Saturn/Midheaven Aspects


saturn-mc-aspectsA crystallized outer identity. Hardness in the way you interact with the outer world. Exacting in the way you interact with the outer world. Having a very real outer identity. Having a very real reputation. An awareness of having a limited time to reach your goals. Honed through taking hard knocks, in a public way. A somber public identity. Professional public conduct. Someone who commands a great deal of respect. People who reach the top of their game. People who set the benchmark for others in their profession. Demonstrating professionalism. Leading by example. Being able to take the heat. Take a licking and keep on ticking. Walking the line. Other people may get to fool around in their professions, but you don’t get to. To get to the top you have to take what you do very seriously. No fooling around at on the job. Adhering to rules and guidelines. Following the expected codes of conduct.

The supreme authority of your mother or father. Rigid outer expectations. Expected to follow the rules. Expected to be mature and responsible. Expected to live up to your parents’ expectations. You’re a symbol of maturity and responsibility. Wise beyond your years. Mature beyond your years. Little old men and women in young bodies. Hardworking from a young age. ‘Professional’ from a young age. Professional child actors. Lifelong professionals. Starting your career at a young age. Being ambitious from a young age. Expected to live up to the family standards of achievement. Fulfilling your parents’ goals. Living out the unfulfilled wish of a parent – even if it’s not what really resonates with you inside.

Rules and people in positions of authority. Wanting to assume a role as an authority figure. Wanting to influence and shape the world. Wanting to be someone who sets the standard in your profession. Wanting to have control over your public identity. Wanting to be seen as someone who is in control. Wanting to be seen as someone who is at the top of their game. Disliking showing weakness in professional settings. Disliking showing incompetence in professional settings. Presenting a stern face of professionalism. There’s no ‘give’ when it comes to what you want to achieve. Walking a narrow path. Walking the line. Walking a tight rope.

Getting to the top through sound judgment, hard work, and respect for your elders. Getting to the top by cultivating relationships with people in positions of authority. Getting to the top by having respect for the people who came before you. Getting to the top by respecting the existing status quo. Taking on the burden of a public position. The responsibility of shaping the world. Avoidance of positions of authority because the responsibility is just too much to bear. Not wanting to be responsible for what happens to others. The burden of being in the public eye.

Having the burden of taking care of a parent. One parent is overly dutiful, strict, and bound by expectations and rules. One parent is sullen, melancholy, and depressive. One parent has exceedingly high expectations. One parent was unable to live out a dream because of restrictions, obstacles, or a lack of some kind. You may feel like a burden to one of your parents. You may find that your parents love you best when you are obedient. Outer achievement is regarded more highly than personal feelings. Outer recognition is more important than self-knowledge and personal insight. Having the approval of outside authorities may be more important to you than having the acceptance of your family. Family intimacy may be lost in the wake of personal ambition.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Saturn/MC, read Saturn/IC Aspects.

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  • angelic femme.

    My saturn conjunct mc always seems so gloom and doom. how do i keep the faith with a fate like this?

    • Look for trines or sextiles to Saturn and the MC for outlets. Your Jupiter placement should give some hints too.

      • angelic femme.

        alrighty. So I have a moon in libra trine mc in gemini and a neptune in aquarius trine midheaven. both of those planets aspect my saturn in gemini in the same ways. I guess those aspects soften it up a little. How would you interpret this for my career?

  • Mkayla

    Satun quintile the mid heaven
    I can relate

  • Gentile

    In my way saturn(saggitarius)trine MC(who conjuct jupiter-aries)and sextile aquarius moon in 7th house.I am addicted to fame and public recognation but this saturn gives me big restriction in achivment goals…time by time I am very frustrated but i dont give up(it past approx 10 years when I first time recognize what I want)!
    I hope that saturn one day(as his first return)will give me chance…
    Taurus sun..

    Great post!

  • peter

    Saturn sesquidrate mc what is this aspect, Saturn in pisces, mc could be Leo or cancer but definitely on the cusp, both Jupiter and Saturn sesquidrate mc

    • Saturn sesquiquadrate MC shows obstacles getting recognition from society, among many other meanings.

