How to Find Your North Node and South Node

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Planet Combinations
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Planet Combinations, by AstroFix


45 interpretations, including every planet pairing from the Sun through Pluto. Written in short, fragmented sentences, this E-Book embraces a loose, brainstorm-style of writing.

Product Description

  • Sun combinations
  • Moon combinations
  • Mercury combinations
  • Venus combinations
  • Mars combinations
  • Jupiter combinations
  • Saturn combinations
  • Uranus combinations
  • Neptune combinations
  • Pluto combinations

Additional Information


PDF (Formatted to look good on all devices)


21537 words / 66 printed pages (8.5″ x 11″)



  • Bob

    Thanks so much! This info was suprisingly hard for me to find on the internet. Your video explained it well.

    • Michelle

      I’m glad you found it helpful.

  • LB

    What an excellent post, Michelle!  Very instructive and easy to understand, I suspect even for a beginner.  This will make a great link to send to friends who are trying to learn the basics.  Thanks!

    I hope you do more recordings – your speaking voice and style lend themselves to teaching via this medium.  Well done. :)

    • Michelle

      Thanks, LB :)

      The next one will be “How to Find Your House Rulers” – a rehash of the old blog post I used to have up.

      After that, probably, “How to know which house your Sun is in” and “How to know where a transiting planet falls in your birth chart.” 

      I get a lot of emails with questions about the basics and it’s so much easier to say it than to write it up, make all the images, etc… 

      • Abella Jucy Arthur

        You have such a lovely voice Michelle. It’s gentle, clear, and solid. :-)
        I was familiar with screenr before but hadn’t got around to using it yet.
        You certainly have inspired me to get on that…  :-)
        Thank you again for sharing your brilliance!!

        • Michelle

          Thanks, Abella. I just need some practice. 

          The only problem with screenr is that you have a 5 minute limit; it does help keep things concise 😉