Uranus/Pluto Aspects


uranus-pluto-aspectsX-ray insight. Shocking transformations. Awakening to something deeper. Awaking to deep healing. Awakening to underlying problems and issues. Progress that demands total change. Awakening to the dark side. Awakening to what everyone has tried to sweep under the rug. Awakening to unpleasant truths. A period of time that demands complete overhaul almost overnight. Sexual revolution. Underground movements. Plutonian power and uranian revolution. Changes, revolutions, and transformations in ways you can’t predict and don’t expect. Breaking down absolutely every barrier. Total, utter, complete and sudden loss of innocence. Everyone is awakened and exposed to what is really going on. Nowhere to hide.

Shocking destruction and annihilation. Unpredicted power struggles. Awakening to group power. The power of the people The powerful influence of groups to transform existing structures. The power of the individual to make profound and irreversible changes. Influential movements. Existing structures and assumptions fall apart. Reversals of power. People on the fringe of society come into power. Outsiders gain power and influence. Shocking deaths. Circumstances that are completely and utterly beyond your control. The outpouring of long-repressed emotions and long-held dirty secrets. Taboos truths. Sexual truths. Truths about power and corruption.

Truths about control and domination. Truths about death and destruction. Willfully exploring your sexuality. Shockingly sexual. Sexual liberation. Making drastic changes when you don’t know what else to do. “Something has to give.” Events that bring you into shocking awareness of your ability to survive.

Insight into the occult. The healing power of the occult. The healing power of astrology. Psychology and astrology join together. Radical, cutting edge therapies. Sudden, and consuming passion for the healing arts. Extreme eccentricity. Crazy paranoia. The hidden power of technology. The power of technology to transform lives. The power of revolution. Making progress in breaking through taboo subjects. Breaking sexual taboos. Breaking power taboos. Breaking death taboos. Breaking taboos about healing and catharsis. Breaking race taboos. Breaking gender taboos. Progressive ideas about healing and regeneration. Progressive ideas about sexuality and power in society. Finding original ways to renew your resources. Technology used for recycling. Sudden awareness of how you’ve been wasting resources. Technology used for healing. Technology to transform the world. Taboos about flight, space and what the universe holds. Technology paves the way to resources for hidden wealth. Technology allows us to explore the depths. Technology becomes one of the greatest resources.

The end of the predictable. The end of knowing what’s next. The end of thinking you’ve got it all figured out. Complete and unavoidable total reversals. Sudden awareness of how you feel about certain taboos. Sudden insight into collective repressed desires. Societal taboos are exposed and torn apart. Direct experience into the basest parts of society. Direct healing experiences. Crackling transformations. Radical purging. Shock and awe. Breaking through control mechanisms. Deep internal revolution and awakening.

girl with light pouring through her eyes

Recent Uranus/Pluto conjunctions occurred between 1845-1856 and 1960-1972. The next exact conjunction will be in 2104.
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What a great jump-start for readings! The books also work as great prompts for journaling and reflection. I have a tricky chart reading in front of me and find something useful wherever I look. The books are a creative evolution beyond the old cookbooks, with more food for thought.

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I really love your books (I previously bought the rulerships one and the planet combinations) for their inspired key words which really help me to get a handle on the aspect in all its forms and permutations. Thanks!

Michael Angles http://astrofix.net/shop/angles/

Great format, tons of insight without having to wade thru a lot of extraneity!

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I love your work, thank you.

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Very good book, good informations

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This is an excellent compendium of the meanings associated with rulers of houses in other houses. It helps me out a lot.

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The “Key” phrases and “Key’ sentences in Planet Combinations: Astrological Brainstorms are great when you need a bit of inspiration to get your mind moving in the right direction…

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Been studying astrology for 20y
I know it very well, people say I could go pro since I’m better than some they tried. Not bragging just saying.

I am very happy with those books. I like the brainstorming style. Makes it easy to me. Cut the crap. Straight to the point.
Creative. Clever. Inspiring and inspired.
And that price!!
I’ll come back for more

Many thanks

Aliam Karim Rizzi AstroFix eBook Collection http://astrofix.net/shop/astrofix-ebooks-buy-3-get-1-free-grouped/

I love this book. I found it to be accurate and positive. I will use it to interpret charts. The price was great.

Patricia Rulers of Houses in Houses http://astrofix.net/shop/rulers-of-houses-in-houses/

Great take on a classical technique. There’s a lot of insight in these pages.

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Very insightful and stimulating reading. The books inspire another way of looking at the meaning of the chart. Thank you!

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5 stars. How about doing an Ebook on planets in houses?

Robert Ligon Planet Combinations http://astrofix.net/shop/planet-combinations/

The books were very informative Michelle. You have a gift of seeing tiny nuances based off a placement that few other astrologers can see.

