Mercury/Saturn Aspects


mercury-saturn-aspectsTight lipped. Reluctant to communicate. Blocks to communication. Speech impediments. “Just the facts, ma’am.” Concentration. Careful thought. Speaking only after due consideration. Structured thinking. Obstacles to education. Education comes only with hard work. Learning difficulties. Working through communication issues. Censorship. Self-censoring. Cautious communication. Hesitant to speak.  Hesitant to reveal your thoughts. Limited outlets for verbal expression. Writer’s block.

Narrow selection of interests. Serious communication. Speaking like an authority. Thinking like an old person. Learning beyond your years. Speaking like an adult even when you are a child. Thinking about serious matters. Considered words. Lack of spontaneity in communication. Dry communication. Dry wit. Traditional education. Feeling that education is a chore or burden. Depression associated with education or learning. Wanting to learn the classics. Delays in education. Obstacles to earning degrees. Obstacles to learning languages. Needing approval from an authority. Feeling that you need permission to express your thoughts. Feeling like you have a vice grip around your throat. Feeling like your mouth is sewn shut. Mute. Keeping mum. Vows of silence. Sworn to secrecy. Receiving confession.


Christian Bale: Mercury trine Saturn. Click the photo to view his chart.

Negative thinking. Depressing thoughts. Serious minded. Focusing your thoughts. Narrow thinking. Narrow focus. Responsible decision making. Thinking about the potential consequences of what you say. The disciplined mind. An economy of words. Serious thinkers. Not talkative. Laconic. Taciturn. Reticent. Terse. Succinct. Restrained speech. Feeling that you had better “button your lip.” Mental persistence and perseverance. Fearful communication. Being afraid to tell people what you think. Being afraid to make your thoughts known. Pessimists. Naysayers. “Debbie Downer.” Preferring serious discussions. Austerity. Less talking. Less communication. Mastering language. Mastering thought. Mastering communication. Gaining mastery over communication and language problems with hard work. Struggling to explain yourself. Not knowing what to say. My lips are sealed. Good confidantes. The mind of an architect. Feeling that you can’t say anything right. Feeling that it’s “Better to say nothing at all.”

Passing or failing tests. Thinking that people are testing you. Getting very good at things to prove what you know. Teaching what you know. Hard logic. Practical thinking. Thinking in straight lines. Rigid thought patterns. Learning by rote. Learning best by reading. Studying. Giving form to ideas. Making something of your ideas. Taking the steps necessary to turn ideas into reality. Having the perseverance to follow an idea through to completion. Timing your words. Needing to find “the right time” to talk. Wise words. Siblings with limitations.  Feeling separate from your siblings. Only child. Taking the conventional approach. Using a method. Scientists. Data crunchers. Writers. Academics. Business-minded people. Engineers. Liking to use definitions. Interested in definitions. Having a structured thought process. Understanding how to get from point A to point B. Understanding how much you have left to learn. Thinking that whatever you know isn’t enough.

Celebrities with Mercury/Saturn aspects:

  • Mark Wahlberg: Mercury conjunct Saturn
  • Frank Lloyd Wright: Mercury opposite Saturn
  • Helen Keller: Mercury square Saturn
  • Jenna Jameson (porn star): Mercury square Saturn
  • Karl Lagerfeld: Mercury biquintile Saturn
  • Christian Bale: Mercury trine Saturn
  • Dane Rudhyar: Mercury trine Saturn
  • Mo'Nique: Mercury trine Saturn
  • Albert Einstein: Mercury conjunct Saturn

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  • patty

    Hello! I have a 2.5 yr old with Mercury squared Saturn. He has speech delay. He gets frustrated because he is a very social boy and he understands everything but has problems with pronunciation.

    • Hi patty,

      I’ve known other children who had delayed speech. They were able to grow out of it. I hope everything works out with your son.

  • X Malizen

    I have this Conjuction in Pisces 3rd house , and all i can say is that i love it because it helps me concentrate and helps me to think little about long term planes and goals , i think its just square and opposition here hard , planets in conjuct get melted energy of both so you cant say for conjuction that is bad or good , acttualy it gives you a chance that you direct her energy , i know for sure cuz i have 5 planets stelium and every planet is mixed stelium with saturn and mars and still i channel that energy with neptune sextiles and jupiter quintiles , so neverminde how many bad aspects u have its always exist indicator for channeling that energy in good way , here is my chart

  • Steve

    I have this aspect with the square and I’m shy that some people think I’m stuck up since I have problems being social towards my peers and even girls think I’m ugly. Its hard being me with this aspect, sometimes I over think myself that it cost me to be suicidal. I feel like I never should’ve exist in the world.

    • Hi Steve,

      Do you have Chiron in aspect to Mercury or Saturn as well?

      • Steve

        Yes I have Mercury square Saturn at 5 degrees, also Saturn opposition Chiron too.

        • What signs are those three in, if you don’t mind me asking?

          • Steve

            I have it in Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces.

            • Transiting Jupiter will make an aspect to your Mercury, Saturn, and Chiron in the coming year. Transiting Saturn will too. Neptune is already making waves. Perhaps the disruptions n your normal patterns will help you to gain a new perspective.

  • Sweetalison007

    I have Mercury Conjunct Saturn both in Capricorn , both in the 6th house. Regarding delays in education, well……. I never had difficulty comprehending Language, literature, politics etc my school and university performance had been more or less extremely satisfactory (if I may say so myself) but I always have struggled with Mathematics I always reach a dead end ( though my mentor says am not trying hard enough.) My best friend who has Merc Conjunct Uranus and also Merc Conjunct Sun is super fast in her math skills. ( I love her to bits but can’t help feeling resentful for this fact.

    • Interesting, Sweetalison007. Where is your Uranus?

      • Sweetalison007

        at 15 degrees Capricorn. : ). I also have Mercury sextile Pluto and Mercury conjunct Neptune. Is it challenging to have all three of them in my chart?

