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sleeping underwaterWanting an ideal home life or ideal living situation. Your home is a place you go to retreat. The music played in your home affects you deeply. Spacing-out at home. Home life is confusing. You are deeply influenced by your home environment – whether your realize it or not. You are permeable and pick up the impressions of your home environment. You need a peaceful, tranquil, serene home environment. Harsh, unsympathetic living situations aren’t for you. Becoming one with your home. Feeling that you had to “tiptoe” around your house growing up. Your family life seems fragile or like it could dissolve at any moment. Childhood was a daze. Children of divorce.

Your living situation directly affects your career. You need a place where you can rest in order to do your best work out in the world. When you are home, it’s like you are in a trance. You lose your ego and preoccupation with your identity when you are home. Finding it difficult to articulate who you are to the outside world. Having trouble making yourself known. Home is a place to slip into the flow. You do your best creative work at home. Wanting to work from home to avoid the realities of the career world. A deeply imaginative person – positively and negatively. Imagining the worst or imagining the best. Scared of the dark. Images can stay with you for a long time. Needing a safe place to let your imagination loose. Wanting to feel safe and protected when you are feeling fragile or vulnerable. Not wanting to commit yourself to other people’s expectations and demands.

Drowning at home. Drowning in your family life. The home environment is a delicate subject. Sensitive homebodies. Inner sensitivity. Retiring spiritual types. Passive acceptance of home conditions. Gentle at the core. Spiritual at the core. Having spiritual longings. Growing up in a spiritual environment. Having had an ideal childhood. A kind and compassionate person at the core. Feeling like a victim of your home life. Behaving in a gentle, passive, go with the flow manner to keep the peace. Putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list. Yearning to go back home. Yearning to go back where you came from. Yearning for the good old days. Memories of early life that continue to affect you. Memories of early life that continue to influence your outer direction in the world. Nostalgia.

Feeling that family life is confusing. Having an unclear lineage. A confusing, obscured or unknown family history. Articulating your family life is nearly impossible. Not knowing who your father is. The missing father. A missing parent. Idealizing your father. Seeing your dad through rose-colored glasses. Not knowing your father (even if he is around). Your dad is a musician. Your dad is artistic. You feel sorry for your father. You see your dad as a victim of his family connections. Your dad is sensitive and retiring. Your dad was physically absent, drunk or missing. Too much merging with your parents. Too much willingness to sacrifice yourself on behalf of one of your parents. Parents’ roles are unclear. Unclear boundaries in the home environment. No clear rules in the home environment. No clear indications of what was expected of you. Merging into the womb. Feeling at one with the world.

A non-materialistic person at the core. Having had a family that was not overly concerned with outer achievement and attainment. The lack of material emphasis can make it more difficult to achieve a high status career. The wish to stay in the serenity of the home environment can outweigh the desire for public recognition. There might be too much inner sensitivity to deal with the outer pressures and demands that go along with a more lucrative career path. Feeling that outer achievement in the world requires too many personal sacrifices. Feeling that you’d have to give up your personal life in order to fulfill some outer idea of what you should be doing with your life. The longing for personal space, privacy and tranquility is greater than the need for worldly success. Impressionable, sensitive and refined. Delicate, retiring and sympathetic.

Known for his ethereal singing voice, Jeff Buckley was considered by critics to be one of the most promising artists of his generation after the release of his critically acclaimed 1994 debut album Grace. However, at the height of his popularity, Buckley drowned during an evening swim in 1997. Quote Source

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Neptune/IC, read Neptune/Midheaven Aspects.


ic-aspects-report-cover Save yourself the time and trouble of locating all your IC aspects with the IC Aspects Mini Report!

Planets and points searched are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, Vertex, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Juno, and Chiron.

Aspects searched are: conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile, quincunx, semi-sextile, quintile, biquintile, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, novile, binovile, quadranovile, decile, and tridecile.


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  • Fabiola

    This is insanely awesomely a coincidence?
    I adore jeff buckley’s music… Bizzarely cool! >.<

  • shelly

    I have this aspect, couldn’t be more true!,….scary true.

  • nick

    If I have a neptune conjunct midheaven what aspect would I have for the IC ?

    • You would have the opposition.

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  • My  dad is physically and emotionally  absent   and  i  did feel like i  sacrificed a  lot  during   my  teens because of my mum  and  feeling sorry  for am  just a tad  resentful but am learning to  be strong  and be my own person..but  i need  money  to  be independent  unfortunately..even  if I’m  not   very  materialistic…I really like reading  these posts btw..they’re so broad  and really  give you different  outlooks and different  ways of looking  at aspects.  weirdly i  have  neptune trine  MC  where I read  somewhere  which said am  close  to  my parents (LOL)   

    • weirdly i have neptune trine MC where I read somewhere which said am close to my parents (LOL)

      Yeah, that’s why one aspect isn’t enough to go on 🙂

  • Kay

    I already posted in the Neptune/MC thread with the same nickname. I’d like to add here that my father is absent in a emotional and spiritual, not in a physical way – I feel sorry that he is distant and tends to misunderstand me all the time…

    • Do you think you misunderstand him too?

  • cathyd0105

    Thank you so much for this post!  It fits very well… I’m a child of divorce; had to “walk on eggs’ at home thru out my childhood. 🙁 

    This also fits in particular:   “Feeling that outer achievement in the world requires too many personal
    sacrifices. Feeling that you’d have to give up your personal life in
    order to fulfill some outer idea of what you should be doing with your
    life. The longing for personal space, privacy and tranquility is greater
    than the need for worldly success”

    • Thank you for reading, cathyd0105.

  • Barbhindley

    Almost all of that is true for me.  I’m very introverted and sensitive and home is where I can relax and feel safe.  I’m an empath and take others stuff on very easily.  I’m always at home!  Well, I’ve also got Moon in Cancer in 12th, so that adds to it.   Plus, My Neptune on the IC is part of a T-square involving Venus on the MC, and Saturn in 6.  My Dad was always around, but not emotionally available, but i don’t know of any man who was born in the 1920s who was!  They were raised to believe that physical and financial protection were their main roles as parents. He does like his wine though, but he doesn’t drink it hardly ever anymore.  If he does, he doesn’t know when to stop.  I like to work from home, quietly, away from the fray of the big loud world.

    • Thank you for reading, Barbhindley.

  • Robin Joy Dore

    I don’t think that I posted here before,but if I did I greatly apologize…. In tropical….I have Neptune Sagittarius 6th H Square my IC Virgo…..I’m going to have to come back and add more later…this web page is acting odd.:-)

    • I was making changes yesterday. You might have been trying to type while I was working behind the scenes.

      • Robin Joy Dore

        It’s possible.:-) 

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  • Just adding, my mom would burn incense at our house, and the TV was on or music was playing.

    • LB

      Sounds like our home, if you replace the burning incense with home fragrance oil.  Right now, I have ginger with a slight hint of an exotic flower going. 

      • The only reason I mention it is because of the Neptune/smoke connection.

        • LB

          Aha, now I get it.  That makes sense, smoke being one of my least favorite aspects of Neptune.:(  But doesn’t Neptune also rule perfumes and fragrance?  I like to think our home’s smell adds to its ambiance, hopefully in a good way!

          • LB

            Whereas the “skunk” smell our neighbors occasionally bring to our home, we can do without!

          • I don’t remember if Neptune rules fragrance. It seems like Venus could also have a hand in that.

    • Same here except replace incense with cigarette smoke (both parents smoked).  Remember the video where the baby was in front of the TV bopping to Beyonce? My mother said that was me except back then it was the hi-fi stereo console with me dancing to The Impressions, The Spinners, The OJays, Parliment Funkadelic etc.

  • Anthony

    Thank you so much for posting this. Your blog was breath-taking to read. There are not many publishings out there about the effect of Neptune/IC contacts. Before I begin to shed light on what I resonated most within your post, I must first share how I deal with my emotions and synthesis of my life experiences. Over time, I have learned to ‘compartmentalize’ my emotions; in my mind’s eye, I take any emotions that are ‘waiting to be filed’, and if they are relevant to one another, I package them up in storage box and pack them away. This way, my emotions are organized and I can safely draw from them in an orderly fashion when necessary. (I attribute this to my Moon-Mercury opposition that squares my Jupiter in Virgo quite tightly.)

