Jupiter/Pluto Aspects


man holding glowing pyramidWielding power. Huge resources. Capacity for enormous wealth. The ability to regenerate abundance. The power of abundance. Digging really deep. Expanded power. People who hold a lot of power. Big and powerful. Too big to fail. Big government. Luck through big government. Luck through mining. Diamonds. The pressure of being wealthy. The power of the wealthy. Controlling fortunes. Playing in the big leagues. Monopolies. Power players. Philosophies of power. A lot of waste. Wealth from recycling. Wealth from things that are buried. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” People who love flea markets, pawn shops, antiquing or thrift store shopping. Finding the good in what has been discarded. Treasure hunts. Scavenger hunts. Muckrakers.

Compulsive gambling. Compulsive risk-takers. Taking risks in investing. The underside of gambling. Life or death gambles. Russian roulette. Power through trying your luck. Luck through exploring the taboo. Turning something positive into something twisted and in need of transformation. Turning something destructive into something positive and supportive. Intrepid explorers and risk-takers. Feeling that powerful forces oppose you and prevent you from being prosperous. Having an overwhelming number of secrets or skeletons in the closet. Outrageously paranoid. Suspicion out of proportion to real events. Out of control obsession. Ridiculous jealousy. Overwhelmingly intense. Incredibly wasteful.

Keeping humor and faith in times of turmoil. Joyful in the face of death. Having an optimistic attitude toward inevitable change. Lightness and darkness. Out of whack survival instincts. Philosophies of survival. Survivalists. Stockpiling survival gear and other necessities. Hoarding things you “think” you need. Overstating the amount of pain you experience. Blowing your pain out of proportion to reality. Making everything into a huge crisis. Enormous pain and the need for catharsis. Appetite for destruction.

Hidden benefactors. Powerful benefactors. Powerful supporters. Overwhelming support. Titanic power struggles. Excessive destruction. Exaggerated sexual appetites. Enormous crisis. The power of God. God complex. Overbearing moral attitudes. Death and destruction in the name of your God. Obsessed with religion. Forcing your moral authority. Attempting to control others through your relationship with a higher power. Obsessed with being right. Corrupt morals. Finding healing through religion. Transforming your life through a relationship with a higher power. Uncovering your inner wisdom. Penetrating wisdom. Depth of understanding. Joy and pain. The power of the positive. Deep resources of optimism and joy in times of hardship. The faith that the bad times will end and you can start over. Sticking to your principles even under extreme duress. Thriving under enormous pressure.

Understanding the meaning of power and influence. Obsessed with education and learning. Knowledge is power. Life-transforming journeys. Traveling through harsh conditions. Interactions with foreign people that cause you to overhaul your life. Power struggles abroad. The power of being bigger. Obsessed with being bigger – physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Pumping yourself up. Wanting to dominate a particular sphere of influence. Conceited about the amount of power you have. Arrogant about the power you wield. Making a big display of your power. Enormous transformations. Huge upheavals. Binging and purging. Taking in too much then nearly destroying yourself trying to get rid of it. Powerful desire for excess. More is more. Wanting to experience everything – the highest highs and lowest lows. Attempting to fill a void that can never be filled.

Jupiter forms a conjunction with Pluto every 13 years.

pumping yourself up

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This book is my favourite, as it goes in depth with all the personal planets’ aspects. The realism of Michelle’s sobering insights leaves nowhere to hide, and has you really having to face parts of yourself that you may wish to keep hidden (if you have any Scorpio in you). If you’re looking for readings that pull no punches, and look at all the possible permutations of planetary energies pitted against each other, then this is the e-book for you!

Planet Combinations Ben Kossenberg Planet Combinations

I love your work, thank you.

Bruce various ebooks of yours http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

Great take on a classical technique. There’s a lot of insight in these pages.

Jack Hopkins Rulers of Houses in Houses

Keywords are so essential in the interpretation of an astrological chart — they add innuendo and flexibility, but are insightful and powerful as well. I just loved diving right into “Angles” and plan to purchase additional, different publications from AstroFix in the future. Good value, as well, for the price.

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Excellent book – the key words really illuminate the different aspects, and have aided me greatly in my understanding of many of the charts I have examined. Highly recommended.

