North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sagittarius, by House


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North Node Gemini 1st House/ South Node Sagittarius 7th House

north-node-in-gemini-and-south-node-in-sagittarius-by-houseBecoming a mimic. Allowing yourself to take on the coloration of your environment. Picking up the accents, mannerisms and affectations of the people around you. Taking the initiative to make connections with people in your environment. Starting the conversation and keeping it rolling.  Exploring multiple paths. Approaching the world with curiosity. Being a mischief maker. Becoming noticeably restless with dogma. Learning through experience. Moving into the bustling flow. Making quick connections. Resisting getting caught up by other people’s opinions. Staying curious. Using what you know about other people to learn more about yourself. Refraining from making assumptions about other people. Learning about yourself by noticing how you change physically day to day. Developing a witty, changeable, adaptable persona. Resisting the opinions of other people. Getting to know the world through perceivable facts and observation. Keeping a daily fashion diary. Lightening up your approach to life. Honoring your personal need to keep moving. Not relying on your partner to have the answers. Confronting long-winded partners and friends with a curious mind and realistic questions. Letting your curiosity lead you.

North Node Gemini 2nd House/ South Node Sagittarius 8th House

Letting your values change with the new information you gather and learn. Allowing your priorities to change as you learn new things. Getting to know what holds value for you by observing the facts. Letting go of opinions about what other people should value. Releasing the need to preach about what is right concerning taboos. Releasing the need to have an opinion about other people’s business. Forming your values based on what you actually observe, rather than ideas and concepts in your mind. Allowing yourself to buy trendy things. Learning to enjoy fleeting material pleasures. No longer needing a really good reason to buy something. Letting yourself be curious about money and ways of earning money. Learning to value curiosity, mental agility and wordplay. Not needing to be right about what other people do in privacy. Spending more time being curious about your own priorities. Spending less time digging out the truth about other people’s motivations. Becoming less concerned with hidden truths and more concerned with observable facts. Valuing lightness, adaptability and wit. Having a variety of income streams.

North Node Gemini 3rd House/ South Node Sagittarius 9th House

Letting yourself flit from subject to subject. No longer needing to be a scholar. Learning a little bit about everything. Learning a little bit about everyone. Becoming more interested in the apparent facts of a situation than in the supposed truths. Posing questions rather than making assumptions. Gaining interest in what is happening in the here and now, moment by moment. Keeping up with trends in education, learning and teaching. Keeping up with trends in communication. Having the latest phone. Getting your news on the internet. Getting informed. Becoming more concerned with what is going on right now than with understanding universal truths. Releasing the need to force your opinions on other people. Learning what people really think by asking them. Learning to listen. Understanding what it means to have a conversation. Teaching, not preaching. Asking, not telling. Having more questions than answers. Telling us what you really think not what you believe to be true. Saturating your mind with information. Finding out for yourself rather than agreeing with accepted opinions. Writing without worrying about being right. Getting to know the minds of your siblings. Accepting that you are more interested in bits of information than long speeches, sermons, novels or epics. Reading the local newspaper. Reading the local gossip column.

North Node Gemini 4th House/ South Node Sagittarius 10th House

Becoming adaptable in family situations. Releasing the need to be seen as having all the answers. Releasing the need to be seen as a prophet. Letting go of the pursuit of awards and recognition. Developing more curiosity about your roots and heritage. No longer needing to put your knowledge on display. No longer needing to make the world aware of your opinions. No longer needing to be seen as an authority on the truth. Becoming more concerned with your own personal learning process.  Becoming less interested in the authority of established religion and thought. Keeping your thoughts to yourself. Privately exploring whatever piques your curiosity. Enjoying your sibling bonds. Letting yourself give in to curiosity and fleeting interests. Learning a little bit about everything in the privacy of your own home, for you own personal satisfaction. Using reading, learning and writing as ways to escape from your public life. Relaxing into your personal learning process. Finding out if what your parents really think is different from what they were taught to believe. Keeping a private diary. Writing your autobiography.

