Valentine’s Day Update


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Leo Full Moon on February 18th

I’m taking a little break until the end of this week, or maybe next Monday.  I’ll be trying out new blog themes and working on behind the scenes stuff with AstroFix. I feel a little burnt out from the North Node/South Node series having written four 2500-4000 word posts in a span of 2.5 weeks.

February 18th is the Full Moon at 29 Leo 20′ which ends a cycle started in August 2010 when the New Moon was at 17 Leo 24′. Interestingly, I felt the need to take a break around that Leo Moon too. Perhaps the fact that each of these Moons falls in my 12th house has something to do with it, and that my natal Moon is in Leo. My Waldemath Black Moon is also at 29 Leo. Darkstar Astrology has a nice write-up about the upcoming Full Moon in Leo on February 18th.

Where do the Leo Moons fall in your chart? Do you notice the ending of a cycle?

2011 Post Plans

In no particular order:

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Happy Valentine's Day AstroFix Readers

<3 Michelle

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  • Love your new site layout and presentation of content Michelle. The best yet since I have been familiar with your website. Clear, clean, easy to find stuff. Oh, I’m inspired to re-tweak mine now. Kudos!!!!

    • Michelle

      Synchronous timing Abella. I’m starting a blog where we can discuss our blogs and ask for feedback and advice. I haven’t made any official announcements about it. I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while. It’s going to focus mainly on blog design and conversion for people in the astrology/tarot/psychic/spiritual/metaphysical blogging communities, as well as the various web utilities available to us like scheduling software, chat software, etc…

      It’s called dreamfix. It used to be my dream blog, I was going to make it into a dream dictionary but I don’t have time. Since I already own the domain, just thought I’d use it. So far all it has are the past versions of AstroFix. I’ve been keeping a visual record (though some versions are missing and I didn’t upload every single minor tweak).

  • billow

    Complicated. But end of cycle, I think maybe so. The new-full moon effects have been more heady for me lately [Transiting Pluto square natal Mercury]. Cancer moon is not accustomed to that. It took some time to weigh in on this.

    Full moon conjuncting natal Pluto MH. Obviously from previous posts, have had pluto and generations on the brain, aiding me to understand parents, what they went through, why they made the choices they made, etc so I can let them go and all the bio unit refuse involved in that setup. Hopefully, my estranged sibs are letting go too. It would make life easier.

    I notice too that I am moving to my very first Pluto transit to my natal sun. And now mars is opposing my pluto, which is what drove me to the chart again. It hit me last night and I felt like a raving lunartic. Good grief! The first mars pluto transit I’ve been conscious of. Now when my older sister goes off on me for no apparent reason, I’ll check her chart. Her sun is trine my pluto. I don’t know if that has anything to do with her right to dominance or not.

    • Michelle

      Good luck with the Sun/Pluto transit.

      Pluto opposed all of my 8th house planets (including my Sun) when I was a kid – it was an intense period.

      • billow

        I’m okay with this trine. You have perhaps heard of nothing left to lose.

        There is alot of planetary transits lighting up my natal and progressed chart in this lunar return year. It’s difficult for me to look at all the ins and outs of the energy, so I gotta take the whole ball of wax and let it melt down to find the peaceful existence I have been seeking. It’s looking good, Michelle. This site has been a big help.

        • Michelle

          Thanks billow. I hope I can get myself together and make up for the lack of posts in the upcoming week.

          • billow

            Take it easy on yourself a little, will you? Will we be seeing more hats? Fess up, you got a closet full?

            • Michelle

              I’ll try. I’m in a “beating self up” phase this month.

              I have 7 or 8 hats. I’ll have to update this photo when it stops being winter. Fur caps in summer really don’t work 🙂

              • billow

                I all but shaved my head when I turned 50. I like the ‘don’t need a comb thing’. But hats just don’t work on my head without hair. I miss them. And I do love seeing them. Very fun.

                • Michelle

                  Not needing a comb, being able to drive with all the windows of the car rolled all the way down…perks! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    im feeling an end of my painting being a hobby… the full moon will be on my 5th house. just recently, i uloaded all the paintings i made on my site ( ) and have the eagerness to talk about each painting. maybe this is not just a hobby.

    • Maybe it isn’t … you have a distinct personal style emerging. Have you taken any art classes?

      • Anonymous

        that’s the funny thing about me… i never had any painting skills. i never took any art classes. the brush i used in those paintings is just a kids water color. its not even on the canvas. they are just in a plain paper. just pure instinct… i started painting last quarter of 2009. it became part of my daily life.

        • I think some people naturally have a distinct style; their individual expression comes out with little effort. You can look at their art and easily know that they did it. It’s like looking at a Van Gogh – his style is so easily recognizable as his own.

          I’m not sure if you’re aware but there is a painting movement online called “A Painting a Day.” Artists paint one painting a day and post it to their blogs. They also offer those paintings up for sale on Ebay. Carol Marine is one of the most famous painting a day artists, check out her site:

          • Anonymous

            thank you so much mich for giving this link. my friend and i are looking for ways to raise money bec i am supporting a charity. i want to sell paintings if possible. thank you so much. xoxo

  • Vickikay

    New format is slick. Like it. Is that a hedghog in your chocolates?

    • Thank. Still fixing things, but it’s getting there 😀

      • billow

        Everything’s looking more real to me now, too.

        • Michelle

          It’s never quite right.

          • billow

            It’s all been so wrong, for so long for me. I’m settling for tolerable and liveable right now. I’m finding I’m not near as whacky as I thought. It’s some of the situations I stepped into. Sometimes doggy doo is just that, doggy doo.

