Mercury/Mars Aspects


mercury-mars-aspectsSharp mind. Sharp tongue. Mind as weapon. Quick thinking. Fast talking. Restless mind. Violent messages. Forceful communication. An active mind. Assertive communication. Asserting your thoughts. Speaking up for yourself. Speaking out for what you want. Cutting or sharp language. Words that hurt. Attacking with words. Language of war. Fighting words. Needing constant mental stimulus. Getting bored easily. Needing new ideas to conquer and new thoughts to play with.

Fighting with your siblings. Competing with your siblings. Competing to see who’s smarter. Seeing conversation as a competition. Trying to “one-up” everyone in conversation. Wanting to have the best grades. Wanting to be the first to think of something. Being the first to think of something. Coming up with new ideas. Pushy communication.  Neanderthal mentality. Masculine mind.

Fleet feet. Pickpockets. Hand tricks. Words that kill. Aggressive, coarse or rude language. Abrasive way of communicating. Hostile words. The competitive mind. Using words as weapons. Sibling struggles. Putting energy into communication. The overworked mind. Tormented thoughts. Hyperactive. Overstimulated nervous system. Writing angry letters. Vocalizing anger and rage. War cries. Quick retorts and rebuttals. The ability to think on your feet. Adroitness. Competitive games and puzzles. Needing to win at games. Sleight of hand. Tricksters. Thieves.

Julian Assange

WikiLeaks's Julian Assange: Mercury in Cancer quincunx Mars in Aquarius. Click the photo to view his chart.

Hunting for information. Exerting energy in pursuit of facts, knowledge and information. Breaking new ground in thought. Finding new ways to communicate information. Finding new information to communicate. Aggressive pursuit of information. Dangerous information. Dangerous opinions. Waging war with words and information. Words that incite anger. A communication style that attracts enemies. Having an aggressive communication style. Not backing down from your opinion. Needing to win the argument. Having force behind your words. The ability to think for yourself. Expressing your opinion no matter who it offends. Willingness to fight for your opinion. Inciting people to think for themselves. The independent mind. Having your own thoughts. Making up your own mind. Needing to draw your own conclusions. Making your thoughts known. Thought provoking. Controversial. Contentious. Mean. Getting to the point. Straight-shooters. Cutting through the crap. Telling it like it is. Talking about adversaries and enemies.

Words in action. Finding ways to put your words into action. Having the courage to say what you think. Being brave enough to stand behind your words. Getting yourself into hot water. Adding fodder to the fire. Cuts and scrapes on your hands. Using animated gestures when talking. Liking to do things with your hands. Liking the way your hands and fingers feel while typing and writing. Getting hot under the collar during debates and arguments. Heated discussions. Heated arguments. The courage to verbally confront someone. Aggressive media. Media campaigns.

People with Mercury/Mars aspects:

  • Sharon Osburne: Mercury sextile Mars
  • Gene Wilder: Mercury quintile Mars
  • Peter Dinklage: Mercury opposite Mars
  • Tony Hawk: Mercury conjunct Mars
  • Katharine Hepburn: Mercury trine Mars
  • Tyra Banks: Mercury quincunx Mars

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  • Carmela

    This is one of my Strongest aspects as Im Mercury Ruled! (Virgo sun) And have Mercury in Libra 1′ opposite Mars in Aries 11′ also my Mars falls in my 7th house of relationships and its right on my Descendent! !!! Im the LAST PERSON to Piss off!!!!! ;-)))))

    • My boyfriend has all of those placements (not by degree though).

  • Iris

    I have a restless mind. I’m not confrontational, but if you ask for my opinion I will give it. If you don’t like my opinion, don’t ask for my input. I was very hesitant at an earlier age to speak up in class or give my honest opinion about things because it seemed to offend people. Once I did speak my mind to a teacher in high school who gave my friend a lower grade even she and I had the same answers on our quiz. I got an A and my friend got a B. I knew my teacher was racist. She thought asking us in class what my friend should do if my friend felt she received an unfair grade would somehow humiliate my friend. I said, “She should go to an Administrator because what you did was wrong.” I was one of her quiet students. She was shocked and didn’t say much more. I have Scorpio Mercury quintile Leo Mars Exact, 0 degree.