        • Every aspect presents challenges and opportunities … it all depends on your point of view 😉

  • Stephen

    I have this aspect in the square and it’s very challenging for me to control my negative thoughts. Sometimes, I feel retarded with this aspect all the time.

    • Mindfulness helps … being aware of the moment when your thoughts switch from positive or neutral to wholly negative.

  • ludwig

    I can think clearly of this aspect in terms of personality. Mercury in Jupiter and Saturn produces many men of expanding or disciplined mind.

  • Jahlia

    I think I can definitely see it now that it’s pointed out. I definitely used to be afraid of speaking and I definitely suffer from writer’s block more often than I want. Saturn’s my strongest planet and Mercury’s my chart ruler.

    • Thanks for reading, Jahlia 🙂

  • stolly

    I have Saturn natally in the 3rd (Leo) (mercury in the 2nd) and as a kid I spoke like an adult and had an excellent vocabulary. However I was shy and often stumped for words and never quite knew what to say to people in social situations. In many ways I am a man of few words and often prefer not to speak as I find it difficult to articulate what I am thinking.

    Communication is definitely restricted in many ways but the thought process is enhanced and deepened. The downside with this placement is that people can mistake the natives for being ‘slow’ which is not the case.

    During my teens I became aware that I had issues with verbal communication and have endeavored to improve it. It’s a work in progress! Talking of progress my progressed chart now has Saturn /Mercury conjunct (orb of 2) in the 3rd house (Virgo) so I have much Karma to work through and lessons to be learnt!

  • Harrit

    I have Mercury Leo Third house in Square Orb 5° 52′ with Saturn Scorpio Sixth house

    Their is not many people i accept into my life and talk too anymore. 😉
    I learned that in my childhood from the many disappointments mistakes.
    Lived in a illusion as a child spent my time with the wrong kind of people .
    (Neptune Capricorn Seventh house)

    Had many lessons to learn at a young age. Many hardships!
    But it was all worth it!!!
    It blocks… prevents communication for it lets me know.
    Mercury the messenger of the gods
    I avoid people mostly now because i know for who they are beforehand.

    It is a sort of warning system a gift earned in my childhood that can prevent misery into my life.

    I am very silent observing but once i have found a person that is on my own level
    I am VERY talkative!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • Jahlia

    I have mercury(in Capricorn) quintile Saturn(in Aries).

    • What do you think of your Mercury/Saturn aspect?

  • Mar

    Mecury Square Saturn 🙂 I actually LOVED school as a child, wow! I still remember feeling excited about the first day of school. Reading better than most kids my age, writing, -sigh- I loved school! 😀

    Only child. Taking the conventional approach. Using a method. Data crunchers. Writers. Academics. Liking to use definitions. Interested in definitions. Having a structured thought process. Obstacles to learning languages. Serious communication. Speaking like an authority. Thinking like an old person. Learning beyond your years. Speaking like an adult even when you are a child. Thinking about serious matters

    • Do you have planets in the 3rd or 9th house?

      Nice site, btw 🙂

      • Mar

        Saturn in 9th & Uranus in 10th :). They are my chart rulers. Thanks! Likewise.

  • zoraida

    @MsFulleroller, hear hear. Saturn gets better with age- check! I am far more positive, relaxed and happier to work with Saturn, with a very positive frame of mind, than I was at 36. Yes, Saturn and I are friends at last 🙂 LOL. Thanks for sharing , too.

  • zoraida

    @JChiron- yes, I am Sagittarius mercury too!!!!- and I really don’t like to explode or make a scene in public. LIke you, when I’m angry, I can still sound cool and gathered, when speaking to someone, I’m annoyed with I probably am seen as very cool and collected in public. I know that I don’t like the Sagittarius foot in mouth disease, at all, and try to disassociate myself from it, at all costs, because I am tactful and diplomatic; this is what I am known for, amongst friends and family and collegaues – and thanks to that Saturn square, I am. ( Having mercury sextile venus and venus in 7th house probably adds to the desire to be diplomatic and tactful, as well) I don’t think I would have it, any other way! I sometimes take time on projects, too, because I am a bit of a perfectionist and fear getting things wrong- not because I’m lazy. I can so relate 🙂 . Yes, editing, re-editing, erasing, deleting, starting over: the number of times, I do this, and I am actually afraid of having mistakes being shown out to me. Fear drives me !!!!! I’m smiling at myself, thinking about it. I also have Mars in Capricorn ( 6th house) so that may also add an edge to this. Thanks for sharing JChiron.

  • zoraida

    @ Sabrina- I hear you!!!!! I know exactly what you’re going through :). Been there, got the t-shirt. Don’t give up. Work on your confidence. I studied a course on public speaking, and learned how to prepare, but to feel relaxed while speaking. Even when I go into a meeting, and have to speak in front of others, I always make some short notes, lwhich I learned from doing the public speaking course) it so helps structure what I need to say, in front of bosses, figures of authority. I often get tongue-tied if I don’t….. LOL!

  • Guest

    This is such a frustrating aspect for me. I’m always misunderstood and seen as negative. Everything then turns into an argument :(. I also have Saturn square Sun and Sun conjunct Mercury, Saturn square Mercury…:(

    • Guest

      Oh and my speech is veryyy slowwwww. I’m very good at expressing myself through writing though.

      • There is the danger of having a negative mindset. The upside is that you have the ability to overcome negative programming. Saturn gives structure to Mercury and you can choose what that structure is. By taking steps to become aware of your thought patterns you can reprogram your mind to embrace positive thinking.

