North Node in Scorpio and South Node in Taurus, by House


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North Node Scorpio 1st House/ South Node Taurus 7th House

woman in a dark robe with a black cat in the woodsDeveloping a more sexual presence. Letting yourself approach the world with intensity. Putting passion into everything you do. No longer being stuck in materially codependent relationships. No longer expecting other people to provide stability in your relationships. No longer being so concerned with the financial success of your relationships. Becoming deeply involved in everything you do. No more phoning it in. Making every moment count. Treating every day like it’s the last day of your life. Realizing that you don’t have to explain your every action. Letting people think you are hiding something. Getting in touch with your sexual persona. Becoming adept at shedding the old you when necessary. Following your passion. Letting go of resistance to plunging all the way into life. Getting to know who you are beyond the surface level. Getting to know your way around the world beyond the surface level. No longer looking to other people to reflect your self-worth. Realizing that everything contains “more than meets the eyes.” Letting your life get complicated. Letting yourself get complicated. You don’t need to keep things simple for the sake of other people. If people think you’re difficult and complicated…well, you are! You have the innate ability to create solid, stable relationships in your life, but they may hold you back from necessary growth. If necessary, choosing a passionate life on your own over a stagnant life in a relationship. Learning about the power of presence. The agony and the ecstasy of unflinchingly embracing your authentic presence.

North Node Scorpio 2nd House/ South Node Taurus 8th House

Learning to value mystery. Learning to value the passion and intensity that is within you. Digging out the innate talents that you may not realize you have. Plumbing the depths of your inner resources and talents. Finding out what you have to offer in a crisis. Finding value in your intense experiences and dark nights of the soul. The innate calm that you bring to other people’s experiences of pain and trauma feeds your ability to handle your own pain and trauma. Becoming passionate about what you hold dear. Learning to give up the material possessions that hinder your growth. Learning to let go of outmoded values and priorities that have nothing to do with who you are now. Placing less worth on what other people have experienced and more on what you have experienced. Learning to deeply share your talents and abilities with others. Letting go of greedy tendencies concerning other people’s money. Letting go of any stinginess in sex. Bringing more to the table in financial partnerships. Learning to deeply share your body. Learning the value of sex, and making sex a priority. No longer being possessive of your partner’s sex life. No longer being possessive of your partner’s intimate relationships. No longer being slow when it comes to changes you need to make concerning how other people affect your self-worth and self-esteem. No longer being complacent about your intimate relationships. Finding out what you really desire and going after it with passion. Letting go of physical stagnancy. Learning about the power of your priorities.

North Node Scorpio 3rd House/ South Node Taurus 9th House

Letting yourself get tangled up in conversation. Letting yourself become deeply interested in what other people have to say. No longer being stuck on your own opinion. Giving up stubborn, dogmatic opinions. Getting in touch with emotional intensity through conversation and writing. Giving up smug assumptions. Forming deeper relationships with your siblings, uncles and cousins. Speaking in your authentic, unfiltered, voice. Moving away from taking the easy way out by clinging to tried and true opinions. Learning to take those risks in communication that will bring deeper emotional involvement with others. Letting go of resistance to complicated discussions. Trusting that you can share what you think. Speaking with passion and intensity. Not letting other people make you feel foolish for communicating with intensity and passion. Moving away from a materialistic philosophy. Moving away from self-righteous feelings about money and material comfort. No longer needing a solid philosophical base on which to rest your thinking. Following your passion for writing and communicating. Moving away from a tendency to be greedy with your knowledge. Moving away from a stingy lifestyle. Learning to share what you know with others. No longer hoarding knowledge. Deep sharing that informs and educates. Learning to deeply support other people’s learning processes. Learning to talk about sex and sexuality. Unflinching, authentic, discussions about sex and sexuality. Embracing intimate communication. Learning about your powers of communication.

