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Wanting to live where you can be comfortable with your eccentricities. Wanting to live where your oddball behavior fits right in. Feeling that you don’t fit in, no matter where you are. Living in places where people suddenly arrive and then abruptly leave. Feeling that your home should be common ground. Living in communal or group situations. Your home is a utopia. You welcome freaks, geeks and the fringe of society into your inner sanctum.

Outsiders. Black sheep of the family. Outlaws. Not fitting in with your family. Being separated or deliberately separating from the rest of your family, their homes and traditions. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Commitment-phobes. For whatever reason, you do not ‘match’ the other people in your family – you are not like them. Feeling from within that you are different. Wondering if you were adopted. Thinking, “Where are my real parents?” One of your parents also might be an outcast in the family or be unlike the rest of their family. Feeling disconnected from traditions and from ‘normal’ family structures. Your parents’ eccentric behavior can interfere with your career goals, reputation and social standing. Chaos in your private life directly affects your career. Wanting to break free from limiting family expectations and conditioned behavior. Feeling inwardly detached. Feelings like an alien inside. Wondering if you are from another time, place, planet or dimension.

A rebel within. Having a deep inner need not to be tied down. Clinging to your inner rebellious self prevents you from making progress in your career. Feeling that you are an outcast or outsider can prevent you from achieving as much as you’d like or receiving the recognition you think you deserve. A lifelong rebellion against your parents. Liking to live in an unconventional family environment. Inner restlessness may prevent you from reaching your career goals. At some point you could get accused of creating distance among family members. Estrangement from your relatives. Ostracized by your relatives, your clan or your tribe. Disowned. Inner rebellious tendencies may keep you bound to familiar people and places whom you know will accept you as you are. A deep emotional attachment to the strange and unusual. Willfulness bubbling up from the inside. Having grown up in an unstable household. Having moved a lot throughout your life. The fact that you can’t sit still or stay in one place for long hinders your ability to fulfill your goals and reach your potential. Having a rocky foundation.

Your parents were unpredictable, high strung and erratic. Your parents were rebellious and eccentric. Your parents might have had a kind of genius. One of your parents was emotionally, physically or psychologically removed from the rest of the family. One of your parents may have yearned to be free of home and family obligations. One of your parents may have left the family abruptly. There could be a family history of insanity or mental disorders. Your parents do crazy things. Having an unusual perspective on what a ‘normal’ family should be – how they look, how they’re related, where they come from, etc..

Your parents nurtured free-thinking and independence in you. You parents were emotionally supportive in unconventional ways. You grew up outside normal society. Your home life may not have been traditional, but that doesn’t mean it was bad. You have sudden memories of things that happened when you were a child. You have sudden insight into your ancestry. Your lineage is strange and unusual, and has abrupt stops and starts. You feel most comfortable when you know that you can pick up and leave at any time. Your inventiveness can help your career. Your comfort level with unusual people and situations can help your career. Your non-attachment to place can help your career.

Having an inner scientist. At home with technology. At home with astrology.  Feeling most comfortable living off the beaten track. Feeling most comfortable living off the grid. At home with people and places that aren’t ‘normal’. Unwillingness to put your inner nerd or weirdo on display for the rest of the world. Only revealing your inner inventor and genius to the people closest to you, generally in the privacy of your own home. Making your home a sanctuary for the strange and unusual. Making your home a meeting ground for progressives and liberals. Making your home a meeting place for inventive, scientific people. Feeling that you are part of a generation of people that doesn’t fit in.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Uranus/IC, read Uranus/Midheaven Aspects.


ic-aspects-report-cover Save yourself the time and trouble of locating all your IC aspects with the IC Aspects Mini Report!

Planets and points searched are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, Vertex, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Juno, and Chiron.

Aspects searched are: conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile, quincunx, semi-sextile, quintile, biquintile, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, novile, binovile, quadranovile, decile, and tridecile.


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  • awake

    Uranus con MC. went to 14 schools!

    • Holy moly!

      Edit: I moved to new town and started a new school when Uranus crossed my IC.

