Saturn/IC Aspects


Walking home through cold waterAnchored at the core. Restricted by your family, one of your parents or your heritage. Unsupported by your parents. Having had heavy family responsibilities. Family life is a burden. Home life was cold and sterile. An impoverished childhood. Feeling separate or isolated from the rest of your relatives. Home alone. Feeling neglected. Lack of ease and comfort within. Cut off from personal feelings. Basic insecurity. Basic fear of lack and neglect.

One of your parents may have imposed standards and conditions you had to meet to receive affection. You might have only received praise or positive reinforcement when you did everything according to the rules. Affection is conditional. Acceptance from your family requires living up to their standards. Nurturing is conditional. Sometimes it’s easier to be alone. Having had judgmental parents. Strict parents. Demanding parents. Parents who overly structured your private time. Tiger Mom. A sense of inner lack. Your relationship with your parents forms the core of your identity. Your understanding of expectations, limitations, hard work and a plan of action determines how far you go in life. Knowing how to hold your own. Tough on the inside.

Working hard to establish your own inner sense of security and belonging. Putting in the effort to make family life work. Putting in the effort to get in touch with your roots. Taking family life seriously. Taking all the ins and outs of familial relationships, heritage, roots, home,  and your tribe very seriously. Sensing that you are being  judged because of where you come from or what your roots are. Taking your role as a a parent very seriously: “I’ll do x, y, z that my parents never did.” Having ambition that wells up from within. Having expectations for yourself that come from with. Having a hard time meeting your own expectations. Feeling inferior or inadequate. Feeling the need to prove to yourself that you are somebody worthy of affection. Deeply conservative inside. Holding your feelings in check. Feeling cut off from having a private life.

Feeling responsible for your family home or land. Feeling that you have a duty to your country or place of origin. Learning how to control your interactions with family members so you don’t get hurt. Learning how to control your inner feelings. Learning how to control your expectations so you’re not disappointed. Mastering feelings of inadequacy. Learning to give yourself enough love so you feel good enough. Learning how not to withhold affection. Keeping a realistic perspective on your parents. Keeping a realistic perspective on your private life. A realist. Someone who can handle reality checks. Someone who understands boundaries and limitations and knows how to work with them. Taking your emotional security seriously. Making the necessary arrangements to feel safe and protected. Preserving your family traditions, or severing them if they no longer serve you. Having a very well-defined sense of an inner purpose which propels you in your outer work. Emotional security comes with age.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Saturn/IC, read Saturn/Midheaven Aspects.


ic-aspects-report-cover Save yourself the time and trouble of locating all your IC aspects with the IC Aspects Mini Report!

Planets and points searched are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, Vertex, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Juno, and Chiron.

Aspects searched are: conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile, quincunx, semi-sextile, quintile, biquintile, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, novile, binovile, quadranovile, decile, and tridecile.


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    Wonderful! So simple. Now we know all pros and cons of the form. So here is my saving grace: PDFfiller helped me to fill out the PH Pag-IBIG Remittance Form and and esign them. Just try it , you’ll love it.

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  • Linda

    I’ve got Saturn conjunct IC in Aqu. Also Venus conjunct Saturn and IC. Square Neptune in the 12th.
    I’m just finishing a Saturn transit to the 12th, triggering these aspects over the past few yrs. I’m 51 yr old woman.
    What I’ve had to face up to has been very hard these past few years. All done in isolation, both emotional and physical isolation.
    Hard, cold restrictive childhood. A struggle to own my own home. Now alone in my later years. But I have made the moves along the way to set up security for my old age. I mostly prefer my own company and I know I can survive on my own as I have had many tests to prove it. (Antares conj 9 deg Asc- battles)
    Both my elderly parents are still living and I (the eldest sibling) am the one they are beginning to lean on. Interestingly my relationship with my parents has become good in the past couple of years compared to the whole of my life previously. I also find I am very drawn to the elderly in general as in I feel respectful and protective of them. In fact I have just moved myself into an over 50s village where I am the youngest by about 15 years and I feel safe, peaceful and content here.
    At times I do feel deep down and profound loneliness, but I know what picks me up and I provide that for myself.
    My paternal Grandfather (Saturn) was a quiet loner who preferred nature, was honourable & hard working and whom I adored and he me. He passed away when I was very young and I have never felt that type of love bond again. But I share his deep love of nature and independent life outlook. (he was a Sag and I have a Grand Trine Sun conjunct Jupiter, Sag Moon conjunct Asc & Mars in Leo in the 9th).
    The properties I have bought, renovated and sold were all in beautiful nature locations.(Saturn/Venus/IC). I have recently moved myself back to the ocean from the mountains to a glorious coastal wonderland location. (I’ve got 4 planets in water, Sun, Merc, Jupiter & Nept.) So while I don’t know a soul and have no family nearby I do have a fantastic environment to keep me happy.

