Mercury/Jupiter Aspects


mercury-jupiter-aspectsBig ideas. Too much talking, not enough action. Arrogant opinions. Open-minded. Broad minded. Expansive thinking.ย Speculating. The philosophical mind. Generalizing. Lumping everything together. Glossing over the particulars. Getting the gist of it. Motivational speakers. Key note speakers. Epic stories and tales. Full of hot air. Blowhards. Laughing it off. Missing the details. Exaggerating.

Wanting to talk about meaningful subjects. Wanting more education. Talking about morality. Thinking about moral issues. Contemplating ethics. Speaking with conscience. Meaningful messages. Believing in your own thoughts. Having faith in your opinions. Confident verbal expression. Confident written expression. Mental confidence. Confidence in communication in general. Cheerleaders. Contemplating religion and faith. People who ponder, contemplate and mull. Looking forward. Thinking about the future. Hope and optimism. Seeing the big picture. Thinking ahead. Premonitions. Foresight.

Prolific writers and authors. Publishers. Lecturers. Sermon givers. Preachers. Teachers and professors. Garrulous. Blowing your opinion out of proportion. A self-important way of communicating. Bloated ideas. Thinking highly of your own opinions. Talking a lot. Conveying information. Having faith in your ideas. Distortion of an idea through over-emphasis. Making a big deal out of something insignificant. Beating a dead horse. Students of life. Mind expansion. Making yourself laugh. Cracking yourself up. The ability to brush off negative thinking. Affirmations. “I think I can, I think I can.” Positive thinking. Getting away with saying ridiculous things.

Latching onto one idea and expanding it beyond recognition. Pollyanna. Becoming blind to the things you don’t want to hear or see. Misinterpretation through not gathering all the facts. Misinterpretation through focusing only on the parts that you want to focus on. Inflated sense of the importance of your own thoughts. Interest in archetypes. Wanting to know what things mean. Getting beyond mere accumulation of facts to find meaning. Positive sibling relationships. One sibling looms large over the other. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

People with Mercury/Jupiter aspects

  • Gene Simmons (KISS): Mercury trine Jupiter
  • Ellen Degeneres: Mercury quintile Jupiter
  • Ethan Hawke: Mercury conjunct Jupiter
  • Steve Carell: Mercury opposite Jupiter
  • Seth Rogen: Mercury opposite Jupiter
  • Dennis Rodman: Mercury trine Jupiter
  • Jackie Chan: Mercury square Jupiter
  • Ricky Gervais: Mercury quincunx Jupiter

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  • nikkilady

    What if Mercury and Jupiter are in different signs? Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius for instance? Same thing for Neptune?

    • Hi nikkilady,

      I’m not sure if I understand your question.

      • nikkilady

        I have Mercury conjunct Jupiter in the 11th house. My Mercury is in retrograde, though. Does that change anything?

        • Yes, having Mercury retrograde changes things. Mercury is also in detriment when he is in Sagittarius. One interpretation is that the way you learn and communicate is not as rational, predictable or stereotypical as other people.

      • nikkilady

        Does having a Mercury retrograde change things? The interpretation of the chart? I have my Jupiter in Sagittarius. Both Mercury rx and Jupiter are in the 11th House. So is Neptune.

  • Kenny

    What’s your favorite birth chart website?

    • I like for birth charts and for the current transits.

  • Jeremy

    Would this aspect be easier if Mercury is in Gemini in 12th house and Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 6th house?

    • Easier in what way?

      • Jeremy

        When both Mercury and Jupiter are in their ruling signs?

        • Interestingly, although Jupiter and Mercury would be in dignity by sign, they are both in fall by house placement, so it’s a mixed bag. The 12th house is the natural house of Pisces (Mercury’s detriment and the 6th house is the natural house of Virgo (Jupiter’s detriment).

  • VampireBites

    True for me. I have Scorpio Mercury conjunct Scorpio Jupiter.

  • ludwig

    I have this aspect in my persona charts. I believe I have it in almost all the planets. Although I believe that Jupiter and Mercury is too much pompous or too much vanity in thought.

    • Yes, those are certainly possible personality traits.

  • Jahlia

    Would Mercury/Jupiter conjunction give people luck in writing?

    • It could, but I wouldn’t look that one connection alone to signify luck in writing.

  • G.G

    Mercury 6th house sextile Jupiter 5th house also Mercury semisextile 8th house Venus Cappy.
    Don’t get me started. Seriously….Don’t

  • wander_feline

    I have Mercury in Sagittarius in the 9th , conjunct MC ‘ SQUARE ‘ Jupiter in Virgo in the 6th, conjunct Descendant.

