Become the Transit or Suffer the Transit


Become the transit or suffer the transit. -Astrologer Tom Brady

glowing balls on waterWhen a planet transits a house it is asking you to embody more of its energy in that area of your life. The more you resist embodying the energy of the planet, the more that energy will creep up on you from the outside.

Instead of fearing or avoiding a planet’s energy, purposely welcome it into the area of your life shown by the house that the planet is transiting. Work with the energy of a planet instead of behaving like a passive observer.

Some astrologers believe that the more you actively bring a planet’s energy into your life during a transit, the easier the transit will be. A transit is an opportunity to work with a particular energy in a particular area of life for a period of time. Transits can awaken you to what someone with that placement in their natal chart experiences on a regular basis.

The length of time it takes a planet to transit through a house depends on the size of your houses, which house system you use and whether the planet turns retrograde during the transit. Below are average transit lengths.

Saturn transits

2.5 years. Get realistic about the affairs of this house. Prepare to come face to face with the reality of your situation. Make something out of this house’s potentials. Lay the groundwork. Learn about, and gain mastery over this house’s affairs. Take responsibility for your actions, or lack of action. Willingly cultivate self-discipline. Bring structure to this area of your life. Become an authority. Face your fears.

Uranus transits

7 years. Welcome unpredictability. Be the eccentric. Be the one who breaks the mold. Find your independence. Stop forcing your expectations upon events. Welcome atypical, unusual or strange experiences. Rebel against what is normally expected of you. Try an unconventional approach to this area of your life. Shake things up.

Neptune transits

14 years. Willingly get in touch with the spiritual side of this house. Bring spirituality into your life. Let go of your ego. Listen to your dreams. Meditate on the affairs of this house. Use your imagination. Resist definitions. Let this house remain ambiguous for the time being. Welcome music, dance and artistic refinement. Develop compassionate relationships with people represented by this house. Give of yourself with no expectation of return. Explore psychic connections.

Pluto transits

12-25 years. Take active control in this area of your life. Find your power path. Get to the bottom of complexes. Tear down false structures and rebuild this area of life from scratch. Refuse to take shit from anyone. Heal relationships. Get rid of non-essentials. Welcome intensity. Find your power source. Willingly let go of dead weight. Let yourself be transformed when it comes to these issues. Shed your old self, your old way of relating and your old perceptions.

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  • When I fully awake, grew up and became an adult…what planet start developing rapidly during my early adult years?
    It’s Neptune 🙂
    Neptune has been sitting on 10th house since I can remember, oppositing my mercury, squaring my natal saturn and sextile-ing my natal Neptune. He has been notorious and fierce!! Do you think Neptune is subtle,  wallflower, shy, invisible? I dont think so, lol!^^
    In previous aspects, he was once making an aspect with my chiron while transit-chiron did aspecting my natal neptune. I vividly remember when pluto conjunct my natal neptune, I suddenly turned atheist and liberal 😀

    He is usually off my radar but I think his power is undeniable. I used to ignore him because I thought he’s not really giving exteremely good or bad news.
    Perhaps… maybe because Im not a fan of his agenda, then he relentlessly ‘pushing’ me to my limit. I admit, I do suffer from Neptune and my Virgosun/TaurusAsc/CapMars- earth’s practicality can’t tact its ambiguous, unrealistic approach..Neptune is too much for me to handle, gosh!

    My Natal Neptune itself in Capricorn, rx, 8th house– Over realistic imagination, always partake other’s established imagery, archetype-freak, occult interest and NEVER DREAM D:

    I never read outer planet in peregrine house, but mine..definitely peregrine/ misplaced. 🙁

    When Neptune sit in 10th house, I immediately felt that my reputation, became vague, questionable and washed out. I never be too alone like alone right now…and it’s not sad alone, because Im totally embraced my life. It’s because my lifestyle can’t cope and merge with others until I shut my door from everyone.
    My sister got engaged last week. She has the opposite value..I always against for; marriage, normal heterosexual family. I dont hate them because they’re normal but somehow I dislike how she/her bf keep advertising lifestyle that I try to abstinence for..
    I totally felt being invisible when we had a family dinner (mom,dad, her and bf)…I really dont know what to say? Well, great?
    My parents, as you might guess; they were absolutely happy for them, overly loud while I totally shut down, playing with my food…

    ….because Im too gay to function 😕

    That event, 180 degree from my natal mercury in 4th: muting my voice, silencing my will, killing my passion..very awkward moment with my family, alienating me from the rest of them.I know I shouldn’t cater to that. WHen I analysized the problem, it was sooo silly..:D I should be a grown up man, better than that!

