the 11th house is the house of fans too! The greatest compliment I’ve ever received came from a friend who I respect and admire dearly; she said that sure, I’m a lot of personality at once but the way she saw it was – what’s not to love? Lol, hearing stuff like that is the ultimate way to make me love you forever!

  • Dodo

    I have venus conjunct Jupiter in 3rd house Aquarius (where I also have Sun, Mercury conjunct Venus). Then I have moon conjunct Pluto in 12th, Mars, and Saturn conjunct in 1st. Theses two groups square each other. Maybe that’s why I have had no luck in love or money…

    • I’m sure they’re part of the reason but there’s probably more.

  • Zoraida

    I have venus sesiquadrate jupiter ( venus  7th house aquarius, and Jupiter 11th house, Gemini). Not sure how that works 🙂  How does a sesiquadrate work- is it like a minor square, or irritating factor that makes you work for things?  I am generous by nature ( as others have told me) but I have a Leo ascendant (Sun Sagittarius)  and venus sextiles to mercury and moon. I have Saturn in the 8th house (Pisces) so I wonder if this has any bearing on it.     I enjoy travelling, learning about foreign cultures, liking culture and art, literature etc, yes, i admit to being a big spender at times(!)  but I thought that was tio do with my Sagittarius planets ( Sun, moon and mercury and south node????)   I’m not care free in love relationships, though……. 

    • For spending habits I’d also look to the 2nd house. 

      “How does a sesiquadrate work”
      I don’t have a satisfactory answer to give you yet. I could give textbook explanations but I haven’t found one that’s completely satisfactory.

      “I’m not care free in love relationships, though”
      Saturn in the 8th has something to do with that. Also, a Pluto aspect to Venus would contribute.

  • Dada Krampelj

    I have venus in libra on border between 4th and 5th house with jupiter in scorpio conjunction, but orb is 11, should i look at it since the orbis is so big?

    • That’s a really big orb. Personally, I’d reserve an orb that big for the Sun or Moon. Is your ascendant in Taurus, Libra, or Sagittarius?

  • Thomas Baker63

    336 Conjunction Venus – Jupiter

    • Thomas Baker63

      Venus 3 in Pisces 29 Conjunction Jupiter 28 in AQ in House 8

      • What do you relate to in this post? I’ve noticed that Venus/Jupiter types seem to be attracted to very well-traveled people, often people with ‘big’ personalities, or ‘big’ jobs. 

  • I have insane transit yesterday and today. 🙂

    Transit Venus-Jupiter and Lilith Taurus conjunct my Asc trining transit rx Mars my Sun and Mercury in Virgo and Pluto transit in Capricorn. Grand trine in earth sign! I have huge recognation for my artistic reputation and it’s one of days I feel trully respected and counted! 😀

    Now I kind of liking Jupiter then 😉

    • I’m totally over Jupiter. Jupiter doesn’t bring me much good luck … maybe because he’s close to my South Node. 

      • Awh..:( Sorry about that.

        I wonder what’s heading on your north node though? What brings inner richness and luck (Jupiter) opposing your life destination? ^

        • Uranus is close to my North Node.

          I recently had my Jupiter Return and Jupiter is still in Taurus (the sign of my south node and my natal Jupiter). 

  • OceanRose

    Hi LB !
    Thanks your reply… i dont know ( I’ve never heard about it ) this fix star ANTARES … what is it show in the natal chart ?  i read somewhere that every sign have a ruler degree ( aries 1, taurus 2… sag 9 … and so on ) and if you have any planet in the sign ruler degree it’s show bigger power  ( but doesn’t address in detail )… maybe anybody knows what’s that ?  Especially venus in sag 9 ” ?

    • LB

      You’re welcome, OceanRose. 🙂  Don’t think I’ve ever heard of the “ruler degree” you mentioned; I’ll have to check it out. 