  • Bobby Rad

    I’ve got midheaven squaring saturn uranus and neptune all in the 1st house. Yes I hate my life 🙂

    • Hm … not sure if you’re being serious or not.

      • Bobby Rad

        About which part. the aspects or me hating my life? Lol

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  • ValleyOak

    Thank you. My Saturn in Cancer in 10th is semi-sextile MC in Gemini.

    ” You may find that your parents love you best when you are obedient.
    Outer achievement is regarded more highly than personal feelings. Outer
    recognition is more important than self-knowledge and personal insight.
    Having the approval of outside authorities may be more important to you
    than having the acceptance of your family. Family intimacy may be lost
    in the wake of personal ambition.”

    I think this last paragraph was more about a former lifetime(s). As stated elsewhere, my North Node is in Capricorn in the 4th house. There was really little expectation growing up this time around, I think it’s Sag. on my IC. No rules, really. I needed the break, I guess. Lol. I wish I could say the same for my work environment.

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  • jy

    My saturn in 9th house capricorn, mc conjunction. As you mentioned, my father looks melancholy but not often. I think my parents love me not specially when I act obedient. I am not good at english, but your article is very intersting. so i leave a commet ^3^

  • Tam

    This was sooo SPOT ON!!!

    My saturn is in the 4th house (along with Venus, Mercury, Neptune and Uranus) and MANY oppositions by these planets to my MC. You could say I had a very confusing childhood.

    BUT – what has always been clear to me was an inner drive to reach forward for my career. At 6 years of age I was already planning how I could become famous and powerful in an important job! (might be due to Pluto trine MC as well)

    But yes, I could relate with EVERYTHING you wrote.

  • enchantress299

    I have A LOT of aspects to the Midheaven, and I’ve been going around reading your various posts on them. So far I think this one resonates with me the most. (My aspects to midheaven are as follows: Saturn sextile by 1 degree, Jupiter square by 1 degree, Venus retro conjunct in 9th by 1 degree, Sun conjunct in 10th by 1 degree, Chiron square by 1 degree, Uranus square by 4 degrees, Pluto sextile by 4 degrees). It sometimes seems like my Midheaven is the focal point around which the rest of my chart revolves (except my Moon, which is in the 5th house and is part of a bucket handle chart, so it vies for attention).

    In any case, I really like this description because it really describes the life I’ve kind of ‘fallen into.’ I work as a civil investigator in social services, which was never my true inclination. My true inclination was more in line with my Venus conjunct Midheaven conjunct Sun in Virgo, in which I was going to be a marriage/family counselor. Due to life’s little detours/predicaments, I ended up where I am now, and I am surprisingly good at being ‘professional’ and ‘hard’ in dealing with the people in my field that I have to deal with. I’m good at ‘taking the heat’ and I actually specialize in rules and guidelines in my field. My work team culture is all about being at the top of the field. However, when I started in this position, I really hesitated in taking it because I do often feel like the burden of responsibility for others is so much to bear. My day to day personality is way more laid back and relaxed (I have a strong Jupiter in the first in Sagittarius), and I actually very much dislike being a person of authority. I can HANDLE it, I just dislike being it. I’ve always been more mature than my peers though, and so professionalism and being able to handle structure and boundaries comes more naturally to me (though again, my outside of work personality prefers spontaneity and less structure).

    I’m a Scorpio rising, with Saturn in Scorpio in the 12th conjunct Pluto Libra 11th sextiling my Sun/Venus conjunct Virgo midheaven, all ruled by Mercury in the latter half of my 10th house. SO, it seems like I have a strong Saturn/10th house theme as is…

    • Very interesting… thanks for sharing. Did you have your Saturn return yet?

      • enchantress299

        Yeah, my Saturn return started back at the end of 2012 (actually around the time that I got my current job). My Saturn is at 0 Scorpio, so it’s been a little while now.

