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North Node Taurus 1st House/ South Node Scorpio 7th House

bath in natureBecoming steadfast in your path. Not allowing relationship crisis to throw you off balance. Cultivating a calm demeanor. Your path is the least complicated one. Taking your time in deciding where you want to take your life. Avoiding drama queens as an approach to life. Letting other people be intense and manic while you remain stable and relaxed. Staying firm about what you do and do not want in life. Keeping it simple. Becoming acquainted with nature. Stopping to smell the roses wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Relaxing into your approach. Taking your sweet time and not letting other people put pressure on you. Picking a path and sticking to it. Feeling content with whatever you are doing.

North Node Taurus 2nd House/ South Node Scorpio 8th House

Standing firm in your values. Developing unwavering personal conviction. Not letting other people and their values sway you. Holding on to what gives you physical security. Relaxing into your body. Learning to keep your nose out of other people’s business. Minding your own business. Focusing on sensuality rather than sexuality. Learning to enjoy simple touch. Getting in touch with your artistic talents. Letting yourself be an artist for a living. Exploring the value of the real, tactile world. Learning the value of money. Not being so intense. No longer needing to be a detective. Learning to value relaxation and ease. Learning to leave things as they are. Releasing the need to activate financial crisis. Developing financial stability and dependability. Earning money at your own pace. Getting attached to the physical world. Becoming less concerned with that which is hidden, and more concerned with that which is in plain sight. No longer indulging power struggles over sex.

North Node Taurus 3rd House/ South Node Scorpio 9th House

Taking your time in the learning process. Learning at your own pace. Coming to your own conclusions, no matter how long it takes. Valuing your own learning process. Learning to sing. Enjoying the sound of your own voice. Sticking to your own ideas. Creating a safety network. Forming unshakable bonds with your siblings. Releasing the need to travel as a response to crisis. Developing a calm frame of mind. Not letting religious leaders or gurus whip you into a frenzy. Letting go of intense opinions. Learning to enjoy simple everyday conversations. Letting go of a powerful need to be right, or the urge to gain power by being right. Finding the patience to deal with everyday interactions. Persevering in the pursuit of information and facts. Learning to appreciate practical, down to earth thinking. Learning to thoroughly listen to what people are actually saying. Knowing when to be quiet and let another person speak. Learning to be comfortable wherever you are. Learning to trust your own thought process.

North Node Taurus 4th House/ South Node Scorpio 10th House

Refusing to become entangled in family dramas. Releasing the need to have a powerful career. Releasing the need to hold a position of power in the world. Letting yourself enjoy simple pleasures like relaxing in your own home and spending the weekend in your pajamas. Becoming less concerned with how you are going to transform the world.  Becoming more concerned with your own personal serenity. Making your home a bastion of peace. Setting up a permanent base of operation. Buying a home instead of renting. Relaxing at a very deep, core level. Getting in touch with how nature provides emotional security and comfort. Making time to explore your personal artistry. Making your home a sumptuous retreat. Not letting your parents push you into a high-powered career path.

North Node Taurus 5th House/ South Node Scorpio 11th House

Letting yourself completely relax into your own personal creative self-expression. Becoming a productive artist. Enjoying earning money from gambling. Being intractable when it comes to your self-expression. Not letting the group convince you there is a crisis that demands your conformity. Avoiding power struggles with your friends. Releasing the need for power within an organization. Staying on course and pursuing your creative vision. Getting attached to your art work. Indulging in the actual materials of art- the feel of an instrument, the scent of paint, the color of clay… Enjoying the simple pleasures of love and romance. Taking it slow in love. Learning not to make sexual advances on friends. Lingering on every kiss and caress. Putting your foot down when it comes to your need for personal enjoyment and relaxation. Refusing to let people knock what gives you joy and pleasure. Pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Putting up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your playroom.