        • zoraida

          I love this post, Michelle. Some sound and accurate key words. I’ve just been exploring this aspect on Skywriter ( Donna Cunningham) – another wonderful, educational and knowledgeable source. Donna has been one person, who has made me really appreciate Saturn! I have this aspect: mercury square saturn (Sagittarius merc 5th house /Pisces Saturn 8th ). When I was younger, I struggled with it, I hated it, Bane of my life. I had to work and study hard, felt shy about speaking in public or speaking in groups I didn’t know very well, having pessimisitic thoughts, but still not giving up, despite all of that; this didn’t help having a moon square Saturn either !(Sagittarius moon conjunct Sag mercury! ). I lacked so much confidence on many levels. Having a Pluto 3rd (virgo) probably made/ makes me quiet/quieter, or Uranus conjunct there, as well, having a busy mind, thinking creatively or intuitively), but while I knew I had a very busy, open and curious mind AND imagination ( pluto-Uranus sextile neptune, saturn trine neptune, Sag planets in the 5th house) I just didn’t have confidence. I know for a very very long time, I felt I wasn’t as intelligent or “bright” as others, as I always felt I had to work hard, or felt, because I didn’t speak a lot ( around strangers or in a big group) or thought very carefully about what I said, in case I made a fool of myself, or embarrassed others. I just didn’t feel clever… So, I hear exactly what others are saying, here about not feeling clever enough……… but yet I think most mercury-saturn contacts have such a lot of application and experience, because they work so hard, and it does go into the subconsious….. It’s deeply-layered and bound skill and knowledge. For a very long time, I convinced myself I didn’t have anything going for me ,LOL, but that has changed enormously. Getting older, realising Saturn isn’t an enemy at all, but a very wise, trusted friend. For a start, it gives me structure, stamina and stability: I managed to get a degree, two masters, and one postgraduate teaching degree ( and I’m still studying- am an eternal student)- I love writing, (jupiter in Gemini, rx) and that saturn has helped me with planning, organising, drafting ( I love these processes…:) ). I hear want you’re saying about the potential to be narrow- minded, or have negative thinking programmed into you, via the Saturn contact. It can be undone, and that’s what I do ( since my late 30’s) working on daily positive affirmations and having a more- can do attitude and being more Sagittarius moon/mercury, but more tactful and eloquent.( I still tend to think very carefully before I speak or write, as Sagittarius mercury has the reputation of foot in mouth …) I’m starting to really have a lot of fun with my Leo Ascendant, but striving to have mature, dignified but wise Leo qualities., along with it. I also utilise my moon/mercury conjunct and moon-mercury sextile Venus (venus is in Aquarius) as I love art, the arts, culture, language/literary pursuits, travel , refined things, etc. I relate very much to wanting to learn classical things ( I am a dancer in my other life- from my early 30’s) and am learning classical dance forms (Ballet, Kathak, Classical Egyptian etc) from the source, as well as the more up to date styles. Yes, I can relate to finding the right time to talk, feeling restrained at times, in speech, learning by reading ( I’m also a kinaesthetic learner, so learn by doing, as always feel others learn faster than I do), and yes, Michelle, I think Mercury-Saturn is very good at looking at the structure /grammar of language! I speak some French, and because the Latin grammar patterns are so entrenched in my mind, I understand Spanish ( still learning!) and can access the structure and vocabulary/word roots to communicate in Spanish! It works 🙂 . And absolutely yes, however minor the aspect, it can still act like a major one. Thanks, Michelle for a wonderful post

          • Wonderful way to embrace Saturn’s influence! It does often get easier as you get older 🙂

  • Sabrina

    I have the conjunction in Virgo the 5th house. I have always been told I a super smart and that I think differently than others. I am really good at math. I have a great memory. I have no learning difficulties whats so ever. Occasionally I don’t understand how people explain things. But I am a perfectionist and am for the most part a straight A student. But I have a problem verbalizing my thoughts and had a speech impediment when I was younger until I have my tongue clipped. I had to then learn how to speak all over again. I also keep having to drop out of school for various reasons. but I I keep going back because I will not let nothing stop me from finishing.  The last time I dropped out was for health reasons. I am doing holistic therapy just so I can go back to school. I will not stop until I am a nurse.

    • Sabrina

      LOL just remembered that one of the only classes I didn’t get an A in was Speech class. I absolutely could not speak in front of the classroom. But my Speech teacher told me the papers I turned in were perfect down to the last detail, but she couldn’t give me an A and had to give me a B, because I refused to make eye contact with the class during my speeches. I also had a panic attack during one of them…… Just a hard time communicating with people although my thoughts are crystal clear inside my head I just can’t get them out.

    • Totally relate 🙂

  • Aliperti2

    I have Mercury in Taurus in the 6st house quadrature with Saturn in Aquarius in the 3rd house, I know exact what it means… years and years scare to give your opinion, always thing that what you have to said is not “intelligent”  enough, or is complete stupid, breaks and delays  in my education but know I am in college and if Saturn help me I will get my degree. Also I am the only child for my parents marriage, when I was 6 months they divorced and after this my father had 4 children with different women, there is one who I do not even know. My mom had 2 boys who I have  not seeing for more then 20 years. You guys can imagine how difficult is for me learn English? No, you can’t . Please Saturn do not make me erase every thing that I just write. Apologize  for my misspelling.

    • Michelle

      At least you are trying to learn English (and making yourself understood). There are some people who experience Saturn with such fear that they never try at all.

  • Phire13

    excellent summery it seems. Being someone with saturn conjunct mercury, neptune opposite and pluto trine. I experience a great doubt in and a great inspiration for language.

    Thank you.

    • Michelle

      You’re welcome Phire13, I’m glad you could relate to the post. Thank you for reading. 

  • David5379

     MY GOD!!i dont know how i didnt notice the saturn aspects before, apparently(should have been obvious)i am more saturnine than i thought, waiting for the right time to talk, thinking you never know enough, being afraid to make thoughts known, learning beyond your years, wow, and the other saturn aspects resonated as well, doesnt help to have pluto messing with my mercury as well, thats one locked down mercury 

    • David5379

      (i meant, i didnt know i had saturn aspects before now, then i noticed it) 

      • Michelle

        It’s funny how that works isn’t it? Sometimes I forget that I have certain aspects (like Saturn semisquare Ascendant) and every time I see them I think, “Oh yeah, that’s right I do have that aspect.”

