Jupiter/IC Aspects


jupiter 4th houseHaving been buoyed up. Inflated sense of self. Inner arrogance. Coming from a foreign country. Moving to a foreign country. Living with foreign people. Cultural differences loom large. At home with foreigners. At home with ‘foreign’ customs. Liking foreign cuisine. At home with philosophy and thought. Philosophical basis. Needing to have a foundation based on principles or belief. Growing up in a religious household. How your family felt about religion. How religion figured into your early upbringing. A philosophical parent. A historian, anthropologist, or preacher. One parent loomed large (probably Dad). Coming from a place of abundance. Having an abundant cultural inheritance. A wealthy household. Well-off. Heirs and heiresses. An extravagant upbringing. Having had an indulgent parent. Used to getting your way. Living on ‘Easy Street.’ Needing constant reassurance from parents. Having had constant reassurance from parents.

One parent is a gambler. One parent is forever expecting to strike it rich. One parent is carefree, loose, casual – anything goes. One parent is an egomaniac. Luck through family. Luck through cultural roots. Your cultural inheritance is an asset. Luck through your country of origin. Luck through intimate, family-like connections. A well-connected family. Your family helps you achieve success. Your family gives you everything you need to succeed. Your family is protective of you. Having had an overprotective family. Family looms large. Being overprotective and sensitive about where you’ve come from. Having strong opinions about race, religion, and ethnicity. Having strong opinions about philosophy, ethics, morality, principles, and beliefs. Having strong opinions about foreigners. Bigots. Prejudice. Making your home in a foreign land or with foreign people. You become ‘big’ because you feel big inside.

How your family approaches religion, dogma, and belief. Innate sense of morality. Preoccupation with ethical and moral issues. Moral conscience. The ethics and morality of family intimacy. The morality of who you choose to stick close to. Choosing to stay with ‘your own kind.’ Holding people close to you up to certain moral standards. Intolerant of the people closest to you. Taking the moral high ground. Sitting high on your horse. Having predisposed ideals of what is right and what is wrong and imposing those ideals onto the people close to you – including your countrymen and people whose background is similar to yours. Being protective or your roots, culture, and upbringing. Feeling that it’s up to you to preserve your cultural inheritance. Enhanced sensitivity to cultural, ethnic, and racial issues. Being in the family business. Preserving your family’s traditions even if you’ve moved or grown apart.

Having a personal life is important. Sometimes your personal life is bigger than your professional life and takes it over. Having a big personality when you’re surrounded by people you feel comfortable with. Privately silly. Privately goofy. Privately self-indulgent. Lazy at home. Liking your home to be easy-going, loose, and relaxed. No plastic on the furniture. Possibly a bit sloppy in private. Feeling inwardly that anything is possible. Privately an optimist. Open to learning more about yourself. Possibly too open to private fears. One parent is wise, well-read, and knowledgeable. Having a guru for a parent. Feeling that you are a guru inside. Grounded in philosophy. Grounded in self-reflection. Grounded in moral conscience. Grounded in ethical reflection. Wisdom through meditation. Philosophies based on inner personal experiences. Having a vast inner world. Expanding your mind and experience while staying at home. Armchair travelers. Inner wanderlust.

Planets in aspect to the MC (Medium Coeli), or Midheaven, are also always in aspect to the IC (Imum Coeli). Posts are split up between MC and IC to show the different point of view that each of the angles brings to the natal chart. To learn about the flip-side of Jupiter/IC, read Jupiter/Midheaven Aspects.


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Planets and points searched are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, Vertex, Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, Juno, and Chiron.

Aspects searched are: conjunction, opposition, square, trine, sextile, quincunx, semi-sextile, quintile, biquintile, semi-square, sesquiquadrate, novile, binovile, quadranovile, decile, and tridecile.


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  • Nicole Richelle

    Love this. I have Jupiter close to the IC and I grew up in a very large lavish apartment in New York. My family entertained quite a bit and I was exposed to jazz, the arts and culture. I was also spoiled rotten and literally got everything my little heart desired.