North Node Taurus 6th House/ South Node Scorpio 12th House

Getting attached to a steady routine. Becoming someone who is dependable and reliable on the job. Developing a calm and serene attitude toward work. Working at your own pace. Injecting some artistry into your work environment. Acknowledging your need for beauty in the work place. Feeling OK with a 9-5, Monday through Friday type of job. Spiritual transformation is not the answer to everything. Paying thorough attention to your health. Developing a more relaxed daily routine. Eating at your leisure. No longer sacrificing reality in the name of an obsession. Sticking to a system. Refusing to let people pressure you into changing jobs. Being OK with a steady paycheck. Feeling content to be employed. Learning to enjoy body therapies. Learning to value your health.

North Node Taurus 7th House/ South Node in Scorpio 1st House

Getting comfortable being in a relationship. Learning to be relaxed and at ease with another person. Letting go of the need to control your environment. Being content in a partnership. Taking your time in deciding to get married. Staying married to one person for a very long time. Allowing relationships to develop at their own pace. Realizing that a relationship doesn’t need drama to be a good relationship or to make you happy. Having relationships with stable, dependable, practical people. Making long lasting, steady, reliable significant relationships. Exploring the sensual side of partnership. Enjoying the simple pleasures of married life. Learning to value your significant relationships. Developing a steady presence in your relationships. Being satisfied with a practical marriage or partnership. Learning to trust your partner.

North Node Taurus 8th House/ South Node Scorpio 2nd House

Engaging other people’s “stuff” from a place of unwavering calm. Having patience with other people’s baggage and complexes. Exploring the sensual side of sex. Keeping your emotional baggage to yourself. Being OK with your complexity and not feeling the need to change. Following your values in sex. Taking it slow before getting intimately or sexually involved with someone. Moving away from complicated motivations. Feeling OK with having practical reasons for getting intimately involved with people. Feeling relaxed with how your values will be accepted by others. Learning to simplify complex issues. Being content with people just the way they are. Infusing sex with artistry. Finding beauty in complexity. Becoming the partner who is responsible for joint finances. Being calm in the face of death.

North Node Taurus 9th House/ South Node Scorpio 3rd House

Developing a practical worldview. Finding peace in down to earth philosophies. Choosing a natural, realistic, grounded lifestyle. Becoming comfortable with your belief system. Finding a belief system that offers solace and comfort. Taking your time in the search for truth. Refusing to be pushed into small minded thinking. Releasing the need for petty power struggles. Moving into a more sensual philosophy of life. Expanding your mind through your senses. Broadening your mind by getting out in nature. Getting beyond the desire to provoke people in everyday conversation. No longer being so intense in casual discussions. Finding a philosophy or religion that brings you peace- and sticking to it. Broadening your mind by getting more exposure to art. Knowing when to be quiet and listen to another person’s ideas and concepts.

North Node Taurus 10th House/ South Node Scorpio 4th House

Picking a practical career path. Becoming known as someone who is dependable and reliable. Choosing a career that enables you to actually make things. Taking your time choosing a career. Choosing one profession and sticking with it. Resisting the pull of family drama. Refusing to let anyone pick your career path for you. Keeping your intense feelings private while appearing steady and calm to the world outside. Getting attached to the world outside your family. Becoming known as someone who is artistic and productive. Becoming a reliable authority. Building a solid reputation. No longer giving in to tumultuous emotions. No longer letting your need for privacy prevent you from interacting with the real world. Drawing upon your powerful emotional resources to persevere in your career.

North Node Taurus 11th House/ South Node Scorpio 5th House

Releasing the need to be a passionate artist in crisis. Learning to share your creativity in a steady, reliable manner. Making long lasting friendships. Becoming attached to groups and causes.  Persevering toward long term goals. Feeling content to be part of the human race. Becoming involved in conservation efforts. Joining a preservation society. Spreading the world about a simpler lifestyle. Joining the slow food movement. Allowing yourself to become a permanent fixture in a group or among your friends. No longer taking sexual risks in love. Moving away from crisis oriented love affairs. Moving toward stable, appreciative friendships. No longer needing power struggles in love. No longer content being a tortured artist. Deliberately joining the rest of society. Moving away from complicated romances, obsessive love affairs and jealousy games.

