Mercury/Pluto Aspects


mercury-pluto-aspectsMystery writers. Sleuths. Whodunnit? Crime writers. Tunnel vision. Fixation. Getting stuck on a particular idea or concept. Obsessive thoughts. Secretive. Probing. Investigators. Researchers. Detectives. Paranoid. Deeply suspicious mind. Conspiracy theorists. Attempting to uncover plots where none may exist. Psychopath. Deranged. Powerful words and language – for better or worse. The power of persuasion. Withholding information to gain power. Using information to gain power over others. Keeping silent. Concealing your thoughts. The need for privacy in communication. Secret languages. Coded languages. Occult knowledge. The ferret. Healing words. Catharsis through language. Getting to the bottom of things. Speaking in absolutes. The dirty mind. Smutty. Sex on the brain. Thinking the worst of people. Trying to uncover everyone’s deep dark secret. Mentally turning something innocent into something else entirely. Deft. Subtle. Penetrating.

Passionate communication. Overwhelming people with words. Controlling people with words. Abusive language. Mind control. Thought control. Mind manipulation. Uncovering layers of thought. Plunging deeper and deeper into an idea or concept. Inability to gain distance from your own ideas. Lack of objectivity. Pushing your ideas on other people. Inability to consider another viewpoint. Impressing your opinions on others through sheer passion and conviction – not logic.

Deeply healing conversations. The ability to cut to the core of an issue. Psychotherapists. Cutting through the crap. A willingness to broach taboo subjects. A willingness to bring unpopular topics out for discussion. A willingness to take a look at the problems that society would rather sweep under the rug. The need to purge dark thoughts through writing or conversation. Writing about the underworld. Looking to get to the root of problems. Looking to solve a mystery from the bottom up. Needing a mystery to unravel. Finding ways to rebirth the mind. Take an idea and transforming it – for better or worse. The ability to fully, fundamentally, and totally, change your mind.

People with Mercury/Pluto aspects:

  • George W Bush: Mercury conjunct Pluto
  • Sylvester Stallone: Mercury conjunct Pluto
  • Dean Koontz: Mercury conjunct Pluto
  • Wanda Sykes: Mercury opposite Pluto
  • Barbara Walters: Mercury square Pluto
  • Nancy Pelosi: Mercury sesquiquadrate Pluto
  • Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes author): Mercury conjunct Pluto
  • Agatha Christie: Mercury trine Pluto
  • Michael Crichton: Mercury sextile Pluto
  • John Grisham: Mercury opposite Pluto
  • Edgar Allan Poe: Mercury semisquare Pluto

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  • Yumi

    Hi Michelle, just want to say that this post is very enlightening and revealing, especially the part about passionate communication and deeply healing conversations. I’ve long recognized and taken advantage of my trine aspect and it always makes me feel blessed. The subject on death is somehow easy for me to talk about, especially in writing. I can create beautiful eulogies. I’m also deeply interested in psychology and self-development, so I’m obsessive about reading and researching. I can be very secretive about my own life story, not because I love being mysterious, but because I’m just private and maybe because Pluto makes me serious and dramatic and sometimes dark. It’s not always easy, but you learn to live with it. I’m my own life-coach, psychologist, and counselor. I’m also into yoga and meditation to allow some light and love in my being. That’s Mercury-Pluto trine for me.

    • Thank you for reading, Yumi 🙂

      • Dani Hendrix

        can you tell me about my chart? born feb 9th 1991 @ 9:29 pm new jersey essex county

        where I could possible make money and how? and my true friends? if I even have any?

        • Hi Dani,

          This question would be an astrology reading rather than a blog comment. Unfortunately, right now I do not have time to give readings.

      • Dani Hendrix


  • Ville

    Conspiracy theorists and “Attempting to uncover plots where none may exist” side by side is an attempt to hide the fact that conspiracies do exists and is only a commonly held belief.

  • Eddy

    Can this aspect make a person loud with their communication?

    • Hi Eddy,

      Pluto tends to make people more intense, which could lead to loudness. It depends on which other planets are involved in the configuration and which signs the planets are in. If Pluto is in Leo and Mercury is in Sagittarius, then I might think the person could be an loud braggart.

      • Momiji

        Well if being loud is an instrument of power (Pluto’s domain) – gaining attention and admiration with bragging, saying the right jokes at the right time, telling interesting stories etc – all the qualities of an extraverted person then I’d say Pluto/mercury aspect is about being loud. But of course personal, private matters would only be disclosed to selected few people a native with aspect can trust. So this aspect is both about being loud and mysterious. Of course it also depends on the signs of Pluto and Mercury

  • Sofie

    I have a 3rd house Pluto in libra (conjunct IC) with virgo on the cusp squaring my 6th house Mercury in capricorn with capricorn on the cusp and a scorpio Venus conjunt NN.
    A lot of people see me as a soulmate, they feel like they can tell me anything and that’s true. I am never shocked or judgemental about them because I understand where they are coming from. I have great psychological insight.
    The hardest part of having this Pluto/Mercury aspect is the ability to see and know so many things other people don’t or want to see or know. It leaves me very lonely a lot of the time.
    I am a very deep thinker and hate superficiality and small talk.
    Pluto makes me a loner. By choice.