    • Fascinating, Linda. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I’m happy you’ve found peace and security in your new surroundings.

  • Nkg

    I do not understand astrology as much as other ppl commenting here but I just know that I am going through a living hell! Can somebody help me analyse what is wrong with my horoscope? Please!!! :'(

  • I have natal moon in 26 Pisces square my Saturn in 27 Sag; Saturn conjunct Uranus 28 Sag; both conjunct the IC at 0 Capricorn with Neptune in 8 Capricorn… Almost feels a bit redundant! Even as I’m aware of these patterns somewhat because of the familiarity with my chart, I find it difficult to break out of most of these internal patterns of inner rigidity as you might put it. Perhaps that is why I chose my profession…I really do need to apply my own advice of meditation, yoga, and relaxation! I guess I have to say that the last sentence gives me hope (emotional security comes with age).

    Thanks for sharing

    • Nice site!

      “Easy” aspects to Saturn might point to ways you can release patterns of rigidity.

  • Ellen Nicholas

    I always sensed there was something more I needed to know about my Saturn in Virgo on the IC. and here it is! (Oh yeah, and I also have S.Node/Mars/Neptune in there, too!) and …..Saturn is square my Moon/Chiron in Sag.
    Never had children, or wanted to – although I love them and am (Cancer rising) very motherly. But when I had pets, I was overly protective and worrying about them all the time! I never had a man I wanted to be the father of my children. My mother was judgemental but – even worse- didn’t nurture. So, my life long mission is to learn how to nurture myself. Ain’t easy.

    • Thank you for reading and sharing, Ellen.

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  • Lwestb

    Your Saturn/IC comments right on and thank you.

    • Thank you for reading, Lwestb 🙂

  • Richard

    I have Saturn and IC conjunct at 28 Pisces, this post really talks to me. It is a tough placement, although Jupiter in Cancer in the 8th lightens it up a bit I guess..


  • I have SAturn in my vedic birth chart. How does this relate to western astrology anyone?

    • I’m not sure I understand your question, wisemlm. Saturn will be in your western chart as well. The IC is the point opposite the midheaven in your natal chart.

  • billow

    I looked at Robert Hand’s transit book last nite because I had not considered my saturn square ic aspect before.  I was too tweeked out yet by the first astrological aspect I read about years ago saturn square pluto with pluto on my midheaven.  Michelle, if I remember correctly you have written about balancing personal relationships with professional aspirations with the 4-10 axis.  Excuse me if I am wrong on that.  Hand did mention that, but also another swing that I think resonates equally as strong in “personal entanglements interfering with the pursuit of valid goals”.  (I mean how often do I read about people quitting jobs because of impossible work relationships with others.)  I do understand that his book is about transits but I find that his observations sometimes do help me clarify some of my natal challenges. 

    I love the pic for this.  How refreshing.  If you’ve ever done the sauna and stream plunge ahhhh. 

    This one is all about taking on too much responsibility.  No time to be a little girl in the family unit.  Never knowing what that felt like.  Escaping to the wild and in a sense being raised by wolves, once again.  Got the nurturing where I could. 

    • billow

      PS Expecting my bio sibs to grow up and be adult, some of them anyway, was asking way too much.  Perhaps that is the plight of the natal cancer moon.

      • How many siblings do you have?

        • billow

          I don’t have any siblings at the moment.  Not bio sibs anyway.  They play way too rough.  The others are countless.  I dig em.   : )

    • I like his way of putting it. I love that book. I have it 🙂

  • LB

    Saturn lives in my 4th and is parallel the IC, so I relate to this post a *lot*.  Whereas Saturn’s placement initially described my internal perception of the external connections associated with my childhood home, family and roots – Saturn has also provided the spiritual foundation and internal strength I’ve needed in order to become the person I was intended to be.  I’m still learning from the limitations and responsibilities Saturn imposed – there have been many, and I don’t want any of the gifts associated with the *lessons* to go to waste.  Plus, I don’t want to have to do it over.