    My mother was an avid reader loved philosophy books. My immediate family was also very anti-religion. My father was an atheist, my mother a mystic, and her mother was agnostic.

    • Wonderful! Thank you for sharing, Nicole Richelle.

  • Amoureuse

    just read this now… not sure why i missed this… im actually living in a foreign country now. jupiter is opp my AC. does this mean my jupiter and IC are conjunct?

    • If Jupiter is opposite your Ascendant, then it is conjunct your descendant.

  • Diana

    Thanks. Quite good, as usual.
    Could be, Jupiter + IC = Big Family 🙂
    I come from a huge family. I ‘had’ a huge family.

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  • Cassiano41

    I am a little confused. You made an interesting interpretation of Jupiter-MC aspect,but shouldn’t the several type of aspects (conjunction, opposing,..) has its own interpretation?

    • Each aspect can have its own interprotation but it’s not absolutely necessary. If you”ve read sue Tompkins books then you will see where I got my inspiration.

  • Far East

    I have Jupiter partile conjunct MC, in detriment in Gemini, and opposite to IC in Sagittarius. An astrologer friend just mentioned that the fact that my Jupiter was the farthest away from his domicile was “very interesting,” without commenting further. I also happen to have a Venus-Jupiter trine with Venus in 2nd house stellium Libra and Taurus (ruled by Venus) in 9th house. Supposedly, Venus rules my chart and Jupiter is predominant (because the only planet on the top half of my chart, besides Saturn in the 12th).

    Your descriptions are right on the spot except the 3rd paragraph, which is entirely off in my case. I’m a foreigner in my own country but often perceived as a homegrown in foreign countries (always pass off as natives both in habits and accents).

    I love everything foreign and reject a lot of my ancestral values. Could you please comment on this placement? Thank you for your insight.

  • zodiac astrology horoscopes

    love the point about having a big personality with those you most feel comfortable with, privately self indulgent, privately lazy, sounds so much like my youngest sister! Though she is a Capricorn. lol

  • sb_lovely

    Kim Kardashian would have this aspect! lmao.

    Anyway, I have Jupiter sxtile MC so I relate to some of this.

    Philosophies based on inner personal experiences.
    Having a vast inner world.
    Expanding your mind and experience while staying at home.
    Armchair travelers.
    Inner wanderlust.
    Having a big personality when you’re surrounded by people you feel comfortable with.
    Privately silly.
    Intolerant of the people closest to you. 🙁
    The ethics and morality of family intimacy.
    The morality of who you choose to stick close to.
    One parent is a gambler.
    One parent is forever expecting to strike it rich.
    Having a personal life is important.

    I do hope, though, as i get older that does not happen: “Sometimes your personal life is bigger than your professional life and takes it over.”I can’t afford for that to happen anymore!!

    • Jupiter/MC was present in a lot of the celeb charts I saw where the person was vrery, very successful. The women with this aspect also seem to have … ample physical assets.

  • That definitely sounds like a Virgo influence. Where is the ruler of your 4th house?

    •  Ruler of my 4th House in the 12th conjunct my ASC in Gemini 🙂

      • What do you think about the idea of being “contained.” It strikes me that Jupiter in the 4th house could almost be like living in a padded cell – protected, but maybe in a way that isn’t necessarily expansive. Also, this aspect would seem to suggest an expanded capacity for introspection as well.

        •  The sign feels like there is a containment.. Jupiter feels like it expands the minuscule details of the Virgo vision.. it’s probably why I tend to create things in “macro” photography.. or just really really get picky about small detailed stuff..

          I have a dream to go from the small and spiral outward into something to where the idea, in the creative aspect, starts off like a seed, expands, and spirals out into creating an entire environment.

          I do like your idea about scattered.. but there is the idea of trying to make the small encompass the larger, like the idea of an entire landscape found within a small space.. and the Macro..world becoming a mirror for attempting to sort out the small.. so as above, so below, so they say.. and it is somehow always the small details which hang people up.. sometimes.

      • Did you feel scattered? Pulled in many directions?

