Mercury/Neptune Aspects


mercury-neptune-aspectsMedia mavericks. Propaganda. Subliminal messages. Subliminal communication. Blowing smoke. Smokescreens. Distorting information. Misinformation. Lying. Telling tales. Fairy tales. Fibbing. White lies. Communicating through imagery. Television watchers. Zoning out. Filmmakers. Storytellers. The dreaming mind. Inability to distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy. Making it up. Spacing out. Daydreaming. The ability to fascinate and dazzle with words.

Mumblers. Incomprehensible. Unrealistic thinking. Overly idealistic notions. Imagination. No limit to the number of mental connections you can make.  No boundaries to the ways that information can be linked together. Linking everything together. Incoherent rambling. Confused babbling. People who are difficult to understand. People who don’t make sense. Illogical connections. Illogical thought processes. Slurred speech.

Advertising. Cryptic symbols. Deception. Mind meld. Telepathy. Communicating without words. Clairvoyance. Access to the subconscious mind. Ninja mind. An elusive sibling. Confusing sibling relationships. Poetic language. Allusions. The ability to say something without actually saying it. Telling stories with pictures. Painting a picture with words. Subliminal suggestion. Hypnotism. Permeating the rational mind. Absorbing information. Learning through “osmosis.”

Irrational thought. Chaotic mental processes. Indiscriminate influx of information. Picking up on the nuances of speech and language. Learning new languages simply by being around people who speak them. Picking up other people’s accents simply by being around them. Reception to thoughts that have no rational basis. Obscured thoughts. Inscrutable logic. Camouflaging your intentions. Falsifying information. Visionary ideas. Unrealistic ideas. Leaking information. Inability to make your message clear. Misunderstandings. Feeling that people don’t understand what you mean. Feeling misunderstood. Having a soft voice. Being asked to repeat yourself.

Celebrities with Mercury/Neptune aspects

  • Benicio del Toro: Mercury trine Neptune
  • Bob Dylan: Mercury square Neptune
  • Christopher Walken: Mercury opposite Neptune
  • Glenn Beck: Mercury quintile Neptune
  • Paula Abdul: Mercury quincunx Neptune
  • Eddie Izzard: Mercury square Neptune

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  • Angie

    This article is focused on negative things mainly which is not right. Probably author had negative experience…That’s where its all coming from 🙂

    • Hi Angie,

      What would you add to make the description more positive? Which aspect do you have?

  • Stevie J

    Why are the orbs in astrodienst is different from the rest of the birth chart?

    • Hi Stevie J,

      I’m not sure what you mean by them being different than the rest of the birth chart. I think Astrodiest uses the orbs that the astrologer Liz Greene likes as a default. Each astrologer has their own opinion about what orbs are best for each aspect. Your chart will vary depending on which house system, the orbs, and other factors depending on how your chart is erected.

  • Rose

    I can identify with all of this. I have mercury in libra in the 12th house square neptune in capricorn in the 3rd. Also sun in the 12th house square neptune 🙁

  • lucy snow

    I have mercury biquintile neptune. 😀

    • How does it manifest for you?

  • Aatif Azio

    Sun conjunct Mercury % Neptune
    Neptune Conjunct Mercury as well in 4th House..
    I agree to most of the things..
    I always space out by playing different instruments. i do a lot of mimicry as well as sarcasm. Music have been my remedy for this mystic escapism. I just ve to hear different voices to let my fingers talking to an instrument without even learning Music from anyone.
    As per your point of the Saturn being an anchor applies to my chart..
    Saturn Sextile Sun
    Saturn Sextile Neptune
    Saturn Sextile Neptune…. 🙂

    • Wonderful description, Aatif … thank you for sharing your viewpoint. Is Pluto strong in your chart too?

      • Aatif Azio

        Yeah u can say.
        Its my Pluto in 2nd House

        Jupiter conjunction Pluto orb +6°50′
        Saturn conjunction Pluto orb +6°02′
        Neptune sextile Pluto orb -1°49′
        Mercury sextile Pluto orb -2°46′
        Sun sextile Pluto orb -4°33′

        Both Saturn and Pluto sextiling to these SUN – NEP – MER Conjunctions

  • Wesley

    I ve got a square mercury- neptune in Aries in the eighth house. For me is quite difficult to absorb informations in logical ways. For me this is the most important aspect in my birth chart. Why did not you put that Mercury- Neptune produces poetry?