North Node Scorpio 4th House/ South Node Taurus 10th House

Moving away from materialistic professional ambitions. Becoming intensely focused on your roots, ancestry and heritage. Becoming passionately involved with your family. Learning to share your emotions with the people you consider to be like family. Developing emotionally rich relationships with your parents. Unflinchingly facing every family crisis. Becoming more deeply connected to your family through the experiences you share together. Diving into the emotional complexity of family dynamics. Becoming a family psychologist. No more refusing to deal with family problems because they might rock the boat of your professional life. Releasing the need to be seen as the dependable peace keeper. Giving up your reputation as the strong, silent type. Letting your relatives know about your deep feelings. Giving in to a deep need for personal privacy. Your home is your hideaway. Learning to live with your complicated feelings. Moving away from a tendency to be stingy in your career. Moving away from any materialistic aspirations. Moving away from self-indulgent aspirations. Releasing attachments to being seen living “the good life.” Sharing more of who you are when you’re not in the spotlight. Becoming passionate about your home life. Releasing slow responses to family crisis. Becoming the one the family can look to in times of turmoil. Rather than displaying outer calm, turning inward and letting yourself become deeply involved with getting to the root of issues and problems. Deeply supporting the people who create the foundation of who you are. No longer using material security as the measure of your success.

North Node Scorpio 5th House/ South Node Taurus 11th House

Embracing sex as a means of pleasure. Moving away from stagnant friendship patterns. Moving away from groups of like-minded people who prevent you from diving into passionate, personal creative self-expression. Defriending people who hold you back from growth. Defriending people who encourage you not to get deeply involved in romantic relationships. Releasing a tendency to move slowly when it comes to your long-term plans and goals. Releasing a tendency to move slowly when it comes to your wishes and hopes. Putting your all, or nothing, into your creative self-expression. Pouring your emotions into your art, music, performance or dance. Using creative self-expression as a form of cathartic release. Beginning to view vacation, leisure and pleasurable activities as ways to renew yourself. Beginning to see “fun” as a form of transformation. Beginning to approach romance and casual sex with more depth. Becoming intrigued by the mystery of attraction. Becoming passionate about the lives of your children. Beginning to share your personal creativity with other people. Releasing stingy behavior with people who share your interests. Releasing a tendency to be stingy with your audience and fans. Letting go of complacent attitudes regarding humanitarian causes and issues. Letting go of materialistic long-term goals. Moving away from materialistic casual acquaintances. Letting go of casual associations based on material benefit, organizations based on financial gain and friends consumed with the “real” world. Moving into a more dynamic, emotionally charged, personal involvement with your own artistry that has nothing to do with how much money you can make. Releasing an attachment to peaceful movements and involvements that prevent you from expressing your personal passions and convictions. Learning about the power of creativity. Learning about passionate involvement in recreation to revitalize and renew. The transformational power of deep relaxation.

North Node Scorpio 6th House/ South Node Taurus 12th House

Becoming intrigued by the mystery of everyday life. Delving into the mystery of the human body. Understanding how health and diet can play a part in transformation and renewal. Becoming passionately involved in your work. Finding a job that satisfies you at a deep emotional level. Finding work that you can pour your passion into. Becoming passionate about service. Discovering depths within yourself through volunteering and lending a hand. Finding ways to access the emotions through body work. Health and disease issues become paths to intimate involvement with other people. Learning to share work in a deeply emotional way. Moving away from stagnant patterns of solitude. Moving away from deep inner resistance to participating in everyday life. Letting go of a tendency to be overly possessive and stingy with your free time. Letting go of a tendency to drag your feet at the thought of getting a job. Releasing an attachment to peace which prevents you from getting involved in the sticky affairs of everyday life. Releasing a deep inner need for stability which prevents you from participating in the emotional highs and lows of everyday life. Releasing smug spiritual attitudes. Opening up to daily intimacy. Becoming more deeply, emotionally involved with the people in your life who have health issues. Becoming a nutritional counselor. Working in rehabilitation. Getting passionate about daily practice. Becoming passionately involved in your own health. Bringing more intensity to work, and relationships with coworkers, employees and pets. Finding a daily routine that fills you with passion. Learning how to be ecstatically involved in your daily life and work.