North Node Taurus 12th House/ South Node Scorpio 6th House

Adopting a practical spirituality. Letting productivity become a kind of meditation. Becoming a spiritually calm and relaxed person.  Letting go of the need for intense daily work. No longer indulging work crisis. No longer needing power struggles on the job. Slowly and steadily working through your fears. Absolutely refusing to be pushed away from your spiritual practices. Moving away from health crisis. Learning to remain calm and persevere through hospital stays.  Developing unwavering inner persistence. Giving in to deep sleep. Drawing or painting your dreams and fantasies. Becoming attuned to the beauty of the dream landscape. Becoming attuned to the beauty of the psychic realm. Developing practical psychic abilities. Making money from your psychic abilities. Making money by interpreting dreams. Learning to be comfortable with solitude and silence.

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  • Greyel

    6th house Taurus NN, no planets there that I know of. Most of my planets are in Scorpio (moon, pluto, ascendant in 12, mars in 1st) and Aquarius (sun, mercury, venus in 3; jupiter in 4). Man, finding a routine and sticking to it is the hardest thing I’ve dealt with in my life (I probably don’t have as difficult of a life as I think sometimes). Time management is one of my weakest traits, as I can get lost in thoughts or an obsession for hours and completely lose the track of time. It doesn’t help that most of my planets are concentrated in the two other fixed signs. Sleep is also a huge problem for me in that if I get stressed or hurt, I’ll sleep for a very long time. Since I have Neptune trine or sextile Moon, I also get incredibly fun or realistic dreams (that I remember once I wake up), which make it easy for me to stay asleep than awake. Unfortunately, it makes reality that much less attractive… but I’m learning that I can’t live in my dreams, and trying to break out of my shell. I guess my near obsession with health makes sense (Although I’m still not that healthy yet). I’m working on it, day at a time. Reality is incredibly frustrating, but that could be because I simply don’t have as great of a grasp on it as other people. Working on it though.

    • Time management is one of my weakest traits, as I can get lost in thoughts or an obsession for hours and completely lose the track of time./
      Sounds very Scorpio 12th house

      Good luck with your north node!

  • Patricia

    So I’m the mother (I have to laugh about this after reading what it says about NN Taurus 10th house) of a son whose 10th house is Taurus, but then it shifts soon to Geminii, and his NN is actually in Geminii 10th house, latter degrees, 25, and I’m wondering if it’s helpful to read about the NN in both signs, Taurus and Geminii. (Interesting that his Chiron is 0 degrees Geminii.)

    I still have SO much to learn about astrology, and hope to take some classes soon. I still don’t really understand the house system when the house begins in one sign and then starts and ends in another sign, and how that affects the interpretation of a particular planet’s influence.

    • I don’t understand what you mean about his 10th house shifting to Gemini – is this by progression?

      • Patricia

        No what I mean is Taurus is on his 10th house cusp at 23′ Taurus, and then Gemini takes over the remainder of the 10th house with 3 planets including Chiron all in Gemini in the 10th house, and also his north node in Gemini in the 10th house.

        As I read what you say about Taurus NN and also Gemini NN in 10th house, it seems some of both aspects apply for him. I sympathize with what you identify about Taurus NN 10th house, “Refusing to let anyone pick your career path for you” and see how that is also an aspect regards his experience with divorced parents. And then there are also aspects in the reading for Gemini NN 10th house that sound true for him. For obvious reasons, I am careful to only encourage him to listen to his own inner guidance where finding a career path is concerned… and now even the verbiage “career” may be suspect.
        I appreciate the thoughtful way you phrase the different descriptions. Thank you!

  • daniieieieeieil

    i wish i was a woman shittttttttttttt!!!!!!