    I always say I’ve had to re-parent myself, which really means I’ve had to redefine who and what constitutes home, with less focus on the physical world and more on the spiritual, otherwise I could easily succumb to depression and fear.  I still give in sometimes, which is easy to do since I’ve been so conditioned to think a certain dark way about myself.  Saturn transits and progressions always challenge me to grow rather than give in.

    I get what MsFullroller said about understanding how much it takes to be a mother.  Much as I love kids, one of the main reasons I never had any of my own was that I thought I knew myself well enough to understand I probably wouldn’t be able to provide a child with all of the tangibles/intangibles I’d want to give them – the truth is, I didn’t want to fail at parenting and risk screwing up a precious life.   I’ve still found outlets which satisfy my strong need to nurture others in ways I found lacking in my own childhood. 

    • Your response on the spiritual side has me thinking this is one of the meanings of Sagittarius on the 4th/Jupiter that is rarely mentioned. It seems esp with Saturn involved there is a deliberate, philosophical and somewhat radical approach to all that makes up home life. Also I agree that it helps with the depression and fear. 

      I have to ask you and anyone else who wants to answer: have you been called selfish due to your position on not wanting to have children?

      • LB

        I think I’m the only one who ever considered my decision selfish.  But then again, I had other familial responsibilities people couldn’t help but be aware of, so it would’ve made it hard to label me that particular way.  Like a lot of other grown children, I ended up taking care of my aging parents.

        One thing that did used to happen a lot though (before my parents needed me as much as they eventually would), was that people would ask me if I had kids, then tell me what a good mother I’d make, trying to encourage me.  Even the kids at school- usually the ones living with foster parents or in group-homes – would ask, then wonder why I didn’t.  I always told them *they* were like my kids and that there were lots of ways to express love and consistently show we care, without being a biological parent – that it didn’t mean I didn’t value them just as much.

        As you already pointed out, sometimes deciding *not* to have children can be the wisest and least selfish decision we can make, all things considered. 🙂

        • billow

          I was more than once accused of being selfish for choosing not to have children.  I am of the line of thinking that parents work through alot of their stuff through their children.  I knew I had alot of work to do and decided to do it on my own.  When I reached that awareness, I swear I heard 2.2 souls in the universe yelling out a thank you.  I was too much to ask of them.   ( Plus The Population Bomb was required reading as my ovaries were ripening.)

      • Nobody has outright said it. I can’t tell if they think I’m selfish or if somewhere inside I think I’m being selfish.

        • The only time I started wondering if I should was right when my first nephew was born in 2008. My mom began hinting to me that she wanted me to give her some grandchildren.

          • Interesting. For me it’s mostly statements given with attitude. “It must be nice” or “Don’t you want to take *insert name* home with you? or “It’s natural to want kids” or “You people without kids are selfish”. Maybe with my 7th house Mercury, folks feel free to express it.

            Whew, thank goddess that’s one issue that’s never been brought up by my mother. Even though she loves babies, she’s got too much Leo amplified by Jupiter to share the attention.

            • LB

              I’ve never really understood the connection between deciding not to be a biological parent (and taking necessary precautions) and selfishness, especially considering how many children end up feeling lost and abandoned, unloved and abused.   On the other hand, if we really *are* selfish, wouldn’t that be one of the best reasons *not* to have children? 

              Some people make lovely parents, and some . . . not so much.  Others do the best they can.  My own parents screwed up but still managed to do some important things right, and for that I’m grateful.  But that doesn’t diminish the contributions of those who are either unable or who consciously choose not to have children.  Sometimes we’re freed up to give back in other ways that although different, are no less meaningful or significant.    

              • I think it’s anger and jealousy toward those who had the mind not to conform.

                • billow

                  The grass always looks greener on the other side.  I’m just really surprised that this is still an issue at this point in time.  It seems to me some do, some don’t.  For those that find parenthood the ultimate experience, it probably is hard to imagine that someone else would not choose to do it.  I just enjoyed being an aunt.  The parents got a break, the kids had a good time, and everybody was happy.  If they ran away, they came to my house, we talked, and then I returned them to their parents.

