Mercury/Venus Aspects


mercury-venus-aspectsSweet talk. Sweet nothings. The language of seduction. Charmers. Craftiness. Talking about art and design. Talking about fashion and beauty. Artistic communication. Diplomacy. Tact. Graceful handwriting. Love of the written word. Love of books. Love of language. Harmonious relationships with siblings. Having a beautiful sibling. Having a popular or well-liked sibling. Becoming popular because of the way you communicate. Ability to blend information in a pleasing way. Ability to say what people want to hear. Schmoozers. Willingness to share information. Thinking about relationships. Having a nice way of putting things. Disliking to argue. A mind for fashion. A mind for design. A mind for art. A mind for beauty. Smooth talkers. Having a way with words. Having a soothing or pleasant voice. Loving to talk. Loving to read. Orators. A beautiful voice. A smooth voice. Words like honey. Soothing words. Words that are like music to your ears. Bibliophiles. Linguists. Talking your way into someone’s pants. A love of school. A love of learning. Lifelong students. Talking about personal values. Talking about the value of things. “Laid back…with my mind on my money and my money on mind.”

Flatterers. Sycophants. Creating beautiful things with your hands. Translating ideas and thoughts in a pleasing way. Having a pleasant way of communicating. The ability to convince people to cooperate and get along. The ability to talk to anyone. Diplomatic discussions. Negotiators. Social networking. Finding ways to partner up with people and form alliances. Elegant communication. Fair communication. Appreciating the beauty of language. Liking to stay busy. Liking to run around town doing errands. Refined communication. Delicate communication. Keeping an art journal. Keeping a fashion journal. Speaking out for peace and fairness. Lotharios. Casanovas. Giving people pet names. Calling people honey, sweetie, babe, sugar, love, etc… Knowing that you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Public relations specialists. Relationship counselors. Writing about relationships. Writing about romance. Writing about fashion, art, beauty or design. Thinking about peace and harmony. Disliking strife. Pretty thoughts. Graceful movements. Dancers. Pleasing words. Flowery words and writing. Manipulative words. Loving to journal. Loving to have company and pleasant conversation. Loving to have places to be and things to do. A relaxed way of speaking. A gentle way of speaking. Loving thoughts. Love letters. Flirting, over the phone, or by text, email, Facebook or Twitter, etc… Liking beautiful pens, stationery, notebooks or journals. Perfumed letters. Being vocal when making love. Liking to talk during sex. Liking to woo your lover with words. Having love on the brain. Always having others in your thoughts. Awareness of how your communication affects other people.

Alan Rickman (aka Sirius Black) reads William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130

People with Mercury/Venus aspects:

  • Alan Rickman: Mercury conjunct Venus
  • Barack Obama: Mercury semisextile Venus
  • Denzel Washington: Mercury semisquare Venus
  • Martin Luther King Jr.: Mercury semisextile Venus
  • William Shakespeare: Mercury sextile Venus
  • Snoop Dogg: Mercury conjunct Venus
  • Jennifer Tilly: Mercury conjunct Venus

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  • Angela Henderson

    My tightest orb. 3 degrees Mercury in Cancer 4th sextile Venus in Virgo 6th.

    • What has your experience been?

  • RjoyD

    I’m not sure if this counts(?)…. Mercury Scorpio semisextile Venus Capricorn with a 3 degree orb
    I don’t believe it’s a strong aspect in my chart if DOES count, but I can see where I get my liking for flourishy, elegant writing and for poetic speaking, among a few other things. πŸ™‚ Though I have a couple other aspects that might explain it as well.

    • Yes, it wouldn’t be a strong aspect of your chart.

  • hypnotic

    In one word – WeAreAwesome πŸ˜€

  • Ludwig

    Mercury in Aries and a sextile between these two planets in the eight house… I confess myself I value a lot the beauty of the language..

  • grace

    MY venus is semi-square with mercury,so does it mean i have problems communicating

    • You can probably answer this question yourself … do you have problems with communicating?