    However, the more I repress…(Neptune is soo good with subtle repression), the more I become enraged inside..the thing I want to do is kick their ass out of me and dont talk to me for the rest of my life! >:(
    I guess Im that mad because mars: my ally, he has been in virgo throwing fist to Neptune since 2011

    Neptune transit is horrible when it occurs in the house you personaly have little to control like 10,9,8/7,
    bad aspecting personal planet like mercury.sun,moon. venus/mars

    Meanwhile..I still dont know the meaning of this transit or “Neptune’s agenda?”
    Does he wants me to be straight/christian? Following my old way? Neptune is in his domain in Pisces and Jesus is very piscean.
    He is a martyr, suffering, self-less son of God…
    In a view years later, he’ll oppositing my sun and I guess..he gonna crush my ego to pieces (gulp) 🙁

    Hahaha 😀
    Idk Mich…Not only I have an undermining reputation (neptune tr opp. mercury) but also my hard work, VALUES I’ve been working on now put on question…this is a dangerous time when my value/ethics is being considered, should it work or should’ve been throw to garbage?
    (Neptune tr square Saturn) 10th-7th

    A hard time for me to prove my way—to outside approval but in meantime…like Tom Brady said:
    “Become the transit or suffer the transit” 😉


  • Ile

    I think you can add a psychological quote to this article:
    “Resistance leads to Persistence” .

    What I found out through living the transits in my life is that they always offer (or brings) a Change. The best thing to do is to be ‘open for the changes the transiting planets are offering’. Especially Conjunctions are powerful, because they are a mix up of two energies. The energy of the transiting planet is offering some of its meaning to incorporate it in your life. They certainly bring some guidance for evolution. There is another quote: “Evolve or dissolve”. I guess this is more cruel than the first one, but you got the point.

    • “Evolve or dissolve” might best be applied to a Neptune or Pluto transit.

  • amoureuse

    uranus is transiting my 12th house and i a going throuh what i believe is a theraphy period.. i am developing talents i nver kne exising.. i just hope i will not hve to go to the hospitals whatsever… yaikks im a bit scared… but im doing my bestfor my health.. as saturn is also in my 6th house.. im haing saturn return.

    • You do volunteer/charity work too, don’t you?

      • amoureuse

        yep! yep! i started getting involved with humanitarian stuff during college… i was voted as vice president in UNESCO at school. then after univ, i went to UAE. that was 2006. while having a regular job, i found time to volunteer at MSF (medecin sans frontiers/ doctors without borders). i also wrote at different newspapers for me… giving my opinions and knowledge about International affairs and world events since my degree is intl relations major in diplomacy- that was for FREE. lol hehehehe and then now that I only stay at home, i use my blog to help out… there was a time when i supported charity water… then after i use my paintings to spread awareness about the envi. this iwas during the oil spill.. etc etc.. now im not that active but i still got ISF (Ian  Somerhalder Foundation) link on my blog.

        • The 12th house/6th house axis is very much about charity and being of service.

          • amoureuse

            no way… i want to sell paintings and books… how can i feed myself if i give them for free.. but serously.. i have his thought inside me that wants to have my own foundation in the fture….  maybe aftr getting mybillions… lol hehehhe

            • I don’t see any reason why you can’t do all of that 🙂

              • amoureuse

                i guess my self destructive self, my insecuritis and cowardice are the reasons… always been..