  • LB

    My Jupiter (in the 3rd) is semisextle my IC (ruled by Jupiter) and a lot -not all- of this fits.  I grew up surrounded by other cultures and  people from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and I’ve continued to live that way.  Just this past Christmas Eve, our landlord (who is also our upstairs neighbor) invited us over for a traditional Chinese meal.  The next day for Christmas, we enjoyed a traditional Greek meal prepared by my former landlord and now friend.

    As a child, many of my favorite non-bio “aunties” and “uncles” (usually my parents’ closest friends), as well as my early teachers, protectors and care-givers, were either African-American or Japanese (I’m neither.)  There was no bigotry in my *immediate* family  and unlike some others I was exposed to, I’m happy to say my parents’ lack of prejudice was genuine and not motivated by a superficial need to be seen as being politically correct.  Both of my parents held everyone to the same standard and didn’t judge or make exceptions based on color or creed.  They liked you or they didn’t; the color of your skin or how religious you were had nothing to do with it, but your character did.

    At a certain point in my early life, I probably received more nurturing from some of the people I’ve just mentioned than I did from either of my parents – the exchange of love and affection had fewer strings attached.  But along with the love, there were others not so loving (that’s humans for you!), and unfortunately, I also experienced prejudice as a child.  Prejudice of any kind is something I would never wish on *anyone*.  It’s a terrible thing to be made to feel less-than, ashamed and afraid; it can squash the life right out of you.:(

    You’d never know it from my comments, but I can be very silly.  And you already know how important my faith and integrity are to me.  I’m a bit of a philosopher and also a bit of a preacher.  I come from a long line of preachers on both sides of the family, so I guess it’s in my blood.  My dad was larger than life – a real character, very liberal with lots of strong opinions, though not at all religious.  I don’t know if he even believed in God. 

    Good one, Michelle!  Lots of food for thought here.  Not junk food either.

  • Helms2005

    My IC is 17 Sagittarius and Jupiter is at 27 Sag–is 10 degrees too big of an orb for it to count?

    • No, I don’t think that orb is too big. When it comes the angles (Ascendant, descendant, midheaven and IC) and the Sun and Moon, I tend to give a little more allowance.

  • VenusMizu24

    I could relate to almost all of this and wouldn’t you know it, I double-checked my chart and found a Jupiter/IC sextile :O Yay…?

    But, I also have a Saturn/IC sextle (not yay), so it wasn’t very happy-go-lucky for me growing up.  If it was, I didn’t notice because of my early sense of responsibility.  Definately relate to foreign cultures part! They give me an exhilarating sense of home that I just don’t find in my own. 

    • Thank you for reading, VenusMizu24. Saturn will cast a melancholy light on just about anything it touches. Saturn/IC is a tough aspect.

  • joe

    Whoa. This is pretty crazy. I have the opposition.  A lot of this really hits home. ”
    Having a big personality when you’re surrounded by people you feel comfortable with” lol big time!

    • 🙂 We’ll have to see how the opposite interpretation (Jupiter/MC Aspects) holds up for you. #astrology

      • joe

        Also jupiter will be transiting my IC in a couple months so we’ll see what that brings up. 

        • I hope it’s something good 🙂

  •  Hello Michelle!

    Nice one again! I do wonder about the family thing because I grew my family but I wasn’t really protected much by them.. Jupiter is conjunct IC from the 3rd house in Virgo.. I would never have thought I would be in a big house in a neighbourhood such as this though.. (possibly the house people point out because of its size alone.. even if it looks like a heap of bricks dumped out in a boxy shape)

    I do like the interpretation though, I think its quite comfortable…but the parent thing.. possibly because so many other things are in the 4th.. but even if we take the 10th 4th axis as being the parents.. each one has the Virgo vibe. The ruler of the 10th in the 6th, the ruler of the 6th in the 4th.. there is something very “Virgo” about it all.. lets not forget all my natal planets in Virgo..in the 4th.. much emphasis.. it doesn’t seem like one has parents but either are employed by them in some way.. (house slave?)  and I was passed around my family as extra help, I confess.. when someone needed someone to help out.. it was always me. Clean the kitchen.. me.. look after the house, I stay home and now I do that with my neighbours pets 🙂