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The books were very informative Michelle. You have a gift of seeing tiny nuances based off a placement that few other astrologers can see.

I’ve always liked your site because you’re style is a lot like mine. I’m a Leo with Aries rising, a four inner planet stellium in Leo and most other planets in fire signs, so I like my information quick and to the point and you do that the best.
Your work is also eerily accurate. Keep up the good work. Keep sharing your gift with us other astrology addicts 🙂

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This book is much personal, and allows us to take the info in the book “Signs through Houses” and personalize the infra structure in the first book to exactly match the individual. As this book helps us to refine what is in the book “Signs through Houses” reveal to suit the native in an accurate way.

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Just great

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Love your writing style 🙂

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Great as always, thank you

Ditto Rulers of Houses in Houses http://astrofix.net/shop/rulers-of-houses-in-houses/

This book was very informative and as always, Michelle managed to merge the complex astrological aspects into digestible sentences.

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These books will give you vocabulary of all Astro possibilities. Then you need work it by yourself. If you have some basics then you will get to the point. If you don’t, then you will get your basics. Good read!

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Michelle is one of the best astrologers that I am following now for years, and these books were great reference for someone like me, who occasionally does a reading and needs a reference. These days I am mostly studying the stars from a vedic perspective for accuracy sake, but these are so to the point that cant have-not them.

Aldy AstroFix E-Book Collection

Sometimes, Node readings can be very vague, but because this tackles sign and house together, the reading become more personal, and together with Michelle’s interpretations, they become a wide set of images that really dig out all possible interpretations.

Ben Kossenberg The Nodes by Sign and House

Astrology is a passion for me. These ebooks are so helpful in teasing out the lessons being offered with a certain position and movement within a chart. They, like astrology itself, have no concrete answers about meaning, but valuable suggestions to ponder as things progress. Great additions to my library and books I will return to time and again.

Sheila eBooks http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

5 stars. Very good information. Quite happy with the purchase.

Juan Planet Combination, The Nodes by Sign and House, Angles http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

To the point, spot on, concise, EXCELLENT. Thank you!!

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Descriptions: Brief, To the point, One is able to capture the energy being described instantly. Thankyou Michelle

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Been studying astrology for 20y
I know it very well, people say I could go pro since I’m better than some they tried. Not bragging just saying.

I am very happy with those books. I like the brainstorming style. Makes it easy to me. Cut the crap. Straight to the point.
Creative. Clever. Inspiring and inspired.
And that price!!
I’ll come back for more

Many thanks

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One of the things Michelle is really good at is – providing resources for topics that are really hard to find on the Internet. One of the first things novice astrologers realize right off the bat is that there are very few resources on the web regarding this very subject! $2 for an encyclopedic compilation of signs through the houses? Trust me – this is a steal. In all the years I’ve spent studying astrology, no one has been more thoughtful, thorough, and accessible as Michelle. Her e-books are a good resource for the beginner student, as well as the seasoned astrologer looking for a refresher. She takes an intuitive approach to astrology, as she carefully configures each sign, house, and planet’s archetypal features into her descriptions. She teaches astrology by modeling astrology. The learner will benefit not only from her descriptions, but also from her methodology!

Christine Rulers of Houses in Houses

I call it the infra structure of the chart, And it provides an accurate 12 stereotypes of infrastructure, which is amazing to start looking at when reading a chart.

Tarek Moustafa Signs through the Houses

The “Key” phrases and “Key’ sentences in Planet Combinations: Astrological Brainstorms are great when you need a bit of inspiration to get your mind moving in the right direction…

Patricia Planet Combinations http://astrofix.net/shop/planet-combinations/

I love this book. I found it to be accurate and positive. I will use it to interpret charts. The price was great.

Patricia Rulers of Houses in Houses http://astrofix.net/shop/rulers-of-houses-in-houses/

Very informative. In the many years of delving into Astrology, I feel I have learned the most in a short amount of time through Astrofix. Thank you!