    • Thank you for sharing, Sofie.

  • niecy

    I have Mercury square Pluto in a tight orbit. My parents have always told me I get too obsessive over things. I will delve deep into a hobby, master it, then quit, cold turkey with no interest in it ever again. I tend to see through bs quite easily and during the age of social networks I can read statues, or tweets and know exactly whether someone is putting on or lying, or on the more positive side I can feel their passion easily. My relationships are crazy. I tend to think way too deeply into everything, questioning motives for certain phrases, motives for timing, and it drives me crazy. I am also very persuasive. & it is due to my passion, a characteristic I have a great deal of. Only thing is, this drives me crazy, my mind never rests. Its a burden and a blessing.

    • Thanks for reading niecy 🙂

  • Chris G

    Oh yeah…and what’s with the Mickey Mouse Balloons??? Odd. What does that photo have to do with Mercury/Pluto aspects??

    • The balloons struck me as compulsive and the lighting is slightly sinister. Imagine where your mind would go if you stood in the photo and held those balloons.

  • Chris G

    It’s funny..when I look up my chart on…I have Mercury Trine Pluto..but when I look up my charts everywhere else, I don’t see this aspect come up. What’s that all about???? Yet this aspect resonates with me very well. Hmmm

    • may use a wider orb than the other sites you are looking at.

  • goldengoose

    Gemini Mercury in my 3rd house trined by Pluto in my 7th house ruled by Virgo. Super sleuth – check, i can find anything online….anything.. People are amazed at my skills, i kinda creep myself out how deep i go sleuthing or stalking-like if i wanted to. Sometimes I have to shut my motor mouth up or i will sound creepy. Non stop talker about deep pyschology, i can figure out people real fast quick analyzation. Manipulative not so much but uncovering secrets is my forte..if anywhere i can be manipulative is when i know someone is lying and i know just what types of questions to ask to trick them to uncover the truth. They call me the prosecutor, can cross examine. *Cut through crap – most definitely!

  • Ezou

    Since the day I was born, the world has been a puzzle and a mystery and a maze to traverse in order to get to the bottom of things. I walk beside the cemetery, and I get these passions and these thirsts to uncover that which is hidden: I want to solve to reach the truth and get into the bottom of things. It takes years of training to develop this side of self–but it does wonders when you grow older, as you mature and are able to A) Use this gift and B) Communicate with people and C) use it constructively for the benefit of self as well as others.

  • Sam

    Explains my thought processes… I have Mercury conjunct Pluto , both in Scorpio. My Mercury is also sextile my Uranus & Neptune conjunction in Cap. It also trines my Cancer Mars.

    • In which house is your conjunction, Sam?

      • Sam

        My 3rd house is Sagittarius (Libra Rising) but my two Cap placements land in the 3rd.

      • Sam

        The Mercury – Pluto Conj. Is in the 2nd.

  • Leah

    Mercury and AC at 28 Capricorn square Pluto at 29 Libra. Needing to find better ways to harness this so I can quit attracting it into my life in the form of abusive/controlling/jealous partners.

    • What planets do you have in your 7th and 8th house?

  • Brie

    So much of this was very true. I can relate to, approximately, 97% of all of this. I have my merc Rx (in taurus in the 1st house) opposite my Pluto Rx (in scorpio in the 7th).

  • Thomas Baker63

    Im literally scared of myself after reading this, so ima use this aspect to my advantage and keep quiet^-^

  • Eureka254

    “Psychopath. Deranged.”
    That made me laugh out loud, because I always thought that was private information, but it’s true… it’s all true!  🙂  Mercury 19 Virgo 56′ conjunct Pluto 20 Virgo 05′ sextile Neptune 21 Scorpio 50′ conjunct IC 21 Scorpio 13 conjunct Mars 25 Scorpio 58′.  I have often felt that if people really knew what was going on in my mind, they’d surely run away screaming.The thoughts and words in my mind never stop, but putting them on paper just never measures up… every word becomes an entity, and they never hold up under scrutiny… there’s this critical compulsion to edit, and re-edit… to somehow communicate with exactness without conveying or revealing anything of myself. While others have called me articulate and my writing ‘enviable’… little do they know how much intensity it takes and how exhausting it is.  Unless I’m angry, of course, then it just flows… lol  