  • Michelle

    Progressed Venus and Jupiter in the 9th sounds fantastic for a degree. When I got mine, Saturn was transiting my 9th house and you know what? It completely and totally sucked. Not only was the process long and arduous (6 years for a 4 year degree) I felt isolated and depressed.

    I am the woodworker, googoogaju
    Lol…me too…

    My own comments get trapped for moderation too. I have to go to the dashboard and approve my comments. Ho hum.

    • billow

      Do overly structured environments drive your sun neptune nuts?

      • Michelle

        When “structured” becomes synonymous with “no imagination” then yes.

        I think I like fluid structure.

  • billow

    I miss gracehoper.

    • Michelle

      He’s still around. My guess is that I’m not writing anything he’s really interested in discussing.

  • billow

    All this neptune fogging up my chart now. So along comes this pisces sun to conjunct my natal Rx mars and its like . . . driving 90mph through white out fog. Can’t seem to find the pavement. Wheeeeee!

    • Michelle

      Good times!

      • billow

        Ya, no worries. They do me no good anyway right now. I am continually surprised by how things work out without the stress of taking on all the responsibility. Group projects and how it all comes together is exhilerating. Although I do often end up putting the pieces together for final presentation or plan execution.

        This comes midway through my education degree, so my instructors see me as not as stellular, and I suffered some grade loss last term. Invisible work has its drawbacks, but I like the all inclusiveness of it. Afterall, they were tantamount in helping me to understand how this can work.

        [Second effort to post this. I am the woodworker, googoogaju] And omg! It’s DST! I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date. No time to say hello goodbye. I’m late. I’m late. I’m late. Into the fog, whatever will it bring?

  • Leah-nine

    I just realized, next year I’m going to have Pluto transiting my natal Saturn and Saturn transiting my natal Pluto in the 4th and 2nd houses, respectively. Period of time where money and home are wonky? I think so! Do you think this double-whammy is as stressful as I’m imagining it will be?

    • I have the same thing right now. Just try to take everything in stride. You can help yourself prepare for these transits by getting your finances in order, and by making a greater effort to resolve any conflicts with family members.

  • Leah-nine

    Also, do you ever feel overwhelmed at analyzing all the details, aspects and progressions in astrology? Perhaps it becomes more easy to chew with practice. I’ve been at this intensively for a little less than a year now, and I have gained a decent grasp on interpretation but sometimes it’s like drowning in details.

    But what else can you expect from someone with Mercury in Virgo on the ascendant (and Dad with Virgo South Node, Mom Mercury Rx on ascendant…)?

    • I think you have to narrow down and determine what is most important to look at first. I start with the tightest aspects between planets and I focus on planetary interactions over sign placements to begin with. I work my way out from there.

      Thanks for reading Leah-nine 🙂

  • Leah-nine

    This is very inspirational and relevant to my life right now- thank you! (Pluto transiting intercepted Capricorn in 4th house which contains a double conjunction of Uranus/Neptune/Saturn, all 7 degrees apart: I have moved 7, yes, seven, times in the last two years, but have worked very hard at healing my turbulent, tumultuous relationships with both my parents. I’ve also started discovering my own astrology and uniqueness (Uranus), redefining my take on spirituality and finding compassion I wasn’t aware existed (Neptune) and molding my future plans and long-term goals and finding my destiny (Saturn). When I’m 30 and this transit is done, I’m gonna need a nice big vacation though…

    • I moved 7 times during a 2 year span too – and, yes, Pluto is transiting my 4th house.

  • Mert

    well i have my pluto on 10th house and i have uranus conjunct pluto and pluto sextile ascendant in addition sun,uranus and mercury is on first house……
    It is like i am having a transformation or metamorphosis 😀

    • Mert

      in 6th march
      Jupiter,mars,uranus,moon,sun,mercury will be on the first house….
      waiting for that day =)))

      • A great time to promote yourself.

  • Sabbers

    I was thinking about transits to my own chart and Mercury rx and I was thinking maybe like a curse it only has the power you give it, if you start thinking bad things will happen then they will and you will blame it on the transit. Not saying all transits are bad just the ones where they seem to be having a negative impact. You be one with the transit or suffer it.