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Your books we’re/are so helpful. I regularly go back to them. Made me understand astrology better. Really grasp how the ruler of the chart affects the whole. And Love that book of every sign on every house cusp. A lot of great material to constantly work with. Thankyou

Lilo AstroFix E-Book Collection

Your free form, poetic planetary brainstorms are a gem. They serve as wonderfully informative guides to planetary aspects that I have used to understand the energies better. A very useful way of illustrating the potential of the planets. Thank you!

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What a great jump-start for readings! The books also work as great prompts for journaling and reflection. I have a tricky chart reading in front of me and find something useful wherever I look. The books are a creative evolution beyond the old cookbooks, with more food for thought.

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5 stars. How about doing an Ebook on planets in houses?

Robert Ligon Planet Combinations http://astrofix.net/shop/planet-combinations/

Planet Combinations is my all-time favorite. Each planet has a special relationship to all the others and this ebook goes into that. It’s like having a map of how the different actors in a movie relate with each other. High Drama!

Planet Combinations Jack Hopkins Planet Combinations

Great format, tons of insight without having to wade thru a lot of extraneity!

Fran Rulers of Houses in Houses, Virgo Sun in Houses, Planet Combinations http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

Thank you. Really. You made it affordable for me and these are the most mind opener lines on aspects, nodes, etc i ever read.

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Brilliant! Loved it !

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Wonderfully lucid and insightful portraits of the aspects and rulers house. Michelle is a wordsmith par excellence! Her portraits are a marvel and will linger with you for years to come. Highly recommended!

Isabelle AstroFix E-Book Collection

I really love your books (I previously bought the rulerships one and the planet combinations) for their inspired key words which really help me to get a handle on the aspect in all its forms and permutations. Thanks!

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To me totally new information and spot on in detail for both me and my kids. I just love this!!

Ulrika Signs through the Houses http://astrofix.net/shop/signs-through-the-houses/

I love how this ebook was written, because mentally that’s how I think. It wasn’t long and tedious to read and all of the descriptions hit the mark. It was user friendly and easy to navigate.

Ashley Planet Combinations http://astrofix.net/shop/planet-combinations/

Always read you for insight. I like your style because it resonates deep.

Lise AstroFix eBooks

Very insightful and stimulating reading. The books inspire another way of looking at the meaning of the chart. Thank you!

Susan Chiron + Planets, Angles http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

This is an excellent compendium of the meanings associated with rulers of houses in other houses. It helps me out a lot.

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5 stars

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5 Stars

Adrian Rulers of Houses in Houses http://astrofix.net/shop/rulers-of-houses-in-houses/

A very comprehensive treatment of the Node positions. Signs and houses are often lumped together, which can get a little glossy. I like this approach much better.

Jack Hopkins The Nodes by Sign and House

I sooo enjoyed your e-books….very useful information.
I look forward to your blog…”THANKYOU” so much for your services :))

Christi AstroFix E-Book Collection

As always, Michelle’s interpretations are not only spot on, but challenge the aspects from lots of different angles. Everything is covered, and there is something to take away for everyone.

Ben Kossenberg Rulers of Houses in Houses

I have a SN conjunct Moon in Leo in the 10th house. My NN is in Aquarius in the 4th house. I think I bought Michelle’s e-book at a critical time in my life – a time when I was debating the merits of graduate school (a debate that’s been going on ever since I entered college). Michelle verbalized all the things I knew intuitively, but hesitated to put into words. Reading the description for my SN-NN combination gave me a little push of confidence in the right direction. I can’t tell you how reaffirming it is to hear someone say something you’ve known all along.

Christine The Nodes by Sign and House

5 Stars.

Lana Rulers of Houses in Houses http://astrofix.net/shop/rulers-of-houses-in-houses/

Very good book, good informations

Oriana Rulers of Houses in Houses http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

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  • Guest

    This planetary combination is probably my favorite. Several of these themes have been written across my life for better and unfortunately for worse “Excessive destruction” and “The Power of God” literally leaped off the page. What’s odd is that I only have Jupiter (in Pisces) sesquiquadrate Pluto (in Scorpio) and this aspect seems so hidden (interestingly enough) and there is hardly anything written about it. Also I have the same aspect between Jupiter and my ascendant in Scorpio…what exactly is the sesquiquadrate and what’s it’s significance?

