Mars/Jupiter Aspects


The glass is always fullRighteous action. A lot of anger. Out of proportion anger. Out of proportion competitive drive. Running over the competition. Bulldozing the competition. Physical comedians. Rough housing. Foolhardiness. Crude behavior. Rude behavior. Enthusiasm. Fighting for beliefs. Fighting against religion. Religious zealots. Fighting on behalf of religion. Active faith. Putting energy into philosophy. Putting energy into religion. Overzealous. Fanatic. Too much anger. Energy overload. Burning yourself out. Overactive. Hyperactive. Hope in battle. Faith in combat. Acting on a feeling of being right. Self-righteous action. Arrogance. Acting on the need for expansion. Expanded vision that affects the ability to act, positively or negatively. Beliefs and philosophies that affect the ability to act, positively or negatively. The ability to fuse belief with action. Believing in what you do. Tendency to act impulsively. Enthusiasm for dangerous activities. Leaping into dangerous situations. Forthright assertions. Blunt assertions. Joyful action. Happy go lucky. Goofy energy.

Optimistic energy. Faith that things will work out. Believing in your ability to get things done. Acting on what you know to be true. Willingness to try anything once. Using force that is disproportionate to the situation. Jumping to action when opportunity knocks. The ability to act on lucky breaks. Taking advantage of opportunities. Making your own luck. Winning streaks. Gamblers. Ethical action. Putting energy into finding meaning. Putting energy into spreading your moral standpoint. Putting energy into spreading your philosophy. Missionaries. Belief that things can improve.

Enthusiasm for competition. Enjoyment of competition. Belief in a direct approach. No beating around the bush. Faith in taking the initiative. Enormous drive. Huge amplification of the natal Mars placement. The way that belief in yourself affects your ability to take action. Too much Mars. Wise force. Understanding the meaning of force. The philosophy of force. Assertive philosophies. Martial arts philosophies. Believing in physical strength. Might makes right. Desire for truth. Passion for truth. Passion for deeper meaning. Passion for knowledge. The physical pursuit of knowledge. Active explorers. Courageous journeys.

Anger surrounding higher education. Anger surrounding foreign travel and culture. Anger surrounding religion and belief systems. Acting with conscience. Acting in the name of a higher power. Desire for the good life. Doing what is necessary to have a life of ease. Desire for opulence. Taking the easy route. Having the courage of your convictions. Expecting that things will go according to plan. Philanthropy. Altruism. Having the faith that you can push forward through apparent setbacks. Tremendous capacity for self-assertion. Understanding how to act independently. Having faith in yourself. Making your own way. Feeling self-assured in your ability to accomplish what you set out to do. Keeping heart. Leaping before you look.

People with Mars/Jupiter aspects:

  • Freida Pinto: Mars conjunct Jupiter
  • Bob Marley: Mars trine Jupiter
  • Eva Braun: Mars opposite Jupiter
  • Anna Kournikova: Mars trine Jupiter
  • Morgan Freeman: Mars sextile Jupiter


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  • Josh

    I often forget I have Mars semi square Jupiter. It acts almost exactly like the square. I was read this thinking… yep, haha. Wow.

    • They are easy to forget about, aren’t they 😉

  • Andrea Linares

    Hi Michelle, I have Mars inconjunct Jupiter in my chart but the above descriptions fit me to a T! There is not alot of information about inconjunctions, is this energy more similar to that of a square or of an opposite aspect? Thanks!

    • Hi Andrea, in my experience they are more similar to the opposition.

      • Andrea Linares

        Thanks!! Very helpful.

  • DQ King

    How does the square between Mars and Jupiter differentiate from the conjunction?

    • Hi DQ King,

      The conjunction shows two planetary energies that are fused together. If you have a conjunction it’s very difficult to tell that it is two different energies. A square is an internal pressure that frequently compels action. Those are my latest thoughts! 🙂

  • sarah roberts

    5th house Jupiter quintile 8th house Mars. i leap knowing i’ll land. I’m never at a loss if I’m moving forward is my motto

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    Mars square Jupiter 6 th house. All these traits are very true in all things related to the house Mars in positioned. If I could choose to change I would prefer a Mars aspects Uranus or Neptune.

  • Jeremy

    I have a conjunction with an orb of 9 degrees. Would that be acceptable?

    • I would say yes, but it depends who you talk to! Astrologers vary greatly in the orbs they use.

  • Gatling

    Héhé. Physically, I noticed that women with the conjonction or trine aspect have often “big breasts” and have often generous forms. And after studying some “love” actors (if you see what I mean…) they often also have this aspect and these are knowed for their big “attributes” haha. It’s funny but it’s really not a joke. Look at the theme of Rocco Siffredi for example (and it’s just an example).