I’ve always liked your site because you’re style is a lot like mine. I’m a Leo with Aries rising, a four inner planet stellium in Leo and most other planets in fire signs, so I like my information quick and to the point and you do that the best.
Your work is also eerily accurate. Keep up the good work. Keep sharing your gift with us other astrology addicts 🙂

Kimberli Astro Fix eBook Collection http://astrofix.net/shop/astrofix-ebooks-buy-3-get-1-free-grouped/

As always, Michelle’s interpretations are not only spot on, but challenge the aspects from lots of different angles. Everything is covered, and there is something to take away for everyone.

Ben Kossenberg Rulers of Houses in Houses

I call it the infra structure of the chart, And it provides an accurate 12 stereotypes of infrastructure, which is amazing to start looking at when reading a chart.

Tarek Moustafa Signs through the Houses

I love how this ebook was written, because mentally that’s how I think. It wasn’t long and tedious to read and all of the descriptions hit the mark. It was user friendly and easy to navigate.

Ashley Planet Combinations http://astrofix.net/shop/planet-combinations/

Your free form, poetic planetary brainstorms are a gem. They serve as wonderfully informative guides to planetary aspects that I have used to understand the energies better. A very useful way of illustrating the potential of the planets. Thank you!

Isabelle Planet Combinations http://astrofix.net/shop/planet-combinations/

This book is my favourite, as it goes in depth with all the personal planets’ aspects. The realism of Michelle’s sobering insights leaves nowhere to hide, and has you really having to face parts of yourself that you may wish to keep hidden (if you have any Scorpio in you). If you’re looking for readings that pull no punches, and look at all the possible permutations of planetary energies pitted against each other, then this is the e-book for you!

Planet Combinations Ben Kossenberg Planet Combinations

Very informative. In the many years of delving into Astrology, I feel I have learned the most in a short amount of time through Astrofix. Thank you!

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Brilliant! Loved it !

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5 stars

Viggy Chiron + Planets and Angles http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

Excellent book – the key words really illuminate the different aspects, and have aided me greatly in my understanding of many of the charts I have examined. Highly recommended.

Michael Planet Combinations http://astrofix.net/shop/planet-combinations/

A very comprehensive treatment of the Node positions. Signs and houses are often lumped together, which can get a little glossy. I like this approach much better.

Jack Hopkins The Nodes by Sign and House

This book is much personal, and allows us to take the info in the book “Signs through Houses” and personalize the infra structure in the first book to exactly match the individual. As this book helps us to refine what is in the book “Signs through Houses” reveal to suit the native in an accurate way.

Tarek Moustafa Rulers of Houses in Houses

Great as always, thank you

Ditto Rulers of Houses in Houses http://astrofix.net/shop/rulers-of-houses-in-houses/

Love your writing style 🙂

Ágata The Nodes by Sign and House http://astrofix.net/shop/the-nodes-by-sign-and-house/

Thank you. Really. You made it affordable for me and these are the most mind opener lines on aspects, nodes, etc i ever read.

Lisa AstroFix E-Book Collection http://astrofix.net/shop/astrofix-ebooks-buy-3-get-1-free-grouped/

One of the things Michelle is really good at is – providing resources for topics that are really hard to find on the Internet. One of the first things novice astrologers realize right off the bat is that there are very few resources on the web regarding this very subject! $2 for an encyclopedic compilation of signs through the houses? Trust me – this is a steal. In all the years I’ve spent studying astrology, no one has been more thoughtful, thorough, and accessible as Michelle. Her e-books are a good resource for the beginner student, as well as the seasoned astrologer looking for a refresher. She takes an intuitive approach to astrology, as she carefully configures each sign, house, and planet’s archetypal features into her descriptions. She teaches astrology by modeling astrology. The learner will benefit not only from her descriptions, but also from her methodology!

Christine Rulers of Houses in Houses

To me totally new information and spot on in detail for both me and my kids. I just love this!!

Ulrika Signs through the Houses http://astrofix.net/shop/signs-through-the-houses/

5 stars. Very good information. Quite happy with the purchase.

Juan Planet Combination, The Nodes by Sign and House, Angles http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

5 Stars

Adrian Rulers of Houses in Houses http://astrofix.net/shop/rulers-of-houses-in-houses/

This book was very informative and as always, Michelle managed to merge the complex astrological aspects into digestible sentences.

Kimberli Chiron + Planets http://astrofix.net/shop/chiron-planets/

Keywords are so essential in the interpretation of an astrological chart — they add innuendo and flexibility, but are insightful and powerful as well. I just loved diving right into “Angles” and plan to purchase additional, different publications from AstroFix in the future. Good value, as well, for the price.

Maryanne Angles http://astrofix.net/shop/angles/

Just great

Michel AstroFix eBook Collection http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

I sooo enjoyed your e-books….very useful information.
I look forward to your blog…”THANKYOU” so much for your services :))

Christi AstroFix E-Book Collection

Always read you for insight. I like your style because it resonates deep.

Lise AstroFix eBooks

Wonderfully lucid and insightful portraits of the aspects and rulers house. Michelle is a wordsmith par excellence! Her portraits are a marvel and will linger with you for years to come. Highly recommended!