                • Sometimes. Some people truly do love being parents. 

                  • True, but I have found that those who truly love being parents generally are not the who give those w/o kids grief. 

              • It’s because you’re giving importance to your own wants and desires too. Oh, how selfish.

            • billow

              What I found amusing was a conversation with a forthright mom about the struggles of raising kids.  She was at a baby shower and the first time mom to be was all righteous and glowy about having her child.  The woman laughed, yay come on join the happy club of day to day joy.  She said the truth about parenting is a secret mothers do not share with the unsuspecting.  It was her maniacal laugh that made the point.

              • True! Despite my issues with my family, I’m extremely grateful that my grandmother and mother did not sugar coat motherhood. They broke it all the way down to the birthing process…starting when I was 10 years old.  

                • billow

                  My favorite TV commercial was the one for some detergent with the white gauzy curtains gently blowing into the white on white room.  The mother and child dancing together in all white clothing in fields of flowers.  No dirt under them fingernails.

                  My grandma was not around long enough for me to know.  But my mother was very out there about it all.  She could create the gauzy effect with her love, but hey she was human too.

                  • The thing about my mother and grandmother is that they absolutely love little kids – which does make me feel like I’m being selfish. My grandmother is a Cancer Sun with Leo Moon and my mother is a Leo Sun with Cancer rising. I, on the other hand, have Mars and Saturn in Cancer.

                    • We all are not alike which is a good thing and astrology really does show that. Therefore there is no need for you to feel selfish. (Almost) any woman can give birth, but many women do not have what it takes to be mom.

                      IMHO, even though you have planets in Cancer, it matters what those planets are. The mythology of Mars does not indicate fatherhood at all with him being a warrior. Then there is Saturn…well you know what he did to his kids. lol  Of course, with my Mars in Aries and asteroid Lilith in Cancer who from what I’ve read, is in no way interested in being the ideal mom. 😉

                    • I have Mars in Cancer with Lilith in Aries – we’re opposites 🙂 My Sun is conjunct Lilith in Aries in the 8th house – not exactly “motherly.”

            • “Don’t you want to take *insert name* home with you?

              I just got this one on Thursday. I said no. I don’t want to be a 24 hour a day babysitter.

              • LOL! I heard that!

                I met DH’s new grandbaby Sunday and listened to his (DH’s) family members that baby sat the child recently talk about how difficult it was to get anything done while doing so. Fortunately, the topic of me baby sitting at some future point did not come up, though I’m sure it will someday.  And the answer will be: no.  

                • I live far enough away that babysitting isn’t an option. While I was there though, I did lots of it. I don’t mind when it’s a short time, plus most of it involved my brand new baby nephew who is adorable 😀

    • It seems like there’s something about this aspect relating to inner rigidity, the flipside being that the person with this aspect would be able to set appropriate emotional and relational boundaries to achieve their goals.

      • Christine

        My Saturn is at 25 and my IC is at 16 Capricorn, so I’m not really sure if that would count as a conjunction, but with Saturn in the 4th house, I can still relate to this post a lot. Especially after Saturn crossed my Ascendant, I generally feel very “un-emotional” about achieving my goals. Like, it kind of feels like achieving goals and being really excited or happy about them are two different things. Like the FEELINGS I have about my goals don’t necessary go into my achieving my goals. For me: the motivation (the feelings) and the product (the achievement) aren’t both involved in the goal-reaching process. (really hope that makes sense). 

        Also, it just feels like there have been less distractions and fewer moments of panic. It just feels like: I’m going to do this, this, and this, and I’ll just be done. 

        • I like that. I makes total sense. It’s got me thinking how that same idea might apply to Neptune conjunct the IC. 

          • billow

            Neptune on my IC now has me oh so I’m getting this degree.   I really like learning this stuff and I know it is useful to me in my life, but why was a degree on my bucket list again?  For one class, we had to do a portfolio where we did resumes and cover letters for job apps in our field.  I felt like a ghost was doing the project I really had no interest in.  I have one more semester to snap to.  It will happen.  It just seems soooooooo far away.  Gauzy again.