    This aspect is acting a bit like “You can see my generosity on my body” “my body is generous”

    • Sofia

      Maybe the conjontions and the trines, as you say… Mars in Cancer squaring Jupiter here, and no “big breasts”. 🙂

  • Davida

    Gem. Mars in the 9th trine Aqu. Jupiter in the 5th. Mars also opposes Uranus which sextiles Jupiter. I have always felt “protected” by an unseen force (ie. guardian angels?). Sudden, severe (car) accidents, sugeries and unpredictable circumstances happen to me, yet I always seem to come out unscathed.

  • Anonymous

    Heyyyy Michelle, how do you feel about aspects with really large orbs?

    I have Mars-Jupiter in opposition at 9 degrees. Should I just dismiss it?

    • Michelle

      No, you shouldn’t just dismiss it – 9 degrees is wide for an opposition, but completely acceptable.

  • meow

    I have a tight Mars-Jupiter conjunction, at a less than 1 degree orb, in Gemini, and dunno about all that..most people would call me the opposite of energetic.

    • Michelle

      I imagine you put a lot of energy in learning or talking, or that you might be “all over the place” mentally – unless you have some hard aspects from Saturn or Pluto. 

      • meow

        yep, I’m scatter-brained. I have a Moon-Mars-Jupiter stellium in 0 Gemini, square a Mercury-North Node-Vertex conjunction in Pisces.
        Saturn is not very strong in my chart, because it makes no hard aspects, although it’s in Capricorn.

  • Zoa

    Mars in Sag trine Jupiter in Aries. And in mutual reception too. I really like this aspect. Not because of the supposed luck or assertiveness, but “Faith that things will work out”.
    With Jupiter trining both Mars and Saturn I somehow feel that every cloud has a silver lining.

    • Michelle

      I somehow feel that every cloud has a silver lining.
      That is good.

      • Jazzman21piano

        Hallo Michelle !
        I have Mars trine Jupiter and Moon trine Venus.
        I have Mars in Libra and Pluto in Scorpio in my 10th house together.
        My Venus is in Scorpio in 11th house.Please can you tell me something about those aspects. I can’t find a job in the past 8 years, so I don’t think that Mars trine Jupiter is big deal. I am 25 years old, I’m a musician who play on the piano old hits from the 50’s and the 60’s and all my life I think that I can’t find myself in this moden world, I guess that is becouse I have Moon in pisces and Saturn in 12th house.
        Can you give me some advice.

        • Michelle

          Hi Jazzman21piano,

          That’s just way more than I can do in a blog comment. If you want to look into a reading, contact me.

      • Jazzman21piano

        I also use to rebel against older people when I was a kid, especially against my teachers.
        I guess that is becouse I have Mars and Pluto in my 10th house.Can you tell me about those two planets when they are sharing the same house.

        • Michelle

          Can you tell me about those two planets when they are sharing the same house.
          What are your impressions of how they work? Are you relentless in pursuit of your ambitions? How did you experience your parents?

          • Jazzman21piano

            I think that sometimes I’m arrogant and too ambitious. I respact my parents but I can’t say the same thing for my friends and the people from outside. That is perhaps the reason that I can’t find a job in the past years, becouse I’m too ambitious and I always think that I should find a job that will bring me a respact from others. Sometimes I use to work as piano player in nightclubs and restorants but I quit becouse I think that musicians in my city are not respected at all. What do you think about my Venus in Scorpio in my 11th house ?
            and my Moon trine Venus? do these aspects promise any chance for something ?

            • Michelle

              What do you think about my Venus in Scorpio in my 11th house ?
              and my Moon trine Venus? do these aspects promise any chance for something ?

              Why are you looking to Venus for career – does Venus rule your midheaven?

              • Jazzman21piano

                No but Moon trine Venus I think is a good aspect for geting same sort of local popularity.
                I more look at my Venus in 11th house becouse if a look at my midheaven there I can find my Mars and Pluto, those two planets promise only arrogant attitude from my side at working place.I don’t wonna take orders from nobody so how can I have hope for any succees or career with that attitude ?
                So finally can you tell me something a little more extensively for any of those aspects becouse so far I see only questions from your side not answers.
                You now I also sometimes use to play on the piano for free so if that is not a problem for arrogant fella like me so it should not be to hard for you either.

                • Michelle

                  I also sometimes use to play on the piano for free so if that is not a problem for arrogant fella like me so it should not be to hard for you either.
                  Wow. In case you didn’t notice, I give plenty away for free – about 300 articles that I wrote and that you get to read for absolutely no charge – including this one which you read and responded to – remember that? But I owe you more? Interesting. I don’t appreciate your attitude at all. This blog is about conversation and that’s why I ask questions. There are plenty of sources on the internet where you can get your chart interpreted for free if you don’t want the hassle of actually taking part in the learning process. Here’s one:

                  • Jazzman21piano

                    I’m sorry but with so many questions you act more like a psychiatrist rather that a astrologist.I’m sorry again if a made you little nerves that was not my intention.

