Jupiter/Uranus Aspects

Balloon Dog by Jeff Koons

Balloon Dog sculpture by artist Jeff Koons

Expanding the influence of technology. Spreading technological advances. Envisioning the future. Technological philosophies. Technology is a religious experience. Visions of the future. Beliefs about the future. Wondering what the future will bring. Looking forward. Self-indulgent rebellions. Self-indulgent eccentricity. Self-indulgent “weirdness.” Exaggerating everything that makes you different. Finding meaning in technology. Finding meaning in progress and advancement. Progress versus meaning. What is the meaning of progress? Does progress cause life to lose meaning? Does technology give more meaning to life, or less? What are the ethics of technology and progress? Philosophies of rebellion. Believing in the future. Believing in progress.

Experimental education. Overzealous reformers. Religious zealots. Experimenting with your faith. Experimental religions. Sudden glimpses of God (or deity of choice). Direct connection to God. Anti-religious. Atheists. Rebelling against religion and faith. Religious rebellions. Rebelling against accepted moral codes. Finding meaning in the opposite direction of God and faith. Extremely philosophical. Extremely religious. Religion versus technology. Big and shiny.

amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse: Jupiter 4 Sag 16' conjunct Uranus 5 Sag 29'

Luck through pursuing technological advances. Luck through taking the less traveled route. Luck through going your own way. Luck through breaking from tradition. Lack of sentimentality for the past. Intelligence and depth. Willing to take big, unpredictable risks. Total detachment from convention. An enormous need for freedom from restriction. Luck through wresting yourself from the past. Sudden luck. Lucky breaks. Breaking free. Getting your big break. Open to the unexpected. Open to trying something different. Having confidence in your uniqueness. Having confidence that you are special. Being conceited about the ways that you are different. Getting to the truth. Deep interest in finding out what the truth is. Deep interest in the occult. Hugely unpredictable. Frantic. Restless. Truly crazy. Bouncing off the walls. Out of control. Swinging to extremes. Expanded feelings of not fitting in. Nerds. Geeks. The fringe. Super freak.

Jupiter and Uranus form a conjunction every 14 years.

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People with Jupiter/Uranus aspects:

  • Jeff Koons: Jupiter conjunct Uranus
  • Jim Jones: Jupiter square Uranus
  • Rachel Carson (early environmentalist, author of Silent Spring): Jupiter opposite Uranus
  • Steve Jobs (co-founder of Apple): Jupiter conjunct Uranus
  • Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple): Jupiter trine Uranus
  • William Gibson (author): Jupiter opposite Uranus
  • Wes Anderson (Director of Rushmore, The Life Aquatic and Fantastic Mr. Fox): Jupiter conjunct Uranus
  • Friedrich Nietzsche: Jupiter conjunct Uranus
  • Charles Bukowski: Jupiter opposite Uranus
  • Al Sharpton: Jupiter conjunct Uranus
  • Rick James: Jupiter opposite Uranus

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  • Aatif Azio

    My Jupiter in 2nd House 3 Degrees SCORP Semi Sextile my Uranus 1 Degree of SAG in 3rd House

    • http://astrofix.net/ AstroFix

      What is your experience of this position?

      • Aatif Azio

        its been lucky Aspect for me specially in childhood. when i had met with accidents since 3rd House Uranus is very much prone to accidents while having short term trips. I tried to learn swimming 2 times and failed to learn. Infect, both of time i was about to drown but someone saved me. First time, we were on trip to some form house. My teacher threw me in a deep pool and i didnt even know the swim word by then. i was totally lost into water, suddenly a hand of class fellow rescued me and take me out of the bottom. Then in 8th standard, i fell off a swing in some adventure i left its bar resulting in my body had hit the wall n i had minor fracture in my left Arm.

        Whenever i feel crisis or near escape circumstance, i tend to feel this near escape Aspect a long with other 2 Trines and 1 sextile that my natal URANUS makes to others.