    Yes, I’m a future-oriented person and a big-picture thinker too. When I learn new things, if I can’t grasp the concept, I will suddenly get lost in the dark tunnel . ๐Ÿ˜€

    However, I consider myself an introvert. I have a few close friends and I prefer being alone with stacks of book, or with my computer, or traveling in my own imaginary world to hanging out with my friends. ( I guess it’s the Scorpio sun with Pisces rising things ) ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I talk with someone, instead of carrying on a conversation all the time, I like to encourage them to talk about themselves because I want to gather information and absorb their ideas as much as I can. ;P

    I never stop learning until the day I die. <— This is my motto !

    PS. Sorry for my poor English, I'm not a native English speaker. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you for reading, wander_feline ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thomas Baker63

    The Mercury/Jupiter anthem

  • I want to inform: Actually there is an astrology college NEARBY my house ^^

    seriously, it’s 4 blocks away from my apartment complex, lol

    I can’t believe it, I guess it’s faith? My Jupiter in 11th PIsces really yearn to this type of community
    but I kind of worry for my Mercury Virgo 4th house (Which square Saturn) I really want to “teach” over there but I guess I dont have much language ability like native speaker.

    I guess, if you live around here, you definitely gonna teach over there and make more money ^^

    • Coool! You certainly have the understanding ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Peachies

    The first thing I ever read about mercury opposite jupiter was that it caused a person to be arrogant, sloppy minded, exaggerated sense of own mind, making promises that wouldn’t be kept, ect… and hardly anything good! In fact aย lot of sites seem to have a lot of negative things to say about Jupiter aspects. This one was a nice balance of good and bad.
    I noticed that Steve Carell and Seth Rogan both have this aspect – 2 ofย my favourite comedians! This just proves to me that mercury opposite jupiter is not so bad after all. They’re opposite by sign so that should mean they are comfortable and natural in opposition shouldn’t it?

    • In Steve Carell’s case Mercury and Jupiter are both dignified. With Seth Rogen however, having the planets in opposite signs doesn’t join them – they’re not in mutual reception, Mercury is not in dignity or exaltation in Scorpio and Jupiter is not in dignity or exaltation in Taurus.

  • I have a mercury trine Jupiter aspect… Mercury 11th house Virgo Trine Jupiter in Capricorn in third house. I wonder what this aspect truly means from time to time. My brain is growing bigger and bigger by the minute. Once I have knowledge of anything, it does become dangerous since I can use that information against people in arguments or groups sometimes. It’s usually the truth people are afraid of. That’s how I become ex-communicated. Growing up I noticed that I don’t hear all the gossips until I’m about to leave a certain place. Kind of weird but cool. However I’m an advocate of philosophy. I philosophy everything everywhere.

    • Michelle

      philosoph-fy everything everywhere
      That’s very Mercury/Jupiter!

    • Michelle

      philosoph-fy everything everywhere
      That’s very Mercury/Jupiter!

  • Mars Square Uranus

    it’s always frustrating to say exactly the lot you have to, even though being gemini.

  • Zoa

    Mercury 14 Aquarius quintile Jupier 26 Aries.
    However, with Mercury retrograde, square Pluto and semisquare Saturn, I am very quiet.
    I do believe in the power of the “I think I can, I think I can”.
    With so much Saturn and Pluto in my chart, this is one of the things that stop me from being be super serious, super intense all the time.

  • Anonymous

    i love steve carrell!! awesome insightful video. i also love ellen and ricky gervais. jupiter definitely shines bright on these folks.

    i have mercury in libra sextile jupiter in sagittarius. also jupiter conjuncts my ascendant. i’ve had my fair share of foot-in-mouth disease – i guess with the sextile it’s made it easier to use those moments as “learning experiences” ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Kelly

    i have mercury in sagitarius semi-square jupter in leo by 1 degree, i can say that i’m totally blind-optimistic person, even with my capricorn sun. But the good part is being a great story teller, my friends says that i get the gist of every story and don’t lose time on details, but i also LOVE to exaggerate everything that i say, so the stories become more interesting.

    • Kelly

      another thing – dislike to talk about topics that i don’t have knowlege because of pride may be because of this hard aspect?

      • Probably. Jupiter in Leo would give a lot of pride. Leo can have a hard time owning up to stuff like that.

  • tatiana.larina

    Mercury in Pisces conjunct Jupiter in Aries, in the 12th. I would attribute my interest in world religions and the mystical side of life to it. But my strong Saturn keeps me grounded.

    • Do you have planets in the 9th house too?

      • tatiana.larina

        Nope, but the cusp of my 9th house is in Sagittarius. And I am also extremely taciturn and withdrawn, so I cannot relate to the talkative Jupiter – unless all the talk goes on in my 12th house, that is out of anybody’s hearing distance ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Sagittarius – that makes sense!

          There is the talkative Mercury/Jupiter person and then there is the contemplative and thoughtful Mercury/Jupiter person – it sounds like you are the latter ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I’ve found another benefit with a Mercury / Jupiter aspect – great comedians

    • I looked up a variety of comedians to see if they had this placement, but a lot of them didn’t. It was only when I honed in on those people who seemed almost to be laughing at their own jokes that I started to find the aspects.