  • G.G

    Good voice…..check
    Manipulative?……… I’ll get back to you with that one

    Mercury Sag 6th house semisextile Venus Cappy 8th house

  • It’s interesting that you’re worried about these two conjunctions …

    Mercury/venus conjunctions should give pleasant exchanges, a tendency to flatter each other and a desire to say nice things. Some other possibilities … neither one of you gets to the point because you’re too concerned about offending each other (though her mercury in aries might be able to cut through passivity, and any connections to mars will help with directness). You might have a mutual love of writing and love to talk about art and culture.

  • I have a question similar but different. I have been courting a lovely lady and we have two signs of in our astrology, Mercury and Venus. However; our Mercury’s and Venus’s are in conjunction with one another, my Mercury is in Virgo and my Venus is in Leo, her Mercury is in Aries and her Venus is in Taurus. How is this match good or bad? The other nice thing is that our house placements make all this better, but I am focusing one the conjunction between the two planets right now to see what challenges we may face besides her Mercury in Aries… which I am aware of those challenges…

    All our other signs are compatible or semi compatible, it is these two that I somewhat worry about. Can you help? CainO’

  • Zoraida

    Thanks for this post, Michelle. I have mercury sextile venus ( mercury 5th house, sagittarius, and venus 7th house aquarius). I looooove writing, journalling, note-taking, anything! I love reading and literature, and writing about arts and culture, and observing manners . Definitely like refinement , designs, patterns.. etc. ( by the way, I like the way you’ve designed this blog, Michelle) I have been told that I am diplomatic and a peace- maker( is that venus in the 7th?) , and I love to give people compliments ( can’t seem to stop myself, but I see the positive things in a person first!) but I do worry, people might think I’m a sweet talker, because I give compliments ( I’m not a sweet talker, ha ha!) I am also a dancer, and can play percussive instruments, so enjoy rhythms. My handwriting isn’t brilliant, ( but if I try, I can make it very beautiful) but I love all calligraphy ( European, Islamic, Chinese, Japanese etc) and used to do some, while I was at art college. I don’t sing, but wish I could….. but I love learning languages, and I really adore spoken and written words. I have a couple of mercury/ moon aspect/venus aspects in my chart, so I am trying not to get them all confused! I have moon/ mercury conjunction (sagittarius) and moon/venus sextile, ( sag and aquarius, respectively) which I am grateful to have, which helps (I think it off- sets my moon square saturn in sag and pisces , respectively , and mercury square saturn in sag and pisces respectively- the saturn probably adds discipline , structure and staying power to my moon and mercury- not a bad thing!) . I have venus semi-sextile saturn, so I guess all three planets have a balance of the good and a little bit of the discipline, from Saturn : ) Thanks, Michelle !

    • Thanks, Zoraida πŸ™‚ It seems like you are making the absolute most this aspect!

  • nick

    For my mercury persona chart. I have venus semisextile mercury, it all makes sense now, sometimes or when i want to I can be a smooth charming talker or just use sweet loving words to make someone feel better.

  • da

    i have this conjunction too, but my mercury conjuncts with neptune, uranus and sun, Do you think that counts too much?

    • Hi da,

      I’m not sure what you mean by “counts too much.”

  • Kai

    Alot of this rings true, for me. Mercury conj Venus in Aries here. I love books (I have a book collection in my room), languages, reading, etc. Mercury/Venus people are usually soft talkers (Snoop Dogg, Alan Rickman & Jennifer Tilly are soft talkers), even when I’m really angry I still talk calmly and in a “sweet” manner. And people I meet consider me as a very sweet person. I don’t really think of it as a compliment, in fact I hate the it that I’m always talking softly (Must be because Merc/Venus is the focal point of my T-square). Well that’s about it I like most of the advantages this aspect confers, except the sweet/soft talking part.