  • Adrianne

    I have saturn sesquiquadrate mc and have father issues, my question would be, would that mean that it’s likely that my brother and sister might have this same aspect in their chart?

    • It’s likely that they’d have a connection between Saturn and the MC but maybe not the sesqui. But, this depends on how *they* see your father. If siblings have drastically differing views of a parent then the aspects might not show up in each chart.

  • It looks like you have mars conjunct the ic … seems to account for concentrated athleticism, focus, drive … but the opposition to saturn shows the delay of awards and “due” recognition.

  • Sometimes I feel like I am so straightforward and uninteresting that it makes others suspicious of me. Like I must be up to something because no one could be so boring for real.
    Saturn Aries MC 10th – 6/14/67 (6:58 am) Almost never hired to run operations, Almost always thrust into power unexpectedly, awards in contests i didnt enter, class president, (only and 1st black kid in school) 4 dif times from 1st to 6th grade, Quarterback, coach, hyper responsible, Semi pro offense led the country (12-0) after all my assistant coaches went on strike, assuming that would stop me, Mars Libra 4th House, so
    -Mom died on my birthday at 6:50 on the phone with me
    – suffered 2 comas, 7/18/07, 12/24/11
    – ex wife kept film of ’98 perfect season,
    -Church team in 09, stopped taking film halfway thru season, costing me book deal,
    -Mom took ill at 8, cooked, cleaned, shopped, ran household, wrote checks at 10
    Tremendous effort, someone else profits, (coached for two US coaches of the year, who in reality did no work, an dnever coached before. 17 championship game LOSES, (12 in 1st yr with team),

  • Sofia

    Hi Michelle,

    I have Saturn exctly conjunct to the midpoint Ascendant/Midheaven. This is so like me! Of course, being Cancer Sun and Cancer Ascendant, my Moon in Capricorn helps…

    I love your blog!

  • April

    “The burden of being in the public eye.” TT_TT

    I have the trine. Sun conjunct MC. Can you make Sun/MC, please? I have this in tight orb and would be really be interested on your take on this. 🙂

    • Hi April,

      I’m working my way there! If you’re a subscriber you’ll get the post as soon as I write it.

  • Hero9

    This is very true and sad indeed one of my parent was not allowed to live out his dream due to parents un-approval. Although he never put the idea in my head to carry out his dream. I simply found myself inspired to do creative things. Thank you for postings. I love your site. I find that usually a planet make an aspect to mc is good thing?

    • I wouldn’t see aspects to the MC as either good or bad – kind of depends on the rest of the chart; they certainly up the potential for recognition.

  • maygemini

    I also would like to add to the perspective of what it’s like having Saturn square MC.

    Generally it’s noted that those with Saturn square MC are loners and have difficulties achieving their goals and motivations. I agree to that accessment to a certain extent as I think it depends on the sign.

    My opinion is that those who have Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius Saturn squaring their MC will feel more comfortable with that “limiting” factor in their chart and know how to rectify it concretely as opposed to those with Aries, Cancer, or Leo Saturns.

    I’ve always been able to live comfortably as I have the uncanny knack of turning troubles and setbacks into opportunities (or maybe that’s just my 0 Libra Jupiter on AC doing its magic) and “cash in” on such issues. I think Saturn squares MC gives a sobering perspective that allows me to see what is reality so I can push myself to accept what I have and be resourceful with it.

    It is also interpreted that Saturn square MC as the father not being emotionally supporting. I agree with that as my father isn’t supporting of me in the sense of understanding me or my motives. He does however, hold me in greatest esteem and believes that I am destined for greatness and appreciates my sense of self-discipline. He worries that I’m lonely bc I thoroughly enjoy living alone and have no apparent intention of changing my situation (I’ve been divorced for a few years and haven’t cared to find anyone since). I often go out alone amd enjoy my own company. I am pretty happy being near pleasant people but don’t have any need nor desire to directly interact. And yet again, having exalted Saturn makes it so much easier on me as I enjoy peaceful existence even if it is solo because I know that peaceful existence comes from being solo.