    • Is uranus connected to mercury or mars?

      • Iris

        Yes, my Mars is squared Uranus. It’s not connected to Mercury.

  • wesley

    Yeah, but you have to be a very intuitive person to grasp the whole information and use it. It is like the I-Ching. You read, but you do not understand without the intuitive key. Divination is a very difficult and far-reaching information. I consider it so difficult that only the True Intuition can understand the mysteries as they are.

  • wesley

    I have the quintile in Aries, in the eighth house. All these options are very available for me in communication.

    • Which planet is in the 8th? Or do you have a large 8th with both planets there?

      • wesley

        Mercury is in the eighth house in my birth chart. I have a square with Neptune and a trine with my ascendant…

        • My Mercury is in the 8th too, also quintile Mars.

          • wesley

            For the old astrology I have no aspect in Mercury, because Old Astrology do not consider Neptune or the quintile. How is it amap without Mercury aspecting the birth chart?

            • What did you mean to write here, “How is it amap without Mercury aspecting the birth chart?”

              • wesley

                How is it a map without Mercury aspecting the birth chart? Which characteristics can be found without any aspect in the birth chart of Mercury?

                • You mean without any of the major aspects? I haven’t seen a standalone Mercury operating in a chart, but I imagine that Mercury by himself would be pretty amazing. Probably an extremely independent thinking, super-jittery, and all over the place. That person might not be able to find many people he/she can really relate to. How do you experience it?

                  • wesley

                    Well., as I said I have three aspects on my birth chart, but if we consider the quintile and Neptune as not so proeminent as Venus, Jupiter or Saturn I could say that you are right when you say extremely independent thinking and jittery. rs

                • Also, you can always look at Mercury’s dispositor, in your case Mars, for more information. The Sabian symbol gives more information, and the decan or dwad will help too.

                  • wesley

                    Sabian Symbol is too strange. I have done my birth chart on and I found it very dull and boring. I did not like the sabian symbols of my birth chart. Do you recommend Sabian symbol to clarify the characteristics that we do not link in your common birth chart?

                    • I think they offer interesting points for contemplation.

          • wesley

            When are you going to write about the Transplanets of Uranus? I saw one day you mentioning other planets and I would like to know more about the planets aspecting Kronos, Cupido, Hades, etc…

            • I’m not sure. I’ve had a lot of requests for the ascendant/descendant interpretation, and synastry. I’d like to get into the less common bodies, but I have to do research for myself before I can attempt to write the delineations. It’s good to know what you’re interested in. It helps me project my writing schedule.

              • wesley

                It would be very good if I know about the characteristics of the planets, otherwise I am going to put insights inside my head about all these planetary bodies.

  • Lino

    I’m a Sagittarius Mercury conjunct a Sagittarius Mars conjunct a Sagittarius Sun in the 5th House, square Virgo Jupiter in the 2nd House. My Sun also squares a Pisces Moon in the 9th. On the other hand, my Sagittarius stellium trines my Leo Ascendant.
    I’ve been described as temperamental, moody and prone to anger outbursts. But they usually never last very long. I get angry quite easily, and can be quite sharp when I want to. However, I usually tend to forget the argument half an hour later.

  • ashish

    libra ascendent, mars in saggitarius and mercury in cancer..what effect it will have

  • Shanice

    Now this has helped me understand…where my sharp tongue and nervous impulses come from. Well, everything is accurate! This is a hard aspect, but now that I understand it…I’m going to try to stay aware, make the best of it and use my powers for good. heheh:>

    I have Mercury in leo in the 10th house Sextile Mars in gemini in the 8th house.
    restless mind right now due to the super new moon in aqua…

    oh i’m a good one hand typer always intrigues people lol

    Thank you xo

    • Thanks for reading, Shanice. Mars in Gemini in the 8th – sharp and penetrating! 😉

  • Abhi

    I have Mars and Mercury in Scorpio in First House.