  • Lilian Matos

    I have Jupiter square Pluto 0°32’, my Jupiter is in Capricorn, 1st house 2° 3’52’’. When I was a child I used to love money, just loved it. But what called my attention was “Enormous pain and the need for catharsis”, “ Appetite for destruction” and “Attempting to fill a void that can never be filled”. My appetite for self destruction is huge.

    • What do you do to rail against the self-destruction?

      • Lilian

        I cannot do anything against it, it is stronger than myself. I’ve just surrender to a higher power, I hope it works.

        And your blog is wonderful. It is really beautiful the way you put the words and phrases together, making a kind of poetic image so we can see the big picture. I started to study astrology a few months ago, and your page is my favorite so far.

  • foreigner.

    Wow this is pretty accurate. I have Jupiter square Pluto with my Jupiter in Pisces/10th house & my Pluto in Sagittarius/6th house. I guess my career’s going to be pretty intense

    • What are you planning on doing career-wise?

      • foreigner.

        I’m going to pursue a degree in animation in the next year! 🙂 as well as write and illustrate comic books on the side.

        • Very cool. Do you have a blog or website showing your work?

          • foreigner.

            Not really. I mean, whenever I do set up a page with my work & not get even 1 comment on it, it kind of discourages me from posting any of my art, so I end up deleting the page. Some days I look through my sketchbooks and feel like throwing them away

            • Have you tried disabling comments and just leaving share buttons?

              Don’t throw your work away. I greatly regret throwing away my old artwork and writing. I’ve even considered deleting this whole blog in moments of frustration and despair. Just keep plugging away … you can only get better 🙂

              • foreigner.

                Lol thanks I’ll consider the advice 🙂

  • avbirdland

    Hi Michelle,
    love your brainstormings; they’re rich and accurate.
    Looked for Jupiter conjunct Pluto, because my six year-old son has it exact (in Sagittarius). He has such an enormous willpower and excessively loves to fight, loves weapons like swords, guns (even was showed how to shot with a real one by his grandfather a few days ago). He is really expansive, not only physical (sometimes dancing excessively to loud and hard music) or driving very fast out of parents sight with his kickboard, but also with collecting DVD-movies (for 12-years-old children), LEGO stuff, and money. I sometimes wonder, how this little child can have have such an unalterable inner knowledge about what he wants and how he can have this enormous enthusiastic power to bring the people around to give him what he wants. Now I see a little clearer.
    Another thing: As, after reading your brainstorming, the Jupiter-Pluto-archetype showed up in my imagination, I spontaneously thought about Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula 1-mogul, and looked for his birth chart. You can guess what I found there?

  • niecy

    I have pluto square Jupiter. I’m only 22, but where’s my power and money hiding?? LOL

    • Which house are Jupiter and Pluto in?

      • Denise

        Pluto is in the 5th and Jupiter in the 3rd

        • Denise

          Same person, different name lol

  • Mary

    Hi. I have this conjunction from my current transit. natal Jupiter(in Aquarius) is in my third house ruled by Capricorn. Pluto is currently transiting there. I have had major career changes since 2008 when i got my first real job. I have had two jobs so far with the last one paying alot of money. I lost my job at 2012 august due to some issues of pay and the company closing down. i am currently unemployed but i am preparing for a greater comeback than before. Wish me luck.

  • Oracle

    Hi I like this article. I have Jupiter sextile Pluto. My Jupiter is in Scorpio in 6th House and Pluto in Virgo in 4th House. Exaggerated sexual appetites. Enormous crisis. The power of God. God complex. Overbearing moral attitudes. Death and destruction in the name of your God. Obsessed with religion. Forcing your moral authority. Attempting to control others through your relationship with a higher power. Obsessed with being right. Corrupt morals. Finding healing through religion. Transforming your life through a relationship with a higher power. Uncovering your inner wisdom. Penetrating wisdom. Depth of understanding. Joy and pain. The power of the positive. Deep resources of optimism and joy in times of hardship. The faith that the bad times will end and you can start over. Sticking to your principles even under extreme duress. Thriving under enormous pressure. This has got to be the epitome of my personality. This has been my life’s struggles and definition. My quest for God has become an obsession. My Moon and North Node in Aquarius conjunct in my 9th House, LOL! Not to mention my appetite for making money!