Isabelle AstroFix E-Book Collection

5 Stars.

Lana Rulers of Houses in Houses http://astrofix.net/shop/rulers-of-houses-in-houses/

Astrology is a passion for me. These ebooks are so helpful in teasing out the lessons being offered with a certain position and movement within a chart. They, like astrology itself, have no concrete answers about meaning, but valuable suggestions to ponder as things progress. Great additions to my library and books I will return to time and again.

Sheila eBooks http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

Sometimes, Node readings can be very vague, but because this tackles sign and house together, the reading become more personal, and together with Michelle’s interpretations, they become a wide set of images that really dig out all possible interpretations.

Ben Kossenberg The Nodes by Sign and House

Your books we’re/are so helpful. I regularly go back to them. Made me understand astrology better. Really grasp how the ruler of the chart affects the whole. And Love that book of every sign on every house cusp. A lot of great material to constantly work with. Thankyou

Lilo AstroFix E-Book Collection

Michelle is one of the best astrologers that I am following now for years, and these books were great reference for someone like me, who occasionally does a reading and needs a reference. These days I am mostly studying the stars from a vedic perspective for accuracy sake, but these are so to the point that cant have-not them.

Aldy AstroFix E-Book Collection

To the point, spot on, concise, EXCELLENT. Thank you!!

Mary Chiron + Planets, Angles, & Planet Combinations http://astrofix.net/product-category/e-books/

Planet Combinations is my all-time favorite. Each planet has a special relationship to all the others and this ebook goes into that. It’s like having a map of how the different actors in a movie relate with each other. High Drama!

Planet Combinations Jack Hopkins Planet Combinations

These books will give you vocabulary of all Astro possibilities. Then you need work it by yourself. If you have some basics then you will get to the point. If you don’t, then you will get your basics. Good read!

Aldonna AstroFix E-Book Collection

Descriptions: Brief, To the point, One is able to capture the energy being described instantly. Thankyou Michelle

Rachel AstroFix E-Book collection

I have a SN conjunct Moon in Leo in the 10th house. My NN is in Aquarius in the 4th house. I think I bought Michelle’s e-book at a critical time in my life – a time when I was debating the merits of graduate school (a debate that’s been going on ever since I entered college). Michelle verbalized all the things I knew intuitively, but hesitated to put into words. Reading the description for my SN-NN combination gave me a little push of confidence in the right direction. I can’t tell you how reaffirming it is to hear someone say something you’ve known all along.

Christine The Nodes by Sign and House

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  • amoureuse

    this is totally on point! catharsis is powerful and disruptive enough. plus the shocking factor but i have to say i owe so much for this uranus pluto square bec if not for this i wont be able to understand the power i have and the potentials thats instore for me. i realized theres so much in life, in the world and in myself that is untapped. so im grateful.

    • amoureuse

      i dont have this aspect natally so when i experienced this in transit i thought i was going to get crazy. uranus is in my 12th house. man… all those undiscovered and untapped talents i have. they all come into surface and i felt like ive transformed into this monster that everyone cant recorgnize. i love it. i feel more powerful and in control. power indeed is intoxicating.

    • What talents and potential have you been exploring?

  • Cher

    Uranus conjunct Pluto here…ugh on relationships, queen of transformation of my self and psyche. I’m a technical nerd, it’s my solace. I stay far away from drugs and alcohol, undid most if my numerous traumas through spiritual and psychological healing. I just want to feel settled and I help a lot of people less fortunate in life. I love underdogs, and think I’m psychic.

  • Danielle

    I have uranus/pluto conjunct in my 12th house ruled by Libra in my natal chart. My life has been blown to pieces in the last 2 years. Keep waiting for the revolutionary thing I’m supposedly gonna do. Haven’t run into it yet

  • olivia

    Hi, new astrology lover here – noticed when looking my transits that sometime in the recent past Pluto was conjuncting my natal Uranus. I wondered… could this have been when I turned my life around, quit the abusive boyfriends, drugs and alcohol? So I checked the ephemeris, and indeed, the very same month I realized I wasn’t fooling myself anymore, (something just clicked and enough was enough after years of abusing myself as a teenager) Pluto was coming into the same degree of my natal Uranus (in Capricorn, in my 3rd house). Amazing.

  • CRO

    I love your interpretations…I too have Uranus conjunct Pluto In my 1st house of leo. My whole life has been discard, grow new, transformation seems my middle name. Landscapes of oceans to deserts and vice versa. My dreams are vivid and telling. My family life?…where to start …I can say I’m gratefully humbled by my experiences and spiritually connected through them! Technology is a passion, inventions, astrology, helping underdogs become successful, death and rebirth, change. Thank god I can laugh and surf and be light too!

  • I read this page breathlessly knowing you were describing me and the transformational work that I along with so many others are here to bring into the Light. I absolutely love knowing the corruption has always been slated for utter obliteration, and here we are standing on a threshold with so many powerful aspects coming together to show us the way.