        Even i have heard that if someone born with “Mars squaring Uranus” dangerous aspect, this Uranus/Jupiter harmonious Aspect can really save you.
        On the general positive traits, since uranus is in my 3rd house of networking and communication. I have done microsoft and cisco courses and i am addicted to games/Astrology articles/networking and latest technology.
        Regards :)

    • http://astrofix.net/ AstroFix

      Cool :)

  • Franko

    Hi everyone! I have Uranus conjuction Jupiter in 10th house. What doesn’t mean this? Thank you

    • Pixi

      I have the same aspect. Great if you have an individualistic, uncommon career that can move in any direction, and that you learn from and gain some notoriety from.

  • Ludwig

    Jupiter trine Uranus in Taurus and well aspected in the ninth house…. It explains why I like so much about everything we can say it is electric, scientific or even psychological.

    • Aatif Azio

      Have you ever met with an accident or near escape while traveling ? u must have felt this healthy rescuing aspect.

  • Kleo

    Jupiter in Cancer in 6th house opposite uranus in 1st house in Capricorn. really accurate… but I really don’t know how to interpret this, since Capricorn and Cancer are opposite signs and have opposite qualities…

  • http://astrofix.net astrofix

    Retrogradation makes a difference but in the case of the outer planets the influence is more generational than personal.

  • Emma

    Great article again. I have Jupiter in Pisces (7th House) trine Saturn and Uranus, both retrograde in Sagittarius in the 3rd House. My part of fortune is in the third house too.
    I guess my mind expands in partnerships, sometimes unexpectedly. I think it’s very loopy-do with Saturn AND Uranus with Jupiter there. I feel as though when I get egoistical, Saturn brings me down to Earth or maybe it adds a pragmatism of some kind to the expansive and unexpected.
    It doesn’t make much of a difference, does it, if Uranus is retrograde since the outer planets usually are, right??

  • http://twitter.com/aycelina Aycelina

    Direct connection to God…Having confidence in your uniqueness. Having confidence that you are special. Being conceited about the ways that you are different. Getting to the truth. Deep interest in finding out what the truth is. Deep interest in the occult. Those sentences are defining me!… Uranus 14 degree Virgo… Jupiter 17 degree taurus… exact trine…  

  • http://www.facebook.com/jdempcy Jonah Dempcy

    I was born 9-25-83 and have Jupiter 5°53’37” and Uranus 5°50’26” Sagittarius in the 7th house (conjunct 0°03s).

    A little about me: I am an INTJ. I have an idiosyncratic personality type as elaborated on http://ptypes.com/idiosyncratic.html. I guess you could say I am a pathological non-conformist, and perhaps a (recovering) narcissist. I have identified Jupiter-Uranus energy with the Puer Aeternus/Puella Aeterna myth. Jupiter-Uranus seems to indicate a certain kind of eternal child who is full of excitement and zeal, but not grounded in reality. It may lead one to eternally rebel or be stuck as a teenager (since Uranus is associated with teenage rebellion to a degree).

    My suggestion to others who have strong aspects between Jupiter-Uranus in their chart is to read up on the Puer Aeternus. There is an excellent book of the same name by Marie-Louise von Franz. Another good author who assists in explaining these archetypal energies is Richard Tarnas: http://www.gaiamind.org/AstroIntro.html. Tarnas has explored Jupiter-Uranus aspects in particular in his magnum opus Cosmos & Psyche. I highly recommend reading the chapter(s) in Cosmos & Psyche on Jupiter-Uranus aspects throughout history as well as famous people who were born with Jupiter-Uranus aspects in their natal charts.

    • http://astrofix.net/ Michelle

      Jupiter + Uranus = epic rebellion

      I’m also INTJ. I’ve read Cosmos & Psyche – it’s an excellent book. 

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

    • Pixi

      Eternal child who is epically rebellious! YES!

  • Voyages

    Aries Jupiter (6th) trining Sag Uranus (2nd),

    -working independently and making money sporadically.

    thank you for these articles, they are really sparking synthesis!

  • Agustin

    Excellent! I have these two in the more accurate quadrature and i fell like im looking in a mirror in this blog.Greetings from Argentina

    • http://astrofix.net/ Michelle

      Thank you for reading, Agustin.

