Jupiter/Saturn Aspects

skateboarding loopsExpansion and contraction. Philosophy versus science. Testing versus having faith. Empirical evidence versus belief. Having a sober view of reality. Cautious optimism. Conservative risk taking. Small gambles. Betting on sure things. Testing faith. Faith grounded in real experience. Cynical believers. Good business sense. Intuitive business sense. Global businesses. Blind ambition. Material philosophies. Luck in business. Luck in material matters. Luck through hard work. Luck through commitment and discipline. Wide scale regulation. Keeping the big picture in check. Overly conservative and cautious. Excess seriousness. Exaggerating the facts. Exaggerating the seriousness of a matter. Making your responsibilities seem more serious than they really are. Excess dourness. Over-confident about the nature of “reality.” Feeling that it’s your responsibility to influence situations abroad. Having a limited world view. How far can you expand? What are the limits of your reality? What is the limit of your influence? How far will you let yourself go before pulling back? Where is the edge of your world? How do you hold yourself back through pessimism and negativity? How can overconfidence and foolhardiness trip you up?

Magnifying the minute. Expanding the details. Taking one example and making it representative of the whole lot. Conservative morals. People who take world issues seriously. People who take on the responsibilities of a world citizen. Feeling responsible for everyone. Taking on the world’s concerns. Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. Wanting to expand your authority. Spreading your authority. Spreading your rules. Wanting to maximize your influence. Taking over through rules and regulations. Maximizing return on investment. The possibility of being enormously materialistic. Excessively stuck in the mundane world. The possibility of having a wide open mind when it comes to material reality. Having a philosophical stance on materialism. Having faith in the real world. Using your intuition in practical ways. Having a grounded life philosophy. Faith and reality hand in hand. Being realistic about your options. Expanding within the existing limits. Reaching out despite your limitations. Going for the gold, after the required training. Using discipline to reach outward. Expanding the limits of your personal reality. Having an optimistic view of time. Feeling that time is on your side.

Being lax with the rules. Feeling that the rules don’t apply to you though they may apply to others. Ambassadors. Cultural ambassadors. Goodwill ambassadors. Serious religious studies. Interest in religious law. Fundamentalists. The burden of religion. Educators. People who can make philosophies and abstract concepts real. Feeling that educating people is your duty.

indoor swimming pool in SpainManic depression. Huge, overblown depression. Optimism and negativity side by side. Overestimating yourself and then underestimating yourself. Professing faith while remaining skeptical. Intuition backed by facts. Blocking your intuition. Reluctance to have faith. Reluctance to believe in anything that isn’t “real.” Optimism one moment and despair the next. Conceit mixed with self-denial. Arrogance mixed with lack of self-confidence. Dry sense of humor. Having the philosophy that less is more.

Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction every 20 years.
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People with Jupiter/Saturn aspects:

  • Angelina Jolie: Jupiter square Saturn
  • Jackie Chan : Jupiter sesquiquadrate Saturn
  • Liam Neeson: Jupiter quincunx Saturn
  • George Clooney: Jupiter conjunct Saturn
  • Susan Sarandon: Jupiter square Saturn
  • Jane Goodall: Jupiter trine Saturn
  • Michael Caine: Jupiter biquintile Saturn
  • Fidel Castro: Jupiter square Saturn
  • Dick Cheney: Jupiter conjunct Saturn
  • Karl Rove: Jupiter quincunx Saturn
  • Colin Powell: Jupiter sextile Saturn
  • Karl Marx: Jupiter sextile Saturn

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  • Neptunian Placebo

    Jupiter in Virgo square Saturn in Sadge (August 2015, March and May 2016)

    A quintessential configuration for workers’ rights, work ethics, safe work environment,
    work-related stress and its’ toll on health and well-being.

    Add Saturn square Neptune to the mix and themes like denial/avoidance/escapsim through work, disillusionment with a career, emotionally friendly or hostile work environment, new career or employment ideas, etc.

    It looks like job-related matters are gonna be the centre of attention.