            • Gauzy. The thin veil over my emotional states interferes with my career objectives. I’m only just realizing that I actually have career objectives. Talk about fuzzy.

              • billow

                “only just realizing I have career objectives ‘  .  .  .  funny it still happens even when we don’t realize it.

                • Something I forgot to add to the Neptune/IC post is the seeping of the emotions into the work environment. Like a rotting floor.

      • LB

        One of my main goals is to always act with integrity and in keeping with my conscience (4th house Saturn conjunct asteroid Spirit and Part of Spirit, trine my 8th house South Node and sextile my 2nd house Venus/North Node/Sun) – not to be confused with the unhealthy guilt or people-pleasing traits imposed on me through early conditioning (Saturn at the exact midpoint of my Moon square Mercury/Neptune/Jupiter).  I’ve had to  learn to honor *my* emotional, spiritual and intellectual needs (and boundaries) while remaining respectful of others. 

        It took me a long time to clearly identify my values and then begin to act in accordance with them – some (hahaha – more like *most*!) might consider me inflexible, but that’s okay.  I have to live with my decisions. 

        • LB

          My Saturn also sits at the midpoint of my 2nd house Sun and 6th house Chiron, which are parallel.  Saturn sextiles both. 

  • Kat

    saturn aquarius 4th house
    IC capricorn 4th house

    i have it in semi-sextile, im not sure what semi-sextile really means

  • Leslie2005

    Wow, I was talking to someone today, about this aspect in my chart…..Saturn in Scorpio. Believe it or not?? I was thinking I would love to see you do this aspect on your blog……..and there it was! It was actually an astrologer……she said there was nothing more difficult on the IC than Saturn…….not Pluto or Uranus…….hmmm?It is has been pretty ruff for me at times. I don’t have any official Earth in my chart…..except a number of planets in the 10th, Virgo Rising……..and this. No wonder I feel such a kinship with Capricorn, but no “real” Capricorn in my chart.

    • billow

      Are you another tough mofo?  Nothing like the school of hard knocks to build strength.  (Saturn in Scorpio 1st house, but third decan makes it cancer related.)

      • Yeah. You’ve got to wonder… what are you building strength for? This time or the next time?

        • billow

          Survival, my dear, survival.  And the strength to get beyond the crap so that I can enjoy this time around to its fullest right now.  I love it that you don’t get what I’m saying.  Lucky lucky you.

          • I get it, billow, I just wonder if there’s something more.

            • billow

              There is always more.  The inner strength is a good all around tool that facilitates that “takin it in stride” thang.  I sure the heck am no good to anyone broken and curled up in ball.

              • I sure the heck am no good to anyone broken and curled up in ball.Yeah, besides, balls are mostly good for kicking and some people love to kick you when you’re down.

                • billow

                  Yes, they do like to kick a downed dog.  But that really never inspires me to get up.  It’s the other thing that does.

        • LB

          I’d say building strength and mastering lessons so there won’t *be* a next time!

          • I know that’s right!! Like I said on an previous post, I’m tired of going to summer school! 😉

          • Heh heh – good luck with that!

          • billow

            I never really thought about there not being a next time, but I do believe that is part of it.  Others that I have processed with have said things to me like well, that’s over now, now you can let that go, or that karma is done.  But I never really trusted that.  This time it’s a bit different.  It’s more like being aware of it and getting  beyond it for me.   That must be what transcendence is?  The long outer planetary transits are gruelling, but thorough.

            A not so funny funny thought occurred to me last night while thinking about saturn.  I’m just getting through my last saturn return stuff and oh goody, here comes another one.

            Saturn square IC.  Saturn 1st house and I’m finally making some room for myself on the planet.

            • LB

              I agree billow, I don’t think we’re ever done learning either – life can be hard sometimes, but also great, with much to be grateful for.  I only hope not to repeat the *same* mistakes over and over again through avoidance or denial.  Instead, I’d rather face up to life, deal with it and allow myself to be transformed by the lessons.  For me, it all has to do with knowing when (and how) to surrender. 

              “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Sir Winston Churchill.

