Find Interception in an Astrology Chart

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Intercepted Signs

  • Aquarius covers the 2nd house cusp, therefore the 2nd house is in Aquarius.
  • Pisces is completely contained within the 2nd house; it does not touch the 2nd or 3rd house cusp therefore Pisces is intercepted within the 2nd house.

  • Pisces intercepted

    Pisces intercepted

    Signs always consist of 30 degrees while houses can vary in size.

    Double Cusps

    • When there are intercepted signs in a chart there are also signs that cover more than one house.
    • In the chart below Gemini covers the 5th and 6th house cusps.

    Houses that share a sign are linked together in interpretation.
    Gemini 5th and 6th house

    Gemini 5th and 6th house

    Read more about interception in Björk’s chart.

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