    That said, your post just organized my ‘paternal experience’ for me. Completely signed-sealed-delivered that storage box for me. I feel as though I should label the box: FATHER AND THE NEPTUNE/IC CASE. From the first notion of ‘father’ I ever had, to the way I have come to feel about my father, I resonated with quite a lot of what you have written here.

    Important points here: I always have and continue to idealize home life. I grew up in a very hostile environment, but I was always ‘yearning’ for the ‘perfect home’. I loved to draw as a child, and I would draw pictures of the perfect home, with the perfect family. I very much needed peace as a child, but was never really afforded that. When things got hectic, I would take to getting running in a field adjacent to my house and singing. It was through chaos in the home that my love of singing was born. I would sing to the wind for hours and hours on end, simply to escape from the pain in the home. Both my parents were victims—it’s what drew them together to begin with. Both have severe childhood issues and were very scarred by life. My father was always a ‘shady’ character to me: always tending to his gambling addiction and vices outside of the home. He would never be home for dinner, slept days, went out nights, never held a steady job but always had money. A lot of mob affiliations. I could never get a hold of him. Even when he was there, he was very loving, but there was never a connection. My impression of him was very foggy and distant. To this day, he’ll talk about how unfortunate his life has been and just cry about missed opportunities and his status as an outcast from his family and society. He is always looking for sympathy, but would never admit that’s what he wants. (He has Sun conj. Neptune in Scorpio in the 12th House)

    I am very sensitive to discord at home, and if any is there, my career (at this time, my school studies) are affected. My parents divorced when I was 7. I always say being at home as a child was “walking on eggshells”. My father is indeed a victim of his family situations. He was the black sheep of his wealthy family as a child, was the only child sent to boarding school in rural England, was the only child never to attend university, and is remains the black sheep of a well-to-do family. I, however, have NEVER felt sorry for the man. My brother on the other hand, who has Neptune in the 4th House, completely feels sorry for him, will defend him to no avail, and is obsessed with a relationship that doesn’t really even exist — he is always holding out to really connect with my father, who remains there but not there.

    Many who know me like to refer to me as ‘stoic’ or ‘cold-hearted’, even ‘rigid’. I, however, know that at the core, I am a big mush with huge empathetic faculties. There are times when I will drive by an elderly woman struggling to push along a shopping cart, and I will ball my eyes out – if I am alone, that is. It’s funny no one can see this though. I am extremely sensitive, intuitive, and easily overwhelmed — if only someone could open the door to my core, they would see just that. I am quite nostalgic and love pictures of me as a child. They adorn a large portion of my house.

    I have heard that because IC determines the home, the sign and/or any planets there will determine favorite colors of yours, and I must say Purple (Neptune) has been my favorite color since I can remember. I am also a Sagittarius, which I’m sure plays a part.

    I also love to shower. I know it sounds weird, but when things are very chaotic, I will retreat to the shower and spend hours in there, being hit my the water, in a daze, and singing. Sometimes sitting, sometimes laying, sometimes standing, but I am very tranquilized by the water. This remained quite subconscious for a while too, until my grandmother pointed it out on a visit last month. Sounds very Neptune/IC to me.

    My Neptune is at 15deg Capricorn and my IC is 18deg Capricorn. I used to interpret this as Neptune in the 3rd, because I do exhibit many Mercury/Neptune traits, ie: singing – I studied Opera as a child after being selected by a kindergarten teacher for a solo of “Silent Night”, only being able to study artistic or metaphysical subjects, quite a remarkable photographic memory, and what I’ve been told is a very ‘docile’ and ‘elegant’ speaking voice. Is it possible Neptune holds bearing on both?

    Neptune is also BiQuintile my Moon on the cusp of the 9th House. I am very 9th House-Moon, although the Moon actually falls 3 degrees short of 9th house cusp. What could this mean?

    As I mentioned earlier, both my parents are very Neptunian. I find it ironic that while my brother sympathizes with my father and I don’t, the reverse is true when it comes to my mother. It’s as though I am her protector and he is my father’s. My brother’s Sun is quintile Neptune, and my Moon is BiQuintile Neptune. Sun=Father, Moon=Mother? Do you think there’s a connection here?

    Just realized I wrote a short story here. Sorry about that!

    • LB

      Hi Anthony – I loved what you shared.  It made me realize a few things I hadn’t thought of before, so thanks.  Maybe your Moon/Mercury opposition helps give you a certain amount of insight and objectivity regarding your emotional experiences, including those related to your childhood home and core self.  At least you write about your experiences as if it has.

      Your mention of showers doesn’t seem at all strange – I often escape to the shower, and when I had a better tub, used to retreat there to have some of my best cries.  And my favorite color as a child and adolescent was purple.  As an adult, I once painted a purple mermaid as a symbol of the most vulnerable (and secret) places in me that seem not to fit in. 

      Anyway, I enjoyed reading your comment very much.  It made me think. 🙂

      • Anthony

        Hi LB,

        Thanks for your thoughtful response. I am very objective about my own emotional experiences, and I do attribute that to my Moon-Mercury opposition. It’s actually Moon in Gemini (objectivity) opposing a Mercury-Mars conjunction in Sagittarius. As I said, my Moon is in the 9th House, so I like to think this allows me to philosophize about my childhood experiences and ‘grow’ from them, as opposed to my brother, who harbors much animosity surrounding our childhood(s) — he’s got the Moon in the 8th.

        I completely know what you mean about having your ‘best cries’ in the shower. It makes the tears flow a lot easier. One simply gets lost in the water. I am very ‘at home’ in the ‘shower’. Shower is a form of escapism for me. And since the IC represents ‘home’/where you feel most ‘at home’, and Neptune represents water and and escapism, it made perfect sense to me that the two archetypes were pertinent.

        • LB

          I wonder if our love of water (in the form of showers/tubs) might also stem from prenatal memories of our first earthly home, that of our mother’s womb.  Even when I was very young, I remember the immediate feeling of peace and safety as the water enveloped me – it would generally spark a memory of something (I thought it was God), but I was never sure.  I think my Moon/Neptune square is very similar to Neptune/IC aspects . . . As Michelle pointed out, “Too much merging . . .”

          Like you, I also have a Mercury/Moon aspect, although mine are square.  My Aquarius Moon allows me to be very intellectual about the choices I make in terms of my outward emotional responses, which isn’t to say I don’t feel things very strongly or deeply, because wow(!!!), do I ever.  My Scorpio Mercury is conjunct both Jupiter and Neptune (on the cusp of the 2nd/3rd), so you can imagine the unique blend that’s been created.  But I think that’s true of everyone’s conjunctions/aspects.  I also like what you said about wanting to grow from your experiences.  I know I’ve grown from mine and have found them to be great teachers, even if (like your brother) I have/had a great deal of  anger related to some of them.  Even my anger has served as a great teacher and occasional guide. 

          Nice chatting with you Anthony!  Take care. 🙂

          • Anthony

            Hi again LB!

            It has been a pleasure chatting with you, too. I have to ask before we end, though–what are you doing with all of that creative talent inherent in your chart? I do hope you are exploiting your full potential!

            I simply ask because I have found that those with hard aspects between the Moon and Neptune don’t maximize their abilities as they should. I have a cousin with the conjunction and another with the square. After casting their charts, I of course asked them if they feel artistic or creative, and both reluctantly offered “sure”. Upon further probing, though, I found that one loved to sing and the other loved to draw. As children, they did both but were insecure and unconscious (Neptune) of their desire to create.

            Plus, with that Mercury-Jupiter-Neptune combination you’ve got going, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you Ave-Maria or Van-Gogh it on the daily! If not, you definitely should be nurturing (Moon) that talent within you.