  • Chippp

    All of this is so spot on! I have Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn in 8th house and Jupiter in Cancer in the 2nd which opposes both Uranus and Saturn. The Opposition between Jupiter & Uranus is extremely strong since they are both in 01 degree.

    My Virgo Mars and Mercury [4th house] which are conjunct [1 degree apart] sextiles my Jupiter and trines my Uranus.

    Here’s a few experiences that I would like to share that I believe is based on this aspect happening in the 8th house. Myself, my girlfriend, and a friend of mine ordered Chinese food one night… It was taking quite awhile to get here. So I naturally started zoning out for a few minutes and out of the blue I turn to them and say “The delivery guy will be here between 4-7 minutes, he is young man no more than 19 years of age, wearing glasses and a red fitted cap”.

    In 4m32s the guy knocks at the door and my Sun in Gemini / Moon in Scorpio girlfriend along with my Sun in Scorpio / Moon in Aquarius friend accompany me to the door to see if my premonition was true. When I opened the door everything turned out to be exactly the way I said it would turn out to be!

    A few other things that happen which is definitely related to this aspect; When anything electrical breaks down I can just focus onto that object and fix it. I’ve made burned out power cables work again, Booting computers that others have tried doing so for days with no luck what’s so ever [All I did was hold it and turn it on!], broken phones working again. This stuff Never ceases to amaze me when it happens!

    Also knowing exactly where people are at any given moment when I’m waiting for them or meeting up with them. When they get on the bus, train [where they sit both for the bus and train], when they will be driving around the corner [This one gets calculated by the number of times the traffic light changes].

    Finally getting to the last but not least, for the past few weeks every time I put my hand in my pocket to grab my phone it always happens when someone is calling. Haven’t grabbed it once when someone didn’t call!

    All in all I think all these experiences are brought fourth from Jupiter opposition Uranus in the 8th house. Neptune, Saturn, Mercury, and Mars all form 9 aspects to other planets .[Saturn Conj. Nep Saturn Conj. Uranus / Merc Conj. Mars both trine Sat, Nep, Ura]. Could this be the reason for all of this?

    Great blog – Gotta get a daily fix of astrofix. What’s better than a solid interpretation and then some experiences from other people to deepen your understanding. Very 8th house Aries of you!

    Keep up the good work! (:

    • Michelle

      Thank you for reading Chippp, and thank you for sharing your experiences.

      It’s interesting for me to read about your experiences with natal Uranus in the 8th since I’m due for transiting Uranus in the 8th very soon.

  • Gintare

    Hi, Michelle, can you explain conjunction in baby chart? She is virgo sun, moon aquarius with rising scorpio and has such conjunction:
    jupiter (in 4 house pisces) conjunct uranus (in 4th pisces) opposite sun conjunct saturn (in 10th virgo)….i would like to know where should i link her?(future career or?)

    • Michelle

      Hi Gintare, 

      I’m reluctant to do children’s charts. I’d rather let kids get old enough to where they can be part of the astrology conversation rather than have expectations put upon them. It’s too hard to know exactly how the potential of a chart will manifest.

      That being said, http://kiddiestarsigns.kiddiegram.com/ is a site that specialize in children’s astrology. Check it out.

  • http://www.astromyfriend.com/rudraksha Rudraksha

    Jupiter and uranus both are important planets as far as human astrology is concern. jupiter is the broad planet having good characteristics when coming up with uranus giving some wonderful results. Yantra , Rudraksha , Crystal Products , Parad , Gemstones , Semi Precious Stones , Astrology , Horoscope

  • http://www.astromyfriend.com/yantras yantra

    This article is good for jupiter and uranus aspection Yantra

  • http://fascinus.tumblr.com/ Joswan

    This is one thing that really blew my mind b’cause I never understand my Jupiter in 11th Pisces square Uranus Sag in 8th. I almost there, but always not enough material to describe what the hell is this mess?