    I am a person who avoids verbal and physical confrontations. But when i speak, it is really harsh. But I am unable to hit/harm anybody physically even though other person already hit me.
    This goes against the Mars effect.
    I have Jupiter in cancer in 9th house. Is it due to this?


    • I wonder how much of a confrontational attitude you’re projecting without saying anything!

      • Abhi

        Yes. You are quite right. This is the thing I hear from all quarters and I accept that I will be appearing like this only to most of the people, even near and dear ones given my facial expressions and choice of words.
        My main query is that even with this attitude, why i am so non violent in actions.
        I wonder at this point. Why i am so non violent in actions and violent/aggressive by words and attitude alone?
        I hope you understand what I am trying to find about myself through astrology.

        • I’d compare the aspects/signs that involved Mars (action) with those that involve Mercury (words).

  • john doe

    i have mars and mercury in my first house gemini.

  • Emma

    Ah, I forgot my Midheaven in Gemini is in the 10th house too conjunct mercury. Not sure how that adds to my chat. (still learning) It’s opposition Saturn and Uranus though (sag in house 3). So I guess, Saturn would make work really hard for my reputation and toss in suprises via Uranus. Sorry a little off topic.

    I censor myself even though I don’t have Saturn aspect to my mercury-mars. I think it may be my moon in the 12th house with Virgo and my Virgo Asc. I always overanalyze the possible consequences of who could read it and what could out of it.

  • Emma

    Thanks again for the hard work!!! Great article.
    I have Mars in Cancer conjunct Mercury in House 10. Lilith rx is there too. They’re trine Pluto in my 2nd House opposition Neptune in my 4th.
    Ahoy… I think it means that I appear to the public as a verbally aggressive person and that it may be one of best resources/assets ( 2nd house) but if I had a family or wanted security it would interfere with that. Kind of like trying to have a career and family at the same time.

  • How does Pluto aspect Mercury and Mars?

  • Thomas

    Wow! This explains my long text ‘pipe bombs’ I dish out at times when I get into digital warfare. Mercury in pisces square mars in sag. It only works if I have a target to aim at, otherwise its just erratic verbal tidal wave. Maybe its the pluto aspects that keeps it in focus

  • What can you tell me?

  • Brie

    what can you tell me about mercury Rx in the 1st house quintile 12th house mars in pisces?

  • mars mercury conjunction in 5th house in scorpio…and pluto in scorpio in 5th house as well.

    • How does that manifest for you?

  • mars and mercury conjunction in 5th house in scorpio….

  • KM

    I can relate to the entire article. Prepare for some extreme snark. 

    I have Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in the 3rd house. My conjunction is square Jupiter. Basically my brain rarely turns off. When it does my mouth keeps moving. I talk super fast. Relaxation is impossible. I like to debate and argue. I also don’t do details- they’re boring and I’m much more interested in the big picture. It’s frustrating when people try to find flaws in my arguments- they should know by now that I’m always right 😉
    It only gets worse: I’m a Capricorn. 

  • Kat

    i do love seeing people that are not close to me argue, it becomes peaceful for me to see people argue over things that i dont consider important-like seeing strangers argue on the street

  • Kat

    i always looking at the deeper meaning behind words. i have an overactive mind that does not put me at ease. i did compete in class to have the best grades growing up. i did this in math class and always in history and english class. i always did have the highest grade at the end. i did this in high school alot but i kept it too much self. im always nervous and always beat my brother. but i had more demands put upon me being the only girl with four brothers. i always struggled with my two younger brothers because they both have mental disabilities.

  • Ksl5

    i can never word things right, im always stuttering over my words or i have a very clear sense of what i mean but can NEVER WORD IT AT ALL

    • Is your Mercury also in aspect to Saturn?