            I have the Moon BiQuintile Neptune, and I feel that’s made it easier for me to tap into my own artistic talents (I mentioned my opera expertise early). I also feel that this had made other people draw it from within me and accept it a lot easier than those with, say, the square and opposition, and to a lesser extent the conjunction.

            • LB

              I *wish* on the “Ave-Marie or Van-Gough”!  I am artistic though, and express my creative nature in a lot of different ways – the combination of Scorpio and Aquarius (in my 5th) gives everything I do a somewhat sensual, quirky, self-revealing (and sometimes slightly melancholic) quality, from my decorating to my painting, to my dancing, to my singing, and probably even in my long, drawn our comments. 🙂  None of my “talents” will ever make me famous (too old and too shy and well aware I’m not all THAT), but they’ve always appealed to certain people.  What I lack in technical ability, I make up for in inspiration.  Ive made this year my target-year for recording my voice (not for public consumption); even it it isn’t anything special, it’s my unique gift and I want to finally honor it without illusion or expectation.   When I was younger, a friend or two made recordings of me, but I have no idea where they ended up.  So thanks for asking!

              I’m also an Intuitive and Sensitive and use those gifts (without charging) in my new line of work as a Reiki Practitioner.   I was born to nurture.  I have several quintiles and biquintiles, including my 5th house Moon biquintile my Virgo Ascendant and Neptune biquintile my Gemini MC.  But I suppose that’s a subject better explored in another of Michelle’s posts.  I’m guessing there’s one coming up on Neptune/MC aspects, which I’m looking forward to.

              Are there any links where we might hear you sing, Anthony?

              • You’ve Neptune confused me so do some ‘splaining please?!;-)  How do you have Scorpio and Aquarius on the 5th?

                • Anthony


                  I believe what LB is referring to is her stellium of planets in Scorpio, as well as having Aquarius on her 5th House cusp — as two entities different from one another.

                  • LB

                    Not that it matters, but just to confuse things even more than I already have, my Scorpio planets are part of a larger stellium which includes my  Libra Venus, North Node and Sun, all in Libra.  My Sun is conjunct Neptune (in Scorpio), which is conjunct my Mercury and Jupiter (also in Scorpio).  And my Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Jupiter square my 5th house Aquarius Moon.  My 5th has Capricorn on the cusp. 

                • LB

                  LOL!  So sorry!  What I meant was my Scorpio placements (on the cusp of the 2nd/3rd) square my Aquarius Moon in the 5th.  I guess they are actually kind of combined though, since my 3rd house Jupiter in Scorpio is parallel my Aquarius Moon.  See what happens when I try not to over-communicate? 

                  • lol No problem Sis! Anthony clarified for me.

    • I enjoyed and relate to much of your response too especially the love of water. Water whether in the shower or being by bodies of water is very soothing to me and it’s where I work out things in my head. Pair that with my love of bike riding along side a body of water and it really make sense. I love swimming as well though it’s something I have not done for quite a long time. Thanks for your detailed reply. My Virgo rising, Jupiter in Gemini loves that! I have a 12th H Moon/7th H Mercury retro quincunx and as mentioned in an earlier reply to LB, Moon/3rd H Neptune square.

      Purple is and always has been a favorite color of mine.

      • Anthony

        I am glad to hear you could resonate with my response. It always is neat to find similarities with someone you’ve never actually met based on an astrological pretense. It really attests to the validity of astrology! It also gives you a sense kinship you can’t get elsewhere.

        As for the water infatuation we Neptunian types seem to have, I completely know what you mean when you say, “it’s where I work out things in my head.” In fact, I do some of my best thinking in the shower! I can’t tell you how many times someone will bring up a topic, and I will respond with, “That’s so true! I was just thinking about that in the shower yesterday!”

        It seems we both have a Gemini-Virgo synergy going on in our charts. My Moon in Gemini and my Jupiter in Virgo thank you for your proper punctuation and capitalization! Ha-ha.

        Colors are very telling of the personalities that are attracted to them. I find Purple is seldom selected as a favorite color. That said, among males, it’s even rarer. I distinctly completing a Kindergarten assignment in which I was required to list my favorite color… which had always been Red, but for some reason, my subconscious was pushing me to write down Purple. I was never really conscious about my love for Purple until just recently, when I found that assignment tucked away and remembered it all. I find this ironic, because Neptune rules Neptune and the subconscious.

        • It seems to me that women, as they get older, have a stronger preference for purple.

      • Anthony

        I meant to say, “Neptune rules PURPLE and the Subconscious.”

        • “..I do some of my best thinking in the shower! I can’t tell you how many times someone will bring up a topic, and I will respond with, “That’s so true! I was just thinking about that in the shower yesterday!..” Yep, I can totally relate!

          Don’t know if it’s because I’m learning more about myself in these recent years but I’m finding that I lean more towards the reddish purples and love to combine them with all shades of orange.

          • I love the vibration of purple and orange together.

      • I miss swimming. It’s so relaxing.

    • We had a discussion about the connection between Mercury and Neptune and the sound of voices in another thread some time back. Mercury/Neptune seems to give an almost “baby” voice, or soft voice – at least in women. A sing-song voice is a possibility too. 

      The shower thing isn’t strange at all. I love taking a shower. I always take my shower at night, which is a deviation from the norm. I give thanks for hot water every single night.

      There could be a connection with the biquintiles in your and your brother’s charts, but there probably is something else going on that shows the difference in your feelings.

      Is your Moon or Sun in hard aspect to Saturn?

      • LB

        I inherited my Mercury/Mercury aspect from the maternal side of the family, and my mom, along with several of her siblings, all had/have the sing-songy voice you mention.  I have two volume settings – soft and gentle, or loud and clear (Mercury/Neptune conjunct Jupiter).  My Virgo rising generally prefers the soft setting, although as I’ve gotten older, it’s become more difficult to maintain a clear speaking voice at lower levels.  It’s the same thing when I sing.  Either I sing softly with a lullaby-like voice (kind of like this: ), or else I belt it out similar to this, but with a higher voice:

        Whether it’s talking or singing, I got nothing in between.

        • LB

          Correction:  I meant to write Mercury/Neptune aspect, not Mercury/Mercury – wow. 🙁

        • The fist woman (on the left) sounds a bit like Bjork.

          I pretty much hate it when I have to raise my voice. It feels like it takes a big effort.

          • LB

            She does sound a bit like Bjork, unlike me. 

            I hate raising my voice too.  It feels like I’m shouting when I “speak up”.  It’s too bad my husband’s hearing isn’t better.

      • Anthony

        Hi Michelle!

        Neither my Sun nor Moon have hard aspects to Saturn. In fact, my Sun receives no planetary aspects at all. It only forms a Quintile my Ascendant. I have Saturn in the 4th House, which is a Lunar/Saturnian energy, but my brother does, too, so that does nothing for my case.Any thoughts?

        • That your Sun receives no major aspects is a big clue about why you have more beef with your dad than your brother does. Your Sun has virtually no outlets for expression. You might want to look into what your father’s life was like at the time you were born versus the time when your brother was born.

          • Anthony

            Hi Michelle,

            My Pluto is at 21 Scorpio – my dad’s Sun is 21 Scorpio. Obviously, this means my father was experiencing a Sun-Pluto transit at the time of my birth. Perhaps this signifies his life was in upheaval and in a state of limbo at the time? Having endured my own Sun-Pluto conj. transit (27 deg Sagittarius) a few years ago, I can sympathize with that notion. But I don’t see how that could effect the duration of his life/our relationship?

            I suppose because my Pluto is conjunct his Sun, synastry-wise, it’s a power struggle between the two of us?

            • Anthony

              I’d also like to add that the Neptune-smoke connection is very pertinent in my case as well! I love the smell of of cigarette smoke. I’m not a smoker myself, but my father smoked incessantly around me as a child. It’s a smell that’s engrained my psyche.