      • awake

        yeah. my parents were idealistic gypsy types. let’s live on the beach! let’s live on the Colorado River running a water ski resort! let’s live in Montecito in the 4 bedroom gardener’s cottage of the 35 bedroom mansion on the hill, (our house was the ONLY surviving structure of a devastating fire there, 1963, all the multimillion$ estates burned to the ground but our place. still there!) let’s live on a boat! let’s live on yet another beach! let’s live in a bus! let’s live on this ranch the High Desert! they finally settled down when i was in HS. still have my friends 40 years later, thanks fb. my own adult life was just as “move addicted”. longest i ever lived anywhere was 8 years, not til my 50’s. but i still have trinkets and treasures from age 5. i should write a book, i’ve led such a “colorful life” as my Sagittarius dad would call it. he trained Racehorses. my mom owned a huge used bookstore in her later years. their birth charts explain it all as well. i just spent the past 3 years remodeling my grown kids/grandson’s home so THEY don’t have to move just yet! finally getting my cinderblock beamed ceiling garage art studio done, so i can get back to my art and healing work out in the back yard, i moved in with them 3 years ago to be granny. i say, don’t say the word MOVE for a while! thanks!

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  • sweet-scorpion

    Yes, Mom was a freak growing up. I have my Moon trine Neptune too. She acted and looked more like a friend. She didn’t care about my eating disorder and would say how lucky I was to be so skinny. She willingly gave me alcohol after little cajoling. It’s all so weird… she’s a strange person with emotional problems and a bizarre attitude towards life.

    I can also see how this aspect relates to me not minding moving around a lot, not wanting to settle down, and not really knowing why but feeling uncomfortable with familiarity in the home setting.

  • PeachyCat

    Uranus trine IC (exact)

    Yep, can definatelly relate to some of this. I always feel like “the awkward one” 🙂 – regardless of what others may think. I wouldn’t say as much in the family environment but in society, yes. Commitment-phobe ( relationship-wise ), oh yeah! Big time. And even though I love my family and they love me, I do feel different from them… But I feel different regarding society or close relationships anyway, so lol. It’s not so easy for me to find someone and say “oh yeah, this is someone that fully understands me no matter what I do and I fully understand them no matter what they do. We’re on the same soul level, so to speak!” hehe. I have been lucky to find some people that I can actually say that at some point, so I can’t really complain about that :). I believe my mother feels this way too. 
    I’d say yes, I’m can be a rebel within, but a rebel with really good common-sense. 😛 I think I know when it’s time to “fight” and when it’s time to take the back seat. “Clinging to your inner rebellious self prevents you from making progress in your career.” – I still don’t know about this but I could see this happening in extreme circumstances. 

    Yes, I’ve grown in a very unstable hom environment but not necessarilly because of my parents. My brother has a mental illness and it’s not been easy living with that through puberty to teenage years and now coming to my adult years. Of course it affected my personal development in ways that I can never describe and I can’t deny that most of those years I had a lot of anger repressed, despite the maturity that I was obliged to have to deal with this… My family environment and my close-family interaction is something that only us, as family, can understand. We didn’t choose this, this happened, I guess Uranus is like that, eh! But despite all of this, we’re still happy together and have fun and appreciatte life, and that’s what trully matters.

    I definatelly have sudden memories of childhood… Will always have, was such an important and intense time for me! “You feel most comfortable when you know that you can pick up and leave at any time.” – Wow, this is so true! “Your inventiveness can help your career” – and yes, I do strongly feel this :). About Astrology, I’ve always been drawn to it since I was a child, when I was 13 was when I really began to discover my Natal Chart and joined a community online too. Then I stopped for a few years and just recently I’ve been learning a bit more about it again. I’m no pro at all though lol, I just like to learn about all of this, it’s so fascinating !! 

    So sorry for the extra-large comment, I tend to write and lot and leave the boundaries behind hehe. Thanks for posting!

    • Thank you for your very insightful comments, PeachyCat. With your brother having a mental illness, do you also have Uranus in aspect to Mercury (ruler of siblings)?

      • PeachyCat

        Wow, yes, I actually do! I have Uranus square Mercury.

        • Phineas Gage

          God, yeah, that is so similar to what I know. Uranus opposite MC within 1 degree orb, and Uranus square Mercury in 12 house within 1 degree orb. I think the best sleep I had ever had was on a Grey Hound bus. Love to travel! I can relate to Peachy Cat. I am 100 times a better friend than lover.