  • voodoo

    Lovely the new look of your blog!

    • Thanks voodoo 😀

      It’s getting there…there are still lots of little things to fix – the missing title for one!

  • Chickie

    I’m looking forward to your Liliths in aspect articles. Rest well!
    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they are fascinating and off-putting at the same time., it’ll be interesting to see what you come up with, what it is that seems “off.”
    I think that Justin Beiber person is not of this earth, just sayin.’

    • I’m looking forward to your Liliths in aspect articles.
      Me too 😀 I’m reading up.

      Everyone seems to have some beef with Angelina and Brad; that alone makes them worth writing about.

      I know virtually nothing about the Bieber. I literally heard one of his songs for the first time yesterday! I had heard of him, but I hadn’t heard any of his music. Thanks for commenting Chickie. I hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day.

    • billow

      Bieber fieber is Pluto in Sag? Not of this earth! I get that feeling from alot of the young performers out there now. Some of them are pretty much fantastical. Of course, the TV, etc provides us with easy accessibility to their performances.

  • Adding…

    Another reason I decided to take a break is because of a dream I had two nights ago:

    I received a gift. It was a small case, like a cigarette case. When I opened it, inside there were four gold watches. Each one smaller than the one before it. The gold was an intense yellow-gold and each watch was decorated with a golden owl.

    I spent some time thinking about this dream and came to several possibilities, all of which made me feel like I need to make some important decisions:
    1. My time is valuable
    2. I need to use my time wisely
    3. It’s the golden hour
    4. Relating the goddess Athena, these watches could also point to the need to use time to develop a strategy

    • LB

      You know Michelle, just when your message popped up, I was in the middle of reading a blog post about how we can use our dreams to receive intuitive guidance. Strange coincidence, eh?

      I love your interpretations. When I was dreaming of owls, I associated them with my own inner wisdom, and later with my 8th house BM LIlith; dreams are so personal, often the dreamer does the best job of unlocking their own unique secret language. Reading what you wrote though, I immediately noticed your wording. Maybe the dream is also trying to tell you how valuable your spiritual “gifts” are. Once you begin to become aware of them (as in when you opened the case), “watch” for them to multiply!

      • often the dreamer does the best job of unlocking their own unique secret language
        Yes, I think so. The dreamer knows their inner world best.

        Maybe the dream is also trying to tell you how valuable your spiritual “gifts” are. Once you begin to become aware of them (as in when you opened the case), “watch” for them to multiply!
        That’s a lovely interpretation 🙂

        Isn’t it funny how we were just talking about owl dreams and I said I didn’t have many, and now I have one?

        • LB

          Yep, I thought it was funny too. I was happy you shared the dream. 🙂

  • Les

    Your plans look great, Michelle! Looking forward to it. Meanwhile, indulge yourself and pay that Leo Moon some good attention. I have Leo Moon conjunct my Ascendant (Moon is 18, Ascendant is 17, and Uranus 14). I believe I was about to go on vacation when that New Moon in Leo 17 hit last summer! At any rate, I was out with my bf enjoying the sunshine and seaside. Sorely missing that warmth here in New England this winter, but we have a thaw this week…

    • The way that the transiting Leo Sun corresponds to my natal 12th house is so wonderful – the time of the year when I need a break happens to be in late summer, when most other people want to take a break too.

      I tend to feel a lull in February too. It really is like a recharge period. When the planets start to transit my Aries planets in Spring, it’s like all systems go! I think I need a couple of weeks to pull myself back together. This year will be especially active with both Jupiter and Uranus in Aries.

      Thank you for commenting Les. Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day.

  • LB

    August’s New Moon was conjunct my 12th house Uranus and exactly opposite my 6th house Chiron. I began to get serious about exploring a new career in alternative healing. February’s Full Moon falls along this same axis, and forms a couple of aspects (the Moon trines my 8th house BM Lilith/Sedna, and the Sun trines my natal Sun; both square my natal 9th house Mars, which squares 12th house Pluto). Recently, I’ve had the chance to put my skills to work out in the world and the response has been very validating. I’m also realizing just how significant a role my 12th house plays in this career choice, as in spiritual and physical coming together.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Michelle. Enjoy your break. I always enjoy your posts which reflect how hard you work.

    • We have the same houses highlighted. I decided to get serious about AstroFix in May of last year, but I didn’t really go for it until August. I feel like I need a little respite to recharge and regroup for the next push . Also, with transiting Saturn retrograde in my 2nd house, I need to reevaluate what my business plan is exactly.

      I hope that you and your husband have a wonderful Valentine’s Day LB.

  • Iago

    Interesting thing to note, I haven’t thought about the Moon cycles.

    My Aquarius Moon is in my natal 9th house, so education has always been a major theme in my life; however, 2011 is apparently a very critical year for this area of my life. Not only I have Cancer as my Solar Return ascendant and the Sun (along with other 4 planets and Black Moon Lilith) in the 9th house of my Solar Return chart, this Leo Full Moon will also fall in my 3rd house, thus emphasising even more the education theme. Coincidentally, I’m beginning my preparatory studies and moving to another neighborhood next week, just as the Moon exits my 3rd house and enters the 4th. Nice timing!

    Happy Valentine’s Day Michelle, and go get some rest, you totally deserve it! I’m looking forward to everything you’ll post this year, so even if I’m busy studying, you can be sure I’ll always be visiting the blog and commenting. 🙂

    • That is nice timing .

      I’m looking forward to more of your excellent, insightful comments 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to you!