              • Wow, you are the first person I’ve ever heard say they like the smell of cigarette smoke. I mentioned above that both my parents smoked. I’d never say I liked the smell of cigarette smoke but since I was around it all the time back then, I thought it was normal. Not until I left home, did I realize I must have smelled like a smoke stack as a child.  I’m not a fan of it at all! 

              • I like the smell of pipe smoke, but not cigarettes.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never before come across a description of this placement which SO accurately describes what i’m all about deep down inside. Thank you!
    One thing I also associate with this placement is my years long addiction to the PC game The Sims. lol

    Hi all! *waives to everyone*

    • Aw, thanks 🙂

      I’m a fan of The Sims too. It’s an addictive game. 

      • billow

        I once watched my nephew panic as the kitchen caught on fire and then the people one by one.  We were both screaming at each other to try to stop the growing catastrophe.  And then this grim reaper showed up and made a phone call and sat down on the couch to watch TV.  It was exhausing.  I get too involved.

        • They are so funny. I love Grim. I have Sims 3 now (yes, revealing a bit of my inner nerd here). Playing Sims is incredibly relaxing. I can totally zone out for a bit. 

          • billow

            I told him I was sorry about his family burning up.  And he said, it’s okay aunt, I didn’t save it.  Imagine that.  Bad things happen and ya just don’t save the file.  : )

  • Esther Dekker

    This is so me!! Neptune in Sagittarius cj IC. Also squaring my Pisces Sun in the 7th. Being invisible was a matter of survival as a kid.
    Thank you Michele, this is a great post!

    • Thank you for commenting, Esther 🙂

  • Joe

    Very interesting.  I have Neptune conjunct MC and never pondered what the opposition would mean for me. 

    • Have you done any pondering now?

  • Patrissia

    Thank you, Michelle! Your posts are always extraordinairy!
    My IC is in Capricorn, my Neptune also, making a wide connection. I can relate to the need to build a perfect, nice, stable, safe and sacred place to call a home. My mom has this aspect too, and, when moving, she always had to fell in love with the next “home” before actually buying it 🙂
    I can also relate to family secrets, because my father never really speaks about his parents (none of them is still alive) and their relationship. I never really knew how my grandfather died (my father was only 18 at that time), until my other grandmother (mother’s side) told me how he died in a car accident (the second one he was involved in – at the same spot).
    It always seems that there is more hidden “stuff” in my family. And, for example, I always had a very weird feeling that I was adopted.. it is not true (as it never was), but I sometimes had this strange feeling growing up. My mom doesn’t also fit in (behavior, etc.) with her parents, and I think she sometimes has / had the same feelings as I do.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting, Patrissia. I wonder what other secrets you will uncover over time. 

  • billow

    Dreamtime.  My Mother was seated on a bench under a large tree next to the farmhouse.  Pretty as picture.  Her libra moon shining with no trace of her gemini contrariness.  Calm and beautiful.  She said my father was home which sent me into the house where my adoring older sister was issuing orders on how to take care of him.  But he wasn’t at all the gruff exteriored dude he was.  That was followed by some snapshot events.  It was a vivid dream that just wouldn’t go away.  I had no idea but it stuck so it had to go.  I was stuck on the vision of my mother on that bench.  She had a message for me.

    I had no choice but to approach her on that bench in my trance time.  I walked toward her and handed her a piece of paper that contained my natal chart.  My natal chart was hers not mine.  This only increased that nagging irritation.  Again trance time.  I approached her and she said I want you to have this, referencing my natal chart.  I said I wanted to have it but couldn’t take it from her.  She got up and started walking away.  I watched her do this for a day off and on.  Then again I was pulled into trance time.   I started to follow her.  She looked back over her shoulder and with a smile said, now you are getting it.  She started to run.  And then I started running after her.  When I caught up she handed me my rolled up chart like a runners baton as I proceeded to pass her and continue running.   Running felt so good.  I was free.  But isn’t this selfish I asked and then I thought of the one behind me and knew I had to run to keep the door open for her.  It’s a nodal thing.  Additional reference Urania conjunct IC?????

    • Wow Billow, that’s amazing! Sounds like she wants to be free as well so by “passing the baton” to you she can be fully released from this life and you are free to follow your path.  

      • billow

        Yay, I think so .   Rather than her being in my face, she’s the wind on my back.  You rock! But you know that.

    • Cool! It’s not selfish to have your own natal chart. You have your own natal chart. You’re not your mother and she doesn’t want you to be the same as she was. You’re free to run ahead of her. She’s giving you permission, you don’t have to wait up or slow your progress for her to catch up.

      • billow

        Since the dream I’ve been getting how we are alike.  She had certain cultural limitations due to her era.  Limitations that I do not have.   And l have limitations that the next generation does not have.   It has alot to do with the older siblings still trying to enforce their limitations on me. The “oldest female” enforcer  wouldn’t even consider doing it if I were of the male gender.  Good to put this one in the past.  : )

        • I bet this is why she came to you in your dream. She’s saying take the baton “your birthchart” and keep running (progressing) forward. Do not regress, be guilted (sp) into, or allow yourself to be put into the box of patriarch rules by anyone! Go ‘head on Momma! 😉

          Thanks for sharing Billow! It’s a boost for me as I’ve been going thru similar struggles in my family both mine and hubby’s side. I’ve always felt the same as you in that they don’t do that crap to the male members of the family. It’s one of the things in recent years that’s making my normally quiet chart turn into the “Exorcist”.

          • billow

            In many ways my mother didn’t get a fair shake. The only way she wins is  if I do better for myself.  And she did like to win.    : )

            • Now I definitely like your mom and see that you are quite a bit like her. You both are way cool in my book!  😉

    • LB

      Wow billow – what an amazing vision (and gift from your mother).

  • Again this shows only in the progressed chart but wow, it feels like I’ve got this aspect natally!  I thought, maybe it’s one of those really minor aspects but I checked…as far as I know there is no aspect named for a 14 degree separation. Though that would be one degree away from a quattuorvigintile, whatever the heck that is. lol 

    Anywho, its Neptune sextile Progressed IC in Capricorn. This post has answered my question of where the heck has this Aries Sun/Mars, Pluto rising motivation and drive has gone. Thanks Michelle…you found it and sent it back like I asked though certainly not what I expected. Uranus in Aries gift perhaps? lol

    “Wanting an ideal home life or ideal living situation. Your home is a place you go to retreat.
    The lack of material emphasis can make it more difficult to achieve a
    high status career. The wish to stay in the serenity of the home
    environment can outweigh the desire for public recognition. There might
    be too much inner sensitivity to deal with the outer pressures and
    demands that go along with a more lucrative career path. Feeling that
    outer achievement in the world requires too many personal sacrifices.
    Feeling that you’d have to give up your personal life in order to
    fulfill some outer idea of what you should be doing with your life. The
    longing for personal space, privacy and tranquility is greater than the
    need for worldly success.This has been sooo me for the last 6-7 years it ain’t even funny!

    • LB

      I just realized, your whole last paragraph didn’t show up in my email – that’s why I said I wondered about the Neptune/Moon aspect.  Now I see you actually did mention it – my mistake, in case you were confused by what I said. 🙂 

      Neptune on the cusp of the 3rd strikes again.:0

      • Neptune in the 3rd conjunct the South Node and Mercury retrograde in Pisces in the 7th. Confused by what you said, no way.  Getting people to understand what I’m saying…that’s a whole ‘nother issue! 😉

        • You must have a knack for communicating non-verbally or through imagery.

          • Not sure about the non verbal communication but I definitely think with imagery. It’s like a video playing inside my head. Whenever I give driving directions, it’s always with physical landmarks (especially food places lol ), as I see myself driving the route. All except maybe 3 people said that my directions were excellent. I also tend to use images, music or scenarios when describing or explaining something. 


            • billow

              Ooooo.  Lunch and entertainment along the way.  You sound like my kind of travel guide.  Oh right, you are house 10 gemini.  That would make 11th house food with friends.  I like it.

            • I still remember what you wrote about being an ad exec in some past incarnation. 