    With my Pallas conjunct my North Node in my masculine chart and Uranus and Pluto conjunct in my feminine chart my straddling of genders continues to make Divine Sense. I LOVE IT.

    Coursing between the honesty of our loving hearts and the stories we’ve been told the awakening will certainly disturb a lot of people. Some just will not want to awaken. But I guest that’s the way it goes.

    All the best to you. Thank you for your work and passion. Hope to see you out there and to hear you rousing those you can to look beyond the illusion.

    I cannot say this enough, “I LOVE IT.”



  • Jahlia

    I have Uranus(Aquarius) sextile Pluto(in Sagittarius).

    • Any insights you can share?

      • Jahlia

        The ‘breaking’ paragraph in particular rings very true for my generation, as does the technology part. The rest has yet to be seen.

  • c6

    1972 late feb child. I have both U/P in Libra 12th, not conjunct, both retro. That 12th Uranus conjuncts ascendant while in exact opposition to Venus conjunct descendant in the 6th house. Absolutely all my life my renegade/transformer mental core has conflicted with close partnership. And the more I rebel, the more they cling to that Venus descendant. The lone warrior thing is further exacerbated by N.Node conjunct IC in Aquarius. If anyone has been able to quell the force of Uranus and find middle ground in being flexible with their space and freedom and the needs of a partner, please share that insight. It is such an internal struggle to allow myself to ‘settle down’ with someone.

    Michelle, your writeup on this two planets are almost exact in my personal experience. Thanks for that info.

  • Plato

    Great article Michelle!

    I am from 1981, with a taurus ASC and uranus conjunct DESC in scorpio.

    My venus ruler of the ASC is square pluto.

    So I really act in the world like these enegies. I am deeply chaotic.

    Sometimes I say deeply shocking but funny things to people.

    But I have some problems with work because I am too chaotic and too deep, deeply chaotic :S

    it is difficult to combine these energies with a job. Only possibilty seems to be a researcher in fysics…but with any job a well placed saturn is neccesary.

    But life is still a fascinating event I am also heavy interested in the occult and life after death, reincarnation theories, truth about our primairy powerstructure: the moneysystem, astronomy and quatum mechanics: (elementary particles do not exist everything is energy, everything is electromagnetic radiation) and astrology 😀

    • Thanks for reading, Plato. To be so chaotic I would guess that you have more going on with Uranus energy than just Uranus conjunct descendant, especially with such a stable sign like Taurus rising.

      • Plato

        Thank you for your comment Michelle.

        Well more going on with uranus do you know concept of angularity? It learned quite late about it, but it very true, the concept says that a planet conjunct one of the 4 angles makes this planet energy very prominent.

        And also i have the opinion that a conjunction on an angle is also an oppostion on the other angle.

        Most astrologybooks are very limited with the interpretation of planets conjunct the DESC the only talk about relationships but I think its much much more There is also an oppostion force continuallly puttins its force on the ASC, so the interpretation in many books about planets conjuncts the ASC make very sense to me.

        About that chaoticness uranus is also sextile my MC.

        And not at least i have a gemini sun in 2nd house conjunct mercury(also nervous energy) in cancer opposite neptune (also not very clear energy) in the 8th in Sagittarius.


        • Plato

          Oops sorry for the spelling mistakes.

        • Yes, I do think that angular planets exert a big influence on the chart. They seem to “turn the wheel.” You’re also right that planets in aspect to the descendant make an impact on the ascendant – which often gets overlooked.

          • Ken

            Hi Michelle,

            Great site, great post. I happened upon these pages because I was looking for some definitive stuff about the conjunction (I am in that group) in close aspect to the ascendant (7H opposition) but with no further major aspects to the conjunction at all. It feels like this is an aspect which has had many and varied and continuing impacts on my life, but almost that it oughtn’t to have. Any comments please?

            • I wonder if you are someone who is almost “stuck” in a perspective based on the generation you grew up with (with there being no other major aspects to the conjunction) – what do you think of that?

  • Lulous

    Just discovered I’ve got this septile, I mean, my generation. Not sure yet what it means, but sounds big!

  • Thomas Baker63

    I have a semi-square aspect with this and im young as hell! But I dont get this aspect other than this might be the one aspect that makes me TRULY CRAZY other than my sun in AQ sextile Uranus in Sag, or Venus in Pisces Quintile Uranus in Sag, or Moon in Taurus Bi-Q…

  • Thomas Baker63

    Im 26 but I have this aspect. the semi-square anyway

  • Aliperti2

    I am glad to be Uranus/Pluto generation! Conjunction in 9th house trine with Sun/Moon conjunction in 5th house. Both trine with my ASC. It is what I am… basically!

    • Michelle

      Are you passionate about travel?