    My Draconic Sun is in Aquarius and my Moon in Aries tightly conjuncts North Node in Aries, of course at 0 degrees, in my 9th House! LOL! With Venus and Mars aspecting my Moon.

    I love this aspect because so many very powerful people have it and I just got inspired even more to launch my ideas and inventions. Thank you Astrofix for that wonderful explication of the Jupiter/Pluto aspects.

    Oracle is AstroSpirit Rising
    Rising Gemini
    Sun Capricorn
    Moon Aquarius
    Venus Scorpio
    Mars Scorpio
    Jupiter Scorpio
    Vertex Scorpio
    Pluto Virgo

    • Thank you for sharing your experiences, Oracle.

  • Wesley

    I ve got my Jupiter in Taurus, in the ninth house and in a opposition of Pluto. It is a very important aspect and in such times I have all these characteristics.

  • Amy

    Man, I’ve got a triple conjunction of Jupiter, Mercury, and Pluto all conjunct within 1 degree.

    7H Jupiter Scorpio 27* 40′
    7H Mercury Scorpio 27* 51′
    7H Pluto Scorpio 28* 18′

    My Sun is widely conjunct to all of this at 6* Sagittarius on the 7/8H cusp.

    Here’s hoping to great success and wealth! I could really use that right now!

  • Astrologyhelps

    It is important to differentiate between types of aspects.
    I know 2 women well with jupiter opposite pluto and twisted psyche describes them perfectly, nothing is pure in what they think, say or do.  However I also know jupiter trine pluto person and whilst powerful, they stand for positive circumstances instead of creating negative ones like the women with jup opp pluto do.  I got away from one of these women and am now longing for an opportunity to get away from the other one. 

  • Ile

    Yes, some very good points here. I wrote down some of the keywords in my notebook.
    I always like a  catchy keywords and congratulations for making them Michelle.
    I’m a songwriter and I want what we lyricists called a ‘hook’, some word which will take the listeners attention.
    I have an interesting play of sextiles. Pluto at 2 Scorpio, Mars at 6 Scorpio in  4th house, in Sextile to Neptune at 0 Capricorn, Jupiter at 0.50 Capricorn and Mercury at 8 Capricorn in 6th house. To this I add Venus at 27  Sag.
    Many of the keywords here are very true. Jupiter as a ruler of my Sag S.Node is very Spiritual.  I explored many religions and belief systems and I’m always digging deeper and deeper (never enough of spiritual knowledge). I have this sense of Higher Power governing my life. After many years of  searching for ‘the truth’ I found out that this place inside is something which all the religions and belief systems are referring to. I called it “the Source”. Others do perceive me as a teacher (some even call me a ‘guru’, a title which I don’t like really, but I guess it is something which is left inside me from many past lives). 
    I found out that Pluto is giving me a depth and Jupiter widening. Pluto is going vertically and Jupiter horizontally. The one is digging and the other explore.
    Jupiter (and Neptune) rules my 9th house and when Uranus started transiting it a couple of years ago (at the same time Pluto transit conjunct my natal Jupiter and Neptune) I broke up with the Orthodox Christianity and started to explore some other spiritual belief and psychological systems. (I guess this comes from Pluto in 4th too). Year ago I get into Astrology. Actually I’ve got a big passion for Astrology. 
    Pluto-Jupiter sextile brought to me many opportunities for Learning and Exploring the spiritual dimension of life.

    It is very deep aspect indeed. And I need to meditate on the keywords you wrote. I’m sure I’ll find many more insights.

    • Where is your south node, Ile?

  • Urumtsug

     I have Pluto Rx conjunct Mars and Rx Uranus in Virgo 10th house, trine Jupiter in Taurus 7th. This is part of a grand earth trine with my Sun in Capricorn conjunct Lilith, Pallas and Juno. I’ve gambled my life and won.  I have had miraculous luck in deadly accidents. I can wield the power of God, Hades and Lilith,  bringing about sudden change, justice, peace, salvation to women and potential death to the agents of darkness. Darkness fears me. I’ve almost broken the sternum of a murderer and tossed him all over the place by the throat with one hand. My left. I’m a righty. I’m a skinny, wiry guy, not at all muscular. I have stood my ground against a knife, startling my enemy so much with my determination that he forgot to use his weapon when he had a chance and finally lost heart. I find beauty in weapons, especially exotic ones, probably thanks to the sq to Venus in the 2nd in Sag. I have guns, swords, daggers, knives, a spear, a helmet and what not. Weapons obey me willingly. I can do the voice of the Underworld thing. I can look like Satan, when forced to. I can look like an angel, when I want to. I’m on a mission from God. 