North Node Scorpio 7th House/ South Node Taurus 1st House

“It’s complicated.” Releasing stubborn refusal of complication in relationships. Letting go of your intractable attitude. Acknowledging, and letting go of, an overly complacent approach to life. Releasing smugness and self-satisfaction in relationships. Embracing the mystery that is relating. Resisting the urge to simplify everything as a way to avoid emotional disruption. No longer choosing  a peaceful life alone over a complicated life together. Learning to value the complication that your partner brings to your life. Learning that relationships help you grow in a deep way. Giving your all to your partner. Treating every day with your partner as if it might be your last. Developing deeply bonded significant relationships. Asking your best friend about his secrets and desires. Asking your partner about her secrets and desires. No longer content to just be. Looking for a partner with depth and substance. Getting over lazy, self-indulgent ways. No longer letting “no” be your immediate response to everything. Becoming more passionately involved in your partnerships. No longer letting your partner handle the rough stuff, or blaming your partner for the rough stuff. Letting yourself get emotionally entangled in your relationships. Becoming more interested in other people instead of sitting back and taking it all in. Diving into the mystery that is the “other.” Beginning to understand the complex ways in which you cast other people in the role of your shadow. Owning your shadow. Understanding how your behavior provokes other people. Learning about the power of relating. Embracing the agony and ecstasy of relationships.

North Node Scorpio 8th House/ South Node Taurus 2nd House

Moving out of a place of self-concern with material comfort and financial security. Releasing attachments to things. Learning that getting in deep with other people will offer the most growth. Releasing resistance to complex intimate relationships. Embracing intangible mystery. Becoming more involved with what society considers taboo. Beginning to realize that there is more to the world than what meets the eye. Valuing emotional discovery over financial security. Valuing the experience you gain through complex relationships over what you preserve by keeping to yourself. Learning to share your most private emotions in extremely intimate relationships. Valuing other people’s complexity. Allowing yourself to experience high emotional highs and low emotional lows. Feeling your pain. Giving more of yourself to other people. Awakening to your inner mystery. Letting go of greedy tendencies. Letting go of the tendency to be stingy with your talents and abilities. Resisting the urge to keep yourself to yourself. No longer hoarding your possessions. No longer hoarding your innate instinct for life. Following your nose into other people’s business. Letting yourself explore that which cannot be explained by the “real” world. Letting go of an attachment to earning a living. Realizing that there is more to life than paying your bills. No longer letting financial security be the final say in whether you let yourself explore something that intrigues you. Needing more from sex than personal physical satisfaction. Letting go of physical self-indulgence for the sake of psychological growth. Reaching out for the forbidden fruit.

North Node Scorpio 9th House/ South Node Taurus 3rd House

Moving away from the materialistic small mind. Engaging in the mysteries of the big picture. Allowing yourself to become fervent about the bigger questions. Investigating religion and other belief systems. No longer being afraid to rock the boat by asking probing questions of your gurus. Moving out of a complacent, self-satisfied mind set. Getting out of a stuck place intellectually. Challenging yourself to take on the bigger mysteries. No longer stagnating in everyday conversations. Fewer conversations about money, more pondering of the broader questions and their implications. No longer accepting whatever you were taught in school. Becoming passionate about journalism. Overcoming mental inertia. Overcoming a lack of curiosity. Sharing your ideas in an effort to come to a higher understanding. Becoming passionate about academia and higher learning. Moving out of the comfort zone of what you’ve already learned. Deeply supporting higher education. Becoming passionate about your convictions. Learning to speak about your beliefs with emotional depth. Developing a lifestyle that encourages deep sharing and mutual support. Allowing yourself to travel to places that intrigue or fascinate you. Treating the big questions as if their answers were a matter of life or death. Following your passion for traveling. No longer being so concerned with whether or not your ideas can make you money. Moving out of a daily concern for practical matters. Releasing stubborn attachments to your ideas. Getting deeper into mysticism. Getting out of your learning comfort zone. Watch more of the Discovery Channel and less of the Home & Garden Network ;p