      If you google “Fixed Star Antares in Astrology” you’ll probably come up with better and more detailed explanations than I could provide, although you may have to hunt a little to find something you can relate to.  As you read the descriptions, keep in mind some of the more traditional ones were based on what was observed to be true during a completely different period of time – long, long ago.  Happy hunting!

      • OceanRose

        Ok LB ! 🙂  thx

  • Nice reply, LB!

    • LB

      Thanks, Michelle. 🙂 

  • OceanRose

    my venus at 9 Sag in 4 house , my jupiter ( ruler of Sag ) in Lib at 21 conj with sun, pluto, mercur, so what it’s mean when two planets stay in each other house, i read it call exchange dominance ?  Anybody who can help me, just feel to free to reply 🙂 Thx

    • LB

      Hi OceanRose (nice name) – I think you’re referring to a “mutual reception”, in which there’s an exchange of energy between the two planets involved based on natural rulership.  If I understand it correctly, this might mean your Venus, in addition to maintaining its Sagittarian flavor, would also act as if it’s in Libra (on steroids), while your Jupiter becomes even more pronounced, acting as if it’s in its natural home of Sagittarius while still having all the gifts and liabilities of your natal Jupiter in Libra. 

      I’m not an astrologer though, so I’m sure it’s not quite that simple.  For instance, the fact that your Venus and Jupiter don’t share a ptolemaic aspect between them might (don’t know) conceivably lessen the effect of the mutual reception.

      Did you know there’s a fixed star called Antares at 9 degree Sag?  You might want to check it out, since it could affect the way you experience your Venus, potentially making it more “assertive” in its expression – hahaha.  Btw, your Venus is conjunct my IC.  And your Jupiter/Sun/Pluto/Mercury are pretty close to being conjunct my Venus/North Node.  🙂  Hope this helps!

    • Like LB said, it’s mutual reception.

  • LB

    My husband has the conjunction in Virgo/6th (Jupiter is also conjunct his Moon), and I was just thinking how grateful I am for the fact that he lets me really love him, without any constraints.  He’s been sick with a nasty bug these past few days and as I fuss over him (my Juno is conjunct, plus I have a Virgo Rising), he’s been very compliant and grateful – never demanding or ill-tempered.

    Venus rules his Taurus Ascendant, and like others have mentioned, he’s very low-key in terms of his tastes and personal style, although he does *love* his creature comforts.  I always joke that it’s so easy to make him happy – all it takes is good (nutritious) home-cooking and a bit of extra attention paid to the little things in his daily environment..  And likewise, he tries hard to please by humoring my own 6th house eccentricities.

    He does have an appreciation for beauty and art, but again, his taste is never gaudy or loud.  In Virgo, I guess it makes sense that he’s extremely frugal (but not stingy) when it comes to money.

    He definitely has ‘big love’ to give and he gives it without any of the usual game-playing.  People feel comforted by his presence and reward him with their trust – he has a very earthy, natural way about him that puts people immediately at ease.  He saves his Scorpio side for me – hahaha! 

    • Michelle

      My brother has Taurus rising. They are so easy-going, it’s almost frustrating to me; maybe because I’m so complicated, demanding and difficult to please 😉

  • Lina

    I have venus exact on MC conjunct Jupiter in 10th in aquarius. Jupiter is ruller of my 7th house.
    Luck in work and popularity sometiems to much but oke that’s not only because of this aspect but venus also trines asedant and pluto and sextiel neptune.

    • Michelle

      That’s fantastic that you are lucky in your career. It’s great to hear that someone isn’t struggling!

      Thank you for reading, Lina.

      • Lina

        It is not that I’m not struggling Michelle I think i struggel a lot as a child but later on also because i am an Capricorn with retrograde Saturnus conjunct South node at the very end of first house so.. my life has been very difficult and that jupiter venus conjunction I see it  as an kind of “present from universe” for all hard work/time that i had and i am very thankfull for that. But I do not agree that people who have this aspect are not responsible ect.. it depends deffenetly on the sign where Jupiter is standing.