    Maybe that aspect only can foretell my future, something that is not happening yet?

    • Michelle

      “Foretelling the future” is a good phrase for this aspect.

      something that is not happening yet?
      Mm…don’t you already question why you are different, looking for the meaning of why you are they way you are? Being interested in the meaning behind why you are different is quite Jupiter/Uranus don’t you think?

      • http://fascinus.tumblr.com/ Joswan

        Hmm..not really, maybe because I don’t really quite grasp the meaning of 8th house

        Isn’t you have said that the 8th house is the house when people judge your resources/ possesion? It’s “them” house, while 2nd house is the house of your “self” house of resources, esteem and talent?
        Is that the house which indicates whether you will be hired or fired? Because paycheck relates to your contribution service to people right?

        But still the if I explain the 8th like above words, the meaning will slight alter to 7th and 11th house which I find incorrect.
        If the 8th is about mystery, death and rebirth..it seems 8th lost meaning and transition to connect 7 and 9th house. I’m so confuse.

        If I really understand my Uranus in 8th, I might make a link to more understandable Jupiter in 11th. I hope.. gulp :(

        • Michelle

          I’ve never heard of the 8th being related to employment. That seems like a 6th house issue.

          Psychology and intimacy are other words associated with the 8th house. You are quite psychological. Uranus in the 8th would give a deep interest in the occult.

          • http://fascinus.tumblr.com/ Joswan

            Oh! I just went to your 8th house article and I got reminded by “Transformation!” Yeah! That is the key! And when you said psychological, occult, mystic in square with my very Christian like Jupiter in Pisces. That’s mean I’m quite rebel with my religion and the way of thinking!

            I got it now! You know, it was a mistake to interpret outer planetary reading as personal (just like Mercury,Mars,Venus,etc) because they are talking about larger issue, generational, global influence!
            That’s why I never get it!

            A few months ago when Jupiter conj Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra. I think it has connotation with my personal Jupiter square Uranus. Maybe when Jupiter transit in Aries, I’ll keep in tune with dramatic change, which is a good time 😉

            • Michelle

              Although the outer planets aren’t personal I think that individuals can personify the generational energy. Martin Luther King with Jupiter trine Neptune, or Lance Armstrong with Jupiter conjunct Neptune. are excellent examples. By going about living their lives they tapped into the collective energy, used it in their personal lives, and touched many people by doing so.

              • http://fascinus.tumblr.com/ Joswan

                Right! High Aspiration people will have higher purpose of outer planets more visible, embodies in their life. Low aspiration people will clutter up with the never ending distraction from their personal planets, make them unable to see the big picture. I think from Jupiter through Pluto make us sit and think about more intricate global way kind of thinking in contrast when we compare to our relationship with personal planets. Mercury for example, is like tics and the moon move faster than the rest of planet making a never ending cycle in one’s emotion.

                I..of course I won’t stuck in my personal planets bound. (Neptune in 8th) 😉

                Outer planets on 3 layers from top, personal planets 3 layers from bottom.

                I think I just have “aha” moment from your description above, Thks Mich :)

  • Taís Madeira

    I love the aspects series! Have you ever thought of doing a unaspected planets series?
    Will you write a Saturn/Uranus one? I’ve been longing for this one!

    • Michelle

      Hi Tais,

      I hadn’t thought about doing unaspected planets, but that’s something I will keep in mind. Saturn Uranus is coming up shortly – in 3 posts. A lot of people have been asking for planets in aspect to the angles.

  • http://astrobix.com/articles/Jupiter-Transit-Through-Different-Houses.aspx Alice Brown

    Great article on Jupiter & Uranus conjunction. It would be great if you can explain us about Jupiter’s transit into various planets and Saturn aspects with regard to the same, for reference please visit http://astrobix.com/articles/Jupiter-Transit-Through-Different-Houses.aspx . Nice share..!!

    • Michelle

      Writing about transits is not in the schedule right now but will be addressed in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe I missed your birthday. Hope you had a fabulous one, Michelle!

