Cancer Sun 6th House



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With the Sun in Cancer in the 6th house you are finding ways to display kindness and sympathy through acts of service. You discover personal power by doing even the most boring chore with sensitivity and care. Your central purpose is to discover that every detail is worth personal, emotional investment. You shine by tenaciously honing your skills. Coming into your own means finding work that you really care about. Attaining self-realization means feeling emotionally fulfilled in everyday life. Being you means that coworkers and animals often form your extended family.

You cannot dream yourself into a character; you must hammer and forge yourself one. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Be not simply good – be good for something. ~ Henry David Thoreau

One must do the same subject over again ten times, a hundred times. In art nothing must resemble an accident, not even movement. ~ Edgar Degas

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  • Mmm, ice cream!!

    • Michelle

      Lol… I don’t know about you, but I where I live it’s hot, hot, hot.

      • Same here with some humidity on top. Thank goddess it’s a bit less humid than it was yesterday. I’m just getting in from the farmer’s market, having to park about 2 blocks away and walking in the sun. It makes me so grateful for all the trees on my street and on my property.

  • David5379

    ha ha ha, even though he was out in the “wild” Thoreau still had his mommy bring him food out to his cabin…  
    the fact hes a cancer just makes it kind of funnier, i dont have any qualms with his writing, just thought it was always funny his moma did that for him

    • Michelle

      Lol…wow, that’s so perfect for this Sun position. I didn’t know that about him 🙂