      • Like who?

        • I’m trying to remember now who I looked up. I know I looked at quite a few cast members from Saturday Night Live.

          No Mercury/Jupiter aspects: Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Tina Fey, Chris Rock, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray.

          Jim Carrey has a partile Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius (not that he was on SNL). Dana Carvey has a partile sextile.

          • You’re restricting yourself of the modern comedians. Some of the greatest comedians had this combination. Here are just a few:

            Wayland Flowers – Mercury / Jupiter trine
            Bea Arthur – Mercury / Jupiter trine
            Groucho Marx – Mercury / Jupiter trine
            Chris Tucker – Mercury / Jupiter square
            Lucille Ball – Mercury / Jupiter sextile
            Dean Martin – Mercury / Jupiter conjunction
            Sammy Davis, Jr. – Mercury / Jupiter semi – sextile
            Carol Burnett – Mercury / Jupiter quincunx
            Harvey Korman – Mercury / Jupiter conjunction
            Paul Lynde – Mercury / Jupiter trine
            Rich Little – Mercury / Jupiter sextile

            • I don’t see it as restricting myself as much as keeping the overall audience of AstroFix in mind. I personally do not know who Wayland Flowers or Paul Lynde are. Aside from that, why would an older comedian be more likely to have a Mercury/Jupiter aspect than a modern comedian? Perhaps one reason is that they dealt more in slapstick, which seems like a Mercury/Jupiter characteristic.

              Two of my favorites which you didn’t mention are Stan Laurel (trine) and Oliver Hardy (quintile) ๐Ÿ™‚

              • billow

                So is it fair to say that comedians maybe are able to laugh at the beliefs, truths, or societal norms that we experience at any time. Like kinduv blow em up and bust em up and allow us to laugh at ourselves so we ain’t so gosh darn serious all the time. Speaking of gas giants, a well placed fart still gets a chuckle.

                This has been too much fun and I have alot to think about.

                • Good observation about fart jokes!

                  I think, just like every profession, there are niches within niches. Some are very dry, some do slapstick and props, some are physical comedians…I imagine that all these differences in style reflect differences in their natal charts.

                  • Wayland Flowers was a ventriloquist – his famous puppet was called “Madame”. Paul Lynde is a very prominent comedian in his day. He’s most recognized as Uncle Arthur in “Betwitched”, he was the center square in the original “Hollywood Squares”, he was the original Mr. McAfee in the musical “Bye Bye Birdie” and he voiced Templeton in the old, cartoon version of “Charlotte’s Web”.

                    Grouho Marx brought comedy and slapstick on the screen; Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Bea Arthur were the “queens of comedy” with Lucy being the mother, Bea as the tall, imposing, outspoken, wise-cracking feminist and Carol being the queen of parodies (along with Harvey Korman); Dean was famous for hosting celebrity roasts and doing his own variety show.

                    Here are some of the current comedians with the Mercury / Jupiter aspect:

                    Lisa Lampanelli – Mercury / Jupiter quincunx
                    Gabriel Iglesias – Mercury / Jupiter sextile
                    George Lopez – Mercury / Jupiter sextile
                    Bill Cosby – Mercury / Jupiter opposite
                    Cheech Marin – Mercury / Jupiter sextile
                    Gilbert Gottfried – Mercury / Jupiter quincunx

                    • Now I remember who Wayland Flowers was. I wasn’t a fan.

  • Lotusgypsy

    Mars/Jupiter aspects…arrogant opinions – I don’t understand where the arrogance comes from – is this because of Jupiter’s huge expansion? Interesting though, I do know someone with this aspect and can be quite arrogant in their opinions ( as I see it). It’s also someone, I admire as well.

    [I agree with what you say on Mercury/Saturn minds working but not saying it. I do have things to say, but usually I mull over it, arrange it and then say it.]

    I have Saturn/Mercury opposition (both Rx) and so much goes on upstairs and so I get that – so much. However, I don’t always say it or even write it. One on one is alright (Libra) at times If I am comfortable.

    • Jupiter in contact with any planet can give a touch of arrogance to its expression. I think it is based on Jupiter’s expansion, and that it has a tendency to make assumptions without checking facts.

      It’s interesting how much Mercury/Saturn has been mentioned in these other Mercury posts – I’ll get to that combination soon.

    • Jupiter in contact with any planet can give a touch of arrogance to its expression. I think it is based on Jupiter’s expansion, and that it has a tendency to make assumptions without checking facts.

      It’s interesting how much Mercury/Saturn has been mentioned in these other Mercury posts – I’ll get to that combination soon.

  • firetiger

    Ya this really is me.. how funny. I have Mercury in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Pisces. Besides being hilarious (hehe) when I’m speaking about something other people really get a sense that I truly believe what I’m saying. A lot of your post resonates w/ me. Nice!

