Gemini Sun 8th House


gemini-sun-8th-houseWith the Sun in Gemini in the 8th house you are becoming interested in deeper and more complicated subjects. You discover personal power by being informed beyond a superficial level. Your central purpose is to have a variety of intense experiences. You shine when you demonstrate that you have something of depth to say on nearly any topic. Coming into your own requires remaining open and curious even when experiencing complicated relationships and times of turmoil. Attaining self-realization requires flexibility when it is time to let go of connections that no longer serve you. Being yourself means that your curiosity is piqued by subjects others wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.

Even from a very early age, I knew I didn’t want to miss out on anything life had to offer just because it might be considered dangerous. ~ Nicole Kidman

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  • G B

    I have sun, mercury, venus and mars all conjunct in Gemini in 8th house. Also have neptune rising in Scorpio. Pluto conjunct uranus squaring Gemini 8th house planets. For me its more of a curse than a blessing when you can see too much. Lonely as well! I can say that there is a very deep current running through my life that can only be called fate, all the pro’s and con’s of the 8th house. Still i would not have it any other way

    • Yes, I know what you mean!

      • Chandrashekhar P R

        Hi, I have Sun in Gemini 8th house, Scorpio Rising. I know what you all meant. Sometimes 8th house sun creates pathetic situations for no reasons and then there will be new water all over again as if we are totally changed persons. All of a sudden life gives us situations to change our present perceptions and also we leave some unwanted things, aspects, habits, interests, and perhaps people too with this. A kind of vicious circle. One very important reason I have figured out astrologically is this astrological combination is meant for understanding/develop Astrology or any other yogic/ occult sciences. Many of our questions are best answered through our astrological habitation. Another important aspect is many and many people seek mental and psychological shelter in me. They share their deepest secrets to me may be just to relax or to seek answers, and now I am used to it and never ever felt that I should take advantage of those. Thank god 🙂 Sun in 8th house gives an ability to penetrate into very deepest cores of human emotions too. I have a suggestion that if at all you have a feeling of being victimised by fate then please seek shelter in any of these fields/knowledge viz; Astrology, psychology, Yoga, Healing sciences ex Reiki, or any other occult sciences. Because we are brought on earth just like the messengers or I would perhaps call you all as decoders of fate and complex sciences. And most of your questions will be answered. Let us move together. Good luck.

        • Excellent description of the Sun in the 8th house, Chandrashekhar P R!

    • Kruthika Mallur

      I have Sun,Moon,Mercury,Venus and Mars in Gemini in the 8th house and Pluto opposing all these planets. And I too have a Neptune rising in Scorpio. I know exactly what you mean.

  • Mario

    I’m a Gemini with a Libra ascendant, and, Sun in the 8th house.

    • kat

      Im also a Sun Gemini 8th house. Libra ascendent. Birthday 5/29/1991 15:30 UT

    • Kristie

      Me, too! 6/11/74

  • DD

    I also have sun in gemini, 8th house, plus venus and jupiter in gemini both in the 8th house too. Adding to this, I’m a scorpio rising with Pluto in the 1st house close to the ascendant, plus Lilith, both in Scorpio too. I would say I’m at the same time, a very deep person with some superificiality here and there. Either way, I tell everyone what I have to say straight in their faces even if they don’t talk to me again. I may hold grudges but not for too long, they will soon explode. I’m 24 and a lawyer, so I like to read a lot, be deeply informed as you said, it is as necessary as water to live.

  • Lish

    * Meant to say Gemini Sun & Jupiter in 8th, obviously 🙂

    I love astrology!

    • Thanks for reading, Lish 🙂

      • Lish

        Thanks 😀

  • Lish

    I have Sun and Jupiter in 8th house, also Lilith and a bunch of other asteroids, Vertex, lol.
    I definitely feel like a Scorpio, also with Pluto in 12th house conjunct my Libra Ascendant.
    Whew! That’s a lot of Pluto energy 😉 xo

  • Ross

    Very cool Michelle!

    I have my Gemini Sun in the 8th House… and I do relate to what you say. I also have my Venus, Chiron and North Node here. The internet for me is a great tool. I have a very curious mind and I can spend literally the whole day looking for information. It can be about anything… or it used to, because lately I have been focusing a lot on astrology and mainly my birth chart since it’s a very tricky one (or I guess all of them are!).