North Node Gemini 5th House/ South Node Sagittarius 11th House

Letting yourself get curious about your personal creative process. Exploring your creativity through a variety of media. No longer needing to have an idealistic cause in the name of truth. Stepping back from group involvement to become aware of your personal contribution. Exploring creative writing. Lightening up and spending more time with children. Letting yourself become engaged in the pleasures of the moment. Not letting yourself become an unthinking follower or joiner. Avoiding people who want you to join any group or organization that claims to know the truth or have the answers. Releasing the need to belong to overzealous movements. Becoming curious about personal, heart-warming connections. Letting yourself try different romantic partners. Becoming articulate about romance and pleasure, art and leisure. Letting yourself enjoy superficial attractions, fleeting artistic fads and meaningless flings. Lightening up in your self-expression. Letting yourself enjoy wordplay and games. Letting yourself have romances with intelligent, witty, down to earth, talkative people. Asking your children what they think. Believing in a larger community while honoring your personal creative curiosity.

North Node Gemini 6th House/ South Node Sagittarius 12th House

Becoming a working writer. Letting yourself work in stimulating, active, high energy environments. Developing a lively, stimulating routine. Finding a job that lets you be clever and use your wit. Working some place trendy. Making it your job to keep up with the trends in your field of interest. Letting go of too much emphasis on spiritual and religious pursuits. Becoming an observant participant in the real world. Getting a job that lets you move around. Acknowledging your need for mental stimulation in the work place. Letting yourself have two or more jobs at a time. Admitting when you are bored with a particular line of work. Moving on when work becomes dull. Making connections with your coworkers and employees. Finding out what your coworkers and employees think by actually asking them. You are no longer on a quest for spiritual truth. Letting yourself dip your toe into a variety of healing remedies. Paying attention to the daily fluctuations and changes in your health and body. Noticing how your daily environment affects your nervous system and your ability to stay mentally alert. Keeping notes on any changes in your health. Choosing an active routine for your health.

North Node Gemini 7th House/ South Node in Sagittarius 1st House

Getting more curious about your partner. Finding out what your partner actually thinks. Releasing the need to push your opinions on the people close to you. Releasing the need to preach your personal point of view to your spouse and close friends. Realizing that your way is not necessarily the right way. Making time to have conversations with the people close to you. Lightening up on the need to view life from a moral standpoint. Bringing more liveliness into your relationships. Finding a partner who is willing to question your assumptions. Noticing how your relationships change day to day. Keeping up with the daily events in your partner’s life. Taking an active interest in your partner. Listening to your partner. Appreciating the liveliness that your partner brings to the relationship. Relishing all the small interactions that make relationships stimulating and engaging. Enjoying the small talk that can bring two people together and make them feel closer.

North Node Gemini 8th House/ South Node Sagittarius 2nd House

Letting go of overly idealistic values. Keeping your personal morals but becoming less self-righteous about them. Finding out what other people value by asking them. Becoming more curious about what other people hold dear. Becoming curious about other people’s “stuff.” Developing curiosity about what other people consider taboo and why. Becoming curious about sex. Staying alert to other people’s taboos. Developing curiosity about your own emotional baggage. Reading up on psychology. Allowing yourself to be curious about the occult. Learning to adapt to other people’s values and priorities. Becoming flexible in response to learning about other people’s emotional baggage. Moving away from moralistic attitudes. No longer holding onto knowledge as if it were a possession. Getting interested in the ways people transform in response to emotional crisis. Learning about death. Speaking to people from a point of deep interest. Developing a lighter approach to sex. Letting yourself be delighted by fleeting moments of deep intimacy and shared secrets.

North Node Gemini 9th House/ South Node Sagittarius 3rd House

Learning to ask other people about their worldview. Finding out why people believe what they believe. Developing curiosity about other people’s belief systems. Becoming less blinded by a belief in your own thought process. Reading and learning about foreign cultures before submitting your opinion. Reading world news. Using the media to become aware of world events as they unfold. Choosing a lively, active and realistic, in the moment, lifestyle. Letting yourself explore current philosophies and trending ideas. Becoming more comfortable questioning the truth. Letting yourself accumulate bits and pieces of different religions and world philosophies. Developing an eclectic philosophy of life. Questioning gurus and leaders of thought. Broadening your mind by reading. Broadening your mind by finding out what people really think. Getting the “word on the street.” No longer monopolizing the conversation. Believing in the wisdom of your own thoughts while being curious about the views of others. Approaching religion and culture from the perspective of a journalist.