  • Krystle

    How do we know which house were in? I’m a libra with north node in Taurus.. Are we all the houses, or just one based on… What I’m not sure. ??

    Thanks if u can help!

  • AllanBeau
  • AllanBeau

    My dad was in Hamburger Hill, and did 3 tours in Nam…He also has NN in Taurus, conjunct his Moon in Taurus. I got my NN conjunct Venus in Taurus.  

  • AllanBeau

    Lest complicated one…When 329 People were blown up and killed in the sky.  

    On 23 June 1985 an Air India flight exploded over the Atlantic Ocean at 7.14 am GMT, just off the Irish Coast. Little evidence of the cause was found, but according to the TV series Air Crash Investigations, a bomb was responsible. The bomb came to be on board because a scanning machine had broken down at an airport in Canada, and the clerk at the desk was in a hurry and under pressure. All 329 people on board were killed. This is the sixth worst crash in aviation history.

    Want the Easy path…Its Scorpio North Node lol

  • Davida

    NN in Taurus, in the 8th H. That wooden bathtub in that picture is sexy to me. Big time sensuality, clean intimacy, nature is sexy, nature is an aphrodisiac, making love in the grass/in a field/on the beach.

    • Michelle

      I’m so glad you like it. It looks tantalizing to me 🙂

    • Michelle

      I’m so glad you like it. It looks tantalizing to me 🙂

  • I just found this site. If I read this a few years go, I would not be able to relate or accept. Alas,  I can now see my life challenges written here. I am glad to say I am already on a recovery mode and now in my creative mode of writing.

    • Michelle

      Which house axis do you have, Joy?

  • Petroastro

    Michelle my north node is beggine me to marry you.

    • Michelle

      Really? Where is your North Node?

  • I’m not sure if my comment before showed up but I was trying post one in regards to Taurus NN in the 8th. I understand the eight as “other people’s stuff” as I also understand this as the power house. I worked with someone who had Mars in the eighth and she was a very small girl but had the Napoleon Complex. People didn’t know how to react when she got angry other then to cower down.  Even worse she knew it too so she exercised it on a daily basis. This girl had Sun in Taurus too by the way.

    How does this relationship with power work with Taurus in the 8th (in my case with no planets there)?

  •  I have North Node in Taurus with Pluto, Mercury, and Moon in Scorpio. I find that I see right through Scorpios intentions when they excercise their power over others and in my younger years I felt compelled to lash out at them (emotionally or physically) for these intuitive reasons (maybe that was my Libra Mars?). I really have a great friendship with Taurus’ as it’s very easy for me to see eye to eye with these people. Talking about materialistic things is really comforting for me but I feel dependent on earth signs for materialistic ideas, inspiration, etc.

    In response to NN in the 8th Taurus I do understand this house to be about Sex, Other Peoples Resources, and Power. When Taurus is in the house of Power does it tame the power or does it tame the person. The lust for power is always there for me however it’s only when I let go of the need to exercise it that I actually seem to have it. 

  • Tisha

    I am a Scorpio with a nn in Taurus. I am extremely emotional. The first house and second house rings the best for me honestly. Right now it seems like no matter what I do right now I just cant get out of this attachment phase. it seems like the hardest thing to do right now. I am lonely and don’t want to be around people ( some irony) but when I pull myself together, I am the happiest person. go figure.

    • Which sign is your ascendant?

      • Tisha

        my sign ascendant is taurus

        • Is it relationship attachment or attachment to things?

          • Tisha

            I never seriously thought about it. Its more about relationships for me, and probably the things in my life that makes me attached to people.

  • Wg.

    Hah hah, I think you know me Michelle ;D

    • You have SN 8th and NN 2nd, right?

  • Anonymous

    Oh yep,according to this,my sis is not in north node mode,in fact I’m convinced she is manifesting her chart in the most stressful ways she possibly can.North node 12/sn 6. Be alone? She is almost incapable of being alone(and not miserable).I think she hates that more than anything else on earth,besides not getting her way, lol, but with the rest of he chart I can see where that tendency comes from.