              With Saturn in the 4th, I think there’s a spiritual message in that quote.  If I don’t learn the value in surrender, then I’ll always live in fear of the next transit.  Transiting Saturn is leaving my Sun, but is within orb of joining my Neptune, then my Mercury and Jupiter  – which will set off a whole bunch of aspects, as well as all the angles of my chart.  Bleh!  All opportunities for me to “Fear not”.

              • LB

                I forgot about Saturn going retrograde.  Looks like my Sun, Venus and North Node will get another chance to solidify previous lessons learned.  Then Saturn moves on to “school” the rest of my stellium and chart.

              • billow

                I think you might like saturn conjunct neptune.  I find it a good blend.

                • LB

                  In some ways, yes – in others, maybe not so much, especially since Neptune helps make up the apex of my Yod.  Saturn is already within orb of my 2nd house Neptune (conjunct Mercury and Jupiter) in Scorpio, and we just got word of another significant increase in our already *huge*, monthly out-of-pocket health insurance premium.  As we age (Saturn) our insurance (Scorpio) costs more (Jupiter), but covers much less, with less accessibility (Saturn and Neptune).  And yet we can’t do without it.

                  Saturn’s last transit 28 years ago wasn’t so pleasant either, although I did learn some valuable lessons that changed me forever.  I was much younger then and far more self-indulgent, for which I paid a price.

                • I sure hope so. But I do have the two pretty closely trine natally. I’m strangely looking looking forward to Saturn in Scorpio, I guess since Pluto will be in the 5th for a bit before retrograding out.

    • Same here Leslie…no Capricorn in my chart except for, asteroids Proserpina in the 4th, Diana in the 5th along with Part of Fortune, definitely feeling kinship with Capricorn.

    • Cool! I’ve heard from a lot of people with Saturn/IC that it’s a very tough placement.

      • Leslie2005

        Michelle, I love the pictures you use with the aspects, they are usually very telling of the aspect. This one is right on…..a “chilling” place to have Saturn in the natal chart.

      • billow

        Now I wanna go back and see when saturn last conjuncted my ic.

        • Me too … going to check … when I was 10. 

          • billow

            I didn’t look at a chart but uhh I think it was during the year I spent with sister mary slaphappy.  I hate to admit what went down the next time around.  Ye gads.  I am not liking this transit much at all.  It is awful!!  I suppose there is something in understanding what goes down for me at those times.  I’ll have to mark my calendar in case I make it to the next one.  When I think of what I have put up with, it makes me shutter.

        • Looks like I was 20 at this time.

  • 7th house Saturn in Pisces quintile Sagittarius IC.

    Wow, I thought the Uranus/Pluto post hit close to home but this one has pulled up a chair at the kitchen table!! No exaggeration…upon first reading this earlier today, I was reduced to tears. Couldn’t get past the first paragraph without having to get up to get a tissue and dry my eyes so I could see my screen. It’s like, OMG after all these years, finally somebody gets it!! There is practically nothing written on IC aspects and even when you get written astrological reports, IC aspects are not addressed. This post has totally blown me away!

    “… Sometimes it’s easier to be alone…”

    Get outta my head Michelle! 😉

    “.. Taking your role as a a parent very seriously: “I’ll do x, y, z that my parents never did.”

    This is the only statement in the entire post that is N/A. No desire to be a parent at all.

    “..Tiger mom..”

    This is somewhat true. Dad was the one who set the standards for academic performance but his only requirements were that I got a C in English and Math. The inner critic in me pushed me harder. However to tone down my mother’s wrath, I kept my grades at a B level. I still heard the statement esp after her Friday night drinking sessions, that I had nothing but book sense which would not take me far or get me a mate. So imagine what would have been said if I came home with straight A’s. I can’t say that I agree with the Chinese parenting approach because that is hell on a child’s self esteem. However I do like how they help and sacrifice for their kids to excel. I would have loved to be given music lessons or higher educational opportunities. 

    “…  Learning to give yourself enough love so you feel good enough…Having a very well-defined sense of an inner purpose which propels you in your outer work.. Emotional security comes with age.”I sure as heck hope so but I wonder with Chiron conjunct Saturn, in the same aspect to the IC can this be a reality someday. 

    • I understand what being a mom means and I don’t have enough to give to myself, let alone a helpless child and deal with my mother. 

      That’s a point I think a lot of people with this aspect, a Capricorn Moon or even Moon conjunct Saturn can relate to. 