    • It’s nice to hear from you firetiger ๐Ÿ˜€

    • billow

      Do the other people buy on to what you are saying too much? I find that a problem sometimes, as much as a problem when I am not being taken seriously sometimes. When I am down to discussing truth, I get a deaf ear, but if I say something outrageous like I was born with a tail that had to be surgically removed (no offense to those that have experienced that), the same truth deniers will be all over that.

      • Weird.

        • billow

          So glad it’s weird, it must be the unusual sibling energy cloning itself.

  • Jara

    Oh, the signs make a big difference with this aspect. Her monologues are like reading an encyclopedia – nonstop facts and trivia that are sometimes interesting and sometimes boring. She does pause for anything. I can be on the phone and she’s still talking. I can walk out of the room and she’s still talking. She constantly talks to herself, too. My monologues are meant to entertain. If they’re not entertaining the other person, then I stop.

    I wonder if other Mercury-Jupiter people enjoy practicing speeches in the mirror? I used to love practicing for performances and performing with a mirror. Not so much anymore.

    • Hm…I’ve never liked practicing speeches.

  • Lol…

    Mutual receptions are so powerful, especially when you have one of the planets conjunct an angle. I’ve noticed Virgo/Scorpio influences can create “helpers in crisis.”

    • LB

      Thanks, Michelle. I love your description, “helpers in crisis” since I’d like to think it encompasses some of my better qualities, which aren’t limited to my strong communication skills.

      • It’s a strong combination: scrupulous, the ability to cope with demanding work and passionate about the outcome.

  • visions

    i found your match really interesting as always but i think that description lack of combo words showing the good side of mercury-jupiter that’s why many of the repliers here talks about their mercury-jupiter bad aspects or conjunction to relate the sense of exaggeration of jupiter negative traits. Yet, if just few people can talk about the good aspect i guess we can see that mercury/jupiter good connection is the most beautiful aspect of the zodiac. I have mercury in 7th house in trine with jupiter in 11th, i have had luck with contracts, fabulous partnership and good friends because i like to listen and share thoughts with them, and success with degrees etc, i am full of enthusiasm and plus i irradiate this enthusiasm onto other… I was maybe too much talk in my youth but less now due to saturn and neptune probably that make me an even more good listener and talker as i age. that’s the effect from the trine i guess that keep you balanced with a sense of limit when you want to show your fad for something. MERcury trine jupiter give also integrity along the optimism side you mentioned above.

    • Thank you for adding another dimension visions. Those benefits are wonderful!

      I have the conjunction, however, it’s out of sign and in adjacent houses, so I don’t think I experience this aspect in pure form. Mercury in Aries in the 8th house conjunct Jupiter in Taurus in the 9th house.

      • LB

        William Blake, the English poet, artist, and mystic, had the out-of-sign conjunction. His Mercury was in Scorpio and his Jupiter was in Sag.

        • Yeah right… as much as I’d like to flatter myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Msfullroller

      I have the square as stated above with Mercury retro in the 7th like you but my Jupiter is in the 10th. This is part of a t-square involving Saturn and Chiron tightly conjunct Mercury and a very tight Uranus/Pluto conjunction on the other end of the T. Jupiter is at the apex. I’ve had some of the same wonderful experiences as you, with many being played out in the last few years that I am extremely grateful for.I believe I have Jupiter to thank for the other philosophy of mine. That is whatever the situation, there is a lesson to be learned in it. That has been the mantra I’ve clung to (after I’ve bitched about it to myself) during the times in my life when things were/are tough. I guess I’m a late bloomer as I talk way more now than I did in my youth but still only when I have something to say.

      I love that I’m a life long learner. The day I stop learning will be the day I take my very last breath.

      • It’s interesting to me that you also have Mercury/Saturn/Chiron configuration.

        That is whatever the situation, there is a lesson to be learned in it. That has been the mantra I’ve clung to (after I’ve bitched about it to myself)

        • Msfullroller

          In what way?

          • Oh, just that I have a close interaction between those three as well.

  • LB

    Hi Michelle – I submitted a comment earlier today, but it said awaiting moderation. So either my comment was soooo long (which it was), you’re still reading it (LOL!), or else it got misplaced. If you’d like me to resubmit, just say the word; as you know I’m always happy to share my thoughts. Thanks!

    • I just saw it and approved it. It should show up in a few minutes.

  • Msfullroller

    There is always something to learn I say! Mercury rx in Pisces square Jupiter in Gemini.

  • LB

    Hi Michelle โ€“ Youโ€™d never guess I have this conjunction, would you (LOL)?

