Gemini Sun 3rd House


pee wee herman riding his bikeWith the Sun in Gemini in the 3rd house you are becoming a source of information. You know where to eat, what to do, where to go, who’s hot, who’s not, who’s in and who’s out in whatever circle you belong to. You discover personal power when you make your instrument of communication sing (or talk) – whether that’s through an actual instrument, your own voice or another medium. Your central purpose is continuous learning in how to communicate your every perception through the medium of your choice. You shine by demonstrating how “on the button” you are. Confidence comes through being attentive to every tiny gesture, movement and utterance. Coming into your own requires remaining open to changing your mind based on circumstantial evidence. Attaining self-realization means staying centered in the midst of conflicting input and information. Being yourself means that you always say what you think even if no words leave your mouth.

I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking. ~ Joan Rivers

Gemini Sun in Houses ebook

Gemini-Sun-in-HousesGemini Sun in Houses is meant to spark your imagination and make you think about your Sun sign in a new way. It takes the approach that your Sun is a part of you to explore and develop rather than a set of traits set in stone. It covers the Gemini Sun through all 12 of the astrological houses of the birth chart.


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  • mary

    Love pee wee – love the bike, and love being Gemini!

  • Michelle

    “Vai’s playing style has been characterized as quirky and angular, owing to his superb technical facility with the instrument and deep knowledge of music theory. Vai has been credited with the recent revival of the 7-string guitar, and has used double and triple neck guitars on many occasions. ”

  • Sarah

    yes the bike was a great touch lol

    • Michelle

      🙂 He sure looks like he’s having fun. Too bad PeeWee is a Virgo though :O

  • I want that bike!!

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      Lol…me too 😀