    • Good point, Wesley – I don’t know why I didn’t put poetry in there! It should be there.

      • Wesley

        Yes. It should. I make poetry and I think that my neptunian side talks more than my mercurian side.

  • Hi lilipinpin,

    I tend to think of nearly all the posts (except those addressing “current” transits) as being timeless, so I continue to respond to comments on all of them.

    You would look at the 7th house, and the house where the ruler is, however other houses get mixed in through their aspects to your planets in the 7th house as well.

    Best wishes,

  • lilopinpin

    hi michelle, i dont know if youre still answering so long after you ve posted this. but this really really resonated with me, i have mercury conjunct uranus and neptune conjuncting saturn in my 7th house. and i couldnt help myself from smirking while reading about how communication can be distorted and transformed, with this placement. very subtle but very present. since this placement is in the 7th house is that the only area where it shows (and the house where the ruler of the house is) ?is that how houses work?

    thanks 🙂

  • Andie

    I relate to all of these!

    … But I don’t have a Neptune-Mercury aspect. But I do have Cap Neptune square my Libra Sun/Venus. (Mercury conjunct Venus, but out of orb from Neptune.)

    Oh! I have my third house in Cancer with Moon in the 12th house. I think that’s it.

    • I don’t see a similar relationship among the planets you’ve mentioned. What sign is Mercury in? Virgo?

      • Andie

        Mercury is in Libra (conjunct Venus, square Uranus.)

        But I think I relate to this post because the ruler of my 3rd house is in the 12th. At least, that’s the closest reason I can think of.

  • Thomas Baker63

    Hmmm. I have Mercury and Venus in Pisces Sextile Neptune…this is real insightful!!!

    • Is there anything in particular that resonated with you?

      • Thomas Baker63

        Zoning out, painting pictures with words, spacing out. Telling tales. I written a poorly illustrated book about coconuts in 1st grade. And I’ve been told everytime I write songs or poems they can see the picture, and my friends say I should take up creative writing classes. Also the voice mimic, I was waiting for my plane at Miami and was talking to a country girl from Tennessee and i was able to pick up her accent. Show choir was my favorite class in high school. But in the down side, I’ve been known to fall in love too fast

  • Kai

    Mercury Square Neptune (and Trine Uranus asides from some other aspects). I slur my words sometimes especially when I sing karaoke. Also I have the weirdest dreams. I once dreamed that was being chased a giant mecha stopping me from solving a rubik’s cube kind of puzzle while being kicked in the shins by midgets. Turns out as I’ve read from a dream interpretation book it means that I was trying to solve my own “robotic” behavior.

    • Do you agree with that interpretation?

      • Kai

         yeah pretty much, during that time i was trying to rid myself of robotic behaviors and stuck-up behavior this represented the giant anime mecha. The dwarves or midgets were aspects of my self that I felt were undeveloped and the low self-worth that came with it. I realized that developing my personality was the core of my problem. How do you go about harmonizing all the parts of your natal chart/personality. I wanted to retain my seriousness but still be able to laugh naturally not the over the top laugh that i sometimes do or the 1 minute after laugh.

        That said ive had weirder dreams, like the time i had one-on-one fight with an alien snail that had spikes all over its body and that i had a small window of opportunity to kill it before goes into its shell and turns in to liquid nitrogen. (The issue was my sensitivity).

      • Kai

         yeah pretty much, during that time i was trying to rid myself of robotic behaviors and stuck-up behavior this represented the giant anime mecha. The dwarves or midgets were aspects of my self that I felt were undeveloped and the low self-worth that came with it. I realized that developing my personality was the core of my problem. How do you go about harmonizing all the parts of your natal chart/personality. I wanted to retain my seriousness but still be able to laugh naturally not the over the top laugh that i sometimes do or the 1 minute after laugh.

        That said ive had weirder dreams, like the time i had one-on-one fight with an alien snail that had spikes all over its body and that i had a small window of opportunity to kill it before goes into its shell and turns in to liquid nitrogen. (The issue was my sensitivity).