    • For some reason I am fascinated by people who don’t like to be alone. I can’t help but wonder their reasons.

      • Anonymous

        I’m her older sister ( by 2 1/2 years ) My moon is conj her NN by 1’08.She has a lot of 12th house activity,hard aspects but a beautiful grand trine as well(Sun/Neptune/Moon) .Many of the things she does are quite self destructive.This girl, she can draw and create such beautiful things ! Such a natural and rare talent ! She has so much potential but it’s like her Taurean and Arian energies are over expressed and unevolved at the same time.She has a gentle and sweet soul underneath all of her anger and insecurity.

        .I really think that’s what it may boil down to is extreme insecurity and overcompensating for it,surrounding herself with people and (usually unhealthy) relationships so that she doesn’t have to be alone with herself because she really doesn’t have anything but insecurity to keep her company.I wouldn’t want to be alone with that either.She needs other peoples attention to lift her up.Even if that means abusive relationships.She has has four physically and verbally abusive relationships,she is the victim and perpetrator at times.

        Ever since she was very young she just could not be home,could not NOT hang out with her friends.She once was in a rage and threatened to harm herself if she couldn’t go “hang out”.Punches holes in walls,broken doors the whole nine.She was about 14 then and she still has many of those same tendencies at 25.She refuses to hold down a job because it will cut into her socializing.Now my mom enables it ( begrudgingly) but because she is the sweet Cancerian momma that she is,it is slightly easier for her to deal with than the overwhelming worry that he daughter might be getting beat up or beating people up and end up dead because she drinks and things can escalate quickly and then has no where to go(if she was kicked out of my parent house).She’s already had stitches from her bf nearly biting off her lip.

        If you’ve heard the Eminem song Love the way you lie.that is her way in relationships in a neat little package.It breaks my heart into a million little pieces.Especially when I know she has so much more within her.

        I’m so the opposite it almost isn’t funny.We have a lot in common with our tastes and the way we like things but as far as behavior, two opposite ends of the spectrum.So it is very hard for me to understand.

        And yep,my family is wee bit dysfunctional,but who’s isn’t,right? Put two very different shades of Libra,my father and I,a Cancer (mom)and a Double Taurus (sis)in the house and it’s just madness lol I can only laugh about it or else I would be in tears.

        • Anonymous

          Also , as an amateur astrologer I have tried to relate this to her,that she is manifesting her energies in obviously unhealthy ways and that if she channels that energy in the right way,her life could blossom and she might not be in tears or in hostile mode all the time,she might have a chance to be genuinely happy. Goes in one ear and out the other.She seems to know but either doesn’t care or is powerless to change.Sigh.Astrology can be such a deeply personal thing,I apologize if it’s all too much information.

          • I don’t want to say too much because I haven’t seen her chart, but it sounds like she’s manifesting a lot of the negative 12th house potentials. That’s too bad.

  • I wonder what would have happened if you had talked to him about his strange behavior. Will you still see him around even after your trip?

  • Anonymous

    I’m such a Taurus NN in the 4th, but I love it. There is this pressing desire to be powerful and incite change in the world, I’m not sure if I want to change or release that. Now that I’ve moved out of my mother’s house I am kind of removed from a lot of family drama and dealings. I can’t wait to own my own home and decorate it to my liking. I love shows about remodeling and decorating and daydreaming about what my home would look like. I’m currently snuggled up in bed in my PJs and its bliss 🙂

    I get along swimmingly with Scorpios ( those who aren’t a little crazy at least) I’ve noticed that 2 of my closest friends have their Taurus Moons conjunct my North Node and an Ex of mine also had his Taurus moon there too. They bring out the healthy part of relaxing and indulging for me.

    • I think it’s a good sign when you have people in your life who have your NN energy. It shows that you’re attracting people who encourage you to move in the direction you want to move in.