  • ggoma

    Everything of the above, haha!! Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 2nd in Gem. I love love. Love is a big thing – esp with my Taurus Rising. I crave that feeling. I’m generous, spend too much on a lot of stuff. I go big or go home. Definitely need a partner with a WOW factor. 🙂

  • amoureuse

    mich- this sounds a pretty good aspect. however, i am a bit confused what if the aspect is sesquiqaudrate. i got venus in gemini and jupiter in scorpio. i tend to be excessive when it comes to pleasures, sensual pleasures but i got no big fortune… yet. =)

    • Michelle

      i tend to be excessive when it comes to pleasures, sensual pleasures
      I think that is exactly what the sesquiquadrate would be like: too much pleasure, maybe excessive vanity or too much socializing.

  • Leah-nine

    I’ve definitely been called a narcissist…

    • Michelle

      Do you think you are?

      • Leah-nine

        It feels more natural for me to be self-involved than concerned about others unless I play an integral role and get recognition for something I contribute to them. My conjunctive orbs between Venus, Jupiter, Moon and SN are all within a couple degrees of one another in Leo- kind of hard not to be at least a little self-involved!!!

        I don’t like the label though. There is a lot more to me even though it’s a prominent feature of my makeup. Hard not to notice though since the SN is involved. I’m hoping to use all that energy and do something great in Aquarius with my North Node though!

        • Michelle

          Thanks 🙂

  • Mert

    i have trine aspect in venus (9th sagittarius) and jupiter( 6th house in leo)
    is it really good or just good?

    • It’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it.

      • Mert

        i was asking for “my luck degree” and interpretation of what kind of spirit or habit it will give with the signs i mentioned.
        sorry for expressing myself not clearly ( maybe because of moon square mercury aspect i have 😛 =))))

        • I guess I really don’t understand the “luck” part of it. Venus trine Jupiter should be a “lucky” aspect. With the trine occurring between the 9th and 6th houses, those areas of life might have a luckier tone to them.

  • dollsizedpistol

    Oh, so, I also have Uranus/Saturn (exactly 1 degree apart) in H1 trining Jupiter/Venus in H5. (Cap and Taurus).

    And ideas about what this means for me??

    • No, not right now 🙂 Perhaps when I get to Saturn/Uranus aspects.

  • dollsizedpistol

    I have Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Taurus 5th house.

    Yes I tend to be lazy and diets – omg, whatever. Eating healthfully is easy for me, I’ve learned to love veggies and spirulina and whatnot because it makes me feel so healthy (also raised by two Virgo parents!!) but restricting myself when I want something? It makes me feel like I am dying inside, literally ignoring my soul and what makes it happy. Sounds drastic, I know, but with Pluto opposing the conjunction, I used to go to dieting extremes try to control Jupiter/Venus and it made me VERY unhappy!!

    The laziness used to bother me a bit and I didn’t want to own it at all, but now that I’ve got so much more clarity in life about what I want to do career-wise (something that I am very talented at and love working on), I feel much happier and give myself license to be “lazy” and just LUXURIATE sometimes. Really, it’s not evil to feel nice. And it really feeds my soul – if I push myself to work too much, I get super tense and it actually causes health problems. I think that’s something that happens with everyone but maybe more quickly with me!!

    Also I have what I consider some social problems due to my sensitivity and just karmic situations I’ve been in so far – but still, I’ve always been popular. I hide out a lot of the time and can spend a lot of time alone (it’s so easy for me to be alone that sometimes I don’t realize before it’s too late and I feel kinda funny that I need to get out and spend some time with my friends!) (Social problems/intensity/transformation – pluto opposing from 11th house…)

    So yes, this brings me some lucky popularity circuits and a good amount of natural charm. I also have so much love to give!! Big love, yes. I feel very expansive in this way… like when I’m sitting with a group of friends, even if I don’t like all of them that much, like my heart could just expand to contain them all. It’s a lovely unconditional love, but it’s definitely gotten me hurt in the past when I didn’t realize I was loving people at a different level (not exactly the human one, where some people don’t have the best intentions!)