    My Jupiter (conjunct Mercury/Neptune/Asteroid Lilith) straddles my 2nd/3rd and is the apex of a Yod, so communicating โ€“ and to a lesser extent, expressing my opinions โ€“ sometimes feels like my mission in life. While what I say on the internet may not matter much, in real life my words have impact; Iโ€™ve often had to communicate and coordinate critical details in important situations. With my Mercury in Scorpio sextile and in mutual reception with Pluto in Virgo (conjunct my Virgo Ascendant), I rarely gloss over the details, nor do I avoid the hard work and planning it takes to make things happen. In fact, because I tend to doubt myself, most times I research a subject to death before forming an opinion or starting a project. Even then Iโ€™m well aware there may be more to know or that I may have been misinformed.

    With Scorpio (and Virgo) involved, communications and opinions mostly relate to hidden motives, corruption, abuse, injustice, inheritances, healthcare (and insurance), and danger. Iโ€™ve had lots of communications with police/emergency workers (and lawyers) over the years.

    Iโ€™ve always been annoyed with people who canโ€™t be bothered with specifics, which is why I almost never rely on one source of information. Iโ€™m equally annoyed in situations where people allow themselves to become sidetracked by misleading details that have nothing to do with the core issue.

    I think my main motivation in โ€œsharingโ€ comes from a desire to be helpful; I want to clarify, illuminate and inform โ€“ or at the very least, offer up a different perspective. Sometimes, Iโ€™m compelled to advocate on behalf of those who donโ€™t have the wherewithal to speak. Iโ€™m absolutely a โ€œprolificโ€ writer, lecturer, preacher and teacher (hahaha โ€“ there I go again, cracking myself up!), as evidenced by my lengthy comments. I guess I always figure what I have to say is worth saying, even if only one other person thinks so. ๐Ÿ˜‰ In spite of everything, people tell me Iโ€™m a good listener and that they feel better after talking with me.

  • I have Mercury at Pisces in the 10th sesquisquare retrograde Jupiter at Scorpio in the 5th. I really like to talk about meaningful topics or give meaningful information, but I also exaggerate a bit, specially when I talk about feelings. I don’t know feelings very well (Aquarius Moon squaring Pluto), so I often exaggerate a bit when talking about them.

    I trust a lot in my mind and what I think, I see them as my precious treasures and often hide ideas in fear of having them stolen lol. Having this sesquisquare and Mars conjunct Mercury, people often say I communicate with much confidence, and I think I do, but my communication seldom has the impact and results I want it to have. Or maybe I just don’t perceive them, go figure. Everything I say when communicating, specially to large numbers of people, has a meaning and a reason, so I don’t do this often, only when I know what to say and it’s really necessary. That’s why it’s so frustrating for me when people don’t get the message (often subliminal: Mercury sextile Neptune) that was meant to enlighten them. Actually, that’s why I created a blog, I talk to the people who really want to know what I’m saying, so it works almost perfectly. I just need the people to read it LOL.

    And yes, I’m also an education addict. I don’t have perfect grades, but I really pursue academic achievement. I want to have the perfect curriculum. With Saturn in the 9th, this gets much intensified and causes many blockages and problems to overcome in the way. The good thing is that I love studying and intend to do this until my very last breath.

    • Great explanation Iago.

      “Education addict” is an excellent term for Mercury/Jupiter people – there is no end to education in sight!

      • billow

        Crap, you people are nailing my virgoan Jupiter over and over again here. I guess there may be something to Mercury ruling Virgo.

  • Anonymous

    Mercury (Sco) 5th Opp [Tau] Jupiter 11th – orb: s2:31′
    or in whole sign 6th and 12th
    lol! Seth Rogen has his signs reverse mine- Seth Rogen: Mercury 00 Taurus 06โ€ฒ opposite Jupiter 6 Scorpio 45โ€ฒ ….8)
    I can relate to being philosophical and skimming over details…I hate reading the fine print in documents lol!…. I enjoy writing. I do tend to talk myself through being depressed and I also make myself laugh sometimes. I get some very strange looks because of it.:-)
    Thank you again for your marvelous interpretations. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Jupiter in Taurus in the 5th seems like an excellent aspect for productive creativity, or lazy self-indulgence ;p

      • Anonymous

        Oops! I’m sorry. I must have miscommunicated…. I meant to say that only the signs are switched, not the houses.At least I don’t think so anyway. I haven’t looked at his chart.
        He has the Mercury in Taurus while I have Mercury in Scorpio and he has Jupiter in Scorpio while I have Jupiter in Taurus Rx.
        What houses are his placements in ? My Mercury is in my 5th house unless you’re looking at whole sign (like you use:-)) my Jupiter is in my 11th(once again in whole sign it’s 12th):-)
        Anyway, I thought it was kind of funny and cool at the same time.:D
        It’s also cool that you put celebrities on here.
        It makes a person feel kind of special when they have something in common with
        one of them.^_^ At least it does for me.
        It’s also good for research.
        But ya, I could see Jupiter in Taurus in the 5th causing that.
        I have a friend who has Jupiter Rx in Aquarius in the 5th as well as Saturn Rx in Capricorn in the 5th house(Placidus/Koch/Equal) and he can be kind of lazy in phases and then he’s suddenly a workaholic. I get a kick out of it.^_^