    • http://astrofix.net/ AstroFix

      Those are some potential manifestations. Adding Neptune to the mix also suggests melting barriers to growth (with Saturn in Sag) and spiritualization of the day to day work environment (Jupiter in Virgo) … I think of illegal immigrants, yoga or meditation becoming more commonplace in regular jobs to combat stress.

      • Neptunian Placebo

        I like the idea… adding an other-dimensional, inter-dimensional or intra-dimensional component to every day routines. Still it may play out in a variety of ways.

        • http://astrofix.net/ AstroFix

          Makes me think of the saying “Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water; after enlightenment chop wood, carry water.” The idea that philosophical and spiritual advancement (Jupiter/Sag/Neptune/Pisces) won’t remove the need for an everyday routine and everyday responsibilities (Saturn/Virgo).

  • Castella

    “manic depression”
    sadly, i have this illness. i hope others who also have this aspect don’t…

  • LibraRising1981

    Awesome post. I can relate to it all. I have this aspect EXACT Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction to my Libra Ascendant (8 degrees). I am conservative & hedonistic at various times – definitely two different sides I show the public. However, I am not a hippocrite. I admit openly that I prefer open relationships and non traditional education although I did very well in a structered school system, I prefer working for myself…I can study, read, & research for hours at a time. I get so intense, forget to eat sometimes. Overall, I like this aspect. It brings a more regal, dignified person to my Pisces sun/venus/mars/amour stellium.

    • http://astrofix.net/ AstroFix

      Tight Jupiter/Saturn aspects seem to be good for business too :)

  • Betillus

    Building blocks of intuition I would say my dear Michelle haha :)

  • Ludwig Hess Von Buss Strümpell

    I like this aspect, but I find very difficult to see all this in a person´s life… I think that a Jupiter Uranus aspects brings more characteristics to life. Jupiter and Saturn are strongers when they are in transits through a water or earth sign.

  • Matthew

    You should have included “The burden of higher education. Luck through pursuing higher education. Serious pursuit of higher education. Serious morals. Rigid beliefs. Believes that steam from what you experienced in reality. Excessive feelings of needing to get your work done. All work, no play. Feeling that you have very limited joyous moments. Taking your luck seriously.”

    • Matthew

      Also “Too serious.” You should add some things you said for Sun/Jupiter aspects to this aspects interpretation since both the Sun and Saturn deal with one’s father/authority figures, such as “Having an optimistic father. A wasteful father,” etc.

      • http://astrofix.net/ AstroFix

        Thanks for the additions.

  • http://lulousalstrotips.blogspot.com/ Luiza

    “discipline is freedom” and “total freedom is a trap. Two sentences that could describe this aspect, in my view! It’s interesting that the first one I listened a friend saying a few weeks ago, when saturn is opposing jupter in the sky.

    Also, I’m having a T-square transit right now with my natal venus, It’s interesting how this brainstorm is applying to my social life right now!

    • http://astrofix.net/ Michelle

      It’s interesting how this brainstorm is applying to my social life right now!”

      Care to elaborate?

  • Violetta

    awesome site!!! very genuine. 

    • Michelle

       Thank you Violetta, hope to see you around :)

  • Foi

    Hi! Add Joseph Stalin (Saturn sextile Pluto) http://www.astrotheme.com/portraits/EYPMn393L349.htm

    • Michelle

       Good one!

  • http://fascinus.tumblr.com/ Joswan

    Angelina Jolie: Jupiter 17 Aries 25′ square Saturn 17 Cancer 23’~ I’m a bitch mama! 😉

    Jupiter-Saturn aspect is notably unique no matter in good or bad aspect because these 2 Olympic Gods are nemesis to each other. Saturn always scare that his son will tumbling his power one day later which is come true. This is the aspect of father and son, the old vs. new thinking, the Roman catholic vs. Renaissance, the old Monarch vs. French revolution and the restriction vs. expansion. The polarity of Jupiter-Saturn aspect might make one could be a hypocrite because he/she never be in one way of thinking. :)

    • Michelle

      Yes, then you’ve got Uranus as Saturn’s father. It’s a tiresome circle of family dynamics.

      Angelina is probably very difficult to please.