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Eureka254 🙂

    • Thomas Baker63

      I agree with you completely. I dont know if you have any Mercury/Neptune but those two aspects combined makes very interesting songwriting. I could just write for hours and people just look at me like, “you’re out your mind” Ive always considered writing therapy, sure saves a lot of people from real life threats (this may come back to haunt me) which reminds me, maybe Eminem has this aspect…

  • Anonymous

    I wrote about my Mercury-Pluto square some time ago – now I just wanted to
    add that in the recent time, some my friends have been telling me again and
    again that I indeed have this ability to see direct into the very core of their
    mind and soul, and that I’m able to “detect” many of their feelings
    and thoughts they are unaware of themselves! 😮 

    So they recommend me to think seriously about becoming a psychologist – if
    not now, but maybe later in life… But it just surprises me every time I hear
    it, because actually, I’m sure that I just see what is already obvious, what
    lies on the surface – I don’t really think I’m capable of some
    “insight”… Besides that, though I do feel this need to help people
    and be of some service to them ( my MC ruler (Moon) is in the 6th house), I’m
    still afraid I won’t be able to show enough empathy and patience!

    And at the same time, my friends’ words make me ponder a lot, for now I have
    doubts whether it could indeed be my true vocation I missed somehow – I also
    have Sun trine Pluto which is also said to be an aspect of a natural
    psychologist, but I still don’t know whether I have enough talent for that!

    Maybe it’s my Mercury-Saturn square that makes it so hard to believe in my
    own abilities and get a healthy self-esteem… :-/

    Could Sun-Pluto and Mercury-Pluto aspects alone be a strong indicator of
    having talents in the psychological field, or maybe one still needs a couple of
    certain house interconnections – but what houses? I guess – the 8th, the 4th,
    the 12th in aspect to the 10th and the 6th, and maybe also the 7th?! (Sorry if
    it’s become an offtopic now…)

    • Michelle

      Chances are good, that if your friends are telling you you’d make a good psychologist, it’s true.

      Sun/Pluto and Mercury/Pluto are great indicators of ability in psychology but not necessarily making a career out of it. 

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Michelle!

        Maybe I would do it later as some kind of voluntary work, not a real “career” – to be honest I think I could never demand money from people for helping them to solve their emotional issues…

        • Michelle

          There you go then 🙂 …unless you have Pluto in the 2nd house, do you? 

          • Anonymous

            Hello again Michelle!

            No – I have Pluto in the 1st! But my 2nd house is in Scorpio! ;-p

  • annette

    Just found this post, and I find it very, very interesting to say the least. I agree with your list, found myself, and thought what shame the positive list is so short, the negative so long, and as I found myself saying yes to most of the things what does that make me??? Knowledge is power, yes of course I agree. But I also feel it extremely and it makes me angry when people refuse to let you have certain knowledge (lack of transparency in communication, just happening my sons school, makes me physically sick: bronchitis, what away to express what you cannot say in words). My mercury is in aries in 12, apex of  yod with pluto in 5 and neptune in 6, right now transit pluto (end of 8th house) trines natal pluto and squares natal mercury, so all these communication issues are on highest alert/alarm. lots of relevant things happened………..(and to top that I have my chiron return, and that chiron opposes pluto. nice.

    • Michelle

      what does that make me???

      Keeping your words in could make you sick when Pluto is involved. If you can’t say the things you need to say in words, how else can you get your point across?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Michelle, and thanks for responding!

    I don’t think that I directly employ my Mercury-Pluto aspect professionally (I’m a translator), but the blending of these two energies helps me go right to the core of nearly everything I’m fascinated with, so I’m usually not satisfied with half results and always look for more! I think it also gives me a deep interest in different mysterious (like life after death) and even “disgusting” topics (for example, as a kid I was feeling compelled to read about strange crimes in the newspapers, pondering about the darker sides of human nature).

    For me, the most negative trait of this aspect is probably this compulsive “need” to dwell on negative and disturbing images and thoughts – sometimes I feel like I’m being forced to do it by some weird power, even if it hurts and makes me depressive…

    There are also some problems in communication – I still keep a lot of things to myself, even being with my closest and most trusted people. And this is not because I can’t open up and rely on them – I simply enjoy having some secrets! >;)

    But as I already said above, some people I don’t even know closely often reveal a lot to me without being asked for that, and then expect the same from me in return! But I just make some jokes and keep silent, so they become suspicious of my “motives”!

    I know three people with Mercury-Pluto aspects closely (one conjunction, one trine and one sextile) and they all have a distinctly venomous tongue (even if they don’t intend to be “evil” – it’s just their common style of communication) – so despite having Mercury square Pluto myself, I often feel hurt after some of their actually harmless, but still sharp remarks.

    Like me, they’re quite secretive and investigative, and are fond of gallows humor. They definitely don’t have a “light” and superficial mind, and if they decide to share some of their thoughts, it’s always interesting!