    I find it funny to know that Nicole Kidman has this placement. I tend to “guess” people’s Sun Signs and even famous people (like the other day I saw a photo of Anthony Hopkins and I just “new” he was Capricorn… so I looked it up and yes! He is 😛 So I always thought Mrs Kidman was Scorpio… ?? Coincidence that the 8th house is ruled by Scorpio? I don’t know. Maybe Scorpio is very strong in her chart.

    About the “collectors” that other people mentioned…. I don’t collect anything. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’ve been traveling the world for the last 7 years (I have a Yod Kite in my chart, that may explain…) so all my belongings fit in 2 suitcases. Although I love to collect quotes. I have a long list of them in my computer.


    • Thank you for adding your thoughts, Ross.

      It is amazing when you’re able to guess someone’s sign isn’t it? There are some people who just seem to radiate their Sun sign.

      • Ross

        It is great! Sometimes instead of the Sun Sign, I guess their Ascendant.


  • Reenie

    Ah, so Nicole Kidman is an 8th house woman, small wonder I sensed a lot of pain in her during the split with Tom Cruise, it’s odd, with Prince I sense it as power. Is it the difference in men and women with a loaded 8th house?

    • Michelle

      It’s hard to say since we don’t know either of them personally. I imagine that Nicole Kidman derives a sense of self from sexual power in very much the same way that Prince does. 

      • JustAnotherRomantique

        Well me & prince share the same Birthday.
        He & I both have Gemini Sun in the 8th house.. In fact, 8th & 2nd are majority of my chart, with a Scorpio rising also. 
        It does gives me that intensity; although I will admit I am a tad bit superficial here, and there. lol
        I do find that my hobbies I enjoy not weird, but not typical either. 

    • Chandrashekhar

      Hi Reenie, I belong to same combination you are are talking about. I feel that Nicole never wanted to get rid of Tom. It was Tom;s major decision. In Prince’s case, I guess it was his own decision. So “the pain is when you don’t want to leave”. No matter whether it is men or women. Experienced this multiple times.

    • junemoonchild

      Regarding Nicole Kidman: Think about Tom Cruise’s “hidden sexuality” and his involvement in Scientology… 8th House matters, no? Also, he was a Cancer, so it was bound to go wrong at some point from basic incompatibility.

  • Sarah

    I hope I get to meet an 8th house Gemini one day, and talk about all sorts of things for hours

    • Michelle

      I like the ones I’ve met so far 🙂

    • Twin-Scorpions

      It would be a pleasure to talk to someone interested in us, 8th House Gemini’s (I also have Venus in the 8th) Just send me an email sometimes… From there we can communicate through whichever medium you prefer ;-D

      • Hi Twin-Scorpions, it’s not a good idea to give out your email on a blog, you don’t know who might be reading this. I’ve edited it out.

      • Chandrashekhar

        Totally agree to this. Have not met one yet. Love meeting one and share loads of talks 🙂

    • Mario

      I’m a Gemini with a Libra ascendant.. As well as, Sun in the 8th house.

      • Angela

        Me too!

  • LB

    I know someone with this placement.  She’s definitely had a variety of intense, life-changing experiences, most of them featuring themes of betrayal and the abuse of trust, shattering of illusions (Sun squares 5th house Moon in Pisces, with Neptune in the 12th). 

    She’s an avid collector.  Her home is filled with  images of the Crone Archetype, as well as “Dia de los Muertos” art.  She recycles found objects and transforms them into amazingly intricate artistic creations that always have a mechanical component and hold some deeper symbolic meaning than is first apparent.  You literally have to “reach in” to experience some of her creations.  Her art challenges the viewer to go deep.

    She does important work in the field of medical research and is a technological whiz.  She understands computers and computer software at an instinctive level that makes her indispensable.  When someone has a computer question or problem, she’s definitely the go-to gal.  She’s one of the most capable people I’ve ever known (also very responsible), and as you say, she always has something of interest and depth to share.  In spite of this, her observations are sometimes colored by a fierce naivety that refuses to look beyond the superficial presentation – at least initially.   She really wants to believe. 

    • Michelle

      My father’s girlfriend (they’ve been together nearly 30 years) has this placement, with Scorpio rising. She is also an avid collector: tons of books and art. She amazes me with her ability to make quick, deep connections with near strangers – perhaps I should have added that to the description. She knows a lot about many subjects, but she isn’t  a scholar or philosopher – very Gemini – light in the way she speaks, but deeply informed.

      • LB

        “Actually, maybe I should also say that she takes all of her tidbits of information very seriously.  She’s not superficial.”You could be describing the person I know – she also has a Scorpio rising and also takes her information seriously (good word).    I left out how intelligent she is, but I guess that goes without saying.