        • I also think it’s cool when I have a celebrity connection. It’s like a little sprinkle of stardust ๐Ÿ˜€

          I have a friend who has Jupiter Rx in Aquarius in the 5th as well as Saturn Rx in Capricorn in the 5th house(Placidus/Koch/Equal) and he can be kind of lazy in phases and then he’s suddenly a workaholic. I get a kick out of it.^_^
          Funny… he could turn a hobby into a career if he decides to funnel his workaholism into one.

          • Anonymous

            I like this…..” I also think it’s cool when I have a celebrity connection. It’s like a little sprinkle of stardust :D” …. I love your statement and I love stardust too…..Very 8)

            Actually you hit the nail right on it’s head…he did turn kind of turn his hobby into a career……you’re GOOOOD:-)….what I neglected to mention about my friend, cause I respectfully didn’t want to sound like I was advertising anything….he owns his own business from his home shooting video’s of Wedding,Barmitzvah’s etc. and doing Graphic Design work …..He’s also a Leo Sun and Leo Moon conjunct in his 12th house with Virgo Rising.

  • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

    In my chart, Mercury square Jupiter is the tightest aspect in my chart, a 0ยฐ aspect. Mercury in Sagittarius (12th House) square Jupiter in Virgo (9th House).

    Here are all the aspects Mercury has with other planets –

    Sun conjunct Mercury (12th House)
    Mercury conjunct Mars (12th House)
    Mercury semi – sextile Uranus (12th House / 1st House)
    Mercury semi – sextile Neptune (12th House / 1st House)
    Mercury trine Chiron (12th House / 8th House)
    Mercury sextile Pars Fortunae (12th House / 2nd House)
    Mercury square Psyche (12th House / 9th House
    Mercury sextile Midheaven (12th House / 10th House)

    And Jupiter’s aspect to other planets

    Sun square Jupiter (12th House / 9th House)
    Moon bi – quintile Jupiter (2nd House / 9th House)
    Mars square Jupiter (12th House / 9th House)
    Jupiter trine Uranus (9th House / 1st House)
    Jupiter trine Neptune (9th House / 1st House)
    Jupiter trine North Node (9th House / 1st House)
    Jupiter square Ceres (9th House / 12th House)
    Jupiter bi – quintile Juno (9th House / 2nd House)
    Jupiter conjunct Vesta (9th House)
    Jupiter conjunct Psyche (9th House)

    • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

      LOL you can say I’m now emphasising that aspect LOL XD

      The number one problem that people have always told me was that I come off as a “know it all” / arrogant. I’m definitely a planner and I always like to think or talk about the future. Talking a lot can be a blessing and a curse depending on how you look at it. On the positive side, at least you can carry on a conversation, keeping the ball rolling and quickly bring up a new subject. On the negative, (and depending on the subject), it can get frustrating and repetitive.

      • “Know it all”- that makes sense. Virgo and Sagittarius both have know it all tendencies, then you have them in mutual reception with their rulers in tight aspect too.

        • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

          I’m really good at making sense of my ideas ๐Ÿ™‚ For some reason, I can get the most complicated topics and make sense of them and condense them. I love to expand and broaden my visions but that doesn’t go to show that I’m not opinionated and principled.

          • Virgo/Sagittarius is contraction and expansion.

            • Here’s something I found in one of my astrology books about the Virgo / Sagittarius combination in the book “All Around The Zodiac: Exploring Astrology’s Twelve Signs”:

              “Virgo is into specifics and particulars, not Sagittarian generalities and indefinites. It wants to define something well, with crystal clarity, yet the Archer is less willing to be limited by precise definitions. Virgo finds Sagittarius to be careless about its “facts” and unwilling to accept even a little criticism. The Archer’s “logic” seems flawed or skewed to Virgo, who imposes more stringent standards of evidence.”

              “In turn, Sagittarius hates how literal Virgo can be about everything in life (meaning you have to watch the words you use around the Analyzer, since it becomes so easy to say the right thing the wrong way). Sagittarius is more than outspoken – it’s blunt in manner that Virgo sometimes finds appalling. Honesty and sincerity aren’t everything to Virgo, if it also means being an inconsiderate loudmouth who really doesn’t know what he or she is talking about.”