      • http://fascinus.tumblr.com/ Joswan

        Yes you read it! 😀
        So, the grandpa (Uranus) is liberal, the dad is conservative (Saturn) and the son (Jupiter) is??? A mix between those 2?

        Lol :)

        • Michelle

          Excessive and gluttonous 😉

          • http://fascinus.tumblr.com/ Joswan

            Lol definitely 😀

  • http://astrobix.com/articles/SadeSasati-of-Saturn-Years-of-Testing-Under-Fire.aspx Alice Brown

    Wow, thanks for passing along such an interesting article on Jupiter and Saturn aspects. I have also read about Saturn: 7 1/2 Years of Testing Under Fire, can you share your views about it. You can visit http://astrobix.com/articles/SadeSasati-of-Saturn-Years-of-Testing-Under-Fire.aspx for reference. Nice share..!!

  • Robin Joy Dore

    I don’t know if it counts because the orb is kind of wide, but I have Jupiter Taurus Rx 11th square Saturn Leo 2nd 10 orb applying

    So maybe something else in my chart explains my mannerisms….

    “What are the limits of your reality?”…Reality and limitations on reality are something that I think of on a regular basis….I ask myself how far out of reality can I go without losing touch with it? I philosophize about our “reality” all the time and to me reality is just a perception. In our minds we make our own reality and our “real” world is always changing we are always changing, though we don’t always see it, even on a molecular level. That’s just my opinion though. :-)

    There’s more,but this really struck a cord.

    • Michelle

      That’s a wide orb for a square unless either Jupiter or Saturn is your chart ruler, or the dispositor of your Sun. It’s hard to say what the influence is without seeing your chart.

      • Robin Joy Dore

        I don’t know if I can post my whole chart here,but I can give you my birth data so you can see what I’m talking about. I’ve been using Equal house/Koch. Not like it matters much for an aspect really,but just so you know. :-) If I recall correctly, Jupiter is very strong in my chart while Saturn is pretty weak,but I don’t think(don’t quote me on this, I would have to double check) Jupiter or Saturn is the dispositor of my Sun. Jupiter Rx is the handle of my bucket chart though.

        11-15-1976 6:58 pm pst La Mesa,California,USA 117’01 W 32’46 N

        • Michelle

          Hi Robin,

          This is really too complicated for a comment question, it falls much more in the realm of a reading. Thinking about it however, another possibility for feeling this Jupiter/Saturn influence in your chart could be having many planets in the 9th and 10th houses.

          • Robin Joy Dore

            Hi Michelle,

            Understandable. =-)

            No, I don’t have anything in my 9th and 10th houses unless you look at equal house, which I use frequently, and with that, Chiron Aries Rx is in my 10th house and that’s it.

            Aquarius rules my 9th house and Pisces rules my 10th house. Then I have Jupiter quindecile Neptune (not the 24′ kind).

            If you think the orb is too wide, then I’ll look elsewhere for another explanation.

            Thank You for talking to me about this. ^_^

            • Michelle

              You’re welcome :)

  • Iago

    I have a trine: Saturn 7 Pisces 55′, 9th House and Jupiter 12 Scorpio 37′, 5th House.

    You were so right when you said “feeling responsible for everyone” lol. I sometimes find myself thinking “how people will ever do [something] the right way if I don’t teach them how?”. I try my best to not be pretentious, though.

    I want to follow an academic career and work in research (Scorpio). I dream of being a professor (an authority of knowledge) and even founding an university someday. I want to teach and guide people. I usually have high standards and expectations for myself, my future etc. but I always keep it real. With the help of my 10th House Mercury, restlessly planning and thinking about the future and career, Jupiter keeps me motivated (5th house) and Saturn keeps my feet on the ground.

    Whenever I dream, everything seems pretty real, probably because of Saturn in Pisces. Jupiter makes me want to turn dreams into reality, no matter how far-fetched they might be, as some sort of enterprise. As I’ve said before, Neptune also makes me think of reality as something malleable. Another interesting thing, especially with Saturn involved, is that I always actually feel capable of achieving such things. It’s like I’m constantly double-checking my limits while still remembering how hard work can make me achieve pretty much anything. I’m definitely not afraid of working real hard, I usually just need a very good reason for it. I don’t spend my energies freely, I always wait for the best opportunities to give my all.