  • Totefee

    I have Uranus opposed my IC ( conjunct my MC ). And I can say much of this is true for me. My mother has been the “outcast” and “Black Sheep” of our family. She was a rebel as a young woman, which alienated her from our other families to begin with. When my mom was 15, she was hospitalized in a mental institution for six months. During the time she was gone weird things happened at my grandma’s house like a fire and just other odd situations. However, my mother has mental disorders- she suffers from deperession, substance abuse and schizoid tendencies. My mother was never on my ass about things growing up; she never watched what I ate or how often I brushed my teeth. She left me do whatever I wanted growing up. I grew up with no structure and an usual home life. Our house was always messy, but it was never like the Hoarders TV show, and there were never dead animals or disgusting crap on our floors. 

    Surrisingly without structure in my child life, I am doing fine. She did many things wrong, but she did foster creative and independent thinking in me. I never had my mom forcing beliefs down my throat. 

    Also, my dad abrupty walked out when I was 5. 

    • Thanks, Totefee. Just an odd question – does your mom have Gemini placements in her chart?

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  • I have a square, so it’s also related to my MC. They are also square my saturn, so I guess I understand now why no one ever respects me.

    • There’s probably more going on than that – probably something with Neptune.

      • Neptune is conjunct my asc. It also squares my mars and my mercury (who happens to be my mc ruler). It is also trine my sun and moon.

        • That better explains why you feel people don’t respect you.

          • awake

            Neptune conj Asc also brings uber psychic intuition. which can cause others to fear them! fear from others, felt by native as disrespect. blurring of boundaries.

  • LB

    Hi Le_Verseau – A fellow alien, eh?  (hahaha)  My Moon, Vertex and Chiron are in Aquarius and all oppose Uranus.  I also waited to be “beamed aboard” the Mother-Ship as a child, even going so far as to tell classmates I got transported up every afternoon after school – something they totally believed and wanted to see for themselves!  Don’t know what I was thinking – guess I hoped it to be true.  It was back in the days of popular TV shows like “Star Trek”, “Lost in Space” and “My Favorite Martian”, so I believed anything was possible.  When I was much older, I came to realize it was more of a spiritual alienation I was feeling.  Plus, although I wasn’t able to understand, much less articulate it back then, I now know I’ve never been comfortable with “group-think”.

    You’re right about how *everyone* is unique and special – I kind of had second thoughts after I wrote that, not wanting it to come across as if *I* was the only one who ever felt that way.   Ironically, it’s one of the social issues I care most about, which is helping people to feel as if they matter.  I think most people at some point in their lives  feel some degree of longing and/or alienation, either to be recognized for their uniqueness, or else for a sense of belonging to something greater than themselves.  But whereas most people seem content to satisfy those needs through friends, family and/or their chosen social/political/religious group (at least until and unless something happens to isolate them), none of those usual outlets have *ever* worked for me, much as I’ve wanted them to.  My values are just waaaay too different.

    I used to get disappointed on a regular basis – when I finally learned to let go of certain expectations it freed up a lot of energy and I quit feeling sorry for myself.:)  I still get together now and then with old (and new) friends, but I don’t have many illusions about what those connections really mean.  Forming new friendships is a lot like dating; it takes a while to figure out if we have enough in common to form longer lasting bonds based on shared values. 

    Astrology is great in that it’s definitely helped me become more self-aware and to own my unique strengths and weaknesses.  And I do appreciate the people I’ve met through various astrology sites, like Michelle’s. 🙂  It’s a way to connect.

    • Forming new friendships is a lot like dating. Releasing attachments makes it so much easier not to be disappointed; it also allows for relationships and events to unfold in new and unpremeditated ways.

  • LB

    My 12th house Uranus trines my IC/Antares.  Both of my parents had a kind of genius, and both of them were independent free-thinkers which *unintentionally* rubbed off on me – I don’t think either of them set out to accomplish that particular goal!  My mom’s behavior frequently came across as erratic and unpredictable to me – she seemed emotionally unavailable for the most part and even “ran away” from home a few times when I was young.  Or maybe she was “emotionally supportive in unconventional ways” – she could be extremely warm and loving or equally cold and cruel.  After the divorce, my dad became the world traveler he’d always secretly longed to be, although he always eventually returned to his home base.

    When I was a kid, I told classmates I was from another planet. 🙂 Even before I began to study astrology (which I loved), I knew I didn’t fit in – I’ve always known.  I mean I look the same and I generally get along well with people, but deep down I know I’m different – not just from my family, but from everyone.  One of my biggest laments used to be  that I just didn’t “get” people – I’ve always felt  a bit like an alien living amongst a species whose spiritual  values and ways I just don’t understand.   I had more than a few private pity-parties way back when, most of them relating to my profound sense of not belonging. 