    • I think how much you are affected by Mercury transits also depends on whether you have a lot of Gemini or Virgo in your chart.

      • Sabbers

        Oh I didn’t mean Mercury personally affecting me, but for example during the Mercury Rx people could think oooh no Mercury is being terrible to me, and it will amplify the effects, kinda of like how a curse is suppose to work. Whereas if you go out get on with your normal business and think oh dear another train delay never mind, just makes everything easier.

        Being a Scorpio and having Neptune squaring me for a long time and Pluto hanging around my first house for years, I could dwell on it. But life goes on. If I knew more I’d work with it. But like I said if I thought of all the terrible things that could happen, I’d exacerbate them more.

        • Dwelling on things certainly makes them worse. What I notice about retrogrades is that I usually want to retreat and take time off. For the current retrograde, I thought about taking all 3 weeks off from the blog, but then I decided that I didn’t want to. I still might take a few days off in the upcoming week. I think more than anything Mercury retro wants you to not take on any new challenges, and simply deal with what you already have on your plate. Taking a few days off here and there doesn’t hurt either. Mercury is my chart ruler.

          • Sabbers

            Definitely, I was just using the Mercury rx as an example, I mean it for any transit really.

            • billow

              The one thing I am getting out of all this neptune detachment, and again it is only my experience, is that I can feel the energy shifts some times, but I don’t have to act on them.

              Also it is much better to watch the physical action around me as it relates to the transit, rather than taking my energy into it. That might be because the outer planets are about externals?

  • Ahorrasi

    my whole freaking life has been one Pluto conjunction transit after another, starting with Venus, at age 11. Every couple of years it would conjunct sthg in my natal chart. Now (at 32) am experiencing the last one of my life: transiting Pluto conjunct Mars. It should be done with in a year or two.

    So I have to wonder, what will my life be like after this? Maybe it’ll all be Easy Street from now on 😀

    • So I have to wonder, what will my life be like after this? Maybe it’ll all be Easy Street from now on 😀
      Maybe…but another consequence is that, after having gone through so much, you forget how to relax and you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop.

      • billow

        “forget how to relax” . . . Unless Neptune farts a cloud of foggy fairy dust upon you?

        • Michelle

          I don’t think Neptune is always relaxing. Neptune’s transit through my 6th house has only been “relaxing” because it basically refuses to let me make any concrete progress in my work life.

          • billow

            I have no choice but to relax into it. It’s all over the place right now. And being a creature of comfort well . . . I must accept. I’m not saying dissolution is easy. Especially not at the start.

            Neptune is dosy doe-ing back and forth across my IC as it trines my natal Neptune that sextiles natal Pluto. Which means that transiting Saturn will be conjuncting natal Neptune at the end of Libra, which isn’t that far off. It involves a whole new way of being and expressing myself, as progressed sun is conjunct progressed neptune now in Scorpio. I am getting a picture, foggy though it be, of what’s in store, but I don’t see it generating much in the way of dollars. I could put the sun in the first house, making Libra the second, to make sense of that, or neptune ruled pisces progressively encroaching upon my second house. But am working toward focussing on that 10th house sun.

            My progressed venus and jupiter are conjunct in the 9th, and the opportunities there are endless, but again not much promise of dollars. Hi ho hi ho, adventuring I go. And I am trimming waaaaaaaaaaaaaay down. “Too much stuff” ties me down. I ocassionally find myself wanting to scream from the nauseousness of it. But not too often. I know it is going away anyway.

            • Michelle

              Neptune transits must be way harder for strong earth types. You have Moon in Taurus right?

  • Tuscan

    And if you have pluto on your sun do like Ralph Fiennes : play hades in “clash of the titans”! (lol)

    • Lol…yeah 😀

      How long has Pluto been conjunct your Sun?

      Thank you for reading Tuscan.

      • Tuscan

        Still is…but not too close anymore. I’ve been playing “clash of the titans” in my family (conj. in 4TH house).