                  • Jazzman21piano

                    Michelle you don’t owe me nothing, but I just expected more extensive answers, you can see how many comments we post and I didn’t saw neither one adice or answer from you, only short questions, like I’m talking with some shrink. I know about those sites that can interpreted chart for free I already had done that as you can see. I have deep respect for your 300 articles that is why I was asking you a questions. How can you mention that you didn’t charge me for those useless comments that you have post it ? even for free they are useless. And first of all you are lady and you should act like one. If I am arrogant boy that does not meаn that you should copy me.

                  • Jazzman21piano

                    And while you are reading this remember that at the same time I’m playing on my piano and the songs are dedicated especially for you and for your work. SALUTE

  • Kelly

    i loove this aspect! Specially the part “huge amplification of natal mars”, and the fac that my mars have an aspect with EVERY single planet on my chart, exept mc.

    • Where’s your Mars?

      • Kelly

        oh, forgot to say, it’s in taurus 9th house

        • Lots of staying power 🙂

          • Kelly

            yeah, this is so true! when i want something it’s hardly impossible to stop me, and people always say i’m very stubborn

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    I have Mars in 12th House Sagittarius squaring 9th House Virgo. I’ll admit that I do have a really strong and potent competitive streak and I hate losing. When I loose, I got down fighting and I tend to be a sore loser so I stay away from any form of competition, that way I don’t lash out. I do have conflicts pertaining my prideful, worldly “human intellect” and spiritual understanding, knowledge and savvy. I’ll also admit that my enthusiasm and optimism can be quite draining. Just yesterday, I just got my driver’s licence and all my nervous energy, hope, faith and optimism drained me. When I got it, I nearly collapsed when I got home.

    • Is your rising sign Sagittarius too?

      • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

        @Christine: Yes, I’m with you there. I only have fun when I plan to win. If I loose, then it wasn’t worth it, lol. But I’ve learn to curb my competitive streak but that doesn’t mean that I’m cursing out the winners in my head lol XD

        @Michelle: Yes it is; it’s at 26° Sagittarius

    • Christine

      I can relate. I’m also really competitive, too. I’m such a sore loser… I have a hard time having fun if I’m not winning at something. I want to be the best at what I do.

  • Christine

    I have a 0 degree Mars-Jupiter trine in the fifth and ninth houses. Sometimes, I have a lot of faith that things will work out that seems to come from nowhere. I think it’s why I believe that opportunities are abundant and if you search high and low, you will find what you’re looking for. Mars-Jupiter also explains why I am so often bold and impulsive and unafraid to take the first leap or to take iniative, while other aspects in my chart may suggest otherwise. The last paragraph really resonated with me — so did the second. I do feel pretty angry or self-righteous when it comes to cultural expectations — especially my own. I couldn’t relate much to the “religious” or “philosophy” traits of this aspect, though. I feel strongly about spirituality and holistic routes to spirituality, but I don’t think much about it — or I try not to think much about it. I also have Chiron conjunct Jupiter…

    I’ve always thought that I was sometimes blunt, or outspoken… I’m sometimes crude in writing and am “to-the-point” when I’m sharing my feelings (except in romantic or friendly situations). I had a heart-to-heart talk with a coworker the other day, privately, and told him that I thought his work was “half-assed.” He was very taken aback by what I said. I used to attribute that trait to a Moon in Leo (perhaps even in the 10th) or an Aries Descendant, seeing as how those are my only two fire signs, but Mars-Jupiter makes a better argument.

    One thing that is very unMars-Jupiter of me is that I don’t really get angry very often. I get frustrated or upset, or sad, but I’m very seldom angry. And when I am, and express it (like in the case of my coworker), I usually feel pretty bad afterwards and apologize incessantly.

    Anyway, yeah. That was just my long-winded way of saying, “Right on the dot — again — Michelle!” and it was a pleasure reading. 😀 I have Uranus in the 3rd too, so your way of communicating information really works for me!

    • Although I used the word “philosophy” I think that “lifestyle” might be better and easier to relate to. If someone asked for my philosophy of life, I don’t think I’d be able to answer. If they asked what kind of lifestyle I want, I think I could do a better job of explaining myself. I don’t think most people consciously walk around contemplating their philosophy of life (though some do :).One thing I’ve noticed is that people who have Neptune-Jupiter (and/or Pisces-Sag) connections often grow up in a religious environment and they have a kind of fused spiritual/religious energy- they don’t necessarily see a split between religion and spirituality. With Mars in Pisces trine Jupiter in the 9th house, that comes through in your chart (in my mind anyway). So maybe, because it is the trine, you don’t really notice it- what do you think?

      The anger part of Mars/Jupiter is probably more apparent in the square and opposition.