              • I think that I pick up on nonverbal communication and what’s not being said in verbal or written communication, if that makes any sense.  Even though I can be somewhat gullible, (Venus/Neptune square) the Pluto part of me and Scorpio Neptune always looks at what’s being clouded over, covered up or not what it seems to be. Much of that is part of sales/marketing, religion, and our daily life really. Because I have a enormous (Jupiter) disgust of sales/marketing and organized religion, especially what has resulted in maimed and loss of life (Scorpio SN/Pluto, 8th house Sun/Mars) just for the sake of big profit (again Scorpio SN,Pluto, 8th house Sun/Mars), I’m feeling like that was one of  my past lives.

                I’ve had a couple of friends tell me that they felt like I was communicating with them nonverbally or picking up on my thoughts of them but they are Uranian/Aquarian type one actually is an Aquarius Sun and the other has Uranus in the 11th house with it tightly semi-sextile both our Virgo ascendants.

                • Do you have a Jupiter/Uranus aspect?

                  • Yes. 10th house Jupiter in Gemini square a 1st house Uranus/Pluto (tightest in my chart) conjunction in Virgo.

                    • I’m just wondering about being against organized religion. I tend to think that hard Jupiter/Uranus aspects would show that (along with a few other aspects).

                    • It makes a lot of sense. I did try the organized religion thang when I was a kid being somewhat forced to by my parents. As much as I tried, deep down it never felt real to me because of what I saw as, how can I put it, hypocritical BS.  I tried again as an adult but of course it was short lived. As the saying goes one (should) gets wiser as they get older.  My Jupiter is quincunx Neptune so that may be another factor. What would the other aspects be?

        • LB

          🙂 I understand you just fine, MsFullroller, especially since you so often speak with from your heart.

          • LB

            “speak with from your heart.” HUH?  Anyway, you know what I mean.

      • billow

        This is wacked.  My mom’s moon is conjunct my neptune.  Her uranus conjunct my ic.  Her Neptune conjunct my uranus.  Her sun conjunct my venus.  Does that make her fantasy mom?  Illusionary mom, she was a wizard about the home.

        • Move over Domestic Goddesses, the Domestic Wizards have arrived.

    • What degree is the cusp of your 8th house? I’ll be you get a kick in the pants when Uranus crosses it.

      • 3 degrees. I think it has already a bit when it briefly crossed over into my 8th. I’ve been kinda busy the past few months, so much that it’s finally caught up with me. I’m sidelined with a cold. 🙁 However I’m looking forward (pun intended) to some movement on my path.

  • billow

    Home is definitely a retreat where I find peace and
    tranquility.  Friends  and acquaintenances tell me I will never move
    from my home because it is so me.  I was
    ready to move and cohabitate with my significant other but he couldn’t bear the
    thought of me separating from my home or maybe he did not want to be partly
    responsible for that.  How ridiculous is
    that?  I couldn’t very well take it with
    me and he, well,  my home is donkey trail
    bare bones and he was high tech.

    This Neptune IC transit does seem to be conducive to trance
    time at home which makes it very necessary for me to consciously insert myself
    outside my home.  And it has in addition
    made articulating who I am very difficult. 
    I find myself over pronouncing all the time fighting to get
    through.  I have to allow myself to go
    with the flow but not be swept away by swift currents so I can get back home J.

    I do so love the dark as well as fog (except for
    driving).  I love going into unknown
    nooks, crannies and places I have not been before.  I grew up in a small farmhouse, well small
    for 10 people compared to today’s standards. 
    My father worked out.  Mother
    managed the farm.  So farm is like a home
    business?  Anyway, my parentals board room
    was the bedroom.  I fell asleep, on
    nights he wasn’t working, to the sounds of my parents talking over
    business.  I never heard their exact
    words but knew they were collaborating. 
    It was comforting.  That may
    contribute to my okayness with the dark in addition to the fact that I always shared
    a bedroom.  I sometimes wonder if the
    sound of their pillow talk as I fell to sleep contributes to my being more
    auditory than visual.  Who knows.  Just a thought.  Neptune trine IC.

    • LB

      That’s a lovely picture you’ve painted, billow.  And I love fog too.

    • Neat. It’s so interesting to read about everyone’s memories and impressions of earlier times.

  • mirrorghost

    i relate to a lot of this! especially the first part of the first paragraph, but neptune only widely quincunxes my IC. uranus opposes it though, hmm.

    • Hmm… What is the sign on your IC?

  • Christine

    Yep. This has my name all over it. Thanks for writing about the Neptune/IC aspect. Like another commentor noted, there isn’t too much information about it on the web. My Neptune in Capricorn trines my Sun/Mercury conjunction, is conjunct my IC by a 2 degree orb and opposite my Chiron in the 9th house by 2 degrees. 

    One of the more recent Neptune/IC things that happened to me was this — about a year and a half ago, while I was visiting my aunt in France, I learned of some crazy family secrets. Growing up, I only had a vague idea of who my maternal grandfather was. My grandmother, who lives in Vietnam, has eight children. When I was younger, I used to think that all her children were from the same parent. Later on in my life, when I was 13, I learned that my grandmother’s three eldest children (my Mom and two aunts older than her) were from a different father. And that this father was French. I remember this moment as the moment when I saw what everyone was seeing—that my sister and I, because we were mixed (Vietnamese and French), looked different from our 100% Vietnamese cousins. I don’t know if this would have been profound to most, but it seemed as if everyone had seen that distinction between us and them and I remember feeling foolish or unmindful that I hadn’t noticed earlier. I felt like there was a secret kept in broad day light, that everyone knew except me. Years later, my grandmother remarried and had the remaining five children and my mom and her two sisters were raised by their stepfather. A few years later, my aunt in France went on quest to find her biological father. When she found him, she learned that he didn’t want anything to do with her—that he was a wealthy man and he and his current wife were essentially afraid that she was after his inheritances. I remember my mom being weirdly apathetic, like just totally separated emotionally from the situation (which is very weird for my Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon mom). 

    My mom never talks about her father and everything I’ve know about him was told discreetly to me by my own dad and neighbors and distant relatives. A year and a half ago, while I was visiting my aunt in Europe, I learned that during the latter years of the French occupation of the Vietnamese, my grandmother, having fled from the North to the South to  escape from the Communists, basically became a prostitute. She would frequent night clubs with American and French soldiers and bring them home. My aunt retells stories of Grandma bringing the men into the room that she and my aunt shared. I learned that my three aunts came from three different fathers. The father of my two aunts are French and my mother’s real father is American—so possibly still alive and lives in the same country that I do. The reason this even came up was because during a roadtrip to German, my aunt asked me if there was anything I wanted to know about my family… so I asked about my grandpa. She didn’t tell me this story until the night before I flew out. She and I stayed up the entire night. It was interesting because this came at a time when I thought about my mom and her sisters and how they don’t really look like. I mean, compared to my pure Vietnamese aunts and uncles, they all have vague European features, but there are little features that tie them together as sisters. My aunt told me that once she was going through my grandma’s things and found a picture of real grandfather. My grandma was upset and ripped the picture up. My aunt told me that my mom is the spitting image of him. This was a profound moment for me because save for a few exceptions, I am the spitting image of my mom. When I found out, I didn’t know how upset I could be—like, how much “right” did I have to feel upset, or betrayed, or lied to? I felt like all means were taken to ensure that I would never find out. For one, my mom made calls to France to remind my aunt not to tell me. I felt like everyone had known–all of my cousins and aunts and uncles. I wondered if they loved me with prejudice, while I loved them totally unaware that we weren’t “the same.” 

    Anyway, didn’t mean to write this essay and I got carried away, but in a way, I’m glad I got it off my chest. 

    Also, I’m really afraid of the dark. I can’t explain it. I know it’s lame, but I sleep on the light on and in general, I can’t rooms that don’t have sufficient light. I also hate it when restaurants dim their lights. And about images “sticking” to Neptune/IC people for a long time? Once when I was fourteen, someone told me that if you look at yourself in the mirror in the dark, your eyes will adjust to the light and you will see yourself —bones and all, sunken cheekbones — what you will look like when you’re dead, like, rotting in your coffin “dead.” And ever since then, I make conscious efforts to avoid mirrors in the dark. I’m always afraid that I’ll accidentally catch a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror when nature calls in the middle of the night. 

