Quintiles and Biquintiles

blue crystalsThe quintile and biquintile are based on the division of a 360° circle by multiples of five. A quintile occurs between two planets that are 72° apart and the biquintile occurs between two planets that are 144° apart. If you keep dividing a 360° circle by multiples of five you will also find the vigintile (18°), decile (36°) and tredecile (108°).

From Aspects in Astrology by Sue Tompkins,

…a quintile will not only say something about an individual’s personal style but also the style and technical quality of their creative work. …The quintile series is strongly emphasized in the charts of people who are preoccupied with making, forming, linking and arranging things.

In some ways the quintile series has associations with Virgo and Mercury.

Being drawn to a particular way of linking information ideas together can indicate an obsession with a particular subject matter.

In Horoscope Symbols Robert Hand writes that the quintile series,

…seem to grant the ability to turn creative inspiration into concrete end products. …the quintile and the biquintile, the two most powerful aspects in this group, appear to be extremely so, perhaps more than all the three series aspects except for the trine.

The three series includes the sextile, trine, semisextile and quincunx. The obsessional quality of the quintile series also points to an association with Pluto. The ability to take disparate elements and combine them into a cohesive style shows a kind of translation, or even transformation, of information- all information- audio, visual, taste, etc…

Unlike other aspects, the quintile series doesn’t seem to be inherited. The quintiles are unique gifts and ways of linking information, ideas and concepts that are entirely your own. However, the presence or absence of quintiles doesn’t show whether a person will be creative, or whether that person will actually produce creative work.

Insight into the number five from tarot

mirrored fixturesThe quintiles show the ability to connect information in a unique way. They imply a preoccupation with a way of connecting information. In the book Tarot Constellations: Patterns of Personal Destiny Mary K Greer writes that fives have specialized knowledge and the ability to communicate that knowledge in a particular style. Fives translate information and make it understandable to the general public. Fives are also concerned with teaching and learning. They absorb and pass on information and knowledge.

If you have a quintile series aspect, you may be actively learning about your quintile energy, or you may be actively teaching that energy to other people. Greer mentions that fives often become authorities on what they have learned and become teachers and guides on that understanding. Quintiles may point to particular energy qualities that you can use to guide other people.

The difference between quintiles and biquintiles

The quintile is a step between the sextile (60°) and the square (90°). The biquintile is a step between the sesquiquadrate (135°) and the quincunx (150°).

The quintile is wedged between the opportunity to develop a talent (sextile) and creative crisis (square) while the biquintile sits between uncomfortable dissonance (sesquiquadrate) and the need for adjustment (quincunx).

The biquintile seems to show a greater urgency to let go, or spread, an idea or style before changing it or moving on to something else. The quintile seems filled with more expectation and excitement, but less urgency.

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  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the post. I’m a newbie to studying Astrology and I haven’t really read anything on Quintiles and Biquintiles – so this is very interesting.

    I looked at my chart and found that I have 3 Quintiles listed.

    Jupiter (4th H Sag) Quintile Mars (6th H Aqu) 73 degrees apart
    Neptune (4th H Sag) Quintile N. Node (6th H Aqu) 71 degrees apart
    Moon (10th H Gem) Quintile Chiron (8th H Aries) 70 degrees apart

    Any ideas on how to interpret these aspects?

    Could the first be (bringing in the terms listed above) – Being excited and being filled with more expectations concerning working from home? This could fit since I recently came to the conclusion that this is what I should be doing and it only took me almost 21 years to figure this out! Talk about less urgency.

    Any feedback would be most appreciated! Thanks!

    • That sounds like a very good interpretation of your first quintile. I imagine you would have a great deal of enthusiasm for working from home. Does Saturn aspect either Jupiter or Mars?

      • Anonymous

        Saturn in the 10th is opposite my Jupiter.

        You’re welcome for reading – I enjoy learning from your site!

        • That Saturn opposition probably helps give a bigger sense of commitment. Jupiter/Mars by itself might offer short-lived enthusiasm.

  • Idan

    I have venus quintile my north node(NN in 5th house) and moon quintile uranus.
    Thoose aspects are really intresting…

    • How close are they?

      • Idan

        Very close, just 1 degree diference.

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    Out of bi-quintiles and quintiles, this is what I have (and think it means, so please correct me if I’m wrong):

    (2nd House Aquarius) Moon bi-quintile (9th House Virgo) Jupiter
    (10th House Libra) Venus quintile (1st House Sagittarius) Neptune
    (9th House Virgo) Jupiter bi – quintile (2nd House Aquarius) Juno
    (1st House Sagittarius) Saturn quintile (11th House Scorpio) Pluto

    If I read this article right, with the Moon bi-quintile Jupiter, deals with a sense of urgency to let go or to spread an idea or style with how I manage my emotions and intuition with philosophies and what I’ve been taught.