              “If someone have these two signs emphasized in our chart, our Sagittarian side is probably less rash than usual in behavior. We are more apt to think our theories through before getting on our soapbox to broadcast our opinions. Of course, Virgo might induce us to think that we do know it all because we’ve done the rigorous study required. This can actually be a scholarly combination (where a Sagittarian thirst for knowledge blends with Virgo’s sharp, critical mental faculties and its penchant for accuracy). Both signs think highly of their mental powers, yet Virgo / Sagittarius types – when mismanaging their energies – may come across as being intellectually arrogant and intolerant of stupidity. Sagittarius at least inflates the Analyzer’s tendency not to want to be wrong about anything.”

              “One pitfall here is that hyper-rational Virgo will trigger the orthodox and even dogmatic side of Sagittarius, resulting in the confident but narrow mindset of a skeptic, an expert debunker, a hard-nosed scientist resistant to all but a material view of the Universe, or someone who only puts “faith” in things that are able to be tested and measured in the merial realm, not the spiritual. That’s when the Archer’s sky suddenly seems very small and starless”.

              All this is on pages 212 – 213.

              • I have that book – it’s excellent (though I don’t have it with me right now).

                • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

                  Oh! To confirm some of the things that you mention with this aspect – I’ve noticed that I do get premonitions and flashes of foresight from time to time. It’s cool but I wish I can better manage them :/

                  • Michelle

                    Practice – which should be easy with Jupiter in Virgo ๐Ÿ™‚

                    • Zodiacal_macaw_1210

                      And I’ve recognized another thing: both are in mutual reception of each other. Quick question: I was looking at my essential and accidental dignities and debilities in my chart and here’s what I want to know:

                      If essentially a planet receives 0 points, is it dignified or debilitated? Mercury and Jupiter receive 0 points essentially BUT Mercury is accidentally debilitated and Jupiter is accidentally dignified. According to a couple of astrologers I’ve asked, they told me to put more emphasis on the essential dignities and debilities, which I did but again, what if they have 0 points, is it dignified or debilitated?

                    • Michelle

                      Using a point system, perhaps a 0 point planet could be considered neutral – not good, not bad, not having much significant influence.

                  • Michelle

                    Practice – which should be easy with Jupiter in Virgo ๐Ÿ™‚

    • They’re active, huh? Are you good at making something of your ideas?

  • Sabbers

    Mercury conjunct Jupiter here very prone to exaggeration. Couldn’t shut me up when I was a kid got told off a lot for talking too much. I laugh at my own jokes all the time, people have said it’s bad to laugh at your own jokes but if I don’t laugh who else will. Always having faith in the way things have happened or will turn out and say “if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be.” I find I think big but have no follow through, and then change my mind a week later when something else comes along.

    • people have said it’s bad to laugh at your own jokes but if I don’t laugh who else will.

      I find I think big but have no follow through, and then change my mind a week later when something else comes along.
      Yes, unfortunately, without a strong Saturn aspects, all those great ideas just stay ideas. Is your conjunction in an Air sign?

      • Sabbers

        Nope it’s in water, Scorpio, I don’t have many Saturn aspects but do have Capricorn Moon and Mars but even then I just procrasinate.

        • Sabbers

          *Procrastinate oops.

  • Sarah Andrews

    Michelle your work is so awesome. This is such a complete list of possibilities and interpretations…it really helped me to get an understanding of my gemini Jupiter, even though that’s not technically what this is about I learned a LOT, probably more than I’ve learned about my Jupiter than ever before <3

    • Thank you Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚

    • billow

      I like the cornucopia of possibilities as well. Except I was feelin some of the aspects Michelle wrote about but didn’t have em in my chart. Just took a look at decanates in an Isabel Hickey book and now I get how I might be getting some of that energy. What do you think about decanates in your work, Michelle? Yay, nay, somewhat?

      • I haven’t noticed anything more than added nuances in natal charts, but, I was recently alerted to their importance in progressions (along with dwads). With progressions, where some planets move so slowly, the decanante and dwad can give more insight. I haven’t studied it much yet, but it makes sense.

        • billow

          Reading about the decans gave me another perspective, which is always helpful. Fills in some blanks. If the decan fits, I guess I wear it. I just follow the paths astrologers have forged. Does it make sense cuz it’s elememtal or does it just work out that way? I’m probably missing a bigger picture? Anyway, a new word . . . .dwad, does that rhyme with cod? I’m a reader so I am always mispronouncing words.

          • I pronounce dwad to rhyme with cod.

            I feel like my decans (and dwads) do fit me according to my natal chart. I wonder if they would be more apparent in transits.

            This is a topic I can look into more for a post in 2011 ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nat

    Mercury/Jupiter square. I never get the meaningful discussions I really want to have. Maybe because I push it too much. = p

  • dollsizedpistol

    Funny. My brother has a loose conjunction in Cap. Actually he has his sun on one side of his mercury and jupiter on the other….. both very loose conjunctions, but STILL. And with Leo rising.. he does make an impression!

    • Is Mercury the midpoint between Jupiter and the Sun?

      • dollsizedpistol

        Oh, interesting, it is! But almost a whole degree orb, does it still count? I am just starting to learn about midpoints.

