Gemini Sun 9th House


gemini-sun-9th-houseWith the Sun in Gemini in the 9th house you are becoming a bright adventurer. You discover personal power by being perceptive of where others are coming from. Your central purpose is to gain perspective on varying viewpoints while staying true to your own – without missing a beat. You shine when you let your mind expand to take in the bigger picture while being aware of what is happening immediately in front of you. Coming into your own requires communicating through every little gesture, word and movement that you believe in yourself. Attaining self-realization requires connecting with something greater and moving nimbly among differing truths. Being yourself means that your mind and body are free to roam.

If we were logical, the future would be bleak, indeed. But we are more than logical. We are human beings, and we have faith, and we have hope, and we can work. ~ Jacques Yves Cousteau

The cool part of being an entertainer is getting the opportunity to get your feet wet in all areas. ~ Paula Abdul

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  • kat

    I have moon Sagittarius 3rd house and this whole reading completely reflects that side of me

  • Jhoan

    I have this placement, the only thing I can say about this is I do think I understand the others point of view more than I wish, sometimes I wish i could just stand to my point of view without considering five other more. It’s quite exausting to have to think how everyone thinks and will react to a certain comment or situation. – makes me want to let the river flow right in front of me, maybe because I think anything will create too much trouble in such different people. But, of course, it’s a nice attitude to have, to be diplomatic, specially when the situation is outside of my actions, it’s easier to analyse every point of view and give my conclusion on the matter. When problems come right to us, emotions get in the way and everything there is to be said comes like a wave demading to be materialized in words. This… makes me nervous.

    • Do you have a lot of Libra in your chart too?

    • me

      Wow, i thought i was the only one who felt this way . Well articulated ! I find having this doesn’t make me respected ,so many egos; they take it as me holding court on them all. Ha! And dang. I have Libra in the 1st house. Im a Gemini sun & mercury, but Taurus moon. So im exhausted being around people !

  • Emma

    I’m a Sun Gemini in the 9th House at 26 degrees. I just started looking in astrology and its really interesting. I get confused a lot though because there’s so much to learn. I do want to travel and coincidentally you posted one of my favorite films of all time, Spirtied Away. Like one other poster, I have the Sun opposition Saturn. I like learning more about myself through astrology. I don’t know if its supposed to last for a long time or in spurts. I hardly understand Natal astrology much less how it applies to current transits and such, but its all fascinating. And I think this is a great article.

    • Thanks for reading, Emma 🙂

      There is a lot to learn … just take it step by step and get familiar with the language. You’ll get it. Your natal chart will always be with you but it’s not stagnant and you get to choose (for the most part) how you want to develop your innate characteristics, talents and potentials.

      • Emma

        I forgot to mention that Chiron is also in my 9th house. (sigh) I really want to travel though. Really, the chart isn’t stagnant?! That’s great to know. I’m going to try and travel no matter what. It does require quite a bit of patience. I really like how you write about astrology. It’s really easy to understand especially about such a complicated topic. When I read others comments about my blank is conjunct blank opposite blank, I’m so amazed. Please keep up the great work. I will be definitely tuning in.

  • David

    Mars in Gemini in the 9th house, grand trine with Venus in Aquarius , and Uranus in Libra. Mars conjunct South Node in 9th house, YES! I need to feel my options are open for me to move freely. My mind is always actively engage. Books, running marathons, music, repeat ! 🙂 my active mind focus on music while my body loves the running 🙂 oh Mercury is in Pisces, opposition Moon in Virgo making a T Square with Mars in Gemini at the 20 degree.

  • Davida

    I happen to have 0 deg Gemini Sun in the 9th opposing a scorpio retrograde saturn in the 2nd house. Often times I feel conflicted about who I really am and what I think others want me to be. Do I want to have a career that makes me the most money, or do I want a carrer where I will thrive and be happy? Why can’t I have both? Getting an education has been delayed multiple times (ie. falling in love, moving across the country, having limited funds, having a child). I tend to teeter totter between pure elation and depression, but not to the point of being bipolar. The more freedom I have to move around, and interact with people on multiple levels, the happier I am.