    I live in a house where a guy immolated himself last autumn. This place gives people the creeps and nobody wants to live here or even visit here. Half the apartments are empty. I don’t mind the dark portal  the dead guy opened as he died. I ordered it to seal and it sealed. Any dark creatures will just have to deal with me, if they want to come up. 

    I have dug really deep into the psyche. I’ve seen two of my past deaths in my dreams, probably thanks to the sextile between Pluto and Neptune, helped by Pluto in Capricorn, where the oldest bones lie buried. One of those old deaths was in a cave, getting eaten by a bear. In scary situations everybody else panics, but I remain calm, even cheerful. I can enter chaos and when I exit, there is order. I’ve uncovered my inner wisdom and there seems to be more of it to uncover. I’m transforming my life as we speak. I can stick to my principles under extreme duress, if I consider the matter to be worth it. Causing me extreme duress is extremely unwise. Some of the greatest things I’ve achieved were achieved under immense pressure. My bad times are ending. I love flea markets and such.

    • Michelle

       I’m transforming my life as we speak. I can stick to my principles under extreme duress, if I consider the matter to be worth it.

      Pluto conjunct Mars and Uranus, with Jupiter trine Mars, adds a great deal of motion, unpredictability, and personal involvement to your Jupiter/Pluto trine. 

  •  I’ve taken many gambles some have turned out good but some have resulted in injuries, loss of money, and missed opportunities. Might this be because my Jupiter is square Pluto?

    • Michelle

       Might this be because my Jupiter is square Pluto?Yes that is one reason. With squares you often have to work harder to make things turn out the way you want them to. Squares don’t come together easily like trines or sextiles.

  • I forgot to add my avatar is a thrift store find originally finished in black with gold on the band of the crown. I painted over that finish with the colors you see there, adding eyebrows, eyes and dreadlocks.

  • Before I forget let me start off by saying, the bottom photo is hilarious and another awesome post!! Makes me wonder if Viagra is a Jupiter/Pluto invention. lol

    10th house Jupiter in Gemini square 1st house Pluto in Virgo

    “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” People who love flea
    markets, pawn shops, antiquing or thrift store shopping. Finding the
    good in what has been discarded. Treasure hunts. Scavenger hunts…Obsessed with education and learning. Knowledge is power. ”

    Now this set is so me it’s ridiculous, however like the Jupiter/Uranus post, I would have never thought this(flea markets, thrift store etc) was the result of this pairing of planets. I thought it was just Pluto in Virgo linked to Saturn in Pisces. I really like re-purposing items and seeing others ideas on this too. The obsessed with learning part, I can definitely say heck yeah especially since this pair is aspected by Saturn and Mercury. Pluto rules my 3rd and Neptune is there conjunct the South Node so education opportunities, have a habit of floating away. So, I DIY.

    “..Obsessed with religion. Forcing your moral authority. Attempting to
    control others through your relationship with a higher power…. The power of being bigger. Obsessed with being bigger – physically,
    mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Pumping yourself up. Wanting to
    dominate a particular sphere of influence. Conceited about the amount of
    power you have. ”

    Having grown up in this kind of environment and currently living in the Bible Belt, I did not like it then or now so I do not do this to others. I’m a live and let live as long as what you are doing does not hurt me or others, kind of girl. I’m sure Uranus affects this as it is very tightly conjunct Pluto (3 mins). The only one I want to have power over is myself.

    “Just the right amount” is what I’m striving for.

  • Michelle

    Nice list EG. I especially like the word “matter” and the phrase “faith is not safe.” Thank you 🙂

  • Tc

    Pluto in Scorpio (8th house) semisquare Jupiter in Sag (10th house, exact conjunct the Midheaven). “Having an optimistic attitude toward inevitable change” really resonates with me, as well as working better under pressure. But hey, here’s hoping that “capacity for enormous wealth” kicks in someday! 😉

    • Michelle

      here’s hoping that “capacity for enormous wealth” kicks in someday! 😉
      Lol…I hope it does!