        • David5379

           exactly, worst part is I always learn about it when it doesnt really matter as much, these saturn things were really a big huge problem in childhood, and now that ive recently accepted some of my fears and resorted to just dealing with them do i see these aspects, its like saturn didnt think i deserved to know yet, then when it didnt matter he was like, cheer up kid, damn saturn. well the good thing is it means my plans will be followed through, i was scared i wouldnt follow through

  • Oh wow, I didn’t realize that the pic is moving =) Hey Mich, I want to share my discovery:
    “PROCYON, Saturn, Canis Minor= Good judgment”
    I still vaguely remember that you have Saturn conj Procyon although I forgot the rest of your chart and your bday too!! (I know you’re an Aries and you’ll prolly get bday soon! D:) OMGH!
    And for me, Mercury square Saturn actually get emphasize because of my natal Saturn conj Acrab (this star in Scorpio), I think I know what’ve been missing.
    Fixed stars, although mostly negative, they can answer a “dark horse” question that we haven’t find in our natal chart, that’s why I still love using them. Now, I wonder, why I really hate to travel? I still haven’t figure it out lol.
    Oh yeah, how’s super-moon for you? I though my dog would get mad but she’s actually enjoy walking in the moonlight with high spirit. It might because her sun (Gemini) trine yesterday’s moon transit? Whereas I, with moon in Cancer conj Procyon, I’m the one who’s got crazy and howling like a warewolf, scared the hell of 🙂

    • Michelle

      Your “dark horse” idea is interesting. I think they do show some factors that may not be apparent in the rest of the chart.

      Good memory about Procyon and Saturn. From Brady for Saturn and Procyon in parans,
      “To try to build a body of work in difficult or changing circumstances. To be a stabilizing force at times of upheaval crisis or emergency. A short term policy, or leader, comes to the fore.”

      • That’s right, actually I think Saturn is appropriate to conj Procyon because this star is fiery like MARS! In your case, it gives you emotional restrain. What I realize to have this star embedded with my feeling in general (Moon), I think this star is my B.I.T.C.H ammunition, ready to yap when my head not completely sane 🙂 hehe
        There is also uncanny indiscribable relation towards dog. I loveee and haaattee dog in general, I can’t stand dog barking, and I’ll be in great danger if a dog bites me<–according to what I read lol.

        • Michelle

          Do you have something going on with Sirius?

          • indescribable duh :p mercury ckk ck
            No, I dont have but Procyon is a chihuahua compared to Sirius, the greater dog :3

  • Jara

    Nice. I already mentioned what I like about Mercury-Saturn in another one of your Mercury posts.

    What I dislike: Envious of people without restrictions to learning and/or education. Chip on shoulder about intelligence, reasoning ability or thinking patterns. Communication is a battle to exert authority. Projecting judgments of one’s own intelligence onto others.

    I’ve seen this involving the signs Aries, Libra, Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius.

    • I think those are all true. I still get annoyed by people who’ve had the means to get a great education – and assume that everyone else did too, and if they didn’t, it’s their own fault.

      I used to be more concerned with sounding like an authority, but I got over it. I started asking myself, “why?” Why do I need anyone to respect what I say? I realized a lot of it was ego based. I’m much more comfortable simply admitting when I don’t know something and directing people to someone who does. It’s been huge load off my shoulders actually. I feel like I have more freedom to explore my ideas without the pressure to be “right.”

      • Yep. As I like to say, “There’s a freedom in not knowing.” It lowers people’s expectations, for one. lol

        Also, I have a Mercury-Saturn semi-sextile. And Saturn is in my 9th house. All of that involving Leo and Virgo. Gaining an education was definitely not easy for me. Many stop-starts, detours and red tape, which is why I’m proud of sticking to one course whenever I do and think others can do it, too.

        • Very interesting Jara…we are a bit different in this area. I often find that professors want to turn me into the teacher’s pet – which I’m not. The high standards I have for myself always made me excel in school, but had little to do with pleasing anyone, or even with getting good grades. Something weird that’s happened to me many times is that the instructor will take it out on me personally if I don’t act perfectly to how they think I should act. Courting favor never works in my favor.

          I don’t see any point in sticking with something if it’s not for you. It’s one thing to have follow through and another to recognize when something isn’t a good fit.

          • Hmm. Seems like you misunderstood my point. Never mind.

  • Triplecardinal

    My opposition gave me ease with foreign languages and was helpful with musical studies (voice and multiple instruments).

    I’m paying a price, tho. I now have mild tinnitus– ringing in the ears. That’s one of the medical aspects of Merc-Saturn, as is deafness.

    Overall, it’s been a mixed blessing. It increases focus and concentration, while also bringing on depression.

    And I, too, never lose my cool in a debate or argument. Never.

    • That’s one of the medical aspects of Merc-Saturn, as is deafness.
      Yes… I forgot to add that one.

      Do you have Neptune in contact with Mercury or Saturn?

      Thank you for reading Triplecardinal.

      • Triplecardinal

        Yes. Neptune is sesquiquadrate Mercury. Good catch!

        Mercury in Gemini in 12th oppo. Saturn in Sag in 6th. Of course there would be health issues.

        Thanks and take care!

  • So they are in mutual reception by sign and house.

    Interesting about the tape recorder. I’ve only recently begun to feel okay hearing my voice recorded.

    I don’t know if it’s from Saw, it might be. It’s a little disturbing. It also makes me think of dolls.

  • I can relate to the majority of all that. Blew me away seeing “Just the facts ma’am.” Maybe a day or so ago, I decided to make some Twitter lists, and named one of them “Just the facts ma’am.” Freaky sync-y 🙂 Got to the part about vice on the throat, and it brought tears. Years ago I tried a thing called “scrying.” It was “homework” for a dream class I was taking. Standing in front of the bathroom mirror, ya’ start “seeing’ stuff…I got some amazing visions, but one of them was very upsetting. An arm reached out and grabbed my throat (vision). I started to berate the arm, but then realized it was me.