  • Lehnonia


    Awesome post, thanks! 🙂

    • Michelle

      Thank you 🙂

  • Lettymonika

    X-ray vision, Transformation, darkness, healing revolution… more like a Phoenix kind of aspect.. Shocked by the accuracy and even a feel of deja vu with the picture that u posted… few months ago I dreamed that someone took me a picture, In the picture I was holding a baby in my arms but in my face I was  losing one eye, instead I had a bright light coming out.. just like the one that you posted. I guess this aspect also affect our dreams, because I often have very symbolic and often premonitory dreams.. I also have Pluto and Uranus in my first house and conjunct to my ascendant

    • Michelle

      I guess this aspect also affect our dreams, because I often have very symbolic and often premonitory dreams..
      You probably have more going on in your chart than Uranus/Pluto. Have you read this post? 

      • Lettymonika

        Great article Michelle! Thanks for the insight! I do have neptune conjunct my IC and sextile to my moon which is in my 12 house.

        • Michelle

          You’re welcome 🙂

  • MB224

    Great work as usual, Michelle. Where oh where do you find these images???

    • Michelle

      Most of the images come from blogs that I follow through my blog on tumblr: http://astrofix.tumblr.com/  I sift through and save those images that seem to have astrological relevance. I’m glad you like them. I have my bachelor’s degree in oil painting… so I am very sensitive to visual imagery.

      • billow

        Yay, great use of techno art to make a statement you AP Venus, you.

        • Michelle

          Techno art – totally – good use of a Uranus transit to Venus. I’ve noticed myself falling in love with technology more than usually.

          “Falling in love with…” is a good phrase for Venus. 

      • MB224

        Ahh, you’re an artist. I should’ve known. haha  I’m one as well, in several ways, multiple media. 

  • I found this from one of my FB friends. Seems to encapsulate those that resonate with this aspect and wouldn’t you know it…it was released during the Uranus/Pluto conjunction.


    • Michelle

      Interesting. It’s reminds me of rag time music. 

      • MB224

        Malvina’s a blues lady all the way. One of the few I should add but she really sang it and played it the way it’s supposed to be sung and played- ironic, wholesome, from the heart, easy to sing along with.

      • Soman

        Please comment on pluto & uranus in this chart.

    • MB224

      This is what I think of when I think of Uranus and Pluto together. Also created and performed when the two were conjunct. John Coltrane Quartet- 1965   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ds-sc_PJck

      • Thank you! I love me some John Coltrane, Miles Davis etc.

  • WOW!!! This is by far the absolute best description of this aspect I have ever read!! While going through the midlife transits, I have obsessively looked everywhere I could think of and read everything that made a reference to this aspect.

    I’m of the generation that has the conjunction and it’s the tightest aspect in my chart, separated by a mere 3 minutes. UranusRx/PlutoRx in Virgo in the 1st house. Though considered a generational aspect it is very personal for me because this aspect is not only in the 1H but also conjunct the Ascendant, in opposition to Pallas/Saturn/Mercury/Chiron/True Lilith in the 7th , and quincunx Mars and the Sun/Juno but at a wider degree to the Sun/Juno in the 8th.

    Michelle, with this post I feel like you were peeking into my inner being. Every sentence, every phrase purging out a little more, what has been carried and buried for so many years with more purging I’m sure to come in the future as this flower opens, petal by petal.

    ‘…Total, utter, complete and sudden loss of innocence.”

    Every time I think I’ve got control over my hurt and anger about this, the emotions come right back but each time I get a little more out.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to fully talk about it but I’ve just only begun to really process what happened and dealing with the emotions in the past 7 years or so. Like Billow mentioned in the Saturn/Pluto post I think, sometimes denial is necessary because the resources might not be available to handle a situation all at the time too much. It’s still difficult to handle now that I’m much older, and more aware thanks to you Michelle.

    • Michelle


      Initially I wasn’t sure if I got this one because there were so few responses. But, I feel like I know this combination well since I live with someone who has it. It embodies the feeling of the 60s which carries through in the children who were born in the 60s.

      • You nailed it, grand slam home run out the ball park Sis! 🙂

        • Michelle

          Thank you MsFullroller 🙂 That means a lot coming from you.

  • Atlast

    “Deep internal revolution and awakening.”

    Transiting pluto is conjuncting my natal Uranus since about 2 years ago, and nothing could describle better what’s going on with me (and most of my friends, sice they were born almos in the same year).

    Just wondering if thoose changes are going to last or they just come to surface when the conjunction is going on and after that everything coma back to how it was…

    • Michelle

      after that everything coma back to how it was…
      The opposite.  After a Pluto transit, if you’re paying attention, you will become aware that moving forward means that nothing can go back to the way it was. Pluto transits bring up feelings of mourning because “transforming” means that you can’t go back to your old habits and your old ways of being. If you do return to your old ways then you haven’t actually transformed anything at all.

      • Atlast

        Cool! I have to enjoy the more I can of this plutonian energy

      • Plutonian energy is very much like the horrifc, monster tornadoes that tore through the state I live in on April 27, 2011. Pluto MAKES one pay attention. No if and, maybe or buts. There is no turning back.

        • Michelle

          Was your area affected?

