How to Find Your North Node and South Node

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Fall 2015 Eclipse Report

Discover the meaning of September's eclipses in your chart. "Followed by a Moonshadow" is a 40+ page report examining eclipse patterns in your birth chart. This report includes eclipses for last year, this year, and next year, with aspects to planets in your birth chart, house placements, and the prenatal eclipse point. Learn how to follow the eclipse cycles in your own life.
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  • Bob

    Thanks so much! This info was suprisingly hard for me to find on the internet. Your video explained it well.

    • Michelle

      I’m glad you found it helpful.

  • LB

    What an excellent post, Michelle!  Very instructive and easy to understand, I suspect even for a beginner.  This will make a great link to send to friends who are trying to learn the basics.  Thanks!

    I hope you do more recordings – your speaking voice and style lend themselves to teaching via this medium.  Well done. :)

    • Michelle

      Thanks, LB :)

      The next one will be “How to Find Your House Rulers” – a rehash of the old blog post I used to have up.

      After that, probably, “How to know which house your Sun is in” and “How to know where a transiting planet falls in your birth chart.” 

      I get a lot of emails with questions about the basics and it’s so much easier to say it than to write it up, make all the images, etc… 

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        You have such a lovely voice Michelle. It’s gentle, clear, and solid. :-)
        I was familiar with screenr before but hadn’t got around to using it yet.
        You certainly have inspired me to get on that…  :-)
        Thank you again for sharing your brilliance!!

        • Michelle

          Thanks, Abella. I just need some practice. 

          The only problem with screenr is that you have a 5 minute limit; it does help keep things concise 😉