      • Christine

        I think you’re right. I don’t think I’d have a clue either if someone asked me about my “philosophy” on life. If you asked me what kind of “lifestyle” I’d like to have, I might atually answer with very Jupiter in Cancer in the 9th type of things, like having a life full of travel, camping, being outdoors, finding peace or “oneness” with nature, expanding horizons, learning everything about everything. But I will have to think a little more on what my philosophies on life are.

        grow up in a religious environment and they have a kind of fused spiritual/religious energy
        I did grow up religiously, but in my mind, spirituality and religion are two very different things. But, I think it may be possible that subconsciously, I’ve fused the two together. Sometimes, there isn’t much difference between those who are zealous Christians and those who are “New-Agey,” LA-type idiots who are just kind of cheesy. While I consciously know that spirituality is important to an individual’s growth, I may stray from it because subconsciously, I don’t want to associate with that, I don’t know, artificiality. Also, when I was in the process of coming to terms with my own beliefs regarding religion, I kind of felt like… well, even if a god exists, I don’t really want to “worship” him. I think I associate religion (and probably spirituality) with some surrendering of self that I can’t or am unwilling to do. There is something about surrendering oneself to nature and I think that’s a valid (maybe only) way to really be spiritual.

        I think everything I’ve written in the last paragraph is very Jupiter-y!

        • Ah, thanks 🙂 I wonder if the inability to surrender is the Mars/Jupiter. Though, Uranus on your IC may make it difficult too.

  • Joyrjw

    I have Mars Opposite Jupiter Rx.
    It’s an interesting aspect to say the least….difficult to control 🙂
    Thank you for your article/info…it’s greatly appreciated.

    • You’re welcome Joyrjw 😀 I’m glad you liked it. Where are your Jupiter and Mars?

      • Joyrjw

        I have Jupiter Retrograde in Taurus in my 11th house and Mars in Scorpio in my 5th house(my 5th house has libra on the cusp and has scorpio intercepted)

  • Actasantorum

    YEEAAAAHHHHHHHHH thanks Michelle i love you ! i have mars trine jupiter i consider myself so lucky !
    this sentence say it all ” WInning Streak” ! i may add “lucky streak” too, there is always something, some luck, around us that make us win without even thinking we can win! Yeeahhhhh ! Plus i have mercury trine jupiter too, actually i have mercury mars conjunction trine jupiter ! that such kick ass aspects !

    • Lol…that’s fabulous Actassantorum 😀 What sign are your Jupiter and Mars in?

      • Actasantorum

        mars is in 7TH pisces and jupiter is in 11th house in cancer 😀

        • Actasantorum

          mars trine jupiter is ” the right move at the right time” !

        • I have Mars (7th) sextile Jupiter (9th). They say and it does happen to me that we attract aggression and competition; however, Pisces seems like a softer more accepting sign. Do you find this at all Actasantorum? That people can be aggressive towards you? Cheers! 🙂

          • visions

            yes we attract all competitors who are well-known winners, usually “persona grata” company key-man and they challenge us (mars jupiter in harmony people) like they treat others, but we leave them with a disappointed ” O-ring mouth” when we win so easily in the struggle, but with the trine we leave them with this “victory smile” that doesn’t need words to explain…others are always surprized of our easy success, but it’s just normal for a mars trine jupiter :D.
            P.S: i am visions, well i just miss to fill my name on blank fills, but this won’t make me a loser you know !

            • visions

              you can think i may insist with this aspect but it’s one of the most beautiful aspect of the zodiac,according to me, the most important planet in the zodiac is mars(especially for a man) because mars is ENERGY, and nothing can live without energy, and in this world where everything ask us efficiency a good mars is always a blessing you know. So tha alliance with Jupiter(the supergod) just make you the CONQUEROR type who can dare say “the world is mine”. The best aspects to have are according to me :
              moon trine mercury : make others confortable in your presence
              mercury trine jupiter : you don’t need to say you are intelligent, you just say 2 or 3 words and people immediatly see you as the smart guy, you win with words
              mars trine jupiter : you win with act
              mercury trine uranus : i am a genius, i am so ahead of what’s going here on this earth, on your mind etc…that i am bored, i prefer to live to the sound of my own drums
              jupiter conjunct venus : pure joy
              sun trine moon : psychic balance, harmony flow between conscious and inconscious
              mars trine saturn : the extreme doer that master time in his move(planification,building) this type scare me!
              sun trine pluto : The phénix type, charismatic, the life force+dark force combined to give infinite energy,

              • Interesting list. I think it depends on your own chart and the time of energy you personally resonate with. But, it’s still a nice list 😀

                Also, I think that hard aspects are more difficult but often end up being more productive- once you work through the difficulties.

          • I don’t think Mars sextile Jupiter would attract aggression all on its own. Do you have planets in Aries or the 1st house? What other aspects does Mars make?