    It’s gradually gotten better since my Chiron-Return (Chiron  opposes Uranus), which shattered a lot of my previously held illusions about the world *and* myself.  People often speak of finding their “tribe” – I don’t think I have one here and I’m okay with that now.   My home is the one place where I’m completely free to be myself, and my hubby and I give each other lots of breathing room without either of us feeling threatened by the space. 

    Like I always say, another good one, Michelle. 🙂

    • Le_Verseau

      Hello LB – being an Aquarius, I can fully relate to your words  – “…When I was a kid, I told classmates I was from another planet. 🙂 Even before I began to study astrology (which I loved), I knew I didn’t fit in – I’ve always known. I mean I look the same and I generally get along well with people, but deep down I know I’m different – not just from my family, but from everyone…”)  

      I felt just the same and I used to create intricate fantasies in my mind as a child, being convinced that I was not from this Earth and hoping that one day, aliens would appear in my flat, become friends with me and take me away! =o)
      Every evening, I looked to the starlit sky and sent “signals” to distant planets, waiting for an answer! 

      However, I’ve never really suffered from being that “different” – it surely creates some distance and alienation from time to time (though I also get alone well with other people and they often have no idea how I’m feeling deep inside), but on the whole I’m comfortable with it! 
      Maybe I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have a few close and trusted friends who take me as I am, so I treasure it a lot and have no intension to be understood or liked by everyone…

      Besides that,  feeling to be different is such a relative thing – doesn’t everyone think to be special and unique to some degree?! And how to measure the level of this difference?! But maybe still, some people are even more different from the rest, I don’t know! 😀

      And yes, just like you I already knew all this long before I began to study astrology – it just helped me to become even more aware of my own personality! 😉

    • Lots of breathing room at home – a necessity for this combination (probably for Jupiter/IC too).

      • LB

        I can see it being related to both Uranus and Jupiter.  It helps that the hubster has natal Uranus in his 4th (conjunct my Vesta), and that his BM Lilith/Chiron are both opposite and exactly conjunct my Aquarius Moon.  It sounds intense, but it’s not so much any more.  Now it just seems to work for us.

        • I can see that as well. My hubby has a similar placement Uranus conjunct his Cancer Sun which are both conjunct my Vesta. His Sag Chiron is in my 3rd house at the tail end conjunct my IC.

          • LB

            My husband has Uranus square his Sun, so there’s probably a similar feel there.  I think Chiron contacts in synastry can be very healing *if* we’re willing to work through the rough stuff.   It can start to feel like home.

  • Anonymous

    As usual, I enjoyed reading your article!

    My husband has his Sagittarius Sun conjunct Uranus, and his Uranus tightly conjunct the IC –  
    so I  recognized him in many of the above descriptions! 😛

    What can I say – it’s not the easiest combination to handle, both for its “owner” and for his next ones! 

    He is a nonconformist deep inside, being quite unconventional, open-minded, free-thinking and rebellious at the core, and at the same time very stubborn, high strung, chaotic and detached, which can be rather irritating and frustrating (at least for me!)… X-P
    He doesn’t want to conform to any rules or the expectations of others and can’t stand being given orders or manipulated (his Mars is in Aquarius to crown it all).

    Since his early childhood he’s been feeling like an outsider and a black sheep, not really fitting into his family and school life…

    Soon after I got to know him I noticed that he wasn’t really “homogenous” with the rest of his family,  not matching them intellectually and spiritually, and sometimes he also says: “I don’t know where I have it all from and whom I take after!”…
    Once I even (half jokingly) made a supposition that he could probably stem from other parents – but he looks just like his father, who left the family uexpectedly and who’s rather eccentric and I think not quite mentally healthy… :-S

    My husband’s childhood was very stressful and unpredictable because of his father’s difficult character and also his emotionally unstable mother…
    As a small kid he also experienced some minor accidents with fire and electricity at home, which weren’t really dangerous but still affected him deeply on a psychological level.

    Now he tends to avoid too much closeness with his family members, though his overall relation to them is good (by the way, his Mom and two sisters also have some major Uranus aspects and some planets in Aquarius).