North Node Gemini 10th House/ South Node Sagittarius 4th House

Picking a career path that allows for variety and stimulation. Realizing that your best option might be to have several careers, or simultaneous part time careers. Becoming known as someone who is informed, lively and conversational. Becoming known for your networking skills. Becoming a role model in communication and networking. Choosing a career that lets you tap into your curiosity. Choosing a career that involves teaching, learning, reading, writing, educating or informing people. Releasing the innate idealism that prevents you from getting out into the world. Seeking literary achievement. Using your inner wisdom to connect with the outer world. Resisting the urge to retreat into a world of concepts and ideals. Keeping your opinions about religion and other big topics private. Letting yourself get curious about being ambitious. Making a career out of a knack for keeping up with trends. Becoming the person that people go to for information. Becoming known as a source of information. Releasing self-righteous attitudes about your family and upbringing. Easing up on blind faith in your roots or cultural traditions. No longer being condescending toward your family members.

North Node Gemini 11th House/ South Node Sagittarius 5th House

Releasing the need for truth in art. Letting yourself get swept up in the trends of your peers. Not being so self-righteous about your personal artistic vision. Releasing the need to have an artistic philosophy. Learning to share your creativity in a lively and engaging manner. Learning how to share your creativity with others in a way that sparks their curiosity. Teaching or educating groups of people. Finding a way to communicate your artistic gifts to others in a way they can understand. Becoming less self-righteous about your romances. Allowing yourself to have casual and fleeting friendships. Becoming curious about other segments of society. Joining a book club. Joining a variety of groups, organizations, clubs and societies. Learning to speak to large groups of people as if you were having a personal conversation with each one of them. Making everyone in a crowd feel heard. Learning to listen to what the majority actually wants. Allowing yourself to move among unrelated social groups. Releasing the pompous artist. No longer condescending to people when discussing your personal interests.

North Node Gemini 12th House/ South Node Sagittarius 6th House

Developing curiosity about spiritual practices. Letting yourself explore transcendental experiences. Letting the rational mind reach the outer limits of reality. Letting reading and learning become a kind of meditation. Letting information be a conduit into the unknown. Becoming a spiritually alert and lively person. Becoming involved in spiritual practices that promote inquisitiveness, lightheartedness and continued learning. Moving away from having an almost religious attachment to your job. Moving away from being self-righteous about your health, your ailments or your disease. No longer indulging opinionated attitudes toward work and health. Taking responsibility for your health by asking realistic questions of hospitals and institutions. No longer accepting dogma about health and diet. No longer simply having faith that your health will improve. Taking pains to actively gather information where none may exist. Gathering facts and information about your fears to resolve them. Approaching spirituality from the perspective of a journalist. Developing curiosity as a path to spiritual understanding. Realizing that lightness is healing. Writing about your dreams. Keeping a dream journal.

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  • Melissa

    Hi Michelle,
    Just discovered and LOVE your blog! I was wondering if you have any insight for those of us poor souls (LOL) who have their North Node in the natural house of their South Node and vise versa. My personal example would be my NN is in Gemini in the 9th House (of Sagittarius) and my SN is in Sagittarius in the 3rd House (of Gemini). This chart configuration can make for a very perplexing life set-up. I’ve been told by a couple of Evolutionary Astrologists that (rather than move steadfastly towards my NN), I am supposed to BALANCE the energies of the NN and SN throughout my life. Being a Scorpio Sun, Virgo Moon, Virgo Rising…..this ambiguity in my chart is maddening! hahaha Would love to hear your thoughts! Merry Christmas!!

    • What they told you is good advice. The light dissemination of major news versus preaching the gossip of the neighborhood. Talk more about the big issues, world events rather than looking for truth in small places.

  • Regina

    Thank you for this!
    It’s like a “reality check” that hits you really hard… cause somebody who doesn’t even know you tells it to you. 🙂

    I would just like to know your knowledgeable input on Chiron conjunct North Node… and also if you see any future on a couple that has her Moon conjunct his South Node and his Mars in Synastry…

    Thanks again.

    • Hi Regina,

      I plan on writing a Chiron/North Node post very soon – stay tuned.

      With that synastry you might end up playing the same old emotional games with each other. If you can break the pattern – sure.

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  • raj

    I have North Node Gemini 11th House/ South Node Sagittarius 5th House, why do u guys use the word “Releasing” for many points, ur trying to say ?

    Ur saying –
    1) Releasing the need for truth in art. (Can u elaborate this sentence ? / What is “truth in Art” ?)
    2) Releasing the need to have an artistic philosophy. (Do u mean I should not be artistic ?)
    3)Releasing the pompous artist. (Do u mean not to be a show-off character / self pride etc. ?)

    • I use the word “releasing” because the South Node shows an area that is already fully developed, does not offer much opportunity for growth, yet it is shows a set of natural default behaviors.