      • Kai

         I’ve always wondered do you have Mercury/Neptune too Michele? Cause your insights have always been very accurate it almost seems you have a connection to the spiritual world.

        • I have Mercury sesquiquadrate Neptune (and the Sun trine Neptune, with Neptune conjunct the IC). Thanks for asking 🙂

          • Kai

            I have the Sun Trine Neptune too. But, sesquiquadrate? I didn’t expect that. I thought it’d be a harmonious one or a quintile. I have a sesquiquadrate between my Mercury and Saturn, and it feels like a ‘little square’. lol. I’m totally clueless on sesquiquadrates.

            • I have a square between Mercury and Saturn. I’m not quite happy with what I’ve read about sesquiquadrates so far. I think there’s something missing. I keep trying to feel out my sesquiquadrates to get a better understanding of the energy. 

  • Has

    I could relate to a lot of that. Also, would having a soft also be mercury libra or mercury in 2nd house thing as well?

    • I can see it being related to Mercury in Libra.

  • I am so Mercury quincux Neputne! whooo oohoo.. especially with Mercury in the 12th, and Neptune in the 6th (retrograde) certainly has a different meaning than its usual, plus Neptune is my 10th house ruler. Its the crux of my boomerang yod as well with Saturn. And it does follow true in this weird way:

    I studied as an artist, because I didn’t feel I could use words adequately to communicate, and yet when I suffer an artist block, I turn to words, and writing.. communicating, which snowballs into other things..

    I studied video and performance art, so it gave me an outlet, but people would prefer to employ me in more practical things that I do not enjoy, and being sort of dyslexic, its kind of harsh to just deal with words in the normal way.. and yet the more I write the more I work on animations.. and art oriented photography and such.. not to mention music.. because of the films and cartoons I end back up into music, because before I went to “art school” I was working jobs where I could find them and playing in a band.. even got kicked out of home for the band thing, and the university aspiring..

    For a while ended up doing both.. but then stopped much with the music.. and then picked it back up again.. here and there with the cartoon soundtracks I’ve been making.

    crazy Neptune and Mercury not to mention hard studies “Saturn” in there somewhere…

  • Aline

    Sorry for the double post mercury conj. nept  *grins*

  • Aline

    I have mercury conjunct neptune less than one degree…

    in last degree of sag, and in 9th house conjunct Midheaven in cap (at 1 degree).

    Is hard. I dont like feeling aloof and hating reality. Or getting disappointed at people one min after meeting them, cause I made a fantastic idea out only of their images.

    I hate ugly in art, for example, I cant watch Lady Gaga or Rihanna videos.

    I have photographic memory, and thats the only positive think I can remember of, besides also wanting to do good in the ideas level…that doesnt mean i can do it in reality. I have a prob with reality.

    Anyone knows how to use it in a good way?

    • Michelle

      Just seeing the 2nd response here 🙂

      Are you in school? What kind of work do you want to do?

    • Aisha

      the last degree of sagittarius- I guess you mean 29 Sag (it is degree of my NN) so I know a bit about it- On sabian it means= ”A fat boy mowing the lawn.”

      this degree is about fat boy (boy who probably in younger years did not do much work) and gained weight is now made to burn all those calories- Physical Work is desired. Home improvement projects needed and it says to ”sweating”- It will help to do more physical work – corny as it may sound- it Does keep my mind calm when I am busy -while if i am sitting (like now hahaha) I am in La La Land.

  • Aline

    Sigh, I have mercury exact conjunct neptune in saggitarius in end of 9th house 1 degree from Midheaven.
    I always liked drawing, tim burton and I have this intuitions about things, dunno. I get into a world of imagination, music affects me a lot.

    I really dont know how to use it positivily.

    I have also strong ethereal relationships with people, kind aloof and deluded when I come more intimate

    • Michelle

      Do you do any kind of art or writing, or even film?

      • Aline

        Thanks, Michelle.

        I really love movies, but the thing is…I see and receive imagesand scenes on my mind, but I suck at scripts, even books, I find hard writing fiction. I like and think my academic writing is good. I am very interested in jewelry, and I think I will start a course this month with gold/silversmithing 🙂

        But I dont see myself working with art or writing for a living,I want to be useful for society.(Many planets in capricorn+10th house).