    He frequently changes jobs because of his unwillingness to conform and to be overly dependent,  and he is attracted to original and unconventional friends who are often labeled as “freaks” or “nerds” by some other people.
    He is proud of being set apart from the crowd, different and  unique, and this conviction often borders on arrogance and snobbishness!  X-p
    However, having several planets in the 4th house he’s an introverted person, and so only his closest people can clearly see all these traits.
    At the same time, he is broad minded, liberal and tolerant, letting the others be as they are, and not imposing his own opinions on others…

    Our model of home & family life is also a bit unconventional – we’ve been in a long distance relationship/guest marriage since a couple of years, and so the saying “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” is true for both of us!
    Several times, we were about to separate (it was my initiative), and he said that if I would leave him one day, he would never marry again but live in a commune with his friends! :-O

    A year ago, we finally decided to try to live like “normal” people do, and to spend all the time together – and after a while, the situation became worse and many unexpected conflicts and problems arised –  so apparently, traditional relationships are not for us!

    On the whole, I think that Uranus aspects to the luminaries and/or angles can make a person really  special, magnetic and electrically stimulating – but I suppose that people without prominent Uranus/Aquarius in their charts would often tend to feel uncomfortable, uneasy and frustrated with the aloof, independent, non-commital and freedom-loving Uranians…


    • LB

      What an insightful share, Le_Verseau.  Your husband is fortunate to have you as a partner.  It’s a rare thing to have another human understand and appreciate our uniqueness in such a deeply loving way – I hope you feel similarly appreciated and understood.  I’ve been blessed as well and I know my husband means the world to me. 🙂  He’s like an angel.

      • Anonymous

        Hi LB – and thank you for your warm words! 🙂

        Yes, maybe you’re right and we’re fortunate to have found each other – though as I already mentioned above, the things aren’t that idyllic, rosy and perfect and we were about to separate several times and still have some major difficulties, conflicts and misunderstandings…

        We’re not angels and have suffered some mutual disappointments in each other, but there’s still some deeper bond between us and a sense of belonging…

        It’s wonderful that you have so much closeness and understanding with your husband!
        I wish you both a lot of love and all the best!

        • LB

          Thanks Le_Verseau. 🙂  My husband’s and my relationship hasn’t been without its major challenges either.  But we have grown together and I so appreciate that he “gets” me and loves me in spite of my flaws.

          I forgot to mention it in my other response, but I’ve also had occasional problems related to electricity in our home.  During my Chiron-Return, I burned out 3 microwave ovens (2 of them new) just by plugging them in, our internet and phone was constantly going down, our car’s engine almost exploded (and had to be replaced), and I received electrical shocks every time I turned on the water faucet.  We had electricians out and everything checked out fine – naturally I was the only one who experienced the problems, although thankfully, I had witnesses. 🙂

          I’ve also had lights explode over my head and televisions and lamps turn on and off by themselves.  But that was a long time ago, when I was much more intense.

          • Yikes LB!! I was looking forward to my Chiron return as my coming out time! lol 

            • LB

              lol!  Yea, but did you read my specs?  I’ve got a whole lot of Aquarius/Uranus energy in my chart, and that’s not even counting the aspects to my Sun and Mars.  My Chiron-Return helped usher in a new way of life for me, so it’s worked out.  Right afterwards was when I found out about my hands. 🙂 

              At least we were able to get our money back on two of the microwaves we bought (the third time was the charm) – microwaves shouldn’t smoke, then die when you plug them in.  Poor microwaves.

            • It’s here somewhere – where is your Chiron, MsFullroller?

              • Present and accounted for! 😉 lol  It’s 23 Pisces in the 7th.

          • My ex has this experience of street lights going out when he walks by; he has Sun conjunct Uranus in the 8th house.

            • LB

              Wow on the “Sun conjunct Uranus in the 8th”.  That must be something.

              My Uranus- Chiron opposition was set off by this latest Full Moon.  Every time I attempted to type something on our computer, it would shut off, until finally it went down for the day.  I even tried giving it Reiki (hahaha), but it waited until my hubby came home.  He just pressed the button and on it came – sheesh!  No amount of pressing the button worked for me!  The day before, our microwave started acting up (it’s never happened before with this particular microwave), which had me thinking ‘oh no, not again.’  There was still more, but since those incidents had to do with lightbulbs burning out, it could easily have been a coincidence. . . or not. :0

              • That conjunct is actually part of a 5 planet stellium in his 8th house – Venus, Pluto, Uranus, Sun and Mercury.

                This full moon was in my 3rd house. I had an overwhelming desire to start reading more complex books. 

    • Perfect description Le_Verseau. Your last paragraph is very true. Some people like that electric, exciting energy but it can be disruptive because you never feel completely relaxed and settled. It depends what you want more – excitement or stability?