  • M Gilbride

    Right on. God, I love the bottom picture!

    • Michelle

      Thank you M I’m glad you like it 🙂

  • EG

    It doesn’t *matter* if there’s no death involved. Everything is nothing, nothing is everything. Hope is a lie. Hope is an instant relief. Hoping means blocking the symptom, but ignoring the cause. Avoid hope. Faith as tool to achieve ones goal. Faith is blindness with outstretched arm. Sins reflect in our beliefs. Over-consuming need to be guided. Use and control the fanatic in you. Destructive beliefs. Loosing big values leads to self-destruction. Loss of values as physical pain. Find a meaning. Impose faith. Impose what you believe in. Impose. Faith is not safe. Destruction through more. More came from somewhere. More on someones account. Breaking worldviews. Manipulating someones beliefs. Directing personal growth. Control kills the Divine. Growing a puppet. Overwhelming power pressure. Authorities established. One self as the only incontestable authority. To consider someones opinion is to share power. Religion is dangerous. Religion is a taboo. Magnetic attraction to religion. Magnetic attraction for *true* authority. Expanding your mind through sex. Dig under the glamor. Fueling the power of glamor over yourself to lighten up. Profound ambition. Too big for his boots. Constant explosive expansion. Everything for the cause. Deep resentment of own superficiality/gloss. Willingness to crawl up. Philosophy that craves force. Fascination with global processes. Universal patterns. Looking for power points in big picture. Objective value.

    My Jupiter has a lot of aspects, so I might confuse different aspects – thoughts are welcomed 🙂
    PS: I love your descriptions.

  • Robin Joy Dore

    Wow!Until you wrote about it Michelle, I couldn’t find much on it’s interpretation. So, thank you!

    Jupiter (Tau 26°26′) Pluto (Lib 13°09′) wan. sep. sesquisquare (135°00′) orb: 1°43′

    So maybe there’s some hope of me striking it rich yet. 😀

    I guess these are some of the traits I relate to…

    Lightness and darkness. Philosophies of survival. Survivalists. Stockpiling survival gear and other necessities(only when needed).Wanting to experience everything – the highest highs and lowest lows.Enormous transformations.The faith that the bad times will end and you can start over. Sticking to your principles even under extreme duress.paranoid. Suspicion out of proportion to real events. Out of control obsession. Ridiculous jealousy. Overwhelmingly intense. Philosophies of power.Transforming your life through a relationship with a higher power(spiritual not religious for me). Uncovering your inner wisdom. Depth of understanding. and upheaval is a definite word I can relate to.

  • tatiana.larina

    Jupiter in Pisces in the 12th opposite Pluto in Libra in the 6th. I am a terrible hoarder, especially when it comes to my work – I have xerox copies of articles I copied as an MA student and I cannot bring myself to throw them away, even though my research interest have changed. Now I do research on the intersection of literary studies and religious studies, which I suppose could be attributed to this aspect as well. Oh, and I recycle religiously 🙂

    Unfortunately other parts of your description do not fit me, although sometimes I wish I could be more of this “bigger than life” character instead of my pinched Saturnian self. But the whole description screamed “Henry VIII” for me and guess what? He had a trine:
    Wielding power? check. Paranoid and jealous? Check. Getting bigger and bigger? Check – the guy was 6’3″ – 6’4″ and he went from being a very fit young man to a man with the waistline of 58 inches (judging by his last armour). And religion definitely played a big role in his life, although in a very twisted manner: he was the younger son so for a very long time he was being primed to take Holy Orders and eventually become an Archbishop or Cardinal. It was only after his brother’s death when he advanced to the position of the heir to throne, but his theological training stuck with him – many historians believe that his anti-Lutheran “Defense of Seven Sacraments” was not ghost-written. And even when he changed the denomination of his whole country so that he could marry the woman he wanted (out of control obsession? check) and lay his hands on the riches of the monasteries (check), he still remained pretty much Catholic from the theological point of view. Also, he wouldn’t have put up with bare-bones Protestant style of worship – he like his liturgy old-Catholic style, lavish and elaborate.