    • Michelle

      I have Mercury in the 8th house and Scorpio in the 3rd cusp, so I have an idea of what you’re talking about (though Mercury/Pluto is more intense). I used to watch a lot of crime investigation TV shows, real life murder mysteries, etc… but I’ve become aware that the images stay with me much too long. It’s unhealthy. I only let myself watch fictional stuff now.

  • Anonymous

    P.S. – I read the entry of Iago posted above and was astonished by such a coincidence – I’m also totally paranoid about the idea that all the information I share in the Internet could be used against me one day!!!

    So I used to go to the forums I’m no longer active in, and tried to delete my account, or to erase my posts, having that paranoid idea that later, people would find exactly those sites, and their knowledge of my own mind would make me powerless and vulnerable…

    For quite I while, I didn’t dare to use avatars showing my own face fearing that I will be detected even more quickly that way!=)I also destroyed the greater part of the literary works I wrote in my youth for the same reason, or because my appreciation for them turned into hate!

    • Michelle

       Fascinating stuff Le-Verseau…what do you do now? How do you employ your Mercury-Pluto aspect?

  • Anonymous

    Another intense and fascinating aspect – I have Mercury in the 4th square Pluto in the 1st and I can fully identify with the most things in this great article!
    I’ve got a deeply suspicious, mystical, secretive and probing mind with a macabre sense of humor and I’m often tortured by obsessive-compulsive, paranoid thoughts. I’m a very private person and I don’t reveal much about myself right away. Keeping the information secret makes me feel strong and confident.
    I’m quite distrustful of new people and situations (maybe also due to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in the first house).However, even comparatively strange people paradoxically tend to get an initial trust in me and reveal their most hidden secrets, even if I don’t ask them about anything!
    Sometimes, I have a nearly X-ray insight into other peoples’ feelings and motives. So I love to be their psychologist and help them discover their own mental and emotional depths.
    I also tend to “read between the lines” and search for hidden signs and meanings – even if there are none! =) That’s why I can’t fully believe people saying: “Don’t pay attention, these were just some random and senseless words!”.
    As a child and even at a more mature age, I enjoyed playing secret agents and creating conspirative plots, and I used to write erotic novels as a teenager. I invented several secret codes in which some of my stories and diary entries were written.
    I believe that words are an immense source of power, and can be either intensely healing, transforming and cathartic, or totally destructive, killing and annihilating.
    I’m very passionate and fanatical about some of my opinions and often find myself trying to impose my thoughts on people in a subtle way, being impatient and intolerant with some alternative viewpoints… However, I don’t use logic trying to convince people, but just say “Believe me, I KNOW it, so it’s true!”…
    When being provoked, I can also get very cruel, ruthless and insulting with my words, because I sense the person’s weakest point and precisely aim at it! I’m trying hard to overcome this awful trait but it seems to be deeply compulsive and powerful in nature …
    I feel compelled to touch the taboo topics and dig deeper into matters other people usually try to avoid. I even find some masochistic pleasure in pondering about traumatic events or the darker sides of life again and again.
    I often get obsessed with an idea and won’t stop till I get to the very core of it. I can spend hours and days trying to solve some problem I’m deeply interested in, forgetting to communicate, to eat and to sleep. But when it’s done I can completely lose my initial passionate interest!

  • Zoa

    “Knowledge is power”
    wooow I agree.
    I have Mercury 14 Aquarius square Pluto 12 Scorpio. For me words are the most dangerous weapon. I love finding out other people’s motivations, never revealing my own. I am intrigued by the workings of the mind. Love psychology. I am interested in understanding why people think, feel and act the way they do.
    I can be obsessive about the occult (astrology being an example). If you lie to me, I’ll find out.
    I need to have a mystery to solve in my life, something to be passionate about or I feel incomplete.
    My Mercury is right on the 8th house cusp, so it operates on both 7th and 8th house matters.
    A person with deep thoughts and an incisive mind fascinates me to no end.

    • Michelle

      Nice response. I enjoyed reading it.

  • Hmm..I’m looking for the article Sun/Pluto Aspect since I just experienced rare transit nowadays:
    “Transit Sun in Pisces trine natal Pluto in Scorp” and “Transit Pluto in Cap trine natal Sun in Vir”
    🙂 So yeah, you can say happy Bday to me. Undoubtedly, I experiencing enlightenment like it has never been before.
    I get the mercury here since my natal sun conj mercury but yeah, if you make sun/pluto article, I’ll be waiting in heartbeat 🙂

    • Michelle

      What kind of enlightenment have you experienced?

      • Because it happens in my 6th-11th house, FINALLY, I know how the system work. I’m not longer always having a “newbie” feeling, inexperienced in career-school wise, I used to. That feeling is like haunting me and make me nervous when I start doing my job.

        Well, it’s what I feel inside, the practice might be different 🙂

        • Michelle

          “How the system works” – good phrase for the 6th house.