    I have a lot of things though, that make me very contradictory (which I know is natural for Libra). Like my two main totems, Owl and Crow. In Nature, they’re enemies. I’ve been told they sit on each of my shoulders, so I’m thinkin’ no wonder I’m so f*cked up, lol 😉 Always wrangling with myself. And then I have the Gemini moon which makes me talkative (more so on paper), but can be very quiet/cautious until I feel comfortable with people. Lynx is another of my totems, an energy of secrecy and silence. For me, the lesson/challenge is to learn a balance in this regard. Like one astrologer told me years ago, I’m either all the way open or all the way closed. Hopefully, I’m inching closer to that midway point 🙂

    Was thinking just this morning how, when I was much younger, I met this guy who, during that first meeting, said something like “you look so young, but you talk like you’re old(mature).” ha

    I haven’t learned all that aspects stuff yet, but my Saturn is “singleton,” 0 degrees in Capricorn in 8th house. Mercury in the 5th house at 5 degrees Libra.

    • I love that kind of synchronicity 🙂

      The elusive midway point!

    • billow

      About your totems, crow is crow, and all I know is that they hang in flocks, but there are many species of owls. Each species has evolved adaptive behaviors for survival. Is that something you consider? I find your imagery most fascinating.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have a Mercury-Saturn aspect but so much of the foregoing applies to me. I have Saturn in the 3rd in Placidus houses (2nd in Equal) in mutual reception with my 6th House Mercury. Saturn and Mercury are final depositors of each other in my chart.

    • Mercury and Saturn in mutual reception by house, and being the dispositors of your chart would help you relate to this post. What did you relate to? Which signs are Mercury and Saturn in?

      • Dreamwr8tr

        Mercury is in Capricorn and Saturn is in Virgo.

        Disconnected anecdata:

        I related to everything about being taciturn and having difficulty communicating. My brother was diagnosed with Aspberger’s and some other things, and I was slow to learn how to speak. I’m very taciturn both online and in real life. I’m also hugely depressive. I am extremely insecure about my education but I doubt the practicality of further education. I am also biased against bad grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax and once wrote a scathing letter to an editor who had failed to properly proof her magazine. When I was young my favorite toy was a tape recorder — but I’d always end up erasing whatever I recorded (it could be one of my Pluto aspects as well).

        By the way, did that lip sewing graphic come from Saw? It’s disturbing.

  • Sagittarius Mercury Conjunct Saturn in the 11th. I think before I speak, it very rare for me to have a verbal outburst even in the throes of anger. If it does come out its still rather controlled and probably cold because its been my mind for a while and now the person deserves to hear it, lol. I can’t identify with the whole Sag foot in the mouth disease. That’s just silly! My mouth is closed, no foot is going in there!

    I remember in school my teachers complaining that I took too long to finish an assignment, not because I was mentally slow, but because I wanted everything to be perfect. I remember re-writing whole pages if I made a mistake. I still edit everything i write: comments, tweets, blog posts. I detest typos and grammar mistakes. I have a feeling that new language would come easily to me, but my main issue is getting over my fear/embarrassment/shame of making mistakes when speaking. Once I get over that, the language would probably start to flow.

    I’m actually the youngest of 6 ( 2 brothers & 4 half sisters) but since everyone was much older and/or lived far away I was raised like an only child. I’d see my closest sibling in age (4 years) usually during vacations and through penpaling.

    • The fear of making mistakes in writing nearly kept me from starting this blog. I had to really embrace the idea of “starting from where you are.” There’s a certain amount of humility that goes along with that – the willingness to admit mistakes, correct them, and keep going.

      I have a half brother, step brother, step sister, and step brother once removed. I’m the only child of my set of parents (and my father’s only child).

  • billow

    SOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep writing you Mercury Saturn folks. I’m inhaling as much of this as possible. I’m fascinated with engineers. I love em. Great problem solvers and focuuuuuuused. Not my strong point. Eye on the project so all the crappity crap personal stuff that comes up just burns off. Not at all adverse to considering good solid possibilities. I like you.

  • MsFullroller

    Mercury/Saturn/Chiron tightly conjunct in Pisces in the 7th. Jupiter is transiting 3 degrees past this right now.

    Wow, I can identify with 99% of this list. Only child…check. Obstacles to education…check. Obstacles to earning degrees…check. Preferring serious discussions…check. Responsible decisions..that’s what’s saved my behind at a time when those close to me thought I was crazy as a betsy bug. (Yeah, I’m old school lol) Those very decisions have turned what could now be an extremely depressing situation into a blessing. Thank U Saturn!! Self censoring…check baby, check baby, one two three!!!

    I’m seeing how what could be a depressing aspect to have has been a stabilizing influence to my Mercury/Jupiter and Mercury/Uranus aspects. I think this aspect gets better in midlife as I’m much more expressive than I was b4 the age of 36. So for those of you that have this one, trust me…it gets better with age!

    • It can be depressing, but it does help anchor potentially wild combinations like Mercury/Jupiter and Mercury/Uranus. Earlier today I was thinking about how if Albert Einstein didn’t have a Mercury/Saturn conjunction, he probably would have had great ideas, but he might not have written them down or explored them so thoroughly. They might have stayed in his head as mere ideas with no facts, data or proof to back them up.

  • This is just a quick note to let everyone know I’ll respond to comments tomorrow. I’ll be on a plane back home after traveling for 10 days 😀

  • Anonymous

    I could relate to this list because I have Saturn in Gemini, and also have natal Mercury sextile the antiscion of my Saturn. I felt the list was a little heavy on the dour side but I can’t deny the dour side is there because I spent my teenage years being one of those depressed Smiths listening kids (even though I did well in school, as some with Merc in mutual reception with Moon should) but after my first Saturn Return things got much easier and now I know the softer side of Saturn, and can enjoy things like Mercury sextile Saturn. lol. Instead of writing poems about how miserable I am, I can participate in astrology forums with like-minded, interesting people!