North Node Scorpio 10th House/ South Node Taurus 4th House

Becoming passionately involved in the uses and abuses of power in the outer world. Getting off your duff and making a difference in the world. No longer sitting on the comfy couch in your pajamas watching TV. No more “from the comfort of your own home.” Challenging yourself to learn about the power of authority. Allowing yourself to challenge authority – and your parents. Releasing an attachment to the status quo of how things are supposed to be done. Getting out of your comfortable private life to see what else is going on in the world. No longer being afraid to lose your home, your roots or your stability as you actively tangle with the outside world. Knowing that you have an inner reservoir of calm to draw upon when the world outside shifts into crisis. Getting intimately involved in the crisis of the larger world. Finding your source of power to make a difference. Becoming concerned with the kind of reputation you create based on your use or abuse of power. Learning how to hold a position of power, authority and control. Becoming seen as a person who is probing, difficult or mysterious – even if that makes you uncomfortable. Allowing yourself to rock the boat in your profession. Allowing yourself to be seen as having power. No longer playing it safe. Allowing yourself to cultivate an edgier, sexier, more confrontational public persona. Dealing with power struggles with your parents. Dealing with your deep desire to have a career that gives more than material security. Embracing a difficult, and possibly unpopular, profession.

North Node Scorpio 11th House/ South Node Taurus 5th House

Moving away from the “lazy days of summer.” No more romantic relationships strictly for physical satisfaction. Getting passionately involved in causes and humanitarian issues. Creating deep relationships with the people who share your interests. Forming deeper connections with the people you meet on the internet. No longer being so stingy with your personal creative projects and hobbies. Becoming willing to share your creativity with others. Moving away from safe forms of self-expression. Moving away from materially rewarding forms of self-expression. Getting passionately involved with your audience and fans. Finding a group that you can share your agony and ecstasy with. Becoming intimately and intricately involved with organizations and groups. Finding ways to renew and revitalize group efforts. Becoming a passionate force behind group involvements. Allowing yourself to explore associations that have sexual undertones. Looking for deeper fulfillment in your casual friendships. Allowing yourself to keep some secrets in your casual relationships. Becoming involved in secret clubs and organizations. Learning how to hold a position of power within an organization. Learning how to control a group of people. Understanding what motivates masses of people. Finding the passion of the masses. Creating deeper long term goals for yourself than financial security. Releasing possessive tendencies toward your children. Taking more risks in group involvements.

North Node Scorpio 12th House/ South Node Taurus 6th House

Moving out of the very real, humdrum, workaday world. Moving into passionate involvement in spirituality.Tantric sex. Sexual meditation. Letting yourself take retreats to revitalize and renew yourself. Understanding how spending time alone can be cathartic for you. Getting in touch with your inner mystery through meditation and dreams. Releasing stubborn daily habits. Releasing an overly indulgent daily diet. Easing up on comfort foods. Beginning to understand spiritual cleansing. Becoming passionate about your inner world. Transforming your fears. Plumbing the depths of your nightmares for clues into your inner world. Deeply sharing your alone time with another. Getting way into your private inner emotional world. Deeply exploring and investigating those areas of life that have no real or practical application. Letting go of overly earthbound attitudes. Allowing more into your life than a job that pays well. Probing your fears. Grappling with family skeletons.

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  • mk mk


  • mk mk

    sorry mercury in inconjunct *

  • mk mk

    hi , I have my nn scorpio in 5th ( squarring uranus in the 8 th and mercury in the 12th , asteroid lust and the vertex conunct the NN ) can you please explain how does these 2 squares affect the nn and i dont know if you heard about the draconic chart , i have my draconic ascendant conjunct the north node ( if you could also explain that if you know about it 🙂 ) regards.

    • Hi mk mk,

      I don’t know much about draconic charts.

      With Lust conjunct the North Node in Scorpio in the 5th house you are being urged to become unstuck from go-nowhere casual relationships. Put your heart, soul, and passion into romance, fun, creative projects. Follow intensity, not boredom.

  • Ola

    Wow this advices really suit to me thanks !!!

    • Which houses are your north and south node in?

  • peter

    North node in Scorpio 1st house, i have this n i feel like its the most hardest north node, Scorpio & Pluto in 1st house, asc is Scorpio n it conjucnt north node, who has their north node Scorpio in 1st house n what is your experience??