    Not at all into the big wedding thing, uck. I don’t like traditions and sentimentality.

    Lucky with money – yes!! Plus Jupiter actually falls in the very last degree of my fourth house. My parents are very generous. I love that my Jupiter seems to express in both the fourth and fifth houses.

    • I feel much happier and give myself license to be “lazy” and just LUXURIATE sometimes
      Yes…with that combination you really need to let yourself do that. The 5th house is the “vacation” house. Taking time out for pleasure and relaxation is essential for you.

      • Gaia

        What about when this lazy conjunction falls in 10th house in Capricorn and conjunct moon like for me? What could that means? Being lazy at job is not quite a good thing lol.

        Plus the north node in Taurus opposed Saturn almost say it feels so wonderful to be lazy but the moon in capricorn makes me feeling guilty when I want to be lazy, but I also feel so hard not being lazy. If that makes any sense?

        • It makes sense. Is Neptune connected to your Moon/Venus/Jupiter conjunction?

          • Gaia

            Neptune and Mercure are conjuncting the MC where the moon/venus/jupiter are, but from the 9th.

            I love and hate being lazy and I have a hard time stopping doing something and starting something else or initiating or finishing something. My partner also says I have problem with boundaries and that I am slow. I can be very nervous and impatient. But I dont have any oppositions on the chart. How can those things be? Is it all connected to the jupiter venus tight conjunction?

            • It’s hard to say without seeing your whole chart, but some this depends on what your ascendant is and which planet rules it.

    • Leahnine

      “Also I have what I consider some social problems due to my sensitivity and just karmic situations I’ve been in so far – but still, I’ve always been popular”–I TOTALLY get this. Have you checked out your what Chiron was up to when you were born? I relate to the bit about feeling like you need to go out but kind of just wanna hang out by yourself. I used to go out and ham it up all the time (Venus, Jupiter, Moon, SN and Chiron conjunct in Leo in 11th) but since Chiron opposes Saturn for me, and Venus opposes my NN by 2 degrees, I felt very guilty about it, but I also felt like I could only show a certain amount of my emotions with people. I learned a bit about the Moon and Chiron in aspect, and it all made perfect sense to me why I feel this extremely intense desire to be alone and with people at the same time (I think Michelle compared the Moon/Chiron conjunction as an octopus that jets away at the first sign of danger or vulnerability–> SO fitting with Chiron in Cancer and all the social planets in Leo. So I mention all that because hopefully Chiron can shed some light on your social habits as well 🙂

      Also, if you do a Whole Sign chart, a lot of your energy gets put into different houses and so gets expressed differently. I have some nine planets and asteroids in Leo in the 11th when I do a Placidus chart, which makes me look like a very outgoing, gregarious figure on paper… Which I can kinda see, but I never felt like I lived up to the expectations of such a loaded house. But when I change the chart to a Whole Sign the Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Venus, South Node, Ceres, and everyone else in the pride all move to the lonely 12th! which is much more fitting to me because a often feel very isolated and alone. It also moved Chiron into the 11th, which verifies that isolation and need for solitude.

      And as for your aversion to traditional weddings- perhaps your Saturn/Uranus aspect (which I noticed you wrote about in another comment) deters you from such traditional inclinations. Saturn is all about tradition, structure, even legacy to an extent, and Uranus likes nothing more than to do his own thing. I have both of this planets conjunct Neptune, so I’ve never felt much like getting married in a white gown and living in the ‘burbs (it’s in my fourth or fifth house depending on house method, which TOTALLY makes sense…) and I used to mistake this as an aversion to having relationships and comitting to being in relationship with someone else. But what the Saturn/Uranus duo wants is not necessarily to be alone but maybe to get married in a jungle or by suspension, whatever you’re into….

      Hope that helps 🙂

  • Joyrjw

    I have OOB”s Venus Cap. 2’01 7th conj. Desc. Sag. biquintile Jupiter Rx in Taurus 11th house.