        • Aline

          I  finished economics graduation, but I hate it. I am in middle of geosciences course, I enjoy a lot,but I think my mind is too fuzzy for science. :/

    • Aisha

      I have this EXACT conjunction of mercry and neptune in 3rd house, in sagittarius- I hear you.

      On top, mercury is ruler of my chart (virgo rising) and neptune is ruler of 7th house (pisces). It is crazy, I so wish there was a saturn’s hand in stabling it, yet there aint any. 

      it is spaced out, and it is dreamy and out there. I HATE IT.
      clarity of mind and communication is missing- 

      by my own observation what helps to overcome it- WRITING- LISTING . Maybe it is my Virgo Rising, but making lists and assigning them hours and exact dates can help me achieve the desired tasks- other wise I am always in fantasy living.

      it is a curse- It is supposedly great aspect for FICTION WRITERS- Stephen King has the exact conjunct in 3rd house and similarly opposing the MC- and he channelized it to his fiction writing, I have been meaning to do it for YEARs-LOL

      • The writing and listing probably is Virgo rising. I have Virgo rising too – you should see how many lists I have! 

        Mercury/Neptune would be good for fiction writers, but like you said, some Saturn stabilizing would help you actually get down to work. A good Saturn transit or Saturn aspect by progression could help too.

  • Patricia

    “Picking up other people’s accents simply by being around them.” 🙂 OMG, OMG
    This is so true 🙂 People tell me I’m native in German, although I’m not :)) I have the square (5′).

  • Robin Joy Dore

    Hmm, I have Mercury Scorpio 5th house Parallel Neptune Sagittarius 6th house
    I’ve been told that it acts like a conjunction, some say weak, some say strong. I’m not sure how I percieve it yet.
     I always forget to include parallels/contraparallels because nobody seems to bother using them.
    Do you use Parallels/Contraparallels Michelle?
    This aspect could possibly explain why I’m soft spoken, and yet another aspect talking about me being misunderstood 😀 and especially my odd unpredictable mental processes which ceaselessly frustrate me when it comes to learning….day dreaming, foggy thinking, spacing out, confused thinking….  🙂 


    • Michelle

      Right now I don’t use parallels. I’m sure I’ll start exploring them sooner or later.

      • Robin Joy Dore

        Ya, a lot of people don’t use them…. 🙂 

        I think it’s just because it’s not as “obvious” as the ordinary aspects. I could be wrong though.

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    My mother has Mercury conjunct Neptune in Libra. In my observation, she does possess an acute intuition that doesn’t really fail her (and sometimes it creeps me out). Sometimes, I can pick up the subtleties in her voice (almost to the point of being hyper-sensitive to them).

    I find that with that position, it really makes my mom a “master diplomat” – she’s extremely tactful and knows just the right words to use show she doesn’t offend but if she has to, she’ll give you the blunt truth.

    Her voice is very interesting. She has an infectious laugh, she has a beautiful singing voice (she’s an alto but was once a soprano) – you can definitely tell she’s a Libra by her voice: “an iron fist in a velvet glove”.

    Funny thing about her is that even though she’s principled and devoted to her faith, there are some moments when she’ll listen to me talk about astrology. I even dissected a bit of her chart and translated it for her and she agrees with a bit of it. Her mind ebbs and flows like the tide with information that she’d sometimes call “blamphsemy”. She highly interested in prophecy and foresight too. Could that be a symptom of the Mercury / Neptune conjunction?

    • Michelle

      She highly interested in prophecy and foresight too. Could that be a symptom of the Mercury / Neptune conjunction?
      I don’t see why not.

  • Madamehodo

    Bob Dylan has mercury 22 gemini square neptune 24 virgo. 

    • Michelle

      The “AA” rated natal chart on and gives the positions stated in the post:

      Maybe you didn’t see he was listed.

      I would have been surprised if Bob Dylan didn’t have a Mercury/Neptune aspect.

  • Mere

    Libra Mercury in the 9th square Neptune in Capricorn in the 12th – cannot effectively communicate with humanity leading to mental illness. 🙁 Waa, passively seeking an outlet.