    Most would think Saturn in hard aspect to MC is really rough on the person and their lack of social life, however, I have always been quite content having fewer yet closer friends than being the life of the party.

    • The lack of emotional support from the father would also show up with Saturn opposite MC.

  • maygemini

    Hello. Thanks for writing this. I use whole signs system.

    I have exalted Libra Saturn conjunct AC which squares Cancer MC and Capricorn IC and let me tell you, I overly externalize my Saturnine qualities! Not only do I adhere to the principles of limitations, I also love telling people who think they have all the time in the world/invincible/egotistical that they’re dead wrong. I also don’t suffer fools and their delusions, so people do respect me for being pretty solid and having sound judgement but I’m always blamed for raining on everyone’s parade! LOL!

    The nice thing is, I have Libra Jupiter that conjuncts Saturn and also sits on my AC. This is really a “god send” as I often give accounts of harsh realism with a lot of humor injected in it and people are so bewildered as to why I wildly laugh at “negative” info that could effect me as well as others. But then again, only Gemini Sun people have been known to be that wildly nutty and we’ve been getting away with it.

    Saturn virtually aspects all my planets.. It trines Mars (gives off a Capricorn Mars effect), trines Sun (prevents monstrous egotism), opposes Moon (hates emotions), squares Mercury (critical mind) are some main highlights.

    Too bad Saturn has such a bad reputation, I’d rather like that energy a lot. But then again, I know how to outwardly use my Saturn energy to my advantage.

  • sweet-scorpion

    I have something called a quindecile of Saturn-MC which Michelle, you might be familiar with. The important almost-opposition aspect where you take one planet, subtract or add 15 degrees to it and see if the two you are looking at would be in actual opposition when you do that. So like the two planets visually would appear to be in opposition, and when you add or take away 15 degrees to one or the other they actually are.

    I feel like my dad was a loser, depressed all the time and has basically been completely useless in terms of my entire life which I resent him for. He’s never offered to help me with school and has resorted to living with another family and I’ll never forgive him for it. Since childhood I’ve been extremely mature and from a young age took writing and art very seriously also.

    The part about caring more of what authority outside your family thinks of you is quite true. I have known for some time that the phrase ‘it’s lonely at the top’ applies quite well to me and I’m accepting it and moving on. Familial accepting will never be enough for me. They to me, are just not good enough. The world needs to see what I can do. The quindecile just makes one crazy obsessed sometimes and concerning writing, PR and other things I take it all so seriously. BUT it’s really difficult when you find that your dad or a male figure was literally never around to give you pointers.

    My Saturn is in Pisces in the 3rd, and my MC in 29 dg. Virgo. My Sun-Moon midpoint is on my MC.

  • Saturn conjunct MC in Aquarius.

    • Was one of your parents an academic?

      • Ursa

        No. And I really don’t relate to this description. I guess my Aquarius is really strong. I am not rigid or anything like that. I also have Mars conjunct my ascendant.

  • Dada Krampelj

    I have saturn exact on mc, ruler of mc is in pisces and it went in 7th house conj with uranus in 8th. they are both in capricorn. part about responsibility would be true if i did not have sat 180 sun0chiron near ic, it made me living my life without father, and every day i need to strugle with my irresponsibility.i dislike that aspect very much.

    • That sounds like a difficult combination.