    I have to wonder though, if the biquintile has the same effect as other aspects or if what I’m experiencing comes from Venus conjunct my descendant in Sagittarius.

    This is a cool aspect…thumbs up. 🙂

    Sensual indulgence. A philosophy of love. Excessive need for comfort(not necessarily material). Believing in love. Ethical relationships. Love of justice. Love of truth. Having a moral code in love. Good humored. Feeling expansive through art. Great beauty. Encompassing Love of the good life. Enjoying the things that money can buy. Altruism. Art and culture. Art and leisure. Having charm. A taste for the finer things.Having faith in beauty. Faith in art. Faith in money.Believing in romance. Broadening horizons through art. Generosity. Attracted to foreign cultures. Love of travel and adventure. Love of philosophy and theory. Foreign art. Enormous appreciation of aesthetics. Too much partying. Big-hearted. A lot of love. Blowing relationships out of proportion. Blowing money issues out of proportion. Pompous vanity. Truth in beauty. Finding meaning through creativity. Finding meanings through relationships. Good sense of humor. Appreciation of comedy. Comedians. Attracted to people who have something “big” going on. Enthusiastic creativity. Enthusiastic social relationships. Cheerleader.

    • Have you read the Quintiles and Biquintiles post?

      • Joyrjw

        No, I don’t believe I’ve seen it yet, but I’m going to take a look right now. Thank you:-)

    • Anonymous

      I just found out that in my Sidereal Chart I also have Venus and Jupiter Rx in Mutual reception(Venus in Sagittarius/Jupiter in Taurus). I thought that was kind of cool. ^_^ especially since it reinforces the aspect in a good way….or at least I would think that it would.

      Anyway, I was happy about it, so I thought that I’d share. 😀

      Thank you for your wonderful series of brainstorms!

      • Do you think that mutual reception is a more accurate reflection of your personality?

        • Anonymous

          Yes, definitely, much of my personality anyway.

          Do you think that this aspect, when more prominent,could cause people/a person to see you as expressing yourself through/with love predominantly?

          I feel that I’m also influenced pretty strongly by my other mutual reception….Mercury-Pluto….now,THAT makes for an interesting combination. =oD

          • For people to see you expressing yourself primarily through love, I’d think that Venus would have to be angular or in close aspect to the Sun. Is it?

            • Anonymous

              In Koch/Equal/Placidus… Yep,it is angular….:-)
              my Venus in Trop Capricorn West.Sid. Sag. is conjunct my descendant in Sag in my 7th house.

              My Venus is also novile my Sun Trop Scorpio West. Sid. Libra 38’08’ Applying 5th house….I’m not sure if a novile would be considered a close aspect though or even significant. Would it?

              • I don’t know much about the noviles. Do you ever check out celebrities to see if you can find a pattern for what the smaller aspects may suggest?

  • Hi Amy,

    Somehow i missed this comment! The overdoing it on the things you love seems like the outlet this energy would seek. I’m glad you liked the brainstorm 🙂

  • karlita

    I have Venus at 29 Sagittarius trine Jupiter at 8 Virgo–not a tight trine, but i definitely relate to much of this post! What’s funny and inspired me to post is that Deee-lite is one of my very favourite groups (i was just listening to them again today and thinking about how wondrous they are). I know very little other music that creates such a positive and fun vibe that gets my inner party rocking!

    • Deee-Lite’s energy kind of remind me of the B52s- so upbeat and enthusiastic.

      Do you have other planets in Sagittarius?

  • Bigosilver

    The timing of your post couldn’t be more appropriate for me. My 8 Leo Jupiter/ 8 Scorpio Venus square is transited by Venus and Mars in Scorpio now. I’m hot for romance, fun and socializing, which is so welcome from the exhausting drag that life has been much of this year. I often wonder how this square plays out for me (from 6th house Leo to 8th house Scorpio Venus in detriment). I over-do it. From collecting things (books, cds and vinyl albums) to over-fantasizing relationships to be some great manifestation of synchronicity to spending money. Yikes. Now that I have a mortgage and children, I have definitely reined in these habits…for now. Fashionista, I am not, but would like to be. I guess my Pisces AC and moon water down my enthusiasm and fearlessness. Thank you for the brainstorm, Michelle. Always a pleasure.