  • Kat

    i have mercury taurus 8th house and mars leo 10th house

  • Kat

    I have mercury taurus and mars leo-they square. i hate that i cant get anything done or my negative or slow thing get my drive and energy down. thinking too much exhaust me

  • abhishek

    my mars conjuncts mercury in virgo in the 11th house…………. could anyone detail this aspect out for me please………….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • My son has this aspect in opposition with Mars Sag and Mercury Gemini. Competing to see who’s smarter. Seeing conversation as a competition. Trying to “one-up” everyone in conversation. Basically this describes his and my entire relationship. I have Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Uranus in Sagittarius while he has Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn in Gemini.

    He struggles, however, with “wanting the best grades.” He has Uranus trine Mercury aspect added with all this Gemini making him extremely intelligent but lacks the effort to do his work. When he does do his work he gets honor roll however he is repeating the third grade.

    • Michelle

       Does he have trouble concentrating? He must have very active mental energy. Perhaps he can’t sit still long enough to get anything done.

      • He’s been diagnosed ADHD and Bi Polar at 9 years old. Yeah he gets distracted so easily except when he watches movies or plays video games. His South Node in Capricorn wants him to be perfect but he’s a mess lol

        • Michelle

          Makes sense 🙂

  • littleDiva

    I have Mercury semi-square Mars at 1 degree

    but i don’t know if a semi-square counts as a strong aspect ?
    can you tell me pleas ?

    • Michelle

      Tight minor aspects seems to have a noticeable influence.

  • Nweako

    I have mars conjunct mercury both in cancer & 8th house

    what would that mean?


    • Hi Nweako,

      Do you have any hunches about what it might mean?

      • Nweako

        I understand the mars/mercury aspect, but i was hoping for a more specific description from combining the cancer and 8th house placements 😀

        I know it is supposed to indicate a sharp mind and what not, but wouldn’t cancer in mars make an opposite effect?

        • It would make it more sensitive, defensive and emotional.

  • Elephantasy

    I have Mercury in Aries and my Mars is in Gemini. And I feel like I have this aspect. o_0 and I thought that was weird then I learned about mutual reception in astrology.

    • Yes, it’s the mutual reception 🙂

  • TweetyBirds

    Mercury conjunct Mars in Cancer in the third house. I am a perennial INSOMNIAC. I always think. I wish I could put my brain in the fridge when I go to bed at night.

    At least, the signs are in the slow and retentive cancer. I am very sensitive with others’ feelings so I am not really warlike, but I can be when provoked and I can win arguments with friends who lack information (hehehehe…mars trine pluto too). But the third house thing is different, I am learning and communication-crazy.

    • Thank you for your insights TweetyBirds.

      Mars in Cancer senses the right time to act and usually doesn’t provoke arguments, but will defend itself if necessary.

  • Jara

    By the way, I love your aspect brainstorms. The way your Mercury-Mars presents without superfluous words allows me to scan it quickly. Win! Do you ever get bored while reading or listening to someone’s long explanation of whatever? Do you get frustrated if you don’t quickly grasp meanings?

    • The way your Mercury-Mars presents without superfluous words allows me to scan it quickly.
      That’s one reason I wrote these posts this way. I knew I wanted to do every combination of planets (plus the asteroids, angles, and more) and I knew that if I tried to write them out in sentences, explaining them: Readers would get bored, I would get bored, and then I’d lose interest in writing them. If I’m bored when I read something I write, then I know that everyone else is too.

      Do you ever get bored while reading or listening to someone’s long explanation of whatever?
      I’m incredibly more patient than I used to be. I have progressed Sun, Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, and Mercury passed through Taurus too. I’ve learned to be patient.

      Do you get frustrated if you don’t quickly grasp meanings?
      I don’t get frustrated, I just focus harder. I’ll bring out my books or scan through celebrity charts looking for the missing piece to make the meaning fall into place.