      Thank you, MsFullroller.

    • It dawned on me this morning that I typed in the wrong aspect…oops! Happy Holidays by the way since it is Christmas day! Anywho, I’ll put it on Mercury retrograde and my natal Mercury retrograde. 😉 However this “mistake” has made me review some material I had read and bookmarked quite awhile ago but did not understand it much because like I said earlier, I totally missed the connection Saturn had to the IC.

      From on the Decile
      “..A Decile occurs when two planets are thirty six degrees apart. A tri-decile
      occurs when two planets are one hundred and eight degrees apart. A decile is
      one tenth of a circle. A tri decile is three tenths. The decile family of
      aspects is related to the quintiles. The energy of the deciles is such that it
      conveys order and structure. Mental ingenuity is at work here. Deciles are
      power and career indicators. They often bring strong technical insights and
      abilities. Deciles indicate special gifts that may be wasted or unappreciated.
      Self-improvement is needed to capitalize on this power. Deciles resonate with
      Saturn, Cardinal, Earth and Capricorn energy.”

      Wow, so this seems like a double dose of Saturn but in a good way.

      • Neat! Belated Happy Holidays to you too 😀

  • Joe

    Got the double dose of this: Saturn IC and Capricorn Moon.  If I didn’t have jupiter in sag I’d probably be one morose mickyficky. 
    I’d say every single sentence resonates. 

    • Very interesting, another person with Saturn/IC and Capricorn Moon – definitely a double dose. Congrats on your Jupiter! 😉

      • billow

        With progressed saturn in early sag now, I am experiencing it from the other direction.  The anchoring is a relief with my natal sun conjunct jupiter.

        • Anchored in reality?

          • billow

            Yup, “my reality” in all its glory.

      • Joe

        The timing of this post is interesting since the Dec 10th eclipse hit my fourth house. hmm….

        • How have things been unfolding for you?

          • Joe

            In the process of selling the house I grew up in.  Astrology is pretty crazy sometimes.

            • Joe

              Oh! I thought of another one… “Being your own Tiger Mom” lol.

  • Sophie

    I’m a Cap moon that trines my Saturn in the 10th and all of these seem to fit me.  Saturn:IC = Capricorn Moon.

    • That makes sense. I’ll bet a lot of people with a Capricorn Moon would be able to relate to this post since the Moon is that natural ruler of the 4th house and Capricorn is associated with Saturn. For that matter, Aquarian Moons might find some connections too.

      • LB

        My progressed Moon is in Capricorn and I’m not loving it.  It definitely feels like a double (or triple) dose of Saturn right now.

        • I hear ya there! I forgot (though I’m constantly reminded lol) that my progressed IC is Capricorn and Capricorn is 20% percent of my natal 4th.

        • Neat. My progressed Moon is at the beginning of Sagittarius right now. In a few years it will go through Capricorn. I’m actually looking forward to it – although transiting Saturn will cross my IC shortly too.

  • Clarkastillman

    Have Sat 6.11 Gem sextile MC and Ven at MC (aries), Sat trine Moon at 5 Aqu (conj Mars 27 cap) at Decsend, Sat trine Nep in Lib—-have all the pluses and minuses at the same time  Sigh. Actually, there are no pluses or minuses, just energies that have to be seen, understood and managed, but as a Pisces………..

    • “All the pluses and minuses at the same time”

      I feel that way about most of my aspects.  

      “As a Pisces” … tell us more!

  • I know a friend who has this aspect. Anyway, it’s SURPRISING to know that Paris Hilton has Saturn oppose IC, expose her profound insecurity 😉

    • Yeah … I wonder. Sometimes I wonder what she’s going to be like at 50. Will she still be as vacant?

      • billow

        Or some kind of cooga?  I think Paris will do just fine.  She seems to like to go out on a limb.  She seems chancy.  Of course, I could be jaded.  I have such high hopes for the young now.  They have no choice but to fashion something new out of the rubble.

  • Rocio Incera

    Thank you so very much for these useful insights!  My Saturn is 13 sagitarius 48, 49 retrograde. And my IC is ending Virgo and starting Libra. More like a quincux or i might reach a semisextile…

    I sure feel linked to the above mentioned!


    • Is there anything in particular that you feel linked to?