Road Trip: 2 Aries, 27 Hours, 2 Days, 6 States – No Problems


Good Dates for a Trip


Map of the US, to refresh your memory 🙂

Saturday my friend and I left on a road trip. We drove 1500 miles in 2 days – through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington state.

Mercury retrograde is a good time to revisit, and research places.

This Mercury retrograde begins August 2nd (at 1 Virgo) and ends August 26th (at 18 Leo). For me, this retrograde period falls in my 12th house.

With Mercury being my chart ruler, and the retrograde being in my 12th house, this feels like an ideal few weeks to take time out from my normal routine.

I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine. ~Caskie Stinnett

For my friend, she is using this period to research whether she wants to move to one of the areas we are visiting: she’s setting up job interviews and sizing up opportunities.

We decided that the New Moon in Leo was a perfect time to begin the trip.

Saturday’s New Moon at 7 Leo conjoined my natal Moon at 2 Leo – I’ll be visiting my mother for the first time in 1.5 years, just in time for her birthday.

The New Moon fell close my friend’s North Node in Leo in the 9th house – a good time for her to travel for pleasure and enjoyment.

A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. ~Lao Tzu

Traveling Synastry

I’m an Aries with a Leo Moon and Virgo rising. My friend is an Aries with a Scorpio Moon and Scorpio rising. Her Sun is in the 5th house and my Sun is in the 8th house.

If you know anyone with Scorpio rising or Scorpio Moon then you know that I asked her permission before revealing her Sun, Moon and ascendant signs!

Making decisions was a snap and we were both direct about what we wanted from the trip.

The Astrocartography

map pillowsAs you travel around the world, different places emphasize different parts of your chart – and therefore your life. You can quickly grasp which planet will be emphasized in your chart by glancing at your astrocartography.

Our final destination brings me to the intersection of my Moon/Ascendant, Sun/MC and Pluto IC lines.

Our final destination brings my friend to her Venus/Descendant line.

When I say that I’m crossing a Pluto/IC line, for example, that means that traveling to a particular area puts my natal Pluto on my IC. If I redraw my natal chart as if I had been born in that area, I would have been born with Pluto on the IC. Intense issues centering on home, family, foundation and roots will be emphasized when I travel through these areas.

When my friend travels to the area we are in now, it puts her natal Venus on the descendant line. If she had been born in this area, her Venus would have been conjunct the descendant. When she visits this area, her experience has been that she has many more opportunities for social activities and romance than she normally has elsewhere. Because she has an unaspected Venus in her natal chart, being on her Venus/descendant line brings out her feminine, flirtatious side.

Make your astrocartography chart

1. Go to
2. Go to Free Horoscopes
3. Go to AstroClick Travel
4. Enter your birth data
5. Choose which map you want to look at from the drop-down box and press “Go”
6. Scroll over any line to get a brief description of what you might expect from visiting this area

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  • Bob

    hmmm, have had ongoing and vivid dreams about las cruces and ruidoso, new mexico; “In these regions, there is a good chance of coming closer to finding your true destiny. You divorce yourself from misleading illusions or false ideals, and focus your efforts on solving attending problems. Step by step, you make your long-term projects come true. You are generally admired for the way in which you complete tasks, for which you gain recognition and respect. You are seen as a public role model for independence and discipline.”

    saturn/mc line 

    • Michelle

      Saturn/MC automatically makes me think of taking on a large burden in a very public way. The need to not fail would be huge. You’d get to test your resolve and have plenty of public recognition for it.

      • LB

        My Saturn is parallel my MC and to some extent I can relate to your description (‘large burden’ – oh yea!), although with Saturn in the 4th, the need not to fail has generally been more internalized.  Sometimes there’s been public recognition but that’s not what motivates me, if that makes sense.

        Hope you’re having fun on your trip, Michelle!

      • LB

        My Saturn is parallel my MC and to some extent I can relate to your description (‘large burden’ – oh yea!), although with Saturn in the 4th, the need not to fail has generally been more internalized.  Sometimes there’s been public recognition but that’s not what motivates me, if that makes sense.