  • Taís Madeira

    I have Mercury/Mars conj at the same degree, Cancer. I think your article is just a little bit too harsh on it, there’s a lot more of constructivity there too, I enjoy writing poems, I enjoy singing, and I think it wouldn’t be the same without the aspect, as I also work a lot of my lack of assertiveness and misplaced anger and angst through these activities. (Moon conjunct Neptune in Capricorn opposing these guys)

    I’m famous for being generally calm and sweet. BUT, if someone steps on my delicate ankle, I won’t think twice before knowing exactly to say to put the person down to the ground.

    See, I’ve made some people cry with rude words, but I’ve equally made some people cry with beautiful and well placed words. Aaaand sometimes people identify, aprecciate and reproduce some of my pissed off points of view.

    • Do you have other aspects to Mercury besides the conjunction to Mars?

    • Jara

      I like this. Mercury-Mars doesn’t have to be competitive. This aspect could also mean that your ideas, thoughts and speech energize you and others. The energy that is created from this aspect depends on the rest of your chart. In Cancer, your Mercury-Mars conjunction can express and evoke strong emotions…the trine to Pluto adds a powerful punch.

    • Anna

      I too have merc & mars conjunct in cancer in the same degree and am also a gemini sun.
      I find I don’t relate to nearly all of the articles describing merc/mars aspects (except maybe the “angry letters” bit, ha). I have to imagine it is because the strong forceful communicative energies here are diluted by the cancer energy. I wonder, that being the case, what one might say (an astrologer or otherwise) about these merc/mars energies here. In the positive: highly empathetic, perhaps even psychic? In the negative: repressed, emotionally constipated (trouble expressing this energy that begs to be expressed?). This is my experience anyhow. I’m sure it doesn’t help having a secret-obsessed scorpio moon. It certainly doesn’t seem like I possess the attributes described above.. could it be I just do not have access to them? Or am I just in need of a proper conduit?

      • You might have a tendency to bottle up your angry thoughts and emotions, or blaming others when you do finally express yourself.

  • I have this aspect. Sag Mercury square Virgo Mars… Yes I can use my mind, my tounge and my writing to win.. I used to like competing with words. I used to like play with words. When I was discussing with someone I could find and say any different details and different words to win the discussion. Sometime I felt a provoking energy to pull someone in a conversation… I could write also very sharply (not English of course, my native language :). I also have Mercury Pluto square that’s way I could do all these more subtle and manipulative ways. Altough I also hate hurting people, which I did a lot, my competetive side can’t stop fighting, now I’m trying to do it in a different way. I wrote a fiction, one of the hero is exactly a Mercury-Mars type, he is a journalist man in the fiction, so in the fiction he can say anything he likes he can openly discuss with his sharp mind:) Briefly I try to control this side of me it cost me a lot in the past. But sometimes it is really hard to control… By the way I’m journalist also…

    • I think it can be difficult to find an outlet for this type of aspect. There is a need to be sharp, and even to say cutting things sometimes, but finding a way to do it without hurting someone is tricky.

      Side note: Many of these Mars aspects fly in the face of society’s expectations that we all play nice and get along. For people with many Mars aspects I think there can be frustration because there are not enough outlets for healthy aggression.

  • That was weird, your comment and some of my own comments were flagged as spam.

    I was wondering about the 3rd or 9th because they are the language houses. Having Venus in the 3rd is an extra boost to your linguistic skills.

    Thank you for commenting casseia 😀

    • Thanks, Michelle – I love your blog. I should have spelled it “f0ne s3cks” to get around the spam filter 🙂

  • visions

    i have mercury conjunct mars in pisces 7th house both trining natal jupiter in the 11th house in cancer :DDDDDD

    • How do you think that works for you?

      • visions

        if i do something or if i say something, many people follow me !

  • These are wonderful aspects for a linguist. Is your Venus, Mars or Mercury in the 3rd or 9th house?