    Another great post. I never seem to have aspects like this that I think are cool and unique. Mine seem average and boring. lol

    • Michelle

      I never seem to have aspects like this that I think are cool and unique. Mine seem average and boring. lol
      Hm…they might seem boring individually, but taken all together they are unique.

      Can’t believe I missed your birthday. Hope you had a fabulous one, Michelle!
      Thank you!

  • http://www.earthwindfireflow.blogspot.com/ MsFullroller

    10th house Gemini Jupiter square 1st house Virgo Uranus rx.

    I would have never thought that having this aspect would explain being a nerd, or geek. However since the shoe fits, I guess I gotta wear it. lol

    “…Truly crazy…”

    Remember me saying an astrologer told me that I had lost my mind in a past life? This aspect is probably why.

    Yes, I have had sudden luck in career, but not without restrictions, setbacks and lots of prior preparation. I have an enormous need for freedom from restriction but I understand in order to be free there must be some healthy boundaries and discipline. On the surface, it might look like I’m taking a huge risk, but there has been many hours of back and forth, thinking and re-thinking before any move is made.

    As I’ve mentioned before Saturn is on the other side of this coin, square Jupiter, Pluto rx conjunct Uranus.

    Awesome post Michelle and Happy Belated Birthday if I did not say it to you before.

    • Michelle

      Awesome post Michelle and Happy Belated Birthday if I did not say it to you before.
      Thank you Ms. Fullroller 😀

  • LB

    “Direct connection to God”
    I have a loose square between my 12th house Uranus in Leo and 3rd house Jupiter in Scorpio, and I’d like to think I have a personal relationship with God – sometimes the reception on my end isn’t so great though, and I have to wait then redial. The trine must be awesome.

    “Deep interest in finding out what the truth is.” “Extremely philosophical.”
    I think these two relate back to my relationship with God – for me it’s a never-ending journey. I can’t separate who I am from that relationship, nor would I want to – it informs every area of my life. All of my chart’s angles – Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune – are conjunct.

    Technology has been both a blessing and a curse. A physical challenge prevents me from typing on the computer for long periods of time and sometimes, I can’t go on the computer at all. So my old line of work (as a school office manager) is no longer an option. Plus, I’m so not a techie – I’d be totally lost without my husband to help out with our more advanced computer issues. Most small offices now expect their office managers to perform double duty as their computer go-to people. But I do appreciate how technology has allowed me to communicate during times when I’ve felt isolated.

    I also see this aspect as playing out in my advocacy on behalf of the elderly Board and Care residents of the facility where my mother once lived. Thanks to my Scorpio placements, on several occasions I was able to help reform some of the facility’s sloppy (and dangerous) procedures. One time I managed to prevent an illegal rent increase. Each time, the facility received a costly fine which ended up to be an effective motivator when all else failed. Not that I kid myself that any of it made much of a difference in the long run, but at least it helped a little.

    And lastly, maybe this also relates to my intuitive gifts and the way I choose to use them – Uranus is conjunct asteroid Reiki/anti-vertex, and opposite my 6th house Chiron.

    Another great post, Michelle. Hope you never get sick of me saying that!

    • http://www.earthwindfireflow.blogspot.com/ MsFullroller

      “…I’d like to think I have a personal relationship with God – sometimes the reception on my end isn’t so great though, and I have to wait then redial…”

      This is so funny to me, then again, it takes one to know one! 😉

    • Michelle

      As always thank you for your thoughtful comments!

      Just a side note LB, I recently started playing with voice recognition software (Windows 7 has it built in) and it’s quite good. That could a way to do more typing – if you want to.

      • LB

        Thank you, Michelle. I appreciate the info – “sounds” interesting!

        I’m sorry I missed your birthday. Hope it was great and that you have a spectacular year ahead. xoxoxo

        • Michelle

          Thank you for belated bday wishes :) I may do a write-up about my Solar Return when I finish this series (only about 8 posts to go). I have 5 planets in Aries in the 3rd house this year.