          • Not my immediate area, thank goddess! The monster twister that went thru Tuscaloosa and travelled parallel to the highway to Birmingham came within 5-10 miles of where I live. There are some areas that are much closer to me, got straight line wind damage from the storms that came through early that morning. 

            • Michelle

              Wow, I’m glad you’re okay.

      • billow

        It’s a common theme in astrological circles to just want it to be over, but there is always the next transit.  Deal with it now or deal with it later and greater.

        • Michelle

          Party pooper. :p

          • billow

            Okay, okay, challenge accepted.  But I don’t know much. 

             I do think Uranus can feel thoughtless, ruthless, and cold hearted.  When Uranus tranisited my natal Mars (not only retrograde, but in Pisces) I was electrified.  With my water Mars, it literally felt like the proverbial radio had been thrown in the bathtub, with me in it of course.  It was too much energy coming at me all the time.  I felt isolated and disconnected and according to Bill Tierney, Uranus hates isolation.  The harder I tried to connect in the same old ways, the more rejection and misery I got.  I was going to the same old types of places and situations that I desperately needed to escape. And oh yes, I wanted it to be over and there was relief in knowing that I would somehow get through it.

            As mentioned previously on this site, there is a tendency to attract others with these energies that are difficult for us at these times which only further accelerates things.  Perhaps my situation is different in that the Mars Uranus (transiting my 4th) was something I was very familiar with on an energy level from my bio upbring and energy I ws very uncomfortable with.  It complicated things and messed stuff up because it moved too fast for conditions, or so it seemed. 

            The interesting thing with Uranus ruling Aquarius and the most uranian martian in the family having a SN Aquarius was a comment she made after the bio sibs went their own way after the parental deaths.  She said with glee, maybe their will be a huge crisis that will bring us all back together again.  I asked her why she would wish such a thing.  Like a snake in the grass her voice slyly threatened that she could make it happen.  That’s nuts.  But she was desperate to reclaim her domain.  Due to situations out of her control (lol), her scenario was prevented.  I am aware of high speed pushers now and opt out. 

            So I don’t know what’s up with you. but getting through it is half the battle. Like I said I don’t know much but that about Uranus.  Saturn in the mix may make the transit seem to go slower?

  • billow

    I don’t have this aspect.  What strikes me is the sudden plunge to the depths.  Mine are always slow and gruelling.  What I like is the end of thinking you’ve got it all figured out.  That happened with the transiting Uranus Pluto square for me.  I like it!

    • Michelle

      What strikes me is the sudden plunge to the depths.  
      I like that. I’ll be having the opposition when Uranus reaches 10 Capricorn. I’m trying to let the chaos in ahead of time so it’s not a total shock. 

      I don’t remember anything significant from the period of transiting Uranus square natal Pluto. That seems good. I hope it stays that way. Speculating too much about my upcoming transits makes me nervous.

      • billow

        Yay the speculating can be unnerving.  I even find that speculating about visions can be unnerving.  I just need to take it in stride.  Let myself open to explore it, instead of getting my freak on.  Like last week when I saw my natal chart go blank.  WTH?

        The Uranus opposition to natal Pluto event was totally unexpected and shook me to my core, but then again it involved that IC axis thing.  In hindsight the tension was mounting on all fronts.  And to be honest about it, it had alot to do with me finally learning to take a stand for myself.  I was being very compliant in all areas of my life.  So of course, as I became stronger, there was alot of retaliation.  It rocked my world as I became aware of the intentional destruction humans are capable of.

        I’d say I maxed out my tolerance level on that one.

        • Michelle

          Pluto crossing my IC was intense, I’m glad at least that Uranus was not involved in a significant way. 

          Too much anticipation or speculation can be a problem for me – and maybe for you too – because the Virgo in me can lead me to worry more than I than I should. I get all nervous about one transit, have it pass, and then start worrying about the next one.

          • billow

            I think I was inclined to worry until one day my brain could not take it anymore and it exploded.  For me the Virgo thing was more about learning to let things digest, instead of holding it all on the mental level.  Just my take and at the moment.

            I had to become aware of what was setting me off.  I started by being aware of my steady state and then becoming aware of what knocked me off balance.  Like I said earlier, I really needed to understand  where the infusion of that all too familiar and uncomfortable energy was sending me.  With awareness of that I am better able to diffuse the bomb.

            And all it took for me to stop worrying about my loved ones, was the one who I cherish cherish cherish heading down a path of destruction.  I had to disconnect or I would have gone completely mad.  Mad mad mad I tell you.  I could not think about it, or care like that anymore.  It’s probably like that.  When you get sick enough of it, you’ll cease to do it. 

             I had an initially scary thought some weeks ago.  There is no escaping eternity.  Ye gads I thought.  This could go on forever.  Might as well make the best of it.

            • billow

              Afterthought:  Your mars in cancer might tend to be overprotective of the ones you love?

              Children are the one thing mother will kill to protect.  It’s a very instinctual thing.  

