Cancer Sun 11th House



“Old Bottles” via Common Pixel’s photostream on Flickr

With the Sun in Cancer in the 11th house you are becoming a standout among your peers while supporting and nurturing their growth. You discover personal power by becoming sensitive to the camaraderie of your particular group. Your central purpose is to bare your vulnerable self to the people who share your interests – your group, your club, your gang, etc… You shine by showing that you care about and support humanitarian efforts. Coming into your own requires letting your guard down long enough to form strong emotional bonds with the collections of people who run in the same circles that you do. Attaining self-realization means being gentler with yourself when it comes to achieving your long term goals. Being you means forming emotionally supportive relationships with people who share your interests.

All you have in comedy, in general, is just going with your instincts. You can only hope that other people think that what you think is funny is funny. I don’t have an answer but I just try to plough straight ahead.
— Will Ferrell 

The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.
— Ernest Hemingway

… Anchorman Will Ferrell is the voice for Cancer for College, an organization that provides scholarships to cancer survivors. The organization was started by one of Ferrell’s fraternity brothers, and he has only strengthened his support as his celebrity has grown to further the cause and increase awareness.7 Celebrities Trying to Change the World.

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  • Gb

    “Your central purpose is to bare your vulnerable self to the people who share your interests”. accurate. thank you 🙂

  • Tasha

    This as well. Ha! You’re really good at this. My senior class voted me most likely to save the world, and I wasn’t even aware I was that known.