Virgo Sun 2nd House

Young Ingrid Bergman

Young Ingrid Bergman: Leo rising, Aries Moon, Virgo Sun in the 2nd house.

With the Sun in Virgo in the 2nd house you are becoming perfectly clear about what you have to offer. You discover personal power by steering clear of others’ muddled values, priorities and wishes for you – this includes maintaining distinct boundaries with regard to your personal finances. Your central purpose is to acquire what you want and have what you need without sacrificing your values. You shine through the unselfish giving of what you have to others (your talents and your possessions). Coming into your own requires lavishing meticulous attention on your body.  Attaining self-realization means that you won’t lose yourself to intense and chaotic relationships.  Being you means that “discipline” could be your middle name.

If I try to beat someone, then I can only get as good as they are. If I try to be as good as I can be, there’s no telling where that might lead. Shaun White

Be yourself. The world worships the original. Ingrid Bergman

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About AstroFix

I’m Michelle and I have an Aries Sun, Leo Moon & Virgo rising.

  • Good grieves! This is one of the most positive placement :0) !

    • Is it? Maybe I should make the rest more positive. All hearts and flowers, no worms or mold.

  • I am virgo sun in second house,with leo rising….sun square neptune : (
    I love this blog

    • Thank you for reading, Auroravirgo 😀

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  • Les

    Wow, quiet here on the Virgo Sun in the 2nd house – I guess that’s Virgo Sun for you! I’m a Virgo Sun in the 2nd, but square Saturn in the 5th, which kinda adds to both the discipline and the self-criticism. Plus my fun-loving Leo Moon conjunct Uranus doesn’t find that boring pair so great to be shackled with. But, I guess they balance out. 🙂

    • Yeah. I wonder if it’s accurate to gauge how many people have each Sun placement by how many likes each ‘Sun by sign and house’ post gets. I’ve been curious whether there’s a skew toward certain signs and house placement as showing an interest in astrology.

      • Anonymous

        That’s an interesting theory. What signs and house placements do you think are more likely to show an interest in astrology?

        • I haven’t decided yet. There are different levels of interest too – casual, enthusiast, student, professional … I would guess that Uranus would figure in, most likely Uranus in aspect to the Sun or Moon. Other than that I’m still working out some hypotheses 🙂 What do you think? Have you noticed any trends?

          • Anonymous

            I’ve yet to notice any distinct trends beyond the rather obvious predictions one could make…the role of Uranus, as you’ve said, and I’ve noticed that all my water sign friends all have an interest in astrology. Beyond that, I would be very curious in exploring this more. 

            In terms of houses, I would also expect that people who took an interest in astrology might have greater water house emphasis as well.

            • I think so too. At the end of this series I’m going to tally up which posts got the most comments, RTs, likes, etc … and see which sign, house, or specific combination seemed to be the most popular.

              • Anonymous

                That’s a great idea! I can’t wait to see the results and see what ideas and theories people might develop based on them.

  • Anonymous

    I was waiting for this post…this is my Sun placement. I see Ingrid Bergman and I share not only a Sun house placement, but also a rising sign. Cool.

    Reading your delineation of this placement, I recognize that many of these themes are ongoing issues that I struggle with. Then again, that is also not surprising to me as my Sun squares Neptune…so for example, I was expressing to a friend earlier that it has always been difficult for me to recognize what it is that I might have to offer others – in the way of talents.

    Anyway, thank you, Michelle, for providing food for thought…wonderful post!

    • I’m glad you liked it 🙂 If you have this placement chances are good you have a lot to offer others by way of your natural talents.