              • “…Children are the one thing mother will kill to protect.  It’s a very instinctual thing.’

                For the most part, however I’m not so sure about that. Maybe this comes from being part of the generation with this aspect.

                • billow

                  One must be careful to recognize who is mothering who in the familial setup.  Not all kids get a fair shake on that one. 

                  • billow

                    Billow, that is the most stupidest cliche you ever wrote or spoke. That is just plain woo woo gone loo loo.  You know that Mother is whatever nurtures you.  And you, with you it was the call of the wild, like the wolves singing out to you in the distance.  Hawooooooooooooo

                    • Not stupid at all because you raise a valid point and I agree that one may have to find out what/who it is that truly nurtures.

                      I guess I have a problem with the automatic assumption that the human mother/father nurtures their young. Just because we all, up to a certain age of course for women, have the physical capability to reproduce, all humans do not have that instinctual nurturing that most animals have. If that were true, I don’t think we’d be seeing so much of the cruel sh*t that parents do and have done to their own kids. 

                    • LB

                      I agree with everything you said.  Which means I also agree that billow’s comment (about mother being whatever nurtures you) was not cliche.

                    • billow

                      I know it’s true.  It’s just that as soon as I wrote it I felt the vapors coming on and had to take a lie down on the fainting couch.  Neptune must have changed direction again or something.

                    • LB

                      Lol! 🙂

                • Michelle

                  I agree. There are also a lot of women from the earlier generation with Uranus in Cancer who are not necessarily maternal in the traditional sense. 

                  • billow

                    Would Uranus Cancer be cut off from maternal?  My older sibs come to mind, three of them Uranus Cancer.  They were a pack of ruffians.  My mother didn’t stand a chance.  The oldest Uranus Gemini played the ring leader like a fiddle to get what he wanted.

                    • billow

                      OMG.  I had that wrong.  Uranus in Taurus played Uranus in Gemini the ring leader.  And there were only two Uranus Cancer.  Those two use people including their children like weapns against their perceived foe.  Aaargh!  I just cannot think about them anymore in that way.  And obviously the Uranus factor supports other chart stuff.  But I ain’t going there. 

                    • Michelle

                      People with Uranus in Cancer were born between 1949 and1956. Women were already feeling discontent with traditional roles of motherhood then the Uranus/Pluto conjunction came along and broke down all the barriers.People with Uranus in Cancer might be outright against traditional female roles, or they just have to find a way to have independence while still being a mother or wife. Men with U in C might feel torn between wanting a traditional wife and wanting to be with someone who won’t be clingy and nag. Some possibilities.

                    • “..Men with U in C might feel torn between wanting a traditional wife and wanting to be with someone who won’t be clingy and nag.”

                      Exactly and might I add this goes for other family members as well. Also they rail against the expectation of having to play traditional roles. DH has this placement fired up w/ Sun conjunct.

              • Michelle

                I’m extremely protective of the people I love. Not only is Mars in Cancer, but it’s partile square Pluto. 

  • LB

    It’s funny Michelle, how a lot of what you’ve written here describes my experiences of having natal Uranus and Pluto in the 12th.  And they’re not conjunct or even in the same sign.  Maybe it’s just the influence of my Scorpio/Aquarius squares as they relate to Uranus and Pluto.  Interesting . . .

    • Michelle

      Perhaps the difference is that you have a more personal experience of this combination. This is one combination that really is generational. It’s just not personal unless a personal planet is involved.

  • EG

    I have transiting Pluto in conjunction to my natal Uranus right now. When the aspect just came into orb I had the most dark and horrifying series of dreams. For a time there I woke up and couldn’t help but see the world as one big hot oven. Although my interest for innovation and technology has reawakened with new force, I kind of feel that all new discoveries in science are false breakthroughs now. Just manifestations of something else. Something transforming and burning in our unconscious, mixing with fate, karma, paths and pain of all the generations, and their obscene violations. I had couple of strange (creepy) mood flows, but the Pluto is getting away from my Uranus now and is easier to handle, just huge pile of nervous energy left. Overall, I relate to your interpretation, but can’t imagine how people live with this aspect, it is not difficult per se, it’s just… like you’re the main character in horror movie, maybe still the victim to those who are completely out of this world, but already the villain to those who live normal and unaware.

    • Michelle

      Which house is your natal Uranus in?

      • EG

         My Uranus is in 1st house, opposite Sun.

        • Michelle

          Pluto opposing the Sun is an intense transit. 

          • Hubby is/has been going through this. Pluto has been opposing his Sun/Uranus conjunction.

            • Michelle

              I went through it when I was a kid. I’m glad it’s already done.

              • It was during my teenage years with Saturn going through the 1st, Pluto through the 2nd opposing my Sun/Mars conjunction. Very rough period! I totally agree with you…glad that’s ova!

          • billow

            I should be dead by then.

            • Michelle

              I was going to write, “I’m so grateful I won’t live to experience Pluto transiting my 8th house” but I just looked it up and Pluto will enter my 8th house when I’m 94.