  • Lol…good to know 😉

  • tk

    Pluto-Mercury in mutual reception (Scorpio/Virgo) and sextile, and as I said elsewhere, so much of what I read as far as what this combo might really mean caused many frustrated sneers. But this I grasp. This is the best elucidation I’ve come across. Also, says these two are my final dispositors (along with Saturn) and now it makes better sense. “Sex on the brain.” FInally somebody said it.

  • fruition

    I find it interesting the Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has Mercury in Cancer Sextile Pluto in Virgo by 3 deg. Merc also forms trines to Jupiter & Nept. A seeming master of ferreting secret information.

    • He also has Venus in Gemini in the 8th house which, to me, shows a great love of information, especially secret information. This type of covert data dissemination probably gives him tremendous pleasure.

      Thank you for reading fruition.

  • Thanks 🙂

  • Hey MsFullroller, I don’t know why your comments were flagged, but I just found them and approved them. I’m sorry for the delay! It’s strange, but sometimes I don’t even get an email stating that the comment was made. I guess I need to get into the practice of checking the flagged/spam folder every day.

    • No problemo! Heck, I’m just really getting back online due to my 7 year old computer telling me to take it’s job and shove it. lol I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Love the new avatar by the way.

  • Anany83

    i have mercury semisextile pluto=i know its not a BIG aspect but here ,after reading this article i can relate to myself…i read ,the coloumn of the news paper where death news are listed,i am a trainee psychological counsellor,its said when i am angry ,i have a sharp toung (mercury is also in 8th),although i have never used profain languages in my life about anybody in person or in private.i cant keep information to my to read books with suspence and sex,
    thankyou for posting.

    • Thanks Anany83 🙂

      I find that minor aspects, when they are close, have a strong effect on the personality. Is your semisexitle a close one?

  • billow

    Well, alle frickin lluia. This is about mind games for me. Pluto squaring natal mercury is making me aware of mind games. I have allowed myself to get caught up in mind games. No wonder I keep company with alot of Virgos to parse with.

    I am getting something to do with verbal abuse and alcoholic behavior as well. Not that one has to drink to exhibit it.

    Perhaps this will curb my curiosity about what the heck is he/she thinking. Run and run fast.

    • This is about mind games for me.

      Verbal abuse is a possibility too just because of the force behind the person’s words.

      • billow

        Mind games. Good to know. Hard to accept. An old friend once told me that I want everything easy. I just never imagined it was so complex. The lesson here is respecting my limits. And declining invitations to self destruction more tactfully. It’s not just for my own good, either.

        • declining invitations to self destruction more tactfully
          I like it.

    • MsFullroller

      Billow, you always give wonderful bits of nuggets that poke holes in the cloud of WT@#$%F has been going on in my life.

      • billow

        Your south node is conjunct my natal saturn???? Don’t ask me about synastry, I dont have a clue. I’m just trying to, as gracehoper mentioned “fight my way out of a paper bag” of sorts.

        • billow

          Oh “fight my way out of a paper bag.” Would that possibly be a good description for Saturn in the first? Or not?

          • Maybe with Saturn in aspect to Neptune?

            • billow

              Interesting. Neptune is in my 12th semi sextiling Saturn. Is that the consciousness I came in with this time around. Probably why I am remodeling my 1st house? To avoid walking into the paper bag. Detour! Detour! Step Away From The Paper Bag!

        • Wow! That means you have Saturn in Scorpio then. My Neptune would be probably be conjunct it since it is conjunct my SN as well by a 5 degree orb.

          • billow

            Okay, I’m going to take a stab at this. You are 3rd house SN? My SN is in the 7th in Gemini?

            Neptpune is in the third decan of Libra? That’s Gemini related?

            I have no clue what that means. And I try to avoid getting all da vinci code about this stuff.

            • billow

              Also my thrd house is Capricorn ruled by Saturn. Jupiter is in the second decan of Virgo so it can get cramped by Saturn. So goes the story of me and the sibs. With parents now gone, I can choose who I spend time with from that bunch. Blah blah blah?????

            • “…And I try to avoid getting all da vinci code about this stuff.”

              I hear ya!

              Yep my SN is in the 3rd conjunct Neptune. Hmm, my Jupiter is possibly conjunct your SN and if you remember my Mercury is in the 7th in Pisces. Yes, the 3rd decan of Libra has the subruler of Mercury.

              From “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” by Joanna WoolFolk on the 3rd decan of Sun sign Libra:

              “The energy and quickness of Mercury join with Libra’s Venus to give you an attention-getting personality. You have both vitality and likeableness, a combination that indicates success working with the public. Your mind is forceful, curious, open to new ideas. In general, you tend to follow your head rather than your heart. You enjoy sifting through information and making a reasonable and balanced judgment. Your pronounced intellectual capabilities are part of your allure; you have much sex appeal and enjoy attention from a wide range of people. Sometimes the depth of your true feeling for a lover is not apparent on the surface. Though you have talent for the written word, you find it difficult to speak of your emotions.