  • I get the impression that the 9th house has a very “far out” effect, a distance, travel.. spacey space.. inter-dimensional philosophical sort of cast upon things..

    the 4th house probably something very intimate, nurturing and very “not leaving the house” kind of vibe… for me, you understand.  I sense a certain extreme with that ruler not only being the 9th house ruler but with it being Uranus, just a complexity of tensions. Jupiter-Sag-9th house may be travel and distant lands.. but what of 9th house Aquarius ruler Uranus? You see its ultimately wild and widespread, extreme.. I would think that this is why I have rarely under my childhood lived in one place for too long. Some of those homes, destroyed, most of them, although very old no longer there.. it brings to mind the idea of preserving something only within the memory.. where one dwells and why one can never “go home” again.. because it was an idea, a concept, and previous to the present time, was never a home, but a place to live.


    • The 9th house seems really far out to me too. My south node is in the 9th housed and growing up my mother told me that I was very good at spacing out. She’s right, it’s true.

  • Robin Joy Dore

    I have Uranus trine my MC, so would I have Uranus trine my IC?

    I’m still getting the hang of some these aspect types. 🙂

    • Uranus would be sextile your IC 🙂

      • Robin Joy Dore

        Thank You Michelle! 🙂

        This is a great description!

        In tropical Equal House…. I have Uranus Scorpio 5th H. sextile IC Virgo
         (my moon 3rd H. is conjunct my IC and-duh! lol! I should have made the connection-sextile uranus)

        I can relate to just about everything in your description…which would explain a few things about my life and personality. lol!

        I don’t think I need to say more. 🙂

  • Yes, yes, yes and yes…. Natal Uranus squares my 4th-10th house axis. Absolutely! And I love the house above! 🙂

    • I love that house for the design, but I don’t know if I could live there. I wonder what it looks like on the inside.

  • Susangaura

    Actually my 28*Leo Uranus is conjunct my 2*Virgo Ascendant, and every description fit me and my relationship to my family perfectly. Or I should say the square to my IC produced the same effects, but on steroids. Everything is me. Nice to know I am not alone. 

    • Uranus square IC would have many of the same characteristics as Uranus conjunct IC. Thank you for reading, Susangaura 🙂

  • Wow, again I’m amazed at how an aspect that only shows up in the progressed chart is so accurate in many ways! Progressed Uranus in Virgo sextile Progressed IC in Capricorn.

    “…One of your parents may have yearned to be free of home and family obligations…”

    This thought 1st popped in my mind many years ago and has come up again in recent years when certain things have been said that were not directly related to the subject.  It could be my Mercury/Pluto aspect in overdrive.  

    • Is your progressed Uranus/IC aspect applying still, or has it passed?

      • The IC is @ 17 Cap where progressed Uranus is @ 15 Vir. Natal Uranus is @ 16 Virgo so I’d say it’s passing? 

        • I always have a hard time moving progressed angles versus progressed planets without looking it up. I’d progress you chart a year to see where everything is.

      • I see now that I’ve got a natal bi-novile within 1 degree 2 seconds of being exact. I found this post on the novile aspect through Abella Jucy Arthur’s  blog http://blog.virgovault.com/2011/11/01/natal-aspects-sun-semi-square-square-venus.  Turns out I’m already following his blog. Here’s the link: http://john-sandbach.blogspot.com/2009/12/novile-aspect.html

        • LB

          Thanks for the links on the aspect you mentioned, MsFullroller!  After discovering a few  very tight noviles of my own, I can see how as we grow into this particular aspect, its effects can be felt and become much more significant. 

          So part of your particular destiny involves this growing connection between your Uranus and IC.   Interesting . . .  and I totally get the part about not having kids.  Much as I love them (and I absolutely do), I know it’s worked out for the best, considering who I am.

        • Thanks for sharing that link. I’ve never seen his blog before.

  • Quite notable for me, that although not really close to the IC it really is very 4th house delineation with the language this is written in. It also is notable for me that this makes it even more extreme with Uranus being the ruler of my natal 9th house.. 

    It made me think about it deeper what that means with the rulers of 9th and 6th in conjunct in the 4th… then the ruler of the 10th still bumping around in the 6th.. sextile those two.

    • Why do you think having Uranus as ruler of the 9th house makes it more extreme for you? 

      •  I assume also with Uranus being exactly Squared my ASC/DSC it may also work harder against me.. 😉