        • Transiting Pluto in the 4th is a rough placement- that’s where mine still is (using Placidus). I wrote about it a bit here: It must be extra hard for you with the Sun there.

          • Tuscan

            Pluto transiting a cardinal sign ( and or “strong” houses) is definetely rough but less rough in my case cause my sun is not in hard aspect with malefics and is not in aspect at all with the dwarf planet. Around me i can see that the persons having pluto in aspect with their sun ( or other personal planets) in their natal chart are the ones “feeling” the transit more deeply . Whole sign do work better in transits cause i really felt the ingress of pluto in capricorn last year but not much this last summer with the cardinal cross. Uranus going back in aries next spring will “do” for sure something on my sun cause i have a sun-uranus aspect in my natal placements. Btw…i really like very much your blog.

            • Whole sign do work better in transits cause i really felt the ingress of pluto in capricorn last year but not much this last summer with the cardinal cross.

              I had the same experience, but with Saturn entering Libra. I felt the Libra ingress almost immediately.

              Btw…i really like very much your blog.
              Thank you.

  • mz . v

    I love this passage:
    Pluto transits

    Take active control in this area of your life. Find your power path. Get to the bottom of complexes. Tear down false structures and rebuild this area of life from scratch. Refuse to take shit from anyone. Heal relationships. Get rid of non-essentials. Welcome intensity. Find your power source. Willingly let go of dead weight. Let yourself be transformed when it comes to these issues. Shed your old self, your old way of relating and your old perceptions.

    Thank you.Pluto through the 10th. 😉

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it mz. v. Thank you for reading 🙂 Pluto through the 10th isn’t easy.

  • Shannon

    Speaking of Neptune transits, the great foggy one is opposing my Mars today(!) for the third and last time. *whoosh*

    • How was it?

      • Shannon

        I got a ton done, actually. Reworking and… wait for it… reimagining a substantial part of my work.

        Today, though? Can’t get a damned thing done. Sigh.

  • Sarahrahrahhh

    I would like to hump this article PROFUSELY. Thank you very much for illustrating this wonderful concept as clearly as possible, as well as including the transit lengths along with it. Neptune is conjunct my ascendant, looks like it’s gonna be for a while yet!

    • Shannon


      Neptune on the asc… don’t smoke too much weed. People may be offering it to you a lot.

      • Anonymous

        LOL! Or maybe now’s the time to smoke weed, in order to see through the fake structures society has created from our minds and brainwashed each other into believing.

        • I don’t think she’s going to need to smoke weed- she’ll naturally be open to alternative perceptions.

      • Shannon

        Don’t get me wrong… I don’t *advocate* it, but everyone I know with natal Neptune on the ascendant is a dedicated stoner. Without exception, so far.

        • I don’t know many people with Neptune conjunct the ascendant.

          • I know two. Both have adictions – eating/smoking and alcohol. Difficulty to say No. Difficulty to accept and deal with anger. Choose to be detached rather than interact. Identified with the persona. xxx <3 <3 <3, Michelle!

          • Shannon

            I know a few. Two are childhood sweethearts who got married, and run a metaphysical shop together now 🙂 Their… extracurricular activities dont interfere with their work though. 🙂

            • Les

              My brother has Neptune on his Ascendant. Definitely not a stoner. College prof, and Republican. Maybe it’s because he’s such a Capricorn! Or maybe too much interference from other planets.

    • Lol! 😀

      If I were you I’d begin to embrace a more spiritual/compassionate/artistic outlook. How is Neptune in your natal chart?

  • Oh Transits! Currently Saturn is moving through my 9th house, Uranus through my 3rd, Neptune in my 2nd and Pluto in my first on my natal Neptune.

    Of all my past transits I felt Pluto going over my Sun & Asc the most…I had severe panic attacks that forced me into therapy and other healing modalities so that I could unload all the emotional baggage of my childhood that I had held with me through college. Anytime I tried to suppress my emotions I would have convulsions for about a half hour. It made for an interesting/scary junior year and definitely added stress to my relationship at the time…but he was very loving and kind through it all…I thank him for getting me into therapy to begin with.