  • Thomas Baker63

    THE ULTIMATE ASPECT!!!!! Mercury in Pisces conjunction Venus in Pisces! Everything is so true, especially the smooth voice (so I been told)…except my handwriting, unless its in cursive.

  • T34

    I love it! Thanks a lot!

    • Anything in particular? Thank you for reading T34 πŸ™‚

    • Anything in particular? Thank you for reading T34 πŸ™‚

  • Solliedollie

    I have Mercury conj. Venus and Pluto in Scorpio. Pluto is the strongest here. I love to talk, Β but nonsense talks drives me nuts! I like to talk about deep things, feelings, hurt, past issues, ocult, dark nite experiences. And I sing Β songs that hurt, about pain and broken hearts πŸ˜€ So far I feel liked about it. But my thoughts used to scare me till i got control over them. I’m not really sweet talker, but when I wan’t to say something good it has a meaning. Like every person, word and place I go has to be worth my time. πŸ™‚ Nice blog!!!

    • Thank you for reading, Solliedollie πŸ™‚

  • These interpretations are very accurate. Mercury and Venus together are wonderful not
    only in natals but also in relationships. Harmonious Mercury and Venus
    contacts are some of the nicest aspects in synastry that I’ve ever seen.Β  It’s also responsible for some of the most talented people out there!Β  Or maybe that’s wishful thinking on the part of someone who has it… πŸ˜‰

    • Michelle

      Thank you for stopping by.

  • T_B

    I have Merc/Venus conjunct in the 10th house at 7 Degree’s aries. Conjunct Midheaven at 6 Deg. aries.
    I do get compliments towards my voice – mostly because I can easily mimic other people’s, and do a wide variety of odd voices, from extremely high to low pitch. In school whenever I’d have a presentation to give, everyone would sit up and get ready for it, since I would always turn it into some sort of stand-up comedy routine, no matter how serious the topic was. ha
    …though maybe that’s due to other aspects? ( Sextile Jupiter at 13 deg. Aquarius. ….Sextile my POFortune at 6 deg gemini …..Trine(wide orb) Uranus at 15 Sag. and square neptune 3 deg. Capricorn. )

    My work field is and has always been in the arts, and design. Work on short films (writing, directing, cinematography, editing), acting in friend’s projects (did a comedy CD recording for a friend), also went to college for fine arts/painting.

    Pretty much all the descriptions are true to me in one way or another, especially the gentle way of speaking or bringing up topics (or arguments), I only really get mad in a mean way and start yelling maybe once every year or less…. I tend to bring things up calmly or sarcastically at worse.

    Though when it comes to “talking your way into someone’s pants” I guess since my signs are in Aries, my way of “smooth talking” tends to be something like: “C’mon, we know we like one another, your a girl, I’m a guy, we’re single, there’s no reason not to have sex right now or soon.”.
    ….rarely works. ha

    • “C’mon, we know we like one another, your a girl, I’m a guy, we’re single, there’s no reason not to have sex right now or soon.”
      Lol πŸ™‚

    • Kai

      Whoa cool I have the same exact aspects – Mercury (10 degrees) conjunct Venus (6 degrees) at Aries and Midheaven at 0 degrees Aries. Also the sextile to Jupiter and trine to Uranus. I’m absolutely honest to fault although sometimes my Mercury square Neptune catches me offguard. But I can’t imitate voices though. Sabian symbols says that my Mercury’s degree meaning should make me a genius if it’s connected to Uranus. -.- Idk if that’s true or not.

  • Lotusgypsy

    I have this aspect (semi-square)

    This aspect, in the way you describe it, reminds me of a line from the movie ‘Lost in Austin’ Amanda Price: “I love a love story, …I love the manners , the language, the courtesy”

    [Having a beautiful sibling] – Yes, my brother.

    • Thank you for sharing that πŸ˜€

  • Msfullroller

    I have Venus in Aquarius in the 6th semi-sextile Mercury Rx in Pisces in the 7th. I’ve been told many times that I have a nice voice and used to get a real kick out of the seeing the expression on guys faces when they got to my office after speaking to me on the phone. I don’t think I was who they were expecting to see. lol

    Hmm, attracting manipulators…the bells are going off!