          • LB

            I’d enjoy reading about your Solar Return – I still don’t have a good handle on how to read them, so I’d love to learn. It would also be interesting to look at a previous Solar Return where you knew how things turned out, if you know what I mean. I’m still comparing the two different versions of my last Solar Return (one was the precessed), to see which one of them makes the most sense, in retrospect. I have a ways to go.

            Wow, 5 planets in Aries in the 3rd – and I thought we had challenging neighbors! Hopefully, for you it will bring mostly positive things, such as dynamic and fortunate communications.

            • Michelle

              It would also be interesting to look at a previous Solar Return where you knew how things turned out
              That’s what I was thinking -I’d show last year’s SR and then go into this year’s.

              I really hope I don’t have challenges with neighbors. Fortunately Jupiter is conjunct the Sun – maybe they’ll be having a lot of loud summer parties :)

              • LB

                Maybe they’ll invite you! :)

                • Michelle

                  Maybe :)

          • http://www.earthwindfireflow.blogspot.com/ MsFullroller

            I’d enjoy reading that as well. I’ve got one less planets than you in Aries but in the opposite house.

  • Anon and Ever

    By the way, the relation between Jupiter – expansion – and Uranus – surprise – can be seen in Cold Fusion affaire and the fact that in Bologna they arrived at a potentially commercial use of this energy into a device, into an engine, that a Greek company decided to risk on…

    • Michelle

      Thank you for the information Anon and Ever. I haven’t read enough about it to comment.

  • tatiana.larina

    Both founders of Apple have jupiter/Uranus aspect! I love your blog because of such fascinating finds.

    I have Jupiter in Pisces (12th house) quincunx Uranus in Scorpio (7th house) – an aspect I would call “quirky alone”.

    • Michelle

      Thank you Tatiana 😀

      “Quirky alone” …. interesting.

    • http://www.earthwindfireflow.blogspot.com/ MsFullroller

      Have you read the book “Quirkyalone” by Sasha Cagen? It’s a pretty good read.

    • http://clementines.com another John

      I agree! Just found it. Sept 2013

  • Anany83

    I have Jupiter conjunct Uranus (sagi) in 10th house.

    I still don’t know how its going to manifest in my life, but its true that i seek freedom when it comes to career .As i have Aqua Asc and Uranus in 10th ,I often think about to do something NEW ,One of a kind thing.I want to reach out to people by it…..I have also Asc sextile Jupiter and Uranus .I can feel some unpredictability,weirdness,unconventional attitude and also gregarious-ness in me.

    I love gadgets and the technological expansion,I am happy that I am different.I have interest in astrology and other occult subjects.

    The article is very good.

    “Luck through pursuing technological advances. Luck through taking the less traveled route. Luck through going your own way. Luck through breaking from tradition.”—–I love these lines from this article.Its the thing that Jupiter conjunct Uranus is trying to teach!!

    • Michelle

      Perhaps with such an emphasis on Uranus in connection with the 10th and MC the solution to having an original idea that touches many people will just suddenly come to you.

      • Anany83

        thank you for the reply .Michelle.

        I always feel,or an intuition works in me which indicates that something is going to happen,related to self-expression or career…..but i don’t know when I will be able get hold of this distant feeling ,or when I will get this special calling. I am waiting..

        Unpredictability related to career or sudden joblessness can also happen,that is what I have read in few sites.

        Can u suggest some careers for me?


        • Michelle

          Unpredictability related to career or sudden joblessness can also happen,that is what I have read in few sites.
          That’s a possibility, but it happens to a lot of people. It’s shown not only by natal aspects, but also transiting aspects, and progressions.

          Can u suggest some careers for me?
          Not without seeing your whole chart – that would have to be in a reading rather than in comments.

  • Idan

    Thanks for the Wonderful article, very intresting :)
    I have Uranus in 8th house semi sextile Jupiter in the 6th.
    ” Direct connection to God”- Very strong feeling of that sentence.

