Radio Show! Past Lives and the Nodes

There were 65 entries for the free node interpretation on Matt Savinar’s “Ask the Astrologer” radio show on As promised, the first people to respond to the offer had their nodes interpreted for free on the show by Matt and me.

  • Listen to the recording of this show by visiting Matt’s blog, Savinar Holistic.
  • Charts used for the show are below for reference.

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  • Michelle

    Thanks :)

  • cleo

    cool! i loved this!

  • Makimare

    Dear, Michelle, 

    I have heard your interpretation about my Nodes in 
    fifth and eleventh house.Thank you :)

    Your interpretation of my south node in capricorne  
    have help me to see  where my many fears come from.There  was always fear from sex 
    in my mind (despite normal libido), I used to feel sex like a something 
    violent.It is  most likely that my experience  from past life was so strong and 
    hurtful that I came into this life with that sad feeling.

    I have feel like a victim most of my life,and I was 
    like a magnet for sadistik people (especially from men ).

    I didn’t have childhood full with joy and 
    happyness.There was so much struggle.Ruler my fourth and fifth house in twelve 
    has brought me a life with so little  love, joy .So , at one point I start to look 
    for my happyness in spirituality, astrology, new age psychology…

    I love children very much,and there is some special 
    connection with animals ( I often look them as children) .From my point of view 
    there is something sacred in there pure love and innocence.

    I am in the end of my study of medicine, maybe i 
    will be a pediatric one day ( and my ruler fifth house in twelve will be 
    satisfed ).

  • 50 Cent

    Rahu Ketu

    • Michelle

      Mmhm … true.

  • Joswan


    • Michelle

      Did you like it?

      • Joswan

        I like it ^^ Very informative.

  • Gitpap

    cant wait for it………..

    • Michelle

      … ?

  • MsFullroller

    Loved the show girl!

    • Michelle

      Thanks :)