    The next after was Saturn/Uranus opposition on my Pisces Moon squaring my natal Venus/Uranus conjunction. Break up and heartbreak in the depths of winter = disaster.

    At the moment, I think I have become immune to Pluto in my first, after it crossed my Asc and I survived it, I don’t even notice it. Neptune makes keeping money in my savings hard, and I guess its been teaching me about the impermanence of material things. Saturn in the 9th aiming to finish up my higher education by 2012, by then it should have crossed my MC and I can start working my career, Uranus in the 3rd makes me feel like I have an attention disorder and I can’t concentrate on one thing for more than a few minutes before I jump to something else. It makes studying hard to non existent.

    • Uranus in the 3rd makes me feel like I have an attention disorder and I can’t concentrate on one thing for more than a few minutes before I jump to something else. It makes studying hard to non existent.

      Do you experience more sudden realizations?

  • Anonymous

    LOL– I love the Pluto advice “Refuse to take shit from anyone.” I’ve been under Pluto square Pluto off and on throughout the past couple of years and that’s been me, right there. (Pluto at 1Libra57, disposited by the ruler of my sun, Venus in Taurus, which trines Pluto from 27Taurus56 on Algol the Demon Star, most Plutonian of Stars except for perhaps Antares the nuclear star.) And these past couple of years have indeed been a time of Plutonian self-transformation and die-off of unneeded selves, not to mention not taking shit from anyone.

  • Saturn just entered my 2nd house a few weeks ago and just a few weeks ago I started taking a class with a man who has 4 planets in Libra- and he’s about 65 so I’ve got the “older, more mature” influence happening too.

    I bought a business planning book. I started reading Business Plans for Dummies. I’m starting to take my whole financial life more seriously. I’m also asking myself how I can earn a living and use my talents in a way that is an authentic representation of who I am.

    • Shannon

      Things were hard when Saturn was transiting my 2nd, but I came out of it with a lot of concrete, marketable skills. I got a culinary degree, started a business (or three), and made a lot of valuable connections.

      I was broke as hell, don’t get me wrong, but things started getting better as soon as it hit the 3rd, and now I have a much better toolbox. I think you’re on the right track for this one so far.

      • I am already broke, but, maybe foolishly, I feel optimistic, and more than anything, determined. Saturn is going to transit right over my natal Pluto at 10 Libra in the 2nd (simultaneously exactly squaring Mars at 10 Cancer). Saturn will sit on my Pluto for something like a month next June (at 10 Libra). I feel like it’s make or break time to tackle my Pluto karma. I’m going to wrestle it to the ground and make it form an alliance. Yeah. Lol 😀

        • Shannon

          It hits my Pluto at 25 degrees… late next fall I think. High-five for the Saturn-Pluto transits! Pluto in Libra, though… you might want to take it out for tea and discuss your differences instead of wrestling 😀

          You get an opposition in there too somewhere, don’t you?

          • you might want to take it out for tea and discuss your differences instead of wrestling
            Excellent advice! Yes, although my ascendant has progressed to Libra, I’m still getting the hang of compromising. Perfect advice from a Libra.

            10 degrees Libra opposes the midpoint between my Sun at 19 Aries and Venus at 00 Aries.

            • Shannon

              We should make a Saturn/Pluto support group… any Gen X/GenYer is either already doing this, or getting ready for it next year.

              PLUTO KARMA. We haz it.

              • Anonymous

                I just went through mine last year. Wasn’t so bad, even with a natal Pluto-IC conjunction!

                • That is really good to hear. I feel nervous about all of my upcoming transits, but I was nervous about this past summer’s transits, and not much happened in terms of huge personal crisis (knock on wood).

                  • Anonymous

                    I did go through a protracted kerfuffle in the home in which I was forced to assert my authority in order to protect the overall peace –we had this roommate who moved in and proceeded to make all kinds of emotional chaos for us with her borderline personality disorder and alcoholism until eventually I put my foot down and practically drove her out because my roommate (the owner of the house), was too timid and codependent to do it. So that was my Saturn conjunct Pluto-IC experience. I’ve actually made it nicer than it sounds— there were quite a few Plutonian moments!