  • amoureuse

    jupiter in scorpio 7th house semi sextile uranus 8th house sagittarius… i wonder what the 7th and 8th would bring to me… getting big breaks? from who? from apartner? now im wondering about the future.. this is true esp about the technology. i grew up having a personal computer back home. we had 3 phone lines, a fax machine, etc just at home.. now, our house looks like an office. its ridiculous. yeah ur right, im sort of using technology to expand my horizon..

    • Michelle

      With the 7th and 8th house emphasized, possible lucky breaks through partnerships.

      • amoureuse

        im hoping… partnership in business or romantic, right?

        • Michelle

          That is what those positions imply.

          • amoureuse

            mich just want to ask what if jupiter is in scorpio 11th house semi sextile uranus in sagitarrius 12th house? luck will come from where?

            • Michelle

              Something about taking risks by being out of the normal 9-5 world.

              • http://www.annbelle.co.cc amoureuse

                11th and 12th house is about taking risk? what do u mean about 9-5 world, i dont get it.. oh by the way, belated happy birthday to you , mich! best wishes! love your blog! :)

                • Michelle

                  Thank you for belated birthday wishes :)

                  9-5 means the everyday working world (shown by the 6th house) versus the 12th house which seeks to completely escape from that world.

                  • http://www.annbelle.co.cc amoureuse

                    ah… wow! thats a handful of info. thank you.. didint realize that… this year i have the ste daily stellium in aries 12th house.. maybe thats the reason why i started singing and learning the art of it not to mention i still paint.. my escape from the world. natally, i have 3 planets in 6th house libra.- pluto, mars and saturn… my daily routine.. thank you mich!

  • Atlast

    I have a jup in leo 11th quincux uranus in cap 4th by 1 degree.

    Never quite understand how quincuxs works, but I thiink that thoose planets makes me kind of a chaoticly crazy person, and thats hard to deal with that. It’s not that I bring chaos to the envrioment, since I’m quiet, but people sometimes have the impression that I’m really crazy (but, at last, fun).

    • Michelle

      A lot of astrologers use the word “adjustment” when talking about quincunxes but that never seems adequate. Thinking about quincunxes in terms of adjusting expectations seems to be more helpful. In your case your Jupiter and Uranus need to adjust their expectations toward each other and how things will play out.

      • Atlast

        umm, let me see if i understand, since my uranus is in the 4th house capricorn, it expect my jupter to have the 4th house and cap caracteristics, as jupter expect uranus to have 11th and leo characteristics?

        • Michelle

          That’s a good place to start.

  • Anonymous

    it is funny you show amy winehouse. she was born 9 days after me. i have jupiter-uranus at 3 sag in the first house, quite close to my ascendant at 28 scorpio.

    wow, almost all the above applies to me. i can be contagiously optimistic but i can also be quite zealous and preachy (took me a while to figure this out, lol). my childhood had a lot of trips abroad and my parents/caretakers were very much this way, intellectual/philosophical/progressive computer nerds/geeks. at once point we had 6 tv’s in the house and i started going onto BBS and IRC chatting before i hit puberty. i rebelled hardcore against my catholic upbringing only to embrace the esoteric aspects of it later in life. with this and my 9th house stellium i’ve been told i’m incredibly lucky. i don’t know if that’s true but i do believe you can make your own luck and i tend to embrace risk and don’t like when my life is too staid or routine.

    that said i think this aspect mostly applies to my childhood and my personality around friends and peers. as a scorpio rising i have layers to me and i only show my vulnerable/dark side to people i can really,really,really,really trust :)

    • Michelle

      Fascinating unsunghiro!

      i can be contagiously optimistic but i can also be quite zealous and preachy
      That seems like a dead-on description for Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sag.

      The Sagittarius influence definitely influences the luck-making and gambling attributes of this combination.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts :)

  • Zoa

    I have this aspect as well: Uranus 6th house trine Jupiter 10th house
    “Wondering what the future will bring. Looking forward.”

    These are very true for me. I’m always looking forward to what will happen. When I start something new I do what I can to break from anything from the past, and to start over. I always think the future can always be more positive than the past.

    • Michelle

      I always think the future can always be more positive than the past.
      Yes…positive thoughts about the future!