              • I  will experience transisting pluto in my 8’th house very soon since I ex;erience it in my 7’th house is is so bad? what will happen when it enters in 8. th house?

                • Michelle

                  I wrote that because of how many things I have in the 8th house – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Black Moon Lilith, Eris, Pallas Athene, and a few more. I’ve already been through the opposition to most of those planets/objects and it was painful. Pluto is unyielding. 

                  The upside of Pluto transiting your 8th house is that you could unearth some powerful healing abilities. 

                  • Thank you for the explanation… I had already major pluto transits… I experience sun, mercury venus conjunct pluto in sag… 
                    Now I experience pluto opposition moon and also my progress moon
                    opposition my natal pluto… Very important transits… never easy but
                    transforms exactly… Very difficult times I had.. I hope pluto in 8.
                    house help me unearth some healing abilities like you have told… I
                    really tried of Pluto… Since My natal chart are full of very powerful
                    pluto connections…

                    • Michelle

                      You have the experience with Pluto already to cope with Pluto in the 8th – more so than someone who hasn’t had the conjunction or opposition to personal planets.

                    • billow

                      True, true.  Pluto is halfway through my progressed 8th.  Dead wood going away really clears things.  I have found that my self healing allows those I am in contact with to heal too.

                    • Michelle

                      I think that when you start to clearing out baggage and taking steps toward wholeness other people pick up on it.

                  • LB

                    “The upside of Pluto transiting your 8th house is that you could unearth some powerful healing abilities.”

                    Without knowing it at the time, I just began working with someone who’s experiencing this transit.  I like that you mentioned this upside – I’m hoping Pluto will help this person to unleash their own healing and intuitive abilities.  I get a strong sense the potential is there.

                    Coincidentally, this person also has the Uranus/Pluto conjunction.  And it’s part of a T-Square and Grand Trine.     

    • Atlast

      It must the house of your Uranus or maybe how you see it. Transiting pluto is 3º away from natal uranus and what I’m passing througt now is amazing. I feel that I’m awaking from a time when I was only hibernating. Back then I passed all my life at home, drawing at the computer, everything was boring and nothing happened (my saturn was in the 12th house and there were other terribletransits), then pluto came to action and shacked uranu’s ennergy, all taboos were broken (really) and I’m now way more free, in all aspects (specially about sexuality). Maybe I’m more at ease with uranus (since it conjunct my sun) or you see it in a different way that you should?

      • Michelle

        Although you probably didn’t intend to write it like that, I think “terribletransits” as one word is pretty funny – and cool 🙂

    • patty dunnington

      Hi EG   We have been discussing this aspect in an astro group  regards  sarah
      palins chart  and her natal pluto  conj Uranus  in her chart.  She was Pentecostal
      in early years,  would your firey dreams of Hell  be because of the furnace ‘of  Hell?

      • Michelle

        What do you mean by firey dreams of hell? I don’t see that imagery in his comment.

      • EG

         I don’t know what you mean by “would your firey dreams of Hell  be because of the furnace ‘of  Hell”. I don’t believe in Hell. I guess out of context of my personality, beliefs, experience and emotional life these dreams could be seen as hell, but they are not. They are just personal truths I was forced to face about myself through images in shape and form that have particular meaning just for me.

      • billow

        Palin does seem to be running around like she’s on fire. 

        • Michelle

          Palin needs to get herself a talk show to host and be done with it.

          • billow

            I think she did have an outdoor talk show in Alaska.  I believe celebrity apprentice will be her next venue to keep herself and her political issues in the fore.  She’s such a cheerleader.  I sometimes wonder what her chiron return will bring.  I imagine we will all be sobbing with America’s sweetheart as all is forgiven.  She’s a trip.

            • Michelle

              Maybe she can be a cheerleader on Celebrity Apprentice – *dream job*

  • My mom has the conjunction opposing her Sun/Mars/Mercury stellium. Nutz. 

    • Michelle

      Why is she nuts?

  • amoureuse

    i dont have these.. i guess im too young..

    • Michelle

      You’d have to be in your 40s or nearly 40 to have this aspect (the conjunction anyway).

  • Truths about death and destruction. Events
    that bring you into shocking awareness of your ability to survive.
    Insight into the occult. The healing power of the occult. The healing
    power of astrology. Psychology and astrology join together. 
    Pluto uranus conjunct in Virgo 16 15 degree

    • Michelle

      Do feel that you you are very much a part of the Uranus/Pluto generation?

      • CRO

        Yes I have gone through and/or experienced much of what is said here…amazed.

    • Frida Berning

      Hi. I have Pluto/uranos 16 degree virgo at conj with MC at 14 degree sextil Neptun conj asc in scorpius, astrologer i have met have really subtle analysis on these phenomen. Mercury, Mars and Jupiter have aspects. Any suggestions?

      • Hi Friday,

        Not without a chart. This is a bit complicated for a blog analysis and I’m not giving readings right now.