    • Davida

      Oh, by the way, I do agree with your post. I can see though, that the largest challenge has been communicating with myself, that I need to believe in myself. I am apt to wonder if that has some to do with Sun opposition Saturn. It’s a blessing in disguise, though.

      • Michelle

        There are probably a variety of reasons for feeling like that. Sun opposite Saturn might make you feel that restrictions are opposed upon you rather than you restrict yourself. You might like reading the Sun/Saturn Aspects post:

        • Davida

          Why, thank you! I just posted there.

  • i have this placement very accurate its hard being myself though. i feel so out of place in society

    • Michelle

      Thank you for reading, Lassiter Kat 🙂

  • I’ll have this to look forward to in about 5 years when my progressed Sun moves into Gemini from Taurus and will still be in the natal 9th for another approx 5 1/2 years after changing signs. Yay!!  I especially like this “..Being yourself means that your mind and body are free to roam.”

    • Michelle

      My Sun will progress into Gemini when I’m 43. 

      • At first I though wow so young but since your birthday is 7-9 days after mine( I think I’m remembering correctly) that would be about right.

        Cool! You’ll get to experience that while still young and the energy is more  compatible to our natal Suns. Though I really have enjoyed the Taurean influence, except for the weight watching issues. My Taurus progressed Sun is exactly squaring my 6th house Venus and conjunct the NN. It’s been good for money even though I’ve had some major set backs in the past 3 years. And my belief system has had a major slow grinding overhaul.

        • Michelle

          Right, it doesn’t matter how old you are, it matters what degree your Sun is. My natal Sun is 19 Aries, it moved to Taurus when I was 12 and it will move to Gemini around 42-43.

          Progressed Taurus Sun has been good for me in terms of building patience. I was a very impatient kid.

          • Exactly. That’s how I figured out the degree of your Sun. With it being at a later degree or further along than my Sun, your Sun would have progressed into the next signs earlier than mine. I was 19 when it moved into Taurus. 

            How in the world could I forget the acquisition of patience and stability?! It’s funny now that I think about it, because I have been told on many occasions over the past 25 years, “You’ve got the patience of Job”. I would always say to myself, huh? lol That was before I knew about astrology.

  • Lettymonika

    I myself have this placement and I don’t only agree with it, but also find this extremely accurate… In my case I do have a huge interest in astrology, and as you said; ” moving nimbly among differing truths” it is something I crave for… I have found myself having to let go of many old teaching or perceptions of others and forming my own thru my experiences…  I read and search all forms of truth but stick to none… I grasp what might serve me or match my ideals or experiences and leave the rest untouched and unjudged… 

    • Michelle

      I like this, 

      “I read and search all forms of truth but stick to none… I grasp what might serve me or match my ideals or experiences and leave the rest untouched and unjudged…”

      Thank you for giving your personal insight into this position, Lettymonika. Sometimes when I don’t hear from readers I doubt if I got it “right.”

  • Anonymous

    I’m shocked that none of our posters seem to have this placement. That never happens lol

    Sounds like an amazing placement though.

    • Michelle

      Yeah. Oh well…sometimes there are duds. Or, maybe people with this placement aren’t that interested in astrology. It would be great if people who have it would say why they do or do not agree with the description. I like getting feedback on these posts – positive or negative.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think the entry is a dud at all. I think that maybe none of the regular posters have it. I guess it happens. You raise a good point…those with this placement might just be too busy pursuing everything under the sun to comment. LMAO

        But I think the description itself is great. You have me sold on it. lol

        • Michelle

          those with this placement might just be too busy pursuing everything under the sun to comment. LMAO

          I love it! You just made me feel a whole lot better 😀

          • LB

            “Being yourself means that your mind and body are free to roam.”

            My Gemini Mars in the 9th enjoyed this post.  It reminded me of something I read a long time ago about Gemini’s healthy body, healthy mind connection.  When Gemini’s mind (or spirit) is stimulated, they can tap into boundless energy sources.

            • Michelle

              Luck them 🙂