  • Les

    I have Mercury and Venus conjunct in Virgo, first house. But Venus is also conjoined Pluto. Plus this stellium is sextile Jupiter and Neptune in Scorpio. I’ve always worked as a writer, either in corporate training or marketing, now in the medical field. Venus/Pluto would like Merc’s writing to be in a more meaningful area, but she likes the corporate income!

  • Anonymous

    What a lovely aspect to have! Great post. I can relate to a lot of this. The final two depositors of my chart are Mercury and Venus. Mercury is in Virgo in the 2nd and Venus is in Libra in the 3rd. They are in mutual reception by house.

    • Those are great connections and would show many of the same traits as a Mercury/Venus aspect.

  • Dbswllm

    Mercury retrograde 20 degrees Virgo, semisextile Venus 20 degrees Libra 6th house.

  • IΒ΄m very surprised because I donΒ΄t have an aspect between these two however they are the final dispositors of my chart and amazingly I feel sooo close to your description here! Basically, my love for fashion, beauty and words fills everything in my life!

    • Are either Mercury or Venus in Virgo or Libra, or in the 2nd, 7th, 3rd or 6th houses?

      • yes, venus in virgo and mercury in libra…

        • You have Venus and Mercury in mutual reception (they are each in the other’s sign). This gives a wonderful reciprocal relationship between the planets and definitely points to why you would relate to this post.

          My boyfriend has the same thing (Venus and Mercury, the dispositors of his chart, are in mutual reception but not in aspect to each other). He inspired quite a bit of this brainstorm.

  • Karine

    I’ve always felt so lucky to have this aspect– Mercury conj. Venus in Aquarius, my 11th house. So even though I’m a shy Pisces Sun, I can often make new people I meet feel comfortable, and speak in front of people with not too much trepidation. I love languages and literature; I’m an English grad student and publish poetry and like reading aloud. People tell me I have a soothing voice. I do like fashion and style but humanitarian causes and human rights, and in particular environmental issues and conservation. And I have always felt I had the ability to flatter and charm people, but I don’t use it very often– I feel often manipulative afterwards, and I find it attracts insecure people most of the time.

    • Very interesting Karine, thank you πŸ™‚

      • Patricia

        “And I have always felt I had the ability to flatter and charm people, but I don’t use it very often– I feel often manipulative afterwards, and I find it attracts insecure people most of the time. ”

        I can realy relate to that πŸ™‚

  • firetiger

    yay! merc conj venus in scorpio….. i would love to think i got that snoop dogg swag..haha yea i’m pretty good at communication~ coupled w/ the gemini moon, i pretty much got ur list up there covered πŸ˜‰

    • Another word I forgot to add is “charisma.” That’s something Mercury/Venus people have too. I happen to think that Snoop has a lot of charm and charisma, not to mention that I actually love the way he talks πŸ˜€

      • firetiger

        me too! how funny is it that there is a GPS snoop dogg voice option? haha!! libras with merc conj venus in scorp…. yea~ def sweet talkers.

    • Hi, I’m also a fire tiger (b.1986) with a venus and mercury conjunct in scorpio (very close Β to the MC or Midheaven…within 3 degrees. What sorts of things have you succeeded at, careerwise…or how do you interpret these elements of your horoscope as factors in your life thus far? I’m looking for direction for myself….

  • dollsizedpistol

    I have an exact Quintile. (Mercury in Aqua in H2 and Venus in Taurus in H5).

    I love singing and have an OK voice, but nothing special. Writing comes easily to me; no one ever had to teach me how to write papers in school, I just knew how to put my thoughts down on paper with great flow and always got the best grades.

    I love poetry and beautiful literature, but my interest is in spurts – sometimes I have no patience for it, or really just find it boring and not at all important. (I think partly because I don’t want to wade through all the bad crap out there… plus Urananian influence? It trines my Venus).