      1. Sagittarius is very much about truth, opinions, honesty and bluntness. I’ve known some people with Sagittarius 5th house placements who spend a lot of time telling other people why their hobbies/interests/musical tastes/artistic tastes/ etc… are a waste of time. They don’t have much tolerance for other people’s tastes. “Art” is just a big word to encompass all of those things.

      2. No, not at all. You have natural creative expression with a 5th house South Node. Releasing a philosophy means being more tolerant and asking other people why they like what they like instead of condemning or judging them. Taking other people’s ideas into account is important.

      3. Yes.

      I hope that clears things up, raj. Thank you for reading.

      • raj

        Thank you very much Michelle !

        1) In the link : ( I found “sexual adventurism”. I have this very bad quality, I wish to eliminate it from heart. I wish to know, why I have this character ? Is it from past ? (I do have)
        2) In a few websites I found that due to South Node – Sagittarius, it makes me difficult to travel the world as some problem each time and stops/ prevents me from going. (Now, due to not having a bachelors degree I am not able to get good job or apply for higher studies and travel abroad. Studies are very difficult for me, even though I understand the concepts well, I am studying Engineering with great difficulty). Is this the real cause ? Can I have any suggestion from you ?

        3) Many websites and even you seem to say, I have artistic qualities(I also have taurus in 10th house as midheaven and Sun, Mercury conjunct Midheaven, but studying engineering / science subjects and working in those areas is very difficult for me, I wish to switch over to artistic quality demanding jobs)  Does that mean establishing my artistic qualities / working in jobs which needs artistic qualities doesn’t do any good ? Should I develop my qualities towards engineering/science ?

        • Hi raj,

          These questions are too complex for a blog comment; they are really more suited for an astrology reading. I’d have to see, and study, your whole chart to give you some answers:

          • raj

            Ok Michelle, I understand. 

            • Ile

              Hi Raj,
              I also have NN Gemini in 11th, with Uranus conjuncting my SN in Sag.
              “sexual adventurism” is my quality too. Does Scorpio lies in your 5th or Sag?
              In my case it is Scorpio who rules the 5th and I have Saturn in Scorpio in 5th.
              So, in my case it is much related with the Scorpio energy, but also with the thing that Aquarius rules my 8th and I’m Aquarius too (i.e. my Sun is in Aquarius).
              I don’t think that it is up to the house placement, because I know people with the same house placement (but different signs) and they do not have the promiscuity problem. I guess this can be related with the Sag’s Freedom Loving and adventures approach to life: wanting to experiment. 

  • Les

    I was curious about this nodal configuration because my boyfriend has NN in Gemini in the 5th (some parallels to my NN in 3rd house, although in Libra). I’m hoping he feels he’s having a romance with an intelligent, witty, down to earth, talkative person. 😉 Not to mention enjoying the pleasures of the moment, which does correspond with my Libra NN in the 3rd. He’s very involved in an organization, but I do think he’s very aware of his personal contribution there. Interesting!

    • Very interesting! He must be working his NN. I think a lot of people intuitively figure it out over time. Is he into astrology?

      • Les

        He’s not into it, but at least it doesn’t freak him out! He’s pretty open-minded. Aries guy, Jupiter opposite his Sun (and his Jupiter is exactly on my NN — so-o-o-o nice!). His NN is widely (7 degrees) conjunct Uranus.

        • I have a theory about planets that loosely conjunct the nodes- it’s not that you have to fully incorporate that energy into your journey, but heading in that general direction helps you along your path. So, for your bf, he doesn’t need to become an astrologer, but associating with people or situations that have a Uranian vibration is beneficial. What do you think?

          • Les

            That’s interesting, and you could be right. He’s an Aquarius rising, too. I have a strong Uranus conjunct my Ascendant and Moon (and Aquarius Descendant). He is different!

          • Les

            Huh. He just recently told me that most of the women he’s been involved with have been into astrology. I was wondering where that might play out in his chart – must be the Uranus near his NN!

  • tatiana.larina

    oooohhhh… my NN is in Sagittarius…. the suspense is killing me!

  • Anonymous

    excellent post! i’ve never been able to find something that explains north node with HOUSE and SIGN together. i’m nn in 7th house gemini, and this is very helpful, very true for me!