        • dollsizedpistol

          do you think both far and near count, or just near?

          • I use the near midpoint. I haven’t worked the far midpoint enough to know if it’s significant.

        • Some astrologers say no more than 30′, but I’ve seen others use up to 1 degree.

  • My Mercury/Saturn conjunction wilts when near people with this aspect. My sister has Mercury/Jupiter squared in her chart. I literally do not have to participate in any of our conversations, she can carry it out all by herself. I have learned to sit quietly and zone out, and come back when the topic has shifted to something I can actually engage in. Lol! The super Virgo I dated also has this aspect in LEO. My God, I cant even…so many words…so much drama…cannot compute!

    • Anonymous

      Lol I have the Jupiter-Mercury square! Jupiter at 11 Aquarius in the 8th square Mercury at 9 Taurus in the 11th. But with Saturn in Gemini, and Mercury trine Moon in Virgo trine North Node in Cap trine Mercury, I’m more the quiet type. I like to listen and absorb! Then it all comes out in writing. Jupiter’s contrantiscion is conjunct my Sun, as well as being contraparallel, along with the square to Mercury, and all of these bring about a certain joie de vivre, a sense of humor about life, that balances out what would otherwise be a really serious chart.

      • I like to listen and absorb!
        That’s the other type of Mercury/Jupiter- the contemplative one.

        I *do* totally crack myself up all the time. hah!
        ๐Ÿ˜€ Me too. I also really like corny humor. I love movies like Airplane, Hot Shots and The Naked Gun.

    • I literally do not have to participate in any of our conversations, she can carry it out all by herself.
      That made me lol!

      Wow, Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Leo…lol…at least you don’t get people who are at a loss for conversation ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Lol, its funny to hear her converse with “me” she’ll ask a question and then answer it herself. So I just sit back and daydream until I’m actually needed to reply.

        Jupiter/Mercury in Leo makes for great storytelling and poetry, but once he got going on a topic he liked I wouldn’t try getting a word in edge wise. He would then complain that I had nothing to add or he felt like he was talking to a wall…I would just feel too overwhelmed by all the words coming at me, I would resign to just listening and nodding & occasionally dozing off with my eyes open ,lol!

    • Jara

      This is funny. Mercury-Saturn people I know use minimum words to express themselves. I’m uncomfortable around them because I see their minds working but they won’t say much. Meanwhile…My partner has Mercury-Jupiter squared in Gemini and Virgo. I have Mercury-Jupiter conjunct in Leo. Battle of the monologues. She admits that she monopolizes conversation but claims it’s because she’s “an introvert”. Um…seems to me that she does it because she gets bored by other people’s thoughts. She can sleep with her eyes open like you, but doesn’t recognize (or ignores?) other people’s cues that they’re not listening to her. I immediately know when I’ve lost someone’s attention. If it’s conversation, I stop talking. If I’m presenting information, then I try something else or cut it short.

      • I agree with what you say on Mercury/Saturn minds working but not saying it. I do have things to say, but usually I mull over it, arrange it and then say it. I love when aspects reflect life…I respond that way because my own parents were two hotheads who never thought before they spoke to each other and it resulted in a lot of terrible arguments. (Mom has Mercury in Pisces Retro opp Mars in Leo. Dad Mercury conjunct Venus in Aqua trine Jupiter Leo)
        So to me Saturn on Mercury acts like a brake for outbursts and gives me a second to think about how my words are going to come out, if I want to say them at all, and how I can best navigate the conversation.

        When I’m with someone who overrides a conversation like my sister or the guy I dated I check out because not only is my opinion or thoughts not requested/needed, its also because I can’t give genuine responses without some time to think. I can be snappy and witty, that’s easy. I think Saturn lends some snap, crackle & sarcastic pop, lol. I’m slightly annoyed when people ignore cues that the conversation is one sided. It makes me feel uncomfortable when I’m being ignored. I’m like you when I feel like I’m being ignored, I cut it short or change the topic. I’m baffled when others don’t do the same.

        • When I’m with someone who overrides a conversation like my sister or the guy I dated I check out because not only is my opinion or thoughts not requested/needed, its also because I can’t give genuine responses without some time to think.
          I agree. I get annoyed when someone asks what I think, then they cut me off, or don’t really listen to what I’m saying. It’s like, why did you bother asking?

          • Sabbers

            I hate it when people do that, I think what did you ask me for then lol. I find that too Mia when someone puts me on the spot I need time to think about my answer like if someone said name me your top 5 movies, I’d remember that night just as I’m going to bed or something.

      • I think I sometimes make people uncomfortable for just that reason – I’m perfectly fine not saying anything, but other people really don’t like it.

        • Jara

          It’s not so much that the Mercury-Saturn people aren’t saying anything; it’s that they aren’t saying anything when they look like they want to say something.