                    • I remember you writing about that before. Mm…well, my Saturn transits have been rough, but most worked out in my favor. I hope the same will be true of those in the future.

              • Maybe we could have a mini blog carnival for people of our age group.

                • Shannon

                  Hmm… what would be a good theme? Saturn/Pluto? Transition? Something entirely different?

                  • I think we need to define where our age group begins and ends. Maybe something about maturing and growing up, taking responsibility, etc….? The North Node and Pluto will form an exact conjunction in Capricorn in November. The Pluto in Libra generation are the slackers and we are living in an anti-slacker time.

              • Anonymous

                1st wave Gen Xer here with a natal Saturn/Pluto aspect. Saturn has already transited over my natal Pluto. Fun, fun, fun!!

            • Shannon

              But yeah, start with the tea. You start talking to Pluto about wrestling, and he’ll just say “eff that” and bring a bat with him.

              • I was thinking recently how the only mythical character (that I know of) to get Pluto to bend to their will was Ceres. Perhaps Ceres energy is the natural anti-Pluto.

                • billow

                  It’s a pretty good myth, as far as myths go. I think the key is in the “not turning back”.

                  Robert Wilkinson at Aquarius Papers did a series of articles on Saturn conjunct Pluto in 2007, as all generations on earth were facing transiting Saturn conjunct Pluto. They are located in his January 2007 archives.

                  On Saturn-Pluto in Libra: “Lessons involve justice, fairness, balance, perspective worked out in the realm of relationships, as well as law.”

                  This is a 30 year cycle, so it will play out again next time around, depending on unfinished biz?

                  • Michelle

                    Balance and fairness in relationships is something I’m working on.

  • This is an awesome article, Michelle! Simply wonderful and so useful, and very enlightened. A great help! Thank you very much! xxx <3 <3 <3

    • Thanks Mia 😀 Where are these planets in your chart?

      • Saturn still in the 2nd, Pluto in the 5th, Uranus in the 8th and Neptune in the 7th.

        • How has Saturn in the 2nd been for you? (if you don’t mind me asking)

          • When Saturn entered my 2nd House I told myself, ‘Time has come’. Being broke is a reality for me, money only comes through work, different from the rest of family (scorpio is in my house 4, pluto in the asc., mars in the 9th in square one another) who are inheriters by excellence (hardly ever have supported themselves from actually working; have got plenty of real estates which they rent, and also investments, and stocks & shares (of course they are very mean people who lack generosity and so on and so forth). Well, all this just to say that after almost 20 years of my father’s death, I received some dough from his inventory (though it has not ended yet – he passed away in 1991. I have a tough family indeed!)
            This money was very welcome!
            xxx <3<3<3 Thanks, Michelle!

            • Thank you for sharing that Mia. It’s always interesting to hear everyone’s personal experiences with transits (and everything else).

            • Anonymous

              Being broke is a reality for me, too– second house is Leo cusp, Sun is in the 11th house, only aspects are quincunxes and semisextiles from challenging planets– Saturn, Uranus, Chiron, except for a contraparallel and contrantascion to Jupiter (even worse for money!) — that along with a Pisces MC, and I’ve made peace with the fact that riches will never come to me through my own hard work or through my own real effort. No matter how hard I work for it, I will fall short. Luckily, I have an ace in the hole– Jupiter in the 8th, which always pulls out a nifty guest house to live in or a sudden check from nowhere or a sudden invitation or a torrid love affair which requires me to move in somewhere for awhile. It’s an adventurous life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Very good advice Michelle. This is exactly how I try to approach my own transits rather than going ‘oh my God Saturn is coming and he’s going to mess everything up!’ *laughs* For example Saturn has just entered my 3rd house so I know that now I’ve got serious studying to do (laying the ground work is very apt) and I need to become more realistic in my thinking. I’m also intending Saturn to be useful whilst researching material to write a book!

