Leo Sun 12th House


leo-sun-12th-houseWith the Sun in Leo in the 12th house you are becoming fluent in creativity. You discover personal power by confidently going into the flow of the unknown. Your central purpose is to lose your ego through artistic self-expression. You shine when you are lost in the moment, at one with your performance. Coming into your own requires recognizing self-sabotage through pride and vanity. Attaining self-realization means making the time and space you need to be alone with your creative process. Being you means that you’re already over yourself.

If you live through the initial stage of fame and get past it, and remember thats not who you are. If you live past that, then you have a hope of maybe learning how to spell the word artist. ~ Patrick Swayze

A bore is a person who opens his mouth and puts his feats in it. ~ Henry Ford

Music is the doorway that has led me to drawing, photography, and writing. ~ Layne Staley

These two videos are reader requests. Although Kelis and Christina Perri are both Leos, their birth times are not known, so it’s impossible to determine which house their Leo Suns fall in.

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  • alicia

    Like someone above said, being a Leo myself, when I started astrology I always wonder why I didn’t fit in the Leo description, until years that i realized that I was a leo sun 12th house with virgo rising.
    I dance, and I LOVE music, also as I have mercury in leo 12th house too i tend to be interested in astrology, i don’t know if that’s why…..
    I agree in the fact that one of the hardest lessons of this position is that you need to learn to love yourself and believe in yourself and give yourself attention in order to be ok, and gain self steem otherwise is very hard. Plus i have chiron on my virgo 1st house, so the need to accept myself and my body as it is, hasn’t been easy.
    At the beggining I wasn’t happy with this position but now i’m actually cool with being a 12th house leo, I like it, and i know this journey hasn’t end and i will discover ways in which i will express my creativity and hability to shine.

  • arya

    Hi this was cool!
    leo sun in 12. leo rising
    I would say secretive, secluded and therefore magnificent. we are therefore surprising and trancendental. oohhh i’m giving away so much here. currently saturn is transiting me 4th house oof scorpio geez! :9

    • arya

      Oh yeah chiron in 12th too and taurus moon in 10

      • Thanks for the extra insights, arya πŸ™‚

  • Kim

    Thanks for this! My Leo sun is in the 12th house and my rising sign is Leo too. I’m a designer by training but have difficulty with all the Pretentiousness and conformity. It’s lost its shine for me (although the design sensibility I will always hold dear). Now I am a painter. I find self promotion really difficult. I’m getting a lot of positive and encouraging feedback, but I’m apprehensive about emerging. I also have a simian crease on my left palm and an almost complete simian on the right. Feel lost…a bit immobilized. What do do?

    • Hi Kim,

      It’s a little tough to say from knowing only a few placements. Please consider getting an astrology reading with me. I will be able to take your entire chart into consideration.

      Best wishes,

  • Alfine

    As a 12th house Leo Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter (and SN & PoF), I gotta extend my thanks to you for writing this out in this way!

    Gives me a newfound (though i feel I’ve always understood this subconsciously) understanding of just what it means..


    • Thank you for reading, Alfine. I’m happy that the description resonated with you. Do you have artistic interests?

      • Alfine

        Most definitely! Music, dance, and singing have always been at the forefront of my creative expression since I can remember.

        What was so interesting to me is that when I first got into astrology when I was much younger, Leo’s are always spoken of as loving attention and wanting to be in the spotlight. While I identified with this to an extent when I was younger, and even now – I still felt like there was a high degree of shyness and wanting to be invisible. Later, I came to understand this was the Leo 12th house thing. Along with Virgo rising.

        Another strong element I find having such a heavily tenanted 12th house (by Leo particularly) is the theme of SELF-Love. Not needing the external praise, love and attention, but realizing one’s own inner worth and beauty. Something I’ve struggled with in this lifetime..

        Something that often threw me off initially in regards to the 12th house, is the connection to the “institutions”. Prisons, hospitals, insane asylums, etc. Coming at it from the Leo standpoint, I would always think, “What the heck?! You mean I’m supposed to take my creativity and artistic flair and work in a PRISON?! Or hospital with all these sick, joyless people?! WHaaaaaat?!

        I wonder if, with time, the association will change. Because I know that with astrology, a lot of the descriptions we go by now are based off of life wayyyy back then when the manifestations of the various archetypes were more tangible (i.e the ‘messenger’). Now, though the main concepts are the same, the external projections are different (e.g communications THEN maybe meant writing letters, NOW it could mean avid in social media, blogger, etc)..

        I think that would be great for newer students to astrology..

        Just some Mercury 1st house ramblings! πŸ™‚

        • My Moon is in Leo in the 12th house (using whole signs) and I completely agree with the need for self-love. I wrote a post a while ago about learning to be my own cheerleader. If Leo gives itself enough praise and attention it doesn’t need as much outside applause.Β 

  • Would this be another way of interpreting a Leo 12th house?