            • I replied to this yesterday and for some reason it vanished.

              Yep, you are right with Neptune conjunct.that 3rd house SN. Probably why my reply disappeared. lol Anywhooo…if you remember, my Mercury is in the 7th, retro in Pisces. Interesting connections.

              I’m getting this from “The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need” by Joanne Martine Woolfolk on the 3rd decan of Sun sign Libra:

              Keyword: Order
              Planetary subruler: Mercury

              The energy and quickness of Mercury join with Libra’s Venus to give you attention-getting personality. You have both vitality and likableness, a combination that indicates success working with the public. Your mind is forceful, curious, open to new ideas. In general, you tend to follow your head rather than your heart. You enjoy sifting through information and making reasonable balanced judgment. Your pronounced intellectual capabilities are part of your allure; you have much sex appeal and enjoy attention from a wide range of people. Sometimes the depth of your true feeling for a lover is not apparent on the surface. Though you have a talent for writing, you find it difficult to speak of your emotions.”

  • firetiger

    great pic!

    • Thank you 🙂 I thought it evoked that line where you don’t know if something is joyful or strange.

      • firetiger

        Interesting~ I saw it as sifting through all the fluff to get to the Truth.

  • Anonymous

    I think I have the quintile.
    I like to think I have investigative powers.
    I believe I managed to figure out the birthdate, place and time of birth of another secretive astrologer within an timeframe of 10 minutes.
    If I don’t understand/remember something, I HAVE to look it up and I get sidetracked.
    I’m obsessive about minutia.

    Right now I have Pluto sitting on top of natal Mercury (what is the orb for Pluto conjunction transits, btw?) — and I feel like I have to tiptoe around people, because I just want to rip their stupid arguments and opinions to ribbons. If I write or say something mean, rest assured I am holding most of it back.

    • It seems most astrologers use a 2-3 degree orb for a Pluto transit.

      Which house and sign are your Mercury and Pluto in?

      • Anonymous

        Mercury is in 6th House Capricorn 0 degrees and Pluto is in my 4th House Libra.
        So, if an orb is only 2-3 degrees for a Pluto conjunction, then I guess I’m past it — but even then a 2-3 degree orb going forward (1,2,3) is over a year.

        • A Pluto transit can last 2-3 years. It depends because Pluto can take 12 to 25 years to transit a sign.

          Is Pluto conjunct your IC?

          • Anonymous

            Natal Pluto is 7 degrees from my IC — and not well aspected. I’ve also got transiting Saturn three degrees applying from Pluto.

            • Having Pluto angular (being conjunct the IC) gives you strong Plutonian traits.

  • I have Mercury/Neptune/Midheaven all conjunct in early Capricorn, sextile Moon/Pluto conjunct in early Scorpio.

    • Are they close sextiles?

      Thank you for reading Stephanie 😀

  • I don’t want to become stagnant and/or a bore 🙂
    Fear of stagnancy could be attributed to this combination.

    I don’t mind the sidereal references. I haven’t come to any conclusions about it yet, so I’m open 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Oh, wow! I seriously would never have thought the fear of stagnancy would be connected to this combination.

      I always thought it was my Moon/Uranus combination.
      Or maybe it’s just that they both contribute to that particular feeling.

      B-) I learned something new.

      Thank you!

      It’s kind of interesting, my husband gets obviously uncomfortable with change,(It seems to be human nature to get uncomfortable with enforced change anyway:-]) even though he has the Mercury/Pluto opposition, maybe it’s more internal for him…..? He has lots of Retrogrades. Actually now that I think about it, his Pluto is Retrograde.

      Just thinking… :-‘

      • Maybe he feels like those changes are always imposed upon him from outside, and that they are out of his control.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. His behavior seems to say that.

          Pluto can be a pain to figure out huh? 😀

    • Anonymous

      Also, thank you for understanding about the Sidereal references. I appreciate your open mindedness. :o]

  • Anonymous

    I have Mercury T/S Scorpio 5th semi square Pluto T.Libra S.Virgo 4th(Tropical or Sidereal:-]) 0’48 Separating
    and in Sidereal I have Mercury in mutual reception with Pluto

    Ha Ha! I and …. Edgar Allan Poe: Mercury 28 Capricorn 37′ semisquare Pluto 13 Pisces 04′…..No wonder I can sound so intense.
    I’m very interested in the occult/metaphysical.
    I’m always trying to find the hidden meaning….what’s behind the mask of a person. ….I don’t completely believe the term “what you see is what you get” in many things/ people. When I get focused on something, I become hyper focused and I obsess about it…. I become so enveloped in it, it drives people crazy because that’s all I’ll talk about and/or do….. I’m working on that part of me though……I don’t want to become stagnant and/or a bore 🙂

    I’m sorry I keep throwing Sidereal information in here. I’m still deciding whether or not I want to stay with it.