    • I’m so glad you found it helpful 😀

      i’ve never been able to find something that explains north node with HOUSE and SIGN together
      Neither have I- that’s why I decided to write this series.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget that North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius is exalted and the reverse is in Fall, bringing dignity even to the South Node, which is traditionally a malefic point, unless conjuncted by another malefic planet, in which case it reverses its polarity and becomes a benefic. Here’s some good sources:

    • That’s quite interesting. I’ve got to be honest though and say that so far I haven’t found much use for the dignities and debilities in practice. I always keep them in mind, but I don’t see much correlation between them and what people actually achieve in life. I continue to try to find correlations, especially after Demetra George strongly suggested it at the NORWAC conference in May. I think I’ve mentioned to you that according to my essential dignity chart ( and, my Mercury sucks- yet here I am writing a blog that more people than just my mom reads.

      • Anonymous

        Where is your progressed Mercury? What is the ruler of your 3rd house and does it make aspects to the Fortunes? It’s not all just about Mercury. Also, it’s true, dignity isn’t everything. It has to compete with aspects, transits, and progressions. But it’ll give you a sense of whether the Universe tends to hand you things on a silver platter (Mercury in Virgo, exalted, easily catching every mistake as it happens, since they GLARE out at the poor guy), or whether you really have to work at it. And I know you work hard at this blog, making it the great blog it is.

        • Anonymous

          What I’m trying to say is that a poorly dignified planet doesn’t mean you won’t achieve anything in the affairs of that planet, just that the affairs of that planet won’t tend to just fall in your lap the way they would if you had the planet exalted for example, or come totally naturally to you if it were in domicile; or if in triplicity you would have some sort of close friend who related to the the planet, possibly, for example. But if poorly dignified, you can still excel, you just have to make your own way and work. Which you do excellently, imo! (Only astro blog I read daily.)

          • One of the areas where I do see Mercury functioning poorly is in regard to my siblings. My youngest brother in particular fully fits what you would expect from a sibling represented by Mercury conjunct Chiron in the 8th house both square Saturn in Cancer- he has been sick his whole life, and it’s been hard for him, but he has amazing tenacity and courage.

            • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

              Ok, if North Node in Gemini / South Node in Sagittarius is exalted / fall, then what does the North Node / South Node rule and detriment?

              • Soragirl

                The nodes are not planets therefore have no domicile/detriment placement. Its impossible to be like the nodes or comfortable there. However, utilizing the nodes to ones advantage is possible thus why they have exaltation and fall.

        • Progressed Mercury is in Gemini (10th house by whole signs)- figures right? However, Mercury went retrograde about 3 years ago (and it rules both my MC and Ascendant). The ruler of my 3rd is Pluto, or Mars, if you prefer. Neither one makes an aspect to the part of fortune. I do work hard, but I enjoy it. Ah, to have the Moon conjunct Saturn 😉 Besides, if this was too easy I would get bored- like any true Aries.

      • Soragirl

        I don’t think it stops people from achieving anything. I think its more of an internal thing. It represents the struggles one could possibly have. I have for example seen people with Moon in Capricorn. Many of them have problems keeping their emotional understanding of situations. Most are more concerned about you getting over it or something being done about emotional matters. But truly considering the feelings of others? No. And this CAN be detrimental if not used appropriately.

    • Anonymous


  • Shannon

    I’m emailing this to El Pisces right now! (he’s 1st house.)

    • I can’t wait to hear what he says! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Michelle, Michelle, Michelle. You are a work of art. Do you know that? You are really tapped into the flow of the universe. I have a pretty crowded RSS feed, so I don’t always get to read every blog, all the time. But I swear, every time I read your entries, they are absolutely appropriate and like a completely clear voice from the universe. I’m absolutely serious. I’m in the process of completing “The Artist’s Way”. It’s a book about getting deeply in touch with your creativity. Everything that has been happening to me has been synchronistic and this entry is just the latest. I have NN Gemini in 11th. Letting go of self righteousness in art and romance!; letting go of the pompous artist; releasing the seriousness of my artistic philosophy. All of these things have been themes throughout my life. Between this book i’m reading, and the flow of events that have been providing gentle, but powerful changes, these obstacles were becoming more and more clear. But to see it come straight from someone else, and so specific….there are no words. I can recognize the universe at work. THANK YOU! I will be printing this out and posting it on my info board.

    • I don’t know what to say jjasonham 🙂 I’m so happy it resonated with you. I thought of one more association for that position right after I hit publish: finding a way to communicate your personal creative vision to the larger public.