    • I think so, but it’s more emphasized when the Sun is there.

  • Kozmik Horoscopes

    Stars tell all, check this out

  • Robin Joy Dore

    I have a friend who is a videographer/editor/graphic designer who has a leo sun in his 12th house. His moon is also there in Leo along with pluto,uranus and mercury..but I have to double check on if they’re in leo or not. I think his Pluto is in Virgo and conjunct his ascendant. Anyway, yes, he’s extremely creative. ^_^

    • Thank you for adding another example, Robin πŸ™‚

      • Robin Joy Dore

        You’re welcome:-)

  • A little Leo synchronicity happening.. KATE BUSH; time unknown.. but Sun in Leo, (her Venus 9 degrees Cancer sort of hits me a bit) This performance very much 12th house-like for “Wuthering Heights” (Bronte is also Leo)
    http://youtu.be/-1pMMIe4hb4 She seems to embody very well the ghost of Cathy and yesterday I’ve been watching several videos of people attempting to do this song.. its kind of wild, that it was Momus (an Aquarius with Leo ASC and Moon) who personally pointed out this performance a few years ago.. and that it was only the last few days I was really in the mind set to really dissect it in Virgo Moon style.

    Yes, a really Leo performance— with all the drama one would expect! Not unlike your newer iconic examples. πŸ™‚

    I just thought that this was really synchronistic of what you wrote above too.. so I had to share it. πŸ™‚

    • I love Kate Bush πŸ™‚ I didn’t know her Venus conjuncts my Mars. That Wuthering Heights video is ethereal and theatrical. I recently watched her Red Shoes video a few times.Β http://youtu.be/4zB_kgWpC5o

      I’d never heard of Momus. Just looked him up. When you say “personally,” does that mean you know him?

      • I used to follow Momus and his works because we had some strong commonalities such as our mutual respect for Howard Devoto. Back between 2004-2007 we communicated and I acquired his birth-time, place. I didn’t want to be misleading about how I knew him.. but he pointed out many performances he really felt were inspiring to him.. and that Kate Bush Wuthering Heights was one of his..he also mentioned that David Sylvian was one highest expressions of male voices. (which I also agree with too.)

        The entire Kate Bush phenomena hit me about 1983 with “The Dreaming” and I even dare to say that her experimental mixing of Aboriginal into contemporary during that time was direct line of inspiration for my line of musical style (where ever that went).

        I also take note that there are not very many Leo performers that are really direct inspirations for me either… I like them for what they are, but often they don’t get lost in that performance.. like the examples you provide… very nice ones. Very iconic and yet endearing in a Leo sense. πŸ™‚ Bold!

        I’m more partial to a Nina Hagan.. who transforms, gets lost and is immersed into what she goes into..(very Pisces or what?) as a performer/singer, also very bolder than one would think.

        • Thank you for elaborating. You have distinct taste in music. Although I know of the Buzzcocks, I can’t say I know their music very well. David Sylvain does have a nice voice – syrupy. I didn’t get around to Kate Bush until the early 90s ( I was 7 in 1983 πŸ™‚ Nina Hagen’s appearance is similar to the woman in “The Red Shoes” video.

          • oh that woman in the Red Shoes video (I had to relocate it because the link you posted didn’t work in my country) It was Miranda Richardson, I take note that Kate Bush employes well known actors and actresses in her videos.. I just saw one recently with Noel Fielding and Robbie Coltrain..she directed it too. (and then looking up on youtube, I saw that Noel Fielding (if I’m spelling anything correctly) did for this year a mime of Wuthering Heights for comedy charity, you can look up the clip on youtube, its really funny!

            You are right,Β  Miranda was made up allot like Nina Hagen, painted eyebrows and all! Very witchy πŸ™‚ kind of interesting.

            David Sylvain with the band Japan has a way to resonate something sorrowful and sensual with his voice, I don’t remember his birthday but I thought he was a Taurus… speaking of Japan I can’t go on without mentioning that the bass player was also one of my inspirations.. Mick Karn (who died this year) Karn, a Leo, I forgot! [ born on Th., 24 July 1958in Nicosia, CYP, 33e22, 35n10 time unknown] had a very distinctive style with his bass playing..part jazzy, part progressive/ art rock.. not just a bass player but a visual artist.

            By the way, if you are interested in Buzzcocks, perhaps you would be interested to know that the Lead singer/ guitarist now (after Devoto had left long ago) Pete Shelley is my favourite Aries ever! He’s Virgo ASC.. and he does have a very distinctive voice.

            I guess when you say I have distinctive taste in music, its because there are things I like to be able to pick out of a style, a voice, a performance.. sometimes things are over the top.. sometimes just weird and wild… or strongly emotional.. something has to really stand out for me. I’m wired up like that I guess. πŸ™‚