    My husband has Mercury T.Pisces S.Leo 8th opposite Pluto T. Virgo S.Leo 2nd 3’50 separating

    He’s into conspiracy theories, big time. :-] He’s a natural detective and he’s interested in the occult/metaphysical. When he’s upset he can be a very intense speaker.

  • MsFullroller

    As Lago said, another amazing brainstorm and I can really relate to much of this post! Brilliant! Mercury in Pisces opposing Pluto in Virgo.

    Agatha Christie was the first mystery author I was introduced to in I think the 7th or really the 8th grade because I was skipped ahead. Basically it was many many moons ago! LOL Anywho.. I was hooked (on all fictional mysteries) and set out to read all of her books starting out with Hercule Poirot who I believe is a Virgo.

    Mainipulating with words..not my thing at all. Having grown up in that type of environment all my life, I don’t want to do that to others. Maybe that’s why I don’t like “sales” and all that goes with that. However, getting to the root of problems, yep! I had to laugh when I read that becuase that’s what I’m always saying. But again that is kept very much in check I think because both of these planets are retrograde for me and Saturn is conjunct Mercury. I must have been a hell raising, manipulative mofo in a past life. My 3rd house is in Scorpio with Neptune conjunct the SN. If I’m counting correctly the SN, along with the NN is conjunct the IC/MC but it is out of sign. SN 26 Scorpio 16′ IC 5 Sagittarius 33′
    I love Wanda Sykes cuz she tells it like it is. George Carlin was another I like. Does he have a Mercury/Pluto aspect? I’m gonna look.

    • So, South Node in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd house – yes, you might have been in advertising in a past life. Maybe that’s why sales rubs you the wrong way. You would have been able to spin a story to manipulate people quite easily – not that that’s necessarily what happened.

      Hercule could have been a Virgo. Maybe he was a Virgo with a Scorpio Moon.

      Wanda is funny. I had looked her up for one of the other posts and was wowed by her exact Mercury conjunct Mars at 12 Pisces opposite Pluto at 12 Virgo. Did you check out George Carlin?

      • MsFullroller

        Well his, George Carlin Mercury at 19 Taurus and Pluto at 26 Cancer is a wide sextile. However, his Mercury is conjunct his Uranus at 10 Taurus which is conjunct his MC. NN is in Saggittarius.

        • That’s a really wide sextile. Mercury conjunct Uranus conjunct MC seems like him. He certainly wasn’t afraid to say shocking things.

      • Les

        I have a writer friend who has Mercury conjoined Mars and Saturn in Pisces directly opposite Pluto and Uranus conjoined in Virgo — all squared by Jupiter in Gemini! Also Neptune closely trine the Mercury stellium and sextile Pluto/Uranus. It’s a stunning chart! The Pluto/Uranus end of it is exactly conjunct my Sun. I think it would be very intense to be around him much, but mostly I know him online. The Pisces part is strong, with Neptune and Jupiter supporting, so there’s very little ego and he’s very encouraging to other writers.

        • You would probably feel on edge around him in real life – both in an exciting way, and in a way that you felt you couldn’t quite relax.

  • Kelly

    Can we relate this description to scorpion on 3th house?

    • There are some similarities, but I think that Mercury/Pluto is more intense.

  • LB

    Another good brainstorm, Michelle. My 12th house Pluto in Virgo is sextile and in mutual reception with my Scorpio Mercury which sits on the cusp of my 2nd/3rd. I related to much of this, although I’ve never been big into “conspiracy theories”, and I definitely value logic, at least when it comes to practical matters. I’m always interested in digging deeper – like lago, I’m my own psychiatrist. I use information to gain power over myself and to understand what motivates others, also to get to the root of problems so they can be resolved and/or prevented. Sometimes I receive information intuitively or through dreams.

    I’m a good researcher, and I would’ve made a great detective!

    Kind of off subject, but I love Bjork – my art has been compared to her music. Maybe it’s the Pluto/Mercury influence, who knows.

    • The logical part is probably due to Virgo. Virgo is incredibly practical and matter of fact.

      Mercury/Pluto types do seem to have incredible insight into themselves. This is likely why they are also so good at understanding other people.

  • Les

    Bwah-ha-ha! 🙂 I’ve mentioned here before that I have Mercury conjunct Pluto and Venus. I credit the sextile from Jupiter and Neptune with keeping it from the darker aspects, plus being in Virgo keeps it in check and a bit more modest than some other signs.

    • Which house are your Mercury, Pluto and Venus in?

      • Les

        First house. But they’re preceded by Leo Moon conjunct my Ascendant (and Uranus conjunct from 12th), so they’re probably less obvious than otherwise.