  • firetiger

    yay i have a nice trine between venus in scorpio and jupiter in pisces…. i love to love and yes it’s a big love, i have a lot of faith in love and feel quite blessed in its divinity.. i do like to ponder ‘True’ Love and what that means- unconditional love……anyway~ good list, michelle <3

    • That must be somewhat of a relief from the Venus/Uranus square.

      • firetiger

        i have the exact inconjunct… but yeah it’s a great relief~ there are a few aspects in my chart that lend itself to social grace, but i really do think that that venus jupiter trine makes socializing for me completely effortless at times … i have absolutely no problem meeting or approaching new people and i have some certain quality that people seem to like me upon a first meeting (which was really good when i worked in sales)..

      • firetiger

        i have the exact inconjunct… but yeah it’s a great relief~ there are a few aspects in my chart that lend itself to social grace, but i really do think that that venus jupiter trine makes socializing for me completely effortless at times … i have absolutely no problem meeting or approaching new people and i have some certain quality that people seem to like me upon a first meeting (which was really good when i worked in sales)..

  • visions

    i have pisces 6th venus quincunx cancer 11th jupiter, i don’t know if i have the good qualities of this characteristics but i have surely the cons 🙂

    • Do you procrastinate when it comes to setting and working toward your long term goals in life?

      • visions

        oh my god ! yes i procrastinate a lot and my mars square neptune doesn’t help so much… AM I DOOMED ?

  • Msfullroller

    Venus in Aquarius in the 6th trine Jupiter in Gemini in the 10th. I’m trying to grasp this because I don’t like gaudy, big, overdone anything. I do like unusual but done in a simple and elegant way. Saturn aspects both planets, squaring Jupiter and quincunx Venus. From reading this I see how Saturn has been a saving grace, though I’ve had to learn the lessons the hard way. lol It seem like the femininity of this aspect is what balances out the masculine energy of my Aries Sun/Mars conjunction. I refer to myself as a feminine tomboy. lol Still don’t do makeup and I like my jewelry unusual but still a bit moderate.

    • The Saturn contacts probably keep you from over doing it. Saturn puts a STOP! on anything it touches. Do you have a “way with words?”

      • Msfullroller

        Hmm, Saturn conjuncts Mercury Rx in Pisces so I don’t think so but I have been told that…when I talk that is. I can be really quiet, but when something I can learn about/from then I can be a chatterbox.

        • We do have a lot in common. So you have Virgo rising with Mercury conjunct Saturn? i have Virgo rising with Mercury exactly square Saturn- I’m also really quiet.

          Perhaps that Jupiter/Venus trine points to a love of intellectual pursuits.

          • MsFullroller

            “Perhaps that Jupiter/Venus trine points to a love of intellectual pursuits.”

            Most definitely but on my own terms. I’ve made it a mission to go back through to read our entire blog so I guess that demonstrates that 🙂 I’m just now seeing your question.

            Mercury/Saturn conjunct is in Pisces in the 7th.

            • Ack! I hope those old posts aren’t too embarrassing :/

              • MsFullroller

                Sis, don’t be so hard on yourself. This is a wonderful informative blog. One that I love & value (Venus) greatly (Jupiter). It’s also assisting me in my higher learning of self. 🙂

  • Crazy_nat

    I have a sextile with my Venus in 16 degrees in Saggitarius and my Jupiter in 15 degrees in Aquarius. Venus is in my 8th house and my Jupiter is in 10th house. I don’t want a big wedding. I actually want the opposite. I want just to be me and my husbant at a small church. Just for us. I do have many relationships. And I am lucky with money. And because I have 5 planets in Saggitarius this aspect enhances my nature. I don’t know if there is extra information about me since Venus is the ruler of my rising sign and Jupiter is the ruler of my Sun.