    • Saturn in the 3rd is my next one. What are you planning on studying?

      • Shannon

        I have Saturn in the 3rd natally (returns next month!). I think I’m a permanent student.

        (I’m also a permanent dropout, but that’s another story! 😀 )

        It makes researching quicker, I think, or at least you are more able to dig up useful information when you need. My google-fu is pretty strong.

        • Saturn/Mercury/3rd house connections (probably Gemini and Capricorn too) seem to give the capacity for narrow focus- the ability to cut out all distractions and concentrate- what do you think?

          • Shannon

            Saturn and Mercury bookend my stellium so they pretend they’re conjunct, even though they’re not really. I think having Saturn in the 3rd is what makes it possible for me to settle down and concentrate at all, with so much 3rd house activity.

            Many people seem to dread their Saturn returns, but I’m looking forward to getting a lot of work done as I head into, urgh, two solid years of Saturn transits. But we’re not strangers so it will be ok, I think. I tell my husband 2011 is a book-writing year.

            • I tell my husband 2011 is a book-writing year.

              I love that. That is a fantastic goal for Saturn in the 3rd.

          • Anonymous

            I have Saturn in Gemini, and Mercury in Taurus in mutual reception with Moon in Virgo by exaltation, triplicity, terms, and face, with the two planets also in aspect by trine, so I have the Saturn/Gemini/Mercury/3rd House signature going. I’m capable of being incredibly focused when I need to, especially when I’m interested in a certain topic of information, but my natural way of going about a project is to open up many many windows and intuitively spider my way through them, as if they represent a web of information. I may start with 10 tabs of topics open, and then from there the links take me from topic to topic until I am filled with glorious knowledge!

            • Is Chiron involved in your Mercury web?

              • Anonymous

                Chiron at 19 Aries sextile Saturn at 19 Gemini disposited by Mercury in Taurus

                • That’s right, your Chiron is on my Sun.

            • Sarahrahrahhh

              Pardon me if I am incorrect, but I do not believe your moon is in a mutual reception?

              • Anonymous

                It’s not in mutual reception by domicile. However, Moon in Virgo is in the sign of Mercury’s Exaltation in Virgo, while Mercury in Taurus is in the sign of Moon’s Exaltation in Taurus, so they are in mutual reception by exaltation, as well as by other dignities.

                • Leah-nine

                  I believe Mercury is only dignified in Virgo… small details because they still sound complementary.

                  • Michelle

                    Mercury is also dignified in Gemini.

                  • Anonymous

                    Mercury has dignity in a lot of signs, if one looks beyond the dignity of domicile or rulership. There’s also exaltation of course, but there are other dignities. Mercury is the triplicity ruler of air signs in night charts, for example.

                    • Leah-nine

                      Yes but it’s not dignified in Pisces, so it wouldn’t be exalted in Virgo, right? That’s all I was getting at.

                    • Anonymous

                      Mercury is in Fall and Detriment in Pisces, and both rules and is exalted in Virgo.

                    • Leah-nine

                      Oh whoops, you’re right. My bad.

                    • Leah-nine

                      My Mercury is in Virgo in my 12th house: Not uncommon for me to confuse myself over small details. 🙂

      • Hi Michelle
        Oops, sorry for a very late reply. Astrology, tarot and Portuguese (yes all at once!). I have been studying and working with astrology and tarot for a long time but I’m using Saturn to really nail things I need to know and to discipline my writing.

    • Les

      Saturn is just about to enter my 3rd house, too (1 degree away by Koch houses) – will be so happy to get it out of my 2nd! But still wondering what it will be like in my 3rd. I do write for a living (corporate stuff – I suppose more hard work on the job, sigh). My North Node is also there, but Saturn will retrograde before it gets to it so that won’t hit until late 2011 (and again in 2012).

      • i think it depends on how comfortable you are with Saturn/Mercury types of interactions. It could be that you take on the responsibility for some writing projects that lead to learning and advancement opportunities.

        • Les

          Right, I do hope it’s positive! Thanks, Michelle.