    • Michelle


  • Leah-nine

    *Mercury sextiles, not trines Neptune. I don’t think you can have four trines in a chart, haha.

  • Leah-nine

    Aha… Very illuminating. 12th Merc trines 4th Neptune and Saturn. A lot of time the time I feel as though I’m communicating with people’s subconscious. Very confusing. Saturn opposite Chiron which trines Mercury also contributes to the madness.

  • amoureuse

    Mercury – opposite neptune. I always get spaced out. Painting helps alot

    • Interesting. I don’t get spaced out while painting either. Is your Saturn connected to Mercury or Neptune?

      • Anonymous

        yep. trine. what does it mean when it is trine?

      • Anonymous

        oopss… made a mistake. no. i got not trine. saturn is not connected to merc and neptune.

        • I was just wondering if Saturn might act as an anchor to your Mercury and Neptune.

          • Anonymous

            i dont know what u mean about anchor. but my mercy and neptune is in opposition. what does that mean?

            • Problems with being realistic.

              • Anonymous

                oohhh…. tsk tsk tsk u are right. i think i have that.

  • What would your interpretation of Mercury conjunct Neptune in Libra in the 9th House be?

    • Probably the need to communicate about your beliefs in a refined and sensitive way; a person who is finely tuned to issues of artistry, ethics and fairness.

  • Rmary_13

    :O ooh I love the tv picture
    I have the mercury neptune conjunction like 1degree apart and Uranus happens to be in the middle of the two. does that make any difference?

    • Your Mercury/Neptune conjunction has a Uranian influence. Stay tuned for the Mercury/Uranus aspects post which is coming up next.

  • Msfullroller

    Mercury retro in Pisces sextile Neptune in Scorpio.

    • Msfullroller

      Oops, I meant trine! See what you get with a Mercury retro natally in a Mercury retro period. Thank goodness for my good ole Saturn conjunct Mercury retro, otherwise I’d probably be several cards short of a full deck. lol

      • Yeah 😉

        Do you feel that you can be both vague and specific at the same time?

        • Msfullroller

          Yep! 😉 Especially when asked something regarding me.

  • Eclipse

    ii have mercury (leo 11th) trine neptune (3rd sagittarius) and I daydream so much that I do mix reality and illusion very often. I often finish other’s people sentences and read people’s thoughts, at the same I can be very vague in what I say. I start daydreaming when people talk and sometimes I miss very important details!! that puts me in trouble sometimes ;-).

    I learn languages very easily just by being with people who spek it, that’s true! Pictures are created in my mind when people tell a story, and the same goes when I speak, it seems like I have living it…

    Oh I retain every single lyrics of the songs I listen (leo moon conjunct leo mercury 11th trine neptune 3rd).
    I find it a cool aspect :-), even if my life is full of misunderstandings 😉

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Eclipse – fascinating 🙂

  • Les

    I have Mercury sextile Neptune (and Jupiter), with Mercury conjunct Venus and Pluto. And OOS square Mars. So it’s all very complicated! I will become very familiar with my Mercury-Neptune sextile next year when transiting Neptune moves into opposition with my Mercury at 0 Virgo. Should be, ah, interesting. At least Neptune will have moved beyond its long transit square my Mars. I may get my physical energy back even while losing my mind. 😉

    • I may get my physical energy back even while losing my mind. 😉

      Which house is your Mercury in?

      • Les

        First house. Neptune is in my 3rd, 5 degrees from the IC.

  • Oh how I love the “osmosis” term. I used to be genius with this aspect (Mercury trine Neptune) until Saturn square shake this up and make me speechless. Right now I’m a hobo painter, unable to explain my art in words. 🙂

    • The Saturn square might just be pointing to a need to concentrate on a few things.

      • You know, back then when I took English composition writing, my teacher told me that my mechanic skill is need a little bit work on (aka horrible) but he enjoyed my writing because he said I definitely has “style”/ writing style. When I think again, what amazing is, I have my writing style before I mastered my grammar, that just bizzare *_* hehe 🙂

        • Not so bizarre…style doesn’t have much to do with grammar ability. So many people get the mechanics of writing but don’t know how to express themselves with it.