    Saturn might be pretty evil sometimes, but I just love it. It keeps me real and in check of my extravagances and teaches me the way to success (the hard way).

    • Michelle

      Neptune also makes me think of reality as something malleable
      “Reality is malleable” seems like a Saturn/Neptune statement to me.

      Saturn might be pretty evil sometimes
      Saturn isn’t evil, it just brings you crashing back down to earth, which can hurt. Nobody wants to hear that there are limits in life, that they can’t have everything they want when they want it, that getting what they want takes work and that the good times may not last forever.

      • Mirrorofamirror

        I do not have a problem with accepting limitations of life. I identify them and adjust.

        Perhaps an influence of Ascendant in Sagittarius – ability to adjust?

        Saturn conjuncts both: Jupiter, the ruler of my natal horoscope and MC.

        • Mirrorofamirror

          I mean ‘adapt’ above, not adjust.
          English is my second language.

        • Michelle

          Having the ascendant in Sagittarius certainly puts more emphasis on Jupiter in your chart rather than on Saturn.

  • Zoa

    I was just thinking about this aspect the other day. Talk about timing…
    Anyway I have 6th house Saturn trine 10th house Jupiter.
    I read somewhere that the effects of these aspects are usually not felt before one’s Saturn return, which I’m thinking might be true. Even though Jupiter is my strongest planet being angular in the 10th, making only trines/sextiles and in mutual reception with Mars, I feel like it doesn’t exist in my chart at all because so far I’ve only experienced the Saturn side of life.

    “Luck through hard work. Luck through commitment and discipline.” I don’t know if I can call this luck. I see it more as the results of hard work rather than just “luck”. I’ve never ever been lucky, but I’ve seen the rewards of my efforts.

    “Conceit mixed with self-denial. Arrogance mixed with lack of self-confidence.”
    that is totally me. I am a strange mix of overconfidence and self-doubting. “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst” is my motto. I often feel pulled between the two and even more with my Sun sitting on the midpoint between Saturn and Jupiter.

    My experience with this aspect can be summarized in a song I just heard the other day: for a pessimistic, I’m pretty optimistic.
    Even when things get rough, I always have this confidence that everything will get better.

    • Michelle

      “Hope for the best but prepare for the worst” is my motto.
      That’s a good motto for this aspect.

      I wonder if the ability to work constructively with Saturn aspects is delayed until the first Saturn return – at least in a very active and dynamic way.

      That you for sharing your insights Zoa.

      • Zoa

        I think before the SR one doesn’t really have the maturity or experience enough to work with Saturn consciously and cooperatively. So the only way for Saturn to teach us is to put us through a lot of crap i.e. hardships, delays, difficulties, loneliness, frustration etc. etc. but with time and practice you eventually get the hang of things.
        Too bad for me my Saturn Return will not come for a very long time.

        • Michelle

          Too bad for me my Saturn Return will not come for a very long time.
          I think it might still be possible to do prep work according the sign, house and aspects of your Saturn. Doing prep work might make your actual Saturn Return easier.

          • Zoa

            Yes I agree. Saturn really does get better with time, I can actually attest that. I think the key to Saturn is to work hard a little bit every day, despite what it puts on the road. When you notice, you’ve gone really far places 😉

  • http://www.earthwindfireflow.blogspot.com/ MsFullroller

    10th house Jupiter square 7th house Saturn

    “…Blocking your intuition…Optimism one moment and despair the next..”

    Very much so, though I’m getting better at minimizing it.

  • http://robertaustinryan.blogspot.com/ Bob

    conjunction, saturn 24 cap, jupiter 29 cap.

    “Luck through hard work. Luck through commitment and discipline.”

    stack bricks long enough and “all of a sudden” you’ve built a house. and the more solid and sound the foundation, the easier to expand.

    • Michelle

      Loving the quotations around “all of a sudden” !

    • http://www.earthwindfireflow.blogspot.com/ MsFullroller

      I’m lovin your whole reply!

  • LB

    “Faith and reality hand in hand” pretty much sums it up. Although I believe “all things are possible”, that doesn’t mean life is without its challenges – it can be hard work and patience is required.

