Leo Sun 8th House


beautiful mane

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With the Sun in Leo in the 8th house you are becoming a complex attention whore. You discover personal power by using the unspoken vibe around you to fuel your creativity and passion. Your central purpose is to hold onto your mystery no matter how popular you get. You shine by relying on instinct to know when to ham it up and when to maintain your dignity. Coming into your own requires knowing the difference between people who are really loyal to you and that you can trust, and those people who would gain your confidence through flattery only to use you. Attaining self-realization means being aware of childish behavior that prevents you from dealing with the nitty-gritty dirty details of relationships. Being you means that you gain the most applause when your naturally playful self taps into a deep need to laugh in others.

I think my confidence is what makes me good on stage. I’m not afraid to climb up on something. My dream is to one day have a stage set up where I can fly over the audience. Now that would be something special! ~ Joe Jonas

I am a real ham. I love an audience. I work better with an audience. I am dead, in fact, without one. ~ Lucille Ball 

Heaven, no. I was shy for several years in my early days in Hollywood until I figured out that no one really gave a damn if I was shy or not, and I got over my shyness. ~ Lucille Ball

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  • Snarl M.

    I am leo sun, mercury, and venus in 8th house. Scorpio moon as well. I have the pride and outward appearance of a leo. I Chanel all that creativity in art and appearance. I mostly feel like a vastly colorful and flamboyant mysterious intense scorpio. It’s a weird combination but I mostly identify with scorpio.

    • Is Pluto in aspect to your Sun or Moon as well?

      • Snarl M.

        Nah, I think that would be way too much scorp energy to Handel. My mother is a scorp and she had 4 of her main planets in scorpio and that woman drowned in that dark energy.

  • celeste

    I have a leo sun in the 8th house as well as mars and jupiter! My moon is in cancer which makes me even more sensitive to the subtle realities going on around me . 🙂

  • I have my Leo Sun intercepted by Cancer in the 8th house and Moon in Scorpio (conjunct Pluto). I relate to Scorpio description more. 

    • Which Scorpio description?

      • Sun sign scorpio. May be its because of the interception (sun & leo) in 8th house

  • Veronica Bolts

    I’ve been studying astrology since I was a single digit… I have Leo Sun and Mercury in the 8th house square Pluto. I’ve never related to most Leo Sun interpretations, probably because Leo Sun in the 8th completely changes the focus of Leo energy. Suddenly a Leo Sun longs for deep and powerful emotional bonds; the need for attention becomes obsolete because this Leo would rather give their all to someone else than focus on themselves. Also there is an air to mystery about my personality, it goes from extreme introvert to happy go lucky optimism…

    • Thank you for your perspective on the 8th house Leo Sun, Veronica. 

      The 8th house does change the focus of the energy, but I don’t know if I’d say “completely.” The Sun is still in dignity in Leo and that Leo essence shines through. My own Sun is in Aries (exalted) in the 8th house and I am certainly not as outgoing as other Aries, but I have typical Aries characteristics.

  • PE_Astrogy

    Hello Michelle,

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I must say I really appreciate your insight. You impress me the way few other astrologers do.

    Any way. My daughter has 00 degree Leo in the eighth loosely conjunct venus(in cancer), and talk about a little girl who can be cheery while talking about death. I saw this coming and have always treated her with appropriate acceptance, which I think speaks to my Chiron in the eighth. Still since I am posting this any way I would like to ask you how you would meld into this picture her Saturn on the eighth house cusp. By the way she has a Taurus moon in the sixth a and a Sag. Asc.

    Thank you.

    PS. I use Porphyry houses.

    • People with Saturn in the 8th house tend to take all of the unspoken emotional “vibes” and subtle clues to people’s inner motivations very, very seriously. Sometimes that translates to extreme caution when getting involved with people at an intimate level. They may have few people in their lives that they really trust, and they don’t take those relationships for granted.

  • amoureuse

    my recent ex bf who i was talking about.. the guy in mygrade school.. he has this thn in his cart. leo 8th house and he told me that i am being such a brat… lol, see this thing.. > Attaining self-realization means being aware of childish behavior that prevents you from dealing with the nitty-gritty dirty details of relationships. ” See… he is the one who is being childish yet he is accusing me of being such and such.. stupid guy! im glad iam out.

    • Unrecognized aspects of himself.

      • amoureuse

        i agree.. yet he accused me of not knowing myself… personally, i have to say its not my fault that i am crab and that i do reflect.. thats how i was built and my mind works…  its just so unfortunate that come across him…

  • BlakeSmo

    Maybe I’m just new to the whole astrological signs mentality, or I
    just never realized this… We all know about birth stones. I just realized that
    there are birth flowers?? Check out what your month’s flower is…


  • Cute Lion for you^^

    Idk I have urge to play with Lion’s mane right now =P
    I see the combination of Leo + Scorpio could make a person intense probing but also playful at the same time. I bet they’re very cool individuals ^^

    • I don’t know anyone with a Leo Sun in the 8th house (that I’m aware of anyway) – do you?

      • Not really but I know a cute guy having it 😉

  • Fierce mane!!

    • I wish my hair could do that – I’d wear it like that everyday (and wait for heads to turn :D)

      • The only thing you’d be waiting for is for the heads to snap back around since they can’t turn their heads 300+ degrees like an owl can. lol

      • kara tennes

        that is not her hair sister. that is either a weave or wig,

        • It’s good to use commas. Your comment reads like her hair has a sister. Natural or not, I like it.

  • Hmm 8th house which holds death, sexuality and secrets. If in your Horo LEO Sun will be there then definitely it will make you god of Death, Sexuality and Secrets. Just like us you could have knowledge of Spiritual matters and astrology. You will win your death, it doesn’t mean that you wont Die 🙂