  • Ross

    My brother has NN 5th House Scorpio and your description (as many others I’ve compared) is Spot on!

    Although the poor guy has Sun and Jupiter opposite to this. Does this makes the NN harder to achieve?

    • It depends … he might already be aware that he has a robust, fully -developed ego and he is probably fairly comfortable with who he is. The sun is still the center of his personality so he doesn’t want to abandon it.

      • Ross

        Haha, I am sure he is fairly comfortable with who he is! The rest of the family not so much 😛

        Hey I was just thinking about the transiting NN through the houses. Right now the NN is in Scorpio and I just read your description of the house it is transiting in my chart and it kinda makes sense to what I am going through right now. Have you thought about doing a “NN transits the houses” description? I can imagine it would be so creepily accurate! I am kinda obsessed with your descritptions by the way and I am always trying to find out other people’s NN so I can read them their “astrological to-do list”.

  • Maris

    Hi Michelle. First, i am becoming adicted in your blog in the last two nigts when i got into my google searh for nodes. i find very special this part: the comments. i find interesting that you proactivate disclosure here. I have my NN in scorpio as you, conjunt to Uranus and IC. This year i become a mum. Last year  i became unemployed in my field psychology (that i feel is my vocation). In the last years in my profession i became especialized in familiar therapy. astrology as been my passion from early years( 12)that everyone who knows me knows i love astrology and i just do it for family, friends and myself (long hours in the last one) eheheh. i have sun conj venus (ruler of the 10th and SN) in cancer square pluto). my N node´s ruler is pluto libra in the 3th. Michelle, thats why i am a little confused. is psychology my easy area of the SN or  the NN is this psychology subfield (familiar therapy and familiar conflict resolution) wich i got practice but not the formal degree to do it in private practice? or is my love for astrology that is asking for open to the world?, wich i ve kept always secret (aside from my profession)?  NN conj urano opos MC.
    I hope you understand my lousy englísh (i am portuguese).

    • Hi Maris, it’s hard to say without seeing your chart and I don’t like to do personal chart delineations with the blog comments, however if you have the North Node conjunct Uranus then astrology is probably a good pursuit – however, that does not mean it will be good to pursue as a lucrative profession.

  • Chris Shearman

    Michell, Thank you so much for that insight into NN scorp 1st house. A challenging aspect made more …… manageable. Thanks you so much!

    • Dear Chris,

      I’m glad you liked it. Was there anything in particular that stood out?

  • luiza

    This all is probabbly very important for the 11-31-2012!! Maybe all of us, no matter what node, should try to follow it until there.

    • I’m not sure what you mean – November has only 30 days. The north node does backtrack into Scorpio later this year though.

  • Seriousjoke321

    How do I find out which NN is mine I’m Scorpio and born on the 20th?

    • Watch this video:

      • Seriousjoke321

        Hi, thanks for replying Michelle I have watched the start of the video but came to a problem when my chart didnt show the cusps so I was’nt able to see my house can you help please?

        • I don’t know what you mean by that. Did you create your chart using  I don’t know how your chart would not show the cusps.

  • Hijaochun

    One of the most on-point descriptions ever….aaaaah 🙂 Scorp NN in 12th house here – it’s funny, professional ambition has been a struggle (for lack thereof) all my life. I do rely on that 6th house SN to pay the bills (I work as an Executive Assistant – how 6th house Taurus/ Virgo Midheaven is that???) and to be honest I enjoy it – the 9-5 regularity, the “active but not overthinking it” , the service to others. Given my education, life experience etc. for years I’ve felt guilty about not seeking greater responsibility or specialization but the truth is, mostly what I want to do at the end of the day is retire to my cozy little apartment, stare out my huge windows at the endless sky, and dream. I half joke that I was a nun in my last life..I’ve noticed recently I’ve edged back towards more SN stuff, like gardening, knitting….and am also trying to share the insights I’ve gained through all my meditating/dreaming, not giving in to solitude . Balance, balance…..

    • Your description of the end of a day is perfect 12th house. Staring out the window is a wondrous thing 😉

  • Hi Michelle, 

    I’m enjoying exploring your blog – there is an impressive amount of fresh insights here that you share so generously. 

