How to Find Your Astrology Progressions (Advanced)


This is a quick tutorial on what progressions are and how to find them using

In the updated transit list you’ll notice that Venus went into Cancer on May 12 (age 11) and that Mercury went into Gemini on May 16 (age 15).

*One more trick:

If you click on any of the aspects listed on the left the chart will change to show the placements of all the planets when that aspect becomes exact, as well as the exact day and time that the aspect will be exact.

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  • Beautiful presentation Michelle. I’m forwarding this video to all of the students in my Progressions class. Bravo!

    • Thank you, Maria. I’m glad that you found it helpful. It’s a little too advanced for beginners, but interesting for people who already have some experience working with progressions.

  • Diggy

    wait, this is crazy, if i’ve born a capricorn (jan 5), then, at age 20, i can consider myself as an aquarian?

    • You don’t suddenly become another sign. You would still be a Capricorn, but you would begin to take on more Aquarian characteristics- maybe becoming more experimental, less attached to established ways of doing things, etc…

      • Diggy

        oh, wow, this makes a lot of sense. i don’t see myself a consevative, for exemple, and this is a markable capricornian characteristic, maybe i lost it because of the secondary transit.

        • Anonymous

          There are a lot of non-conservative Capricorns. Sun in Capricorn is just one little data point in your chart… Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, too, and many Aquariuses tend to be conservative as well– I’d look more at the other planets in your natal chart than the simple progression of your Sun into Aquarius. (Although long progressions of the outer planets to the Sun can have quite an effect on the personality… My progressed Sun has been within a degree or two of my natal and progressed Saturn in the 12th for years now, and I’ve been on high levels of anti-depressants in order to cope with this!)

          • True. Many Capricorns have Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, and there are many also born with both Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn close to their Sun (among other things).

            • Anonymous

              Definitely–meet a Capricorn with Moon, Venus, and Mars in mushy Pisces trine Uranus in Scorpio and tell me s/he’s conservative! It all depends on the chart, which is why astrology is so wonderful and Sun Sign horoscopes are so silly.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome website, had never seen it– thanks!

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I think it’s handy for certain things- like finding quick progressed charts.

      • Anonymous

        I really like Astrolog for progressions. It’s a tiny program and gives you immediate progressions for the day to any chart. Transits too.

        • Is that a free download/pay software/website?

          • Anonymous

            It’s free software, one of the oldest freeware astro programs around. Simple, but perfect for quick transits and progressions.

            • Oh yes, I’ve seen that. I don’t like the charts. They’re hard to read.

  • Etherize

    I didn’t know about this site — thanks for the info! It was a little hard to hear you but I thought you did a great job of explaining progressions.

    • Another reader emailed me to say the same thing about the volume and I’m not sure what to do about it. I can hear it perfectly on my computer even with the volume on the player and on my computer set very low. I’m thinking about writing out the transcript of this screencast so people can read the instructions even if they can’t hear them.

      It’s reassuring that you thought the progression explanation was clear. I was concerned I was blasting through it too fast.

      Thank you for reading and commenting Etherize.

  • firetiger

    cool- never knew about this site before
    just clicked around and saw that when i’m 30 the progressed moon should be exactly conjunct my vertex. hopefully some nice saturn return rewards will be on my way. I think so 😀 (Dont know why but am extremely optimistic about my saturn return even though it’s in a little while)

    • I hope your Saturn return is excellent. If you’ve been honoring Saturn, it probably will be. That’s cool about the pMoon and your vertex, I wonder what it will bring.

    • Anonymous

      Saturn return rewards? That’s an interesting way of looking at the Saturn Return. lol

      • It’s kind of a new thing I’ve learned from some old timers. They were saying that, for people who’ve put in the effort, Saturn transits can be periods when they reap the rewards for their hard work.

        • Anonymous

          I think this holds true more for the 2nd and 3rd Saturn Returns than the first one, because after experiencing the first one you’re able to create the rock-solid foundation that later returns require (or not). But of course there are definitely people who are just naturally together and have very dignified and well-aspected Saturns and such their Saturn Returns probably go by fairly painlessly.

          • You’re probably right on both counts. There are people who know what they’re doing from the get-go. For most people Saturn’s return is probably easier with time.

            • Leah-nine

              Perhaps the first Saturn return is a wake-up call, which is why it isn’t as rewarding. Perhaps that’s one of the things we learn as we get older: the sooner you make friends with Saturn, the sooner life will start to flow more easily for you.

              • Michelle

                the sooner you make friends with Saturn, the sooner life will start to flow more easily for you.

                That makes sense. I’m finding that working with my Saturn transits is making me feel more in the flow of whatever it is that I’m “supposed” to be working on for that transit.

      • firetiger

        really?? I always think of Saturn as the KARMA planet- Saturn Return, to me, is kind of like the ‘fruits of your labor’

        • Anonymous

          That sounds more like a Jupiter Return to me. Fruitful. Bountiful, the rewards that your life has brought you. Saturn on the other hand destroys the structures you’ve built that are hindering your growth. Anything that isn’t rock-solid will be destroyed under the influence of the Saturn Return. Of course my Saturn Return coincided with progressed Sun conjunct natal Saturn so mine was more pronounced than most peoples’, but still, the basic idea holds. But I understand that modern astrology doesn’t like to see Saturn as a malefic so much as Jupiter #2.

          • But I understand that modern astrology doesn’t like to see Saturn as a malefic so much as Jupiter #2.

            Saturn does bring rewards though- if you put in your time.

          • firetiger

            interesting~ well, we will see. Saturn’s pretty heavy in my chart.. part of a t-square, opposite moon, conjunct asc, square jupiter and my MC so when saturn returns a lot of my chart will be activated- if shii hit the fan (god forbid) it won’t be a huge surprise but i’m optimistic…. what’s the alternative?

          • Leah-nine

            That sounds a lot like a Pluto transit also. I think depending on other factors within a chart, the SR can run very smoothly but as it were, not a lot of people spend their 20s building solid foundations, so when Saturn comes home after spending time in each house and dropping hints on what you need to learn in life at that time, it’ll tell you how well you listened and followed directions. I imagine it’s like getting a report card and feels more mentally fruitful than physically if you have listened to your reasonable voice well enough throughout the first thirty years of life.

        • ‘fruits of your labor’
          I was going to use that exact phrase!

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    LMAO I use this website 😀

    • Astrofix

      Why lmao? Do you mean PlanetWatcher or Screenr?

      • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

        I mean I use Planetwatchers. I use it to guesstimate what a new person’s chart. Thank you for this new piece of input. Not only can I use it to find out my progressed chart but also other’s charts.

        • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

          *looks like.

          • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

            Nope, it’s simple. I’m starting to use this more often 🙂

        • I use Planet Watcher all the time.

          I hope this isn’t too complicated for everyone.