    • billow

      Fascinating story. 

    • Talk about confusing origins. That’s a fascinating story. I’m so glad you decided to write a book about it :p … at the exact moment I wrote that, I got the impression that you should write a real book about it. 

      When I first saw your photograph I thought you might be part Latina. It’s strange to me that family members will try to hush up the truth about lineage. Why wouldn’t you want to know where you really come from? Don’t we all want to know the truth about where we come from? I know only back to my grandparents, and that’s not even perfectly clear. I wish I could trace my ancestry back more than 3 generations. In the next few years I’d love to get one of those DNA tests that shows you your ethnic ancestry percentages. Something like this: I don’t know if that particular group is good or not.

      I still won’t do “Bloody Mary” in the bathroom. It’s too creepy. I’ve been reading Feng Shui books like mad this week and came across some conflicting information about mirrors in the bathroom. One thought is that they are extremely bad, magnifying the bad ch’i of the toilet and drains. Another thought was that you should have the biggest mirror possible in order to see as much of yourself as possible to maximize your potential.

      • Christine

        There’s a lot more where that came from. 😛 I’ve never felt as if my home could be my place of retreat, though obviously I would like it to be. Neptune is conjunct my IC, but Saturn is also in my 4th house. The interplay between the two is interesting, to say the least. 

        • LB

          Hi Christine – I have Saturn in the 4th too, so I feel ya!  I was talking to an astrologer this weekend who also has Saturn in the 4th.  He told me he wouldn’t wish it on anyone, although we both agreed Saturn is a great teacher..

          • Saturn is a dour old maid with a hard ruler ready to rap your knuckles. #astrology

            • LB

              LOL!  There you go again with your psychic self, Michelle!  How did you know my mother’s favorite weapon when we were kids was a ruler?  It didn’t hurt much, but I didn’t like it.  Now I rap my own knuckles and kick my own behind.

              • That must be Saturn in the 4th? I never received any kind of physical punishment.

                • LB

                  I don’t know.  My Saturn does sit at the exact midpoint of my closest Moon/Mercury square.  Or maybe BM Lilith/Sedna (trine Saturn) exactly opposite my Sun . . . or Pluto in the 12th square retro Mars in the 9th?  Although most of the abuse that went on in our home was verbal and emotional, there were a *few* instances where my dad got physical in some very scary ways. 

                  My mom finally stopped hitting me when I was about 17 – she raised the ruler to hit me (not because I’d done anything wrong, but because she was angry with me) and I grabbed the ruler, warning her to never try hitting me again.  Then I broke it in half.  That was after the divorce when she didn’t have my dad to back her up.  I was gradually beginning to establish better boundaries and a sense of self, and I just knew it wasn’t right for her to hit me – must have been all those Psych and Mysticism classes I took in high school.  She never did hit me again though.

                  • LB, again your story is eerily similar to mine, with the addition of Dad’s leather belt whippings from Mom and an occasional one from Dad himself. My 4th only has asteroids Apollo in Sag and Proserpina in Capricorn so I’m not sure what accounts for that. I was thinking Mars/Pluto aspects along with Pluto/Saturn aspects,  and the Moon thrown in somewhere in between.  

                    Don’t know if you remember from SkyWriter’s 3rd House Neptune article, my comment about Neptune’s effect on my childhood home life.

                    • LB

                      I did remember your comment, MsFullroller – especially the part about how you loved to spend time at the library, reading.   Lost in a book, they couldn’t get at us, could they?  I think with our Moon/Neptune square that might have been one of the only ways we could escape since our parents didn’t have access to the “inner world” of our imaginations.  I also remember you saying alcohol played a big role in your childhood home, just like in mine (again, could be Moon/Neptune).  The irony in my case is that the time my dad became the most violent towards me (never my brother), he wasn’t at all drunk.

                      I just went back and reread the comments from Donna’s article.  That post inspired some great sharing/bonding, as do Michelle’s posts.. 

                      I’m thinking if Saturn rules your 4th, then any  aspects to Saturn (like with Pluto) might make home life kind of difficult.  Plus, don’t you and I also have Pluto conjunct the Ascendant in common?   

                    • Wow that is ironic but I guess nothing is ever stable with Neptune eh?  Not only has there been great sharing and bonding but healing as well. It’s extremely helpful to know that one was not alone in going thru crazy stuff.

                      Jupiter rules my 4th with I guess you’d say Saturn co-ruling. Sag takes up 25 degrees with 0-9 degrees of Capricorn finishing out the 4th. Yes we do have Pluto conjunct the Ascendant in common. Mine is conjunct from the first house and tightly conjunct Uranus.

                    • LB

                      No, you definitely weren’t alone.  Maybe we both should go back in time and tell ourselves that there’s someone else out there just like us and that someday we’ll meet, but in the meantime they’re sending us love.  I know it was a long time ago MsFullroller, and it sounds like you’ve made your peace to some extent (as have I), but I still wanted to say I’m sorry you had to go through it.  I know how lonely and isolating it felt for me, which is why I understand how important it is not to diminish other people’s experiences.  I also know how inescapable and overwhelming it must have been at times – kids don’t generally have a whole lot of options.

                      I think Neptune square Moon is similar to Neptune/IC in that we can feel as if we’re drowning or dissolving into nothingness as a result of some unhealthy dynamic within our home environment and/or early nurturing.  Eventually, we can start to wonder if we even matter.  Don’t know if you’ve ever felt that way or not, but I know it’s something I’ve had to face head-on.  But on the plus side, I bet it helped make you more aware of how *not* to treat people.  You always come across as being very kind and I appreciate that. 🙂  

                    • “…Eventually, we can start to wonder if we even matter…”

                      Oh boy, I’ve definitely felt that way and yes it’s why I try to encourage the way that I do.  Everyone on this blog  has been such a blessing to me that I can’t put it into words. I’ve also “met” a wonderful lady this year who’s adopted me as her lil sis and has been a huge blessing too. She’s a Virgo rising with Saturn in the 4th and is very kind like you. With every post that Michelle makes plus yall’s comments, I heal and learn about myself a little bit more. Thank you so much. 🙂   

                    • LB


                • billow

                  Saturn in 3rd decan of scorpio (cancer).  I became a good runner once I figured out I didn’t have to stand still for it.

            • LOL!! Y’all have reminded me of my third grade teacher who shall remain nameless (yep after all these years I still remember her and her name). she would walk past your desk if you were talking while she was teaching, and rap them knuckles with a ruler in a hot minute. The funny part was she was only 4’5″ if that and did not take no shizzle off anybody. And back in the day, the rulers were thick, being solid hard oak. OUCH!

            • billow

              OMG!  dour old maid with a hard ruler on the knuckles .   .  .  that’s my 3rd grade teacher Sister Mary Slap Happy.  :  D

        • Your 4th house is in Aquarius too, isn’t it? Or is it just partly in Aquarius, with Capricorn on the cusp?

  • Jd Davis

    I have Neptune and IC in Capricorn. How does that play out if Capricorn represents career and achievements?

    • Capricorn is career and achievement minded. What I’ve noticed is that many people with a Capricorn 4th house want to start a home business. Others are involved with somehow structuring the lives of children, or will businesses that have to do with children and families.

  • LB

    This is another one that has my name written all over it – no major aspects here, but the ruler of my IC is conjunct Neptune and it semisextiles the IC . . . or maybe it’s because Neptune squares my Moon.  For whatever reason, I related to much of your post.