    According to another post I saw, Venus quintile Neptune means, “You are a gifted artist and a deeply compassionate and spiritual person, bringing an ethereal quality to all of your artistic expressions. You are naturally attuned to dreams, symbolism and mythology, and have an exceptional talent for capturing the imagination of your listeners as you tell stories or elucidate your vision. You may be very glamorous or mysterious, and are definitely gracious and kind” (with the fact that Venus is in my MC and Neptune in my ASC, does that mean that my works will impact society and represent who I am?) while that same article that said that Saturn quintile Pluto means, “You are masterful at wielding power and holding positions of authority. It is very likely that you will gravitate to executive positions and/or amass great wealth. You have an uncanny business instinct. You are highly sensitive and perceptive, and you penetrate to the essence of whatever or whomever you direct your attention to. Despite being of a rather serious and intense temperament, you can utilize surprise, play and creativity to great effect, which makes you an excellent leader or teacher. You may be gifted in the physical sciences.”

    As far as Juno bi-quintile Jupiter, I’m guessing I have creative energy concerning how I attract good luck and fortune when I’m in a committed relationship (?).

    • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

      I also have Pallas Athene (11th House Scorpio) quintile Psyche (9th House Virgo). So does that mean that I have creativity concerning strategy and healing of the mind?

      • It certainly could. I would absolutely keep quintiles between asteroids to a 1 degree orb or less- is this a close one?

        • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

          Well, lol, the quintile between Pallas Athene and Psyche is as tight as you can get it, 0 degrees.

    • Venus is in my MC and Neptune in my ASC

      Are Venus and Neptune actually conjunct those points, or just in the 1st and 10th? Venus/Neptune does point to artistic gifts, but also a style of relating that’s more spiritually than physically oriented.

      It seems like quite a few people have Saturn quintile Pluto- I have it. I think, like most things in astrology, it depends on the rest of your chart. Saturn/Pluto can also mean a style of tight control. Whether or not that style of tight control actually leads to great wealth depends on how much effort you’re willing to put into it, and how focused you can stay. I would think Saturn/Pluto would also give a style of transformation within narrow channels.
      How tight is that Juno/Jupiter bq?

      • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

        My Venus doesn’t conjunct to my Midheaven, it’s in the Midheaven, same goes with Neptune in the Ascendant.

        And I like your perspective with the Saturn quintile Pluto, since Saturn is concerned with restriction and limitation and Pluto is concerned with radical change.

        As far as how tight the Jupiter bi-quintile Juno is, it’s -1 degrees so it too is a tight aspect.

        • Jupiter/Juno probably also has something to do with jealousy/commitment issues. You could have a way of being “bigger” than petty jealousy, maybe laughing off lapses in judgment- that’s a big “maybe” !

          • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

            One of my exes did tell me that I take things over the top. When it comes to jealousy, I do have my jealousy “pangs and bouts” but I try not to let them get to me but I don’t ignore my hunches and intuitions so maybe that’s part of the lapses in judgment. I’ve never had problems with commitment and keeping my word but when I sense that there isn’t any more passion or it’s becoming stale, I break off the relationship (I don’t believe in wasting time in matters of the heart).

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    Again, thank you for posting this post 🙂

    I definitely learned a lot from this post. I was told that a quintile and a bi-quintile were all the same but this disproves that case (well, not entirely but you get what I mean).

    • Yeah 😀 I don’t think I proved or disproved anything, but my guess from looking at celeb charts is that there is a slight difference.

  • Anonymous

    This a bit for my head to handle, but I’m happy you’re discussing it! I have 4 Quintiles in my chart (all rather tight actually)
    Mercury (11th House Sag) Quintile Jupiter (2nd House Aqua)
    Saturn (11th House Sag) Quintile Jupiter (2nd House Aqua)
    Neptune (1st House Cap) Quintle MC (Libra)
    Pluto (10th House Scorpio) Biquintile Chiron (6th house Gemini)

    I do have a lot of energy & excitement invested in expanding and growing through organizations/ groups I enjoy and a lot of hope & excitement in Money, Career, learning out to be financially secure and leading a prosperous career. Its pretty much what drives me at the moment. Learning how to be an adult, putting money in savings, looking into investing in property etc. None of this has actually occured, but its where my mind goes occasionally. I’m excited about being secure 🙂

    Not sure about Pluto/Chiron though. Thoughts.

    • I thought I was keeping it fairly simple. I like the idea of the Saturn/Jupiter quintile being related to long term goals and money, being in the 11th and 2nd. I looked at number of different charts for this article, but it was just too complicated to include the. One was J K Rowling (Harry Potter author, I’m sure you know). She has Neptune in the 1st biquintile Jupiter in the 8th. There’s a real emphasis on epic fantasy. I noticed quite a few people who had (bi)quintiles from the first house forged a very clear point of view about a particular topic. Another was Carl Jung who had Saturn in the 1st (I forget which planet it quintiles).Pluto biquintile Chiron could show a style of deep or powerful healing. That’s an aspect that could tie into your Chinese medicine training (was it acupuncture?)

      • Anonymous

        You’re probably right about the Pluto-Chiron aspect. (It is Acupuncture & Herbology, thanks for remembering 🙂 ) I think I’ve always looked for ways to heal myself, astrology being my first healer, followed by other occult sciences, reading, studying family psychology in undergrad to heal my own wounds there, and now in medicine. In healing myself I learn ways to heal others, and not surprisingly its related to career (Scorpio Pluto in 10th) and work/healing (6th house Chiron) I hope I can heal others as deeply as I’ve managed to heal myself 🙂

        • That sounds right. I found your chart and saw that you also have Mars conjunct Pluto in Scorpio- a powerful physical force that you can siphon off into healing activities.