  • Sam

    I have Scorpio Saturn 1 degree off MC in 9th house and can definately relate to a lot that was mentioned.  Father was very melancholy, depressed, and emotionally distant.  Pluto is also conjunct at 29 Libra and then sun at 23 Libra.  With Cap. rising (squaring my sun) Saturn is my strongest planet and I am very serious, reserved, and very very responsible.  Being obedient and following the rules was my way of being and living up to parental expectations. 
    Subconsciously I felt as if I was a burden based on such little interaction I received from my parents and what little interaction and intimacy they shared with each other.  I was expected to do my homework, practice piano, and then entertain myself until it was time for bed.  They stayed together for my sake up until my 13th birthday when they divorced.
    I’m 28 now and as saturn transits my pluto and returns to my natal saturn I am realising that it is necessary to go back to college and get a real degree (9th house) to help support my growing family.  I have had many delays (Saturn) to get my butt back in gear but that is mostly due to my own indecisiveness (sun/pluto/mercury all in Libra).  It will happen though and I know I will work hard to achieve what I set out to do because that is the way i’ve conditioned myself and hard work, persistence, and good work ethic come naturally to me.  If there is nobody around to inspire me to new heights then I am the one who sets the high standards in my work environment.  Mars conjunct Venus in Virgo gives me an exceptional eye for detail and makes me compulsively thorough.

    • Good luck on going back to school and thank you for reading, Sam.

  • Shilpigca

    I have Saturn conj MC and TrueNode. In addition, saturn is t-sqaure 7th hose mars and 1st house neptune. Although I have strong 9th with jupiter and merc conj and sadge rising, I finished college a few years later than my colleges. Then only been working less then 5 years and my energy level is dwindling. I also just had a transit Saturn square pluto.

    • Is Saturn making a conjunction to your MC from the 9th house? 

  • Louisa

    I think it’s just… that I can’t see myself being so old – I think it’s less
    about goals ticking away than life generally ticking away. Or maybe I’m just a
    bit clouded since I feel there are hundred of unresolved problems in my life
    right now.

    My trine of
    Saturn-MC is part of a kite, so maybe I feel it more… integrated with my whole

    I also agree about being ambitious since a young age.

    • Many people born in the 60s have a kite. The people I know are very very serious. Saturn is well-integrated in that everything seems to be a ‘lesson’ for them. They don’t really get to be carefree without consequences.

  • Tobias

    I have saturn conjunct MC and I can recognise this:”being ambitious from a young age”
    Have always had the desire to do my best, in all parts of my life spiritual(being a good human being) and maternal(geting good grades, good jobs, advance etc)

    • What were your ambitions when you were younger?

      Thank you for reading, Tobias.

  • Saturn sextile MC. Hated dad is the main support for my education and reputation? (maybe)

    • Maybe … guess it depends on whether you see the 10th as being your father. The 10th and 4th seem interchangeable in some charts.

  • I’ve been waiting patiently for this post Michelle! lol  7th house Saturn in Pisces quintile Gemini MC.

    “An awareness of having a limited time to reach your goals.”

    Yep but more so an awareness and acceptance that it will take more time, work and obstacles to go around than for others folks. I guess the solace in that, is the results are much longer lasting since one has had to get a PHD from the school of hard knocks. You tend not to take it for granted since you had to go thru hell to get where you are going.

    I most definitely relate to just about all of the descriptions. I felt like I was a burden to my parents as a kid but that feeling ended when I left home at 18. Maybe because my Uranus and Pluto oppose Saturn and I’ve been through the “major midlife” transits, but self knowledge and personal insight are extremely important to me. Much more so than outer recognition. I’m obsessed with it now and ironically it was ignited when transiting Saturn passed over that conjunction and opposed itself. Outer recognition is fleeting because if it’s dependance on others but self knowledge is priceless, just like time.  

    Off topic: I’ve noticed that LB has not commented on the last few posts. I hope that everything is ok with her.

    • LB

      “Outer recognition is fleeting  because of its dependence on others but self knowledge is priceless .. . ”

      I agree msfullroller – adding, it’s what we do when no one’s looking that counts, although it’s taken time to realize exactly what that means.   My 4thH Saturn is just out of orb of being opposite my MC, but the two are contra-parallel, so to some extent I can still relate. 

      Also off topic, but thanks for thinking of me – I’m ok. 🙂

      • I’m happy to see you are okay 🙂

        Yes … the stuff you do when no one’s looking. I tend to think Saturn adds a level of conscience and makes a person more conscientious. 

      •  Glad to hear from you and that you are ok!