    • Michelle

      Religious research is definitely a possibility for this aspect.

      Ha ha! Fascinating about Henry VIII! Jupiter/Pluto fits him so well. Thank you for taking the time to share that.

      About your pinched Saturn – where is it again?

      • tatiana.larina

        My Saturn is in Cancer, opposite Moon in Capricorn and forming a part of the Grand Cardinal Cross.

        • Michelle

          I couldn’t remember if Saturn was in that Grand Cross or not. Saturn tightens your chart a lot. It adds seriousness, reserve and discipline.

  • amoureuse

    i have conjunct. wow… bill gates and warren buffet has the same aspect. wow, wow, wow… i kinda love having the same hehhehe. jupiter in scorpio 7th house conjunct pluto in libra 6th house. can’t wait for my billions. hehehhe some were true to me.. some aren’t… er ive read from somewhere that conjunction aspect means power. so i guess this is positive since the combination itself is powerful and since its conjunct then power plus power.. just a thought. heheheh

    i do love diamonds… i like to dig deep. capacitiy of enormous wealth… sounds good.

    • Michelle

      I hope you get your billions 😀

    • Michelle

      I was just looking at Mark Zuckerberg’s (founder of Facebook) chart – he has Jupiter quintile Pluto.

      • amoureuse

        tsk tsk.. i might be the next hehheheheheh i wonder where it will come from… hmmmmmm… i told my friend a couple of months ago that i need to have lots of money because i want to built a foundation or some sort of free art school back home.. i think we need more free schools at this generation because i noticed that there are kids out there or people who have lots of talents or even those who doesnt have talents but want to study but they cant because of poverty. i want to give people options. option it is… i do have lots of options in my life… and i feel blessed and i want to share it to others. bow and amen! hehehhehe sorry mich, i hope u wont get bored listening to my uninteresting life. 🙂

  • I have the sextile but it is almost exact so it isn’t necessarily a weaker aspect. I have 7th house Jupiter 17 Leo 08′ sextile 9th house Pluto 16 Libra 45′. With the 7th/9th influence I think it might have something to do with the man I am involved with (pretty seriously). He is foreign and he has a pretty powerful position that is, interestingly, in a renovating, rebuilding, recycling type of field. He even actually bids on old storage units, like on that show. I understand where he could be seen as a “powerful benefactor” and actually also a “hidden benefactor” (another thing that goes along with my solar return). “Interactions with foreign people that cause you to overhaul your life.” – I actually see that coming up, obviously in life as well as in my solar return for 2011…

    I am glad that I am seeing so much about “The faith that the bad times will end and you can start over.” because times have been pretty rough for me with t Saturn conjunct Moon and Pluto but, I know…

    • Michelle

      That’s so interesting that the guy you’re seeing is a recycling/regenerating type – very much fits the Jupiter/Pluto profile.

      I hope the hard times do end for you Erika. I’ve had transiting Saturn pass over natal Pluto in the 2nd house twice now and it has not been easy at all.

  • When I was younger Life or death gambles. Russian roulette. Power through trying your luck. Luck through exploring the taboo. is completly true definitions some of my actions in life… I am really interested in those subjects like Philisophy of power and philosphy of survival….
    As I get older, I relatively reduce the life or death gambles… Now those lines are true for me: Penetrating wisdom. Depth of understanding. Joy and pain. The power of the positive. Deep resources of optimism and joy in times of hardship. The faith that the bad times will end and you can start over.
    and hope in the near future those lines will be also true:
    Capacity for enormous wealth. The ability to regenerate abundance. 🙂
    Jupiter (Taurus) trine Pluto (Virgo)…

    • Michelle

      What kinds of risks did you take? What were most of those gambles about?

      • I would prefer not to say much of them… But for example… When I was a child, I mean 9-12 years.. I really liked to jump from our balcony to the our neighbor’s balcony… It was a kind of game for me… We were living in the sixth floor. I mean it was high enough for one to be dead by falling.

        • Michelle

          I would prefer not to say much of them
          Understood. Thank you for sharing the example that you did.