    • Venus is in my third house according to most house systems. As for the phone sex aspect that you asked about somewhere else, I’ve been strictly amateur!

  • Thirdhouse

    I have Mercury at 0 Virgo (1st house) square Mars at 27 Taurus (10th) – out of sign square, in compatible signs. I’m hoping that makes it less nasty! 🙂

    • Les

      Hm, thought I put my name in there…

    • It’s probably helps takes the edge off. However, I was surprised to see in the celebrity list how many Earth signs showed up in some rather snarky people 😉

      • Les

        Heh. I’m going to count having my Mercury also conjunct Venus and sextile to Jupiter and Neptune as keeping that snark factor down. Mars does add an irritant sometimes, admittedly, but I generally keep it to myself (having Pluto also conjunct my Mercury can hold its tongue, knowing how powerfully that can explode).

      • Jara

        Earth signs are very snarky with their dry, tell it like it is humor! Capricorn is the worst offender…er…

  • Anonymous

    I have Mercury Scorpio 4’32 conjunct Mars Scorpio 2’06 – Separating 5th house equal house- 6th whole sign.

    I get bored really easy and I fear it. I also talk with my hands. Plus, I have Gemini rising. 🙂

    • Gemini rising certainly adds to the “talking with your hands” part. Also, if Mercury is in the 5th then using your words and your hands are a big part of how you express yourself, especially with Mercury being your chart ruler.

      • Anonymous

        I use both words and visuals to express myself, it’s true,but I mostly express my words through writing. It’s much easier for me to communicate through writing than speaking. I imagine if I could just carry around a piece of paper and pen and write out my conversations,even in person, I would. 🙂

  • A very interesting point to note from this kind of aspect is the much augmented impatience it causes and a fear of boredom, specially for those who weren’t born with the Sun on an earth sign. I’ve got Mercury conjunct Mars, both in Pisces in the 10th house. I tend to smooth a lot of what I say and I’m not really into verbal fights, but I’ve been through situations of much anger in which I’ve said some things I wouldn’t like anyone else to hear. I’ve been told that when I get angry I’m so brutally truthful that it hurts. I kind of know exactly what to say to hurt the person in question. And yes, I really am into hunting information, all the time, even if in a scattered manner, because of Pisces.

    • I can relate to almost everything you wrote. Not only is my Mercury quintile Mars, but Mercury is in Aries. I have such a fear of boredom that I also carry a bag of tricks around with me – an ipod shuffle, a book, daily planner, journal and pencils, food to snack on, etc…

      I’m not into verbal fights either. I don’t mind sparring when the intention is not to be hurtful, but actual fighting upsets me at a deep level. I think this may have something to do with having a close Moon trine Venus aspect – I really want everyone to just get along.

      • Malla

        I have Mars (exalted in Capricorn) /Mercury (at Aries Point 0 57 Aries) quintile in 6th/9th houses.
        I hate physical violence but I use the sword of words (when need) to maximum effect. These both planets also bi-quintile my 1st house Pluto (very Scorpionic personality with Sun in Aries and Moon in Scorpio).
        My activity level both mentally and physically is such that my freinds call me Duracell Bunny:).

        • Lol, I can relate to that. I’ve got Sun in Aries too and (!) Gemini rising, which makes Mercury my chart ruler. Both Mars and Mercury trine Pluto in Scorpio in my 6th and sextile Uranus/Neptune conjunct in my 8th. My Pluto being retrograde and the Mars-Mercury conjunction being in Pisces, much of this energy goes to the inside. I can hardly tell how full of things my mind is. Constant tension!

          The bad side of this is that (until now, at least) I didn’t sucessfully use these energies to actually do something in the real world. I dwell in this sea (Pisces, anybody? lol) of thoughts for too long and get lost in them. Most people can’t tell I’ve got this much tension going inside, as I tend to keep my ideas in my mind and hide what I feel. Perhaps with time I’ll be able to understand and use/express these energies better.