    My 4th house Saturn (in Sag and exactly conjunct my Part of Spirit) is semisquare my Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune conjunction – it also sits at the exact midpoint of my chart’s tightest Mercury/Moon square. Much as I wish it weren’t so, I do go through periods where I alternate between optimism and despair, faith and hopelessness. Even my most joyful states are “tinged with melancholy” and I often feel the weight of the world on my shoulders.

    I think this is why my comments often come across as sounding soooo serious (Jupiter is in the 3rd) – I can’t help myself – lol!

    • Michelle

      It could also be “faith and common sense hand in hand.”

      Even my most joyful states are “tinged with melancholy”
      That’s very poetic.

      I think this is why my comments often come across as sounding soooo serious (Jupiter is in the 3rd) – I can’t help myself – lol!
      Deep thinker 😉

      • LB

        I have to correct myself though – Part of Spirit is NOT exactly conjunct Saturn. It’s less than 1 degree. I have several exact conjunctions, so I sometimes mix up my “Parts” – ha ha.

        • Michelle

          It happens! :)

  • TheMermaid

    When the student is ready, the teacher appears. Thanks for posting this. This aspect figures prominently in this years solar return. I am experiencing a lot of what you describe.

    • Michelle

      Thank you for stopping by TheMermaid. I hope you experience some material blessings this year for your solar return.

      • Michelle

        Adding, I think that “When the student is ready, the teacher appears” is quite a Jupiter/Saturn statement.

  • amoureuse08

    dad has quantile, mom has sextile… theyve been blessed with material things.. though as a family weve had our ups and downs… but i can say. compared to others i grew pretty materially blessed.. mom owns 3 island back home.. dad has a good career too…

    • Michelle

      They are lucky.

      • amoureuse08

        yep.. i hope i got this aspect too.. but i dont have it…

        • Michelle

          You have other positive gifts to work with in your chart.

          • amoureuse08

            hmmm.. like what?

            • Michelle

              Didn’t you mention other Jupiter aspects that you have in previous comment?

              • amoureuse08

                jupiter semi sextile uranus-
                jupiter sextile neptune-
                jupiter conjunct pluto- ive read from somewhere that this aspect is the aspect of billionaires.. not sure where i read it… hopefully.. but till now i still dont have my billions. :(
                jupiter sextile black moon lilith- please tell me what this aspect cud do
                jupiter opposite ascendant- i get pretty scared whenever i see an opposition… i hope aspect wont make me fat, though i was never fat..

                • Michelle

                  Those aspects to Jupiter are all next to write about so I’ll address them in those posts.

                  • amoureuse08

                    wow! thats great, mich.. i’ll wait for it.. thank you! i found ur facebook just today.. didint know u have one. i “like” ur page… :) cheers!- ann

                    • Michelle

                      Yay 😀

              • amoureuse08

                ooppss i got more… jupiter trine moon; jupiter trine mercury; jupiter sesquidrate venus… i have a question: does jupiter sextile the mid heaven could make someone rich? i odnt have this aspect but i know someone who has it. he is not yet wealthy but ever since i cud remember he would always be the one who is on the top.

                • Michelle

                  I’m research Jupiter/midheaven right now. Rich is a possibility but luck in achieving your aspirations seems more likely. However, if you achieve what you set out to do money often follows.

      • amoureuse08

        yep.. i hope i got this aspect too.. but i dont have it…

  • firetiger

    nice post michelle~ i like what you wrote about saturns connection with “reality” in contrast (or functioning with) jupiter’s expansive and philosophical nature. I have the square, and both planets are pretty heavy in my chart (part of a t-square in cardinal houses, conjunct AC and IC) so a lot of your post resonates with how i view life and my own inner life.

    • Michelle

      Thank you firetiger.

      A cardinal t-square with planets conjunct the angles would be driving force in your chart. I wonder about the connection between Jupiter and Saturn and the fact that you were a teacher for a while – are you still teaching?

      • firetiger

        Yep.. but only for another week until I return to the states. That t-square involves the moon in the 7th so all of that points to my MC. Achievement in general is extremely important to me~