    My dream is to turn my home into a safe, beautiful, and welcoming sanctuary where I’m free not only to practice Reiki, but also create art, listen to music, watch movies and replenish my spirit – basically a place where I can escape from the world (if I choose to) and be inspired.  A friend commented a few weeks ago that our home felt more like an enchanted cottage than an apartment in the back of a garage, so I must be doing something right. 🙂

    “Unclear boundaries . . .”  “No clear rules . . .”  Apart from my internal stuff, throughout my life I’ve also occasionally felt assaulted by external manifestations of Neptune.  Past Neptunian forms have included major and sometimes hard-to-detect water leaks (we once found a mushroom growing behind a bookcase and roots growing through a ceiling light fixture), ill-fitting window screens (in two separate apartments; both resulted in mosquito infestations), smoke, substance abuse, invasive late-night noises (and music), unauthorized (and veeery sneaky) entries into our apartment or surrounding space, and lastly, extreme *deception* and *denial* regarding boundaries and rules.

    Sometimes I dream of being lost in an unfamiliar place and of wanting to return home, only I don’t know how to get there.  I don’t think it’s a physical place I long for, just as I know these recurring situations exist to teach me a greater lesson about learning to maintain an inner sense of peace not so dependent on external circumstances.  Not all of it is Neptune’s fault – some of it definitely has to do with Pluto, but then again, my Neptune is in Scorpio.  This latest living situation has been pretty dehumanizing, but because of that, it’s also presented me with one of my biggest opportunities – I’m *trying* to finally get past feeling pissed off and instead surrender to the lesson.  Just as I got ready to post this comment, my husband handed me our one piece of mail for the day which read, “Peace of mind that no earthquake can shake.”  How’s that for validation?

    • “a place where I can escape from the world” 

      That’s exactly it (imo)

      “we once found a mushroom…”
      That really does sound like an enchanted forest!

      I’ve lived in a variety of places that weren’t “on the up and up” – a little shady.

      • LB

        You know Michelle, I almost left out that part about wanting to “escape”, even though it’s the truth, it’s  a little close to the root.  My childhood home felt like such an unfamiliar  and unwelcoming place; I could never figure out exactly what it was I was doing wrong – my father drank and neither of my parents ever really gave me any clear guidance so I always felt like I was in the dark, especially when it came to how to navigate out in the world.

        I also knew (or thought I knew)  I was somehow responsible for their emotional well-being.  My dad in particular, used to try to illicit my sympathy, which was actually kind of a joke considering the adversarial relationship we had back then (he once threatened to drown me in our bathroom tub).  And with my mom, I felt guilty  just for having my own unique needs.  I remember the time she tried to surprise me by decorating a separate bedroom for me, yet  the room didn’t reflect my style at all, which sent a very strong message.  The same thing happened with the clothes she used to buy me; I believe she meant well, but still, I had to wonder if she knew me at all, or if she even wanted to.  I felt invisible and insignificant.  I also used to wonder if my dad wasn’t  really my biological father.

        Christine’s comment about being afraid of the dark resonated with me too.  As a child, bedtime was an excruciatingly painful time for me, as I always sensed there was some unseen presence in the room with me at night..  My mom had decorated my room with these creepy paintings of unsmiling children with big eyes and I was always afraid I’d see their eyes move.  And like Christine, I thought if I looked hard enough I’d see something in the mirror no one else could see.  Sometimes I’d call out for my mother, but she’d never come so I learned to be quiet, even when I was sick – I was often confused about what was reasonable to expect from my parents – “unclear roles” for sure.  I wish they’d had a show like “Psychic Kids” when I was a kid. 🙂

        The point of this whole comment is that as an adult, I’ve tried hard to create a place that feels like the childhood home I *wish* I’d had, which would’ve been a place of “escape” where it was safe to be me – part of the ongoing process of re-parenting myself.  I’ve long since forgiven my parents and have even learned to embrace the dark – now I actually sleep better in a completely darkened room .  But I do like to fall asleep with the sound of water. 🙂

        “That really does sound like an enchanted forest!”  Hahaha – good one, Michelle.  I hadn’t even thought of it that way.  Glass half full, I guess.

        Off subject, but I remember you once saying how you dream of wild animals all the time.  Now I do too – just last night I dreamed I woke up and discovered there were lions sleeping all around me.  Then later, I was walking amongst them, unharmed – wearing lion skin on my arms for protection.  Maybe my husband was snoring. 🙂

        • LB, thank you soo much for sharing this. As I mentioned in my comment, I too have Neptune square Moon. Our situations are eerily similar though I did get some direction on how to function in life. Or maybe it was direction on what not to do.

          I think I finally understand what has driven (Pluto) me to create the home that I have.
          A bit more healing has taken place today.

          • LB

            I’m glad you got something from my sharing,  MsFullroller – sometimes I wonder, so thank YOU.  When I read your earlier comment, I wondered (couldn’t remember) if you had a Moon/Neptune aspect and then voila, this (your next) comment popped up and answered my question.

            To be fair, I also received *some* direction from my parents, although it generally wasn’t something they communicated directly or that I could depend on.  But to their credit, they were both hard-working, responsible, and committed people who tried to give back, each in their own unique way, and I eventually came to realize that they did love me (again, in their own unique way).  So even if they didn’t do *all* of the typical things parents sometimes do (like take time to find out what I was interested in or good at, or encourage me to get an education or teach me how to cook or do laundry – Neptune on the cusp of the 2nd/3rd), they at least modeled “responsible” behavior and made sure their kids got everything they needed to survive, plus a little extra.  And I think when I was really young (like maybe before the age of 5 or 6) they were both pretty affectionate and encouraging.  It was complicated and confusing, but maybe you know what I mean.

            Thank God for Pluto, eh?

            • My mother and grandmother are both great cooks, but neither one taught me to cook. I was absolutely clueless. I tried making peanut butter toast as a teenager and I put the peanut butter on before I put the bread in the toaster. Yeah. My mother had a good laugh but I don’t think she got the point that I had no idea what I was supposed to do.
              I’m a good cook now, mostly because I love eating good food (Jupiter in Taurus). But seriously, I can be completely clueless about a lot of domestic stuff until I actually have to do it myself. 

              • Cooking and all the domestic accoutrements is the one thing Mom demanded I learn to do. Friday and Saturday nights were my assigned cooking nights from age 13 til I left home at 18. If my grandmother lived in the same town she probably would have made me learn as well. And I totally hated it!  I’m glad I know how but if I had my ‘ruthers, it’s not ever my first choice of things to do. lol  But I love to eat with that happening when progressed Sun moved into Taurus. I’m hoping when my progressed Sun moves into Gemini my appetite will go back to where it was when it was still in Aries as a young child cuz it’s been a battle keeping my weight down. lol

                • I’m excited for my Sun to progress into Gemini – just a few more years to go 🙂

                  I think if my mother or grandmother had tried to make me learn to cook I would have hated it. I have a hard time accepting instruction from people. I think it’s part of having the north node in the 3rd house. 

                  • LB

                    It’s funny how I’m the exact opposite.  Whenever my husband attempts to fix something, I’ll always say “Show me, don’t do it for me!”  But having said that, in my experience, once I got past grade-school, there were very few really good teachers out there.  You know – the kind who are able to translate what they know into practical terms so someone else can understand.  Most people teach as if you *already* know what they’re talking about.  Again, that’s probably why I’m more likely to over-communicate, what with Jupiter/Mercury/Neptune all hanging out right at the cusp of the 2nd/3rd.

                    My mom was an amazing seamstress (she once worked sewing costumes for big stars at MGM), yet it wasn’t until I took a home-ec class that I learned how to sew.  And in high-school, I took a mostly male “Bachelor Survival” class, just so I could maintain some of the basic skills I’d learned and hopefully learn a few more.  My mother’s Saturn was conjunct my 2nd house Sun, and she didn’t begin to share her wisdom with me until she and I were much older.

                    • I was like that with my Dad. I would asked a billion questions mostly starting with “why” or “how” that he would get tired of that and send me off in the kitchen or somewhere with mom. I’m wondering now did he somehow know how much I hated the domestic stuff?!

                      So I don’t mind instruction as I much prefer knowing how to do something myself but it has to be about something that interests me or I can see the practical long view benefit of knowing how to do it.

                      My mom’s Saturn is conjunct my 10th house Jupiter.