          • Msfullroller

            Me too! My Sun is in Aries in the 8th conjunct Mars in Aries with a Pisces Mercury rx so I identify with your statement of the energy going inside. I’m also Virgo rising so my chart ruler is Mercury as well. Tension and mind always going..yep!!! Hiding what you feel…**nodding head a lot***

        • My activity level both mentally and physically is such that my freinds call me Duracell Bunny:).
          Lol 😀 Thank you for reading Malla.

      • Jara

        I relate to all of this. Was the 1st smart phone created by someone with Mercury-Mars? It’s a mobile entertainment center!

        Re: Independent mind, yes! I just got off the phone with my editor because my work was published with changes that I didn’t approve. When I first saw it, I immediately wrote an angry email but didn’t send it (Mars-Saturn). After taking a nap, I re-wrote the letter to change the tone. We came to a satisfactory agreement. We have a Sun+Mercury-Mars conjunction in Gemini.

        Re: fights,

        Last week, I loaned a book to someone. When I asked for it back the other day, she claimed that she already gave it back to me. I insisted that she didn’t. She insisted that she did and that I just didn’t look for it good enough. While we were going back and forth, she found the book:

        Her: Oh. Well, I remember giving it to you…
        Me: Why do we have to go through this every time we “remember” differently?
        Her: I have a good memory.
        Me: Clearly, you don’t.
        Her: I do!
        Me: Then why can’t you remember what actually happened instead of what you intended to happen?
        Her: *silence*
        Me: *joking* You tried to steal my book.
        Her: *laughing* It should be mine.

        I have natal Mercury-Mars. Synastry-wise, we have a Mercury-Mars conjunction. We both have a natal Mars-Jupiter sextile.
        I’ve found that I attract people with hard Mercury-Mars aspects.

        • I feel fortunate to have Mercury square Saturn which gives me some restraint when speaking. I have a very hard time holding back once I’ve decided what to say though! It’s kind of like how I blog- once I’m done with a post, I hit publish. I don’t “save” it and review later or think about it some more. When it’s done, it’s out!

          I’ve found that I attract people with hard Mercury-Mars aspects.
          I think it’s fascinating to look at what types of people we attract, beyond love synastry. Personally, it helps me learn more about myself. Who am i attracting? Who do I click with? Why?

          • Jara

            I like listening or reading people with your aspect (Mercury-Saturn). They eliminate the “fluff” and babble from their words. My only complaint is that they would say or write MORE because it’s so good when they finally express themselves. Do you think long and hard before you speak or write?

            I constantly edit what I write or say – before and after I share it. I have Mars-Saturn in the signs that are ruled by Mercury. Not the same as having Mercury-Saturn but it feels similar. 🙂 But I attract people who speak first and think later. It frustrates me when they want me to take their words *seriously*.

            • Jara

              I mean, I like to share it, then edit it constantly.

            • I don’t think long and hard about what I write or say, but I tend to reconsider how much I’m willing to share. I censor myself.

          • Jara

            Also, I like your post in which you mentioned the people you attract because of your…Moon? I can’t remember. Examining who I attract helps me learn more about me, too. I attract Mercury-Mars people, but I click with people who have easy Mercury-Mars. People with Mercury square/opposite Mars frustrate me. I think, “why can’t you be more like me?” as if that’s correct, but I end up learning more from them than those with easy Mercury-Mars. Those with hard Mercury-Mars have a way of provoking me into a (losing) battle and remind me of the wisdom in “Never argue with a fool because they will always beat you with experience” and “Never argue with a fool because people from afar can’t tell the difference between the two”. They keep coming into my life as tests…

      • Ile

        Hmm your desire for peace and upsetting by fights is maybe mainly because of your Libra Asc Michelle? 🙂
        I know this because I have my Moon in Libra, and fights are really disturbing for me too.
        I have a feeling of constant disturbance if something in my life or relationships (especially) is not brought to balance.
        But the problem is that my Mercury (sextile Mars and square Moon) is prone to intellectual fights. This is maybe accentuated by the thing that I’m an Aquarius. But still, after a verbal fight I feel exhausted and I have the need to make a peace with the person I was in fight.