    • I spent my teenage years being one of those depressed Smiths listening kids
      lmao! We probably would have been friends…although, when I was first introduced to the Smiths, I thought, “What is this whiny shit?” But then I started to like it 🙂

      The list is a little negative. I should add more about stability and focus and perseverance.

      • Anonymous

        My class (born in 1973 and graduated in 1991) all has Saturn in Gemini, Pluto and Uranus in Libra, and Jupiter in Aquarius. Those born in the spring and summer like me have the Saturn-Uranus trine (I have it exactly, to 2 seconds.) What a funny, air-dominated generation to come to age to The Smiths and Morrissey! The soppiest, wateriest music one could imagine. It’s kind of interesting to think of cohorts as their planetary arrangements– my year is basically a Grand Trine in Air (with Neptune sticking out in early Sagittarius.) It makes you wonder how that one single cohort or year of birth-mates spreads out into the world and makes its’ mark. And then the next year, which has a totally different configuration (Saturn in Cancer, Jupiter in Pisces, Pluto in Libra, Uranus in Scorpio, Neptune in Sagittarius) etc! Anyway, just thinking out loud!

        • That’s so strange that such airy people launched Morrissey and the Smiths. I was class of 1994. The people who were 2-3 years older than us, were the people we idolized! I was one of the few in my grade with Saturn in Cancer. Saturn went retro for a little while and then back into Leo.

          There were many bands that had that general feel. Obviously The Cure and Depeche Mode, but I remember listening to Bauhaus, The Stone Roses, New Order, Joy Division, and a crazy number of so-so local bands. Honestly, I would get annoyed with that kind of music sometimes and listen to less mopey music.

          The one I still listen to off and on is the Substance album by New Order. I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of groups. A

          • Anonymous

            Actually Depeche Mode and other electronic influenced stuff like Joy Division and New Order made sense for airy people. But in 1991, the year we graduated came… Nirvana! Talk about a non-airy band. Of course, one’s musical taste is probably more about Venus than the outer planets, but it’s fun to look at a whole group of people as a year. 🙂

            • I’m terrible with music genres. I don’t really think of Depeche Mode as electronic, but I guess they were 🙂

              • Anonymous

                After Nirvana went big all the electronic bands looked wimpy so Depeche Mode picked up guitars and grew out their hair to look more manly. 🙂

                • I was a teenager during the prime Grunge era.

                  • Anonymous

                    Good time to be a teenager I think– I love the 90s. 🙂

  • LB

    Maybe it’s a good thing I have this aspect, as it keeps my Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune conjunction in check. 🙂 It’s also probably why I’m more comfortable writing my thoughts as opposed to speaking them – more time to think things through carefully that way. I have the semisquare, with Saturn at the midpoint of my very close Mercury/Moon square.

    With Mercury in Scorpio on the cusp of the 3rd, semisquare Saturn in Sag in the 4th, my early childhood environment was sometimes dangerous. I grew up in a home with constant fighting, where everything that was said was picked apart and belittled – I learned how to make my words powerful so I could hold my own and fight against the hypocrisy. The environment outside our home wasn’t much better; it was a neighborhood where bullies flourished and if you were smart you kept your insights (and the truth) to yourself and said very little – which is why I like to speak out now. Among trusted adults, I definitely spoke and wrote like an adult. My grandmother used to say I was a “wise old soul”, although I think with Mercury in Scorpio, those tendencies mostly came out during emergencies.

    As the eldest sibling, I was expected to take care of my younger brother – and didn’t do a very good job of it. He’s adapted many of my father’s less desirable Saturnian traits and because of that we have a very limited relationship.

    • Saturn in Sagittarius seems to show a lack of joy in the house it’s placed. Maybe you experienced that in your home life. Like all Saturn aspects, you “learn” how to do the planet it touches. So, with Saturn semisquare Mercury, you learn how to communicate. I like “Holding your own” as a phrase for the 4th house.

      I prefer writing over speaking too. Because I have trouble explaining how I feel about people in person, I’ve decided to start writing letters (not emails) to people telling them.

      • LB

        I’ve always liked writing letters. In fact, I write letters to our upstairs neighbors (and landlord) all the time (LOL!) I’m pretty sure they read them and laugh. 🙂

        How sad about Saturn in Sag. I have a Venus/North Node sextile, as well as a trine from Uranus (and the South Node) so they probably help provide some balance. I do think it’s a somewhat lonely placement though. I wonder if my “end” of life will be as lonely as the beginning was.

        • Have you been able to travel a lot in your life?

          • LB

            Short trips give me a lot of joy (3rd house Jupiter conjunct Mercury), but as far as longer trips go, No. I’m one of those rare few who has no desire to travel, at least not in the traditional sense. I’m more of an armchair (and spiritual) traveler, I guess. Never thought about how that related to my astrology, but now that you mention it, it makes perfect sense. 🙂

            Letter writing can be a great way to move beyond the normal self-consciousness we often feel when trying to express some deeply felt connection. After my parents died, I found several old letters I’d written to each of them, so I knew they meant a lot. I also think my letters had the unintended effect of helping them to see me a little more clearly – we always did have trouble “getting” one another. In writing, I was able to forgive them for their imperfections.

            I’m sure whatever you write, it will convey your love and gratitude.

            • LB

              I should have mentioned that the grand trine I have (if you count the South Node) involves the three water houses – Saturn in the 4th, trine South Node in the 8th, trine Uranus in the 12th – so I really have been on more of a spiritual journey.

            • I’ve noticed a little bit of a trend with Saturn in Sag people not caring about traveling.

              • I love to travel, but I haven’t done as much as I would like. Its almost as if Saturn in Sag says: Oh you want to travel eh? How about you get some work done first…work hard for the trip or work during your trip. Lol.

              • firetiger

                hmm I have Saturn in Sag and I like traveling for work! What I don’t like is site seeing. I think it’s kind of boring. I like going to countries and staying for awhile or staying with people who live there and living a normal life in a different country. I’m not interested in checking countries off a list to say that I’ve been there.