          • That’s why I consider if I have future in writing? Well, maybe 😀 The problem is I dont have too much patience.
            I guess visual imagery is the one best suited me, I’m heading to graphic world for my continuing education 🙂

            • You are certainly suited to the visual world. Is that what you got your degree in- visual graphic design?

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Am I the ONLY person suffering from Mercury square Neptune around these parts? LOL

    I say suffer because I am likely being dramatic as a person with Mercury square Neptune might be prone to do (not to mention that Leo rising!), but also because this square is between my logic and order loving Mercury in Virgo and my imaginative. big dream loving Sagittarius.

    I definitely find myself having trouble focusing on the task at hand at times – unless there is an outside time pressure or firm commitment to keep all that daydreaming at bay. I guess at times my mind is struggling between a focus on the small daily concrete provable truths and the larger philosophical truths with a capital T.

    Daydreaming about any number of things is my favorite pastime and escape. I only wish I employed it less often. I think most of the time my Mercury in Virgo can keep Neptune in Sagittarius more or less in check and focus on the details at hand, but since my Neptune is also conjunct my Scorpio Moon, I don’t always succeed at all.

    Confusing sibling relationships? Check! I have half siblings on both sides that I didn’t grow up with and it makes me feel confused about where they should fit into my life. Then again, all my family relationships are confusing to some extent since Neptune resides in my 4th house.

    So now that I have taken you all on a completely unnecessary, tangent-laden and inefficient excursion (Again, there goes that blasted Mercury square Neptune) thru some of my inner dynamics, I will conclude by saying that I can relate to some of the interpretive possibilities listed. lol

    • Lol 😀

      I can really relate to the confusing sibling and family relationships as well…Neptune sesquiquadrate Mercury, with Neptune in the 4th too.

      Mercury in Virgo probably helps keep Neptune in Sagittarius from losing all sense of boundary and limitation. Otherwise you might just drift along with nothing to mark your way.

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    I have Mercury in Sagittarius (12H) semi – sextile Neptune in Capricorn (1H). I have a knack for voice impersonation but I tend to favor doing impressions of women that have contralto voices like Pat Carroll, Carol Channing, Bea Arthur, Angela Lansbury and Rosalind Russell lol

    I’ve found that people that possess beautiful singing voice or are great voice actors have a Mercury / Neptune aspect.
    Susan Boyle:Mercury – Neptune trine
    Michael Buble: Mercury – Neptune sextile
    Angela Lansbury: Mercury – Neptune sextile
    Bea Arthur: Mercury – Neptune sextile
    Mel Blanc: Mercury – Neptune conjunction
    Susan Blakeslee: Mercury – Neptune square
    Corey Burton: Mercury – Neptune square

    • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

      I should have also added people with pronounced, unforgettable voices

      • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

        Mike Meyers has an interesting voice

        • That’s so funny…I thought I mentioined him in this thread. He does have an interesting, and adaptable voice. I think I looked him up and he does have a Mercury/Neptune aspect.

    • That’s interesting…lol…

      That just prompted me to check out Mike Myers (not that he has a beautiful singing voice!) He has Mercury opposite Neptune.

  • Lili

    I have Mercury (0 Taurus) QUINCUNX my Neptune-Jupiter conjunction (1 $ 2 Sag). When I take an interest in something, I often get carried away. My mind goes to places I don’t want/expect it to go… Which is not so good when I am feeling depressed/angry/jealous/insecure, but otherwise I don’t ever get bored. I also have a mixture of accents from three countries, and re: “An elusive sibling. Confusing sibling relationships. ” – yes, I have a sibling with a mental illness who often makes no sense…

    How would you describe the Quincunx, Michelle?

    Also in a r’ship with a man with Mercury CONJUNCT Neptune. He writes fantasy novels for a living.

    • I’m thinking about writing a much longer post about the quincunx, but my basic idea is that it involves an adjustment of expectations. Two planets in quincunx to each other have to adjust their expectations of how things “are supposed to work.”

      • Lili

        that would be really great!

  • It’s interesting how many more people have the minor aspects of Mercury/Neptune than the major aspects (compared to the other planet combination polls).

  • Anonymous

    mercury rx in libra square neptune rx in sagittarius.


    • What effect do you think the retrogrades have on your placements?