        • Ile

          Oh I’m sorry, I just saw on another thread that your chart ruler is Mercury, so I suppose you’re a Virgo rising. I think I’ve read somewhere that Libra is in your first house so I’ve mess the things up. 🙂

        • I have a Virgo ascendant.  I might attribute this to have a Taurus south node with Venus closely trine the Moon.

  • Msfullroller

    I don’t have this aspect in the natal chart but it shows up in the progressed chart with Mercury conjunct Mars. Progressed Mercury is moving towards a semi-sextile with natal Mars.

    My former boss has told me several times that I could be “brutally honest” when asked my opinion. lol .

    • What signs are your Mercury and Mars in? I think Mercury in aspect to Jupiter can also be like a truth serum – for better or worse – so sometimes you tell it like it is even when that may not be the best option.

      • Msfullroller

        With your question and response I’m seeing a pattern, though I may be way out in left field but here it is.

        Mercury and Mars are in Taurus in the 8th house of the progressed chart. In my natal chart Mercury is in Pisces in the 7th, Mars in Aries in the 8th. In my progressed chart, there is no aspect between Mercury and Jupiter but Jupiter is in 9th house. Now in the natal chart, Mercury is part of a t-square with Jupiter at the apex, opposing my Uranus/Pluto conjunction. Saturn is conjunct Mercury retrograde so I think that’s why I tell it like it is but only when directly asked and as a last resort. Or if it’s a situation that I can see is going to go off a cliff and I’m gonna have to clean up the resulting mess…I have no problem telling it like it is.

      • Msfullroller

        I forgot to add that Mars and Mercury have both progressed into the 9th of my natal chart. Seems like that Mercury/Jupiter aspect you mentioned is being activated big time. 🙂 Looking forward to that post.

        • If Mercury is in a t-square with Jupiter and Uranus, but conjunct Saturn, then that makes sense. It’s not so much that you’re fighting for your opinion, but you’ll tell the truth no matter how shocking or upsetting, but you’re naturally cautious and circumspect about doing so.

  • I have a Mars-Mercury trine, as well as a Venus-Mercury semi-sextile (and Venus-Mars square). I’m a linguist and a fan of phone sex (as I was going to mention in the last post) as well as a forceful arguer and 9/11 truther.

    • What wonderful aspects for a linguist. Have you actually worked as a phone sex operator?

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    I have a Mercury conjunct Mars in Sagittarius in the 12th House. I would admit that I’m brutally honest, I enjoy a lively, controversial debate, I’m someone that goes right for the jugular when I’m in a vicious, verbal fight and I have made people cry with my “fighting words”. With it being in the 12th house, does that mean that when I do verbally fight or I deliver my opinion, does that mean I hit a raw spot and I penetrate deeply?

    • Brutally honest sounds right for this conjunction in Sagittarius. In the 12th house you may not be aware of just how your words affect people – you may not be aware of how hurtful you can be.

      • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

        I would have to say that’s very true. My Mercury – Mars conjunction, with a 5° orbit.

  • Anonymous

    I have this aspect. Mercury in Virgo in 2H trine Mars in Taurus in 10H. I don’t know about a sharp mind, but I definitely have been known to have a sharp tongue when provoked. Growing up, playful verbal sparring was something my older brother and I engaged in frequently.

    • Does your job or career aspirations use these qualities?

      • Anonymous

        Being restless in the pursuit of information is certainly useful for a career in academia. But being a forceful communicator could be in hindrance in the classroom. Good thing my Mercury and Venus are in mutual reception by house. I think that helps curb my naturally snarky impulses. I generally hate confrontations and am pretty peaceful and laidback in my communication style.

  • Totefee

    Aries Mars/1H trine Sagittarius sun/9H