        Hope you’re having fun on your trip, Michelle!

        • Michelle

          Thanks, LB. The last leg of the trip was challenging, to say the least. I just got back at 11:30 pm last night.

          • LB

            I’ve been on cross-country road trips and challenging was an understatement!  Welcome home. 🙂

            • Michelle

              Thanks 😀

              Let me put it this way, next time someone wants to do a road trip, I’m going to recommend flying, or taking a train instead.

  • billow

    I find the pluto/ic thing interesting since you are travelling with scorpio energy.  What could be better. 

    Does the car get hot with two Aries radiating?  But what I really want to know is how many hats did you pack?  Have fun.  Like I have any doubt about that. 

    • Michelle

      I packed only 1 hat! After many years, I’ve learned to pack light. 

      Energy in the car was actually just fine – cut to the chase, no BS and totally laser focused. Maybe not good for everything, but excellent for getting from point A to point B as fast as possible.

      • billow

        I’ve been re-travelling astrology.  Looking at uranus, neptune, and pluto transits with Tierney.  I am finally making some sense of it as it applies to my life.  Mercury is transiting over natal MH Pluto opp Neptune on IC conjunct Urania.  Funny.  I’m so textbook.  : D

        • Michelle

          I really like Bil Tierney’s books. The only one I own right now is All Around the Zodiac. I’ve skimmed the Uranus and Neptune books. I will own them one day.

  • Don’t skip California! 

    • Michelle

      I may go through Northern California to visit a friend.

  • *Cough..did you just after WA or will you go there this Saturday?

    That’s my state!

    PS: Dont forget Portland- Oregon! 😀

    • billow

      A big shout out to Portland.  Fun town.  Good friends.  : D

      • Michelle

        I’ve been to Portland once before, but I don’t know it well. Any suggestions for things to do?

        • billow

          Inhale it.  When I hit a town I go to their independant news and entertainment rag sheet.  And I am sure Portland still has one or two.  Pick from the menu.  If I knew you were going there I would have set you up with my friend, the designer of hats.

          I was there some time ago.  It was a town where people weren’t afraid to dance.  The music scene was very good at the time.  One of my fondest memories was on the dance floor of a huge club with a rocking originals band with all seats empty and everyone and I mean everyone on the dance floor.  I had my eyes closed, dancing in the groove.  I opened my eyes and looked across a sea of sweating faces with their eyes closed.  It was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.  The sweating bodies released the scent of goodwill clothing. 

          • billow

            Actually vintage clothing would be the better descriptor.  Like all tampons are not tampex.  And all tissue is not kleenex.

            • Michelle

              Lol…vintage…could be a pleasant musty scent or some seriously crusted-on old man BO in wool.

          • Michelle

            Cool. It would be awesome to go dancing. My hometown is a ghost town past 10pm and most of the dance venues closed a few years ago. 

    • Michelle

      I’ll be in Washington for a few days, then head to Portland over the weekend 🙂

  • David5379

    thanks for putting the astrocartography thing, now I see why I liked san diego so much

    • Michelle

      Which of your lines go through San Diego?

      • David5379

        neptune, and its right next to the ocean too ha, but while i was there i was happier than ive ever been, something was in the air, i thought it was just great weather because im used to being either in the humidity here in san antonio or the desert weather of el paso but i guess it was more than that. I couldnt stop smiling the whole time, i could just walk around and i just couldnt stop smiling those couple of days, I could just feel something from within, like suddenly everything was magical and great

        • Michelle

          I grew up on my Neptune line. It is like being in a dream or fantasy. Not especially practical though, huh?

          • David5379

            it was like a dream, a lot like a dream, i could see myself being a tad more unrealistic if i was that happy ha, ive always been, and i guess will be for quite a while, on my moon saturn line, so if i ever do go over  there ill have enough realism under my belt so at least ill be mature enough to be fine, but then again that neptune is mighty tricky