    Also I write poetry sporadically, I had creative writing teachers tell me I should pursue it professionally but I never had much drive for it. I could never be THAT good because I don’t “need” to write – it’s a satisfying outlet when I have a lot of big emotions stirring, but in just every day life I don’t really care about writing. It doesn’t drive my life or anything. I think maybe because it’s a quintile it’s something that comes easily to me but I don’t care that much about it, unlike other sorts of talents that really feed your soul.

    Oh, and I love giving compliments! It’s very easy for me and they just pop out. I really love doing it, it’s very natural for me, but I notice sometimes that other people hardly ever give compliments. It’s kind of funny. Like if one of my girlfriends looks especially nice I won’t hesitate to tell her how pretty she looks. I didn’t realize until recently that no one else EVER does this unless you ask how you look or if you’re wearing something extreme. ALSO sometimes I’ll be in a social situation where I’ll compliment a guy and everyone will act all awkward for a moment as if I was just blatantly hitting on him, when I might not be attracted to the person in the slightest!

    • Oh, and I love giving compliments!

      That definitely seems like a Mercury/Venus thing. So many people are not good at giving or receiving compliments. It’s too bad.

  • My son has a tight conj of ven and merc in cap in the fifth house, he is eleven month old, and already talking. and yes he loves his beautiful sister πŸ™‚

    • Ha πŸ˜€ Eleventh months old and already showing signs. With both planets in the 5th house he is probably going to be a charmer!

  • Patricia

    I also have this aspect. Mercury and Venus in a tight conjunction in the 7th house, both in Aries. So, charming and bold – but most of the times, nobody gets angry with me πŸ™‚ The “special” part of it all is that both my planets are retrograde. Any thoughts on that? πŸ™‚
    Too much in the text above applies for me. Less about the fashion / design, but more about the love of words, the written, language, etc. But design is growing on me lately, so… πŸ™‚

    • The “special” part of it all is that both my planets are retrograde. Any thoughts on that? πŸ™‚
      Is Libra your chart ruler?

      • Just remembering that you have Virgo rising… there’s a more internal process to this aspect with both Mercury and Venus retrograde. I wouldn’t expect you to be a public speaker, for example.

        • Patricia

          And yet I work in Public relations with a lot of public speaking πŸ™‚ I used to be the class speaker, I was a TV moderator in my home town (in my teens), so it really doesn’t apply. I am not afraid to speak in public and people tell me that I am good at it. It actually depends on my mood: sometimes it flows naturally, sometimes I am not able to communicate well.
          Does it have to do with my busy 3rd house? Saturn (Scopio) + the closest conjuction in my chart Moon + Uranus (Sagittarius)?

          • I had a feeling! As soon as I wrote that I just knew it wouldn’t be right. It’s funny, you read that retrograde planets are supposed to function badly or be backward, but I haven’t found it to be true. It seems more like people with retro planets have a more innate understanding of the planets’ energy.

            • Patricia

              πŸ™‚ Yeah, it’s funny. Because when first reading about Rx, I got a shock. Almost all my planets are Rx, except of Mars and Jupiter. So.. it seemed like I would always run backwards… And still, I managed to do a lot with my life, even though I’m only 25.
              Maybe a post on Rx planets would be magical πŸ™‚

              Thanks Michelle. Great job and great blog! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Whoo Hoo! there’s a bunch of famous people who have this:-)

    I have Mercury in Scorpio V house SemiSextile Venus in Capricorn VII house

    There is much in the above description that applies to my present nature. πŸ™‚

    • Many of these people are know for the way they deliver their speeches and the way that they speak. Do you get a lot of comments on your voice?

      • Anonymous

        Yes, I do.
        I’ve had more than a few people compliment me on my speaking voice and my hand writing.
        People didn’t really start doing that until later in my life…..after my teenage years.

        • Those are nice assets to have.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you! ^_^