  • Amazing brainstorm as always! I agree and relate with almost everything. What a dirty mind I have!

    “Knowledge is Power”. I think nearly everyone with this aspect thinks the same.

    Having Mercury, Mars and Midheaven conjunct on Pisces and Pluto rx conjunct North Node on Scorpio trining them all, I dream of power. Much, much occult/magickal/spiritual power. Occult knowledge appeals greatly to me. I always find myself going deeper and deeper on my researches on these matters. This trine adds much to my introspection and as I have said on another comment, I’m pretty much my own psychiatrist and this helps me a big deal in controlling my impulses and weird desires.

    I have a problem revealing information (personal or not). That’s probably why I revise much of what I want to say or write, and it’s probably why I take so much time to add a simple comment about my personal experiences with the aspects posted on this blog lol. I treasure any kind of information, specially those I judge important. I have a problem letting go of ideas and concepts because I often think in the future they will be the key to a major issue. I’m paranoid about some things like the idea of, for example, in the future, me becoming famous and someone using this very personal information posted here against me. I often go back to websites I no longer participate to erase all and any sign of my existence, in fear of having information used against me; but it’s impossible, we’re on the internet, what’s there is there and there’s no way to erase everything… And I know all that! Yeah, I think obsessively about this and the future, in general. Sometimes I have an urge to reveal everything I know/found out/feel to everyone as a sincere way to help them and – I’d be lying if I didn’t add this – receive recognition but I just can’t let go.

    My intentions, again using the example of my comments here, are always to tell as much details as I can and I often do that. But when comes the time to post I thoroughly erase many things and feel quite bad for not having revealed everything, yet I feel relieved for the aforementioned reasons.

    If I’ve done/written/said something no matter how much time ago and I feel it is now unnecessary or, in the right term, crap, I pursue every little detail of it to destroy it, along with its memory. Actually, destroying unwanted memories is something I do quite often lol. Also, more to the social side of Mercury, I tend to be cruel (unknowingly, most of times) to people I judge intellectually inferior or uninteresting. I like very much to “unfriend”/”unfollow” and delete people from my social neworks as well as finish real-life friendships when I think they aren’t adding purposeful or positive things to my life. Cutting ties is also something I do a lot and, fortunately, I seldom regret having done it. Well, I’m extremely judgemental and I talk like I have reasons or the right to do this, but I know I do not lol.

    • Which planets do you have in Scorpio or the 8th house (if any)?

      • I have Jupiter rx in Scorpio. In the 8th House I’ve got Uranus and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn. Uranus and Neptune sextile both Mercury/Mars and Pluto.

        • If you became famous, what do you think you would become famous for?

          • For my findings. The findings from the researches I plan to do, related to scientifical explanation of the spiritual and spiritual development as well. As I plan to write books and teach about the subject I’d be known for my publications and lectures, much connected to my Mercury in the 10th and Saturn in the 9th.

            At least that’s how I try to foresee it. I spend a big deal of time thinking in my career and plans to actually achieve what I want, so this possibility seems to be the most realistic.

            • That seems to be a very Plutonian response – that the possibility of achieving power or fame will compel a person to be extra secretive and cautious. My boyfriend has a Scorpio MC with Pluto conjunct his Sun in the 8th house (using Placidus, 9th using whole signs) and he basically told me exactly what you wrote. He thought he might one day become a politician and he didn’t want any skeletons coming out of the closet so he kept a tight reign on what he did – just in case. Scorpio is also the sign of his South Node.

    • I forgot to add that I have fear of being “normal” – not being excellent/brilliant in something (anything) people normally aren’t. Not having a special mental skill most people don’t have, things like that, always connected to mental abilities. I don’t know if I get that from my Mercury-Uranus or Mars-Uranus aspects (or both). I can’t say for sure but I hazard a guess that this is my greatest fear lol. Being related to an irrational fear, I think it may have a connection to Pluto.

      In fact, when I say “knowledge is power”, I mean it. Extremes of intelligence and knowlege appeal greatly to me. I tend to obsess about people’s minds and mental power as much as my own. I pursue intelligence and knowledge by all means and tend to get jealous and resentful (Pluto again) of people who acquire them without effort. I get real angry when people despise knowledge or intelligence, yet I’m ironically attracted to people who do this. Venus in Taurus. Sigh.

      • You always have fascinating responses Iago. I am quite intrigued by this one!

        • It’s a good thing that someone finds my weirdness intriguing lol. Makes me feel better, really.

          My 10th house planets are very pleased, thank you lol.

  • necessaryvoodoo

    Don’t forget Björk!: Mercury 18 Sagittarius 50′ Square Pluto 18 Virgo 14′

    • Good one! Thank you 😀

      There were a lot of good examples for this combination…I could have kept going!