      • Anonymous

        i think the retrograde makes the square feel more internal. my reactions to it are usually internalized. a lot of my angst as a kid was due to misguided notions of myself – i wasn’t very sure of myself. i mean most kids aren’t, but i had a hard time believing in myself. i very much wanted to take drugs and get lost, get wasted. lots of runaway fantasies. when i took up meditation in college, it changed everything. for the first time i understood the connection between my thoughts and my reality, my happiness. since then i haven’t cared to do drugs or drink so much. i can get lost in my creative projects – that’s more fulfilling to me.

        i’m naturally introverted so with the neptune contact i have very, very vivid fantasies (and alternatively, nightmares) – it would not surprise me if i started to float off the ground. creative visualizing is easy for me and is a more effective way for me to grasp the meaning of my jumbled thoughts and emotions. like sometimes, instead of *thinking*, i’ll just let images pop into my mind. and as i’ve gotten older i’ve learned to trust those images – they’re metaphors, but they’re like messages from my higher self.

        the square was challenging moreso in childhood because i was afraid to face the truth a lot. my ego would either be inflated to neptunian proportions, or disappear entirely. i was quite gullible, evasive, accustomed to playing the victim and the martyr. as i got older i started to figure out how my thoughts affected my well-being. sound body, sound mind, etc.

        just now i had an image of me standing on a cliff ledge, looking out over the grand canyon. clear sky. peace, clarity, a view from above. this is where my mercury-neptune has taken me.

        • Anonymous

          one more thing. growing up i was very sensitive to messages from the media. magazines with flawless beautiful girls. television sitcoms with happy families. movies where the girl always gets the guy. i was addicted to all these puffed up fantasies, but it was also my downfall because i became disconnected from real life and from my real self.

          mercury square neptune = reality check.

        • Beautiful!

          instead of *thinking*, i’ll just let images pop into my mind. and as i’ve gotten older i’ve learned to trust those images – they’re metaphors, but they’re like messages from my higher self.

          I love that!

  • Tuscan

    I have this one : a trine from mercury in cap to neptune in scorpio. I love to read and write poems and like to speak about movies.And , yeah, i do have overly idealistic notions.

    • Tuscan

      Not a trine but a sextile.

    • I imagine that Mercury/Neptune people might be the least likely to want to “kill your television.”

    • I imagine that Mercury/Neptune people might be the least likely to want to “kill your television.”

  • LB

    “No limit to the number of mental connections you can make. No boundaries to the ways that information can be linked together.”

    Those particular descriptions made me laugh. So true! I have this conjunction (in Scorpio), but the two are also conjunct Jupiter, so that probably changes things a bit. Or maybe it just exaggerates the qualities you’ve described (lol!)

    Because I value the truth, I’ve never been much of a liar (more of a diplomat), but I’m definitely a storyteller prone to using poetic language and painting pictures with words; my art also tells a story and seems to evoke strong feelings in others. I have a very soft voice and I sing. To some extent, I’m also able to mimic different singers, and even though my voice may be completely different, something is the same. I’m a sponge when it comes to accents and often get mistaken for being from the country of whomever I’ve been hanging out with, which is unintentional and annoying. I also love TV, movies, and spiritual or other-worldly music. Maybe because my conjunction is right on the cusp of my 2nd/3rd (and quintile my Gemini MC), I’m able to pick up information using my hands; I’d like to incorporate this ability in my new career as a Reiki practitioner.

    And of course, I pick up clues others miss. Somehow I just know things. But rarely am I able to convey that knowing in such a way as to allow others to understand, except through my art. I try, I really do.

    BTW, my astro-twin, Viggo Mortensen also has this conjunction.

    • Viggo! 😀 swoon.

      Madonna has the sextile which may help explain her quick English accent.

      As always, I love to read your responses.

    • Viggo! 😀 swoon.

      Madonna has the sextile which may help explain her quick English accent.

      As always, I love to read your responses.

  • Jara

    LOL @ “Ninja mind”. You hit all of the nails on the head with one hammer, Michelle.

    Mercury is so strong in my chart. I have this aspect and my entire chart points to learning how to discriminate (“Indiscriminate influx of information.”) is a lifelong lesson.

    • Thanks Jara. Which aspect do you have?