                • So maybe there’s something about the “reality” of traveling with Saturn in Sagittarius – wanting it to be a grounded experience rather than a holiday-like experience?

                  • LB

                    Hmmm, I’ve been thinking about why I don’t have any great desire to travel and I think it mostly comes down to practical considerations – too expensive, too much of a hassle, and too many potentially unhealthy compromises to my healthy, comfortable lifestyle (packed 2nd house and Chiron in the 6th). Plus, I never get tired of exploring new and beautiful places much closer to home.

                    I do enjoy learning about other cultures though and am fortunate enough to live in a place where I’ve been able to experience lots of different flavors and ways of life. Not that it’s a big deal, but over the years I’ve managed to pick up a few key words and phrases from several different languages, and fairly regularly say “thank you” in six. I can count to ten in four. I’d like to someday become fluent in at least one other language.

                  • firetiger

                    Yes. Exactly (:

                  • Aphrodite

                    Well – I have Saturn in Sag and I have been on the road most of my life. Moved abroad when I was 21 and was going from country to country for 23 years. I just love to travel for whatever reason; holidays, business, long-term stays. Just being at the airport or at the railway station gives me the kicks. But then: 9th house Sun+Mercury, 1st house Jupiter, Sag covering most of the 5th. For several years I could not travel because of poor finances and it was very hard and I was very unhappy. I believe I was meant to travel.

                    • Aphrodite

                      Oops – forgot to mention: Mercury trine Saturn. Sorry about that:).

                    • So what effect do you think Saturn in Sagittarius has had on your life?

                    • Aphrodite

                      Authority figure in travel business. Delay in higher education. Degree (Hons) in travel and tourism management at the age of 46. Also self-dicipline (Saturn in 5th house) regarding the pleasures in life (very grateful for this as Venus in Taurus 10th squares Jupiter in Leo 1st – a very strong tendency to overdo my indulgence in all things pleasurable). A very useful planet.

                      It is conjunct (orb 7) with North Node so probably also a delay in finding my true path and potential. That will probably blossom with the 2nd Saturn return in a couple of years. Hopefully this is not just a bad case of wishful thinking!

                    • Thank you for taking the time to reply Aphrodite – that all makes sense.

    • Leah-nine

      I can relate to Saturn in the 4th, as mine is in Capricorn in this house. I speak from experience when I say that it is definitely a severe position, and I can relate to the austerity it brings to the household- especially growing up. My parents would often fight and criticize one another also, often over things that weren’t even conscious of (Mercury in 12th trine Saturn in 4th) and would often get frustrated with one another (Mars/Taurus/9 trine Saturn also).

      I don’t know how similar your experience was to mine or if Saturn was retrograde when you were born, but I know in my experience this created an environment that made me feel like I had to take care of things that weren’t my responsibility- ie, my family’s feelings. One of the main objectives for my life that I’ve found with Saturn in the fourth, that maybe you can relate to, is to learn (Saturn) how to create a positive and supportive environment (4th house) through the aspects to the planet. For me personally, taking action proactively (Mars) to communicate my needs (Mercury conjunct asc trine Saturn) will help me through this process.

      Good luck to you in yours 🙂

    • zoraida

      @LB, I sometimes feel afraid to speak out, in anger or confrontation, in case people get offended, or worse, belittle my ideas, so I do understand what you’re saying. It can be very painful. I sometimes think, that everyone is free to say what they have to say, and one shouldn’t be afraid. We merc-saturns have as much right as any one else to speak. I also feel far more comfortable in writing than in speaking, but I find, as I am getting older, I really enjoy good conversation and discussion/debates, because I am also structuring things/or trying to/learning structure things in an eloquent way . And I have some encouraging feedback in that people feel I listen to them, and they enjoy having conversations and discussions with me, so the Saturn structuring seems to be working. But I feel you, on those fears 🙂

  • I can only think of a song when it comes to this aspect:

    I’m really glad I don’t have this aspect. I already have much problems and blockages in education because of Saturn in the 9th House. However, to have the soft aspects must be rather good: linear and solid thinking. Amazingly useful for those who need to solve practical/physics-oriented problems and build things that last for a long time: engineers.

    • Linear thinking and problem solving are both good words for it. Engineer would be a good occupation – but not only mechanical or electrical engineering, but anything that needs a way to structure information – libraries (and librarians) for example.

      I have that album 🙂

      • billow

        Yes, I think that is why I have always liked working with engineer type minds. They can easily sort those bright or not so bright ideas of mine or use them to light up potential new paths. What sticks sticks and what doesn’t is discarded. An easy douche for the virgo brain or mercury uranus brain. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

        I would have to say yes, too, to engineers understanding the basics of language. Mind on the concept or idea, as it relates to the solution, not the grammatical presentation (which seems in opposition to Mercury Saturn? or not?).

        PS. As long as I am verbally everywhere on this mercury thing, (working it, yeah, working it) natal Mercury is septile natal Saturn: 11 (libra) -1(scorpio).

        • MsFullroller

          “…An easy douche for the virgo brain or mercury uranus brain. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

          LOL Now that’s a good one!

        • Mind on the concept or idea, as it relates to the solution, not the grammatical presentation (which seems in opposition to Mercury Saturn? or not?).

          Good question. I haven’t noticed that Mercury/Saturn is overly fixated on grammar, but I wonder if that depends on the signs of the planets.

  • Tracey

    Wow. As I was reading that list it was a bit depressing but then again, I have Saturn Conj Merc in the 4th house. So I could relate to much of the list. One interesting note is I did learn to speak and write Spanish almost fluently while in graduate school so I must have an innate ability to learn other languages. I definitely can relate to feeling like something is around my neck and have difficulty speaking up or lacking the energy to want to speak. I choose my words carefully. -Tracey

    • Learning Spanish fluently is one of my goals in life 🙂 I know a fair amount, but I need a refresher course. There’s something about Mercury/Saturn that understands the basics of language. What do you think?