    • With Venus as your chart ruler, in the 8th house, your general approach to life is more private, but especially when it comes to relationships. Is your Sun in the 8th too?

      • Crazy_nat

        Aha 🙂

  • Anany83

    I have jupiter( sagi) sqare venus(leo).

    i cant believe that i have got this aspect,I thought same elements makes trine aspect!!!!hmmmm,may be it has to do something with degrees.right???

    can u tell ,how can deal with it..????

    i am hugely affectionate and kind…i eat sweets very much…sometimes i cant controll spending money, espcially on clothes and friends..i have just discovered my hi-fi likings..i have huge collections of books and perfumes!!I have learned Japanese Language too..

    the thing I most hate in me= lazyness.

    am i going to have many marriges???? o my god!!! yes,i always attract wrong types..

    Right now I am concentrating on not to spend money on whim.any other advice??????


    • What you have is an out of sign square. One planet is probably is in the last degrees of one sign and the other planet is in the beginning degrees of the other sign. A square aspect involves two planets that are 90 degrees apart. Usually it ends up that the square is between two planets in signs with the same modality (cardinal, mutable or fixed), other times they end up in signs with the same element (Fire, Earth, Air or Water).

      any other advice??????
      Start developing discipline- practice good habits 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hmm Venus at 18 Sag 12th house, sexile Jupiter at 15 deg Aqua 2nd house. I lean toward the more simplistic side of beauty, the natural look is what I prefer, or playing up the eyes. I detest gaudiness! Definitely not a Rococo kinda girl. I want a big wedding, mostly because I want to throw a huge party with lots of food and dancing and celebration. I love spirituality, I find beauty in nature and in the faith of a loving universe. Love foreign cultures, but I have a firm belief in balance so certain customs that lean heavily on patriarchy unnerve me. Physical joy & creativity for me is in dancing 🙂

    • The signs seem to have a big effect on this combination. I always think of Jupiter as an expander, so whatever sign it’s in, the traits of that sign expand. Jupiter in Aquarius definitely wouldn’t be into the pomp and display like Jupiter in Leo would be.

      • als

        Jupiter-Venus is the one aspect that I would looooooove to have. In whatever form.

        • Crazee Legz

          I don’t know about that. It depends. A detrimental manifestions: people I’ve known with it have been “it’s all about Me”, although “lucky” in love and money, irresponsible with both. Alienating and hurting ppl, winding up in dire financial straits (with particular transits) b/c of this propensity. Attracting money & people is a gift that needs to appreciated & something to be grateful for & these folks took it for granted. They are most assuredly affable, likeable on the surface. One of them, b/c of his superficial inclination, made the same(superficial) choices in women & wound up with constant drama in his life, causing major losses that he will regret for the rest of his life…However, I do have a younger colleague at work w/this placement who is everybody’s buddy but seems to be responsible and respectful, as far as I can tell.

          • True, but it could nice to have the kind of buoyancy this aspect gives, especially if a person has a lot of Saturn or Pluto in their chart. Jupiter/Venus could feel like a big weight was lifted from their shoulders.

            • Eyecandy760

              my venus/jupiter conjunct is kept in check by my sun mars saturn conjunct a very stablizing effect

              • That conjunction probably does help a lot.

          • Eyecandy760

            I have a venus conjunct jupiter in Aries, i would say you can take too much for granted, lucky in love not me, have a lot of admirers and popular !…yes, the down side to all of this is it can make you incredibly lazy and self centred

            • Taking things for granted is an unfortunate Aries trait. I’m totally guilty of it.

  • I have a wide semisextile between Venus at 00 Aries 35′ and Jupiter at 3 Taurus 08′.

    I love DeeeLite, but I’m definitely not that groovy.

    I’m in the middle of redesigning the look of the blog. Things may be out of place here and there. I’m still deciding on a background color.