    My Scorpio North Node is in 8th house, conjunct Sun-Uranus. I could relate to what you wrote quite well – On the one hand I seem to have a natural drive to seek the direction of the North Node through deep emotional work as well as astrology, but it’s still easy for me to fall back on workaholic mode and detach from inconvenient feelings.  It definitely requires conscious effort for me to keep digging toward Scorpio/8th house.

    • Michelle

      @ff6c60535d9d9dc57eafb6e726136097:disqus  I enjoy your blog as well.
      Thank you for sharing your experience with your nodes. We must be about the same age. My NN is close to Uranus, in Scorpio as well…I’ve been a student of astrology and other occult subjects since I was young.

  • billow

    It took me awhile, but I finally get “not phoning it in.”  It is so easy to do that today with the cell phone.  Why deal with it when somebody else can do it for you.  Heck if I’m lost.  I can just hit the GPS.    I keep going back to dependency issues.  I do think I fought “having to deal with it” in my young adult years.  It just wasn’t fair.  Wah wah wah! 

    • Michelle

      That’s such a good phrase for Taurus South Node. It is so easy to try to do the least possible – which is fine if you’re still challenging yourself. Phoning it in is a trap. 

  • billow

    How interesting.  My progressed NN is in Scorpio.  And my natal Saturn is moved into Sag.  So they kinduv passed by and changed positions as Saturn in now conjunct my natal NN in Sag and my progressed NN is moving into conjunction with natal Saturn.   

    There is alot in your observations, but it I had to choose it would be “If necessary, choosing a passionate life on your own over a stagnant life in a relationship”.  Actually it’s no so much passionate as allowing myself the deep experience of life.  That has something to do with aging too, I think.  Life itself becomes a richer experience.  That includes the relationships I continue.  I am unable to feel in the shallows anymore.  As far as complications for complications sake  .  .  .  well, I did that for 50 years.   I think I am retired.  Not sure, but it feels like that. 

    • Michelle

        allowing myself the deep experience of life.  That has something to do with aging too… I am unable to feel in the shallows anymore

      Love that. Shallow stuff gets more and more boring as I get older.

      • billow

        Yay, and sometimes I feel bad about feeling that about what I consider shallow.  But sometimes I just can’t relate.  I go off into some kind of spaz world and I feel like I am listening to Charilie Brown’s teacher wah wah wah. 

         The classic example is the woman whose husband died of a heart attack, her son  of aids, and her last living sister and closest friend  all in one year.  She’s at work and dealing with her grief as best as possible and her lovely coworker calls in sick because she has a zit.  Two days later she returns to work and goes on and on about this zit, where it was, the size, the treatiment.  And I just have to shake my head, cuz I know the kind of loss the woman listening to this is going through.  I feel bad about it because I know it probably was traumatic the zit and all, but I just can’t relate sometimes. 

    • Michelle

        allowing myself the deep experience of life.  That has something to do with aging too… I am unable to feel in the shallows anymore

      Love that. Shallow stuff gets more and more boring as I get older.

  • The Chris-brown’s meltdown headline still hanging in my yahoo homepage, makes me even curious with his astro-personality. He is a Taurus, indeed. My sympathy goes to him and I know what it is like to be oppressed while you need chance to rebound back. People are just so cruel to him. For me, I love Riri but she (with Aquarius and Pisces) character sounds like a hidden bully to him. RIhanna glances in the world of domestic abuse victim while Chris is the bad-dog. It was Chris fault but I think there is something fishy on the scene, since I know that Aquarius is never be too innocent compared to Taurus. You might/ not interested in this story but maybe, if you have thought on how Aquarius and Taurus forcing each other?

    • Michelle

      I haven’t been keeping up with Chris Brown or Rihanna since that first incident. Aquarius can have a cruel streak since it partially ruled by Saturn, and Uranus is rather cold and unfeeling. Taurus though, can be really stuck in its ways, possibly not wanting to do the work to solve the underlying issue.

      • That makes sense! I knew that Aqua’s most dangerous liaison is with Taurus, it’s a big square zone!