      • Leah-nine

        I’d have to agree with that… My Mercury/Virgo/12 trines Saturn/Cap/4; I’ve always been able to understand language very easily and intuitively. Somehow though, I have a hard time breaking out of conversational-status and into fluent… But maybe Mars/Taurus/9 that completes my Grand Earth Trine will help me perfect my skills once I travel more!

        • Michelle

          Traveling would probably help you become fluent.

    • zoraida

      @Tracey- interesting about you feeling you have something around your neck, or have difficulty speaking up. I went to have a chakra alignment, years and years ago, and funnily enough the therapist, said she noticed my throat chakra wasn’t as open as it should be, and did I have problems, saying how I felt about things? Well, I now realised this must have something to do with my Saturn square mercury. That was a spooky but spot-on analysis!

  • Anonymous

    My husband has Mercury in Pisces 8th semi sextile Saturn in Aries 9th

    He’s an only child and as a child he spoke like an adult. Pretty B)

    I have Mercury in Scorpio 5th biseptile Saturn in Leo (sidereal cancer)2nd/3rd

    I’m not sure how that would manifest,but I thought I’d mention it anyhow. 🙂

    • Biseptiles…yeah, I can’t help you there. Not yet anyway 😉

      • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      It should give you an inner organizational skill, a flair which comes out in both ways that make you money and in your communications with others. Mercury (information) biseptile (creativity) Saturn (structure) in houses 2 (money and stuff) and 3 (communications, siblings, driving about town) so you are naturally “with it” when it comes to getting around, keeping things together and organized, etc etc. Or that’s how the aspect would be interpreted in solo. But it would have to be balanced against an entire chart that could point to you being a lazy slob that can’t organize her way out of a paper bag, so that doesn’t mean much. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Oh wow gracehoper! Thank you!

        You have a knack for this. 🙂

        I believe you’re correct in your interpretation.

        I seem to be a natural at ” visually pulling things together”(I guess creating balance in a created drawing,design,etc.) and conscious application of being organized. (I hate having to be organized but I can be good at it if I consciously apply it

        As far as getting around town and such, I have dyscalclia a learning disorder that’s also called math dyslexia, it affects my my abilitiy to work with numbers and anything related to numbers it also effects my sense of direction (I get lost extremely easily)and telling left from right. (What a pain lol!) but I’m getting better about it.

        Thank you again gracehoper ^_^

        • Anonymous

          I wonder if you have a planet or midpoint aspecting or conjunct your 3rd cusp!

          • Anonymous

            Hmmm, well, there’s Saturn, in Koch, it’s on my 2nd/3rd cusp but mostly in my 3rd.
            My Tropical Moon in Virgo is in my 3rd house conjunct my IC.

            You might be on to something there. 🙂

            I’m not sure about my midpoints.
            I’m not very good at telling where they sit in respect to house cusps.

            Using astrowin I found this….
            Maybe there’s some connection….

            MOON S.Square Ven/Sat 0.8 degrees
            MOON S.Square Sat/Asc -0.7 degrees
            MOON S.Square Plu/Nod -0.3 degrees

            SATURN Square Sun/Ura -0.6 degrees
            SATURN Square Mer/Nod -0.5 degrees
            SATURN Square Mar/Ura 0.7 degrees
            SATURN Conjunct Jup/Ura 0.7 degrees
            SATURN Quindecile Nod/Chi -0.8 degrees

      • It sounds similar to the quintile.

        • I never really understood the Septile (and Novile) aspect series. All I can find on the net are shards of information, most of them saying that the Septile is an “aspect of destiny”. Doesn’t quite explain much. I apparently have a “vigintile” between Mercury and Saturn. The vigintile is known as the semi-decile, which is a semi-quintile.

          There are many weird and seemingly pointless aspects. Or maybe they are just unknown, probably because of their extreme weakness; go figure. Nonetheless, I really would like to know more about the Septile and Novile.

          • At this point I simply haven’t given them enough attention to know if they are significant or not.

          • zoraida

            @Iago, yes, there are so many minor aspects, and I suspect many astrologers will only interpret them, if there is a theme going on, or it seems appropriate to. Having said that, as many of us are finding, some minor aspects act as major ones! I have a few minor aspects( semi-sextiles, quintiles, bi-quintiles, sesquiqradrate, semi-square, quincunx etc!) and to be honest, some, more than others do play a significant part, and explained a lot of mystery, which the major aspects couldn’t. With those, I own those aspects to a t.! . I would say, only use them, if they are relevant, and fit into the jigsaw of your chart :). Would you agree, Michelle? Just found out about septiles and quintiles, too. I don’t have any septiles 🙁 . I would love one!

  • LW

    I have them conjunct in the 1st., in Libra (Pluto is also in the mixture). My whole life is a struggle against my depression. My sun in locked away in the 12th.

    Now that I´m 28 I´m considering to go to college to (continue) to pursue an education. So far it´s been so hard to gain the approval of the authorities and still, after many years of studying several bubjects, haven´t get any degree.

    By the way, I have Mercury and Saturn conjunct by transit right now!! Cheers!

    • I’m sorry to hear that LW. What are you thinking about studying?

      • LW

        Acting or Philosophy. But it could be something else too. I want my degree!

        • billow

          I’m a returning student myself. The thing about education in America is that it is so open to everyone with a ton of institutions. And there is big government support right now for schooling. The interesting thing is that some colleges are willing to work with folks to build their own degree. It is okay to go to a counselor and say “this is the way I want to do it,” so that you don’t end up with “bubjects” (I just love that), that just don’t fit the individuals course of choice. Some institutions even award credits for life experience. A good counselor might be able to pull all those credits together to make the journey a bit smoother for you. I know you can do this on your own authority. You are the author. Cheers!

          • Majors are so much more fluid than they used to be.

        • Acting or philosophy…there must be a way to merge them together 😉

          • Anonymous

            One of the branches of philosophy is aesthetics, and acting would fall under aesthetics, so the philosophy of acting wouldn’t be too strange!

    • Michelle

      That was good (unintentional timing) with the conjunction!