                    • LB

                      “. . . the practical long view benefit of knowing how to do it.”  Yep, I totally get that and agree.

                      “In addition, the instruction given is not just for the instructors benefit.”  Hahaha. 🙂  Once again, I get that and agree.

                    • Interesting LB. I think that opposition is the difference in our 3rd house occupants. I have Uranus in the 3rd house as well as the north node. I’m extremely independent in the way I learn and I can get testy and contrary when people try to show me how to do things – though, I’m less like that now than when I was younger. I’ve learned that people are trying to help me, and what’s so wrong with that?! 

                  • Baezafabiola

                     are you a taurus michelle? 🙂
                    i can’t wait til mine progresses as well hehe

                    • I’m an Aries, but my Sun progressed to Taurus many years ago (I”ve learned some patience skills).

              • LB

                LOL to putting the peanut butter on before you toasted the bread!  But then again, how would you know, if no one taught you the basics?  I didn’t learn to really cook until I lived with a boyfriend who wanted to “train” me..  I think that’s one of the reasons I tend to over-instruct – you know the old saying about teaching a man to fish . . . 🙂

                • My ex-boyfriend taught me a lot about the ‘proper’ way to do things. He has 4 planets in Virgo with Capricorn rising.

                  • LB

                    My husband also has 4 planets in Virgo, but with a Taurus rising.  When he puts his mind to it, he can be a very good teacher.  Our biggest challenge is that he sometimes likes to just get it done!  Maybe that’s because most of his Virgo placements fall in his 6th. 

                    • Ex-Bf was incredibly patient with me. For a long time it was difficult for me to accept that he actually really likes helping people. It’s not a chore to him.

                    • LB

                      My hubby too; it’s one of the qualities I love most about him. 

                      As far as him being patient with me – wow, is that ever an understatement.  Of course, it goes both ways. 🙂 

                  • I hear ya both! Mom has 3 planets in Virgo with Sun/Jupiter/Pluto/NN in Leo. Don’t know her birth time but I’m guessing she’s a Cancer rising. Hubby has progressed Sun in Virgo that’s now conjunct, natal Saturn in Virgo.  Don’t know his birth time either but I’m guessing he’s a Cancer rising as well.

          • It’s eerie how many of us used to be afraid of the dark and now can sleep only in total darkness.

        • billow

          With Neptune in the 12th I had to become an escape artist.  Alyhough I’d rather not get myself into situations where I have to do so anymore.  The ability to escape can be a useful survival tool.

        • I sleep better in pitch black too now. 
          I’ve been sleeping so deeply I feel like I’ve been sedated when I wake up. 

      • billow

        I’ve always wondered about a friend of mine who has this killer exec job but in her personal life tends to hang with alot of shadier types (not me of course).  Could that be her nep in sorpio 11 and pluto in virgo 9?

        • Neptune in Scorpio in the 11th – sure. Lots of shady, underworld-type acquaintances or people dealing with drug or addiction issues.

          • LB

            My Neptune is connected to the 3rd house of neighbors and you’ve described some of the behaviors we’ve encountered to a T.

  • Charles

    Thanks for that. I have Neptune conjunct IC in Scorpio, within a 3′ orb. I noticed the same things that amoureuse commented on.

    • Thank you for reading, Charles. How do you let your imagination loose?

      • Charles

        Oh gee, I don’t quite know. I suppose I should mention, it’s kind of complex. I have Neptune (retrograde) conjunct N Node (1′ orb) on the IC, and Mercury conjunct S Node in Taurus (37 sec orb, very tight) at the MC. That’s quite an MC/IC axis there.
        I suppose I let my imagination loose mostly by reading. I tend to drift off in thought, maybe wrapping my mind around other peoples’ thoughts.

        • Thank you for elaborating, Charles. You must have given voice to your thoughts in a very public way at some point.

  • guest

    I have the partil conjunction and I dont feel it, obviously. No situation fits me here, except music and relaxing home.

    • How would you describe your conjunction?

  • amoureuse

    “You do your best creative work at home. Wanting to work from home to avoid the realities of the career world. A deeply imaginative person – positively and negatively. Imagining the worst or imagining the best. Scared of the dark. Images can stay with you for a long time. Needing a safe place to let your imagination loose. Wanting to feel safe and protected when you are feeling fragile or vulnerable.”i dont have this aspect however i can relate to this. not sure why but i go neptune trine AC

    • Are your ascendant and midheaven in aspect?

      • amoureuse

        nope its not in aspect. what does it mean, mich?

        • I was just wondering why you felt a connection to this post.

          • amoureuse

            me too… i have no idea… or maybe because of the current transits… but this “You do your best creative work at home. Wanting to work from home to avoid the realities of the career world. A deeply imaginative person – positively and negatively. Imagining the worst or imagining the best. Scared of the dark. Images can stay with you for a long time. Needing a safe place to let your imagination loose. Wanting to feel safe and protected when you are feeling fragile or vulnerable.” this is what exactly is happening to me right now.

            • Maybe you should take a look at your progressed chart, there could be a connection there.

              • awww.. yes the progressed chart.. ill check it.. thanks!

  • Iago

    Very insightful indeed! I have the trine and live in constant nostalgia. Scents and music make my mind go back all the time and I get that pleasant feeling, even when the memory is from merely weeks ago lol. Flashbacks from the past (Neptune conjunct Uranus) come and go suddenly. I’ve never really had a remarkably good experience, but I remember and cherish all the little ones I had.

    It’s weird having so many memories and having them come back all the time. I’m still very young and it feels like I’ve already lived an entire life.

    • Beautiful description, Iago. What is the sign is your IC in? Capricorn?

      • Iago

        It’s in Virgo. =)

  • Silvercrab14

    Thank you SO MUCH! I’ve been looking for information on Neptune/IC aspects and there isn’t much out there. Aside from being a child of divorce and the father being a drunk (mine preferred painkillers) your article is astoundingly accurate.

    The part about not knowing your father (even if he’s around) really struck a cord. I’m 21 now, and only recently did I learn about my father’s 30 year addiction to painkillers and severe depression issues from my mother. Unfortunately, every “deep” thing I learn about him is from my mother. He always keeps a cheerful and optimistic mask on for me. He’s a wonderful dad, but there’s a huge part of him I’ll never get to know.

    Again, thanks for writing this, it was very insightful. 🙂 

    • Thank you for writing, Silvercrab14. There’s a strange thing about parents, and I’m not sure if you can relate, but it seems to me that they don’t realize that their children might be fascinated with them. Nearly everyone I meet wishes that they knew more about their parents. Most of us know the boring details of what they do everyday but few of us seem to know their inner thoughts and feelings, and all of that deeper stuff – and we wish we did. To me it feels like the more I know about my parents, the more I know about myself.

      • billow

        My mother was a great storyteller.  I believe listening to her stories is what really got my imagination working as pictures formed in my mind as she did her telling.   Also it was through her stories that I learned about her.  My father was less talkative.  She did most of the talking.  He loved her with a passion.  In his last years we did some travelling and time alone and I got some sense of him.  Mother was also a great taker of photos.  Her many photo albums of days of yor also stimulated my imagination. 
        It might have been dazed but Mother made the smallest of things dazzling.  The home she created was not something you’d see in House Beautiful but the entire farm just seethed with life.  It is awesome to remember that place in hindsight.  So alive.  I’d love to recreate it, but I can’t follow an act like my Mother.  She was an original and I’d kill myself trying to copy her. 
        It took alot of work.  And she could be demanding.  So I didn’t always see eye to eye with her.  But I came to understand her and respect who she was and what she created.   Neptune trine IC.
        I had to let them go.  They are no longer here.  But after my father died, I did wish for awhile that I knew more about his life.

        • Such beautiful, poetic descriptions in this thread. Must be Neptune’s influence 🙂

          • billow

            I do wax poetic, but my words usually come out goofy.  Or journalistic, like just the facts mam.  That’s virgo sun for ya, even though merc is in libra. It’s a conundrum.