        I agree with your point as well.

    • I forget if your Saturn conjuncts your descendant – does it?

      • Nope, it’s too far out of orb to be conjunct. Saturn conjuncts my chart ruler Mercury, Pallas, Chiron and True Lilith. It’s sextile the ruler of the descendant.

  • Louisa

    I have Saturn in
    the 5th trine the MC in Leo and definitely I felt identified with most of the
    article, but the line that most stuck me was: “An awareness of having a limited
    time to reach your goals.”

    • Are there any goals in particular that you feel time ticking away on?

  • David5379

    ya know saturn is square my mc and dc and reading either of them it doenst really pop out like I feel it should, maybe I have just internalized saturn to such an extreme degree I cant tell what is normal and how much more rigid I am than others, like I dont know of any other way but having saturn there, something to think about I guess

    • Maybe you’ll fee more resonance with the Saturn/Ascendant or Saturn/ Descendant posts (when I write them). I forget … does your Saturn make an aspect to your asc or desc?

      • David5379

        no its in the 6th, squaring pluto IC, i identify, it just doesnt pop out the way all the other ones did, then again saturn isnt one for popping anyways

        • David5379

          maybe it means im doing it right ha

        • Tantrums

          Hi I have the square too. Saturn in the 6th house Libra squaring Capricorn (MC) also MC opposite Pluto.

          It resonates with me. Having my Saturn squaring MC, I lacked the necessary support when I was young. We were poor & I was bullied. But i just could not give up even if I tried.

          Maybe it’s your Jupiter. Lucky and optimistic? 🙂

          Can definitely relate to this. This is a great post. Thanks. I feel inspired.

  • billow

    Square but pluto is on midheaven so like “the outer recognition is definitely not more important than self knowlege and personal insight. ”   I would say the “self knowlege and personal insight” in my case is very necessary to survive in the world of outer recogniton.

    I do not know if it is true but I do feel very “crystallized” even though I am not sure that’s the way others see me.  (Saturn in the 1st, but scorpio).  Sometimes I feel like I am so straightforward and uninteresting that it makes others suspicious of me.  Like I must be up to something because no one could be so boring for real. 

    I may be “exacting in the way I deal with the world”.  I was discussing a class with one of my classmates.  It was alot of open discussion and she mentioned how I sometimes rubbed the teacher the wrong way.  I too noticed this.  She said I tend to speak “to the point”.  I am pointed? 

    I have “taken alot alotta heat”  (what’s a mars retro to do) in my lifetime, but am now trying to stay out of the fire.  And another important change is that I have really had to work to allow others to take responsibility for themselves.  I responsibilitied myself out.  I think that is called enabling.  Stupid me.  I came to realize that it is all out of my control and there is only so much I can do.

    On control, I am more effective as a producer with some parameters maybe because virgo is inspired by a puzzle, but do not like to be micro-managed while executing my work.   And a certain amount of self control is necessary, lest I get thrown into the pit of darkness.  Another survival game.

    • Sometimes I feel like I am so straightforward and uninteresting that it makes others suspicious of meIntriguing … I like that as a description for Saturn in Scorpio in the 1st. 
       I responsibilitied myself out.
      Love it 😀

      • billow

        And have been monitoring my crystallization.  It is too funny.  I is what I is.

        PS.  Finally made it to the whole house chart.  I like it.  My first perspective is that it renews everything that I always knew. 

        • Do you mean whole signs, or equal house? I love whole signs. I do usually start by looking at Placidus though. 

          • billow

            Whole sign.   And I’m just looking at it from my own process, not as a practitioner, which I ain’t.

          • billow

            Oh, I got lost in your question.  My mainest most greatest thing is the 11th house sun, that I can really relate to.  I never really understood the 10th house sun for me.  And I really get the 9th house moon and venus, much more so than the 8th house moon and venus.  And the 12th house mercury makes all too much sense.    So I’m liking it.  Placidus by comparison, turned me into silly putty all stretched out and weird.