  • Not related to mine but LOVE reading anything Scorpio-Taurus related 🙂

  • Hmm, I have the NN at Scorpio in the 6th house conjunct Pluto.

    You pretty much aced the description of the 6th house NN needs lol. I’ve already said I am afraid of ordinary things, ordinary life stuff: go to the supermarket, watch TV etc.. I have come across many Tumblrs that had pictures of ordinary people in ordinary everyday affairs and I felt extremely anxious just by looking at them. Moon and Chiron squaring NN and Pluto don’t help at all. I feel like I need something special going on all the time, but I sincerely know that’s impossible or, at least, it’s something be learnt. Learn the intensity of everyday life or learn how to make it intense in its own way.

    I am quite obsessive with security, specially financial. I have pretty bad placements in my chart which can financially ruin me any given time. Fortunately, I started to learn astrology and noticed these patterns. My Moon rules my second house, yeah, Cancer – I just can’t let go of stuff until I realise I’m literally drowning in worthless piles of material and emotional trash.

    For what it seems (I’m rather terrible in predictive astrology) I’ll be making a major step towards my NN this year, and I’m quite eager to do so. I need to get out of these restrictive patterns and start to live a real life.

    • Are you going forward with working in a medical field?

      • Yes. Apparently, this year things are going to work out well – after some huge effort. 2010 was a pretty bad year for me, and the beginning of this year has been even worse thanks to Saturn opposing Sun since december. According to my solar return and the Tarot, I will focus, work hard and be rewarded with success, so I’m building up confidence and getting ready to start working on my plans.

        • That sounds excellent. One step at a time.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Michelle 🙂

    I think I supposed to be artistic/creative in some way in my career and through my self expression. What do you think? ^_^

    Uranus is conjunct my North Node.

    Tropical Equal…I have North Node in Scorpio in my 5th house. Sidereal Equal…. I have North Node in Libra 5th house…

    North Node (Sco 03°23′) Ascendant (Gem 29°05′) wan. app. trine (120°00′) orb: 4°19′
    North Node (Sco 03°23′) Midheaven (Pis 11°21′) wax. sep. trine (120°00′) orb: 7°57′
    South Node (Tau 03°23′) Ascendant (Gem 29°05′) wax. app. sextile (60°00′) orb: 4°19′
    South Node (Tau 03°23′) Midheaven (Pis 11°21′) wan. app. septile (51°26′) orb: 0°37′

    North Node (Lib 08°58′) Ascendant (Gem 04°39′) wan. app. trine (120°00′) orb: 4°19′
    North Node (Lib 08°58′) Midheaven (Aqu 16°56′) wax. sep. trine (120°00′) orb: 7°57′
    South Node (Ari 08°58′) Ascendant (Gem 04°39′) wax. app. sextile (60°00′) orb: 4°19′
    South Node (Ari 08°58′) Midheaven (Aqu 16°56′) wan. app. septile (51°26′) orb: 0°37′

    As always… B) post!

    • Where’s Pluto?

      • Anonymous

        Thank you!^_^

        I’m sorry this is so short, I’ve gotta go.

  • Michelle, I gotta ask you what’s probably gonna seem like an odd question but here goes. Since I have the opposite placement of NN in Taurus can I read the interpretation for NN 3rd house (I got SN 3rd/ NN 9th) as the gifts that I’m bringing from past lives?

    • Yes, I think so…that’s actually a great way to look at the opposite placements.

  • LB

    Michelle, from my perspective, you nailed this one. My husband’s North Node is in Scorpio and your description of his particular axis reads like a love letter/laundry list written by me. I actually copied and pasted it so I could print it out for him. I only half-jokingly suggested (haha) he hang it above his desk and consider it his spiritual manifesto! (Pluto much???) Weird as it may sound, it kind of confirms that what I’m asking of him isn’t totally off base; naturally I wonder sometimes.

    • Which house axis does he have again?

      • LB

        His North Node is in the 7th/South in the 1st. His Rising is in Taurus, which I really appreciate. Since I’m a Libra with heavy Pluto/Scorpio influences, I think I’m good for his North Node.