      About not wanting to change the desire to transform the world- I think overall that desire is a good thing, but for SN Scorpio people it can become an obsession or fixation. You just need to know when to let it go and take care of your own business.

    • Msfullroller

      Hi JChristine, I can tell ya when you do get your own home you will be in heaven! I’ve owned my home for 10 years now and have enjoyed decorating it immensely. As matter of fact, a few months back I switched the bedroom with my study and repainted both rooms. I’ve still got shows that I’ve taped like “Decorating Cents” that I’ve watched many times. It’s funny too in that the house matched the image I had in mind years back pretty close. I like traveling but I love coming home to my own house.

  • als

    Hello, Michelle!
    Today I got back from a one week work-trip where I had no Internet acces. And in that trip my head and heart were racing all the time, because I think a guy tried to tell me he liked me or something like that. I like him too but he never expressed himself straight forward, he is a Cancer with Cap rising, but, although he talked and socialized with everyone, he did his best to avoid me from start untill the end, excluding that small confession that was not a confession. So, I did my best to avoid him and this is how my wonderful trip to Norway ended up in hell. I talked to everyone and I got along but when we crossed paths it was like each of us wanted to run in the opposite direction – and in the same time I wanted to kill him for ruining my peace of mind. I have a Pisces Venus so I don’t know if I am fantasizing my crushes or not but his behaviour toward me was hurtful, especially because we used to get along great and because if he really liked me and asked me out I would have said yes.
    All in all, I have a 1st house NN in Taurus and when I opened your blog today with this story in my head, your words rang a bell. But it hurts a lot because it is so lonely, I had a wonderful opportunity to visit a great place and i did but the loneliness and these things that happened have exhausted me.
    Sorry for the rant, thank you Michelle!

  • Msfullroller

    I don’t know many Taurus folks but my Dad and a cousin which I got along very well. Dad is deceased. As long as my cousin does not try to push traditional thinking/roles on me we get along great. My stepdaughter is an April Taurus. Hubby’s favorite aunt had NN in Taurus like me. I did not find that out until she passed away. Now I understand why I immediately connected with her when we first met. I got to spend a bit of time with her in the last year before she died and she gave me some plants from her garden that I have in my garden now.

    Scorpio folks I get along with very well which was a surprise to me since Aries and Scorpios are not supposed to be a great match. As I’ve been studying Astrology I’m thinking the reason why I get along so well with Scorpios or those with Scorpio planets is my 8th house Aries Sun/Mars, Pluto rising conjunct ASC, 3rd house in Scorpio, Pluto opposition Mercury.

    • Gardening is a great way to get in touch with a Taurus North Node.

      Another reason why you might get along with them is that your South Node is in Scorpio, which gives you a natural affinity to that energy. Aries and Scorpio have their differences, but they have Mars in common- Mars being the traditional ruler of Scorpio.

  • Your information on North and South Nodes are most useful and precious since there is not much bibliography on the theme. And your presentation is so clear, so didatic. Thank you very much, Michelle. xxx <3 <3 <3

    • Thank Mia. I hope by didactic you don’t mean boring. I just want to get straight to the info. Writing these series of posts can get overwhelming if I try to be too poetic about it.

      • Oh, no! By didactic I mean you are a good teacher for us your students. I learn a lot from all your texts. Thank you very much. All you write is precious to me, and I have been sharing your texts with my two daughters who study Astrology, and a very close friend who is very keen on Astrology. You are among the best Astrologers in my opinion – to mention some: Liz Greene, Howard Sasportas, Richard Idemon, Donna Cunningham. xxx <3 <3 <3

        • Lol…I’m beyond flattered. I’m just glad somebody reads this thing! 😀 <3

          • Msfullroller

            I agree with Mia. Your very presentation style of straight to the point with details that can be used and easily understood is why I’m excited for each new post. May take me a minute to get over here though. lol I’m so glad to have found you through Donna Cunningham.